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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 29, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> sarah: winter is here. snow, sleet and rain making for a tricky morning commute. >> nancy: those sloppy conditions leading to crashes, as well as slowdowns. our team is tracking the conditions outside. >> announcer: this is "today in new england." >> nancy: after weeks of unusually warm weather, winter arriving in new england overnight. people all across the area waking up up to the first flakes of the season. good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm 7 news -- i'm nancy chen in for christa. >> sarah: we have a team of meteorologists tracking this storm, plus 7 news reporters are spread out giving you the best look at the conditions before you leave. it all depends on where you are. but it looks like the roads have cleared up just a little bit, j.r., from earlier this morning. >> jeremy: yes.
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we do have the winter weather advisory in effect for the areas shaded in purple. still in the city of boston until about 1:00. it will be a little bit later this afternoon, worcester hills and southern new hampshire for a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain leading to the poor travel. temperatures boston safely above 32. we're at 36. plymouth at 36. but over here worcester hills, merrimack valley, this is where the cold air is stuck. and it's going to be stuck for a couple more hours. and so the challenge is getting that rain to take over from the sleet and the freezing rain. and again sleet, those little ball bearings of ice, if you will, make that sound like ping, ping, ping, ping. that's the sleet going on. and then freezing rain, it's cloud. but then the surface of the earth is below 32. and so it freezes on contact. that's the concern. that's real treacherous when you have the freezing rain. sleet changing over to rain right now around the metro. rain on the south shore, as well as much of southeast mass. the doppler radar backs that up.
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it's been fighting back and forth here, even in the areas where we're showing you green. this is the radar. it's a powerful tool, but it's not perfect. and there are some pockets of some sleet still mixed in with the rain and then farther north, this pink here in the purple showing where you think it's just sleet and freezing rain. there are pockets of snow going on. so it's a real battle back and forth for a couple more hours until the rain does take over. but it's going to be a slow go. snow and sleet totals combined, again it's been snowing and sleeting, but predominantly just sleet. a couple inches of snow, sleet, hudson between 11 and 2 inches of snow and sleet. and the amount of snow and sleet on the way, again most of this is now done in sterms of -- in terms of snow. even its days are numbered. generally 1 to 2 inches of a snowy, sleety conditions. about 3, 3 1/2 inches of snow combined up north. farther south, from here on out,
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sleet, snow in the city of boston as well as the south shore, indicating where we do have the rain now taking over. so on top of the sleet and the snow, will be a brief period of some freezing rain. i think mostly confined into the worcester hills. .1 to a quarter of an inch of surfaces. trees and power lines. this should be okay right in here, in terms of not having widespread power disruption. but there could be a couple of localized instances where we do lose power briefly, worcester hills, southern new hampshire. i don't think it's an issue, though, around metro boston. bri? >> bri: the first snowfall -- >> jeremy: hey, everybody. i'm back. yes, bri microphone there. we talk about average date of the first measurable amount of
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that typically happens november 28th. but here this morning this is the fifth latest we have seen snow measured in the city of boston, going back to december 29th of this year. that was number five there. so the record stays into the books at january 13th, 2000. now temperatures moving the cold air out. that is going to happen thankfully. you notice even in the colder pockets of air, the numbers get above 32 as we approach lunchtime. so once we get to noon and throughout the afternoon, it's predominantly just a chilly rain, although i do think there will be pockets of freezing drizzle still in the river valley, as well as the merrimack valley. the cold air will not move anywhere any time soon. the numbers this afternoon in metro boston in the lower 40s. but there are signs the colder air may try to drain back down towards the city of boston. whatever drizzle we have this afternoon may return in the form of some freezing drizzle later on this evening. but travel conditions overall for everyone beginning to improve later this afternoon and
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>> nancy: time now for a check of the roads with marshall hook, he's in the traffic tracker in the city right now. >> reporter: yeah. it is a different picture now than it was when we got out here this morning. obviously pretty much only rain we're looking at at this point. but one of the problems this is creating on the road is off to the side we have the remnants of the snow and slush from earlier, which is block some of the storm drains. so as we've been driving down the drive, we've hit a number of puddles like that one that splashes up on the windshield. so standing water could be an issue. the temperature, according to the very meteorologically sound car thermometer, says it's 34 degrees right now. so just above freezing. but outside of the city, you could still be looking at some of those freezing temperatures. so slick roads, whether it be from slush or ice or what have you, still a concern out here. but because of the vacation week, we've seen lighter volume. that continues to be the case now.
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danielle gersh will tell us more about that. >> reporter: let's take a look outside at route 93. and this is heading into the city. you can see no major delays. but still a couple of minutes. let's go to the minutes. up towards andover, this is 93 southbound right at route 133. and then on 93 northbound, this is in wilmington, right at concord street. that is vehicle that spun out. we've been seeing a lot of today. so something to be very careful of. route 1 no delays there. 93 into the city, you're slow from the braintree split into boston on the expressway. 13 minutes. route 24 this was all red earlier. so this is looking much better. and then the pike a handful of issues out towards 495 and then you're stop-and-go into boston. let's take a live drive times. they don't look too bad. give yourself a lot more time than this. if you're taking the "t," still minor delays on the orange line. >> sarah: with the winter weather hitting as commuters venture out, the mbta says they
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now last year the "t" was pounded by the storms and couldn't keep up with the snow. 7's nicole oliverio live in worcester this morning with more on how things are going today. but not as much snow this morning, nicole? >> reporter: no. not a lot of problems this morning. so this is definitely a nice way to sort of ease into winter. right now we're sort of seeing the change over that jeremy was talking about with the rin rain. the snow that stuck on on the ground here became wet and heavy snow and that causes the problems for the mbta, is when they can't get that snow off of the rails. improvements for the pafl several months to try and make sure that what happened last winter does not happen again this year. they have sprayers on some of the red line, blue line, and orange line trains and also some de-icers to make sure that the third rail does not freeze up. passengers we spoke with today who are getting ready to take the train still say that it is a
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in and that so far, so good. >> it's good to have a storm to kind of actually put into practice the things we've been designing and planning, you know, going over the spring, summer and fall. now we're actually putting into practice. but being relatively minor event as far as winter weather goes, it's a good way to start and get our feet under us. >> reporter: now just a messy day for the morning commute. but without a lot of accumulation and with it being school vacation week, it's definitely a good way for the commuter rail system to make sure that they can be on track as the winter gets going. that's the latest. live in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7 news today in new england. >> sarah: crews all across the state have been out overnight, of course, treating those roads. >> nancy: yeah. salters and sanders all ready to roll as the snow continues falling in places like andover and that's where we find 7's kris anderson.
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>> reporter: things are going pretty well. we're in the merrimack valley. we're seeing a lot more snow than some other places closer to the city, where it's transitioned into other forms, like the ice and the sleet. but the snow, ice, sleet mixture continues to fall here. you're looking at 93 live, southbound into the city. and it seems to be moving relatively smoothly. so that's good, all things considered, because the roads were quite a mess today. december's whacky weather continues to change. >> from getting a tan last week to winter this week. >> reporter: mother nature giving us a reminder today that it is winter in new england. the boston area seeing its first snowfall of the season, throwing a bit of a wrench into people's morning plans. i'm looking in your hand. you realize it's snowing and you're holding an ice coffee. >> i always drink ice coffee all year round. here how are the roadways today? >> they suck. am i allowed to say that? >> reporter: you just did. just in time for the morning commute.
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safer on the snow than on almost a bear, when i went to the bear, i slid a little bit. >> reporter: drivers in andover taking it slow, while nearly 1,000 state crews worked to keep the roads as clear as possible. >> just go slow. you'll be fine. >> reporter: this five-car crash involving a state police s.u.v. in andover one of the many accidents this morning, as commuters get back into the swing of the winter weather. >> it wasn't too bad. the roads are a little slick. but, you know, you take your time and everything is great. >> reporter: it helps us get back into shape and prepare for bigger storms that are to come. tuck dig out your brush and your ice scraper and get that shovel up, get ready to do those deep knee bends. it's starting to pile up quite a wet snow. great for the kids who are home on winter break for christmas vacation. so they can throw those snowballs today and get outside and enjoy the weather before
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that's the latest here live in andover, kris anderson, 7 news today in new england. >> sarah: remember you can track the storm with our weather app. right now a woman is recovering from serious injuries in the hospital after she was pulled from a burning home in webster. when police arrived, they pulled the woman and several others trapped inside the multi-family home on granite street monday. two officers were treated and investigators are still trying fire. >> sarah: we're following breaking news from overseas. belgium police arrest twotd people who they believe were planning a terror attack on brussels on new year's eve. they found isis propaganda during several raids, but no weapons or explosives. authorities say the searches are not linked to last month's attacks in paris. breaking overnight. the texas teenager in the so called affluenza case has been found and will be turned over to u.s. marshals.
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ethan couch and his mother in mexico on monday. he disappeared after allegedly violating his probation. police say he was a drunk when he drove into and killed three people back in 2013. he avoided prison time after his lawyer argued he was unable to distinguish between right and wrong because of his privileged upbringing. >> nancy: ahead on today in new england, a drone getting too close to the presidential motorcade in hawaii, causing an unscheduled stop. >> sarah: plus, donald trump turns his attack towards a new hampshire newspaper. >> jeremy: sleet and freezing rain this morning. we'll sort it all out next. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to
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by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> nancy: welcome back on this tuesday morning. and, of course, we live in new england. we're new englanders. we've been here before. but it still hurt a little bit to take out my snow boots for the first time this season.
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how crazy it was. how warm it was on christmas and now then dealing with the mess this morning. >> jeremy: i know. it is nutty. you're totally right about that. and this is new england doing its thing. one day you're talking record highs and a few days later here's the rain-snow ribbon. here's the storm system coming at us as we speak. the good news, though, the worst is over. we're still going through some sleet at this time and a little bit of freezing rain. but you notice the green. so the rain beginning to make inroads up into eastern new england and at the same time here's the back edge of the whole storm itself. it's now getting into the hudson river valley. and so that will move east and once that moves across metro boston early this afternoon, the show is over. sobelling -- so bellingham this is a combination of slow and sleet totals, you do include sleet in the totals. bellingham 22 inches of snow. hudson 1.5 inches of snow. city of boston and worcester both under an inch of snow and
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just enough to make travel somewhat dicey. this is a winter weather advisory in effect for the remainder of the morning in the city. although that will expire around 1:00 and then later this afternoon, into the worcester hills. temps at this time 20s and 30s. the city at 36. norwood 34. plymouth 36. you notice match -- in in na -- there's likely to be a period of freezing rain happening for a short time later this afternoon. the warm air will not be denied. in now starting to charge in from the ocean. so the water, the air above that water also warm so that's also chewing into the cold air with temperatures into the worcester hills also expected to warm. so the snow and sleet forecast, most of this is done.
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sleet happening. most cities and towns a tenth of an inch build-up to a quarter of an inch of ice build-up and because of that, there could be some minor power disruption. but i don't think it's anything like 2008. nothing significant in terms of, you know, ice storm damage or anything like that. poor travel happening at this time. then as we work through the morning hours, the travel conditions will begin to improve, because you're talking going from sleet over to just plain rain. i think we're okay mid to late afternoon. because at that point it will be in a form of drizzle and a little bit of freezing drizzle. not because of any significant precipitation, but just for the fact that there could be some pockets of freezing drizzle happens in merrimack valley, 495 corridor and more so up through the new hampshire sea coast. so more on the storm, bri, this is your map, sorry, buddy. >> bri: no big deal. we've been inside since early this morning and everyone is coming in for the day shift and
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you need to prepare for that as well. just absolutely soaked. here's the set-up. this is what's been dictating the messy mix we've had. the warm air is moving in. we don't have the brunt of this storm. that passes off to our west. but the warm air is at the mid-layers of the atmosphere. it's basically upstairs for us. so we've really got to get the cold air out of its place and it really doesn't want to move. cold, dense air especially in worcester county, as j.r. mentioned, we will see the temperatures climb. but i think even this forecast model is a little fast at that. it may take until the early afternoon to get those temperatures for worcester and fitchburg and north of route 2 pushing that cold farther to the north of us. now i wanted to run through the model into the nighttime hours as well. we're in for the sloppy wet mess for the evening commute. temperatures generally speaking for most places will be above freezing. but as we head into the overnight hours, whatever is wet now will likely refreeze into early tomorrow morning. so something to pay attention to. wind direction now, as j.r. also
9:19 am
47-degree ocean waters. that's helping to change the sleet into rain. but it is fairly breezy in the city of boston. so that's wind-driven rain. wind chill down 21 degrees is what it feels like in worcester. it feels like 24 in boston and also for today, things getting a little bit better for this afternoon and this evening, as far as travel goes. but it's still a wet, sloppy mess for us. now warm decembers, we'll get to that later. 7 on 7 forecast showing the cold temperatures staying with us. boy, i'll tell you what, 2016 starting on a brr note. >> sarah: breaking overnight. the secret service stopped a man from flying a drone near president obama's motorcade while he was on vacation in hawaii. agents forced him to land the drone after they noticed it was flying on the same route as the motorcade. the pilot says he didn't know the president was in the area. no charges were filed. president obama went on to play a round of golf. >> nancy: now to the race for the white house. a busy day on the campaign trail in new hampshire.
9:20 am
bush will hold a town hall in petersboro, new hampshire. hillary clinton will be in portsmouth and berlin today. donald trump held a rally in nashua, where he lashed out at the state's largest newspaper. "union-leader" published an editorial calling him a bully , whose campaign insults the intelligence of the voters. >> you have a very dishonest newspaper up here. it's also a failing newspaper. it's going down the tubers. so here, you can have it. that's all it's worth. a piece of garbage. >> sarah: last month the "union-leader" endorsed new jersey governor chris christie for president. up next, frantic calls from young boy scouts just feet away from a bear. here how they helped police find and rescue their pack leader before he was killed. >> sarah: and welcome winter. the first snow of the season is falling across parts of new england. so the timing of this winter weather could not be worse for
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. >> sarah: now hearing the calls for helps that boy scouts made when the troop leader was mauled by a bear in a cave. the group was hiking in the woods when the troop leader went into that cave, where the bear
9:24 am
>> a bear is in the cave with him. >> he can't get out because of where the bear is? >> i think the bear is on top of him. >> guys, on three everyone is going to yell hellok you hear us? i see the helicopter. he'll make it out of this alive. i love you guys. >> none of the boy scouts were hurt. thank goodness. and the troop leader is expected to be okay. >> nancy: it is so heartbreaking to hear the fear in their voices. everyone made it out safely. coming up on 7 news today in new england, thousands of dollars worth of materials stolen from a construction site. the person of interest police are looking for. sar and if you've headed out this morning, you know the roads are slick as the first flakes came down this morning. more on this winter weather
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>> sarah: we're following breaking news in boston. police on the scene of a double shooting in mattapan. this is happening on willmore street. we're told one person has life-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made at this time. we have a crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you the latest updates as soon as we get them. >> nancy: new this morning, officers in boston are asking for help in identifying a person of interest in connection with a robbery at a construction site earlier this month. investigators say the person seen in these photos broken into the construction site on nashua street december 14th and stole $20,000 in copper welding cable. >> sarah: all right. it is 9:27 right now. stay with us. we'll be right back after the
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>> nancy: ready or not. winter is here. the first flakes of the season falling on new england overnight. >> sarah: you know what that means, of course, a mess on the roads. just as commuters were heading to work this morning. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> sarah: 9:30. thank you for stay with us. so let's take a live look again outside at the roads. this is in andover. state police reporting several accidents this morning, urging people to take it slow on their way to work. crews, of course, were out all night, all this morning to make sure those roads were clear. and we'll have a full traffic update in just a minute. first, let's send it over to jeremy reiner with more on this. it looks like it's still coming down out there, j.r.? >> jeremy: yes, right now we have bands of sleet and rain and leftover snow. so from here on out, it's
9:29 am
rain and then just plain old rain metro boston and on the south shore. snow and sleet total agains, groveland 3 1/2 inches. atkinson, new hampshire, 3 inches of snow. danvers a couple inches of snow, sleet. drake at 1 1/2 inches. winter weather advisory in effect leading to poor travel conditions out there. because of the hodgepodge of winter weather that we are seeing, boston 36. plymouth at 36. so this is good news here. bedford now at 33. the warmer air again warmer if you compare this to last christmas day, no, it's not warm at all, j.r., you don't have to worry about freezing rain. making inroads into metro west. so worcester now up to 30. fitchburg 27. nashua 25. still a couple of pockets of sleet and freezing rain. you notice now the frozen line, if you will, of the rain and the freezing rain and sleet. that's being pushed farther to the northwest.
9:30 am
a lot of warm air, and that's why we saw several hours of sleet early this morning. versus the snow. and that's what we still have going on in merrimack valley. farther south it's rain and some locally heavy rain for the next couple of hours. farther to the west, you notice as you work back towards hartford and water bury, it shuts down. so we'll track this rain for you for a couple of hours. i think into the afternoon, it's just pretty much just drizzle and pockets of freezing drizzle along the mass-new hampshire border and some of that freezing drizzle may find its way back into metro boston later on this evening. but essentially road conditions will start to improve from here. snow, sleet totals again. this is pretty much done. an inch or so of snow and sleet, a little bit more up across the mass and new hampshire border, as you saw groveland and atkinson about 3, 3 mother natures -- 3 1/2 inches of snow, sleet. bri. >> bri: maybe just sort of sitting there, we remember last winter, so what are we in for this winter.
9:31 am
definitively what we're expecting for the entire snowfall season. we did crunch numbers here as far as records go. and we're going to finish off this december as the warmest december on record, so what did the other top three warm decembers look like as far as seasonal snow totals went? they were in the teens. so just some food for thought. not saying that's what we're going to get. that's what's happened in the past. now talking about the temperature. j.r. mentioned it's hard to get the cold air out of here. now while the forecast model pushes worcester county above the freezing mark by # is p.m., -- freezing mark by 1:00 p.m., it but we are expecting the temperatures to climb above the freezing mark throughout the bay state as we get into the afternoon. that's why we're left with more of a wet mess, rather than a white mess. shoveling. also a bit of a breeze, boston. winds. a breeze in bedford. plymouth as well. coming off of warm ocean waters, at least relatively warm. that will help with the change over to rain.
9:32 am
along with the real-feel temperatures in the 20s. so make sure that you bundle up today and bring that rain gear, snow gear with you for sure. we'll continue to track this as we move through this 9:00 hour. >> nancy: and time now for a look at the roads. we've been talking about what a mess they were earlier today. here's marshall hook. he's traveling the roads in the traffic tracker near newton corner. it looks like some slush on the roots out there, marshall? >> reporter: yeah. we were on the pike, the pike was looking pretty good. so we've come out here on the surface streets to show you that there is still some dicey road situation. but you're really going to have to come to the tertiary roads to find it. and even in this case, while there's definitely some slush in the middle and off to the sides of the the road, for the most part since we've turned over to rain, things are moving pretty well at this point. you will find some of that standing water, because that's slush off to the sides blocking some of the storm drains. so we have hit lots of puddles and that's one of the things you'll still want to watch out on the big roads as well.
9:33 am
at high speed. live from behind behind the wheel of the traffic tracker, marshall hook, 7 news today in new england. >> bri: thank you, marshall. this is the pass way. definitely less incidents than we had out there this morning. so if you're getting ready to hit the roads, still proceed with caution, but it's not as much of a mess out there from expressway. just ten minutes. the pike from framingham to 495, you're still crawling. we had an earlier accident that just cleared. from 128 into boston on the pike, looking pretty good. let's head north of town, still a slow drive from 495 to 122 on route 28. route 1 looks pretty good, too. let's take a look at the drive times. the expressway, the braintree split to the tunnel into boston, ten minutes into. town on the pike from 128, 12 minutes.
9:34 am
you still want to be extra careful out there. back to you guys. >> sarah: with the winter weather hitting as commuters really start to venture out, the mbta says they are prepared. >> sarah: so last year the "t" was pounded by the storms and could not keep up with all of the snow. 7's nicole oliverio is in worcester with the very latest. nicole? >> reporter: well, the mbta for months has been making improvements, hoping that when the winter hits, they would be ready. now just take a look at the roadways here in worcester, we're now starting to see the change over to rain. it's starting to feel a little bit warmer. so the roads are sort of warming up and all that slush and ice is starting to get away. and the mbta for the most part to ease into winter, if you're going to get some sort of snowfall, this is what they were hoping for, just to make sure there weren't any initial problems on the rails. so far this morning, so far, so good. now the mbta adam williams new anti-ice sprayer and that's going to coat the third rail with a solution. according to the "t," they also have two rains on the red line that will be equipped with the
9:35 am
blue and orange line trains. now here in worcester with the commuter rail, we spoke with many passengers who say they definitely wanted to opt for the "t," as opposed to trying to hit the roads during rush hour. >> we came from a little bit west of here. and the driving was terrible. we got on the highway and we were like happy that we're going to take the train in. >> reporter: and no problems here in worcester and for the most part the mbta was on time. there was a switch problem with morning. they managed to fix that. so a good start as we get ready for winter. that's the latest live in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> sarah: is crews have been out overnight treating the roads. >> nancy: very busy. the salters and sanders are ready to roll as the snow continue falling in places like andover. that's where 7's christa delcamp -- kris anderson is this morning. kris, how are things looking out there?
9:36 am
in a lot of places. it's continued to fall quite steadily. good news is the sun is out and you can see the asphalt, the black top there on i-93 southbound. it looks relatively clear. cars seem to be moving with no problems here, no real backups or delays or anything. we were out here throughout the morning commute, during the rush hour and there were the typical backups, the volume backups you see going into boston, but nothing more than that. here's a look at the snow we're dealing with here. it's thick, heavy snow. great for packing together and throwing snowballs, practice, throw at my photographer. there he's good target practice as we get used to it. so it's going to be great for the kiddos as they head out today. oh, he fires back. it will be great for the kiddos on their winter break right now. they can get out and enjoy this winter weather before heading back to school. another good thing is you get to enjoy some coffee. i actually spoke with a young woman who was walking out of the dunkin' donuts with a big ice
9:37 am
it's snowing out. she said, look, it's ice coffee. i drink it year round. i can't get over it. it leaves me to ask you guys, what do you do in the winter time? hot coffee, is it ice coffee, is it both? >> >> i do hot. and kris, i have decided that if you grew up in new england, because any photographers who are from here, i think this is what they do. i did a poll on twitter. right now 60% of people say ice coffee. 40% say hot. >> nancy: you know. i don't care if it's ice, if it's warm, if it's lukewarm and gross and cold, as long as it has caffeine, i'm good. >> sarah: that's how she makes it through the day. all right. thanks, kris. thanks so much. >> nancy: and remember you can track this storm with our 7 weather app. just go to your app store and download it for any weather updates. >> sarah: all right. still ahead this morning, it's snowing today. but this winter has been nothing so far compared to last year.
9:38 am
this morning we are taking a look back at these stories that 2015. >> sarah: and injuries taking a toll on the patriots. >> jeremy: sleet and rain for the rest of the morning.
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>> sarah: welcome back. 9:42. it was really coming down this morning. the roads have cleared a little bit. you still want to take it slow. >> nancy: still a little messy, j.r. >> jeremy: that's the case for the next couple of hours, nancy chen, with the winter weather advisory through the middle part of the day, city of boston. it's going to hold on a little bit longer through the route 2 corridor, merrimack valley. new hampshire sea coast because of the cold air will hold on a little longer. poor travel, although as we move forward, road conditions will improve. snow and sleet totals generally 11 to -- 1 to 3 inches of snow. a couple of cases where you're talking 3, 3 1/2 inches of a combination of snow and sleet. right now in boston, 36. plymouth at 37. hyannis at 38. east wind coming off that warm ocean water, that is snowflake crypto night and that will continue to move westward. the warm ir up -- air up in the clouds.
9:41 am
jaffrey at 26. pockets of sleet mixed in with the rain and then you head farther north, gardner and townsend and fitchburg and then working up through the merrimack valley, westford perhaps a little bit of sleet and freezing rain. also the case in the worcester hills, farther north again, even pockets of snowflakes possible as well. although the atmosphere having a hard time producing the snowflakes, because it is warmer in those clouds. and the back edge of the weather system, the whole thing does shut down once you get to the connecticut river valley, hartford and springfield and waterbury, nothing happening out there. pockets of drizzle and freezing drizzle. it is a weather system that's moving along at a good pace and it's moving closer to us, trying to warm things up. the center of the storm is over here. and so that will head down the st. lawrence river valley, putting us into the warm side of the storm. we've started with wintry precipitation. but for boston and south, it now becomes just a rain storm and
9:42 am
notice a rain-sleet line gets shoved up into southeast new hampshire. the cool air may try to come back this evening. we'll see the precipitation wind afternoon. but there are likely to be lingering pockets of freezing drizzle, as well as a drizzle around the metro late this afternoon and this evening. in terms of ice build-up, not overly concerned about power disruption, but any time you have the potential to build up a quarter of an inch of ice, there may be some my for power outage fitchburg and jaffrey and nashua. not an issue once you head into metro west and downtown boston. bri? >> bri: yeah, j.r. thank you. you were talking about coffee early, ice coffee may have been your choice. great job since you've been up since late yesterday. thank you. the areas see the arelation --accretion of ice happening.
9:43 am
this whole system, again the center of it off to the west, moving through the midwest. but for us this is all a cross section of the atmosphere. it's timing and temperature that's been really key here, with the warm layer that's edging in in the middle layers of the atmosphere and upstairs. so you get the snowflakes that come out of the clouds, but they snowflake. and so they either freeze into sleet on their which down, those are the pingers that we were talking about. you can hear it on the windows. or it stays super cool water droplets and freezes upon contact with a frozen surface. and that's when you get freezing rain, that's when you get the ice that's actually accreting and accumulating on a surface. we do have a bit of a breeze out there as well, as j.r. mentioned. wind coming off of 47-degree ocean temperatures. that's going to try to melt those sleet pellets and change it to all rain. it does feel chillier than freezing out there. we've got wind chills in the 20s right now. 21 what it feels like in worcester.
9:44 am
on the layers for today. travel today bad for the morning, but it stays a little tricky even into the evening commute. while it is better and less slick, we still wet, sloppy mess out there and with the temperatures dropping below freezing, some of those colder spots outside of 495 overnight on the, what is wet now will likely be refreezing. this is a lot of water with this system. so you want to watch out for the areas of ice as you head in tomorrow morning as well. here's a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. well, we get a boost in temperatures on thursday. boy, look at how we kick off 2016. only topping out at 30 degrees next monday. >> sarah: and boston, new england area in general dominated headlines both locally and national in 2015. to a record-setting, frustrating and brutal winter. kim khazei looks back at the year had -- in local news in today's 7 top 7. >> reporter: 2015. >> oh, look at this. 24 inches in peabody, natick 24 inches of snow.
9:45 am
>> i'm top of the huge snow pile. >> reporter: more than 9 feet fell in boston. and on the coast -- >> many people forced to vac kate their homes because it's too dangerous. >> you can see this is a very angry ocean. >> reporter: millions stayed inside glued to their tvs. >> the wind really cranking up. >> reporter: many were stranded because the "t" trains couldn't get through. >> there's cancellations all over the place. it's crazy. >> so, yes. what happened here it would have taken anybody down. >> reporter: the day after this emotional press conference, mbta general manager beverly scott resigned. boston's main snow pile didn't melt until late july. several accused killers were brought to justice in 2015. >> guilty of murder in the frederica. >> reporter: aaron hernandez guilty of killing lloyd. >> the former patriots sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: jurors deliberated for a week after hearing a mountain of evidence and convicted the former football star.
9:46 am
>> i forgive the hands of the people that had a hand in my son's murder. >> reporter: in may, dzhokar tsarnaev got the death to for the marathon bomb. >> it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. >> we are not intimidated by acts of terror. >> reporter: he showed almost no emotion in the trial, until the end when he said he was sorry. >> danvers high school student phillip chism found guilty of the rape and murder of his math teacher. her family spoke out. >> despite the immense loss, we're forced to endure, we will carry on. >> reporter: 2015 had some setting their sights on olympic dreams. >> the u.s. olympic committee picks us for the bid to host the 2024 olympics. >> reporter: but projected costs led the city to pull the plug. >> i refuse to mortgage the future of the city away. i refuse to put boston on the hook for overruns. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the casino era in
9:47 am
kicked off this year in plainville. resort casinos are under springfield. 2015 was also the year we bella bond. it is horrifying. police say it is possible that her body washed ashore. >> reporter: for months we knew her as baby doe. >> this child whose very name means beauty was murdered. >> reporter: and now her mother and her mother's boyfriend are facing charges. >> we begin with breaking news. a runaway train on the red line. >> reporter: the year ended as this. time a subway train without a driver sped down the tracks out board. speed. it went from like 5 miles per hour to 30 and just kept going and going and going. >> reporter: "t" supervisors cut the power, which didn't help at first. >> we asked them was it still moving, it was. >> reporter: eventually the
9:48 am
the driver responsible injured his leg and is facing termination. but it was the winter that wouldn't quit. that new england will remember most about 2015. >> on the andy hiller looks at the most important moments in politics in 2015. stay with us. we'll be right back after this
9:49 am
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> nancy: the patrioties locked up a first round bye, but they deal with injuries to starting players an tom brady talked about it last night during his weekly interview with westwood one. >> we've had a lot of bad luck this year. i think, you know when someone falls on the back, like what happened to bass, yes, those things are tough to avoid. it's frustrating to see guys go off, especially carted off. we had so many of those over the last six, seven weeks. had some pretty major injuries on offense. we know we don't have to play in
9:51 am
which is good. >> nancy: by the way, volemar was the latest starter to get hurt. he was injured sunday. he had an m.r.i. on monday. it's be believed he has a sprained ankle. >> sarah: right now the patriots or the broncos will be the top seed in the afc playoffs. denver had a chance to win in regulation, but brandon has the field goal attempt wasn't even close. he did redeem himself in o.t. hitting a 37-yard field goal. denver's defense then recovered a fumble on cincinnati's possession. broncos won 20-17. the pats still control their own destiny for home field advantage if they beat miami on sunday, they'll earned top seed. and coming up next, a final look at the weather this morning. >> nancy. a live look outside now where the wintry mix caused quite a mess on the roads. it's clearing up a little bit, though. john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes.
9:52 am
his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. only an impatient rascal can bring america back. new day for america is
9:53 am
>> welcome back. it was such a mess out there this morning. but it looks like it's improving a little bit. y , jeremy reiner with a final check of weather now. >> jeremy: here's the good news. this is the back edge of the weather system. drier air will start to shut down our wintry precipitation. a winter storm, of course, not a black -- blockbuster. why don't we ease into winter. right now boston 37. worcester 31. jaffrey at 23. traveling again it's still somewhat poor right now with sleet and freezing rain and then transitioning over to rain middle part of the day before ending as drizzle for the remainder of the day, as well as this evening. with temperatures this afternoon middle and upper 30s. there may be pockets of freezing drizzle returning to boston, late this evening and overnight on the. we'll have a complete rundown on the storm today at noon. >> i like that idea.
9:54 am
>> makes they think of the wiz. ease on down the road. >> there's more of "the today show" straight ahead. have a great morning. take it easy out there. we'll see you back here for 7 news at noon. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people,
9:55 am
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