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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. triple threat. tens of millions in the path of a dangerous mix of snow and ice today after a weekend of deadly tornadoes in texas and oklahoma. everywhere. >> whiteout conditions and drifts up to ten feet high possible. highways already shut down. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed coast to coast, and we have it all covered. breaking overnight, a major setback for isis. the terror group driven out of a key city in iraq as their reclusive leader resurfaces with a rare message threatening the west and urging more attacks. fighting back. nfl star quarterback peyton
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linked him to performance enhancing drugs. >> it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage. >> this morning manning's possible plans to sue over the controversial report. and hoverboards and hospitals. >> no, no. >> oh. >> the holiday's hottest gift leading to numerous injuries across the country and social media is lighting up slips and spills today, monday, december 28th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie alongside carson daley who is in for matt and off the markets. >> sorry, ladies. good hot day weekend for me. i got married. >> not such a ho-hum holiday for
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>> there's the beautiful bride. we're so excited. >> i did. i wanted a hoverboard and i got a wife. our families were visiting and we surprised our moms and our parents and had a very small ceremony church and a little dinner with some friends after and it was just wonderful. >> absolutely beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> and the kids look great and i know it was an awesome experience. >> the kids were older and knew what was going on. a really, really special night and happy belated birthday to you. >> thank you very much. congratulations. >> look at that. >> there we go. >> it wasn't as exciting as getting married. >> close. 44. >> carson, to our top story, the powerful storm system moving across the country producing tornadoes, blizzards and flooding along the way and having a big impact on holiday travelers. we'll goat that and al's forecast in a moment as well but first let's go right to nbc's gabe gutierrez in texas. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the temperature dropped here
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weekend. the official death toll from the texas tornadoes now stands at 11 and hundreds of homes like these are destroyed, and across the country the dangerous conditions are far from over. this morning weather whiplash from tornadoes to floods to blizzards, devastating the southwest and midwest. >> i don't know what else to say, i'm sorry. >> reporter: at least nine confirmed tornadoes touching down in texas, destruction spanning nearly 40 miles near dallas. >> there's houses torn up everywhere. >> reporter: an ef-4 twister tore through garland with howling winds of up to 200 miles per hour. among the dead, a three-day-old infant killed when a tornado swept through this home. >> please, baby, be okay, baby, and i was holding her little fing sneers texas' governor declaring four counties disaster areas as thousands are still without power. overnight this family salvaging
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event in my life. >> reporter: further north, flash floods turned deadly. five people killed in illinois, another eight dead in missouri. and today new mexico sunday a state of emergency. the massive storm system has already dumped two feet of snow in parts of the state. wind gusts of up to 82 miles per hour. the treacherous driving conditions extending all the way handles. >> people need to slow down. the roads are slick. >> reporter: these tourists from miami visiting amarillo are on ice. >> trying to put the chains on the tire. for the first time in my life. >> reporter: as others in the same stayed struggle through the deadliest december for tornadoes on record. >> this is absolutely unreal. >> reporter: since wednesday there have been 29 tornado-related deaths across five states. before that there had been just ten all year.
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assessment crews will be out in force as residents struggle to clean up. >> all right, gabe. thank you very much. let's bring in mr. roker who is tracking it all for us now. >> it's really bald out there, and it will continue at least the next 24 hours. missouri. please, if you see how water, turn around. it's rough. don't drown. severe weather. tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings from memphis to new orleans, snow back behind t.8 million people at risk for damaging weather, damaging winds and risk of isolated tornadoes continues again today as the front moves through tonight and tomorrow. severe storms possible through the south, and flooding rain as that front moves in. look at rainfall amounts, upwards of 3 to 5 inches as you get from alabama all the way into parts of northern georgia, and then the cold side of this storm. 33 million people in the path of wintry weather. chicago, detroit, oklahoma city, kansas city and boston all possible as this system lift up
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wintry mix, low pressure, snow developing heavy at times and reducing visibility. look at some of the snowfall we're talking. upwards of a foot or more through iowa on into wisconsin and parts of southern minnesota, and this is what i'm really concerned about ice, power outages, dangerous travel, guys, from kirksville, chicago, detroit on into buffalo. we could be looking apt anywhere from half an inch to an inch of ice. it only takes a tenth of an inch of ice to lose traction so this swath stretches all the way into new england so we're going to be watching this very carefully. >> scary stuff, al. thanks very much. all the frightful weather is leading to major problems at airports stranding many travelers trying to make it back home after the holiday. nbc's kevin tibbles is at chicago's o'hare international airport. kevin, good morning. >> reporter: hey, carson. well, on the third day after christmas mother nature has given us heavy rains, blowing snow, freezing rain and high winds, and behind me here it's
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faces standing in lineups trying to get through security, hopefully to make their flights. already today, carson, more than 600 flights nationwide have been cancelled. there are thousands of dev lays. interesting enough just last week everyone here in the chicago area was talking about how we hadn't really had any winter yet. people were bemoaning the fact that the temperatures were up in the 60s. well, that as al just said is all about to change. more than 100 million people have traveled more than ever over this holiday season. i think a lot of them are going to be taking a lot longer to get home than they did heading out on their trips to grandma's house. carson. >> kevin tickets at a packed o'hare airport this morning. thank you. another big story breaking overnight. a key victory against isis. the iraqi city of ramadi fully liberated from the terror group's grasp, even as its leader releases a new message. nbc's keir simmons has the latest on all these development. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning.
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losing control of this major iraqi city. there has been confusion this morning with suggestions that some isis fighters remained there, but this morning a u.s. military official has confirmed iraqi army forces have retaken the provincial capital ramadi. as the battle raised the leader of isis put out a defiant message, a rare statement being pored over by analysts, and it may not be what abu bakr al baghdadi says that's really impactful but what he didn't say. it is a blow to isis. its fighters defeated in a key city of ramadi, according to a statement from iraq. iraqi forces have been raiding buildings, hunting the remaining isis jahvidists before making today's television announcement hailing ramadi's liberation from the terrorism of isis. the elusive leader of isis, his last video released in 2014, was
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mind the audio recording. abaghdad el mocking the u.s.-led coalition against isis, taunting saudi arabia and threatening israel. unverified by nbc news, baghdadi's statement says isis will defeat the entire world, a war crime and perhaps a cry for help. isis needs more recruits, baghdadi's statement apparently admits. while a string of isis attacks on the west are not mentioned, raising questions about when it was recorded. this past weekend armed police were on the streets of europe again as austrian authorities warn of another plot. in october it was claimed baghdadi had been wounded. i'm still alive, he declared, while warning his followers many of you will face death. a showdown with the west is coming, baghdadi says, a final apocalypse.
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released by isis main media arm by official channels online and that's why we think it is him savannah. but what is fascinating is does his statement indicate a lack of confidence just as isis loses this major iraqi city? >> a lot going on in that that's for sure. keir, thank you very much. now to the presidential race where there was anything but peace on earth over the christmas break. donald trump relentlessly attacking hillary clinton and attacking her husband on the campaign trail calling him fair game. hallie jackson has that story for us this morning. >> reporter: donald trump is set to kick off a three-day three-state, new hampshire here, iowa and south carolina, and as he gets ready for new year he also seems to have a new target, not just hillary clinton but bill, too. for donald trump not quite a quiet christmas break. >> she's playing the woman's break. women are more upset about it than anybody else, including most men.
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keeping up his attacks on husband. >> bill clinton is not going to be the end-all in the campaign, and he'll come under attack, not just from me. he will eebl coming under attack from many other people. >> reporter: trump tweeting hillary clinton has announced that she is letting her husband out to campaign, but he's demonstrated a penchant for sexism, so inappropriate. his words, echoing clinton's about trump. >> he's demonstrated a person chant for sexism. >> i think that donald trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise bill clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. >> reporter: bill clinton's approval rating, higher right now than president obama's and pen george w. bush but trump sees an opening. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that she's talking to me about. >> reporter: and while it's the party front-runners feuding for now, bernie sanders is taking
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would be better for trump's supporters. >> look, the real issues are not donald trump's vulgarity, and he is vulgar. it is the fact that donald trump thinks we should not be raising the minimum wage. he believes that wages in america are too high. >> reporter: trump taking offense to that on twitter where he's also attacking his republican rivals, several on the campaign trail today, as 2015 comes to a close, all ice on 2016. trump's frustrated with a new rule in virginia that asks primary voters to pledge they are republicans, worried that could dampen turnout among independents who might vote for him, but it's two other states guys. just five weeks to go in the iowa caucuses where ted cruz leads. the week after, that of course, the new hampshire primary right here in this state where donald trump is still solidly on top. >> all right. hallie jackson, thanks.
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steve kornacki and an msnbc host and host of "mpp daily." >> good morning. >> truffle going after hillary and vice versa for about a week now. the conventional wisdom i guess is this is good for boast them. makes both of their supporters happy. >> yeah, in a lot of ways that's true. donald trump, if you want to fire up republican voters you can do a lot worse things than go after hillary clinton and get into a public fight with her and from hillary clinton's standpoint she's got democrats rallying around her to go against donald trump, make sure she has a primary with bernie sanders. the flip side of all of this the way donald trump is going about this, republicans may not disagree with the idea of going after clintons but it could tock so coors and aggresstive could say to republican voters, this is a reminder do we want this guy as a canned gate on that stage in the debates next fall maybe that plays into the hands of somebody like ted cruz who wants to still donald trump with kindness and on the flip side for hillary clinton a lot of sympathy from people for her on the democratic side and
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that otherwise wouldn't be out there. we wouldn't be talking about bill clinton in the 1990s and monica lewinsky and all these things if it weren't for donald trump bringing it up. >> how long before trump's competitors start to really go after him for acting like he already hats party's nomination? >> it depends who the competitor is. like we say with cruz, the cruz strategy here is don't say anything negative at all. tell everyone who will ask you, donald trump is a great friend of mine. i like him and let what he stands for and let republicans come to the conclusion on their own. hey, we like donald trump, we like ted cruz. alternative. see. but what you're talking about, seeing it with jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich, chris establishment candidates. they are fighting for their political lives and at a certain point they will really have to go after them. >> what changes the trajectory of this race right now because here we are five weeks away from voting. cruz is looking good in iowa, but you've got donald trump leading in most of these polls, and that hasn't changed.
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iowa and new hampshire, the one-two punch and it's cruz and punch, one-two in iowa and cruz really is one so look to new hampshire. if you're a republican and you don't want donald trump as your candidate and don't think ted cruz is electable, want one of the establishment candidates, got to put a win on the board or seen to be putting win, a closer than expected second or something like that, and the problem that the republican establishment has the four candidates, christie, kasich, rubio and bush, all bunched together in new hampshire, 8,%, 89%, 10% and that's allowing trump to lead and one them has to break out in the next six weeks. >> splitting that vote for sure. >> steve, thank you very much. now we move to chicago where family and friends of two people killed by police, one of them accidentally, are demanding answers today. on saturday an officer responding to a domestic disturbance call fatally shot 19-year-old quinto yeo yeo le grier. a 55-year-old neighbor betty
7:16 am
during that encounter. on sunday le grier's mother said, quote, the police are supposed to service and protect us yet they take the lives. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is now calling on the police department and the police overside agency to review crisis intervention training in the wake of those shootings. and we turn now to al, and, boy, as kevin tibbles was saying, we were all saying where's winter? now it's here. >> this is kind what have happened last year, too. an early start and then, boy, did things get going and we have a feeling that will happen again today as well. wide swath of snowy weather, icy conditions that. lex tend all the way up into new england later today. a slight strisk of strong storms making their way through the gulf coast and out west things fairly quiet.
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>> bri: good morning, temperatures today staying in the 30s for us, but we do have quiet weather, a light breeze out of the northwest will make it feel like it's in the mid-20s. winter finally here for us. you'll notice a difference today with those temperatures just really stuck. not moving a whole lot. here is that winter storm system that we're in for to move in overnight tonight. and it does start as snow, taking over to a wintry mix. winter weather advisory posted 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. when we see it change ove weather. >> all right. a thank you. "now" to the stellar box office success of "star wars"
7:18 am
every turn. natalie is here with more. >> we predicted this. not only did "star wars" just have the highest grossing second weekend ever. it also balanced budget amendment fastest move toe break the $1 billion mark, reaching that milestone in just 12 days. >> the force is stronger than ever. "star wars" episode 7 storming its way to the $1 billion mark this weekend. becoming the feast movie ever to do so and breaking just about every box office record in existence on its way there. >> are we really doing this? >> "the force awakens" now holds the box office record for fastest movie ever to hit 1 billion. biggest opening weekend and biggest christmas day and biggest opening day ever. in less than two weeks it's already the fifth highest grossing movie in u.s. history with its sights set on number one. >> nothing will stand in our
7:19 am
good. the critically acclaimed movie has jedi fans returning again and again for the thrills and the series about the franchise's newest characters. >> who are you. >> no one. >> meaning "star wars" could be just weeks away from its new spot as highest grossing film of all time in any galaxy. >> chewie, we're home. >> right now "avatar"ed is the top grossing movie of all time with over $2.7 billion, but keep this in mind. "the force awakens" hasn't even opened in china yet, the world's second largest movie market. you can imagine. >> bye-bye" avatar." >> disney paid $4 billion for lucas film and they will pay for itself right out of this movie. it again. >> my brother and i are going to see it in 3-d imax. >> saw it for a second time last night and futd over the top in
7:20 am
>> han solo still a babe the second time? >> this time i kept my eyes open the whole time. >> still have to go for the first time. >> so good. thanks, nat. coming up, nfl star peyton manning firing back what he says about a report that suggests he received performance enhancing drugs. >> and hoverboard wipeouts, why the year's must vsh have holiday gift is keeping doctors very busy, but first on a monday morning this is "today" on nbc. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states
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calm and quiet now. it will not stay that way. bri eggers has a look at your forecast. >> sarah: yeah, nancy. you. >> bri: cooler temperatures with a light, chilly breeze. we stay in the mid-30s for a high today. this is the winter storm system expected the arrive overnight tonight. winter weather advisory is posted 8:00 p.m. tonight until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. look like the snow will work in between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. we'll keep you posted on 7news. >> nancy: bri, thank you. are searching for the driver of an s.u.v. who took off after lynn. it appears this started as a traffic stop overnight. crews are cleaning up the damage at the walnut street coffee cafe the quincy credit union is restricting all credit card and atm authorizations until noon today after dozens of people say they were victims of fraudulent transactions over the weekend. their message posted on facebook sunday, the credit union says they will return any money taken from those accounts as soon as possible.
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oh, yeah. we're going to play the holiday music for a few more days. tree's up. music is on. 28th of december, 2015. saying good morning to the folks out on our plaza this morning. good morning to you at home. nice to have you with us. >> here are the stories making news right now. heavy snow is creating blizzard conditions across parts of texas and oklahoma in the wake of deadly tornadoes in the same areas over the weekend, and that swath of snow, ice and the rain will spread through the midwest and south today. we'll get al's forecast here in just a moment. >> breaking overnight. iraqi forces have retaken the city of ramadi from isis militants.
7:29 am
since may. >> and the first votes of the 2016 presidential race will be cast five weeks from today when the iowa caucuses are held. on the campaign trail over the weekend republican front-runner donald trump spent most of his time attacking hillary clinton accusing her of, quote, playing the woman's card. >> let's start this half hour with nfl star quarterback peyton manning vehemently denying the performance enhancing drugs while recovering from a neck injury back in 2011. "today" national correspondent craig melvin is following this story for us. good morning. >> good morning. we're talking about one of the biggest names in the history of sports. peyton manning says he is furious and from us trade over that report by al jazeera's investigative unit. the five-time league mvp telling nbc sports that he is so angry he may sue the network. this morning outrage from an nfl icon. >> it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage. >> reporter: peyton manning
7:30 am
he used performance eancing drugs in an interview with espn. >> disgusted is really how i feel, sickened by it. >> reporter: in the documentary airing overnight on al jazeera, charlie sly, a former pharmacy intern at the guyer institute in indianapolis claims manning was given human growth hormones when he received treatment there in 2011. secretly taped by al jazeera sly claims the star quarterback got the drugs illegally through his wife. >> all the time we're going to be sending ashley manning drugs, like a growth hormoerngs all the time everywhere. florida, never under peyton's name, always under her name >> reporter: five-time mvp says he did receive treatment at the guyer institute in the 2011 while recovering from a neck injury but insists he never took banned substances. hgh is banned in the nfl, but random testing did not start until 2014. the denver broncos say they support their quarterback 100%,
7:31 am
team, calls the accusations utterly ridiculous. dr. dale guyer, the clinic founder, is dismissing the report saying mr. sly has fabricated this whole thing for reasons i can not fathom. posting a video on youtube charlie sly is retracting all the statements in question saying they are all unruh. >> i am recanting any such statement. >> reporter: when asked if he would sue al jazeera manning told sports writer peter king, yeah, i probably will. i'm that angry. one of sport's biggest stars defending his legacy and finding support from his team and fans. >> so manage isn't the only documentary. charlie sly also claimed that he helped several other football and baseball players obtain banned substances. attorneys for some of those legal action. nbc news did reach out to the al jazeera. they have declined to comment. this is likely just the beginning of this story guys. >> keep following, it craig.
7:32 am
now to the trouble being caused by a gift that probably found its way under the tree this year. it was huge. the hoverboards, search the internet and you'll find all sorts of video of new users struggling to keep their balance and as as nbc's kerry sanders explains in some cases it's no laughing matter. >> reporter: hoverboards, one of the host christmas gifts this year hard to get and even harder to stay on. the self-balancing electric scooters causing righters of all ages to lose their balance. since christmas the videos are all over social media showing would-be riders having more than a little trouble. falls ranging from funny to downright dangerous. one florida congressman says he tried one and ended up in the hospital. this 12-year-old took a spill and broke his arm. others on social media reporting a similar fate.
7:33 am
bruised ribs. my poor father fell off our hoverboard, and he is in the hospital. leading up to the holidays the consumer products safety commission warned of the fall hazard with dozens of reports of injuries that required a trip to the hospital. that government agency encourages users to always wear a helmet and proper padding when attempting to hover. but it's advice not seven heeding. >> hoverboard is on fire. >> reporter: and federal safety regulators are investigating the boards after several caught fire. amazon recently pulled most brands from its site and stopped selling them. still, they are truly a hottite them a many riders just can't seem to get enough of. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. >> they catch on fire, they are hard to ride. it's amazing they are as popular as they are. >> and they are not hoverboards. >> what are they? >> they are segways with
7:34 am
>> i was out on the plaza, and i nearly broke my arm. hard thing to get off and off for. >> and that's why i asked for a handsome christmas sweater. totally safe. >> best gift there is. >> a check of the weather. >> see what's going on. a lot of folks traveling over the next couple of day as we come into the newyear's weekend. look at this. we've got a mess in the early part of the week from snow and ice and severe weather out west and snow as well and then as we get into the mid-week period, wet weather from the mid-atlantic states into the southeast and more snow upper great lakes and the latter part of the week, things finally start to calm down though southern parts of texas looking like a mess and look at the temperatures. above average in the east and way below average out west and it continues to move its way east. above average temperatures. the cooler weather spreads further to the east, south and up into the great lakes region as well with below average temperatures, so things start to get back to normal, but the severe weather quiets down. >> bri: good morning, everybody. temperatures today staying in
7:35 am
quiet weather, a light breeze out of the northwest will make it feel like it's in the mid-20s. winter finally here for us. you'll notice a difference today with those temperatures just really stuck. not moving a whole lot. here is that winter storm system that we're in for to move in overnight tonight. and it does start as snow, taking over to a wintry mix. winter weather advisory posted from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. when we see it change over to >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. >> al, thank you. coming up, one grandmother's priceless reaction to this piece of technology. >> and also -- i want to know more about that immediately. a for sale and exclusive look inside michael jackson's neverland ranch as it hits the
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look inside one of the country's most famous homes. >> talking about michael jackson's famed neverland ranch. it's now for sale, and nbc's joe fryer got an exclusive tour. >> reporter: official name for this massive property is now sycamore valley ranch, but nearly everyone still knows it as michael jackson's neverland. >> this is 12,000 square feet, the main house itself. >> reporter: kyle foreside with colony capital, the real estate company that jumped in to help jackson keep the property in 2008 when he was in debt. >> and michael's vision was to take the ranch back to its natural setting and to sell the ranch eventually, so we're just following through with our original vision. >> reporter: ranch spans 2,700 square feet sand now on the market for $100 million. neverland has long been a source of fascination ever since the king of pop bought it for nearly $0 million in 1987, creating a peter pan-inspired amusement park. today the rides are gone and so
7:41 am
exceptions like ricky the llama, but traces of neverlandlinger. >> when a lot of people think of neverland ranch this, clock is the image that comes to mind, isn't it? >> it is, and the train station is so iconic and ties michael to neverland. >> reporter: another connection to the icon, a 50-seat movie theater which he designed. >> you take away the michael jackson mystique and history, are you still able to sell it for $100 million? >> you know, i think they had a good question and that's one we'll never know because it was michael's and always will be a part of his history. >> reporter: glimpses inside neverland will rare. shortly after jackson's death in 2009 matt lauer got a look at thes in and outs. >> this wall here, and it reveals a secret sex. >> reporter: now we're making our way up into up country. >> reporter: what the public scarcely sees is this. >> when you see this view, what goes through your mind. >> it goes through my mind is i don't want to leave.
7:42 am
from up high overlooking the ranches four square miles including mt. catherine named after the star's mother. the pop star never accused to neverland after being accused and acquitted of molesting children and now the search is on for a new owner. the vetting process just for touring the place is very strict, but already forsythe says there's interest. how important moving forward that they sort of preserve some aspect of michael's legacy? >> you know, that is up to them. the train tracks are here. the train station is here. his movie theater, but what they want to do with it, it's really up to them. >> reporter: in your mind do you picture someone who has a deep appreciation though for michael? >> oh, absolutely, yeah, we do, and we have still an affinity for michael and deep respect for michael's legacy. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los alimos, california. >> poor ricky the llama got left behind. >> where did everybody go?
7:43 am
place, everybody, don't worry. coming up on "pop start" how the stars of movies, tv and reality spent their holidays. >> and what has a lot of people talking this morning. dylan explains right after this. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and
7:44 am
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i feel that way, and i know millions of other people feel that way. are you ready? let's do this together. all right. we're back at 1:49. carson here for matt which means dylan is over in the original room and i see you're wearing your pats gear. >> do you know how hard it is being a pats fan living in new york. >> tell us. >> way to go last night. >> yeah. >> all right, all right. everyone is talking about the game-changing moment from last night's jets/patriots game, so
7:48 am
here's how it went down. the game, it was tied. it went into overtime and the patriots won the coin toss, but to fans' surprise wide receiver mat two slater told the ref he elected to kick the ball and allow it to end u in the hands of the other team which is exactly what happened, and the jets scored the game-winning touchdown. now in defense of my team after the game coach belichick said there wasn't any confusion. i believe he said there wasn't any confusioned about the decision to kick. >> very good impression. >> thank you. the misunderstanding led fans to draw comparisons to, you getd guessed, it steve harvey. breaking news, patriots send steve harvey to call the flip at the start of overtime. we elect to take. >> we'll take columbia and patriots said you kick, you know how you feel. steve harvey is at home wait, i finally get a few days break from this story and you pull me back in. >> take a cheap shot.
7:49 am
why -- why did he do that? >> dylan, such a good job explaining that. if i were in the original room this morning i never would have been able to do it. >> my thing the thinking on bill belichick's part was we've got a lot of people injured, don't think we're going to score a touchdown, let hold them on "d" and we get the ball back. >> you have tom brady. >> and we win the game but everybody else is sick. it's not just tom brady. >> don't think normally defer to kick? >> you would normally to defer to kick thinking you would get the ball at end of the game. >> garin teets ball in the second half. they do it often. overtime. manning? >> whoa. >> how much room under that bus, steve harvey, peyton manning, really. >> i'm sorry. it's the pats fan in here. i can't. they elected to kick. bad call. >> get some coffee, dylan and walk it off. >> i like how she's standing by the decision though. >> all in. >> a lot of pats trying to. >> doubling down.
7:50 am
re-gifting and rules to follow your [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays
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7:54 am
>> this is 7news now. >> nancy: good morning to you. 7:57 on this monday morning. it is a cool start to the day, but we have quite a mess on the way. here's bri eggers with a look at our forecast. >> bri: yeah, nancy, finally winter is arriving. you'll notice today by how cool the temperatures are, we stay in the mid-30s with the chilly breeze making it feel like it's in the 20s. here's our winter storm system that will make its way in our direction as we head into the overnight hours. so a winter weather advisory that's posted through 1:00 p.m. looks like very hazardous travel for the morning commute tomorrow. keep with it 7news and we'll keep you posted. >> nancy: bri, thank you.
7:55 am
police have arrested the driver who they say was behind the wheel of a s.u.v. when it slammed into a cafe early this morning. it happened after the driver did not stop for police. detectives say the suspect ran from the scene and tried to take a cab, but the company called police and made the arrest. and the two women who are accused of making up a story about seeing a man throw a baby into the merrimack river in haverhill will be in court. they will be charged with misleading a police investigation and filing a false report. i'm nancy chen.
7:56 am
john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes. but, unlike some, his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. because he's done it before. only an impatient rascal can bring america back. john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, ready, set, return. as millions of americans head back to the stores this week, what you need to know for a hassle-free experience. plus, 'tis the season to catch a cold or flu, so do you go to the doctor, urgent care or the e.r.? dr. natalie azar will put us to the test. why i got you on my mind >> and what has grandma this excited? >> the christmas gifted that
7:58 am
>> celebrating my mom's 50th birth day all the way from hots springs, arkansas. celebrating 50 years of adventure on the "today" show. >> celebrating my 80th birthday with my family! >> we made it to new york, momma. >> from alexandria, indiana. >> here on a family trip to new york. >> happy holidays to third graders here in fringefield, wisconsin. >> we're here on the "today" show. >> good morning, everybody. it's monday, december 28th, 2015. it's a beautiful day. got al here, dylan here, carson is here. carson is married! so much to celebrate. good morning. nice to have you with us. >> thank you very much, guys. coming up, with temperatures
7:59 am
that they are indeed drop, and a monster storm is starting to sweep across the country we've got some tips for you, for your house to get you ready for the worst of it. >> we've got a sweet way to end 2015 before you make your new year's resolution. we're kicking off a week of indulgences in the kitchen and just to get you over the ten pounds that you've already gained. >> i was thinking that. i was at like 9.9. let's get it across ten-pound mark. >> first let's go inside to miss natalie who is inside with a check of to morning's top stories. good morning. at least 30 million americans are under winter tomorrow advisories from snow and ice from texas to the midwest and others are cleaning up after deadly tornadoes. nbc's gabe gutd res is in garland, texas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. four counties have been declared disaster areas and death toll stands now at 11. nine twisters tore through an
8:00 am
n.dallas an f-f-4 tornado touched down here in garland damaging hundreds of home, and this wild weather section tending throughout much of the country. today new mexico sunday a stayed of emergency. parts that have state have seen up to two feet of snow and wind kusts of up to 82 miles per hour. the pan handles of text crass and oklahoma are also on ice, and further north there have been 13 weather-related deaths in the midwest due to flash floods. here in texas, damage is set to be out in force today as residents struggle to clean up. >> natalie. gabe gutierrez, lots of heartbreak in garland, texas. the weather is affecting people on the ground and also up in the air. on sunday 9,000 flights were did i laid and thousands cancelled in the u.s. with more than a thousand flight disruptions today. delays are causing big headaches for people trying to get home after christmas or get away for the new year. the iraqi military has scored a major victory over isis
8:01 am
today forces recaptured the government complex and raised the iraqi flag above it. that's something that a u.s. military spokesman in baghdad calls a significant accomplishment and a proud moment for iraq. militants have controlled that key city since last may. isis controls large parts of land in western and northern iraq and in neighboring syria. a dangerous wildfire that forced evacuations around ventura, california, is now mostly contained. the fire burned more than 1,200 acres before the winds started easing over the weekend allowing firefighters to make progress. officials in the area are now worried about landslides if rain moves in. well, the man known as the clown prince of basketball and the longtime face of the harlem globetrotters has died. according to the "new york times" meadowlark lemon died sunday in scottsdale, arizona. he played with the globetrotters for almost a quarter century, delighting audiences with his
8:02 am
meadowlark lemon was 38 83. a british man is claiming to be the first person ever to row from the u.s. to australia non-stop by himself. 53-year-old john brandon weeden arrived sunday in northeastern australia more than 200 days after he left san francisco on a small boat. proceeden has also rode across the atlantic and add mitts the pacific was tougher than he thought it would be. his wife was in australia to meet him there, and he told her he doesn't plan to get in another boat for a while. probably a good thing. that is brave >> went to australia in a row boat and he only gets the last item in the newscast. that's a big deal. >> and he's 52. >> give him credit for getting in that boat. >> natalie, thanks for that. now to on ongoing series hassle-free holidays. chanced you are received a new gift that maybe wasn't on your list.
8:03 am
store to make it back, need to know about new policies that could make returns a little bit trickier. here's nbc's olivia stern. >> sometimes santa's gifts just aren't quite up to snuff. >> sometimes you don't like the gift that they give you, yeah. socks, shoes, ties, yeah. >> when i return over people's gifts i sometimes get a little nervous that i'm going to run into them in the store holding their gift saying, hey, hi, i got two of them. that's my excuse. >> and while you might not be ready to return to the mall just yet, there are a few things you should know to make swapping out those presents a breeze. in some stores the window of time for returns is shrinking, but you're not just up against the clock on the return policy. you're up against the limited left. >> always check the fine bryant in the store's policy. return the gift in the originaling packaging with all of its tags, and if possible bring a gift read the.
8:04 am
policies to combat an estimated a $2 billion in fraudulent returns over the holidays. at sears most items must be returned within 30 days. costco will not allow returns of tires, batteries or custom odds, and walmart shoppers can only make three returns without receipts wan 45-day period. and for those hard-to-please friends gift cards are a popular choice this year with more than sold. if you receive a gift card that you don't want that you know you'll never use don't just put it in the bottom of the drawer. you can actually sell it online. >> at sites like rays and cardpool you can sell or trade in your unwanted gift card for cash or credit at a store where you want to shot. for "today," olivia sterns, nbc news, new york. >> everyone pleased with their gifts, that's what i thought. >> absolutely. >> we love every one of them.
8:05 am
gave my dad a gift and immediately opened it and said it's too big, i'm taking it back. thanks, pop, take it back. >> something else to keep in mind. if you're planning on exchanging your gifts some of the best sales will come later in the week so you might want to make. coming up next, an excuse to take an afternoon nap? we'll reveal the reasons so you can do so. and the pop stars spice is up your life. >> storm watches and warnings and what you can do right now to prepare your home for the snow, cold and ice. yes, winder is actually here now. that's after these messages. >> wow, look at that. hey sweetie, it's time. eye of the tiger tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day for a game of football. tv anncr: this team is having a fantastic season. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love...
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we are back. it's 8:11. time for trending. >> yes, let's trend. >> we've established that hoverboards were a very christmas. people were falling off of them and they set your house on fire in some cases. dylan fell. >> i did so good the first three times and then i fell the last time. well. >> your hovering wrist is not feeling good. caused a lot of mayhem. take a look. >> a little bit -- >> oh, no. >> no! >> that was the reaction of so many people after their drones crashed. >> stuck in trees or hair. >> ouch. >> people really seem to be struck how to work the new toy
8:10 am
christmas. >> a couple years ewing had the helicopters, little mini helicopters and those things busted up pretty quickly and drones are now the more expensive version. >> exactly. >> all been dizzy the past few days, safe to say we could use a nap right about now. a new myths about naps we're here to debunk. myth number one, napping is only for young children. >> no way. >> of course not. >> the for everybody. >> need a 20-minute power nap. >> two-hour power nap. >> that's called sleeping. >> actually around a third of americans nap every single day. this number two, something napping makes them feel worth. >> it does to me. >> i feel foggy. >> that is but only if i sleep too long. >> for 20 or 30 minutes to avoid going into that deeper stage of sleep. >> they say set your alarm for 20 minutes and i can't fall asleep on demand so if i set my alarm i'll think about the alarm going off for 20 minutes and never nap and i don't set the
8:11 am
hours. >> you've got problems. >> i really do. >> myth number three, you should not nap at work, probably not, right? >> i would say no. >> i think people would know if we nap. >> i'm napping right now. >> i won't tell if you don't but if you can sneak a power nap during your launch break you'll actually boost your productivity. >> wait, my lunch break? >> myth number four, you shouldn't drink caffeinated beverages before you nap. >> no, that's true. >> actually a little espresso right before you nap. >> that's exactly right. >> a little tip there. nap for 20 or 30 minutes and the caffein kicks in and actually wakes you up. >> they nal it a napaccino. i didn't make it up. >> that's why you can't nap because your brain is so fast. >> that's funny. knit number five stay awake and stay busy. >> yeah, you're always busy. >> as day goes on your progress deteriorates so sneak in the nap if you can, feel recharged and
8:12 am
there's your napping -- >> that was a comprehensive thing. >> thank you >> i'm tired. i need a nap after all of this. >> who wants to see grandma wearing a virtual reality headset. >> i do. >> roll the video. >> agh! >> oh, my gosh. >> what is she watching? >> she's virtually experiencing a roller coaster ride. a roller coaster. never been on a roller coaster in real life and she got the simulator while vacationing in hawaii with her family and it went over very well. >> i'll have what she's having. with her iphone. >> that was a samsung, you put it in, cardboard google thing. >> have you ever tried it? >> i have. >> is it that exciteing?
8:13 am
>> it feels like you're on a roller coaster. >> and then you take a nap. >> and that's a good afternoon. >> that video vooud of 100,000 times. >> her laugh is amazing. now for a look at how some celebrities celebrated christmas holiday and an nba star who stared down a mocking fact. carson, let's do "pop start." >> the comprehensive namg story. keeping mee busy. a roundup of how people celebrated christmas starting with justin timberlake with baby silas and captioned the photo truly the greatest gift and madonna spent the day with three children of her with pictures ever lourdes, davis and mercy and the kardashians threw a party at mom's house and wore their christmas best and even got into wunsies. >> footsies, too. neil patrick harris shared his video of the favorite christmas gift holding up two photos of
8:14 am
they creepily then turn into zombies. isn't that crazy? >> neil got a kick out of that. and then possibly the winner of christmas steve harvey, the comedian flying under the radar since his misuniverse mishap and did send out this photo with merry east every, everybody. good to see he has a great severance humor. after rumors for months there would be a spice girls reunion it has been confirm, mel b. confirmed the news and the singer said to be serious it's our 20th anniversary this year, and it would be rude not to sell operate so hopefully something will be happening pretty soon. i don't know if that confirms it or not. >> is posh spice. >> just mel b so far. >> so many questions. >> she said that she wanted to. >> if you build, it they will come. >> maybe she can go out and her own reunion. no word on whether the other
8:15 am
the interview, if you want to reveal it. >> who is alan carr? >> look it up. >> and finally, lebron james, caught on cameras, can you see a fan sitting behind lebron an mocking him and moves her fans up to make the cry baby act right there just as lebron turns around and he busts her, it appears the woman immediately regrets her decision or at least getting caught doing it. >> i could watch that all day long. >> that is fantastic. >> yeah. >> busted. >> there you go. that's your "pop start," everybody. >> really good "pop start." today. >> dylan. >> al's here. >> i defer to him. >> wow. really? >> you took a couple weeks off. >> just ignore the black man sitting here. >> oh, al!
8:16 am
>> now i know how steve harvey feels. >> man! >> kidding, kidding. anyway, let's show you. we've got a lot of weather going on, i mean, a lot of weather going on right now. first of all, take a look. we've got winter stuff but we also still have severe weather. tornado warnings going on right now from mississippi all the way into alabama. a tornado watch until 1:00 for the panhandle of florida into georgia, and we've got 82 million people at risk for severe weather, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible. my gosh, look at all the rain. anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from central alabama into parts of northern georgia and then we've got a winter storm. 33 million in the path of wintry weather today on into tomorrow, oklahoma city, detroit, kansas city and boston. look at the snowfall amounts. anywhere from 10 to 12 inches of snow from southern minnesota into central wisconsin and parts of northern iowa. ice also going to be a big problem. possible power outages and dangerous travel.
8:17 am
and northern illinois, and, in fact, that ice potential stretches all the way into northeast, parts of central pennsylvania could see half an inch of ice. snowfall amounts there as well. looking at upwards of 12 inches of snow as you get into northern parts of new england and upstate new york. >> i'm so sorry. >> this was such a good weather weathercast. i wouldn't want anyone else to do it. >> happy birthday. >> love you. >> mwah. >> i got >> bri: good morning, everybody. temperatures today staying in the 30s for us, but we do have quiet weather, a light breeze out of the northwest will make it feel like it's in the mid-20s. winter finally here for us. you'll notice a difference today with those temperatures just really stuck. not moving a whole lot. here is that winter storm system that we're in for to move in overnight tonight. and it does start as snow, taking over to a wintry mix. winter weather advisory posted
8:18 am
when we see it change over to that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> today's health is brought to you by abreva. heal your cold sore fast. it is confusing around here sometimes. >> it is, a little bit. >> it's that time of the year when seems like everybody is getting sick, and it can be confusing on where you should go to get care. >> that's right. medical contributor dr. natalie azar is here to decide whether you should go to the doctor emergency room or urgent care clinic and we've got our paddles which means you're going to futd to the test. >> we are. hits hit it. you're at the playground. the child falls off the swing or their hoverboard. you already see bruising, swelling and lots of pain. where do they go? >> urgent care. >> i'm going to go tower jent care. >> e.r. >> why? >> i know. >> that was my first instinct. >> e.r. without the line. >> exactly, right? >> that's nice.
8:19 am
here's a little distinction. if you've got a little fracture, a minor fracture that requires splintding, urgent care absolutely is a fantastic place to go but if you have had a more significant fracture, compound fracture, something sticking through your skin you might need a cast, an orthopedic consult and may need surgery. not all fractures are created equal and especially with children i always urge a little more care. >> you said bruising on the playground, not bones coming through. >> especially in children, if you have a fracture, some things emergency room and have the experts there and have the expertise also to manage it. >> i learned something. >> number two, have you a spot inflamed. your watch knocks into it and what do you do? >> that you want to get looked at by a specialist? >> like a mole. >> not allowed to answer questions, i have an answer. >> go to a doctor. >> yes.
8:20 am
doctor is the right answer is we always talk about the suspicious moles or lesions on your skin that could bleed or be a skin cancer, go to the doctor nothing something that's urgent or emerge ent. number three, you tell a dinner party you've been feeling indigestion all day as you clean up and you notice an heavy feeling in your left arm. >> that could be a heart attack of i'm going tower jent care sglur jent care. >> want to get immediate consultation. >> immediate what. you do want to go to the doctor. >> is that a precursor for the heart attack. >> urgent care will let me know and then i'll go toe. r. >> here's issue. yes, of course, they can immediately assess you, do an ekg and actively tell if you're having a heart attack. what's the issue? this is a letning problem that's very time sensitive so kind of like pass go, go directly to the emergency room. >> okay. >> just err on the side of e.r.
8:21 am
that's potentially life-threatening. well, i don't know if it's life-threatening. if you think you're having a heart attack or pulmonary embolism go straight to the emergency room. >> got to get one right here. >> your shuns loading the dish washer. >> that would never happen. just kidding. >> savannah was unloading the dishwasher and makes a wrong move and she's overcome by tremendous pain and can barely stand up. where does she go? >> i'm going to e.r. after everything we've learned today. >> going to be doctor. >> oh, come on. >> okay. so this is -- this is something that's urgent but not life-threatening. you probably have -- >> i can't stand up. >> yes, you can't, you need acute attention, right, and you probably need pain medicine, but do you really need an emergency room because is it life-threatening? in all likelihood not. what you real sneed a doctor to can you and make sure it's not a neurologic emergency we they can do. >> for the takeaway, if you
8:22 am
>> life-threatening, time sensitive, go to the emergency room, urgent by not nettling go to urgent care and by the way longer hours than regular doctors and routine things obviously see the doctor. >> the thing you is should never do the dishes. >> exactly. natalie, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. or al. >> it's me this time, you got. coming up, a sweet treat with just a few days left until you try to stick to your new year's resolutions. >> this is going to be decadent.
8:23 am
>> this is 7 news now. ism good monday morn, everybody. it's 8:27 as you take a live look over boston. let's send it over the bri eggers with more on your forecast. >> bri: sarah, we were wondering where winter was, well, it's here. temperatures feeling like 20 degrees and in the teens in jaffrey and orange. we do have a quiet day for us today. colder for sure, but we're watching out for that winter storm tomorrow. winter weather advisory in effect through the afternoon. for snow, rain/snow mix and also some sleet and freezing rain. so keep it with 7news. >> andy: breaking news in lynn >> sarah: police have arrested the driver who was behind the
8:24 am
early this morning. it happened after the driver did not stop for police. detectives say the suspect ran from the scene and tried the call a cab but was later arrested. police are searching for two armed robbers in worcester. they say two men with guns walked into mcguire's lounge on saugus place early sunday morning. one man demanded the bartender give him hundred from the cash register while the other fired a shot into the ceiling. no one was hurt. the patriots still have not clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. new england lost to the jets in overtime on sunday. the pats won the coin toss to start overtime but chose to kick off instead of taking the ball. the jets then marched down the field and scored a touchdown to win the game. "today in new england" returns at 9:00.
8:25 am
what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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38:30 now. it's monday morning. 28th of december, 2015. now there's a little bit of a brisk wind. >> it's feeling like winter. good morning, everybody. nice to have you out on our plaza. >> coming up with the cold and
8:27 am
cold across the country. what are you going to do to start winterizing your house? we'll show you some tips before it's too late. >> and share your most personal information with them without even knowing it. we'll tell you how to prevent credit card companies from using that information against you. and all this week on "today food" a few final splurnlgs before you make the resolution year. >> oh, my gosh. >> a delicious english trifle. >> oh, my gosh. >> very, very tempting. >> that's good. >> exactly. >> al, let's get a check of the weather. >> this nice lady brought something. >> what's in here? chocolate chip cookies. >> oh, no. oh, look at these. what's your name? >> mickey hickey. >> it is really? >> margaret. >> i'd go with mickey hickey. >> anybody like a cookie? >> hold that while i do the weather. >> let's show you what's going on and a fabulous week to start things off.
8:28 am
third of the country with rain, ice, snow, wind and severe weather. mid-week the wet weather moves east and snow in the great lakes and also around the plains and then we're also looking at late week some snow in the upper great lakes. also wet weather down through texas with icy conditions out west and things looking good and temperature-wise believe average. the western two-thirds of the country above average here in the east, and that continues in the mid-week period but then look towards the latter part of the week that. cooler weather makes its way east. that's what's going on around >> bri: good morning, everybody. temperatures today staying in the 30s for us, but we do have quiet weather, a light breeze out of the northwest will make it feel like it's in the mid-20s. winter finally here for us. you'll notice a difference today with those temperatures just really stuck. not moving a whole lot. here is that winter storm system that we're in for to move in overnight tonight. and it does start as snow, taking over to a wintry mix. winter weather advisory posted
8:29 am
when we see it change over to >> i wanted to show a little love to this man. all of these people, yeah, it's a holiday crowd, baby. that's your latest weather and now let's head back inside. >> crazy. well, al, thank you very much. with that storm in mind, we're launching today's winter tune-up. if you haven't taken advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to winterize your home is now the time. george oliphant home of "george to the rescue" is the here to show us exactly what to do. so warm christmas day and the kids playing with their toys outside and i'm looking at my house and the gutters and thinking, man, i've got to start getting this sucker ready. >> you're a procrastinator, carson, and a lot of people are. you wait for the weather to kind of dictate what you need to do to your house and a lot of people have been put if okay this year.
8:30 am
around didn't have their tape up and people didn't have stuff cleaned out of the gutters. that's paramount. >> what's the first step? >> get rid of all the stuff in the gutters and highly recommend that you wear gloves because you never know what's going nobody there, leaves and pine needles, don't know what a squirrel may have dropped in there. get up there on a ladder and scoop it up and drop is it off on floor and the important thing is safety first. if you're going to be on a ladder that you have to be to get things out of the gutter. have a friend, neighbor, father-son activity, whatever it is, you want to make sure that the ladder is, you know, secure. >> you're seeing something you can do. that. >> unless you're real, really high gutters and then most gutters. very easy thing. >> how do you avoid the ice dams that form and build up? >> once you clear the gutter, that way the water can flow down the gutter and go down the drain and get out of there.
8:31 am
get ice and ice daming which means the water comes back up underneath your shingles and get in your roof and can cause al sorts of damage so what you want to do is use heat tape and use the little clips and go up about three shingles from the gutter, clep them in and run this up in "vs" up and down your shingles and what that does it melts the snow and ice immediately above the gutter so it doesn't freeze flow. >> looks difficult but it's not. >> this is something you can do yourself or bring somebody in to do for you. it's not that hard. if you can hang christmas lights >> no heard than that. >> and to avoid the ice buildup. >> ice damming is a bad thing. >> buy these at any big box improvement store or your mom & pop store. plug them in like you would your go.
8:32 am
>> any types in your basement that rex posed or crawl space you want to make shower they are insulated. the easiest sway with the foam insulation cult to the size. >> they sell these like this at home depot. >> most pipes, whether it's an inch or a two-inch pipe. put your finger right there. >> it comes pre-cut. >> already pre-cut. >> this would be hot. >> the if it's a hot water pipe it will be warm. measure the thing, it's about 29 inches and trim the top so you know where the top is. >> what does this do? >> it keeps the hot water hot. >> does it give you hot water quicker. >> it does. gives it to you quicker and also allows, you're upstairs and taking a shower and the hot water just disappears this, will
8:33 am
the water hot for when it leaves your water here the until it gets to your shower. right now if it's exposed the entire time it's exposed the cold air is hitting it and it's dissipating how warm the water is. >> the best part, once the weather comes and you know it's coming and you've got the accumulation of ice and snow out of your house, driveway. i've got an arians myself. >> you have a snow blower. >> i do and i love it. >> it's a great way to go, if you have a place to store it and can afford one, it's great. >> this one just shoots it. pull the trying they are and pull this back. as you can see this one is a personal pace so go along at your own pace, not driving itself. if a kid or dog or somebody runs in front of you, it stops and you're good to go. >> this will move serious snow getting you out of your driveway, if you have multiple cars. >> big storms, long driveway, this is the way to go. if you don't have that or just trying to clear the walks and don't have time every day,
8:34 am
definitely go with a shovel but i'm a big fan of the ergonomic shovel because it will save your pack. >> metal tip, because if you have plastic it will get in the ice and break. >> spend a couple more bucks to get a good one. i notice that had. mine cracked. >> agreed. >> spend the extra money. >> get one good shovel and it will last you all winter long. >> i throw melt out. is all melt work -- is there a good melt versus bad melt and does it really work? >> two different options. throw sand. sand will give you a little traction and there are different types of melt. what would i recommend is you go to find an environmentally friendly, plant and pet friendly melt, get that industrial melt that will melt anything but then your yard is going to turn all different colors and don't want your dog growing a second tail so go with the environmentally friendly melt. >> feel bert already. >> good. >> going to come on over and help me do all this. pipes. >> awesome. george, thank you so much. tomorrow we'll show you how to prepare your body for the cold. that tomorrow.
8:35 am
what your credit card company is learning about your private life every time you swipe for a purchase and a recipe for a decadent dessert is on the way. i hope i'm a part of that, but,
8:36 am
before you reach for your credit card, each time you use it important information about your private life is revealed to your credit card company and what is it being used for, and can you do anything about that? editor in chief of "readers digest" joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we know our credit card track our purchases which generally is a good thing. helps with fraud alerts and that kind of thing. >> right, right. >> well, think about the big life events. a credit card company might know about that, if you're getting mayor eerksd sending your kid to college, having a baby.
8:37 am
this and they might be able to put certain alerts on your account. counseling. that may mean you're headed for divorce so they might want to know about potential default on your payment. >> not that they just have this information. they know it and they know it and use it. >> if you're going to pawnshops and bars, they may sort of track you as financially troubled and could even lower your credit limit without you knowing it. >> okay. disturbing. >> let's move to our next panel here. the other thing credit cards snow our location. >> yes. >> so what's the significance of that? >> so we know when we sign up for a credit card it knows our home address, but also as years goes by, knows our favorite atms and coffee shops and shopping habits. so if we're having coffee at 7:00 a.m. in cleveland and at 10:00 we're buying gas in texas, it can give you a fraud alert so knows your credit card has been stolen so that's a good thing but it's getting kind of creepy
8:38 am
if you download your credit card app, it can tell how long you're the store. >> come on, really. >> and sometimes you get served up coupons for a product you're looking and you're thinking that's weird because it knows but, so that could be a good thing, but if privacy is concern, it's a little creepy. that? >> absolutely. when you download an app you automatically get asked tone able location services, so don't automatically say yes, first of all, and if you've already downloaded your app it's easy to go into settings and disable the location settings and that will keep you safe >> the credit cards know what you will buy and they know what you bought and can predict what you might want to buy. >> you leave an online travel your life as you go about your daily business and they predict patterns and then sell that information to companies to
8:39 am
big data, they look at public records and analyze even social media. if you're doing a home improvements, you may all of a sudden get deals for renovations, so that's -- that's a good thing, but if you boy a baby gift for your friend and now you're inundated with diaper coupons not such a good thing. >> how do you battle against in a? >> well, by law, every financial institution once a year has to send you a privacy notice. it's pages and pages. >> yes, i ignore that every year. >> that we all ignore, and in that is very important instructions on how to opt out. you can either follow those instructions, or you can make it harder for the credit card companies to follow you online. if you're on your computer, you can disable the cookies and you can enable privacy browsing, or you can just change the way you pay. if it's something you don't want your mom or boss to know that you're doing, might not want a credit card company to know what you're doing so pay in cash if
8:40 am
>> cash, what is, that liz? let's leave on a high note because there's also information that you can use to perhaps get a better rate, information about your own history that you can take to the credit card companies. >> exactly. so the information works both ways. one study found that 78% of people who called their credit card company and asked for a lower interest rate got it, so if you have a good financial history, make that phone call, but know that that customer service rep on the phone may be looking at your name and there could be a red light or a green light next to your name. green means that you're a good customer and that rep is supposed to do whatever he or she can to keep you happy. >> you figure out pretty fast if you've got the red light or green light next to you. thanks for the good information. coming up, we'll launch a week of tasty what we're calling last hurrahs before you hit reset on your diet for the new year but, first, this is "today"
8:41 am
on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
8:42 am
and we're back now with today's food. launching a day of indulgences before the ball drops and why not finish off the year with a sugar bang. elizabeth chambers is owner ever texas. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> can't believe we're doing this segment. everybody is so full still. and you have some time before your new year's resolution kicks in. >> a few more days and we're going to go big or go home. >> what are we makeing? >> we have our base and our fruit and finishes. this is where it all starts. >> is that an english trifle. >> english trifle, my grandmother's recipe, very nostalgic, time of the year for traditions and most traditional recipe in our family and our grandmother was amaze and made everything from scratch. i'm less amazing. making two of her ingredients from scratch. it sounds really intimidating
8:43 am
don't need a double boiler, need one pot. >> cream or heavy milk. >> this is heavy milk. >> heavy cream. >> this is heavy cream. >> sorry. >> whole milk. >> this is hovey and hole. this is whole milk and it's simmering on this very hot stove, okay. the next thing we'll do is whisk the eggs. >> we'll do this. >> and add the sugar. >> do you make this stuff in san antonio? >> we do. we don't serve english trifle but we have a custard and do our banana pudding and about 80% of our recipes were my grandmother's and moy mom's. >> thanks. >> how about your husband? >> he enjoys eating sweets. he's more of a barbecue kind of guy. >> i'm right there with him. >> then we'll add the flour as well. whisk, whisk, whisk. the thing about eggs, whisked with sugar and hot milk. don't want to poor the eggs into the hot milk because then we'll have scrambled eggs. >> there's a technique. >> what kind of consistency?
8:44 am
>> you can't do an electric mixer. >> no. >> temper the adds by doing that, exactly. >> just incorporated. >> getting tired yet? >> it's a process. >> need to do more stretches? >> talk amongst yourselves, folks. >> we're going to do one more little ladle full of milk. >> i'm sorry, guys. >> how is that wrist, carson? >> going to be standing in for the 9:00 hour? >> almost there. >> you guys have devoured your english trifle. >> and then it goes in there. >> so we're going to whisk, whisk, whisk. >> thank god it's over. >> you keep whisking. >> i'll relieve you of your dooltdies. >> you whisk, whisk, whisk until it turns into this. >> what's the temperature of this custard? >> it was hot and then you let it the cool. >> you add vanilla extract is the last thing you add and you want it to cover a spoon like that. >> and you're probably wondering
8:45 am
our angel food gate. >> could tut it? >> never want to squish the cake, you can either have a serrated bread knife and do little slices. i like to cut it into four pieces or dental floss, preferably not mint because it will get into your trifle or fishing line and thread and cut this into the pieces so you can layer it. >> carson, here's the fun part. >> you cut off the top and cut it into pieces. >> whether or not you have a beautiful trifle dish like this, make it out of anything. this could be the base, have a regular bowl, as long as it's a deep glass well where you can layer then you're good to go. we have our lemon kurd. >> what did you do. >> cut this into thirds. >> we should do four, and this is a really fun recipe -- >> get your kids involved now layering.
8:46 am
who doesn't want to build a tower outed of cake. >> i do. >> i dover day. >> and we'll get going. >> first layer down and then lemon kurd. >> and then we're going to get our custard. >> i like to started base with custard so really, i mean, it's just really nun and the whole time you're laying look how it is on the outside. >> have they tried it yesterday? >> i taste the booze. >> we've saved the best for last. >> i need your help. >> a little floater on the top. >> not a little floater. we're going to douse it. >> go big. >> mmm. >> you can make it really pretty like we did here or make it very deconstructed like we're doing now and add the berries. >> a lot more fun than lasagna but a similar approach. >> where's the booze. >> it's going to come. the beauty of this recipe is you can honestly use anything.
8:47 am
if you don't have blackberry jam, use strawberry. use red raspberry. >> angel food cake, custard, lemon kurd, another layer, more lemon. >> and kids love doing this. they love getting involved and can keep the kids away from the booze but start -- start them with this. >> we don't have much time left. >> build, build, build. >> and you're all about the booze. >> wanted to see how it incorporates into all of this. >> for the viewers. >> we're going to pile all this in and now for the big reveal. >> what is it, carson, whoa? >> that's good. >> cherry. >> you're going to pour it over. >> sherry. >> you can use anything, sherry, brandy. >> that's going to be nice. >> the whole thing. >> that explains why al is leap right now. >> so we've got to finish with some shipped cream. this is obviously not my prettiest trifle.
8:48 am
>> peace you want to make. >> and top it off with the fruit and you have this beautiful grandma's english trifle. >> and then you try to take a sip of the world's biggest trifle. much. >> happy holidays to you. >> thank you very much. back in a movement bye, guys.
8:49 am
look who is here to guest host, john cena. >> breakout star of the year on "sisters." "today" show. >> named one of the most tv. >> love it. >> john is going to help us out. we're talking about holiday decorations. i'm doing that, taking down all the dengrations. >> carson's already done it. >> we'll get some tips. >> you should stay off a
8:50 am
>> announcer: next on 7 news at 9:00. >> sarah: breaking news out of lynn. police make an arrest after a driver slams into a building before running away. winter finally ready to make
8:51 am
snow and rain headed our way. what you can expect when you wake up in the morning to the seasons first flakes. plus, deadly storms carving a path of destruction across southern states, spawning tornadoes and even dropping snow. >> jnders and find out who is eating at chipotle today, as the same location closed after a norovirus outbreak, is back open for business. from our spring-like weather directly into winter, this monster storm system arriving overnight tonight and could bring us some snow. we'll run through the timeline coming up.
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