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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 16, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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baltimore. we're gonna take a live look outside the courthouse here in baltimore. this is outside where that judge declared the mistrial. the jury had been working for a long time on this, trying to they could not. there where protestors have been to protest this decision. custody. today after 16 hours of 7's cheryl is live in the details. prosecution and the trials of six police officers connected to the death of a man in custody. >> police are in front and the jury has been locked in intense deliberations for the past 10 days telling the judge yesterday they were deadlocked and now with the jury unable to reach a verdict, the judge declared a mistrial. the police officer on trial is charged with manslaughter after freddie gray died while in police custody.
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officers to stand trial he died after being transported into a police van. experts say the hung jury may now cause a change of venue for the trial. and that of course could impact the cases of the other five police officers at the breaking news desk, 7news. seven years of record lows, stocks jumped on wall street today when the federal reserve chair made the announcement, up 222 points. the fed is raising its key interest rate by 2, it will affect home loans and stocks and the credit market. >> the committee currently expects that with gradual adjustments in the stance of monetary policy economic activity will continue to expand at a moderate pace and market indicators will continue to
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>> despite the increase, rates will likely remain historically low in the near future. also on 7, a boy and his mother now speaking out after a plywood call comes crashing down in malden. the close call caught on the security camera. >> several people rushing to help save the mother and that baby. 7's jonathan hall has more on what the family had to say about that terrifying ordeal. >> they were prosecutor pretty shaken up by it, ryan. a sudden emergency on the sidewalk for three women who were injured and this 2-year-old boy. all four were caught underneath a large plywood wall that sort of tumbled over and they were stuck underneath it. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a malden toddler talking about his mom getting some help after about injured noon tuesday when a temporary plywood mall came tumbling down on a windy day. >> my neck and my back and the right side of my head. >> reporter: a jewelry store
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a restaurant right next door was under construction. ironically that temporary wall was meant to safeguard pedestrians. a 35 foot section blew down after the roof was taken off. three women were hurt including her 2-year-old. that a came out for me and my son. >> reporter: at least a dozen people ran over to lift that wall off of the injured pedestrians including the little boy. >> she called her husband and he came running from home still dressed in his slippers. >> i saw my wife and my kid and they were crying a lot. seen here in our sky 7 video is the woman being wheeled into an ambulance and a closer look where an discretion is underway. police believe it shielded the toddler from harm.
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that the stroller broke the fall of that wood. >> i am very, very thankful to god. >> there were no serious injuries. diti is very sore, her neck hurts and she may have a broken bone on the top bone in her neck surrounding her spinal column. detectives here in malden are investigating how this could have happened and the family wants to know. jonathan hall, 7news. a runaway train, 7news just learned the driver david vasquez no longer works for the mbta. vasquez was supposed to be on a train that left braintree station last thursday morning and the unmanned train traveled without a driver for nine minutes. dust to dozens of passengers were on board at the time. mta employees cut power to the train and stopped it. thankfully no one was hurt. investigators say vasquez tied a cord around the throttle and did not set the brakes before he got off of the train and then it took off. again, 7news has learned vasquez
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we are following more news police fire and explosion units are taking a closer look at these boxes. they are filled with old unstable dynamite. authorities are on the scene there. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you more as we get it. >> the head of chipolte is saying sorry for a local neuro virus outbreak. in his letters to reads, chip pot a lay says significant steps are being taken to ensure that all the food at the restaurants are safe. it comes after an e. coli outbreak is linked to several outbreaks across the country. more than 120 boston college students became sick after eating there and the restaurant is still closed while being 7news turning to the forecast. another nice day out there but some cooler temperatures than we've been seeing. does it mean we're in for a cool-down and how long is it gonna stick around?
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back into the forecast fairly quickly here and cool back down as we go into the weekend. 39 degrees in boston. the wind onshore out of the seasonable this time of the year. we're just not into it. dry outside, it's quiet now. east southeasterly, wind, that will pull in more moisture in place. overnight tonight passengers are late a after midnight tonight. we're dry, quiet, overnight tonight, temps are falling in the 30s and back into the low 30s if not upper 20s overnight. after midnight we could have patchy drizzle out there. wouldn't be surprised to see some of that out early tomorrow morning but the better chance of showers arriving in the afternoon. we dry it out for the weekend but cool it back down. 7-day forecast ahead. >> president obama announcing he will travel to san bernardino on friday to meet with the families
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the president has spoken out again to the december 2nd mass shooting trying to reassure americans. >> it opened firat the inland regional center. investigators say the couple supported isis and was radicalized years ago. a new terror advisory called a bulletin will now be used when there are general threats of terrorism in the can country. >> recent attacks internationally and in the homeland weren't increased security. couples should expect increased presence of law enforcement communities in the weeks ahead. >> and secretary johnson says right now there is no specific or credible threat here in the u.s. but the fbi is investigating potential terrorist activity throughout the country.
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candidate jeb bush release ing a new add blasting trump in last night's debate. last night focused on national security. it was the first time the candidates were together since the terrorist attack in san bernardino. the candidates have some strong opinions on how to keep the nation safe. >> last night's debate in las vegas but a reaffirmation from trump he won't go third party. >> i am totally committed to the republican party, i feel honored to be the front-runner, and i think i'll do very well. >> reporter: but trump's not the front-runner in iowa. ted cruz is and where marco rubio was on wednesday. >> we are 47 days away from being the first state that pronounces itself on this very important connection. >> reporter: analyst say cruz is psitioning himself when or if the trump candidacy collapses.
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say i'm the alternative to trump, i'm the consensus pick. >> reporter: observers say that's why cruz and rubio changed blows in the debate over defense spending... >> you can't carpet bomb isis if you don't have planes and bombs to attack them with. >> reporter: as well as immigration. >> he was fighting to grant amnesty and not to secure the border. i was fighting to secure the border. >> i would like to introduce the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. - >> hillary clinton headed to omaha invited by billionaire william buffett. >> our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. that is just a fact. >> after the debate, trump went to arizona, comfortable his double-digit lead in national polls will hold through the holidays. chris clackam, nbc news. a take-down caught on camera.
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and beyond the call of duty to stop a suspect running from police. and letting it go. two sisters who say they red tailed -- releasing a red tail hawk back into the wild. and on 7news at 5:00, a local high school principles resigning and his bosses say they're not happy with what he was using school computers anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack...
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ed. a district attorney in oklahoma helps in a courthouse take-down after being told by a judge that he was headed back to jail, the suspect, well, he just bolted ut the courtroom. >> that's when the district attorney jumped into action. 7's nancy chen has more on how the whole incident went down. >> this is the take-down in the entire chase leading up to this moment all caught on camera. it starts on the seventh floor of the oklahoma county courthouse a space filled with suspected criminals, lawyers, deputies and last week this man israel pointer. >> he apparently missed his court date in the morning and when he got, there the judge told him he was going to revoke his bond and to go sit down >> he bolted out of the courtroom, the deputies pin him up against the elevator. >> he was able to slip around, get out of that area as the
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>> he would slip away one more time in the hallway but around the next turn was the d.a.'s office including district attorney david preter, the one on the right. the first person to grab pointer and help take him to the ground. >> he saw something that didn't look like he was doing what he >> nobody was hurt and pointer bond to be set. >> also there, the charges that's facing, he's going to be probably facing an escape attempt charge, as well. >> now, before a law school, preter was a sheriff's deputy and with the police department. 7news. coming up, jeremy reiner shows you how to make a tasty dessert in today's hardy helping. >> and check out that sweater, as well. sweater weather outside, this afternoon it's a cooler day but a dry day. track some rainfall ahead.
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trouble. what he's accused of doing in a hospital bathroom. and ahead at 5:00, he faces charges just a day after he was charged with killing his teacher, phillip chism is back in court for a second case. and a police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. taking a live look outside the courtroom as protestors showed up there. the jury deadlocked after 16 hours of deliberations. we'll continue to follow this
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>> two local sisters who saved a hawk watched it fly again today. it flew up in a tree for the first time since it injured itself last week. they scooped him off of the street and protected with their sweater. the girls are happy to see it doing better.
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of minutes trying to see if it would fly away and it eventually flew away into a wall. >> i holded it until animal control came. >> today when you saw it fly she cried. it was a very happy moment, it was nice to see that. so nice to see it back out in the wild. >> yeah, and nice this day in age where you see people going out to help the hawk. >> and speaking of sweaters, the weather -- i think people have been waiting for a little bit around the holidays, maybe put on a sweater today.
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this afternoon. and the wind speeds, 6 to 9 miles per hour fairly light but steady and coming in out of the east-northeast and a wedge of cooler air getting pushed back into southern new england. >> i think a lot of the low level clouds get pulled back and in terms of steadier showers this as the system is going to us a good opportunity of showers, especially in the look to the south and it is still in the 50s. new york city down to d.c. this will try to nose here late tomorrow and again on friday. i expect temperatures for many of us by late tomorrow, at least boston south, to reach the 50s and on friday into the low
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we'll cool it down over the weekend. tomorrow is the highest rain chance, especially in the afternoon. couple of passing showers still out there as a possibility on friday. a lot of clouds on friday and this is how it break down. watch what happens after midnight tonight. some of the greens start showing up, a patch of drizzle certainly a possibility into tomorrow morning. the steadier showers wait into the afternoon into the early evening hours. but midday into the afternoon there may be another couple of showers that come on through. the only thing that i'm watching late tonight is if you get a little bit of patchy drizzle across northern worcester county and up to southwestern new hampshire, temperatures are still freezing. but for the most part we're not dealing with any wintery weather here. mid-50s south of boston, holding mid-40s to upper 40s up in the merrimack valley.
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average and can't rule out a few showers on friday. big change-up for the weekend. temperatures hard-pressed to get above 40 degrees on saturday. there's the 7 on 7 forecast, dry through the weekend intoer next week. next week does look mild again. best chance of rain coming in on wednesday. >> it's time now for a check on fast track traffic. >> yeah, taking the curve by route 135 has some minor slowdowns. taillights are flying along on 128 northbound up past the masspike. getting a look along 93 north of the city. slow moving for 128 coming up on the northbound side out through woburn and out eventual wakefield. another problem spot has been
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out by the newton water off-ramp. joe stapleton, 7news. >> it is time for a holiday helping here at 7news. whipping out our big recipes all >> today jeremy reiner is making a quick and easy dessert that will sweeten your meal. >> hello, welcome to my home. the holidays can be a stressful time whether you're hosting a far, far away. we are going to peel this apple. we live out here in apple country so we love to find
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and now we are going to take the crescent rolls, and this is where i need your help, we're going to roll the apple up into the congress ant rolls. you put it to bed and tuck it up and put it in the greased pan. good night, apple. >> good night, apple. >> next up we get the sugar and butter together and hang out a little bit. drop it in there and just let it melt, simmerdown. in terms of stirring it in it's just a brief stir right on the heels of the sugar. is and now let's go ahead and take it home right? we take the lemon lime soda and pour it around the edge. >> last but not least we have to add some cinnamon. >> into the oven for 40 minutes at 350. and now it's time to serve it up, and this is how we roll at team reiner. we serve it ala mode.
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that we absolutely love and hope you enjoy. have a great holiday season and thank you for supporting project bread. >> let's dig in. >> looks delicious. >> very festive, i like too how in the newsroom there was a collective awe... >> yeah. classic taste there. >> yeah, if you want any of our holiday helping recipes, log on to and click on project bread ere you'll find more information on how to donate to this wonderful charity. >> next up, christa delcamp will whip up a spanish bar cake that will sweeten up any meal. tune in at 11 10:00 check it out and we'll have it right here on 7news at 4:00 tomorrow. and next on 7news, a kitten lives. this guy saved from a terrible fate at a recycling plant. >> a robbery caught on camera in oregon. what these thieves were trying to steal. >> and police in quincy releasing more information on the suspect wanted in connection with a violent home invasion in that city.
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we're following breaking news now at 4:30, a judge declaring a mistrial in the case of a police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. the jury deadlocked after 16 hours of deliberations. right now you're taking a live look outside the courthouse in baltimore police in protestors outside right now lines up. this is a reaction after the mistrial was declared and of course we're continuing to follow the story for you and will bring you the very latest as soon as we get more information. also vasquez was supposed to be on a train that left braintree station last thursday morning and then it traveled for 9 minutes. dozens of passengers were on board trying to cut the power to the train to stop it. no one hurt.
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