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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it hit a person oh was crossing the street and two people were arrested. we're continuing to gather information on the scene and we'll bring more details as soon as they become veil of the for now, live in somerville, us an tran, 7 news . >> anchor: and there is more breaking news now in 5:00 am i grand jury handing down indictments in the bella bond case. rochelle bond the mother of a little girl whose remains were found on deer island charged with accessory after the fact. her boyfriend michael mccarthy murder. bond also faces one count of larceny. investigators say she continues to accept public assistance after she knew about her daughter's death. herred about he was found on deer island in june and it took investigators months to identify that little girl . >> anchor: and we're following breaking news on wall street where stocks are falling fast. the dow closed down more than 36 360 points losing nearly 2% of its value. the nasdaq has dropped more than 70 points. the drop comes after the fed boost interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade earlier this week. >> anchor: more breaking news right now.
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who was not practicing with the team today. tom brady noticeably absent leaving many to question his status for sunday. he was listed as questionable. trey daerr is here with what the team is saying. tre? >> reporter: just two case after lambing the plethora of injuries the patriots endured this season tom brady missing practice with an undisclosed ill illness. today marketing the first time where brady did not participate in practice. he is officially led as question questionable on the injury report but is expected to play in sun's home finale against the titans. i'm sure he will do what he needs to do and take care of himself and counting on being there on sunday. it's always strange when he is not out there but it's come up a time or two the last several years and good day for jimmy to get some work and us to continue
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we're optimistic that 12 will be out there on sunday . >> reporter: important to note that's about 50-too 50, this could be a precaution in listing him on the injury report. another high profile player missing today rob grokowski also absent because of a personal issue and is probable for sunday sunday's game. live in the newsroom, trey daerr 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the path of destruction left behind by a teen-age driver in foxboro. he crashed into a home taking out a huge portion of it and incredibly no one was hurt . tonight questions about what caused him to plus control. steve cooper is live in foxboro tonight. coop? >> anchor: so ryan police are still looking for answers trying to piece this whole thing together but look behind us you can see work crews are still at it right nowp that's not the front porch of this house. that's actually the living room that they are boarding up. that's all of the damage what was left behind here and tonight the homeowner is talking about his unusual wake up call. i thought it was an explosion . >> anchor: it was a wake up call like no other.
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room of the home around 6:30 a.m a.m. jostling harry from his bed . i was just getting up and i hadn't even gotten dressed yet. i looked out and there is no front of the house . >> anchor: no from, just a gay gaying hole with broken furniture and ripped apart christmas tree. after the chevy tahoe only came to rest after slamming into the side of the for the escape parked in the driveway. behind the wheel was 16-year-old boy who just left hockey practice it eskating rink down the road . from what i understand is that he talked to the police and i don't know what happened if he lost control . >> anchor: the structural damage was so extensive the building commissioner determined the family can't live here right now . >> anchor: the back portion is okay. again, we're going to get their belongings then they can't go back in the house until it's been repaired. incredibly no one was hurt here but the weedman's are left
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. we're supposed to have 15 over for christmas but doesn't look like that now that's for sure. so aside from the work crew crews still at it here so too are insurance adjusters tallying up all of the damage tonight as for the investigation police say they are still looking into how this teen ended up going off the road in the first place. live in foxboro tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: let's get a check of the forecast now. clouds out there today. some isolated showers and a cold front moving through this weekend. something you haven't seen in a while. bri eggers is here now with what we can expect . that front the separation between not just the milder air and the colder air but also the rain and the snowflakes. highs today mild ones again about ten degrees above normal. look at hyannis 57 down there. 58 for the vineyard. 52 boston. we've fallen back into the 40's but we still have light showers an sprinkles that are moving through the area. mainly in southeastern mass but
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becomes a separation between the temperatures but also some snowfall that's to our west each keep saying it. you want to find the snow you have to travel to the west and that's where it will be and really where it stays through the weekend but we do get those colder temperatures here close to home. current temperatures low to mid 40's, 39 in worcester and you can find that front there. grown bay at just 21 degrees. 18 in the twin cities. that's the cold air that is sneaking in behind this front and look what happens. blustery winds copping in from the west is also bringing with it some lake effect snow showers showers. we'll have to watch out for that potential for maybe some flakes making it into the worcester hills this weekend most likely tomorrow morning. but that's just a chance. look at these temperatures. close to 40 degrees. or not. that's where we should be for this time of year. we're in for a big tint boost close to christmas. details in just a bit . >> anchor: bernie sanders campaign firing back at the national committee the dnc suspended the campaign from
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from accesses its own voter database. it comes after a staffer was fired for reportedly accessing the voter database belonging to hilary clinton. a spokesman for the sanders campaign said the dnc is openly favoring clinton. the leadership of the democratic national committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign. this is unaccept will. individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in any way they want. but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. >> anchor: the sanders campaign has threatened to go to federal court to regain access to the database . >> anchor: also on 7, the driver of a run away train making his appeal to get his job back. david vasquez lost his job at the mbta following an investigation into that accident accident. his lawyers say they filed a grievance to reverse that decision. vasquez was soed to be behind the control of the train when it left braintree station but a driver last week it. traveled for about nine minutes before mbta workers shut the power down. no one on board was hurt.
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the center of a highly publicize i'ded rape trial breaking his silence. he says despite his convictions he has no regrets about his decision to not take a plea deal deal. nancy chen has more on owen labr labrie's interview with "newsweek". he is seeking out publicly for the first time since he was arrested and convicted of sexual assault charges of the 20 20-year-old giving mistake to "newsweek" on the case that grabbed headlines this summer. the former student at prestigious st. paul's school in new hampshire accused of raping a then 15-year-old girl. sentenced to a career in jail, required to registers a sex offender, he remains free for now while an appeal is pending. his sentence a far cry from plea offers before trial to serve less then a month in the county scale with no sex offender registration if he admitted to having sex with the girl. he tells "newsweek" he is innocent and has no regrets about rejecting the offer. that quote "do i it the exact
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it was the only thing that sustained me knowing i had told the truth. i had done what was right. i walked out of the courthouse with my chin up." he tells "newsweek" that before he was accused of sexual assault he wanted to be a difficult in inity student at harvard and envisions life one day as a pastor with a wife, some sheep, some kids. he is now living with his parents in central vermont and said he passes the time building a wooden chapel at his father's house where he can write and work. neither victim nor her family would give an on the record interview for the article but her mother told nbc news back in october that its been a brutal ordeal for her daughter. nancy chen, 7 news . >> anchor: now to the latest on the california terror attack. president obama's heading to california tonight to visit with the victim's families. it comes as officials are giving details about other attacks allegedly planned by one of the shooters. new according to investigators syed farook and a friend made those plans in 2011 and 2012. they reportedly wanted to attack
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investigators say the pair also talked about throwing pipe bombs on a busy highway and shooting at stopped cars. those attacks never happened. now police arrested the friend earlier this week. marquez told authorities he did not know about the san bernadino terror plans but officials say he bought the rifles syed farook and his wife use in the shooting shooting. he is charged with conspiring to provide support to at the or its and lying to authorities about those weapons. now they shot and killed 14 people and injured 1221 others when they attacked a workplace holiday party earlier this month month. investigators believe they were self-radicalized . >> anchor: before leaving for california president obama facing some questions about terrorism and what will likely be his last press conference of the year. the main focus, something that is on the minds of many americans, keeping the country safe. counter terrorism untell generals, homeland security and law enforcement communities are working 24/7 to protect our homeland and all of us can do our part by staying vigilant.
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every level to make sure that there is no slip between information sharing among agencies. >> anchor: the president stress stressed that his administration is doing everything possible to defeat isis. members of congress passing a 1. 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill today. it will fund the government through next september. it now heads to the white house for president obama's signature and the president says he's plans to sign the bill . >> anchor: the late mother teresa is set for saint hood. pope francis approving a decree teresa. in life, she received many accolades like the nobel peace death mother teresa is being recognized as a repeated miracle worker. no date is set for the cannon cannonization expected to be some time next fall but expected to really aa third after million people to rome. >> anchor: "star wars" finally awakens.
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the latest edition to the saga setting a box office record. the movie pulling in an estimated $57 million from thursday night shows. tim caputo live now lowes in boston with what fans are saying saying. tim? >> reporter: fans are excited about the movie, rave reviews all around, but they are also adhering to that unwritten rule especially when a big movie like this comes out is don't give away any spoilers, especially right as you are leaving the theater because right now and all day long the lobby has been filled with a steady stream of people excited to see this long awaited film. nothing will stand in our way . >> anchor: it opened less than 24 hours ago and already the new "star wars" movie breaking records. $57 million the first tile night and friday will only be bigger. that's why some fans bought tickets a day in advance to guarantee they get a seat . i came yesterday to get the ticket. he was waiting so long. >> anchor: make sure you got in.
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odds and snagged a spot at the last second for an early evening show at the lowe's in downtown boston . you said they were sold out so i went ahead and proved him wrong. and found some tickets a couple days ago. i bought them like, when did i buy them? monday? this afternoon . >> reporter: this afternoon we see parents taking their kids . i saw it when i was his age so i'm psychoed to take my son now. >> anchor: it's tough to tell who is more excited . this is the best movie ever ever. >> anchor: are you excited? >> anchor: i can tell you i do think the kid was more excited than dad but everyone pumped to get inside that theater. this theater alone has 31 show showings of "star wars" film today alone. all of the imax shows tonight are sold out. but if you check there are some shows especially late night few tickets available. live in boston, tim caputo, 7 >> anchor: thanks. "star wars". . really. .
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little too close to the action. court side seats proving dangerous when lebron james tried to keep a ball from going out of bounds . >> anchor: an accident forcing a town to shut off the water supply. also ahead, under fire a bullet flies into a stoughton home. where it came from that's leaving the homeowner here un uneasy . >> anchor: in just one hour, a child home alone when a fire breaks out. where police say the 8-year-old 8-year-old's mother went . and a special get for aing theral man thanks it a police officer in revere. those stories and much more coming up here on 7 news. >> reporter: i'm elizabeth noreika. savory saucing an with spin of and beans . >> reporter: get the less pier for this holiday helping tonight at 11:00 and for more go to
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>> anchor: lebron james flies into a fan while trying to grab a loose ball. it turns out it was the wife of star pj golf jason day . >> anchor: she had to bing a taken from the floor by strepper strepper. skirt emoments during the nba game between oak ago city thunder and cleveland caviliers. after lebron james scrambling to get a loose ball on the fourth
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six foot 8, 250 pound all-star crashing into a woman sitting court side. that woman is early day, we of australian pro golf jason day. officials stopped the game while day who gave birth to her second child just last month was placed in a neck brace and put on a stretcher. she was rushed to cleveland metro hospital. apology. i hope you are doing okay. my apologies. hope you guys come back to another game soon. love lj. while the team tweeted we hope you feel better quick and are back for a game soon. jason day is a number two ranked golf in the world. he won the pga championship in august. day and his wife have recently attended several cass games. willy day spent the night at the hospital for observation but she was released earlier this morning. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news . >> anchor: next on 7, the royals giving the world a peek at their picture perfect family as they reveal a major milestone
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>> reporter: wonder what it feels like to be normal for this time of year? we're getting into that this weekend but it might be quite the shock to the system. we'll get to that forecast next. >> anchor: after a risky ride on the roof police try to track down a driver for putting three
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for their christmas car. depending ton palace releasing this picture today. it was time to do inside with the big announcement that the couple has chosen a nursery school for prince george it attend. that's right the third in line to the throne will start school before the end of january. how cute are they? >> anchor: i know. super cute picture perfect you might even say . >> anchor: for sure. well, you know, the weather is something we've been talking about for a while because temperatures continue to warm up and we're looking at big warmups next week. for new a cool down for the weekend. finally more december like weather even though we're halfway through the month. colder weekend in store for us, it is close to normal but it might be a shock to the system as i mentioned before. flakes in the forecast, possibility. very unlikely but just some flakes if we do see them and then a christmas temperature above the so the cold not stick sticking around with us for very long. which really is solidifying us making this the warmest december on record. we still have a half a month to make it through but we're so far above that number one spot that
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now it is winter if you ask a meteorologist bee do start tracking those winter storms typically starting december 1. haven't had any yet for us here in boston. astronomical winter, the winter solstice, late on monday night. we do change seasons but that's when temperatures start comply complying again so kind of the season confusion continuing for us. highs today, making it into the low 50's. boston points to the southeast and then northwest of that into the upper 40's. still about ten degrees above a aweave had light sprinkle throughout the day today but hasn't really amounted to much. that will slide off as we make it in through the evening hours. luck was behind it though. we are talking about much colder temperatures and light snow showers that possibly can make it into the western part of the state tomorrow. current temperatures low to mid 40's, 39 in worcester, again, even above that normal high for this time of year so where is the cold. you can clearly see it. luck at all of this pink and purpose el color that's dropping
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i love to play the game find the front and you can clearly see it with that dark blue color there. now the jet stream dipping for us as we allow that cold air to spill in for saturday and also for sunday and it does mean some blustery winds for us as well. so while we top out near 40 tomorrow, won't quite feel like it. 41 for sunday and then we start that climb. this puts it in perspective for you. noal high for this time of year 40 degrees. evening showers, clearing skies, chilly late into the mid 20's a possibility for those colder spots like norwood then tomorrow possible low early flurry, more likely as you get into the worcester hills, even more likely northwest of that. not very likely for us here in boston. 35 to 42 for those temperatures. so here are your highs tomorrow. but don't count on these numbers because with that blustery wind from the west, this is what it feels like those winter coats that we've had packed away throughout the month of december weekend. especially if you are headed to the game on sunday.
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the sunshine with us on sunday but temperatures very typical for this type of year, how about our past christmas weather? do you remember this? last christmas we were at 59 very early in the morning on christmas morning. normal high for christmas would be 39 and it looks like we could be close to breaking records again this year. at left for christmas eve. look at that high. 64 degrees on thursday. and then into friday 59 once again for those early morning hours cooling off from there on out. we'll see you at 5:30 . >> anchor: ahead on 7, 7's daniel gersh baking up a banana bread that doubles as die certificate. more breakfast in today's holiday helping . stuffed animal guess on the lamb but with police on his tail it was quickly returned to its
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>> anchor: another 60 minutes . >> anchor: 7 at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: first at 5:30, an accused drunk driver on a crash course this north brook fee leaving behind a major mess and . >> anchor: also a family in stoughton calling for action . >> anchor: some light rain showers wrapping up later this evening but much colder air is rives for the weekend just how long does it stick around? >> anchor: and at thing tip at a cane rest rapment what one employee does after trying $3 $32000 inside a booth. 5:30. a pedestrian hit by a stow stolen car in somerville.
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non-life threat hinge injuries. police had been chasing the driver at the time of the crash . >> anchor: two people are in custody. 's susan tran joins us now live from the scene with more on the about egging details. susan, what you can tell us? liz belle, you can still see investigators out here just combing through that su have and what we are being toll we just got an update from mass state police is that police were actually following this car because they checked the plate and it came back as stolen. as that driver noticed that police were following him, he sped off and as he did that he hit a curb, hit a man who was just walking by then he crashed. now police are telling us that you can see this white jeep. it has all of its doors opened and they say that the plate did come back as stolen as troopers were following it. now the driver sped off and turned on to lombardi right under the expressway and actually jumped the curb where it hit a man that was just walk walking by on that median there.
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