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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  December 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> sarah: breaking right,000 in news in stoughton. a construction worker injured when he is hit by a slab of falling concrete. officials say it weighed several houn pounds. >> anchor: the man had to be rushed to the hospital. nicole oliverio is on the scene. nicole, what can you tell us? >> reporter: kris, according to stoughton firefighters, they say that man was alert and conscious.
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to a boston hospital. this hour. the stoughton fire department makes a difficult but successful rescue after a concrete slab falls on a worker at the camp nellie industrial park. firefighters got the call rescuers say the man was working about eight feet off the ground on a motorized platform lift. he was working construction as crews remodeled the inside of this vacant warehouse. work crews were knocking down interior concrete walls when a chunk nearly four by eight feet fell. the slab weighed several hundred pounds and landed on top of the workers who was still on the elevated staging. firefighters rushed to extricate him. they managed to get him out safely and rescuers say the worker was conscious when he was med-flighted to beth israel deaconess hospital. no one actually leases any space inside that warehouse. that is vacant right now.
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the construction. and is not releeing the injured workers's name. we are live from stoughton, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> kris: a dreary day across most of the area. a lot of you dealing with rain showers. with the rain comes warmer temperatures. and an unexpected combination for the end of december. right? let's get a look at how warm it is going to get with bri eggers. lots of rain on the radar. >> bri: this feels more like spring than the first full day of winter. scattered showers on again and off again through the better part of the day. until we head into the evening commute. you can see there is more of the wet weather to come behind it. so running through the timeline, again, it is a little hard to pinpoint exactly who gets the showers at what time. just have that rain gear, the umbrella handy for you through tonight. again, clearing out with the wet weather by the evening commute and even the clouds going with it tonight as well. we will have to watch out for some very dense fog. the potential for it to form
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temperatures right now, incredible. more than 10-15 degrees above normal for this time of year. already at 60 in new bedford. martha's vineyard, likely to hit that mark as well. boards of showers on again and off again. light winds out of the southwest. if you thought that was warm, take a look at the temperatures we are in store for as we get into thursday afternoon. record-breakers are very likely on the books for us. we will talk more about this in detail in a few minutes. >> sarah: two young children are safe and sound today after police track their mother down at a fast food restaurant. now the mom is facing charges. jennifer eagan live at the courthouse in wareham with more. >> reporter: sarah, the kids are home safe. we learned in court today about why the police and the children's father were so concerned here. 47-year-old valerie mcgrath was arraigned on two counts of kidnapping by a relative and two counts of reckless
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her ex-boyfriend allowed her to see her son and daughter on sunday. she didn't bring them back at the agreed-upon time, though. she turned off her cell phone and rented a car. her sister told police that mcgrath had made statements that she would drive into traffic if she had the kids and set off an amber alert. the kids were reunited with their father in raynham. they were not hurt. >> i still have knots in my stomach. finally, they are starting to subside a little bit. it is a horrible feeling. >> reporter: now, mcgrath's attorney says she is a desperate mom who cannot stand being away from her children. the judge ordered her held on $50,000 cash bail. we are live in wareham, 7 news. draes man who gave gun to the marathon bombers was in court
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stephen silva pleaded guilty to gun charges last year. he says he loaned a gun similar to one we are going to show you to dzhokhar tsarnaev two months before the bombings. silva entered into a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for testifying in the marathon bombing trial. prosecutors are looking for a 24-month sentence. the defense wants 17 months which would be time served: during tsarnaev's trial, silva testified tsarnaev claimed he wanted to use the gun to rob uri students. prosecutors say the tsarnaev brothers used that gun to kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier a few days afterit is marathon bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death in june. >> sarah: fire breaks out in the courtyard of an old police barracks. nobody was hurt. vogueors are at the scene trying to determine what caused this fire. >> kris: to brockton now. a dump truck and s.u.v. collide. go crashing then into the woods.
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overturned there. it happened on route 24 in brockton. one lane was shut down because of this crash. officials say both drivers were taken in an ambulance. both injuries seems to be minor. >> sarah: a crane turns into a home-wrecker, collapsing on to a room. it took crews hours to deal with the complicated clean-up process. a teenager was inside that home when the crane hit it. she spoke with nick emmons about what she saw. >> it was like a tree falling in the forest. sounded just like that. i was in my kitchen when this all happened. i saw something fall from the ceiling. i looked outside of my window and saw trees falling. >> reporter: this is what she saw. the crane had toppled over. >> we were trying to prevent trees from hitting us for the
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>> reporter: rebecca's dad andrew just happy she is okay. >> she reacted well under pressure. i'm so proud of her. and she was great. >> reporter: the christmas lights along lisa avenue overpowered by blue police lights. neighbors wondering how this could happen. >> i came home and my neighbor calls me and says, hey, what's going on down the street in he says "it is lit up like a kri mass tree down there." we see a crane laying down on its side on somebody's house. >> it is hard to believe that it took a clean slice right through the roof. >> reporter: nick emmons, 7 news. >> kris: a fair fight... a fare fight at the m.b.t.a. commuting to and from work could get more expensive. we are learning now that some employees are racking up serious overtime pay. m.b.t.a.'s fiscal control board voted to allow hikes of up to 10% every two years. some state lawmakers are vowing to fight that, saying the law on the books is for hikes every two years with the hikes maxing out at 5%.
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the m.b.t.a. is looking at a $242 million budget gap next year. a big reason for all that money is that they are paying out a lot of money in salaries and overtime. nearly a quarter of all "t" workers are making $100,000 a year or more. rail operators make 30% higher than the national average. bus operators make 50% higher than the national average. and the most extreme example, take a look. a maintenance foreman made $315,000. he was able to rack up more than triple his base salary because of back-pay that was owd to him and working 2,648 overtime hours. >> sarah: presidential candidate donald trump and hillary clinton seem to be in a general election grudge match. >> kris: which continued at a rally that trump spewed more venom toward hillary clinton who refuses to back down from her claim that donald trump has become now an isis recruiter. while the stage may have
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thousands were anything but merry and bright. at least when it came to protesters. >> really are a loser. by the way, i hate some of these people. but i would never kill them. no. these people... honestly, i'll i'll be honest. i would never kill them. i would never do that. no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: and above all, hillary clinton. >> she is terrible! >> reporter: the billionaire lazered in on the former secretary of state for claiming that his rhetoric is being used as a recruiting tool for isis. >> it turned out to be a lie. she is a liar! >> reporter: intelligence experts say isis hasn't used donald trump videos to recruit, but the clinton camp isn't backing down. saying "hell no" to trump's demand for an apology. >> the person who needs to
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>> reporter: trump mocking clinton for using the bathroom in saturday's debate. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate. and she disappeared! i know where she went. disgusting. she was going to beat... she was favored to win. she got (bleep). she lost. >> reporter: it is starting to feel like a general election already. >> sarah: chelsea clinton is expecting her second child. good news here. the daughter of hillary clinton tweeted out the news today. the 35-year-old and her husband already have a daughter. hillary clinton tweeted out the good news, saying "your dad and i could not be happier for you.
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second grandchild." put your babing apron on. we are taking you into the kitchen with ryan schulteis for his holiday helping. >> bri: a good day for it, too. scattered showers. another round of wet weather we will run through the timeline coming up. >> kris: keep watching. we will find out who won this week's who did it better. walsh in a toys for tots challenge. >> sarah: if you see breaking news or have a story idea, we want to hear from you. call us on the 7 news tip line. 1-800-280-tips. contributions have been made that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> sarah: welcome back. it doesn't feel like christmas week. >> kris:. christmas. right? christmas either. this rain will be gone, we hope. >> bri: nobody wants to spend christmas morning shoveling, though.
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errands. be prepared. for that wet weather. because you may have dry times and then an hour later, you will have some rain-drops. scattered showers today. mild temperatures. weather as we work into tomorrow. until the afternoon for the showers to kick in for tomorrow. this is more of a fast and event, though. thursday, i think really dry. unless you are up with the birds. this works with the timeline here. maybe some more moderate rainfall that is focused across the south coast.
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commute, 5:00, 6:00 p.m. tonight, we are done with the wet weather. some clouds clearing out as well. something we will watch out for into tomorrow morning. some patchy dense fog to form. into wednesday afternoon, as i mentioned, we have to wait until late in the day. at 4:00. showers start to work in. more widespread rain and even some areas and pockets of more moderate and heavy rainfall. what we are looking for, generally, between a third of an inch up to half an inch today, we could double that as we get into tomorrow. and that could take us up to the inch that we need. in a lot of locations. current temperatures, low to mid-50's. even 60 degrees in new bedford right now. that warmth just keeps pumping in from the southwest. so we are in for record highs. eve. this is looking very, very likely. m.s. mid to upper 6's. some locations, touching 70 question. record-breakers that we are
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but we also have another record that will be broken. very likely. worcester, latest first snowfall, december 24 of 12923. not going to see any snow. >> danielle: we aren't going to see a white christmas but a warm one. the record is from 1966. the record in worcester, 57 degrees. this december is much warmer than usual and as of now, it's actually forecasting to be the warmest december on record. where temperatures should be, in the mid to upper 30's. instead, we are in the mid-40's. so today, tomorrow, we will call those spare travel days. the on and off showers today. then tomorrow we have those afternoon showers. the better travel days actually, going to be christmas eve day into christmas. where is winter? well, it is mostly out west. thanks to el nino. they have temperatures in the 40's.
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if you are traveling out west. now, as we head into tomorrow, we are talking about severe weather. not real ideal here in the northeast. maybe a rumble of thunder. if you are heferding out the nashville, memphis, check your flight ahead of time. they could see tornadoes. very rare for this time of year. the 7 on 7 forecast: upper with showers. showers tomorrow. again, christmas eve day, maybe records. close to 70. then on christmas, mid-60's. >> kris: all right, danielle. thanks. now it is time to find out who did it better? we reveal the big winner in this hot contest. >> sarah: all to help out toys for tots. jadiann and the mayor tried to sort donated toys into the proper age groups as quickly as possible. okay? mayor walsh finished in three minutes, 55 seconds. jadiann finished in two minutes, 45 seconds. she didn't have to go as far. >> kris: that isca.
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because he was in heels. >> kris: he was helping her out. jadiann finished 5%. mayor walsh, 42%. kind of close there. jadiann's record now 6-2. >> kris: i think that makes the play-offs. a 6-2 record. right? next up, if you are looking for a treat to leave for santa claus, don't go anywhere. we have a cookie recipe that you are going to want to try for your holiday. >> sarah: the pats call it in for back-up. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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>> kris: it is time for holiday helping here at 7 news. we are whipping up some of our favorite holiday recipes. for a wonderful cause. >> sarah: today ryan schulteis is baking cookies that are always in high demand. here is ryan's holiday helping. >> reporter: hi, everyone. happy holidays. welcome the our home. this is my husband drew. we are making snicker-doodles. they are excellent and easy to make. first things first. get the wet ingredients together. right? >> we will start with two sticks of butter. make sure the butter is soft before you start baking. twrort eggs. add the sugar. combine all of these ingredients. that bowl is not complete. we want to focus on the dry ingredients. that includes sifted flour. put that right in.
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some baking soda. you don't have to mix together all the dry ingredients. the key here is what? >> make sure you are adding the dry ingredients little by little. >> reporter: why is that? >> so that it mixes even. good in time of year. swaps. this is easy to bring along. everyone loves snicker-doodles. this is all mixed together. we will put it on this cookie sheet with some saran wrap there. we will cool it in the refrigerator. for 15 minutes. that makes it much easier to work with. you can see how sticky it can be here. now it is time to make the cookies. we combined some cinnamon and sugar. this is really the best part of this. isn't it? >> this is what makes the cookies. >> reporter: we will take the little chunks of the dough off there. drop it into the cinnamon and sugar. roll it around in there. put it right on the cookie sheet. the first batch is ready to go. we will pop them in the oven at 350 degrees. for about ten minutes.
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they look and smell amazing. we hope you enjoy them. thank you so much for supporting project bread. >> from our home to yours, happy holidays. >> reporter: let's ghig here. >> sarah: i love these then i'm craving whatever they are making. good. we didn't get any here back at the station. if you would love to make these on your own and make this donation to project bread, also learn about all the 7 news recipes, log on to and click on the project bread logo. >> sarah: tonight is kim khazei's holiday helping. she is making a hearty fisherman's stew perfect for big family gatherings. tune in tonight at 11:00. >> kris: stick to your ribs food. patriots pick up a three-time
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>> kris: we have some breaking
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gave gun to the marathon bombers. he has been sentenced to serve time in jail and has been released by the judge. stephen silva pleaded guilty to drug and gun charges last year. he says that he loaned the gun similar to the one that you saw on the screen. the one right here to dzhokhar tsarnaev two months before the silva entered into the plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for testifying in the marathon bombing trial. prosecutors were looking for that 24-month sentence. defense wanted the 17 months which amounts to the amount of received. during tsarnaev's trial, silva testified tsarnaev claimed he wanted to use the gun to rob uri students . prosecutors said the tsarnaev brothers used that gun to kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier a few days after the marathon bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death in june against stephen silva. time already served. he will walk today. we will have much more on the story. live reports coming up later
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>> sarah: switching gears now. the patriots getting set for the play-off push. now they are getting some reinforcement. >> kris: that injury bug biting. they are bringing in a pretty big name to help out in the banged-up backfield. alex corddry with the latest. >> reporter: joey iosefa made a big debut. >> a battering ram! >> reporter: the patriots turning to a former ram! reportedly bringing in three-time pro bowler stephen jackson to help carry the load out of the backfield. the 32-year-old tweeting this picture of him working out with the caption "i'm back." so his would-be new head coach wouldn't confirm anything on his conference call. >> yeah. i'm not going to comment on any players that aren't on the team. >> do you have an expectation that over the next 48 hours, that there could be a roster addition? >> at this time of year, yes.
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>> reporter: jackson... nobody is on to the play-offs just yet. >> it's been a great year. excited where we are as a team. hopefully, we can keep building on what we have achieved. 12 wins is pretty good. you know, it is going to get the 13th in the meadowlands. we are going gear up and give them everything we got. >> reporter: alex corddry, 7 news. >> sarah: all right. much more to come on 7 news. a massive transformation under way right now at gillette stadium for the upcoming n.h.l. winter classic. we'll take a look. for the day, periods of rain and mild temperatures. mid to upper 50's. forecast coming up next. >> kris: a construction worker injured when he slammed into... when he is slammed into by a slab of falling concrete. >> sarah: he was convicted of sentenced to jail. now this wealthy young man is
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>> sarah: breaking news out of federal court in south boston. the man who gave a gun to the marathon bomber now learning his fate. >> kris: that fate is a he has been released now by the judge as a result. stern silva pleaded guilty to gun and drug charges last year: says he loaned a gun similar to this one to dzhokhar tsarnaev two months before the marathon bombings. stephen silva entered into a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for his testimony in the marathon bombing trial. 24-month sentence. the defense was seeking that 17-month sentence which was the amount of time he has already spent behind bars. and again, that is the sentence he received. during tsarnaev's trial, silva claimed he wanted to use that gun to rob uri students. prosecutors said the tsarnaev
12:26 pm
kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier a few days after the marathon bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death in june. >> sarah: a construction worker injured when he is hit by a slab of falling concrete. officials say it weighed several hundred pounds. >> kris: as a result that, man had to be rushed to the hospital. nicole oliverio takes a look at what happened. fire department makes a difficult but successful rescue after a concrete slab falls on a worker at the firefighters got the call around 7:30 this morning. rescuers say the man was working about eight feet off the ground on a motorized platform lift. he was working construction as crews remodeled the inside of this vacant warehouse. work crews were knocking down interior concrete walls when a chunk nearly four by eight feet fell. the slab weighed several hundred pounds and landed on top of the worker who was still on the elevated staging.
12:27 pm
they managed to get him out safely and rescuers say the workers was conscious when he was med-flighted to beth israel deaconess hospital. vacant. there are no offices inside that warehouse. and it is unclear which company was doing the construction. and the fire department is not releasing the injured work e's name. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> sarah: a lakeville mother charged with reckless endanger oment. a judge in wrentham ordered her held on $50,000 bail a short time ago. she took her two children on sunday, turned off her phone, rented a car if fall river and did not come back. a troomer spotted that car at a raynham mcdonald's. those two children are safe and sound now with their father. that father said he wasn't worried the churn's mother would hurt them. he is relieved to finally have them back. >> i still have knots in my stomach.
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bit. it is an overweaponing feeling. ... overwhelming feeling. >> sarah: the kids were gone for 26 hours before being reunited with their father. >> kris: seems like mother nature is a little confused now. a couple of days before christmas. look what we are dealing with. >> sarah: i know. there. a little rainy out there. i'm not complaining. >> bri: yeah. it is just scattered showers today. on again, off again with the showers. until we hit about 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. just in time for the evening commute. things will be drying up. working through the timeline, you see that happening here. showers shifting out over the sea. tonight. but that also could mean some dense fog that forms for tomorrow morning. something will be keeping a close... something we will keep a close eye on. weather unsettled for the next couple of days. we are in for another round of rain tomorrow. that happens in the late afternoon to early evening hours. temperatures staying mild.
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until we are close to 70 for christmas eve. more details on that in a bit. >> sarah: a crane collapses in plymouth right into a house. crews working this morning to get the crane off the home. the crane toppled over and sliced right through the roof. the home owner says the crane belonged to a company he hired to cut trees down to keep the home safe. a teenage girl was home when it happened. >> if you ever heard a tree fall in the forest, sounded like that. >> that is why i was concerned. >> kris: a suspected hit-and-run driver who put three people in the hospital this weekend is on the run again. this man ronald derosa didn't
12:30 pm
yesterday. he allegedly left the scene of the accident. police say he was driving a red sports car when he hit an s.u.v. head-on. three people are still in the hospital, including a pregnant woman. >> sarah: a fiery rescue in medford. flames tear through a home with two infants inside. those twins now face... safe and sound. their parents are thanking the police officers who saved their lives. susan tran has the story from med now. >> reporter: lauren and luan kradled in their parents' arms. the twins have no idea they barely escaped a dangerous fire. >> so i was scared. so scared. thinking about my babies and my wife. >> reporter: his wife adma was home with their babies. a fire started in the basement. >> the guys that lives live on the first floor was knocking on the door. wake up. a fire. >> reporter: the neighbor ran out and right into two officers.
12:31 pm
and babies upstairs. >> the infants in her arms. shock kind of. i said hand me the infants. report t officer grabbed the babies. the babies safe and sound for their first christmas. largely because of two quick-thinking police officers. >> they are heroes. heroes. they saved my babies. >> sarah: students in nashua, new hampshire back in school today. a violent threat forced them to stay at home yesterday. officials shutting down every school in the city after someone sent a threatening e-mail targeting the city's two high schools. police have determined that the threats were not credible. the f.b.i. is helping local police look into who sent them and parents are anxious for answers. >> it hits close to home for me. because my two kids, i live in nashua. they are home today. from school. and so certainly, i think what this shows is that we just
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these troubling times. >> sarah: officials have not revealed what exactly was said, though, in the e-mails. >> kris: more news today. we now know the name of one of those americans killed in afghanistan. he was a new york city police detective. joseph lem served in the air national guard. he is a 15-year veteran of the department who was deployed to afghanistan and iraq three times. the 45-year-old leaves behind a wife and two children. as you can see in this animation here, a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle into a joint convoy of u.s., nato and afghan forces, blowing himself up on monday. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this deadly attack. the explosion marked the deadliest day for american troops in avrg in more than three years. army sergeant bowe berg dahl was called to court today to face charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers in afghanistan. bergdahl was captured by the taliban back in 200. he was released last year in a controversial prisoner
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>> sarah: the search continues for a privileged convicted drunk driver on the run. he avoided jail time after his lawyers argued he was too wealthy to understand his actions. officials are now looking for a pick-up truck. tlort morning deputies are searching for a harley-davidson edition ford f-150 like this that ethan couch's mother tonya drives. she is not a suspect but because she went missing the same day as her son, she may be helping him, authorities believe. >> he comes from a wealthy family. if you are wealthy in this country, can you continually elude law enforcement? >> i don't know about this country but not in this county. >> reporter: his defense was that he didn't know right from wrong because he grew up affluent. that led to probation instead of prison time and outrage. investigators believe this
12:34 pm
>> pong party is why he is on the run. others told the d.a. couch was there and even though he is not seen drinking alcohol, it could be a violation of his probation. the county sheriff dee anderson says finally, what he calls a wrong, couch's probation can be made right. >> i would like him to see up close and personal the inside workings of the adult criminal justice system. and just maybe for the first time in his life, learn something. >> sarah: the families of the four victims are not speaking about his disappearance. >> kris: our 7 news team teaming up with number 12 there. we will tell you what's going on right here. >> sarah: celtics fans showing the love to kevin garnett as he returns to the boston garden. >> bri: wet rather than white weather as we head through the next couple of days. mild temperatures as well. the forecast ahead. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing
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and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> kris: a little girl in weymouth making a big difference this holiday season. >> sarah: she celebrated her birthday last month with others in mind. instead of asking for gift this is year, the third-grader asked for toys to donate to kids in need. what an incredible young lady. she then delivered those toys to the weymouth police department. all going toward their toys
12:38 pm
>> i did it because some kids fortunate than i am. i thought i could donate toys so they could have the same things that i have, too. >> sarah: didn't you just love her? officers awarded savannah with a certificate and $100 to spend on herself, they said. but get this. of course, she says she wants to donate that money as well. i love this little girl. and what a great example to all of her peers out there as well. >> kris: selflessness there. she wants the others to smile the way she does. >> sarah: what the season was >> bri: yes. toys, man. there was a cabbage patch kid and a sit and spin. first full day of winter today. wet weather rather than white weather ahead of us. record warmth on thursday. a whole lot of w's. what? record warmth.
12:39 pm
wet weather moving through right now. scattered showers for us. as we have seen since 7:00 this morning. it will be intermittent. on again, off again throughout the day today. until we move in... into the evening commute. the clouds are clearing out somewhat tonight. that could lead to the formation of dense fog for so something we will be watching closely. make sure that you tune in for today in new england. tomorrow morning, to see what the road conditions are like. next couple of days staying unsettled. another round of wet weather as we get into late tomorrow. that doesn't set in until after 4:00 in the afternoon. but this could be more of a fast and furious round of rain. while we are only looking at a quarter of an inch up to half an inch of rainfall today, we could double that as we work into tomorrow. it is not out of the question to even hear some rumbles of thunder. specifically along the south coast. it may not happen. but also it could. current temperatures in the mid-50's.
12:40 pm
59 in plymouth. new bedford did hit 60. a bit ago. dropping back off to 59. nevertheless, it is mild. very mild for this time of year. this is the type of weather pattern that we typically see in the spring or summer. and along with the warmth, you get some humidity. yeah, we are talking a touch sticky to muggy as we make into christmas eve. honestly, i don't know whether to deck the halls or search for easter eggs with these temperatures mid to upper 60's. even some areas hitting 70 degrees. some records could be well within reach for us. for more on that, danielle gersh. >> danielle: thanks, bri. a warm christmas. not a white one. the previous record in boston was 61 from 1996. worcester has the old record at 57. we will stump those. we have the on-and-off showers today. tomorrow, the afternoon showers. we will call today and
12:41 pm
thursday and friday looking like pretty good travel days. where is the winter weather? it is mostly out west. that is thanks in large part to el nino. 40's in seattle and denver. lots of rain and snow out there. as we head into tomorrow, we will talk about the risk for severe weather. bri mentioned maybe a rumble of thunder out towards the south coast. but the biggest, greatest risk for severe weather will be out towards tennessee. if you are traveling to memphis, the nashville, they could have tornadoes out there. very rare for this time of year. keep that in mind. you will need the umbrella today for your day. upper 50's. low 50's tomorrow. with some afternoon showers. christmas eve day, close to 70. not a white christmas.
12:42 pm
>> sarah: tom brady talked about his last-minute christmas shopping. >> i got a lot of shocking done. i was on macies' picking up some last-minute gift ideas for the kids. it is going to be a good christmas for them. hopefully, my wife likes what i got her. that remains to be seen until christmas morning. >> sarah: i wonder what he got her. the woman who has it all. >> kris: right. what do you get gisele? coach belichick's christmas present to them. a day off on friday. the celtics beat the timberwolves last night. the crowd was so excited when they saw k.g. back on the court in the garden again. there he is. he didn't play in last night's game. he was there on the court.
12:43 pm
him throughout the game. and in the closing minutes, the c's played the famous gino clip from american bandstand. garnett loves seeing that clip. he says he has nothing but love for the city of boston. >> boston is a special place in my heart. foreign minister it was a great homecoming. felt really good to be in the building. >> kris: when the question came up on whether. cang. plans to retire?
12:44 pm
the football fooled at gillette stadium for the winter classic. >> kris: quite a transformation there. this morning we see what it takes to get gillette stadium ready to host the hockey game. >> there is going to be hundreds of people working in here in the next six, zen, eight days. >> reporter: those crews will work 24 hours a day. they are making this into a pristine n.h.l. arena. >> when you look around and you get in the middle of the rink, it is pretty spectacular. >> reporter: the bruins last hosted the winter classic in 2010. take on the flyers at fenway. this time around, we are told it will be a brand new
12:45 pm
even for seasoned pats fans. workers don't have to worry about the weather. no matter how unseasonably warm it is leading up to the gail on new year's day. added. and get this. they are going to need about two inches of ice. that requires 10,000 gallons of water per inch. >> everybody think it is warm will hurt us. it won't hurt us at all. >> reporter: this year, one of the best and longest rivalries in league history. between montreal and boston. >> it is always a great game when they play. this is going to actually add to it. >> sarah: you can catch the big game on 7-nbc on new year's day. the puck drops at 1:00 p.m. as for the game, you can find complete coverage of all the action. >> kris: it is going to be an exciting game.
12:46 pm
nicolas cage has returned a stolen dinosaur skull to mongolia. >> sarah: yeah. that's right. he bought it at an auction in beverly hills. the actor outbid leonardo dicaprio for the $70 million tir ran sauce opinions tyrannosaurus skull. it was illegally smuggled into the u.s. by a paleontologist. he gave it back to the mongolian government. >> kris: comedian jerry seinfeld going on a special ride with president obama. the president will make an appearance on comedians in cars getting coffee. the two chat about life in the
12:47 pm
in a classic 1963 corvette. president obama is the first elected official to appear on sign fld's show. all right. a final check on the forecast now with bri eggers. >> bri: you see this next batch of showers moving through providence right now. and up into boston. so pretty steady light rain that we can expect for the afternoon. to move out of here by the even evening commute. i would say 5:00 or 6:00. we are done with the wet weather. dense fog tomorrow morning. another round of wet weather late tomorrow. look at those temperatures. even a case of the muggies as we get into christmas eve. with record-breaking highs on tap. >> sarah: thank you so much for joining us, everybody. i'm sarah french. >> kris: i'm kris anderson. thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist.
12:48 pm
passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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