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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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61, 1996 the os record for worcester was 57. only three times since record keeping began has boston recorded a temperature over 60 degrees or at 60 for christmas. the most recent of those years, not so recept 1964, puts it all into perspective for us when we look at the nomal high of just 39 degrees, we're 30 degrees above that today. sitting in the mid 60s in most spots. 62 worcester and new bedford at 62 and look at the dew points. with dew points the closer the dew point temperature is to the actual temperature, the air is almost sash raitted. we're going to see some fog forming tonight. it also is a touch muggy out there if you are headed to maybe a christmas eve party. areas of fog, dense fog advisory issued for along the soft coast. once again tomorrow, not feeling at all like christmas. but this will be good if you need to take the new bike out for a spin and see how it goes after it is under the tree tomorrow morning.
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the cold is not gone forever. in fact we do have to talk about maybe a significant winter event with snow involved next week. more details in a few minutes ages we're going to take you back to this breaking news coming to us ought of shirley. -- out of shirley. >> anchor: tim caputo just got to the scene. he joins us live with the latest on the phone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you the prison has been put on lockdown and will remain on lockdown for the remainder of the evening. we're at the entrance to the long road that goes to the jail about a mile down from where we are. you can see several police officers state police and corrections officers has set up a road block at the beginning of the scene as they investigate the possibility of shots fired near m.c.i.shirley. a couple of hours ago the call came in. state police came down here to investigate. the potential of shots fired. they're trying to figure out
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the prison on lockdown. they did have visiting showers, christmas eve visiting hours from 6:00 to 8:00. a young woman came by with the intention of seeing her brother who is incarcerated. the police here blocking the roads told her that the prison will be on hurricanedown for the remainder of the evening because of the potential of shots fired. state police only saying they're investigating, not releasing much more. we spoke to a neighbor who said if somebody were to get out of the prison they're notified because they live so close. there has been no notification of that. so only looking into the potential of shots fired. we'll stay on top of this and keep in touch with state police to find out more. tim caputo, 7 news. >> anchor: on just one station now, thieves stealing christmas away from a single mother and her five children in dorchester. she says she got gifts for her kids from a local nonprofit but someone must seen her with the gifts because when she came home
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nicole oliverio spoke to the family with their nightmare before christmas. >> reporter: colleen's children are grateful no matter what they have but this mom wants to give her children a wonderful christmas but she ask afraid that won't happen. >> reporter: on tuesday she went to hide her gifts. >> i had a weird feeling, something wasn't right. there was a bad aura. >> reporter: the closet ransacked. all the toys were gone. >> i was thinking they're going to appear. this is my children's christmas. >> reporter: her back door and window were open. someone broke in and stole everyone she had. >> somebody must been watching me come in with gifts. i don't know how people can be so cruel. >> reporter: to make things even more difficult for the family for safety reasons they were' forced to move on christmas eve. >> we don't even have a tree. i had to buy lights to just
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have an area when they wake up. >> reporter: she doesn't spot. her kids ages 16, 9, 5 and 3-year-old twins want to be together and that something that can't be taken away. >> there is nothing you can do about it. here. i do everything for my kids. >> reporter: with hours rest before santa arrives colleen is going to take what little money and time and try to make this the best christmas possible for her family and looking forward to a better 2016. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: despite getting the city's seal of approval to reopen the cleveland circle chipotle is closed. it was shut down after dozens of students got sick from the norovirus, no word customers say it doesn't
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>> i'm not going to take the chance. i don't want to be sick. hospital. wait in the waiting room and ruin an entire day. >> anchor: a spokesperson for the restaurant says it won't reopen until the water leak is fixed. >> anchor: following more news. an alarming attack in downtown boston. a man was attacked near the park plaza hotel. according to e.m.s.the victim was slashed in the throat and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. morning. right now police are searching for two men. a dangerous drive in derry, new hampshire, when a truck crashes in a house. see the damage in the pictures. the derry fire department says the truck hit a fence before travelling down an embankment and crashing into the house and attached deck. a woman who was driving was charged with drunk driving age the new development in the trial of aaron hernandez. his trial is postponed. in new start date has been determined. the defense and prosecution
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delay the trial. hernandez is accused of killing two people in boston's south end in 2012. he is serving life in prison for murdering odin lloyd. >> anchor: patriots getting a great gift from the coach. no practice on christmas day. >> reporter: players were gearing up for a crucial matchup with the jets. >> reporter: forget geese are laying and maids are milking, the only thing the patriots want is a win over their arch rival. if they can beat the jets their days will be merry and bright. tom brady enjoying the weather in foxboro, things will be just as hot in the meadowlands because the jets and their defense can turn quarterbacks. a fact brady knows all too well.
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that has been, you know, a offense. it has always been a big challenge but they have really good players, they have a good coach this year, been well coached this year. there is a lot of scheme things they do that are challenging to prepare for. tough, it's tough. but we're grinding through it trying to get on the same page and i'm sure we'll feel pretty good about the game plan once we get to the game. >> reporter: this is a desperately. began green is still on the picture looking in. live in the news room alex corddry, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news turning to shoppers going down to the wire. trying to pick up last-minute gifts or find a holiday. kimberly bookman is live for us in braintree where the mall closed. rush? busy here. i can tell you that much. you can see the packed
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navigate their -- everyone out. everyone leaves with one or two really big bags but it wasn't as busy as black friday. it must be a gem because the line for jewelry at pandora in the south shore plaza store. >> people we love. we way. been in line for an hour now. remit maybe that is because it's a popular place or maybe it's because it's just hours until christmas eve. >> they didn't have it a day for me so i waited to last minute. >> reporter: there is many excuses why poem are. showing right up to -- people are shopping right up to the stores close. >> today is the only day off i had. >> reporter: they're here and buying a lot. many grabbing what is being called the gift of the season, the hover board. >> my brother has been asking for it for a long time now. >> reporter: while stores
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scenes of the holiday the warm weather doesn't make it feel like december 24. most are shopping in light clothes without jackets. >> it's not as christmassy as usual. >> reporter: unless you are here to see santa like these two parents who say their best gift will be the pictures of this memory. >> santa's beard he pulled on but i think he was excited. yeah. yes. first christmas. >> reporter: we're told that the most popular gift this season are anything technical, anything that plugs in, for the best sales that were offered today, he understand that is for winter weather gear which is interesting when it's 70 outside. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up coming through on christmas eve. how chelsea firefighters worked to deliver a merry
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>> anchor: a local teen gets a surprise from santa with a little help from the chelsea fire department. firefighters had been collecting handing out gifts. >> anchor: they heard about the 16-year-old of boy in the care of d.c.f.and the in less than a day firefighters came through in a big way. jennifer eagan is live with the story. >> reporter: the deputy fire chief heard about this teenager. he figured he would do the best he could on short
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firefighters would help out. they certainly did. (sirens gentlemen,. >> reporter: in between calls on christmas eve, firefighters at chelsea's central fire station had another important task to complete. >> no one should wake up christmas morning and not have anything to open up. >> reporter: they collect toysive christmas for children in need but they got a call from the department of children and families, a first for the fir station. >> young man wasn't going to have, there was, he would have no gifts this christmas. >> reporter: the gifts are for a 16-year-old boy from chelsea. hi is in the -- he is in the care of d.c.f.. >> i give the i'm sure they have present of the cases and they cared enough to reach out on tuesday. getting close to christmas. >> reporter: it sure did work out for this young man. in a day the firefighters bought and wrapped a car full of presents for the boy.
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sizes and they say he needed else. community. especially for firefighters to give back to community so it's a great feeling. >> reporter: they didn't mean the teen but they hope they're making his christmas very special. >> he couldn't thank us enough. the gentleman from d.c.f.said you are going to make their christmas and i think they're making ours. >> reporter: the firefighters also collected money, $300 that is going to the boy's caretaker. jennifer eagon, 7 news. >> anchor: sweet of them to do that. >> anchor: jen wasn't wearing a jacket outside because it's warm out there. >> ugly christmas sweater like one of the cutoff once, you may get superawkward. mild temperatures all night long into tomorrow but winter is on the way next week. the forecast is next. >> we can only hope. next in 7 sports it's parts
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>> anchor: the song that goes "it's beginning to look a lot like christmas."
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beach or bri you were' mentions about cooking out. >> grilling, that's what i told my husband to do tonight for christmas dinner. fire up the grill, why not? 69 is the high for boston, why not. 70 beverly and norwood looking more like easter. even the 4th of july it was 72 for the 4th of july this year. so these temperatures are very bizarre. they were' record setters across the board. we're holding down the spot. we'll go down in the record books as the warmest december on record. how have other warm decembers fared? the top three have seen a seasonal snow total in the teens. so just food for thought. all hope is not loft because if you remember last year 59 degrees was our high on christmas. normal high is 39. that puts into perspective and we know what happened as we made it into the end of january and february. england. winter still on tap for us. i do believe. current temperatures mid
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boston, 62, worcester and those dew points are still up quite a bit as well. i mentioned before closer the dew points are to the air temperature this air could be sash raitted. we're seeing some fog coast. well. it's where we see the light winds where we will be most likely to get the fog forming. partly cloudy sky, if you are in appear area that doesn't get fog you will be able to see the beautiful full moon. fog already forming for cape cod and also for the islands. visibility is very much reduced on none tuck. dense fog advisory in effect through tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. the full moon full christmas moon is full at 6:11. this hasn't happened until 1977. won't happen again until 2034 so rudolf's notes may not be necessary as santa arrives directly from bermuda wearing his shorts and flip-flops, mild temperature, 46-56.
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day on tap for us. but probably not record breakers. looking at upper 50s for most. mid 50s worcester. even low 60s popping up in southeast massachusetts. precip. changes we wait until sunday for our best chances. overnight saturday into sunday to get more rain working in here. so running through the timeline clouds with us all weekend. colder temperatures for saturday and the rain arrives saturday night into sunday. this is going to pump through a cold front after it and boy, do the temperatures plummet. 59 for sunday. all the wait down to the mid 30s for highs on monday which lead us to the potential for snow as we get into tuesday. this could be plowable snow. we're nailing down details. while we broke this record for the latest for snowfall for worcester probably not going to happen for boston, it's looking like a bit of a mess on tuesday. we'll keep an eye on it and
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have a great evening. >> reporter: bill check probably has more in common with the grinch than he does with jolie old st. nick but he let the players have christmas off. santaville must like what he is seeing or he is rewarding his guys for a job well done. whatever the case belichick is far from satisfied. with all the pats injuries issues which means his quarterback needs to be on his toes with an every changing supporting cast. >> everyday coach announces new players on the team so it's just something that we've gotten used to and whoever comes and goes, you know, you, you maybe you will see the guys again. but you always try to welcome the guys, try to get them up to speed because you never know. the guys can help you win. we've guys playing here that weren't here a month ago
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that is the way it is. every player is looking for -- you know what your team is all about and if there is players like that that are available that can help your team you try to have them. >> reporter: holidays are all about spending quality time with those who know you best. right. but that is probably doesn't apply to the patriots and jets. neff any love loft and fewer secrets which means we're probably in for another nail biter this sunday. >> divisions, twice a year. watching them whatever you can because you know you play them twice. they are a little better than other teams. we know them a little better so it makes it always a close game. >> every year the jets play us tough. definitely high energy game. going to be a bunch of energy in the stadium so we @ave to have a good job, go out there, match the energy
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whoa! >> where did that come from? >> reporter: you are never going to confuse him for carter but don't say kelly can't throw down. he provided the big slam that was the highlight of last night's win over the horn nets. c.'s are a game and a half behind raptors in the atlantic division. who want want to spend their holiday in hawaii. the harvard basketball team enjoying their time at the diamond head classic advancing to the time after blowing the doors off of auburn and they'll take on oklahoma in tomorrow night's title game. the nationals sneaking in a little last-minute shopping reportedly signing daniel
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>> anchor: thank you for thompson. >> i'm elizabeth norieka, have a wonderful christmas eve. we hope to see you later. have a good one. real time closed captioning
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