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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  December 17, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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age for buying cigarettes two went one. and that vote was unanimous. >> so the previous age was 18. susan tran is tran is live -- is live outside the boston health comics. >> ryan service a member of seven who voted unanimously to rage this age limit from 18 to 21 and that means everyone in the city of boston, if you want to buy cigarettes you will have to be 21 years of age. now, it was upstairs here that they took this vote and they had a long discussion about it talking about appropriate. they say it's just another reason that says that cigarettes are a dangerous substance, that no amount of smoke is healthy and that's why they wanted to make sure that there are no teenage smoke examiners that's why they wanted to raise that age to 21. there were also opponents in the room who say this is just an liberties. but the vote was unanimous here
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commission, that they voted on, again, unanimously to raise that age from 18 to 21. we'll have some interviews from both sides coming up later at 6:00. for now we're live in boston. susan tran, 7news. >> and we're following breaking news tonight. a friend of the couple behind the san bernardino shooting is now facing serious charges. enrique marquez faces charges for allegedly purchasing the guns used in the massacre that killed 14 people. he's also charged with plotting terrorist attacks with one of the gunman sayed farook in 2011 and 2012. officials tell nbc that marquez bought the rifle so farook would not have to go through a background check or be on record as the buyer. we'll have much more information on the story throughout the evening. >> also on 7. a framingham man behind bars after police say he threatened to kill police officers. police were called to his apartment after they say he assaulted his girlfriend. he allegedly threatened police officers. 7 steven cooper is live in framingham where that man faced a
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>> liz, prosecutors saying tonight that daniel mcnulte is a danger to the community. but his attorney telling a different story and says the judge has misjudged his client. troubling charges against daniel mcnulty who found himself at a the center of a dangerousness hearing in district court. prosecutors asked to keep him behind bars after threats he allegedly made. his brother telling police he said he was going to take out the cops according to the police report, adding, he is going out in a blaze of glory. >> he was contemplating shooting police. he's gone as far as putting on that tactical vest and positioning himself nearby the gun. >> police responded to his walnut street home this week on a domestic violence call and that's where officers located a 12" knife, a gun and a loaded magazine. gun identified. >> yelp. >> what was it identified to be.
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>> his attorney says his client is suffering from ptsd and is wrestling with alcohol issues. all the result of his service in afghanistan. >> he was on a patrol and his unit was hit with a roadside iud for which he received a purple heart. he suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> in the end the judge decided to hold him without bail. his family left the courthouse without comment and so did the suspect. >> mr. mcnulte any reaction to the charges. >> i think the judge got it wrong and i think somebody who serves this country and receives an injury and in service to their country and is asking for help, they should be given that help and not held. >> so his attorney says he intends to appeal the judge's ruling today. that could happen as early as next week. but for neurines behind bars until his next court appearance which is set for next month. we're live in framingham tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> a whitman teenager hit by a car on her way to school this morning.
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crossing the street when it happened. a nearby school bus had a stop sign out, but the car that hit her did not slow down. the driver stayed on scene, though, and one parent says that driver was so shaken up after the incident. >> she was a mess, and she was like she seen the lights were on, she said, but she was so close that she couldn't like come to a sudden stop or slam her brakes on and she says it just happened so fast. >> it hit her side mostly, but it was a really hard hit. she was going very fast. >> the whitman-hanson student was later taken to the hospital with injuries to her arm and leg. >> charlestown causing quite a mess on the roads this morning. check that out. a tractor-trailer landed on its side backing up traffic and temporarily shutting down exit 28 on 93 north. >> we are getting a new look at the images of the el faro, the cargo ship that sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. there it is. 15,000 feet below the sea. family members of the victims on
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the ntsb's investigation, but they are still looking for answers to find some closure. >> our families often wondered and it flashes in your mind what it might have been like. certainly that's one of the most troubling things as we try to find closure. >> all 33 people who were on board el faro died when the ship veered off course into that hurricane. three of those people on board that cargo ship were from massachusetts. winthrop mater, kingston native and marion wright of brockton. >> following more news today, a chicago police officer accused in a deadly shooting is now formally charged with six counts of first degree murder. chicago police officer jason van dyke is also facing one count of official misconduct. a grand jury handed down that indictment on tuesday. officials recently released video of that shooting. van dyke had been seen shooting the victim, laquan mcdonald 16 times.
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protests. van dyke is expected in court tomorrow. >> back away from me now. >> shoot me. >> back away. >> new video just released of a deadly encounter near the university of north texas. dash cam video shows the moment a officer shot and killed. he says the student charged at him fired. right now an investigation is under way. >> a new video just released shows the fatal officer-involved shooting at the university of north texas. the shooting happened around 1:30 in the morning when the officer responded to a call about a man smashing car windows inside a parking garage near the campus. sophomore ryan mcmillen can be scene walking toward the officer with a small axe in his hand. the officer, steven been repeatedly tells him to back away when mcmillen says shoot me over and over. the video has been paused so that shooting. hey. back away. >> excuse me. just shoot me. shoot me.
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>> back away from me now. >> shoot me. >> back@. >> shoot me. >> i've got a white male down with a hatchet in his hand. >> the 27-year-old officer has been on the campus police force for four years. he's been placed on routine leave as investigation into the incident gets under way. he was a pre-hospital major. he turned 21 last saturday. some students say they don't believe lethal force was necessary. >> if you're given a gun you should be trained to know how to use that gun in a way that you are not just going to kill people without absolute necessity. >> investigators are still waiting for results of an autopsy. police still do not know if mcmillen was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of that shooting. >> caught on camera, a man jumped on to an 18-wheeler to end a 12-mile police chase. dash cam video shows him leaping into the truck.
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was having a diabetic reaction because of low blood sugar. the driver is expected to be zach thieves making quite a withdrawal in illinois. this shows them back into a convenience store just shattering the glass window. then two men get out of the car and steal the atm that was inside. the men dragged the atm off and into their suv there. police are still searching for those men. >> the u.s. and cuba closing in on a deal to schedule commercial flights between the two countries. services would be able to start within the next couple of months. officials say both sides have reached an understanding on key points in that deal and it could be played final over the next couple of days. >> still ahead here on 7news at 5:30. a touching tribute, how one father is honoring his daughter's memory three years after her death in the sandy hook massacre. >> ahead at six. dance drama at a new hampshire high
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a father grieving the loss of his little girl is using meaningful music to honor her memory. 6-year-old anna green was killed in the sandy hook shooting three years ago. >> since then her father has channeled his pain into something
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tribute is gaining national attention. >> when anna was killed, shares a lot emotions obviously. there's debilitating grief and pain and shock are some of the first that hit. >> when words just couldn't describe the pain of losing his then 6-year-old daughter, saxaphonist jimmy green had something to focus auto. that goal to get his daughter's message across, love our neighbor. he smiled knowing that she understood the meaning of that message at such a young age when she was killed that tragic day at sandy hook elementary. >> so on his darkest days he grieved by making music. >> i remember writing some of these lyrics with a face full of tears.
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was draining to do at times. >> some of his work was done at home and some in his office at western con state university where program. before he knew it, annual bum, a beautiful life, earning him two grammy nominations. >> it features home recordings with his son isaiah a survivor at sandy hook and of course anna. >> she loved to sing and she loved a lot of the songs that were on the recording, make maybe from the musical annie and the prayer that i recorded was something that i prayed with my kids ever night bed. >> while green and his wife melba have found comfort through music so has their son isaiah. >> there's a huge void in our life, in our home, but all things considered he's doing very well. >> jimmy's son isaiah is hoping to
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become a saxapmonist. >> coming up, christa delcamp whipping up something good. >> finally feels more like christmas as we get into the weekend, but the cold weather won't last and of course we're tracking the wet weather as well. >> at sticks, "the force awakens," just hours from the premier. how theaters across new england are
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a man in north dakota is making some big life changes while he tries to raise awareness about homelessness. eric jungles is sleeping outside until christmas i've. in the meantime he's lending his condo to a homeless man. he said going out for a cold run helped inspire him. his goal is to raise more than $10,000 for the national alliance to end homelessness. >> a great idea there, and take a
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conditions there and that's what december usually looks like around here, but, boy, we are warm and rainy. >> i know. very unseasonable for this time of year. chris. >> northern plains, west coast, that's where a lot of the action winter weather wise has been. very unseasonable to say the least. we're talking about temperatures averaging 10 degrees above the average in the city of boston so far for the month of december and of course we have that rain-out there this evening. no snow, no ice to talk about here in southern new england. but we do have some steadier rain up through new hampshire. also over to the sea coast of new hampshire. south of boston more greens and more yellows showing up, is on the next several hours, this is the bulk of the precipitation that's going to roll on through really over the next two to three hours through the worcester hills and then three to four hours in the city of boston in terms of most of the wet weather. and if you look to the south of us you may even see some thunderstorms to the south of long island. i can't rule out a crack of thunder, rumble of thunder down through southeastern mass this evening, but most of those thunderstorms staying to the south
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a little bit of fog in the city of boston. visibility at 7 miles now, but it's locally dense through worcester hills and in portions of northern long island. you really need to take your time anywhere as we do have plenty of road spray, plenty of water on the roads for the evening commute. 41 in nashua, new hampshire, a low to mid 50s in southeastern mass. >> 30 degrees in green bay. 23 in the twin cities. this is going to push over the great lakes as we get into the weekend. that will trigger quite a bit of lake effect snow especially on saturday down wind of the great lakes. of it? not out of the question. i'll show you here in a minute. first things first with the rain tonight thinking much of this is 10:00. there may be a lingering shower just after that. but by midnight rather quiet, patchy fog out there and we'll have a lot of clouds into tomorrow morning. no rain for the morning commute, i
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early afternoon rain shower across eastern mass tomorrow as another disturbance passes close by. what about saturday. there's also a disturbance working in the energy in the atmosphere. i can't rule out a couple of snow showers trying to get going out into worst hill. certainly some snow squalls liking out through the berkshires. boston metro, maybe catch a passing snow shower or flurry, say about 10% or 20% of the area would see that on saturday. otherwise it's a mixture of clouds and sun on saturday and temperatures on saturday hard 40 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, upper 40s, lower 50s, and there you go. on saturday we'll start off the morning in the upper 20s and lower 30 says. mid 30 says in worcester hills and only near 40 in the city of boston. what about christmas week? more mild weather. what else is new, right? there's no chance of snow as we go through next week. 7 on 7 forecast showing you that. the 50s and 60s are back, including christmas i've. >> here at 7:00 we're whipping up
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>> christa delcamp is making a cake that will have you and your family going back for seconds. >> here's christa delcamp's holiday healthy -- hi, everybody, it's holiday helping time. these are my two children and we're going to make a spanish bar cake. guaranteed to spice up any holiday meal. so let's get cooking. ingredients. >> yeah. >> we've got some flour to start things off. and sugar and then a little bit of baking soda. can you mix that in for me? >> what gives this recipe the spice is a little bit of cinnamon, some nut meg, salt and all spice. so we're going to add that. good job stirring. and then we also have some cocoa as well. next step is you put in some apple sauce, this is my mother-in-law's homemade. we add in a couple of eggs next. >> let's beat them. >> perfect. i'll stir. you pour. how's that? >> yeah. >> we're a good team, aren't we.
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ins to some water to get them nice and plumped up then you drain them before you put them in the batter. i call this the fruit cake that you are going to want to eat for the holidays. >> you want to get this a good and floured pan. put it in and bike it at 350 for about a half hour. >> you're going to want to smell this when it's cooking. it will make your house smell good. >> while the cake is baking, it's time to make the icing. can you tell this many for me in we start with some confectioners' sugar. nice. then you add in a little bit of vanilla. this is the stuff that really kind of makes this icing special is you put a little bit of fresh lemon juice in it. give me the muscles. we're adding the butter, make sure it's softened and a little bit of softened cream cheese. if you use low fat cream cheese you don't need as much milk. >> shall we make together? the cake is already cooled, we've put it out on a platter. you can frost too. make sure to get the sides.
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frosted, now it's time to dig in. we've already started. we want to thank you so much for supporting project bread and from our family to yours, have a happy holiday. >> that looks so good and if you want any of our holiday helping recipes log on to and click on project bread. that's where you'll find all the information on how to donate to that charity. >> next up. daniel gersh is making a banana bread that is a perfect addition to a holiday breakfast. tune in tonight at 11:00 to check it out. >> all right, everybody. a very good thursday evening to you. i'm adam williams and we're following some breaking news. coming up at 6:00, the neighbor of the san bernardino shooters facing terrorism charges. we'll tell you what police are saying about any weapons that were purchased and then given to him. >> also let's roll the video for the next story we're talking about tonight. breaking news regarding the legal age to buy cigarettes in massachusetts. we'll fill you in on that. and with "star wars" prehearing
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>> now on the because. people were rushing to the computers this morning to buy tickets for adele's american tour. >> tickets sold out in just minutes. now people are reselling their tickets on sites like stub hub. adele's boston shows are on december 14th and 15th in 2016. >> terminator ii will be hitting theaters worldwide after being remaster in 3d. directors james cameron is teaming up with a chinese studio. next year will be the 25th anniversary of the film which won four oscars. >> netflix releasing a sneak peek of the full house reboot, fuller house, the clip features shots of the house and even though none of the characters can be seen they're heard in voice overs. many of the sit com. it will debut on february 26th. >> i remember all the lines from the episodes.
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tonight you'll be able to see how president obama fared living in the great outdoors. a special episode of running wild with bear grylls features obama deep in the alaskan wilderness. it airs tonight on 7 nbc. >> there's another 30 minutes of 7news head. >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00. taking students off the dance floor. a local school under fire for banning dances. >> plenty of wet weather and fog this evening. when it all ends in the weekend forecast. >> they're coffee competitors, but a local starbucks worker brushed to the side to save i dung indoughnuts workers. and "the force awakens" in winchester where a mom and dad just welcomed the next great jedi into the world. 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> we'll begin this hour talking about the wet weather outside.
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can see much of new england is getting wet there. the rain has not been all that heavy. but it has been pretty steady for much of the afternoon. so how much longer is it going to last in let's check your forecast with meteorologist chris lambert. >> rain for the next two to three hours and it should shut down as we go through the evening hours, but it won't be in time for the end of the evening commute, that's for sure. we have plenty of water to come here. you can see heavier rain down into long island. this will move down through southeastern mass. in worcester the shut hof time with the rainfall once we get to the city of boston, it may take until about 9:00 or 10:00. you can see the rain chance really high over the next few hours. temperatures right now in boston. 50 degrees. 53 in plymouth. 48 in bedford. so these are mild numbers for this time of year and we will not cool off all that much overnight tonight. i think we'll hold into the mid 40s on average. the fog that we have, that will stick around during the overnight
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tomorrow dry.
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