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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mit police officer sean collier. a's today the judge released silva from federal custody. steve cooper joins us with more on this breaking story. steve? >> reporter: so silva's freedom came as a little bit of a surprise. he came to court in handcuffs and in federal custody and he left the courthouse here late this afternoon saying he was sorry. >> i apologize. >> reporter: released after serving 17 months in a federal prison, silva says he is sorry to the family of slain mit police officer sean collier. >> do you want to apologize to the collier family? >> i definitely like to give my deepess condolences to the collier family. i'm very upset the firearm was used to killham -- it's difficult but something i got to live with. you learn from your mistakes. >> reporter: the friend and classmate of convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced after pleading guilty on a gun possession and drug charges. prosecutors say silva is the
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with the weapon the brothers used to execute officer collier in his cruiser says after the marathon explosions. silva testified in exchange for a lighter sentence. of it' during the trial silva said every time he asked the gun back he was brushed off with one excuse after another. standing up offering an apology he told the world i was young, dumb and thought i would outsmart everyone. silva who maintains he had no clue when the tsarnaevs were up to added: >> did you write that, when did you write it? >> it was from the heart. i spent the last month and a half writing the letter. it took me a few hours. put a lot of thought and into that. >> reporter: silva was also placed on three years of supervised probation by
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the judge added one more thing. he said i hope neither i nor any other judge sees are you everyone again. steve cooper, 7 news. >> kim: thank you. silva says he learned a lot from this experience, let's go to dan hausle to talk about his future plans. >> reporter: this silva told the judge that he does want his future to be different from his past. he says he knows a long of lot of people won't believe is but he is going to try. silva leaves court saying being free is the best feeling in the world. but silva says his time behind bars also taught him some lessons about how he wants to listen his future. >> it's not a good place to be especially when you could do a lot more with your life, when i was going to school doing a lot of good things but it gave me a lot life. >> reporter: prosecutors say silva provided the gun collier. silva can't change that but
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map for his life ahead. silva says he do versus a plan for that. >> get my degree. get back to the community and try to become a better person. no more drug dealing. just trying to help out the needy. >> reporter: silva plans to see his family. his goddaughter and his grandmother. the 22-year-old says he was young and dumb and he hopes people keep an open mind and give him a second chance. >> i want folks to know i'm human. we all make mistakes everybody can change. >> reporter: silva says he knows there are somethings he can't change. he knows some people will think he didn't spend enough did. he says he knows people have that opinion but is there their decision, we're in news. >> adam: 7 news turning to the forecast. a winter washout making for a dreary dray but the temperatures. you can feel it, it's going to come even more. we head into the holiday. we're expecting warmer days.
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for more on the forecast. >> reporter: i think by thursday afternoon temperatures are in the middle and upper 60s. right now periods of rain marching through southern new england. here is the back edge right here. marching through the worcester hills. once this last batch marchs through over the next 30-45 minutes, that will be it with this band of rainfall for the remainder of the evening hours but it's warm. look at the temperatures upper 50s to around 60 degrees, the city at 359. worcester at 55. the normality high is 39. 20 degrees above that. we see good wii to that weather system and then we head on the even seaboard and here is another storm system getting organized. this one is loading up on moisture. that is going to come out of the gulf of mexico. has a lot of real estate to cover so the morning commute is dry but you will need the rain gear especially through the afternoon. noon, isolated shower possible but i think by 3:00, 4:00, that is where we see the rain showers. then there will be a buffet
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time tomorrow night through about midnight with an additional inch of rain on the way. then the fun stuff arrives for christmas event record warmth. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> kim: also on 7, two young children are save and sound back at home with their father. their mother is in jail. she is accused of kidnapping the children during a weekend visit. jonathan hall haag has been following the story. he is in wareham where the mother faced a judge. >> reporter: happy ending to a messy case. the 47-year-old mom is going to be held without bail over christmas because a jung found she violated the terms of her release on a previous case. she is pending with a trial on credit card fraud. she is in even bigger trouble. valerie mcgrath faces two counts of parental kidnapping and two counts of endangering the lives 6 her own two young children.
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turned 5 on sunday the day valville aedge willedly took off with the kids. her lawyer says she ask a victim of domestic violence who wants the best for the children. >> no one ever really feared that the children were in any harm's way. >> reporter: police hads have ping valerie mcgrath cell phone and the information helped track her on monday. the phone had been off for several hours. the kids had a happy reunion with their dad last night at a mcdonalds where state police arrested valerie mcgrath in a rental car. she had been on the run for more than 24 hours. their dad brought them home to his house in lakeville. >> big nightmare. you are glad it's over. >> lasted a month but it was only a day. day and half. i'm so relieved. >> reporter: valerie mcgrath's families and friend will nothing to say after they showed up to support her other than to say she a good mom but prosecutors say her sister and older daughter told investigators she is depress and possibly suicidal.
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note she had left in her s.u.v. which was found yesterday. >> i'm very sorry. i love you and so much i just can't stand being away from the kids for another minute. it has been torture for us. >> reporter: valerie mcgrath did no harm to herself or the children. married. she lost custody of the kids according to her lawyer because she stopped allowing her exboyfriend to see them. live in wareham jonathan hall, 7 news. >> adam: dangerous day for a worker in stoughton. he is hit by a slab of falling concrete. officials say it weighed several hundred pounds. nicole oliverio has more on what happened. >> reporter: the stoatson fire department made the difficult but successful rescue after a concreed slab falls on worker at the campanelli industrial work. rescuers say the man was
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lift. he was working construction as crews remodeled the inside of this vacation ant warehouse. crews were knocking out interior walls walls when a chunk nearly 4 by 8 fell. the slab weighed several hundred pounds and landed on top of the worker he was' staging. extricate him. he managed to get him out safely and rescuers say the worker was conscious when he hospital. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> kim: you saw it first on 7. a crane crashing through a plymouth home. it has been safely removed. crews were up late last night trying to lift the crane off of the house. there was a teenager inside at the time. the home owners are staying in a hotel until repairs are made. >> got in my car and i drove down.
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and at that time, i think it was the crane brought operator was standing on the street talking to a woman who was one of the neighbors but the slice through the roof is hard to believe. it just took a clean slice through the roof in the crane was laying on the top of the studs to 9 second floor. >> kim: investigators working to find out exactly how that crane fell. a crash in brockton sends two drivers to the hospital. this happened on route 24 this morning, a dump truck and an s.u.v. collided sending both vehicles into the woods. investigators say the injuries appear to be minor. >> adam: following more news today, bowe bergdahl facing a military judge for the first time. he disappeared in afghanistan in 2009. just walking away from his posts. if found guilty on charges of desertion he faces a tough penalty.
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appearance or sargent bowe bergdahl. >> the judge explained his right to be tried before a panel or a military judge. the judge also inquired if sargent bowe bergdahl wished to any motioners a plea. he deferred all of these decisions to a later hearing. >> adam: next appearance will be january 12 at fort bragg. his attorneys may push to have the case moved to texas. he has been on text duty in texas -- desk duty since he was released by taliban forces as part of a prisoner change. his case is in the spotlight not only because the court case is moving forward but because of the pod cast serial in which bowe bergdahl tells interviewers he willingly left his post as a way to draw attention to perceived leadership duties. he could face a sentence of
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>> kim: one of the six americans killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. he served in the air national guard, a 15-year veteran of the department. he leaves a wife and two children. there is this animation showing what happened in afghanistan. a man blew himself upmond monday and the taliban claimed respond. >> a -- an agent's gun and badge were stolen in broad day light. the agentes as radio, hand kuss and a flash drive were also taken. the secret service declined to comment. >> kim: turning to the race for the white house. the feud between donald trump and hillary clinton is getting nasty. trump is refusing to back down and critics say clinton will try to use this to her [applause] today in iowa hillary trail. >> that is why it's
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bullies wherever they are. and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. >> kim: she didn't mention trump mocking her for returning late from a ballotsroom break during saturday's debate. >> sorry. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate. she disappeared. i know where she went. it's disgusting. >> reporter: trump used what some called vulgar language to describe how clinton lost to barack obama in 2008. a republican strategist say this is is trump unkens soared and why he leads all polls. >> no one is going to sit in front of you and tell you that, that operatives or people involved in campaigns would say, oh, yeah, go out a new slang and profanity and talking about her potential opponent. >> kim: it has worked to lock up trump's status. today's poll the tactic pushed other voters to senator cruz as he surges to second place.
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end up being a to-man race between trump and me. >> kim: insiders say clinton products the war of words to elevate. >> she would rather run against trump. >> reporter: the poll shows clinton in a virtual dead heat in matchups with cruz and rubio but she would beat trump by 7 points if the elections were held today. hillary clinton and trump are taking a short break from the campaign trail for the holidays. >> announcer: tonight >> i don't ever know what to expect from an interview with you so i roll with it. >> reporter: the questions only andy will ask the year on the job. tonight at 11:00. >> adam: next, an unusual chase for a police officers in michigan when two kids hop in a car and make a run for it. >> kim: at 5:30 daddy delivery on a highway in utah. the mom could not make it to
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>> adam: affrights frightening fall. a get away take as dangerous turn when a guy tries running up an escalator. >> kim: a fight at the mbta commuting on the t. could get more expensive. [inaudible] >> adam: we continue to watch breaking news. stefan silva the man who gave a gun to the boston marathon bombers walking free after 17 months in federal custody. more on his apology to the judge. >> kim: if you see something you think needs investigating tell hank. hank phillipi ryan wants to
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>> kim: different joy ride caught on camera. police say a 13-year-old boy led them on this wild car chase in the state of michigan. police did arrest the boy a's police say things could have ended badly for the teen and his 8-year-old sister who was with him.
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would think erratic driver, drunk driver. >> adam: but the traffic stop. the driver of the nissan took off before the deputy exited his vehicle. >> as you can see he is driving on the shoulder passing cars and travelling at a high rate of speed. very inexperienced driver. shouldn't even be out there. >> reporter: the sheriff says the deputy was surprised who jumped out of the car. >> when he stepped out of the car he saw what was a 13-year-old and an 8-year-old running from him. >> reporter: the teen area sister was apprehended. another police officer nabbed the toy riding teen nearby. >> they were' staying at the father's house. the father and girl friend were sleeping. it was the girl friend's car they took for the joy ride. >> reporter: the 8-year-old was turned to to her mother. the teenager was charged with unlawful driving. >> kim: our 7 news team teaming up and we can't tell you how you can be a part of all this.
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adam and christa, we've brain in the forecast tomorrow. forecast up next. >> adam: another possible outbreak of e. coli is linked to chipotle.
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>> adam: i'll sound like a broken record if i say yet again i can't believe it's
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this warm outside. but i just did. [laughter.] >> kim: it worked. >> adam: everybody is like shocked but i'll say this, it's going to feel like early spring tomorrow. >> kim: everybody asks why do you wear no sleeves? the women wear no sleeves, today this is killing me the sweater. it's so warm. >> even a little bit of humidity as well. what is going on here? people are like, does this mean the other shoe is going to happen? no way. that was last february. it already dropped. maybe this is payback for that. rain, period of rain across metro boston at this time. this is the back edge of this weather system. weather system number one. this will move out of here over the next couple of hours, then for the remainder of the evening we're done. we'll have leftover moisture in the form much clouds and matchy fog but rainy in the city. worcester you are done. leominster, fitchburg you are almost done. rockport, light rain. south shore a little band of rain down through buzzards bay.
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that will move across the canal and out you go. later on this evening and overnight tonight. rainfall totals danvers about half inch. worcester a third of an inch. here in boston .2 of an inch. not the rain that overwhelms drains and it's dry. we could use the rain although during the travel time it's not very good. look at the numbers, 50s to around 60, boston at 59. norwood at 60. i'm not concerned about the leftover water freezing up on the roads. it stays mild tonight. there may be patchy fog, if you are an overnight traveler that maybe the biggest issue that you face because the rain is gone by 7:00 then partial clearing. stays mild. 43-50. tomorrow morning the commute is dry. but you'll need the rain gear again for another rain day. i think tomorrow, we get morning. probably lunchtime and halfway into the afternoon but i don't think we can get through the evening commute
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we'll have scattered showers around 3:00 then a little thump of steady rainfall about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow. a lot of yellow and orange. i won't be surprised perhaps even a rumble of thunder although that is the headline that i have for tomorrow. the headline tomorrow is more rain. also more warm air, this is a weather system that is loaded with moisture but also has a lot of warm air. temperatures tomorrow night will continue to warm through the daylight hours tomorrow. so the amount of rainfall on the way with tomorrow's storm about a half inch to an inch of rain. that might slow you down if tomorrow is your travel day. temperatures between 53-58. if you are moving out of metro boston, southern new england the rain is coming from the mid atlantic so a rainy day along the 95 corridor. rain does come into southern new england mid afternoon. probably holds off in mid evening tomorrow. if you are flying out of metro boston, southern new england there will be rain across the northeast corridor. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the southeast.
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severe weather tomorrow afternoon. in this location right here. those locations. there may be enhanced risk of strong thunderstorms, perhaps even tornadoes. unprecedented whacky pattern. 7 on 7 forecast, christmas eve does look like temperatures are in the upper 60s, that's going to set a record. the record of 61. that should go bye-bye probably in the morning. christmas day low 60s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. saturday and sunday you are taking the ugly sweater back to the mall? saturday dry, sunday scattered showers, mid 50s, see you in a bit. >> adam: i can't believe you said your sweater was ugly. >> kim: i wasn't paying attention. >> out you go. j.r.. >> kim: i'm going to wear flip-flops and shorts. is that what you wear for best buddies. >> shores shorts for sure. biking shoes. >> kim: you are the professional. the countdown to the 2016 bested byes challenge is officially under way.
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can help out this year and a repeat year if you've helped out. christa del camp had the chance to meet up with mr. brady. we're preparing for the 100 mile bike ride in june. it's a national organization that helps create opportunities for people, our friends and family intellectual and developmental disabilities. learn more by going to there is a link there that you can maybe be the first person to donate on the page. brady did his interview with westwood 1 radio and talked about his last minute christmas shopping. >> a got a lot of shopping down. i was picking up last minute gift ideas for the kids. it's going to be a good christmas for them. hopefully my life likes what i got her. that remains to be scene until christmas morning. >> adam: they'll get to enjoy christmas. players will practice today, tomorrow and thursday but they have friday off. >> kim: macy's is loving
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