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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 17, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a controversial decision at a high school up in new hampshire. why administrators are saying to more dances. "star wars" awakens on this thursday morning. security stepped up for a big rival. even celtics fans were cheering did. we will hear from james and his young fans. everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. we'll send it over to meteorologist bri eggers who is joining us this morning. we're lucky to have her here doing the weather. >>meteorologist: good morning.
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en some patchy dense fog. visibility less than a mile. you see the patchy drizzle working through southeastern mas is. that's the beginning of it. wear in for studier rainfall this afternoon. after 3:00 for most of us sticking around through the evening commute. something to be aware of. as well as that fog through the evening commute as well it could slow things down a touch. cloudy skies today. steady rain by 3:00. 44 to 50 degrees for us this afternoon and even colder temperature for the weekend. >> how about traffic out there. what are you saying? >> a bit of mess out there. let's go outside. remember the rollover the truck it's still there. this is some of the traffic you can see. this is in charlestown a lot of the traffic from rutherford avenue being diverted to main street. let's go to the maps because we have another ramp closed to tell you about from that 93 northbound.
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a bit of mess from that. north of boston looking good. frame ingham looks food. the pike into boston mostly green from 128 into town you are stop and go. the expressway the split to the tunnel 28 minutes. we're still slow there. northbound. 24 northbound slow as well. let's look at the drive times as you head tout door. expressway 25 minutes. 27 minutes on # 3 southbound from 128 to the zakim bridge. back to you guys >> thank you. new this morning a dance ban causing controversial alternate a new hampshire hospital. let's head out to exoder. the school had one republican in lar for this decision. >> the superintendent cited the criminal case against owen lebri.
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he was arrested accused of sexually assaulting another students a his school. they have canneled all dances no plan to bring them back. all of this is according to the union leader and the superintendent of edider told the newspaper this is the responsible thing to do. they've had concerned for years over provocative behaviors at dances as well as drugs and alcohol. the superintendent said for him the recent case was a tipping point. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a freshman in a sort of tradition called the senior salute. what the superintendent has decided here at exider to cancel all dances with the exception of the junior and senior prom. because those will still be allowed. live this morning in edider. 7news ""today in new england." also on 7 a littleton
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neighborhood on alert after 19-year-old girl said she's approached by suspiciousman right outside her home. nick emmons live in littleton with the search for that suspect. nick? >> that's right. police here warning the neighborhood about a creepy encounter that happened monday night around 8:00. that 19-year-old women said she's out walking her dog when a man in white suv pulled up to her on king street and asked her for direction. when she said she didn't know where the man was trying to go. a few minutes later he asked her if she lived in the neighborhood. she said, no she was just watching a dog for a friend. well, when she went home she heard a knock on the tour when she looked outside she saw the same man in the same suv. when the police arrived the man had gone and unfortunately she did not get a good description of the man only said he was wearing a denim jacket. but it was smaller suv possibly
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police are asking anyone with information to come forward and something. that's the latest live in littleton. 7news "today in new england." now to explosive discovery i foxboro when cleaning crews suddenly stumble on dynamite at an old construction business. bomb squad unit arrived and quickly detonated the explosives. officials say that were six boxes there. they were highly volatile as well because they were nearly a quarter century old. neighbors were surprised to area about that discovery. pretty scary in billing could have went up. it could have blasted this building at the time i didn't think that. the building had been vacant. police say no charges will be filed because there's no wrongdoing. >> a quarterback caught on camera. intercepted 22 times sort of.
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police called these two guys patriot's super fans. they stole 22 brady jerseys from a local store. one guy distracted the clerk the other grabbed the goods. the jeshsys are worth about 2200. while you were sleeping people on the other side of the world getting their first look at "star wars." look at the long lines. this is the scene in paris. the blockbuster movie hits movie at 7:00 tonight. some rules about what you can and can't wear to the theater. nicole oliverio has more from the lowe's on boston common. star war fan across europe gathered in costume to see the much anticipated next installment of the saga of the movie began hitting cinemas worldwide. everybody loves the light saber. the movie opens later today. but at many theaters you have to
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several chain have security measures in place as safety and vigilance remain high after the attacks in san berardino and paris. theater chains like regal and cinema are saying costumes are okay but no masks face paint or weapon like props are allowed. amc theater a little bit more lenient. posting their policy online. which said in part, guest are welcome to come in costume. we don't permit masks or face paint and short bring your light saber. turn it off during the movie and leave the blaster and darth vader mask at home. this comes more than a decade after the release of episode 3. brings back good and warm memories. i'm hoping the films we see today with the characters we saw last time will make it that special again.
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the first selling here tonight at 7:00. the movie had already made 100 sales. new england." >> new from overnight donald trump weighing in on tom brady news coffer. here's nancy chen with more. >> good morning. donald trump again very happy to talk about tom brady. he raved about his friend while appearing on jimmy kimmel live. he's a very good friend of mine. he's a great guy. this is great guy and a winner. a champion. if i went into new england and people would go crazy. which have no football team. we have no opinion on any of this. >> tom is a great guy. irguess there was something trump. and they had to end the news conference earlier brady stopped taking questions from reporter when the topic shifted to trump before leaving brady said he's just here to play football. live in the newsroom.
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fancy chin. 7news "today in new england." it's 9:08. lebron james spreading love at the garden. why the super star gave his sneakers to a celtics fan. >> wet weather moving in for the afternoon and evening hours. >> my son and daughter joining me in the kitchen for a tastily holiday treat.
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and
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products are too. angel soft. >> a 2-year-old miniature horse is recovering after undergoing successful surgery to try and save his leg. his name the max he was shot in the back leg. surgeop removed bone fragments
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over. once he starts to heal doctors will have better sense of whether his leg can be saved or if he needs a prosthetic one. once he recovered his owner hope to make him a therapy horse. i know they look for the person who did that. >> it's 9:12. let's talk about the weather. it's getting chillier out there. i wanted my mittens this morning. i should have ran back inside to get them. here i suffer. >> the winter coat that you haven't had to use in a while you may want it on standby with cooler temperature in store. we have to get through the afternoon and evening rain today. then the cold is really just visiting quickly. because it's gone as we get into next week and head toward christmas. here are our clouds. these are sticking around all day long. you can see patchy drizzle in southeastern mass. the steadier rain works in this afternoon. past 3:00 as we head toward the evening commute.
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could slow things down a touch running through the time line you see the spots of light showers and drizzle up until 3:00 or 4:00. steadier widespread showers moving in. it's not a ton of rain. you will see some higher amounts as you get point southeast of boston. specifically on the cape and also for the islands. and then we do keep the cloud cover around with us overnight tonight. that's keeping temperature fairly mild overnight tonight. how much rain. maybe half an inch. but, again, higher amount as you get toward the canal there. we're also dealing with the fog which could slowdown the commute as we get into the evening hours. current temperature 44 for boston. norwood as well. 37 in worcester. temperature don't move a lot and then tonight, again temperature don't move a lot. kind of where we are at now wind light as well. tomorrow mild temperature again but it doesn't last forever for
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daniel gersh. >> that's right one more day of the cooler weather. you can see here. for tomorrow temperature stay mild. we've only had one day of below average temperature. as we head into saturday that's when the cooler air moves in. and you can see we have some lake lake snow that could maybe bring us a flurry out toward the worcester hills. most of us dealing with the blustery condition as we head into saturday and sunday. like i mentioned temperature drop to low 40s on saturday. very chilly out there. we have more sunshine sunday. but it's staying cool. where is this snow? by this time last year we had seen almost 3 inch so far in boston. we have seen 8 inches in worcester. so far we haven't seen any. is there some to come for christmas? >> yeah. it looks like it's very bleak for a white christmas. you say there's a chance. we never say zero% in weather. we're back with mild air as we
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work toward christmas. it looks after after the weekend the temperatures go up, up, up. look where we are at for christmas eve into the 60s. there's record breakers across the east coast as we work into christmas eve and christmas. that. looks like the latest flakes is another record that could well be broken as we head through the next 7 days. after watching "star wars" movies over background over stretching. that's right. we have the big opening to night. boston sports club has just the thing for the franchise. best of all it's free. our own "star wars" fanatic jeremy reiner shows up. oh doll day party have you feeling like job of the hut. boston's sport club has a new workout that may be fix to awaken your inner force and it's free. >> it is going to be a challenge image work out. we start from the basic to help you build your way up.
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how does one use the force to fight the fat. instructor said you will use the flow to build power and strength. >> we're moving with light sabres we will swing those around. getting our arms involved in the movement than you would be normal squats and lungs. inspired. then the music in the background. to keep the blood pumping they keep the base pumping. after doing jedi jacks it's on to real jedi trials. dent expect to be moving in rocks with your mind like luke but you will learn some tai chi light saber moves. fan may be inspired to put the popcorn down and pick up a health habit. coming into this space and doing
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something you are familiar. you watched the movie and enjoy the movies and doing things familiar with you in a new space easier. >> the first awaken your inner force workout happens tomorrow and will run through the month of january at the boston sports club boylston branch. you can go to our web site to sign up for the classes. >> wait for it. wait for it. >> you guys you will have to do tonight. >> i plan to eat a lot of twizlers. giving a boy a moment he will never forget. what lebron james gave to this special olympian after this mid-court meeting. spirit. i will take you into my kitchen to bake up a spicy simple holiday cake. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ]
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oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was. epic!
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[ ] we are a family, brought here through destiny. and we, we grow together. together a new world we'll see. together... a family. we will always be.
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lebron james making an awesome assist to celtics fan and steller athlete just like him. that's 16-year-old evilin miller. high five and head rub wasn't the only thing lebron gave aaron. he left him a huge gift. tim caputo has more on lebron's
9:21 am
grand gesture. >> aaron miller. 16-year-old on the 44 soaking in the standing ovation from fans at td garden. eller miller was recognized as part of the heroes among us program. turns out fans weren't the only ones watching miller's story. i looked at the jumbo tron. i had seen what he had been through. i'm look, look, look. he wasn't walking. he splinted. he was court side but the look on the face he was genuinely shocked lebron ran over him. oh, my god. thank you, lebron. quick embrace but it meant the world to miller and his family. >> it was from the heart his eyes met aarons. he grabbed him as if he would have hugged the son. miller born with rare form of cerebral palsy most of the right side of body was paralyzed at birth. through countless hours of surgery and physical therapy he's improve mobility in the right side and plays for high
9:22 am
>> he's like i'm proud of you baby. you deserve it. you are my inspiration. keep fighting. don't give up. >> lebron also noticed aaron was wearing special sneakers he helped design. those shoes are made for kid that can't tie their own shoes. i was part of him. just showing my respect. >> aaron proudly shows off the size 16 but more impressed with lebron went out of his way to make him feel special. he was inspired by my son. and aim inspired by my son every day. but i mean for lebron james to say that it was incredibly powerful. >> lebron went above and beyond there's no doubt about it. so did the celtics. gave him the tour of the father and after the game david lee even gave him his jersey. why miller now calls lebron his favorite players, no worry the
9:23 am
loved hearing from the bomb -- mom's perspective. it's so heartwarming to see stories like this. >> coming up you will head into the kitchen with me if you want that is. i'm not making you do it. me and my family cooking up a spanish cake in today's holiday helping. in our next half hour a new solution for common emergency. the alternative doctors say may eliminate surgery for children
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best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress
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cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> it's time for holiday helping
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we're whipping up our favorite holiday recipes all for a good cause. it's my turn this time. we're making this spicy and sweet cake. hopefully it has your family going back for seconds >> hi, everybody. it's holiday helping time. these are my two children. we will be making you into the kitchen to make a spanish bar cake. meal. let's get cooking. >> are you ready for ingredients. we have flour to start things off and sugar and a little bit of baking soda. what gives this recipe the spice is a little bit of cinnamon. some nutmeg and all-spice. we will add that. good job stirring. we have cocoa as well. next up you put apple sauce. this is my mother-in-law's homemade. i will stir. you pour. how is that? we're a good team; aren't we?
9:27 am
>> last step you add raisins to water. up. i call this the fruit cake you want to eat. put the batter in then bake at 350 for a half an hour. you want this cooking. good. while the cake is baking it's time to make the icing. can you put this in for me. we start with confectioners sugar. then you add in a little bit of vanilla. this makes this icing special. you put a little bit of fresh lemon juice in it. oh, give me the muscles. we're adding the butter make sure it softens then a little bit of softened cream cheese. if you use low fat you don't need as much milk. shall we mix together? the cake is cooled you put on a platter.
9:28 am
make sure to get the soareds. it's time to kick in. we've already started. we want to thank you for supporting project bread. from our family to yours. have a happy holiday. they are so cute. i want a piece of the cake too. >> i will pick you up another one. no problem. next up is daniel gersh. >> she's making this banana bread. it's a perfect addition to any holiday breakfast. tune in tonight at 11:00 to see that or tomorrow morning we're going to be airing that on 7news "today in new england" as well. if you want any of the holiday helping recipes just log on to our web site and then click on the project bread logo where you will find more information on how to donate to the charity. much more to come in the next half hour with 7news including hear from the driver who survived this way too close call with a metal beam. >> rain gear for this afternoon. and the winter coat you may want
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that this weekend. we're in for a christmas warm up once again. we'll get the forecast up next. new hampshire high school cancelling all school dances. the decision prompted by a high profile rape case n bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in m it was serious. rtunately, my doctor had a game plan. ent with xarelto . hey guys! y,inally, somebody iok up to... ...besides arnie. lto is proven to treat lp reduce the risk vt and pe blood clots. o is also proven reduce the risk of stroke eople with afib, used by a heart valve problem. r people with afib rrently well managed on warfar there's limited information how xarelto d warfarin compare ucing the risk of stroke. you know, d dietary
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high school. why school officials cancelled the fun. a driver lucky to be alive after a very close call. he's talking about the moment this metal beam came crashing through the windshield. >> promising new solution for common emergency. doctors may be able to avoid surgery for children with appendisisis. welcome back for this thursday morning. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. let's toss it over to bri eggers. seem chillier than yesterday
9:32 am
>> a little bit dreary and damp as well. even spots of drizzle and showers. that's the case as we head past the lunch time hour into the early afternoon but then you can see this steadier widespread rain that will be working in as you get into this afternoon. past about 3:00. you want to watch out for that evening commute. we're doing okay. boston. plymouth a little bit of fog there. that could also thicken up as we move into the afternoon. 44 to 50 degrees. temperature not moving a lot today. orren tonight but we're in for some colder temperatures for the weekend that's more like december we'll get to those in a bit. new this morning a dance ban causing controversial at new hampshire high school. there's strict new guidelines for students. vicki the school had surprising
9:33 am
reason for this decision. >> the superintendent told me that this had something to do with the case of owen lebri a high school student from another school convicted ofsel assault. the superintendent just got off the phone with him a little bit ago confirms that all school dances are cancelled. there's no plans of bringing them back. students here at exider just started finding out about it. the superintendent he told me that this is the responsible thing to do. and he said they've had concerns for years over provocative behaviors at dances as well as drugs and alcohol. forum the recent case was a tipping point. he was a student at st. paul in concorde. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a freshman in a tradition called the senior salute. what the plan is at exidor is to cancel all dances. the superintendent said he will
9:34 am
the junior and senior and junior proms will still be allowed. also on 7 the neighborhood on alert after a 19-year-old girl was approached by suspicious man right outside of her home. let's head out to littleton where a search for suspect. here's nick emmons live for us today. police here warning people in this area about a creepy encounter that happened monday night. the 19-year-old girl was out walking her dog when man pulled up in white suv and asked her for directions. this all happened at king street and when she said she didn't know where the man was trying to go minutes later his came back and then asked her if she lived in the neighborhood. she told the man she was watching the dog for a friend thinking that may have him leave her alone. when she returned home she heard a knock on the door.
9:35 am
she locked outside. saw the same suv and the same guy who had been asking her questions. she called her mother who called police when police arrived the man had already gone and unfortunately she's only able to get a vague description but said that the car is a smaller why suv possibly a rav 4. they hope anyone with information will come forward. important to be on alert while day are outside. they hope this will be warning for people to be careful when they walk around in the neighborhood. anyone with information is asked to call police. littleton. 7news "today in new england." mother this time lucky to be alive after frightening sidewalk scare. the boy else scammed unharmed. his mother said the stroller saved him. ryan schulteis has more now from the family. >> reporter: this bent stroller strong enough to save a toddler from malden. they are lucky to be alive after
9:36 am
wall came tumbling down on top of them. dt was hit on her head her bigger concerns her baby. i wasn't sure if he was injuries or not. what happened do you have anything. or anything he said, no. i want to go home. the fallen wall broke a bone in her neck. her husbanded rushed to the collapse but so shaken up he showed up still wearing slippers when you see this video you have to agree that lucks on their side. as more than dozen people ran over to lift the wall off of them. two other women were hurt but they are expected to be okay. and he's able to run around because the sturdy stroller helped protect him from a falling wall. >> high school principal is out of job today. his former bosses say it's all because of what he is accused of
9:37 am
here's 7 dan hausle to explain. >> parent and student reacting to news the school principal has resigned. >> edward was made principal two years ago. now the superintendent is accepting resignation citing some sort of misconduct involving school computers. the superintendent telling parents she can't say more for legal reasons. i was told it has something to do with computer. i don't know exactly. it could be anything it's not known what it is. in the letter to parent they had recently come to my attention they had engaged contact inappropriate to his school issued computers. she went on to say none of the allegation to this point ever involved any students or any other district employees or officials. >> a little bit scary that you would do that on school property whatever he was accused of that was serious enough that he needed to resign.
9:38 am
do something like that on school property. if that's the case i'm okay with him resigning. no answer at the home. the police say they accompanied state police detective to the home last week. that's when he was put on leave for what's called a personal matter. dan hausle, 7news "today in new england." the drug company ceo who came under fire for raising the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000% was arrested this morning. fbi arrested 32-year-old martin sherelli. a new report said secretary of defense ash carter used a personal e-mail account to do government business. the new york time said it obtained dozens of work related e-mail carter sent from personal account during a first month at the pentagon. hillary clinton recently faced
9:39 am
critisism for doing the same thing while she was secretary of state. >> protestor taking to the street in baltimore overnight after a judge declared a mistrial for a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision on any of the charges. crowds marched through downtown baltimore baltimore chanting and holding sign. 100 tried to get on the highway but police officers were blocking the way. with over a week until christmas the maker of hover board facing class action lawsuit. the suit claims the company failed to warn consumers of the risk that the hover boards can burst into flame. more than dozen fires have been reported across the country this year. investigation. a california man inches away from death now reflecting on this very close call. this huge metal beam slammed through his windshield and it only left him with stitches believe it or not. scratches, should say.
9:40 am
right now as ryan schulteis is back to tell us the driver said he was glad he was paying attention or else he may not have been alive to tell the frightening story. it's a miracle. they would disagree. he still can't believe he survived this. last friday as he was driving south a huge beam flew off the struck ahead of him and headed straight for lee's car. he said that's when he felt surprising sense of calm. i saw clearly everything coming through the window. i saw entire picture on the coming of me. it missed hitting me. the beam barely missed him leave only a few scratches on his arm. looking at the picture. just one moment. life and death right there.
9:41 am
race car credits that to his experience behind the wheel. he never closed his eyes even when the beam hit the engine so hard it cut the engine. ryan schulteis 7news "today in new england." much more ahead a hawk saved by two women not quite ready to fly home. >> then in 7 sports celtics looking to keep a record rolling in the right direction. detroit. can they do it though, that's the question. running ten degrees above average for the month of december so far. cooler weather coming.
9:42 am
winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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a house saved by sister they watch it fly again today. the bird was released and flew up into a tree for the first time since injuring itself last week. that's when the sister scooped the bird off of the street. the girls are happy to see it's doing better. >> they scooped it up and gay it to me. then we start -- i hold it until animal control came. we've always within animal control people. we just care a lot for them. we thought he needed help. >> very rewarding to see your efforts. >> yeah. have a happy ending? >> yeah.
9:44 am
the parking lot because of that animal control took it back to a vet for more test. that's great we could be there for the first flight. very nice. >> so exciting looks like a beautiful day bri. today a little chilly. a little bit chilly and damp. we're still really topping the list for warmest decembers on record. average temperatures so far this number 46.9 gone down a smidgeon. i think this will go down in history for a lot of different reasons. cloud cover with us now. patchy drizzle. the steadier rain will work in as we move into this afternoon. looks like it starts at 3:00 if you run through the time line here. you can see the spots of showers and drizzle and then right around the town for the evening commute this is when the wet weather arrives for us.
9:45 am
maybe up to an inch that get hit harder. third of an inch to half an inch for most as we make through the event and overnight tonight the rain will clear out. the other concern for that evening commute will be the fog. be watching out foy that patchy fog. lfgs forms and rae deuce visibility and temperature really don't go very far today even tonight because the cloud cover with us. then tomorrow another mild day on tap. it seems like a pattern we're getting used to but don't get too used to it. colder temperatures on the way for the weekend. for more on that, daniel? >> it's hard to believe we've only had one day below freezing. it's not here yet and as we head into friday tomorrow we have slight chance for scattered
9:46 am
saturday is when the cooler air moves in. we could see a snow flurry. nonetheless we'll be dealing with the blustery conditions as we head into your weekend. temperatures for your saturday low 40s, windy, cold, so feeling colder than the low 40s because of that windchill. sunday more sunshine temperatures mid 40s where is the snow. by this time last year we had already seen almost 3 inch of snow in boston over 8 inch. this year we haven't seen anything. will that change into christmas. bri? >> waiting for those flakes. absolutely but it looks like the temperatures are on the rise again as we head closer to christmas. christmas eve and day could break record across the east coast. we'll have to wait for that. another record that could be broken. look at the latest first snowfall. first measurable snowfall. the latest it's been here christmas eve.
9:47 am
look at the temps we're back into the low 60s by wednesday. wet weather will once again for us mean rain. >> all right. bri and daniel thank so much. the bruins verses the penguins. stopping the 30 plus shots that were flung his way. without surgery. the medicine doctors are using
9:48 am
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treatment for appenditisis. surgeries to move the appendix. an option that may eliminate the trip to the operating room. adam williams has more. >> reporter: today 12-year-old aria gibson remembers the painful appendisitis that nearly ruined the trip to disney world. kind of like someone was stabbing me over and over again every time i moved >> she had never been sick like this before. i was afraid for her safety. >> but instead of surgery arias treated with antibiotics welcoming part of the first study in the u.s. on using them for early and mild cases of appendisitis. she was able to go home a day or two later. the small study found out with antibiotics alone 95% of children improve within 24 hours and were discharged without undergoing surgery. a recent study in europe showed similar success for adults. resulting in less recovery time
9:50 am
the new study found about 1-in-4 young patient cases were mild enough to avoid surgery. you have to have your pain for less than two days. inflammation has to be contained within the appendix. for the most part it didn't flare-up again. they didn't say you must have surgery or you must have antibiotics. we were able to choose. that's a wonderful thing for us. >> a choice that worked for the gibson who made it to disney world. and aria who has been symptom free for two years. adam williams, 7news "today in new england." the judicially list for the pats just keeps growing. they know the show has to go on. how will they get it done? >> wet weather and fog for the afternoon and evenings. temperatures for the weekend. one more look at the extended forecast as we return. what makes this simple salad the
9:51 am
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good morning. you can put together a solid team made up of patriots who have landed on injured reserve this year. the latest edition to that list. nobody is feeling sorry for the newly minted afc east champs and they know in the nfl the show must go on. it's been quite a bit this year. it's hard to compare year to year. we've lost a lot of guys. you're right. guys that are play critical roles. it's been disappointing for those guys. i know it's disappointing for all of us. but we're still playing football. >> bruin and penguins get the bruins on the board in the first period last night. sniping high past jeff. here we go. stopping all 34 pittsburgh shots
9:54 am
fair share of post and missed chances. bruin blank the penguins 3-0. celtics and pistons isiah thomas matched high with 38. celtics couldn't stop reggie jackson down the stretch. the former bc eagle scoring twelve. they lose it 119-116 their second straight loss. a few former let sox finding new homes. one-year deal with the angels while mike napoli off to new england with one-year contract. u.s. women's soccer player playing her very last game wednesday night. the two-time gold medalist is retiring after 15-year run. she's the leading career scorer, male or female in international soccer. she also holds this year's world cup title under her belt. >> wow. good for her. it's amazing to think about retiring at 35. >> you know how it is in sports. and other things too.
9:55 am
here's bri eggers with let's check your forecast. >> you can't retire 35? not what they told me in college. some dreary damp weather for us today. the steadier more widespread showers will work in past 3:00 this afternoon. quickly moving to time line. you can see that wet weather that turns on just in time for the evening commute. it looks like higher amount of rainfall some steadier rainfall will be focused on southeastern mass along the south coast. under an inch for most of us. we'll have to watch out for the dense fog in some areas. worcester right now visibility less than a mile. here's a look on our 7 on 7 forecast. colder more seasonable temperatures for the weekend. i'll tell you the wind will be chilly taking windchills closer to freezing. look what happens as we head toward christmas and into official winter. we are back into the 60s by christmas eve and it also looks like another round of rain. >> all right. have a great day, everybody. thank you for spending time with us today.
9:56 am
i'm sarah french. we'll see you back here for 7news at noon.
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