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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> tonight what policenow about at dynamite found inside this building. >> developing at 11, protester hit streets in baltimore as judge declares a mistrial in the freddie gray case. tonight the message from gray's family as prosecutors weigh another trial. mother and son describe a close call on the sidewalk. right side of my head. what mom credits with saving her son's life. >> buddy, buddy you're my inspiration. love him or hate him, lebron's latest assist is a thing of beauty. seven news at 11 starts now. first at 11, a rain check for new england. wet weather in store for tomorrow. much different forecast than the mild one we have been treated with lately. so when will you see rain let's check forecast with meteorologist chris lamb betters. most of that rain arriving tomorrow afternoon.
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take look at the radar and satellite composite. and a some are beginning form low level moisture from a south and east overnight tonight. so don't be surprised to see few patches drizzle even early tomorrow morning. bigger part of storm system, that's down through the southeast. this is marching off to the northeast. as it does so, it will work through southern new england tomorrow, bringing us a higher rain chance we get into afternoon through the evening hours. so out of two morning commutes expect more issues more issues more sustained wet weather for an evening commute patchy drizzle around for morning commute. in terms of temperatures tomorrow afternoon, warming up low to mid 50s, down through southeastern massachusetts. holding in low to mid 40s farther north you go. so a little bit tough to scour out that cooler air farther north you go up merrimac valley into southern new hampshire. colder over weekend. seasonably cold and right back to mild weather next week. more on that 7 day forecast coming up. now from the night team, an
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what the state police found that had them blown away. >> anchor: we're talks boxes filled with dangerous dynamite discovered in boxboro. tonight investigators say that dynamite was unstable. a susan tran is live with what investigators know about the explosives susan. >> reporter: adam, officials because of the age of the dynamite that they found inside this warehouse it was incredibly unstable and dangerous. now crews were clearing out this warehouse getting things like the old tires and other equipment out of of it as they prepare for sale. they had no idea something so inside. >> the huge blast from some of the decades old dynamite found earlier wednesday afternoon in boxboro. stacked on top of each other, shoved in a corner of an old construction company warehouse. these half dozen boxes were full of sticks of dynamite. police say they got a call from crew cleaning out the building. and by the time the state police bomb squad arrived everyone inside had to be evacuated.
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dynamite is old, about a quarter century old. making the nitroglycerine inside highly volatile and very dangerous. for folks who live and work in the area it's a shocking discovery. >> pretty scary. whole building could have gone up. >> we're right across street it could blasted building. bomb squad with help local fire and police brought the dynamite to this construction site down the street. that happened to be doing some blasting on site. and they were able to safely detonate six boxes of explosives. for those who knew former owner, discovery isn't a big surprise. >> that was deck terrace, and he used to blow you know dynamite ledge and foot roads in they are just glad dangers were removed without anyone getting hurt. glad itsdz over. all cleaned up. >> and police say there will be no charges because there was no wrong doing involved here. we're live in boxboro tonight susan tran, 7 news night team.
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red line train no longer works for mbta. news comes just a day after we learned that t suspended worker without pay. david vasquez that is driver. he was supposed to be behind the controls of that train. sources tell 7 news vaquez tied a cord around training throttle and did not set brakes before stepping outside. train left from braintree station without him inside. board. it traveled for about nine minutes before t workers could cut power. train finally came to rest after speeding by four stops. none passengers were hurt. >> the principal of swampscott high school is off the job. edward resigned earlier today. school superintendent cited some sort of misconduct involving some school computers. in a letter to parents the superintendent writes, none of allegations to this point ever involved any swampscott students or any other swampscott cool district employees or officials. students and parents aren't sure what to think. >> a little scary that he would
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whatever he was accused of that was serious enough that aneeded to to resign. that uld koenig that could mean anything it could be anything. so it's not really known what it is. >> beverly police say the company state police detectives to principal's home da won't say whether he's under investigation. now, on seven, dodging danger in malden. i just asking to my son what happened, do you have. a mother and son relive a painful sidewalk scare. >> and that little boy escaped chilling collapse unharmed tonight. his mother says his stroller saved him. night team ryan schulteis is live in malden from moor and her son. ryan. and liz just a remarkable story here last night remember it was pretty wind out here all day long and mothers and son were walking down sidewalk here when that wall tumbled right on top of them.
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enough to save toddler from malden. >> they are lucky to be alive after a 35 foot section of the temporary plywood wall came item knowledge down on top of them. dt sony was hit on her head her berer concern her baby. i was not sure whether he was injured or not just asking to my son what happened, do you have any pain or anything sores he said no i want to go to home. falling wall broke a bone in her neck, her husband rushed to the collapse. but he was so shaken up he showed up still wearing his slippers. certainly was a bad day for us. when you see this video you have to agree that luck was on their side. as more than a dozen people ran over to lift the wall of them. >> two other women were hurt but they also are expected to be okay. and the boy is able to laugh and run around because this sturdy stroller helped protect him from the falling wall. >> building inspector out here continues their investigation trying to figure out exactly how this happened.
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answers out here. live in malden ryan schulteis. >> a case against danvers teenage phillip chisholm heard in court day after jury convicted him killing his math teacher chisholm is also charged with attempted murder accused of attacking a department of youth services worker while he was in custody. jury who convicted him yesterday didn't know about that case chisholm showed up with no emotion when jurors found him guilty of raping and killing his teacher back in 2013. police found colleen ritzer's body in wooded area near danvers high school. prosecutors say chisholm killed her in a bathroom at the school then moved her body outside. his defense team is expected to appeal. >> we're following developing story a 11. protesters still on streets of baltimore tonight. this in response to mistrial in case of a police officer linked to death of freddie gray. gray's family is calling for calm tonight a prosecutors decide whether or not to retry the police officer.
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cries of protests and scuffles. a jury of 7 black and 5 whites failing to reach a verdict in the case against baltimore police officer william porter charged with manslaughter in death of freddie gray. tonight gray's family and supporter remain hopeful that justice will be served. this is just a temporary bump on the road to justice. we are calm. you should be calm too. the state argued porter showed indifference to gray's well being by not securing him in seatbelt while being transported in police van following his arrest last april. help. jury dead locked on all four counts porter face. include second degree assault reckless endangerment and economist conduct in office gray suffered a break broken neck touching off a week of fiery riots worst violence in city in decades. and repeat admitted gang member sought to swell which today hours before the mistrial announcement. >> mad want to tear stuff up.
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but that's not the right way to go. >> is it worth retrying him? i would like to know the divide in jury. some legal analyst contend today mistrial could make up coming cases against 5 other police officers including van driver charged with second degree murder even more challenging for prosecutors. >> going for supporters one of the easier cases to defend. because he was not one of the principles that placed freddie gray in the situation he was in. and tonight, city officials also called for calm. all of us, if we believe in justice must have respect for the outcome of the judicial process. and the trial for officer who drove the van is set to start next month. >> we're following more news here tonight. president obama will make an emotional visit to san bernardino, california later this week. the president will meet with families of the victims of mass shooting there. 14 people were killed when husband and wife opened fire on holiday party earlier this month.
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previously scheduled trip to hawaii. wall with street liked the news from federal reserve today they are raising interest rates for first time in nearly a decade. the hike is just a quarter percent but rates are expected to continue to rise. officials say those changes will happen gradually. that is sign that the economy is doing well. >> and dow is up 224 to end day at 17,749. nasdaq gained ground to close 75 closing 5071. 22 times, well sort of. gnaw particular police called these two guys patriots super fans who stole 22 brady jerries from local store. officers say one guy distracted the clerk, other grabbed the goods. police say the jerseys are worth about $2,200. if you know about theft or recognize anything in this video call natick police. >> all right. coming up next king james reaches out to a celtics fan. lebron james went over to meet
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and what happened after game that had this whole family smiling. seasonably cold but reigned if back in for tomorrow. and check tout christa delcamp has help whipping up a holiday treat in tonight's holiday helping.
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will bron james makes an awesome assist to a celtics fan and stellar athlete just like him. that was 16-year-old aaron miller of new ton getting some real love from the a cavalier's superstar. high 5 and head rub wasn't only thing he left him a huge gift as welltim caputo now with more on lebron's grand gesture. tim. that last night game new ton teenage knew celtics were going to honor him most famous player
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a 16-year-old on the parquet floor soaking in standing ovation from fans and at td garden. aaron miller was recognized a part of celtics heros among us. turns out fans weren't only ones watching miller's story. i looked jumbotron i seen, what he had been through. he like look. look being, look. lebron sprinting. he wasn't walking he sprinted. miller kass court side look on his face he's genuinely shocked lebron ran over. oh my god. thank you, lebron. it was quick embrace but meant the world to miller and his family. it was from the heart. his eyes met aaron's he grabbed him as if he would hugged his sonmiller was born with rare form a cerebral palsy most right side of his body was a paralyzed at birth during kounless hours of a surgery and physical therapy he plays for high school
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i'm proud of you buddy you deserve it. and you're my inspiration. keep fighting. like, don't give up. lebron bron also notice special neeker helped design. shows has to he made or for kid that cannot tie their own shoes just one strap and able to get them on with one hand or whatever case may be. i was a part of them just showing my respect and gave him my shoes aaron proudly shows off size 16s but still more impressed lebron went out of his way to make him feel special. he was inspired by my son. i'm inspired by my son every day. but i mean for lebron james to say that it was incredibly powerful. no doubt lebron james went above and beyond so did celtics they gave a tour entire facility. after game david lee even gave him his own jersey. miller now says lebron is his favorite player. no need to worry we didn't lose a fan he still hess the celtic are his favorite team.
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stop in nebraska. you'll see a deputy run from the across traffic move into jumping 18 wheeler. deputies say they were chasing truck for about 12 miles. they found out driver had a diabetic episode and wasn't controlling the truck. so that deputy ran through traffic to stop the truck and rescue that driver. wow. amazing. >> he might have been running for winter coat tonight. maybe the hat and gloves. but, probably not going to last too long. but chris, we might be running for the rain jackets? yeah we couldn't even find winter coats and hats and gloves. where do we put them? we haven't had to use them much. rain coats umbrellas tomorrow keep it handy certainly case here. a starting to form off the east coast of massachusetts as well a south coast here. so we do expect some patchy drizzle overnight tonight. what's key are temperatures. above freezing for many locations. however, far northern mass and southern new hampshire even up to port smith, new hampshire temperatures close to freezing if not just below it.
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bit of patchy freezing drizzle in southern new hampshire overnight tonight freezing rain advisory now in effect until 9 o'clock in the morningthere. bigger picture not much going on. it doesn't look too impressive in terms of rain coverage. so we're just getting some low level moisture giving patchy drizzle. we have to wait until this slug of moisture down through deep south, moves through southern new england for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. that will give us steadier rain in place. you can see forecast model tomorrow morning commute they can patchy drizzle out there through about lunch time. then in the afternoon, 2, 3 o'clock showers become more wide separate right through heart evening commute i do expect widespread rain here. maybe even some embedded heavier showers working on in. and then this will all taper off after about 9 or 10 o'clock. friday, mainly dry. still could get a passing shower. tendency to have much rain on friday just to the east of us. how much rain where are we talking about? half an inch in boston make locally up to an inch down
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islands sometimes could get over an inch of rain there. we do cloud up overnight tonight. patch drizzle will continue to develop. a little bit freezing drizzle southern new hampshire. maybe even far north worcester count temperatures are coldest upper 20s. 36 action 38. city bostoni didn't expect much below that tomorrow big range in temperatures. merrimac valley southern new hampshire. 44 degrees. boston upper 40s. low to mid 50s south of boston down through cape and islands. fog and rain more widespread as we go through threw out day. height of the rain mid afternoon into mid evening. isolated shower on friday. i think we will get dry hours in there on friday temperatures in lower 50s. seasonably cold over weekend. i can't rule out even a passing flurry or snow shower on saturday. bulk of that activity will be back through berkshires up into southern vermont. that's actually going to down wind from great lakes. lot of lake effect snow going on across great lakes cold air passing over relatively warm waters of all the lakes.
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then we warm it back up next week. >> well it's time for tonight's holiday helping. here at 7 news we're whipping up our favorite holiday recipes for such a great cause. such good ones so far tonight christa delcamp will have you and whole family going back for seconds. here's christa holiday helping holiday helping time. these are my two children. we're going taking you into the kitchen to make a spanish bar cake. guaranteed to spice any holiday meal. so let's get oh cooking. you ready for some ingredients. we've got flour to start things off and sugar. and then a little bit which baking soda. can you mix that in for me. what gives this recipe the spice is a little bit of cinnamon, some nutmeg salt all spice. we'll add that. good job stirring then we also have coco as well. next up you put in apple sauce, this mice mother-in-law's homemade.
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i'll stir, you poor. how's that? we're a good team, aren't we in last step you add some raisins to some water. you get them nice and plumped up. then you drain them before you put them in the batter. i call this at fruit cake that you're going to want to eat for the holidays. you want to get a greased and floured pan and put batter in bake it at 350 for about half hour. it will make the house smell good. >> so while the cake is baking, it's time to make the icing. can you put this in for me? we start with confectioners sugar. nice. then you add in a little bit of vanilla. this is the step that really kind of makes this icing special is you put a little bit of fresh lemon juice in it. all give me the muscles. we're adding butter, make sure it is softened a little bit of softened cream cheese you can use low fat you don't need as much milk.
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>> the cake is already cooled. we put it out an platter. jolie you can frost too. make sure to get the sides. the cake is done all frosted now it's time to dig in. we've already started. we want to thank you so much for supporting project bread. and from our family to yours, have a happy holiday. >> christa had all talking parts there because nicklaus and jolie were going at it. i don't think they were paying attention to that once cake was in front of them obviously it looks delicious. beautiful recipe beautiful family. if you want any of our holiday then you click on project bread and find more information to those recipes. such a good cause. you get so many good recipes you better believe it. all right. i'm looking at the sports run down here. and these injuries, joe, i mean, can we get a break? i like way you get tuned into what's going on. i know you're invested in this sports cast.
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yes, we're talking about at patriots auditioning yet another running back that could sign him as soon a tomorrow. over at the garden tonight, claude julien and bruins locking
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sports with joe amorosino. you can put together a pretty solid team made up patriots who land pd on injured reserve. la garret blount latest addition to listnobody is feeling sorry for newly mind afc chance. they know in nfl the show must go on. there's be quite a bit this year. so hard to compare year to year. we've lost a lot of guys. you're right. guys that are you know play critical roles, so it's been disappointing for those guys. disappointing for all ofs worry still playing football guys that out there got to keep fighting and weep practicing hard we got lot football ahead. does stephen jackson have any football left. patriots worked out former rams and falcons to find out. 8 straight thousand yard seasons from 2005 to 2012. but yet to catch on with the a
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bruins pounce on the sputtering penguin pittsburgh three most dangerous goal scorer on league still struggling even fired their head coach and replaced him with marsh field mike sullivan. bruins showing no sympathy sullivan former bruins coach now behind bench he watches max talbot get bruins on board. glove side high pass. up 1-orr after one period. they catch a little puck luck in the second. ryan spooner centering kicks off goal and jimmy hays and a bruins take two-0 lead. too can rask stopping all 34 shots. also benefitted from fair share of posts and mischances. bruins blank the penguins 3-0 the final. celtics in detroit i is a thomas had stroke going tonight. dropping three of his 38 matching career high celtics down by 3 at half time. they turned it over 18 times. and pistons made them pay called
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steal. he had career high 31 tonight. and former bc eagle reggie jackson was nails down the stretch scoring 12 straight. pistons points late in fourth yaur celtics lose it one 19-116 their second straight loss. >> play of the day. brought to you by capital 1. back to the palace andre shoots 37 percent from the free throw line. how about from half court. how's this look? how about perfect. nothing but net. drum ones first three ball this season is good for our play of the day. >> and a few former red sox finding new homes daniel inking a one year deal with angels, while mike napoli is off to cleveland on a one-wear contract. that's sports. >> all right joe, thank you. he's jimmy fallon with what's coming up next on the tonight show. hey guys will farrell and aliz is an are here tonight.
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movies at 6:00 a.m.. that we're out time for tonight jimmy fallon is next as all it's been pleasure i'm elizabeth noriega. i'm adam williams assuming you don't win the although lottery when they just ran the numbers there. news continues a 5:00 a.m. with today new england. news, weather catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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