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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 25, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> a family's holiday ruined after a christmas caper steals some present. now the community steps up to help. gunshot puts a state prison into lockdown. officials want to know who pulled the trigger of that caused scare. reports of baby tossed into a river brings crews out for a massive search. now police have made arrests because they said the whole thing was made up. >> 9:00 on this christmas morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm nancy chin. >> i'm sarah french. happy friday as well. the holiday may be here.
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let's send it over to chris lambert with more on your warm christmas forecast. >> nothing said merry christmas like 70-degree weather. not quite there this afternoon. a mild start to the day. 53 in boston. upper 40s in a lot of suburbs. locally dense fog overnight. visibility improving the last couple of hours. we don't deal with that through the rest of the day. look at this coming up in. stunning sunrise in salem. gorgeous looking sky in the area that didn't have the fog did have a nice sunrise filters by mid to high-level clouds. it will continue to be the case throughout the day. not quite record breaking. still ten degrees bo the average. we're going to track rain in here tomorrow night. scattered showers monday. the big story next week will be
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even say a return finally showing up on 7-day forecast and along with it some snow and ice messy mix ahead of us on tuesday. we'll talk more on that coming up. breaking news. more than 300 homes are without power in brockton. this accident is big reason why an suv crashed into a poll earlier this morning. you see the poll appears to be split in a couple of pieces. wires are covering the road there. crews are expected to be on the scene for several hours. just one station presents stolen right from a family's home. >> to make things worse that families forced to move yesterday in what has been a really tough time of year for them. nicole oliverio is live and, nicole, there's some good new to kick off this holiday. many viewer after see thing story said they wanted to help out and make sure those children had a great christmas. this all happening just a few days ago.
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gifts that were donated by the city and then all of the christmas presents were stolen through days before the holiday. >> colleen fritzes children are grateful no matter what may happen an. they stole my died's christmas. she cape back from shopping went to hide the gifts. i had a weird feeling. there was a bad ora. the closet ransacked and the toys gob. i was thinking they will appear like they are on to something. this is my children's her back door and window were open. someone broke in and stole everything. somebody must have been watching me come in with gifts. i don't know how people with be so cruel. >> to make things more difficult for the family because they received housing assistance they
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we don'ten have a tree. i had to buy lights to put up so they would have an area so when they wake up. she doesn't know if santa can fill that spot. her ages 16, 9, 5, and 3-year-old twins just want to be together and that something can't be taken away. this is my life right here. i do everything for my kids. if you would like to help this family we put the information on our web site you can go there and click on the link. live in dorchester, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." holiday heist in salem left children without any gift to open. a couple walked into the sex offender registry board and stole $1,000 worth of donated toys. they say the couple told employee they were picking up
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the worker rallied around and donated all new gifts. police are still searching for those suspects. new details now on report of a baby thrown into the merrimack river in haveril. a mother and daughter are charged with misleading police and filing a false police report. they arrested 42 and 23-year-old women last night. they spent more than two hours searching the river after the women told them they saw a man throw a baby over a bridge. after interviewing the women they determined they lied and called off the search. new this morning an accident on 495 overmight. you can see this rv on the side of road. the vehicle ended up on northbound side near exit nine. one person was taken to hospital that rv. one lane of 495 was closed for a short time while crews cleared
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also this morning bolton police searching for two suspect after a violent home invasion. they say they received a call after two men went into the victim's camper and robbed the victim at gun point. authorities believe one of the suspects looks like this. anyone with information is asked to call police. right now officials are investigating after reports of gunfire near a state prison in shirley. that prison sent into lockdown. while police looked for any possible tim caputo has the latestment. prison put on lockdown after corrections officers heard a gunshot in the woods nearby. state police were called to shirley a medium security prison to help search for a man seen running away not long after single shot was fired. state police are trying to determine if it was a hunter in the woods. those who live near the prison said around 3:30 they knew something was up. what has it been like sense? >> chaos. helicopters. police looked infrared camera to
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with nothing. they searched with dogs too to shutdown entities. visiting hours were cancelled and drove and hoen hoping to wish brother merry christmas. i wanted to see him before the holidays. we can't now. they no longer searching by state police officers who normally patrol the area will keep an eye out for the man seen running away. neighbors aren't worried about a possible gunman lurking in the wood. >> a little bit of excitement. if there's noise anybody in the woods my dog would tell me. i'm not worried. >> there's also a maximum prompt. actually where aaron hernandez currently resides all the inmates at that prison are also accounted for. in shirley, tim caputo, 7news "today in new england." a woman charged in connection with the guns stolen from an armory in wore coaster waking up at home. a judge allowed 26-year-old to be released under certain
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they include wearing gps monitoring bracelet. they found pictures on her cell phone showing some of the guns stolen last month. we're following more news today today. chipotle is still shutdown. the fast food putting reopening on old because of water leak. they were shutdown weeks ago after dozen got stick from noro virus. some customers say it doesn't matter to them. i take the chance. i don't want to be sick. i don't want to go a hospital wait in the waiting room. and ruin an entire day. a spokesperson for that restaurant said it will not reopen until the water leak is fixed. wild weather in georgia where a part of the state was flooded after hit with heavy rains on christmas eve. people had to be evacuated from their homes and roads were
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the rain is expected to continue throughout the day. a funnel cloud caught on camera in california. came as the national weather service put out a tornado warning for the area. people were urged to get lowest part of the building they were in and also avoid windows. some buildings were damaged no injuries were reported if. >> happening today fed ex working overtime to deliver left over packages. they complained how delivery not fed ed said because of more last-minute shipment than they planned on as well as severe weather in the united states. but the company is still making some deliveries today and they are also opening up some of their express locations for in-store pick up. house. christmas may be here. but the candidates are not campaigning. instead of last-minute shopping some were throwing jabs before
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elizabeth norecca told us they expect a war of words to fire back up in a few days. don't feel guilty about your last-minute christmas shopping. procrastinating. organized. jeb bush browsing board games. i'm like donald trump. i didn't try to have a monopoly of real estate. they focus on own feud with hillary clinton on a not so silent night. i haven't gone after hillary. there's a lot to go after. she's susceptible. the job she has done is horrible. >> trumps attack just getting starting call shub cautioning clinton to be careful. he's under fire now for what they called the lie of the year. after examining his controversial comments and determining three-quarters are not true, that's also not hurting. >> donald trump the only
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how many cycle been able to get away with what he gets away with. the electorate constantly forgives him for the things he says. >> trump making plenty of noise but on christmas quiet on the campaign trail. candidates spending time with families >> happies holidays, happy new year and here's to a great 2016. . >> and in ran paul's state areaing grievances. light hearted swipes and rooils at least most of them. ran paul tweeted i have no grievances again ben carson he writes because i have not heard a word he has said in any debate. 7news "today in new england." while those candidates are taking some time off. the pope led mass calling on christians to let the life of jesus christ inspire their lived. >> the pontiff called on those intoxicated by possessions to return to the essential values
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>> still ahead on "today in new england" qb 12 getting some company. hanging out with the big man. wait until you hear who is behind the beard. a warning before you open gadgets under the true. why they could be in danger of getting getting hacked. we ha sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing and billionaires i'm bernie sanders,
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by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> welcome back. steven tyler staying local for christmas. posting the picture on face book helping people in need this holiday season. tyler and the police chief spent a little bit of time shopping for the food bank. he has a house out there. it's nice to see everyone coming back home from whatever far corners of world they are in. great to be home for christmas.
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and see him out randomly. you have to do a double take. no, no, no. i will leave him alone. you did with miley. she's right in front of me. temperature yesterday something we're not used to on christmas eve. 70 degrees. crushing the old record. we beat the record high. today right now 53 in the city. 55 marchfield. wind very little of it. calm to five miles per hour. not contending with much of a breeze. southwesterly wind is kicking in. satellite and radar composite thin clouds to filter out the
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we have locally dense fog this morning. one off to south and one to north and west with showers. there may be a couple of sprinkles in here this evening. cincinnati. must of that to the south of us overnight tonight. i can't recall out a passing couple of showers. island. more toward the island. maybe a couple of sprinkle model overdone. i wouldn't be surprised to see sprinkles mixed in. partly sunny day today. santa and aloha means good-bye. temperature upper 50s and lower 60s out there. most of the cloudy skies tonight. shower late in the day. for more what's going on across the country >> we did break records yesterday. some saw 70.
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break a record. but we may in worcester where the old record 60 that's where we will be close to in snts our temperatures very similar to southern california and phoenix today who would have thought. upper 20s in denver. cooler and snow falling there as well. if you travel today, tomorrow, monday. you are fine. tuesday, though, that's when we have some changes. something to keep in mind. notice the temperature dropping tomorrow into the upper 40s. it's actually where we should be for this time of year. then we see snowflakes for that. cold air has to settle in before we get snow. monday into monday night that will set the stage for when this area of low pressure brings the moisture from south and west into the cold air. we will get some snow and ice in here. now i do expect it to go over to rain along the coastline. east wind on tuesday.
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we'll hold on to snow and ice the longest. certainly across southern new hampshire and out through 495 for a lot of us. first time we use the plows and shovel for winter. as we get into next week maintaining the cooler pattern through the upcoming week thursday we have chance of rain. that one does look too warm for snow. tuesday highlighting bad day for first mess of the season. take a look that. tom brady getting in on christmas spirit lounging on the sofa with santa. they posted this photo on facebook. we don't know who is dressed up as santa, though. a lot of people think maybe that's rob grownkowski. or maybe it's santa himself. maybe. last night. of course he would visit tom brady before the rest of us. ahead on "today in new england" hopefully santa left a few goodies under your trees. the dangers that come with
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>> selfie firefighter rushing to the rescue to save one by's christmas. how they stepped up to help a teenager none of t [ ] we are a family, brought here through destiny. and we, we grow together. together a new world we'll see. together... a family. we will always be.
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>> if you open some gift and find a hot new gadget you may want to stop before you take it
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they could be hit by hackers there's way you can keep that from happening. >> cybercriminals may be following santa down the chimney this holiday season. smart watches and fitness tracker made the list of most hackable gift. many use blue tooth to sink with downloaded aps. you can jump outside and be aware of everything else that may be on the device. smart phone and tablet are also susceptible. >> often time cybercriminals can impersonate a blue tooth device or connection to gain access to have. >> some tips make sure to turn off blue tooth when not using it. avoid connecting to wifi network and protect your home network. drone and camera enabled devices are another target for hackers >> make sure you maintain all of the materials that came with that particular product. they will outline for you some
9:23 am
devices >> it can be easy to overlook the kid's toys when it comes to cybersecurity. many modern toys are made with high tech feature. any feature connected to the internet could be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and hacks. it's not just child's play. parent should be sure to change the default password and manage setting to restrict when it broadcast to the internet. unwrapping your gadget gifts while keeping your data covered up. >> expert say it's good idea to make sure your security software up-to-date on all of your computers and mobile devices. much more to come on christmas week in showdown for the pats. what they can expect when they head to new york on sunday. hear why detective in the
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tom brady and the patriot's have today off. they were hard at work hitting the practice field. they are gearing up for tough match up renewing the rivalry against the jets this weekend. >> you can expect new york to bring the a game after getting beat by patriot's earlier this season. >> merry christmas. >> tom brady cross every item off his list now he get to play with early christmas trick. >> just what you would expect. professional. takes good care of him civil. hopefully he can add luck to our team. feeling right at home right away is important to brady. >> always welltel the guys. get them up to speed. these guy can help you win.
9:26 am
now that weren't here a month ago that help us win. that's just the way it is. helping win the super bowl title and less than supportive comment concerning deflate gate brady said his opinion of all-pro corner hasn't changed. it's fun to watch him play. he has a unique style. he certainly locks this guy down. brady is going to have his handful this sunday. it hasn't ever really been defense kind of a walk in the park for our offense. it's a big challenge. it's tough. it's tough. we're grinding through it trying to get everyone on the same page. 7news "today in new england." spend time with family.
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together with the families for gift give away. why the mayor's family said this event is so special. >> another mild day. temperature close to 60 degrees this afternoon. we have some snow in the
9:28 am
santa getting some help from some firefighters. how one teen's christmas wish was made possible. detective this christmas. the announcement that could have them cashing in. >> mayor walsh and the menino family teaming up for festive gift give away. welcome back everybody. merry christmas. thanks for joining us. i'm so excited it's christmas. gifts. i mean for other people to open
9:29 am
it's all about other people. yourself. we know where you head is. >> i want my present. >> where is it. it's all about me. give me my present. hope the did have fun opening up the gifts. new bike under the tree. roller blades in you have time to use it outside. no snow on the ground. 49 in norwood and visibility has improved. no travel weather worries today. we have dense fog that has lifted. partial sunshine. temperatures this afternoon close to 60 degrees. quiet across much of southern southern new england. enjoy the day a lot of folk giving me two thumbs-up on this weather here. unbelievable to see it near 70 on christmas eve. we're setting records. winter not denied. only delayed as we get into next week. we have to track some snow in here tuesday. forecast ahead. breaking news more than 3300 home are without brockton.
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this morning. you can see that poll appears to be split in a couple of pieces there and wires are just covering the road. crews are expected to be on the scene for several hours. new details on report of baby thrown into the river. police say it was the hoax. now the eagle tribune say a mother and daughter were arrested charged with misleading police and filing a false police report. they spent more than two hours searching the river after the women told them they saw a man throw a baby over the bridge. now after interviewing the women police determined they lied and called off the search. now a story you will see on one station. present stolen right from one family's home. to make things worse the family was forced to move yesterday. some people are stepping up to help this family. nicole oliverio has the story. colleen's children are grateful no matter what they have.
9:31 am
thing as any parent to give her children a wonderful christmas. but she's afraid that won't happen this year. on tuesday she came back from shopping and went to hide her gifts. >> i had like a weird feeling something wasn't right. there was a bad era. the closet ransacked and all the toys were gone. i was just thinking they will appear like they are under something. she realized her back door and window were open. someone broke in and stole everything. >> somebody must have been watching me come in with gifts. i don't know how people can be so cruel. >> to make things more difficult for the family because they receive housing assistance they were forced to move yesterday for safety concerns. >> we don't even have a tree. i had to buy lights so they would have an area. she doesn't know if santa can fill that spot.
9:32 am
and 3-year-old want to be together and that something that can't be taken away. >> there's nothing you can do about it. this is my here. i do everything for my kids. now if you would like to help this, this family we set up a link on our web site. go to in dorchester, nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." an accident on 495 in raynam you can see the rv on the side of the another. the vehicle had been driving south and crossed the median. before ending up on northbound side near exit nine. according to reports one person taken to the hospital after possibly being thrown from the rv. one lane of 495s closed for short time while crews cleared the scene. >> police continue to search for a person who fired a shot outside a prison in shirley yesterday causing it to go into lockdown. correctional officers say they
9:33 am
wooded area behind the minimum security facility and then saw a man running from that area. all inmate were accounted for in the lockdown was lifted. also on 7 special surprise from santa for teen in need with help from firefighters. those firefighter had just finished collecting and handing out gift when they heard about a boy in care without any presents. in less than a day firefighter came through in a huge way. jennifer eagan has the story. in between calls on christmas eve firefighter in chelsea central fire station had an important task to complete. >> no one should wake up christmas morning and not have anything to open. they collect toy for children in need. but this year they got a call from the department of children and families of first for this fire station. i saw a young man that wasn't going to have he would have no gifts this christmas. they are for 16-year-old boy
9:34 am
he's in the care of dcf. i give the dcf credit. i'm sure you know they have plenty of the cases. they cared enough to reach out tuesday getting close to christmas and it worked out for this young man. >> it sure did. in a day the firefighters bought and wrapped a car full of presents for the boy. >> they gave us idea and sizes and said he needed clothes. >> it's good for the community. especially for the firefighter. they didn't mean the teen. they don't know who he is. they hope they make his christmas very special. he couldn't thank us enough the gentleman from dcf. he said you will make their christmas. i think in small way they make ours >> jennifer eagon, # 7news "today in new england." pedestrian recovering after hit by a vehicle on thursday. sky 7 hd over the scene in same
9:35 am
hospital. she has two broken arm and cut on her head. the driver will not be charged. judge has granted a most to postpone aaron hernandez upcoming double murder trial. both the defense and prosecution asked the judge to delay the child. he is currently serving life in prison for murdering oden lloyd in both side will be back in court next month to figure out a new start date. new this morning independent arbitrator has ordered the city of worst to give police detectives a 28% raise over 6 years. according to globe the detective will receive retroactive increase. they cost 23 million. mayor hasn't said whether he plans to appeal. the award will go before the city council. the deadline to get refund if you use sprint or verizon. you have until december 31st to
9:36 am
the two carrier allowed third party company to charge customers for extra for premium text messages without prior consent. that refund applies to people who paid for unauthorized text since july of 2010. >> your 7 healthcast despite warm weather it's flu seasonment. they expect flu season to pick up in the next few weeks. flu season tends to peek in february. it's important to get the vaccine as soon as possible. almost everyone older than 6 months old is advised to get a flu shot. cardinal shawn o'malley will share lunch more than 350 homeless people in boston. the arch bishop of boston will hold a special prayer service at st. francis house. yes he served lunch and he talked about the importance of remembering the less fortunate during the holiday season. >> we live at world when
9:37 am
and partying. realistically there's so many refugee in the world. the most number since world war ii in our own country we is so many people that even some who are working who cannot afford a place to live. governor charlie baker was among more 150 volunteer who helped out yesterday. >> it's a special christmas eve for mayor walsh and the menino family. the two side come together for christmas celebration in dorchester. they join catholic charity at saint peters team center for a festive gift give away. >> inside the saint peters team center in dorchester, gifts for hundreds of kids this christmas. i have nine grandchildren.
9:38 am
this year? that may be a tall order. there were plenty of other treat donated and handed out with catholic charities and menino. they carried on tradition of give thing holiday that their father began. he lowed it up. he thought this was the best place in the city. we made kid smile. if utsz night a white christmas it's a bright christmas. >> there were bright smile on many faces and hopefully this morning too. they give him the personal gifts. mayor then no said father favorite event. the gift are donated by loc pairishing. hopefully they continue this for years to come. still ahead if you didn't get the gift you were hoping for this holiday season.
9:39 am
headed for the return line tomorrow. why more gifts are expected to be returned this year. >> third grader get a lesson in giving. trading in their christmas party to help those in need. mother nature giving record warmth yesterday. close today. how long the mild weather will
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santa heading back to north pole. even though busy delivering the gift last night we're hearing he night. so have we between all the newsroom. between the cookies and milk left out he ate 1.1 billion calories. calories shouldn't count. >> i bet he like waits all year and then just splurges on christmas eve. >> that how many calorie by the way 563,000 adult eat every day. it will take santa 203 years of swimming laps, 235 years of resistance training or a century of running to burn off those calories. i can't imagine santa doing resistance training. he doesn't want to. he has to keep warm. the holiday aren't over. shopper are planning their gift returns.
9:43 am
express 8% plan to hit the stores tomorrow to return or exchange gift they received expert say an increase in online shopping is to blame because most shopper place order without seeing the product. among the most returned gift the clothing and video games. >> do you find yourself returning gift often? >> no. i don't think so. what i do my mother and continue doing with family members. i take them to the mall. we try on the stuff and make sure we like it. we get some surprise things. when it comes to clothing that's the best way to do it. it's so hard to shop for people. i think medium.
9:44 am
it's better to go one size too smile. billion calorie and. 47 bedford. hopefully you don't have to return gifts for the next couple of day. visibility improved significantly. we have locally dense fog this morning. that now no longer an issue. the numbers in upper 40s and lower 50s. forecast model going flew the day into tomorrow. there may be couple of sprinkles this evening. that should be about it. tomorrow starting off dry. much of the day dry until we get to sunset. tomorrow evening good opportunity for showers to work through. i expect that to be case through sunday morning. then sunday during the day scattered showers around we'll get the dry stretches in there sunday. monday. featuring dry weather but colder
9:45 am
we're 57 to 63 today. tonight in the 30s to 40s. for more on that over to danielle. >> merry christmas. it's hard to believe yesterday we saw 70s. today low 60s. our records 65. i don't think we'll get there. we may in worcester. snow in part of the country we're not seaing the snow yet if you travel around boston you are fine tomorrow. you are find. tuesday that, that will change. if you stay the weekend hen h heading out next week. we have changes on the way. that mean temperature dropping to the 30s on monday then we could start to see some snow for more on that, chris, back to you. kiddos have off on school tuesday. we will watch what's going on with the storm system. tuesday morning's commute could
9:46 am
we will have an area of low pressure approaching from south and west pushing in moisture to cold air. that will be in place fresh area of high pressure building in from canada on monday into monday night. it certainly looks like we will have a burst of snow tuesday morning perhaps the predawn area tuesday. along the coastline changeover to rain thanks to east wind kick in on in. for a lot of us the first time they have to get out there. really focusing on tuesday to watch in terms of snow and ice . >> thanks, chris. many of us are celebrating the holiday a group of third grader are taking the time to give back instead of celebrating the last day of schools the kids are passing on their party. instead they devoted their day to helping those in need. here's elizabeth norecca. >> i just want to give them as much as i can. or as much as we can to them so they can be happy. >> last day before christmas for
9:47 am
to skip their holiday party and make the holiday brighter for those in need. >> other people that came in here they don't have homes. we try to help them out. get them some stuff. especially toilet paper >> they have been collecting item to create gift baskets that were dropped off at homeward bound. >> teacher bretta said giving back to the community helps them understand they can make a difference in someone's life. >> this helps them see really how they can make a change in the grand valley or with the people less fortunate. >> the decision was left to class after the goodness of their heart. you want people in the community to be more safe and comfortable. thinking about the people that don't have anything and it just kind of makes me feel bad. i just like to give back.
9:48 am
it's better to give than to receive. >> i'm glad we didn't do the christmas party. i'm just really happy that they get what they get. >> elizabeth norecca. 7news "today in new england." this third year third great student have participated in the donation and in addition to basket each student also wrote a family card for christmas. it's nice today. for so many of us it's like what do you get for christmas. what is santa bringing you. it's nice for them to learn from early age to give back. it's a good listen. be day patriot's getting a great gift. no practice today.
9:49 am
[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft.
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it's a merry christmas four the patriot's as bill belichick gave the team the day off. they deserve it. the guy have been working overtime getting ready for the jet trying to get some of their new roster additions up to speed. we have guys out there playing that weren't here a month ago. every time looking for good players. they look for certain player. at this point here you know what your team is about. and if there's player like that are available that can help your team you try them. tom brady and the pats get red hot game green. they on four-game win streak. the same goes for the pats as they look for the win. gronc and the pat also be ready. throughout the whole year. they've had a very big difference. they very competitive. very tough.
9:51 am
and mentally prepared. they are solid unit. we have to be prepared. that's a look at 7 sports. have a great day. and merry christmas. coming up next in "the buzz." he's been jetting all over the buzz. >> the one special stop they wanted to make when the cast of the force awakens landed in new s. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she' ll require around-the-clock care. i worry about what the next step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my story... because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work so that i can continue to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us. i'
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and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? in the was bad news for janet jackson fans. the singer has hat to put her world tour on hold so she can have surgery. until the spring. rescheduled. she was supposed to be in boston at the end of february. >> "star wars" star skipped
9:54 am
awaken to spend time with sick children at a british hospital. the actor who plays luke skywalker posted this picture of young boy listening to his heart with a toy stethoscope. he told a newspaper the movie important but trivial in comparison. taylor swift posted this picture in elfonsi know it's hard not to break into song. i feel like you would show up with jimmy falon. partly sunny skies. temperature upper 50s and lower 60s this afternoon. take a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. the rain over the weekend will be tomorrow night. going to have couple of scattered showers sunday. next week focus on colder air moving in. snow and ice tuesday.
9:55 am
coastline. for a lot of us first plowable snow of the season. that's it for us this morning. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm sarah french. have a great day. and a very merry christmas. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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