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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  December 18, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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experience and knowledge to ptect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> anchor: close today in north book field all bass of this guys guyser just shooting into the air. police say a drunk driver crash crashed in a fire hydrant causing this major mess . >> anchor: now that driver is in a hole lot of trouble. nick eons has the very latest. >> anchor: a broken fire hydrant shooting thousands of gallons of water into the sky. the town of north brookfield forced to shut down the water supply to fix the damage. obvious you are worried about your towns people if you have a fire them have to go and try to fill up somewhere else.
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fire safety . >> anchor: people in town wak waking up to no water pressure . we got home around midnight and there was a guiser. >> reporter: you can't cook or wash dishes . looks like they are taking care of everything. nice, small town. >> anchor: at local schools, empty parking lots and epibuses, no water means no classes . i called the superintendent early in the morning and told her i'm not going to be ready to turn this back on and guarantee that you will have the water you should have in school . we're going to do last minute christmas things. we're planning to do gingerbread house . >> anchor: hardwick police say a drunk driver was to ballet amy dodge was arrested after she was spotted on the side of the road behind the wheel of a damaged car matching the des chris of the one that took out the hydrant. according to the police report, at one point she told an officer do you think you can do this because you are a cop? and while being booked she said she was too drunk and it's the
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she is now facing drunk driving charges for the second time. we are told this new hydrant here if something similar were to happen to it would seal itself off, possibly avoiding the same mess that happened in north brookfield, nick . >> anchor: new at 4:30 it's a case of puppy love in revere. a young man saving up some cash to by a dog but it turns out it was fake. so he lost all of that money. that's with a local police officer came to the rescue. story and joins us live in revere. this one has a happy ending. it does. that's when police do. they come to the rescue. this goes well above the call of duty. if you would have told 20 20-year-old christopher sarno earlier this week that we would have a new puppy on friday, he probably wouldn't have believed . it literally almost brought he to tears. that's because after his dog
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ago he finley decided it was time to have a new k-9 companion so he went on-line . i wired the guy around $250 through at the messages only . there was never any dog. for christopher who has been battling leukemia for the last 1 11 years, he was heartbroken. i wasn't, i was devastated as i was angry at the people. so on tuesday he went to the revere police department to fill a report. little did he know his story tugged on the heartstrings of . i called everybody i knew to try to get a dog for him. >> anchor: officer angela did. she surprised christopher with it thursday night. it was a good feeling. it made his christmas . the purpose iwas also rescued, a stray set to be put down until officer halcovich came calling saving the day for christopher and his new dog, nit nitro. he at thed me pictures this .
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best friends for a very long time. >> reporter: because catching on-line criminals is very difficult the officer thought this is the best way she could help. live in revere tonight, john congress oh, 7 news . >> anchor: breaking news going on in somerville. sky 7 over lombardi way. we understand this is a pedestrian accident going on in somerville weave understand from state police that this is a situation where we have serious injuries here. once again this is on lombardi way. state police, somerville police all investigating this very serious crash here involving a pedestrian. as you can imagine this is also trying up traffic in that area now. you can see sky 7 hovering beau this right now. once again this is lombardi a, a serious accident here involving a pedestrian we understand there is serious injuries to that person. so we do i have accrue on the way there. sky 7 will keep on top of this and when we learn more we'll . >> anchor: next tonight boston police serving for a suspect linked to a recent bank robbery. authorities believe this woman
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there were several things they are investigating. the second happened yesterday and downtown boston. if you have any information go ahead and give police a call. >> anchor: following more news here today, gillette is suing a rival dollar shave club claiming the company copied jill e'd formula to make its blades. jill he said it invented a specific formula to coat its razors and that the dollar shave club violated a patent by using it. the lawsuit was filed in delaware it. seeks unspecified damages and call for dollar shave club to stop using the formulas. the florida man who through his small helicopter on to the lawn of the u.s. capitol said he is running for congress. douglas hughes said he plans to run against a south florida democrat but he hasn't announced whom. on wednesday his lawyers asked the judge to lift some restrictions to allow his client to run for office. he pleaded guilty last month of flying an aircraft without a license of the police arrest him in april for landing a small helicopter on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. he receives his sentencing in april. >> anchor: crews making a risky
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up dangling over a ledge officials there is a the driver veered off the road, hit a guardrail and then landed on a rock ledge 60 feet in the air. it took three hours and more than two dozen fire fighters to rescue that driver. thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt. a slithering discovery on a cargo ship this week. crew members unloading a ship in new jersey found a deadly indian cobra on boar. they called wildlife officials taking to the take to the bronx zoo. crew members said the ship just traveled from south asia . >> anchor: also on 7, some delivery drama in new jersey i'm bag of guns september to a trade show mistakenly ending up on a machine's doorstep but it's what that man did not do that has him in hot water. riles, revolvers and semiautomatic by pistols, 11 guns like these that police say were mistakenly shipped to this town . i was flabbergasted to think that weapons could get lost in the mail like this . authorized say it began
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reuger tried to send guns from its facility in connecticut to an employee the a trade show in las vegas. but when the becomes arrived at a ups processing center in new jersey police say it was damaged and in turn relabeled. the employee at ups but the wrong label on the package and it was then shipped to an address here . >> anchor: and left on the doorstep of this home along with two other packages delivered by ups. police say kevin nagle who list here decided to keep the guns rather than tell ups he mistaken mistakenly received them . these guns in the wrong hands as we all know with current media could cause serious problems. >> anchor: following a visit from a ups security vet police say they found the guns in being beaus in the garage. he was arrested and charged with theft and offenses related to un unlawfully having the weapons. no one answered the door at his . used. . >> anchor: in a statement ups said an unusual labeling error caused a package to be delivered to the wrong address. ups quickly exago nice the error
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department to fewer the secure retrieval of the package contents. ups delivers 18 million packages on a typical day and incidents like this are extremely rare . there needs to be er standards as far as the packaging and handling of these types of shipments . >> anchor: police say they plan on keeping the guns as evidence and do not plan on shipping them elsewhere . >> anchor: a case of mistaken identity in california. a mother who viced a jail for work has been stuck there now for weeks. her husband said she was mistaken for a criminal and arrested. the life insurance agent was getting a tour after jail when deputies arrested her for an out outstanding warrant. sean is carrying his wife's picture not just to remember her face but to prove who she is. you don't believe it because it's kind of, it seems like it's a tv show and like how well, this is never going to happen to me and i'm sure you heard that a lot and here it is happening . >> reporter: his wife wept at the ayale for work. she went through security and
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her fingerprints deputies told her an identical match to this woman, melissa chapman . >> reporter: the picture doesn't match, social security don't in a, birth date doesn't match . >> reporter: now he is trying . he has receipts paying for stuff in san jose . he said proves his wife is not a criminal. and as he fights on the outside, melissa says she is fighting on the inside . my reputation is on the line. my career, my kids livelihood, my kids have to see this. how do you think they will feel? i'm mortified for them. i'm mortified for my husband and his family having to deal with this . >> reporter: the cat's office says the case is still pending and that if she can prove she is not melissa chapman she will be extradited to indiana. public records show chapman has been on the run since 2002. she is wanted for identity theft and she gave up a baby for adoption the same year under a stolen name. her last known address was in cincinnati. that year she was working in san
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signed by a manager to prove it. that baby chapman had, well, that would be tough for kneeland because her tubes were tied in 1999 . it feels like you are climb climbing almost an endless mountain of trying to prove somebody is innocent. just not being listened to . >> anchor: a judge will listen to their side friday and he will decide whether pictures and words are worth more then a fingerprint. they say no matter what happens next they will continue to fit and after all is said and done they plan on filing a lawsuit for what they say is a wrongful arrest. >> anchor: a little girl who battled cancer is giving back this holiday season. hazel hammersly returned to the children's hospital in los angeles where she received treatment. but this time it was to bring on onments to patients receiving chemotherapy. hazel won her battle against cancer after 15 months of treatment. she wanted to spread joy to other young patients . it gives me hope. it makes me so happy. it makes me stronger and it
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>> anchor: hazel's family is raise money to research . >> anchor: in keeping with the whom day spirit, why some employees at california apple bees are getting a whole lot of attention. >> anchor: plus, risky business business. the f.d.a. proposing new guidelines if you are thinking about going under the lights . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, the new hampshire boy on trial for rape telling his side of the story in a "newsweek" exclusive . >> anchor: a car crashes into a home and i teen is in trouble . >> anchor: we're itting to stay on top of breaking news for you. sky 7 over the scene of where a person has been hit by a car in somerville. we just learned that car is stolen and police are looking for two suspects. we're told that victim has serious injuries and state police and somerville police are investigating once again one person hit by a car. police say that vehicle is stolen and they are seing for two suspects. we'll continue to monitor this
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>> anchor: with was lost was now found at appleby's. employees prayed for what they have done after finding $32000 in cash in the restaurant . >> anchor: a woman left her husband's life savings in the booth. she is happy they didn't run off with it. that's the sound of $32000 cash being counted out for erica gonzalez it's the sound of relief . i didn't think we would find the money . >> anchor: eric's mother lost the money on wednesday . they told us they didn't have any . >> anchor: so they rest, ran errands, finished the day with dinner and when they got home . our heart dropped when we realized we didn't have the money . >> anchor: eriga's mother thought she left it at the bank but she didn't . i was shocked. i have never seen that much cash. >> anchor: she left it in the restaurant at the booth they were saying at.
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found it and old told the area director and called 191. the dispatcher,000 i was kidding. three of husband counted it. merry christmas. >> anchor: thankfully the money made its way become to the hands of the gonzalez family. it's a gift eric why's mom is never letting go . i'm so glad they found it. i really appreciate it. >> anchor: so where are they going now that they have the cash? straight to the bank. >> anchor: gonzalez said she will use the money to help pay for her education to become a nurse . >> anchor: coming up on 7 news, some upset adele fans across the country. how much you will now have to shell out no in order to see her perform. colder temperatures in store for the weekend and some blustery winds toll. we'll take wind chill readings close to freezing. the forecast coming up . >> anchor: pope francis take a big step making sure mother teresa is most likely going to become a saint . >> anchor: it is finally here. "star wars" hing silver screen
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so is the force to be reckoned with or a flop? >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news in somerville. the pedestrian accident here we understand from state police that a stolen car hit a pedro martinez of we understand that pedestrian has non- non-life-threatening injuries. police did arrest those two suspects. we do have a crew on the way. susan tran is arrive integrity scene of a live report coming up
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5:00.. >> anchor: what a month we've had so far. doesn't feel like december at all. only one day below average this entire month which puts us running about ten degrees above average. this is the sixth straight month with the same story, although it will be cold they are weekend. i'm not sure that we'll get two of those blue boxes on the calendar. we'll have to wit and see. an average of the morning low and afternoon high so we'll wait and see. highs today we're again above normal by about ten degrees. 52 for boston should be in the low for ease, 49 for worcester,
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sitting in the mid 40's but those showers still working through and we're talking rain rather than snow because where those temperatures are. showers working out gradually as we move through the evening hours but oh look what's behind us? we've been asking are with the snow is and everybody says look out, west. well, here it is. we're getting lake effect snow showers that are coming off of lake ontario that could even bring some flakes into the worcester hills for tomorrow. current temperatures low to mid 40's, 39 in worcester, these mild temperatures are on their way out and here is the cold that's on its way in for the weekend. green bay sitting at 22 right now. front moves through overnight tonight and i mentioned that snow that could possibly bring some flakes into northwestern mass near the berkshires on the eastern slopes and possibly into the worcester hills. it will not amount to anything so i think we're still waiting to break that record for the latest first snowfall for worcester. evening shower tonight, clearing skies, chilly late into the suburbs making it into the mid
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upper 20's more likely then tomorrow possible early flurry again more likely for southern new hampshire and also the more northwest that you get. highs tomorrow close to 40 degrees. believe it or not this is where we should be for this time of year, but this is what it will feel like closer to freezing because of that blues story wind that's coming in from the west. so you will want to one dell up tomorrow. the winter coat that you haven't had to use in a while, well, come in handy but then as luck would have it winter arrives late on monday and those temperatures are on the climb once again and we could possibly be breaking some records as we get into christmas eve and christmas day. see you in a bit. >> anchor: thanks, bree. see you then. let's get a check of the friday drive home. here is joe with an update . a slow right here on 128 southbound. right by route 135 in the dedham area. a couple cars involved in a crash. the right travel lane is blocked off and 128 southbound is basically all the way back into lexington trying to get by this situation.
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well on 128 down by 95 trying to get by route 24 randolph. brake lets and taillights on the northbound side of route 93. that basically stays heavy all the way out toward 128. the headlights are heading down toward the expressway and that still is close to an hour ride from right in the spot all the way down to the pain tree slit split. joe staple ton, 7 news >> anchor: risky business. the food and drug administration proposing new regulations for in indoor tanning including an age . >> anchor: as erica edwards reports adults would also have to sign saying they understood . >> anchor: more than 1 million teen-agers visit tanning salons each career in the u.s. of all of them would be banned under a new would postal from the food and drug administration. the radiation you get in a tanning bed is ten to 15 times natural sunlight. that's why you tan faster in the tanning bed. >> anchor: and harm skin faster according to doctors. the effects of uv radiation
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so children and teens who tan often are more likely to have skin damage later in life. the american academy of dermatology says the risk of developing the deadly form of skin cancer called melanoma rise rises by 59% after a visit to the tanning salon. the rate of melanoma has risen 2 200% since the 1970's . how we commonly see women in their 20's with melanoma and the one factor they are doing differently is every one of those young women spent ex extensive time in a tanning bed . >> anchor: the f.d.a. plan would also require adults to sign forms acknowledging the health risks before using tanning beds. salon owners and tanning bed manufacturers will now have 90 days to comment on the proposed umass. erica edwards, nbc news . >> anchor: ahead who are you going to call? i anew look at the much anticipated "ghost busters" re
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> anchor: we have some girl power topping the buzz a. the all female cast is ready for action in the new "ghost busters" reboot . >> anchor: the movie shot h boston last upper doesn't come out until next summer. but film makers show the cast that includes melissa mccarty aroundlessly jones. all four geared underand look like they are ready to take down whatever crosses their path . >> anchor: actor and tore
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second daughter into the world. his girlfriend lauren gave birth early wednesday morning. this is the couple's first baby together. the rock also has a 14-year-old daughter with his ex-wife danny garcia . >> anchor: here is mark zucker berg showing off his little jedi max all decked out in her "star wars" gore on thursday to celebrate the opening that movie movie. the facebook ceo and proud dad captioned the picture the force is strong with this one. >> anchor: tickets for adele's u.s. tour went on sale yesterday and they are all sold out. no surprise there. if you still want to go you will broker sites. the tour will kick off in july. adele will come to boston in september. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. i'm elizabeth noreika . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: we begin with break breaking news right now. a pedestrian hit by a car in somerville tonight two people
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>> anchor: susan tran is now in somerville on the phone with the very latest. susan? >> reporter: you are looking at this car here. it is a white suv and what we're told by state police who are on scene is that this was a stolen vehicle that was driving and as they were making this turn here in somerville right under the expressway, they hit a person who was crossing the street. we do know that person has non- non-life-threatening injuries and is taken to a local hospital and police were able to arrest the two people involved. now we had a photographer who was on scene earlier right when this was all happening and he described the scene to police just running throughout the area checking all of the neighboring buildings and it was just a very chaotic scene here in somerville but we do know right now is that they say they did make the arrest of two people and there is no one else that they are looking for. been, this is a scene here in somerville where we do know that
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