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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 23, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> we are. the record tomorrow think is 61 and we'll make it into the upper 60s. going through a little weather this afternoon and overnight tonight, here is the doppler radar showing rain south of boston but moving up the 95 corridor. as we look farther south and west, deeper shades of green and yellow coming off of long island are those are pockets of heavy rainfall, and this is our weather system for tonight. so if you have holiday travel plans that take you out of metro boston south down 95, 84, and then down through metro new york city, it'll be a slow go, and that rain does find its way up into the city of boston over the next couple of hours, probably at the backside of the commute. nothing overwhelming, but again i do think the rain will be a little bit heavier this evening than what we've dealt with yesterday. most of the rainfall does occur overnight tonight and we can move it out of here for early tomorrow morning. you notice 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow morning, still some leftover pockets of steady rainfall. there might even be a rumble of thunder overnight tonight. this is a warp front coming at and us usually the december warm fronts are associated with snow, changing to rain.
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this is gonna be just rain from the get go, ushering in warm and somewhat humid air. temps right now in the 50s. the city at 50 degrees, norwood at 55, and you head farther south and the numbers jump into the 60s. washington d.c. at this time at 63. so we'll have warm air on the way overnight tonight. temperatures tomorrow heading for the upper 60s with a lot of clouds. but we are done with the steady rainfall before daybreak tomorrow. and at this time christmas eve and christmas day looking warm. we'll talk more about your christmas day forecast in you a few minutes. right now we're following breaking news out of jamaica plain. police responding to reports of a double shooting near the jackson square mbta station right on center treat. we don't have word yet on the condition of the victims but we have a crew headed to the scene and as soon as we get more information, we'll let you know. and we're following more breaking news out of brighton. the cleveland circle chipolte given the okay to open back up from the health department.
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infected with the norovirus and kimberly hunt joins us live with more. >> yeah, elizabeth. inspectors showed up here at the restaurant about 11:15 to check out the place and meet with employees and a couple hours after that, they came out and said the restaurant is free to open on thursday. >> reporter: closed for more than two weeks, chipolte in cleveland circle gets news that that means the restaurant will be allowed to start whering burritos and serving salsa as soon as tomorrow. >> it's been disinfected and everyone cleared by the health officials. >> reporter: boston inspectional services spent about an hour this morning doing annotation tests and going over procedures and policies with employees. >> we did a pop can quiz. i quizzed a couple of people in training and they had the right answers. >> reporter: it's clear chipolte has a fan base. we saw many people pull on the doors today only to find the place shut down. so can the fast-food chain
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spread to more than 150 people mostly boston college students who ate here? >> if inspection's cleared it, i wouldn't question it. it was too much for me to go back again. i'd be afraid to eat there, to be honest. >> these things do happen, so probably in the near future i probably would come here. but not right away, of course. >> reporter: an investigation found the illness spread because a chipolte employee came to work sick. as the restaurant gets set to re-open, that person's boss is out of a job. >> clearly what happened, mentioned he was sick, and he was told to stay to the ends of the shift. consequences. here have been tested to make sure they are healthy to work here. reporting live in cleveland circle, kimberly bookman, 7news. also on 7, police in warren arresting a man after making a dangerous discovery of mover than 100 guns and hundreds of
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according to investigators, and now this guy is facing serious weapons charges. 7's john coco is live in warren with more. police showed us some of the weapons they had in this home, taking up two rooms here in the station. hundreds of guns... >> there were handguns >> reporter: and plenty of ammo. >> thousands of rounds of ammunition, several thousand rounds, according to the report. >> reporter: warren police say daniel paristari had an arsenal of weapons at his home here on reid street. court paperwork says he was making threatening comments against police. a firearms record check discovered the 44-year-old had 103 guns registered to him. but he didn't have a license to carry after a d.u.i. conviction and he never turned in the weapons as ordered. >> they're making a big huge thing out of nothing. >> reporter: court papers also say parastari has a history of arrests and making threats, and
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>> he's a veteran. he's a good kid. firearms collector. >> stie just have these guns because he's a dangerous nut. that's what they made him look like. >> many are antique. >> for each of the guns warren police had to inventory and catalog the weapons. on wednesday a judge ordered parastar i'll be held without bail, much to the disappointment of his family, that wanted him home for the holidays. >> there's nothing dangerous about dan. they could have had him come home. >> and he will be back in court on tuesday. live in warren, john coco, 7news. we're following more news today. a come accused of potentially driving her car into a crowd of people on the las vegas strip appearing in court today. the 24-year-old is facing several charges including murder and child abuse. prosecutors say la keisha
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car sound when she's accused of barreling through the crisis on the sidewalk. one person was killed and dozens more hurt. holloway did not enter a plea but prosecution says the evidence shows she meant to cause that crash. >> this was a right turn into a group of people and then a car that proceeded for hundreds of yards along a sidewalk running people over. >> she's distraught. this is tragic for everybody involved. >> holloway is due back in court in january and her 3-year-old is now in state custody. turning now to the race for the white house in the war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton is heating up. at the same time, republican candidate ted cruz with strong words for the washington post after the paper included a cartoon depicting his daughters. nbc's edward lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: senator ted cruz blast the washington post for what he calls a tasteless attack. the newspaper ran an editorial cartoon showing cruz as an organ
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daughters as monkeys. >> folks want to attack me, knock yourself out. i signed up for that, that's fine. >> reporter: the washington editor says he usually looks at all the cartoons but didn't look at this one. he added in a stairntle it's generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it. but the cartoonist didn't back down, tweeting, ted cruz has put his children in a political ad. don't start screaming when the editorial cartoonists draw them as well. cruz says the washington post did the right thing, pulling the cartoon off its webpage. >> it's not complicated, don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl. >> reporter: it's an unwritten rule not to go after the children of candidates, but g.o.p. strategists say the 2016 race to the white house has no playbook. >> when the dust settles out of this presidential race, i think the rules of presidential
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clinton can calls trump's tone hateful. >> his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. and he has to keep sort of upping the stakes. >> reporter: despite all of the back and forth, a new cnn poll shows trump's numbers keep climbing. >> it seems someone says or does something every single day. historically this week slows down for campaigns because of christmas, not this year. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. people in las vegas put their eye to the sky catching a glimpse of a mysterious streaking light last night. the flash described as a california. it turns out it was the remains of a russian rocket that broke up midair. but people had their own theories when they first saw it. >> my immediate thought was, oh my god, is this a ufo. >> these days people want to find a conspiracy in everything when in fact the universe itself is pretty much a marvel.
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this aren't uncommon and they happen every day around the world. >> much more to come here on 7news at 4:00. governor baker one year later. 7's political editor andy hiller one on one with the governor talking about the past year and what's in the future. >> then holiday tradition takes a turn for the worst. a little girl calls 911 because of an elf on a shelf emergency. then at 4:30, let there be light. a family reunited with its christmas decorations after a of heart. and on 7news at 5:00, she good person. a lunch lady let go for feeding a hungry student. that's all coming up right here
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>> the fort has dealt with the department of children and families while trying to get them back on track after a disastrous winner. the governor reflects on his first year in office and at what might ahead. here is andy with his hiller instinct. >> hello, governor. >> you better go easy on me. >> has it really been a year?
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>> reporter: charlie baker was sworn in in january. within months he was being called the most popular politician in america. which was quite a turn around for a candidate who had run a competent, buts charismatically challenged campaign. >> you always wanted to get into manage. >> you had to convince people you would be a good manager so that they would overlook certain -- >> character flays? shortcomings. okay. i'm clearly better, and i would agree with that, and i'm more comfortable in the role of manager records he knows he'll never be donald trump and doesn't want to be. >> i'm boring. i'm okay with that. i think too much passes for political discourse these days is just distractions and not productive. it might be interesting and it might be clever but it doesn't really get us anywhere. >> reporter: unexpected three, the t has become his signature issue.
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snow-covered mbta train stuck on the top of this state house. >> when you came in here, you were saying i'm not even the t. the t's not me. now -- >> by, by the way, happened to be true. >> but now you are the t. >> now i'm the t. yeah, that's true. >> reporter: to be fair, there's been more than the t. >> we made tunnel progress. we have a long way to go. we made a ton of progress on the fiscal stuff, earned income tax credits which gave families a big tax benefit when they filed their tax returns. i think we're doing fine. >> reporter: but it always comes >> what have you accomplished that a democratic governor wouldn't? >> getting the mbta reforms passed, which are really there. >> and then there was the runaway red line train.
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know, sort of omg followed by i hope nobody gets hurt and thankfully no one did. >> look at charlie baker's bigger. if it runs, so will he. and please note, there's also a t in re-election. i'm andy hiller, and that's my instinct. >> coming up, a puppy mill dog on the verge of death. now nelson the dog with a new outlook on life and a few new friends. >> tracking rain headed this way overnight tonight and record warmth for christmas eve. bah humbug. >> that and a christmas controversy. families staying at a local hotel told they had to take down their trees. and ahead at 5:00, crews rushing to the rescue in boston after two men fall into cold water. >> it is the season of giving and one man in newburyport wanted to give a little bit more.
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nelson the puppy is homeward bound. a saugus couple adopting the pug mix and the doctors saved the pup with the emergency surgery when he arrived from a missouri puppy mill. thousands of people asked about adopting nelson. well, he will be in good company. he has a new furry adopted brother there who also got attention when angel doctors saved him from a rare flesh-eating bacteria two years ago. it's been tough for that family. >> and i was gonna say they can understand each other's puppy struggles, though. >> they could have a puppy support therapy group. >> there you go. >> jr can moderate. >> exactly, yes. puppy love. rainy night shaping up. we do have rain headed this way, it's on the doorstep right now leading to record warmth for christmas eve. temperatures heading into the the upper 60s but look at this. colder weather next week.
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there's a snowflake. you'll see that in just a second. all right, so we do have rain again right on the doorstep of metro boston, moving up through the metro over the next couple of hours, and we'll have a rainy evening shaping up. in fact, if you are leaving it new england, holiday travel this, is where the rain is coming from, basically the 95 corridor, rain all the way down through the mid atlantic states. this moves up across southern new england this evening, overnight tonight. i think we could move it out of here early tomorrow morning, but here is your storm timeline. you notice a lot of greens and yellows, even a couple of reds. i would not be surprised they have a rumble or two of thunder. this will not be severe weather but an active weather system, born in the gulf of mexico last evening, loaded up on moisture. more in what we saw with yesterday's system, i think more towns when it's all said and done, about 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning, probably 3/4 to as much as an inch of rain. here you go. this is what we're thinking. this is one of our computer models and they do a pretty good job.
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to an inch of beneficial rain with a lot of that happening after 11:00 tonight, up until 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow evening. so if you have to head out to the malls to do some shopping or holiday party, nothing overwhelming or significant. 40s and 50s at this time and then you move south of new england and the air does warm up. new york city at 66... and that warmer punch of air is in new england for tomorrow. still a lot of clouds out there for tomorrow. there could be a couple of sprinkles early in the day and again in the afternoon but nothing like we're dealing with right now. the big thing about tomorrow is just how warm it will be and even some humidity, as well. teps tomorrow, boston around 69. billerica at 70. fitchburg at 68, down through the southshore and buzzard's bay, temperatures upper 50s to the upper 60s. keep in mind, too, this is just whacky. the normal high is 39. and so tomorrow afternoon the numbers in the upper 60s. the record should get shattered and probably tomorrow morning it will be warm overnight tonight. city of boston, you wake up
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be in the upper 50s and quickly through the 60s tomorrow morning. there's your record right through but i think we'll get to 69. worcester, you'll smash that. your record is 57. you should easily reach the mid-60s tomorrow. traveling tomorrow, again, a couple of sprinkles, isolated showers, mid atlantic states but otherwise tonight's rain is out of here and mild all over the northeast. 50s, 60s, 70s as you head to the southeast and thunderstorms in carolina as well as portions of florida. and scattered showers on the west coast. here comes the colder weather next week and actually i think we'll have a storm coming at us tuesday that will likely -- prepare yourself -- start as some snow and then go over to rain by tuesday afternoon. see you at 4:30. time now for 7's fast track traffic. here's joe stapleton with a check of the roads. >> we'll start here on route 93 northbound, doubt boston headed
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a lot of brake lights on the right-hand side, that's northbound. and heading southbound moving along quite nicely. the headlights down towards the o'neill tunnel not too badly. up the ramp rolling out back towards the area of copley square. delays certainly north of the city. route 93 and 128 where they join together and on 128 northbound now from the burlington section right now through woburn. watch out to tied-up traffic there. pike westbound, a lot of headlights here. this is out by exit 17, the newton watertown off-ramp, ride right now leaving downtown boston up to 128 and into natick. had an earlier crash up in saugus right near the mall on route 1 northbound, a tough spot. right now we have delays still on route 1 getting by the lilg feld parkway. joe stapleton, 7news. in new jersey, a 7-year-old girl dials 911 and she is in a panic. she was afraid she was going to get in trouble with santa after touching her elf on the shelf.
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home, helping the girl learn an important lesson. >> that would go this way ... >> reporter: izzy points to the two elves safely tucked in these stockings in her living room. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: somehow one of the elves on the shelf ended up on the floor while mom was sleeping. izzy, making a desperate a call to 911. >> hello? >> hi. isabella. why are you calling ?ins. >> reporter: then suddenly izzy panicked. >> don't go to my house, don't go? her elf was in trouble. >> you could just say you made a mistake, okay? >> she says she was throwing the ball and accidentally hit her elf but police came to the door worried that she was in real trouble. her mom woke up to see her daughter trying to shoot the elf away. >> i didn't want to get in
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>> the officer radioed headquarters. >> she apologized and won't call 911 again. >> reporter: police with their own christmas cheer were understanding. >> s it was her emergency. in her mind she did right and it was fine us with. >> reporter: and izzy learned her lesson with santa. >> he knows i'm not gonna do that again. >> izzy's mom says she now knows what a true emergency is. >> well, that was an emergency. >> she didn't want to ruin christmas. she was scared. >> we have jasper at our house. and he hasn't moved in a few days. and parents who have elfs know all about what that is. all right, much more still ahead in our next half-hour of 7news. local ebenezer scrooge with a change of heart when he sees himself on tv stealing the family's holiday decorations. and downhill drama, a skier almost wiped out by a drone in the middle of a race. and just ahead at 5:00, a
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feeding a hungry student.
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a real life grinch caught on camera. the thieves seen stealing the decorations has a change of art and the michigan spirit is back in full swing this afternoon. >> the decorations returned to their rightful owners after an unusual twist in this case. chris anderson live in lindh with the story. you're the perfect guy with this because i know you have a lawn full of decorations yourself. >> so i can appreciate the disheartening moments when the woman had her property stolen. one of the twists involved a trip here to the lindh police station whose stecky finger antics were caught on camera. >> reporter: 'twas about a week before christmas and outside this house, there was something >> the next day when i saw some of the lights were on and my
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