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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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blue the corridor, mass pike worcester, fitchburg, route 2 corridor, southern new hampshire several hours of snow and sleet that will end as some light, freezing rain and freezing drizzle. cold right now setting the table for our storm but the cold is not firmly entrenched. you notice new york city as 40 degrees so it's not going to take much to warm things back up and here you go. here is our storm system. it will start to warm things up slowly during the day tomorrow. along this warm front that's where we're noticing precipitation break out and it moves into new england about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. snow for everyone then quickly over to rain and sleet the city of boston by 7:00 or 8:00 in morning. a large area of pink, boston, fitchburg, worcester, nashua. those locations will have the snow and sleet and freezing rain rain. worcester fitchburg and nashua, city of boston a cold rain late tomorrow morning through the afternoon and then it all winds down as drizzle and freezing drizzle early tomorrow afternoon afternoon. so the evening commute better than the morning commute. how much snow?
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snow. metrowest, worcester hills, route 2 corridor, then that will transition over to some sleet and freezing rain so there will be an icy coating on top of the snow. it will be tough to move around as well. heavy, wet snow before it transitions over to that sleet and freezing rain. chris? our turn . >> anchor: over across the coastline we do expect warm air to manufacture in off the ocean but inland that warmer air is moving a lot. 7 how to 10,000 feet up a big push of women air working on in and that overruns the cold air that's down near the surface and essentially what happens is you get your snow it fall through the atmosphere, hits that warm layer 7 to 10,000 feet up and it melt and you get these raindrops to fall and then the bottom six or 7,000 feet cold again so it refreezes into those sleet pallets and that's why we do expect quite a about the of sleet here thanks to that layer about 7 to 10,000 feet up turn turning warm. if it's a really deep layer of warm air that extends from about
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close to the surface but right at the ground, we have temperatures still below freezing and that's when you get the freezing rain that glaze out there that sheet of ice. the sleet is what those pellets that buns everywhere. you rather do sleet tran freezing rain because when you start talking about freezing rain, which we'll have tomorrow that's what clings to the trees and power lines when you get close to a quarter of an inch you can get some isolated to scattered power outages so you watch that out through worcester county but more notably through the eastern slopes of the berkshires. this will all wind down tomorrow evening. we'll have more on the 7 day forecast ahead . >> anchor: state leaders saying the mbta will be up and running as storm hits tomorrow. the agency stepping up prep rays after last winter's disaster. our team coverage continues now with jennifer egan who is live in boston over at south station for us. jenn? >> reporter: officials with the mbta aren't too worried about this storm. they expect everything to be running as it normally would tomorrow.
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winter weather equipment though. the mbta shows you'd that newest winter weapon, anti-ice sprayer. it will soak the third rail long some lines with a solution that wasn't used in years past. the t had never used that chemical before in any previous winters so this is something we've implemented as part of our after action review of last year. >> anchor: two trains on the red line are outfitted with the sprayers, so are a blue and orange line train. last winter some of the tracks froze unable to keep up with storm after storm. the t even shut down for a day. there were long delays on the commuter rail back in february and march as well. part of the problem, 40 new locomotives not in service because the motor for the wheels had to be replaced. we committed to have all 40 in service, all 40 are in service right now. so that will make a big difference . >> anchor: but at south station memories of a terrible winter still haunt commuters.
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i will have faith when i see it running the way it should be running. that hasn't happened yet. even when the weather is good it hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: if you ride the red line you probably remember there were huge problems on that line last winter. well, officials with the t lots say they have replaced ten miles of the third rail along that track. they are hoping that it works better this time around. live inside south station, jennifer egan, 7 news . >> anchor: across the stay crew crewing are standing by. crews and sanders gearing up. shovel flying off the shelves and people say they are eddie for the first storm of the season. jonathan hall live how in chelsea where the preparations continue right now. jonathan? hey, there, after what happened in january and february our plow guys could to this in their sleep. it's going to be an easy one but mass highway says they are ready with 320 pieces of equipment ready to pretreat and plow the roads overnight.
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like these are on the way . i love the snow . >> anchor: for lexon davis and his did a difference of opinion. dad's age and responsibility may be a factor . a little older than 7 and don't like the snow. especially after last year. we're ers and you take what you can get. >> reporter: folks shop for snow blowers, shovels and roof rakes at curry hardware just a small tate of jack frost is coming tonight . a little taste is too much. i don't want any snow. i want spring . far. er's almanac said we'll get clobbered . >> reporter: local public works crews live up plows to dump trucks and loading up deic deicer materials. salt stock piles are high in chelsea. mass highway cis it is ready to hit the roads overnight pretreat pretreating highways and plowing if necessary . we're expecting a slippery commute tomorrow morning and people are going to need to be pay isn't and people will need
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me they have 375,000 tons of salt here. let's hope we don't have to use it all in thing non. live in chelsea, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: storm force coverage starts tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. jeremy and bri eggers will be tracking that storm. daniel gersh will keep an eye on road conditions for you and we'll have reporters in the feel showing you latest conditions before you head out . following breaking news out of boston right now, police in the f.b.i. investigating threats received by 911 dispatchers in new york city. we're love in the city with breaking details to tell us a little more about this and whether it seems credible tonight. nick? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, adam. that's the big thing right now whether this is credible. boston police saying they do not believe it is, but i watt to tell you right now i'm at copley square where preparations are under way for the first night first day celebrations for new years. you can see ice blocks already out here. the gates are set up careful lot of people are exped to be here in just a few days after this threat was paid earlier this morning.
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somebody called a 911 dispatcher in new york leing a threat against boston. boston police saying that the threat lacks specificity and they do not believe it's credible but despite that they are still going to have increased patrol, increased visibility especially where large gatherings are taking place. i soak with a hand who is only from paris, a city that has a history of at the or threats and even obviously the recent attack that happened in november. he says boston is a strong city and when you don't turn up after every single threat at special events that means terrorists win win. i think boston is very strong. it's very resilient city and boston is in the afraid to show people that we stand for an idea and that we will hold to the. >> anchor: . >> anchor: so again boston police saying that this threat lacks specificity and again the main thing here, they do not
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are telling people that they will have increased patrols and increased visit, especially in places like here in copley square where a lot of people are expected to turn out for first night. that's the latest live in boston income emons, 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7 a deadly drive in malden has police accepting for i suspect. detectives say a 71-year-old woman was hit as she tried to cross the street last night. that driver didn't even stop. john cuoco is live in malden with the latest on this investigation. john, what you can tell us? i can tell that you neighbors are heart broken by what happened here after a woman was hit and killed in this street. i was shocked. i didn't believe it. it happened right outside too . >> anchor: on pleasant street in malden that's where 71 71-year-old was hit and killed sunday night with the driver taking off. now neighbors like vera are dealing with the loss. she was wonderful. very quiet. very nice. nice lady .
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happens, so lows to home and you know we knew her so well, it shakes you up . >> anchor: malden police say they found the vehicle but did not mention if an arrest has been made. monday morning police responded leaving the building where mrs. chen lived . list are going door to door asking people if anyone has seen anything . >> anchor: larry and others are saddened but not surprised to hear of someone being hit on this street. they say it's a busy area, especially now that a speed beautiful has been removed . it's quite hazardous here . cars are crazy here. they speed really this is like a drag strip here. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says this is still an active investigation. live in malden, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: john, still ahead on 7, trump's new target. the republican front-runner law lawing a new attack on hilary clinton as he goers up for a rally in new hampshire. >> anchor: and it's the coin flop that has fans fired up.
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>> anchor: donald trump on the attackaing new attacks directly at hilary clinton. republican front-runner setting husband . >> anchor: today bill clinton announced that he is hitting campaign trail for his wife. trump will likely have lots to say at a rally in new hampshire
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that's where we find brandon gunnoe live with more. brandon? listen, last week hilary clinton said that donald trump had "a penchant for sexism" so when donald heard bill clinton would be hitting campaign trail for his wife, he said bill had a pen chant for sexism so in inappropriate. bill clinton is hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire and donald trump has already fired off a preemptive potential potentially risky strike against the former president and his wife democrat hilary clinton. the g.o.p. front-runner tweet federal government hillary thinks she can unleak her husband with his term record of women abuse while playing the women's card on me, she wrong . the trouble for donald trump bill clinton remains the most popular democratic surrogate and somebody popular with the same groups donald trump himself struggles with in an interview president obama touched on the negative tone . i don't think this country
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think this country works best on hate, i don't think this country works best on cynicism . >> reporter: the president was nailed top man in a new poll of people most admired by americans tied for second with a pope francis and hillary clinton was named most admired woman for a record 20th time. we also hope to ask donald what he thinks about the front page of the local newspaper comparing him to the bully biff. the rally starts at 7:00. live in nashua, brandon gunnoe, 7 news . >> anchor: tracking snow late tonight and then snow, sleet, freezing rain tuesday morning commute. we'll sort out all of the details up next . coming up next in 7 sports, it's not the end of the world when it comes to injury news for the bruins but it's also not eat eatly what they would like to hear. detail are ahead and bill belichick deat thing the most talked about call in week 16
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>> anchor: we are back root now and it's, wow, it's changing outside. right? >> anchor: before you didn't even need a winter coat when you head outdoors, maybe not even a jacket because it was so warm but now you need to bundle up .
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those events, adam, that leaves you speechless. i thought we could go through the whole winter and not have one snowflake. nope. it's happening. snow is coming at us after midnight tonight between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. changing to sleet then eventually freezing rain during the morning hours tomorrow. it's a quick transition, city of boston south shore but it's a very slow process. fitchburg and worcester and carlisle and westford and up through dracut and amesbury. poor travel luckly tomorrow morning. if you have a morning commute, again, allow for extra time for cleaning off some snow and slush off your car as well as traveling on those roadways tomorrow morning. it goes from snow to sleet to rain and freezing rain even in the city of boston. midday toll there could be a shot of some heavier rainfall and then it does wind down to drizzle and freezing drizzle. so that's why i think even tomorrow afternoon will keep it in the fair category because there are some signs there may be freezing around the metro
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if you are traveling this ago, rose are dry up until midnight. no issues. temperatures now cold certainly cold upper 20's to around 30 but farther south and west you notice new york city at 40 and d dc at 45 so there is milder air not that far away and this warm front is going to try to drag the mild air back up into new england and it will be a tough process near the ground but understand that warm air likes to climb up and over the cold air and once it gets air been that warm air, there is nothing to slow it down so warm air is going to find its way rather easily up into the clouds where the snowflakes are and then once that happens, they are no longer snowflakes. they will be sleet pellets so that's why we see this pink showing up toll morning as early as 6:00 a.m. in boston again it is snowing, overnight tonight through early tomorrow morning up until about 6:00 or 7:00 then a cold rainstorm city of boston south on the south shore of the south coast but the sleet and free rain going on for several hours metrowest worcester hills, southern new hampshire but even for a time up there it does wind
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and drizzle before we all get back into the freezing drizzle and drizzle tomorrow evening. so how much snow is on the way? a coating to an inch around the city. again, as you work down the south shore tomorrow likely a coat federal government that then into metrowest not that far one to three inches of snow likely. this will be a heavy, wet snow shoveling and plowing again. it will be a tough go. not the light and fluffy snow coming at us. keep in mind freeing rain and sleet on top of that snow. up along the mass-new hampshire border three to five inches of snow before transitioning over to some ice. ice build up on trees and power lines, it's going to happen fitchburg and worcester. you get into these numbers here and the trees and power lines are pretty good of they can handle themselves but in the red shading here east slope quarter of an inch or more. that's where you are most likely to have some power disruption of worcester county. card. when you say ice in worcester county you immediately go to 200 2008 and i accident think that's the case tomorrow. it is a messy day in new england
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temperatures in the upper 30's. wednesday also in the upper 30's 30's. see you at 11:00 with an update. update.. >> anchor: what's the most you have ever lost on a coin toss? shades of no country for old men yesterday in the meadowlands for the patriots their decision to kick the ball away costing them a chance to lock up the top spot in the afc. not often bill belichick makes a call that comes back to bite him but this trying to win the battle for field position goes the jets the pats head coach kept his all pro quarterback from ever touching the ball. a mistake that would pro fatal in the meadow plan. that's because pats defense which forces punts on the previous three drives allowed fitzpatrick to march the jets 80 yards for the gape winning score something the pats offense seemed unable to do based on their struggles all afternoon, all adding up to a relatively easy call for belichick what isn't changing his tune on the call today. seems like much ado but nothing for me of i don't
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what are we talking about here? like what is happening that depend happen or whatever. i don't know. but i clearly that was our best opportunity. that's why we did it. i didn't like the way it worked out. but to me that was the right decision at the time . we haven't exactly inspired our coach to throw our offense out there to say go score a town dunn and win the game. so i don't blame him. if we were playing a lot better offensively i'm sure his decision would have been different. >> reporter: things might have been different is vollmer didn't go down on the pats first series series. the big tackle carted off with what's being reporteds a sprained ankle. he is supposed to have an mri tid today and pats are hoping he is not lost for the year. they lost three straight and are already without torey krug, clawed jewel said it's day to day but the big every blow for the bruins is to their best offensive player. krejci woke to week with an upper body injury suffered last
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not disclosing the nature of the injury but bobby ryan saying he collided with him shoulder to shoulder. touch break who is tied from the team lead with 33 points and leads the black and gold for ice time among forwards. maybe that could speed up david foster knack's return to the big club. last year's first round pick skating in his first game at the world junior championship with the czech republic and lying the lamp on a would with remember play goal in a 2-0 win for the czech republic. on the flip side of the success spectrum the celtics are flying high. winners of four straight after taking out the knicks last night during that streak the beating opponents by an average of 10 and a half points per night the green team off until wednesday night when they host debbie bryant who is making his final stop at the garden. it appears the yankees have acquired a player from the reds three weeks after a deal fell through with the dodgers in
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