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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 15, 2015 9:00am-9:59am EST

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frustrated driver trapped on commuter rail trail. what's behind the long trip home. driver denying claims he rigged the controls. all eyes on the g.o.p. candidates set to square off in the final debate of the year. good tuesday morning ever. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. we have your top stories in a moment. first let's send it over to jeremy reiner with a look at your forecast. hello, j.r. >>meteorologist: we have rain left over from last night. now we noticing clearing skies sunshine.
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and again when the storms rapidly develop like this one is generates a lot of wind that will be your weather issue for the remainder of the day. right now wind speeds not too bad. ten to 15 miles per hour. but i think as we work through the morning hours we will see the wind speeds pick up and occasionally gust over 40 miles per hour. we have a wind advice are i in effect primarily this afternoon. winds gusting over 40 miles per pour. it's not a bitter wind. boston at 50. norwood, 55. bedford 51. through the day windy and mild with mix of clouds and sunshine. temps this afternoon 53 to 58. time now for fast track traffic. gersh. still slow out there. following nicely. if i show you the maps we have a lot of route. this accident in brockton blocking the left lane at 139.
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over a half an hour. let's go north of town. about. office in wilmington blocking the left lane. street. this accident is blocking two lanes. on the pike you're slow all the way back to frame ingham and then we supera new accident just before the tunnel and that's on the pike eastbound. let's look at the drive time as you get ready to head tout door. expressway to split to tunnel just under half an hour. 128 over an half hour. so far the t is on time. back to you. breaking news from overnight. commuter rail passengers stranded for hours on train. driver sat in dark cars for hours. nicole oliverio has more from kingston where the train reached it's destination around 1:00 this morning. >> commuter hoping for a smooth ride after severe delays left
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they stepped off at nearly 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> this is ridiculous. >> the mbta blames mechanical problem along the plymouth line. the train stopped between the braintree and south waymouth station around 10:00. they posted alert on twitter letting people to know to expect delays. that delay kept growing not surprising knows to those who ride the rails every day. that's kind of normal. . >> i think that happens sometimes during the winter last year. there was a huge delay all the time. made me want to take it a little bit less. overall they are pretty good about getting things together. another train was brought in to help get that one to kingston. it finally arrived at 12:45 this morning. one man on the train posted this picture on social media. showing one of the cars on the disabled train passengers once again left to question the mbta's management.
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the top running it right. >> in kingston, nicole oliverio, 7news ""today in new england." this morning the driver of last week's run away red line train denying claims that he rigged the controls that allowed the train to take off with no one at the help. we're also learning more about why the operator missed monday disciplinary hearing. jennifer eagan live in south boston with more on this top story. jen? >> sarah a lawyer for that conductor said his client is under enormous stress and doctor told him not to go to hearing. we hear from the man who tried to stop the red line train. he said i got an emergency over here. i went over. what do you have. when he told me what he had. its a whole other ball game. mark mcneill telling just one station how he and fellow t-worker came up plan to stop a train with 50 passengers onboard but not conductor.
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the train up ahead not to stop. and starting cutting power to section of third rail hoping to depower the run away train. we were killing section under need the train. the momentum kept carrying. this was what i was afraid. they watched the powerless driverless train cruise through north quincy station. we asked them. is that train still moving. we thought we may have been able to stop it. he said it's still moving. and we were like. oh, and then lee said you want to kill b-15. i said kill it all. the train soon came to stop. a lawyer for the conductor david vazquez told the "boston herald" vazquez deny wrapping a chord around the throttle. he ran as fast as he could to the braintree station to say i have a run away train bet that thing. he didn't even realize his legs bleeding. no one els hurt thanks in big
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3 # 3 years at the t he's never faced a situation like this. i've been there 33. i thought i had seen it all. but this was one that i hadn't seen before. >> vazquez's lawyer didn't offer happen. he said his client was working with old equipment. new england." jury deliberations continuing this morning in philip chism murder trial. argument. they admit he is guilty but say he was not sane when he killed his math teacher at danvers high school. however prosecutors say there's noers to prove that. the evidence is clear that philip chism has suffered from a psychotic disorder most likely
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philip chism new right from wrong and could choose right from wrong. he did it repeatedly over the course of the afternoon. >> the 12-member jury has a lot to go through including the testimony from 53 witnesses and 143 pieces of evidence. when the jury reaches a verdict we'll keep you updated on air and online. officers in quincy are asking the public to help find a driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident. 78-year-old died after hit by a car on december 3rd. the driver stop briefly after the accident to check his car and then drove away. people who live in the area are still shocked the driver didn't do anything to help the women. >> well that's just ratchets it up a notch. makes it more tragic. i don't understand why someone would leave a human being laying
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>> she ignored a no walk sign before hit. anyone with information is asked to call police. two people rushed to the hospital after armed home invasion in brockton. they are searching for at least two suspects who were wearing masks at the time. it's still not clear if they stole anything from the home. the victims said they had guns. no word yet on the extent of the victim's injuries. the stage is set for the final republican debate of the year. fifth face-off happens in las vegas tonight amid a shift in polls. donald trump is number one and gaining ground while ted cruz is surging. tracy pots has a preview. >> reporter: new video this morning of black lives matter protestor removed from donald trump rally in las vegas. trump supporter unusually rowdy. one even gave a nazi salute. the front-runner super confident. many of them don't have a
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what are you doing, just go home and relax. he's number one in university new poll polling a whopping 41% nationally. advantage evangelical and the most conservative voter. >> marco rubio runs an ad going over conservatives. he's targeting hillary clinton -- not a single one being sethed by the fbi. >> at the venetian it's trump center stage. and many voters -- >> there's not anybody that i like 100%. still undecided. i want to see how this all plays out. >> with this crowded and contentious field of republicans
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haif got debate coming up too. this weekend saturday in new hampshire. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. the patriots have once again clinched the afc east. new england won the division after the dolphins lost to giants. the pats let fans know the afc east championship gear is now officially available. hats feature the message the east is on lock. they won the afc east 13 times in the last 15 seasons. still ahead, a little boy left behind on a school van. the possible criminal charges the driver could be facing. hundreds of local kids with a cop. sunshine. day. forecast up next. also scenes from the big hollywood. j.r. takes us to the boston
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framingham. 9:12 this morning. kids getting the chance to shop with a cop. paired with the first responder to pick out a special holiday gift at local target monday. mayor marty walsh and bill evans were on hand for the event as well. they say the officers have just as much fun as the kids do. love that event every year. turning to our forecast now. mild day out there. but the winds could be picking up. let's send it over to jeremy reiner with more on what we can expect. >>meteorologist: that's the issue as we work through the day. we do have a windy day shaping up especially this afternoon. winds will gust to 40 to 50 miles per hour. here we are in the month of december. it's not a cold day. it's relatively mild out there. now i was curious i said i know in june we could get clunkers this past june it was 49.
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sometimes the atmosphere gets turned upside down. tomorrow cooler but less wind. storm system came through new england last night and this morning with band of showers. most towns picked up about a 30 to in some locations half an inch of rain. not quite done with the storm. the storm is really intensifying into the gulf of maine. and when these storm really explode they set up a lot of wind. you balance out the our pressure in the atmosphere. with the storm system moving away, it doesn't have any cold air to tap into. burlington vermont at 51 in the city at 50. albany 53. down along the south shore temperature in the middle 50. hyannis 56. hills around 51. for the afternoon, windy mild with mix of clouds and sunshine. temps 53 to 58. the numbers very early this morning were in the 60s. we lost a little bit since then
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then we will see them in the upper 50. then they will start to slide back down. even at any point today even 7:00 this evening still running about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. daniel? continue. the wind start to pick up. parliament of the reason the winds out of the west. it's a little bit breezy toward worcester and orange. in boston the winds around 13. they will pick up as we head into the later hours. we see stronger gust up to 30 miles per hour. and the winds will continue our wind advisory doesn't take effect until 11:00 this morning. for your commute home from work tonight could get quite gusty. could have some limited visibility as well. notice the wind time line 5:00. winds from the west gusting around 30 miles per hour. we could see gust anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour. overnight the wind are dying down.
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by tomorrow morning then starting to calm down. for the rest of your forecast, j.r., sending it back to you. that northerly wind does eventually begin to cool things off as we work through the day tomorrow. temperature should be lower 40s tomorrow i think the numbers are in the middle 40s with mix of clouds and sunshine. sun and we'll see more and more clouds take over by tomorrow afternoon. 7 on 7 forecast. here another weather system into new england thursday. clouds and few showers in the afternoon. rain drops not snowflakes or ice upper 40. chilly day. high temperature each of those days low 40s thanks, j.r. it's that time of week when we reveal the winner of who did it bitter segment. this time jadiann took on celtic point guard. they headed to boston to meet up with the blueman group. this challenge was to perform the popular pain drumming act with the cast. jadiann and isiah had to paint
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the drums. here's the results. jadiann wins in a landslide. she had 85% of the vote. losses. galaxy, far, far away is closer than you think. who is hitting it big thanks to
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>> the force has officially awakened in hollywood. celebrities hit the red carpet last night. a giant tent that stretched a half mile resembled a galaxy far, far away. in addition to cast members r 2 d 2 turned out for some call the biggest movie premier ever. you probably think it take a lot of hollywood magic to create the "star wars" universe. it's a great story. it has to do with all that "star wars" more xhandize you've seen around lately. let's take a look at new england awakens. >> we've been a big secret here in boston not a lot of people
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pilot working on something huge. we don't see it as "star wars" until you know that first trailer came out i was like, wow. this movie was never supposed to get made and it's happening. and i think to myself you been working on it for year now. the boston base design studio chosen to create the look. all of the art work being unleash ford the force awakens. >> there's over 500 licensees that want to make product with "star wars" imagery on them. t-shirts and backpacks and bicycles and skateboards. you name of it. a lot of area art work will end up on it. that mean visualizing scenes that people haven't seen yet. each and every one of them is a microcosm of the big story. what about their story. cofounders worked on "star wars" prequel toys for has bro. after attack of the clone they
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jumped ship went out on our own. >> small start up secured big firms disney and pixar cranking out quality work. now they are ready to reveal their jedi secret. today they have 20 employees. >> we knew the odds were against us. we dreamed of studio like we have today. wow, fantastic. they were fantastic bunch of guys to get together and chat with. they wanted to make the point they had such a good working relationship with hasbro they wouldn't be where they are without hasbro. you have more this week? >> i think you will like this one. tomorrow we take a detailed look into the "star wars" franchise. you may not know some of the things about the star war universe that i didn't know. i didn't faux a lot about. i will learn. very beneficial. i can't wait. this is crazy story. a dangerous drive right into a
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the holiday season in full swing which mean it's time for holiday help here at 7news. we're whipping up the favorite holiday recipe for a good cause. to kick things off we head into
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casserole that's a family favorite. >> hi, everybody. welcome to our home. our family has grown a little bit since last year. this baby blair. she's sleeping now. you know my husband chris and buddy. and behind us is my mom. we're making her sausage and egg kass role. it's a family tradition to have it every christmas morning. can't wait to show it to you. let's get cooking. what's the first thing we need to do >> we will crack the eggs in the bowl. just hold the baby. >> that's what i like to do best. >> before we add anything else we will beat the eggs. are you going to be a cook. we have to have the milk dry mustald and salt. we call in the chef of the hou ingredients. the sausage. i use a hot sausage and regular sausage to give it a kick. this usually takes you about 15 minutes? >> about 15.
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mixture. now you will tear the bread pieces and just dump into the mixture. this is my favorite part. the last ingredient. mom uses jack. you can use a different kind if you want. pour into the casserole dish. put it refrigerator overnight. then you place it in the oven about 350 for an hour on christmas morning and then you will have your breakfast casserole. from arkansas to massachusetts we hope you get a chance to rye my mom's breakfast casserole. thanks for supporting project bread. happy holidays? if you want to make a donation to project bread and learn more about the 7news recipe. log on to and click on the project bread logo. that's more ahead on "today in new england" we are learning more about this nightmare trip on a commuter rail train.
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not just one train but two. >> a mix of clouds and sunshine for the day. windy this afternoon. forecast up next. >> a school band driver in lawrence may face charge after leaving a 5-year-old boy onboard
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i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. a nightmare trip for people on the commuter rail when they get trapped on a train that breaks down on the tracks. a 5-year-old left alone on school van lawrence police outraged as a driver forgets about the boy. and searching for a robber who threatened a female store clerk on the cape. welcome back, everybody on this tuesday morning. thanks for staying with us. it's a mild day out there. the winds could pick up.
9:27 am
reiner with more on your forecast. hey, there, j.r. >> we had rain early this morning moving away allowing for sunshine to return. storm system moving up into the gul of main taking the rain with us. that storm is really intensifying. and so that's creating wind speeds right now manageable anywhere between 5 and 15 miles per hour. but they will increase through the day. you may want to pin down inflatable santa or he may be airborne and headed for the next town over. winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour. occasionally, not all afternoon. may lead to minor power disruption across southern new england. it's mild. this is not a bitter arctic air mass coming behind the storm system. low 50s at this time this afternoon. >> breaking news from overnight. commuter rail passenger stranded for hours on disabled train in the management company said the replacement train also had problems. nicole oliverio has more from
9:28 am
its destination around 1:00 this morning. >> reporter: commuter hoping for a smoot ride this morning after severe delay left rider groggy and frustrated after they stopped off at nearly 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> it's ridiculous. like winter all over again. >> they blame a mechanical problem along the plymouth line. the train stopped around 10:00 p.m. the mbta posted alerlt on twitter. letting people know to expect delays. that delay kept growing not surprising news to those who ride the rails every day. it's kind of normal. today's normal. >> i think it happens sometimes during the winter there was a huge delay all the time. made me want to take it a little bit less. overall they are pretty good about getting things together. another train was brought in to help get that one to kingston. they finally arrived at 12:45
9:29 am
one man who was on the train posted this picture on social media. it shows one of the cars on the disabled train. passengers once again left to question the mbta's management. they don't have anything at the top running it right. nicole oliverio. 7news, "today in new england." the driver of last week's run away red line train denying claims that he rigged the control that allowed the train help. also we're hearing from one of the worker who stopped the out of control train. jennifer eagan has the interview you will see on just one station. >> he said i have an emergency over here. i get up. i went over and i said what to you have. when he showed me what he had. it was another ball game. mark mcneill telling just one station how he and fellow t worker came up with a plan to stop a red line train with 50 passengers onboard but no driver. >> we couldn't allow failure in this situation. we knew we had people's likes at stake.
9:30 am
stop and start cutting power to sections of the third rail hoping to depower the run away train. >> we were killing section underneath the train behind. it o the momentum kept carrying it. this what i was afraid of. the of the worker watched the powerless driverless train still cruise through north quincy. we thought we may have been able to stop it before north quincy. he said it's still moving. i was like, oh. b-15 i said kill it all. the train came to stop. lawyer for the conductor david vazquez told the boston herald vazquez denies wrapping a chord around the throttle. vazquez was clipped by the train. quote he ran as fast as he could to braintree station to say i have a run away train get that thing. he didn't even realize his legs bleeding. no one else was hurt. thanks in big part to mcneill who in his 33 years at the t
9:31 am
>> i've been there for 33 years. i've seen a lot of things. i thought i had seen it all. but thises one that i hadn't seen before. vazquez's lawyer didn't offer an explanation about what did happen. but he also told the "boston herald" his client was dealing with old equipment. in south boston. jennifer eagan, 7news ""today in new england." 5-year-old boy left behind on school bus on way to school and this morning we learn about criminal charges the driver may be facing. victoria warren has the detail in 911 calls made when that boy was found. >> 911 call to prospect street in lawrence. >> observed approximately 5-year-old child left alone in the bus. young child sound asleep. no adult or bus driver was around. >> i saw sting. they called. it made all the difference. transportation. the company run independently from the school district but the
9:32 am
them any less responsible for the children. we will make sure that as the third parties do vendor that our parents are informed. they really put pressure on them to provide the best quality service. the boy was alone for 45 minutes but he he was okay. the driver facing a reckless endangerment charge accused of not doing the required bus inspection before locking the bus up and he could also lose his job. it's an imminent threat because he didn't follow through what he needed to do. police chief already contacted the registry to take the steps to make that happen. the school bus driver will be summoned to court to face charges. in lawrence, victoria warren, 7 news "today in new england." new this morning police search for armed robber. the man you see here walked in sunday for attending to purchase an item.
9:33 am
the clerk and demanded money and took off with cash. >> ashland police and mbta police investigate a deadly accident. investigators say a commuter rail train hit a women who had been walking on cherry street. this was mondayening. police are still trying to figure out why she was on the track. two firefighter are recovering this morning after falling down a flight of stairs while battling flames in home in rocsbury. the firefighter fell because of home. they were taken to hospital to be checked out and are expected to be okay. tense moment in courtroom in worcester when a man accused of stabbing a women to death faces a judge. >> are you kidding me? are you giving him bail? bail >> the mother of the victim bail. bail.
9:34 am
she was attacked outside a gas station in worcester. melendez is charged with murder. a local mailman helps police catch two men trying to break into a house. as susan tran shows us the family has a special message for their holiday hero who went above and beyond the call of duty. they were trying to break in with hatch elt over here. the frame of the sliding glass door shredded in some places. wasn't this bar that kept two burglars from breaking in. but one keen mailman. he thought he would just bring the packages out back and just hand him to us instead of leaving them out front. he saw saw one of them that had the ax in his hand. tuesday around noon. they started off going through my shed. a 17-year-old and 19-year-old tried to ruin christmas. >> from my shed they ended up getting hatchet and they started smashing away at the door. a veteran mail carrier
9:35 am
tried to run off he took off after them. >> for him to chase the kids that has an ax in his hand. that's pretty bold thing to do. to look out for us. neighbors heard the commotion and called politician. officers were able to arrest the teen. and what could have been a very scary holiday for 6-year-old brook turned into a lesson about the mailman who saved christmas. >> it went she could have been scared and like not felt secure to being like that's so cool. and like she felt safe which is important. the most important thing. susan tran. 7news "today in new england." army sergeant bo bergdahl called to court-martial. bergdahl is accused of abandoning his army post. he was then captured by the taliban and controversy move the u.s. gave five taliban prisoner in exchange for his release. convicted. a disgruntled guest
9:36 am
bars after he rammed his truck through the hotel lobby. you can see two employees diving for safety. the man then walked out of the truck as if nothing happened. officials say he was upset when his credit card got declined and he had to pay with cash. boston university has revoke bill cosby's honorary degree. the board of trustees made the decision based on cosby's sworn deposition about his mistreatment of women. the comedian filed a defamation lawsuit monday against 7 massachusetts women who accused him of sexually assaulting them. the suit said the women made false claims for financial gain and have damaged cosby's reputation. more than 50 women accused cosby ofsel assault over the past four decades. the search on for missing member of the boston police force. if not for an officer it's for a s.w.a.t. cat. and a former celtics store coming under fire.
9:37 am
windy and mild today. cooler weather returning tomorrow.
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forgot the milk! that's lactaid . right. 0% real milk, without the lactose. no discomfort? exactly. y some... it is real milk. lactaid . 0% real milk. no discomfort. the brady bunch gearing up for the holiday. tom brady posted this picture of his wife topping their christmas tree with a star.
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wasn't fully accomplished. now we are ready for christmas thanks to the love of my life. rob grownkowski wants fans to have holly jolly gronc-mas to celebrate this new ugly sweater that features him spiking a christmas present. you can buy union online for $50. i saw someone else with an -- don't want to call ugly sweater. pretty cute "star wars" you will see tonight and tomorrow morning that will make its rounds through the channel 7 airways later on tonight. i didn't think gronc's sweater was that ugly. it's on my list, santa. windy day today. winds will be gusting 40 to 50. it's not a cold wind like you would typically find in december after perhaps a nor'easter. not the case temperatures running in the 50s. and i went back and i said, you know i'm sure the was chilly days this past spring and
9:41 am
first of june this year high temp of 49. cold rain as well. we had rain this morning. that was actually warm with the rain drops early this morning. the temps at that time were near 60 degrees. we've lost a little bit of ground since then. low pressure intensifying moving away taking the rain and for now the clouds with it. the amount of rainfall that we had wareham about 1.2 inch. boston about 0.7. worcester a little bit over half an inch of beneficial rain. we could use the rain. it's dry this early winter season. but no cold air. temperatures running in the 50. city at 50 degrees. worcester 51. hyannis 56. and through the day mix of clouds and sun. mostly sunny now. as we step toward lunch time into the afternoon. clouds will take over with temps between 53 and 58. low-to-mid 50s now. as we work through the hours the number cooling off. but still above normal the normal high of 41. that wind will help cool things
9:42 am
more on the wind here's danielle. >> right now a little bit breezy. we deal with westerly winds ten to 15 miles per hour. a little bit windier toward worcester and orange. we're seeing stronger gust in worcester the wind gusting almost 30 miles per hour. wind advisory goes in effect at 11:00 to 6:00. we could see gust up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. it could impact your drive home later on today. as we head into 5:00 the sustained winds these aren't gust 30 miles from the west. they stay into the evening. overnight dying down a little bit. by tomorrow morning they look better as those winds turn northerly then calm down for the remainder of your wednesday. for the rest of your forecast, j.r., back to you. that northerly wind mean temperature not as warm as today. mid 40s that's technically above
9:43 am
more clouds in the afternoon but dry. thursday cloudy skies. there will be a couple of showers late in the day thursday and thursday might. not an overwhelming system. certainly not a cold system. no snowflakes just rain drop. friday into the weekend mostly sunny skies with temperatures lower 40s. patriot's their last regular season home game against the tennessee titans will feature mostly sunny sky. seasonal with temperatures that kick off running into the low 40s. thanks, j.r. >> boston police on the lookout for a missing mascot after their furry friend disappeared. now they are looking for your help in finding the stray cat they named s.w.a.t. cat. the cat joined the force about two years ago just looking for a little love kimberly buschman has the story. >> reporter: there's an atv out in boston and it's for a cat. an unusual move for a police department but then again this is no ordinary kitten >> about two years ago people from the unit started taking
9:44 am
before they knew it the big strong and intense police of boston s.w.a.t. team become weak in the knees for this callco kitty >> she could rub on their legs that sort of thing. if you have some downtown during the day and outside on the cooler or something. thee would sit next to you. named her s.w.a.t. cat thought of her as part of the unit. a mascot of sorts. but then out of nowhere the kitten that curled up on their motorcycle seat waited for them on top of their armored truck or h hid underneath their personal cars in the parking lot vanished. no one has seen her for a while. couple of days turned to week to two weeks. now we're on week flee. we miss the cat. now they are turning to public the people they protect and serve to help them. they just want to know what happened to this stray kitten turned precious pet. those guys as tough as they are and the tragedy and the stuff they deal with. that's the kindness and let's
9:45 am
7news, "today in new england." coming up next in 7 sports. bruins in action at the garden last night. down late in the game could they pull off the win. highlights, coming up next. edelman working to get back on the field after the injury. what he had to say on his wide
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won't find the brand phend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. ld & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. k pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get n this. good morning. tom brady and patriots back in business thanks to return of rob grownkowski. the patriots two-game losing streak over. they clinched spot in play off and clear path to top seed in
9:48 am
as brady looks forward now he sees edelman returning as well. i know he's working his way through the rehab. no one works harder on that. the team has really set for him in terms of rehabilitation schedule. i know he's attacked it like he attacks everything else. i will be excited to get him back out there to join the other guy who have done great job. bruins hosing the oiler last night. down 2-1. skating across the blue line drops for brad marshon. tieing the game at 2. his 15th of the season. sends the game to overtime. 41 seconds into the session. following his own shot pucks the rebound tory crew get tangled up in front in the oiler snap the bruins two-game losing streak. lebron james in the cavs roll into the garden for the first time since sweeping the celtics in the first round of the play off last spring.
9:49 am
i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. veteran nba refuse lee bill gay. that's after rajon ronda yelled the game. kennedy said he's proud to be an mba referee and proud to be gay. rondo now plays for sacramento kings? one oklahomasy fan probably seal celebrating this morning. he hit halfcourt shot against sunday game. the clutch shot landing him a big day of about 20,000. con grats to him. up next in the buzz, are you a fan of harry potter. we are looking at the new potter spin off. increasing winds through the afternoon. one last look at the forecast,
9:50 am
i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean?
9:51 am
in the buzz we're getting first look at the highly anticipated prequel to the harry potter series. the trail for fan fast statistic out. eddie redemann gives daniel ratcliff a run for his money. the first in three films hits theaters next november. >> if you head to theater, though this week to see the newest "star wars" flick. you are in for another treat. the trailer for star trek beyond makes debut before the movie. star trek beyond hits theaters july 22nd. and there's no shortage of holiday song on the radio now. there's a great christmas debate over the top song of the season. want of my faves.
9:52 am
has held the top spot for 20 years. now a new strong dethroned the christmas classic. simply having a wonderful christmastime. while i make lack action. it's taken over as number one. are you surprised. paul mccartney wrote the original song. i have to say i love all christmas songs. i stole your christmas play list from spotify. zmrie have paul mccartney and mariah carry. how about snow for christmas. not happening. we have mild pattern. we have some winds this afternoon. wind speeds anywhere between 15 and 30 miles per hour. gusting over 40 miles per hour this afternoon. upper 50s this afternoon.
9:53 am
and upper 40s on thursday. much more of "today show" straight ahead. i'm sarah french. hopefully we see you back here
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and co there's a whole lot of happy very jar of nutella.
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