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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  December 29, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> sarah: winter weather finally here. snow, sleet, and rain creating headaches all across massachusetts. especially this morning. the winter weather has been a dangerous mix for drivers. there have been accidents all over the place today. just look at. this we have a team of meteorologists, though, tracking this storm. >> nancy: 7 news reporters are spread out across the state. >> chris: not a ton of snow. certainly, enough to make a mess out there.
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at times early this morning. taking a look. winter weather advisory still in effect north and west of 95. closer to the coastline, it has been canceled. i expect some slow-going still to the north and to the west of the city of boston. atkinson, new hampshire, four and a half inches of snow. fitchburg, 2.8. you get the theme here. mass.-new hampshire border, three to four inches of snow. danvers coming in at. two boston, just you should an inch of snow. these numbers is where we stay. i don't expect to add much additional snow to the forecast here. what you see is what you get for some snow and sleet accumulation. the let is across northern massachusetts up into southern new hampshire. we take a look at current temperatures. east wind off the warm ocean waters. that will do it in the city of boston. look at this. 26 degrees in lawrence. 21 in portsmouth, new hampshire. there is a lot of low-level very dense cold air just to the north of us. some of this is draining back right now toward the merrimack valley.
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merrimack river is where that front is setting up. you go north of the new hampshire-massachusetts border, and it is in the low 20's. south of it into the mid-30's. the big question this afternoon is how fast does some of this cold air drain back down across northeastern massachusetts. certainly, experiencing some freezing rain and sleet out there in fitchburg as we continue to see the radar showing that. with the precipitation continuing to move in. but this is the back edge of the storm in terms of the most steady precipitation out there. the steadiest. from boston north up toward andover and then down south down route. toward marshfield. i expect the precipitation to tamer off here. over the next two to three hours. however, there is still enough low-level moisture in place we could be dealing with pockets of freezing drizzle as some of the cold air sinks back to the south. across northeastern massachusetts later this afternoon. into this evening. i would watch out for slippery spots later today. even north of the city of boston. temperatures now well above freezing. by day's end, we may fall back below freezing.
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freezing this evening. we will watch for a glaze here closer to the city of boston. perhaps this evening. a little bit of freezing drizzle. wind direction has been everything with this storm. the changeover, now, this is a good breeze in boston. 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds. breezy out on the cape as well. and a light breeze as we get into bedford. expect that to continue throughout the day. it is not a strong enough wind, though, to really dry up the roads. so keep that in mind, too. chris mentioned the cold air draining back. in we could see some areas of ice into tomorrow morning. that breeze is also taking our windchill readings down. these are not the air temperatures. this has nothing to do with where we see the water freeze back into ice. this just has to do with the real feel outside. so it feels like 22 in worcester. feels like 19 in fitchburg. if you have a new parka for christmas, you are one of the lucky ones.
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taper off this afternoon. drizzle. pockets of freezing drizzle as well. we mentioned the icy spots. mainly northwest of 495. if that cold air manages to really seat back down, overnight tonight, we could actually see more areas that see the ice for tomorrow morning. remember, this is a lot of water. depending on how much snow you got. water content all across the area. between one inch, an inch and a half of water. what is wet now will likely refreeze overnight tonight with the exception of southeast massachusetts. now, just to put it in perspective for you, maybe some food for thought. we will wrap up as the warmest december on record. how did the other warm decembers rank as far as seasonal snowfall totals? in the teens. just putting it out there. we will be back in a few minutes. >> nancy: how are things looking on the roads, danielle? >> danielle: still some messy spots out there. some rain-drops on the camera. this is the expressway.
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let's go to the maps now. we do have an overturned vehicle. this is route 3 northbound at 53 and hanover. that's south of town. again, route 3 northbound there from the braintree split into boston on the expressway. just nine minutes. out in worcester, hi to, on the pike, westbound, this is right at route 122. we have an overturned oil truck on its side. that is causing delays on the pike back to 495. if you are heading out to worcester, keep that in mind. the rest of the pike looks good. on route 2, though, we have a car in the woods. this is route 2 westbound at taylor road. 93 southbound and route one heading into boston, both looking pretty good. let's take look at those drive times if you are getting ready to head out the door this morning. they don't look bad. give yourself more time than this. roads are still slick out there. if you are taking the "t," we still have some delays. accident. back to you guys.
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ice slowing things down in andover, chelmsford and groveland. accidents took a toll on the morning rush. the merrimack valley getting the jackpot for snow totals. kris anderson is live with a look at the snowy scene there. hey, kris. >> kris: lucky me, sarah. i won the jackpot. right? the commuters had to take their time this morning. you still need to. sleet, freezing rain continues to fall now. you see traffic moving along smoothly, though. it is not cause any back-ups or delays. you can't really see it from here. i want to show you closer. what's up underneath the snow. it looks like it's just snow covering it. but with the mixture of ice and sleet and all of this stuff, it's the slushy mess. stuff you would make snow cones out of. though probably not off the ground of a parking lot. that slushy mess makes things slick and slippery. it would help add to this morning's mess.
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continues to change. >> mother nature remaining us all today that it is winter in new england. the boston area seeing its first snowfall of the season, giving people with the week off some work to do outside. >> i just bought a brand new snow-blower. i was looking forward to seeing how it worked. that was kind of exciting. >> kris: those who did have to work forced to deal with the snow, slight, and ice mixture, making a mess of the roadways this morning. how are the roadways this morning? >> oh, they suck. am i allowed to say that? >> kris: you just did. commuters and residents get back into the swing of winter weather and prepare for what's ahead. >> this is really heavy snow. the technique is just to get a little bit at a time so you don't hurt your back so early in the season. >> kris: that wouldn't be good to. hurt your back this early in the season.
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and he is right. as the snow changes over to sleet and freezing rain, it gets heavy. slushy snow. you want to take your time. bend with your knees. so you don't throw the back out. so you are ready for the next round of winter weather when it comes roaring through. that is the story out here live from andover, kris anderson, 7 news. >> nancy: kris, thank you. always thinking ahead. a lot of commuters wondering how the m.b.t.a. is doing today. this storm is the first challenge of the winter. the agency trying to recover and regain the confidence of commuters after last winter's massive problems. nicole oliverio is in worcester now with a look at how they are faring. >> reporter: well no problems today along the m.b.t.a. obviously, there wasn't a lot of snow. last year we got hit storm after storm. the m.b.t.a. wanted to be ready this year and put some
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beginning this morning. today's weather, a gentle nudge of a reminder that it is winter. and the few inches of snow, a good test for the m.b.t.a.. as it looks to start off the season on the right track. >> it was fine. yeah. right on time and everything. really smooth. >> reporter: last winter's record snow froze tracks and flared riders' tempers. the "t" spent the past few months making improvements. crews added a new anti-ice sprayer to coat the third rail with a solution. trains along the red, blue, and orange lines will be equipped with the sprayers. >> we ran our deicing trains overnight on both the red and the orange line. to make sure that we could start the morning commute with a good ice-free third rail. >> we came from a little bit west of here. the driving was terrible. we got on the highway.
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going to take the train in. >> the kids thought it would be a great adventure to take the commuter rail today. >> nancy: there are some cancellations on the big board. officials at logan airport are asking passengers to check with their airline for any information about their specific flights. now, remember, track this storm with our 7 weather app. go to your app store and download it for weather updates. >> sarah: boston police on the scene of a shooting. officers say two men were shot. one of those victims is in critical condition. and police say the person who fired the shots is on the run. jonathan hall live from
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jon? >> reporter: i'm standing in the middle of the street. the street remains closed as boston police continue their investigation. the shooting happened right up there at if crest of the hill. one of the young men is in critical condition. he was shot in the upper body and is being treated at the boston medical center. the shots rang out just before 9:00 a.m. on wellmore street in mattapan. a short distance from blue hill avenue. the main drag. two young men, one in his late teens, one in his early 20's, were rushed to boston hospitals after being shot. >> it was two guys laying in the street. one was yelling. like, he was really in pain. someone was standing over him. they were on the phone. calling police. and they were yelling at the top of their lungs, too. then all the police cars came, the ambulance came. it was a mess. >> reporter: the victims were walking up the street when they were confronted by one or more people in a car, possibly a black acura.
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another victim or suspect in we called in our tactical units. building. it came up negative. >> reporter: several streets in the area are closed to traffic. residents are free to leave. people are not being allowed in by the crime tape. we found investigators carrying bags of i was... evidence up the street. >> you know, we are working the case. we need the public's help to try to solve this. >> reporter: commissioner evans says boston police welcome anonymous tips to the crime-stoppers tip line. the second young man who was hit. >> sarah: the so-called affluenza teen is in custody in mexico. officials say he will be turned over to u.s. marshals.
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violating his probation. police say he was drunk when he drove into and killed four people in 2013. he avoided prison time afterhis lawyer argued he didn't know the difference between right and wrong because of his privileged upbringing. so this boy and his mother allegedly planned their entire disappearance. tonya couch will likely face charges of hindering and apprehension. she is being detained along with her son there. a press conference was just held and police explained how they found the two. >> what we suspected all along had happened. they had planned to disappear. that they even had something that was almost akin to a going-away party before they left town. our suspicion that his mother was assisting him and helping him has been proven true. and so we followed those leads where they were taken into
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>> sarah: prosecutors say the two will be deported to the u.s. to face charges. and there is more breaking news. this out of alaska. a small plane crashes into a building in anchorage. crews are on the scene right now, roping off this area. a fire official says it looks like the building was not occupied at the time. witnesses say the wreckage was engulfed in flames. there is no information on any injuries or deaths at this time. as soon as we get more information, of course, we will pass it along to you. >> nancy: a woman recovering from serious injuries after she was pulled from a burning home in webster. when police arrived, they pulled the woman from this multi-family home on grant street monday. two officers were treated and released for smoke inhalation. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of that fire. the f.b.i. and boston police say an anonymous threat against city is not credible. someone threatened violence against boston to a 911 dispatcher in new york city on monday.
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however, though, as a precaution, police will be stepping up patrols at events with large crowds, including first night celebrations in copley square on thursday. and coming up on 7 news at noon, donald trump turning his attacks toward a new hampshire newspaper. >> sarah: a drone gets too close to the presidential motorcade in hawaii, causing an unscheduled stop. >> chris: snow, sleet, and freezing rain. this afternoon, we will taper off the precipitation.
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>> sarah: welcome back. we have seen much, much worse here in new england when it comes to storms: still, it hurts a little bit when you have to go to the back of the closet and take out the snow boots for the first time. >> nancy: especially after we
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on christmas. >> chris: hey, welcome to new england. 70 degrees on christmas eve. then four days later, you bring out the winter boots. maybe the new ones that santa left you. you slosh through the sleet and slush and snow that we had this morning. and still continue to have. especially north and west of boston. 39 in the city. 40 in plymouth. look at. this 25 in nashua, new hampshire. 3 in bedford. if you look real close across the merrimack valley, literally, right on top of the merrimack river, stretching across the massachusetts-new hampshire border, there is much colder air on the temperatures in the upper teens and lower 20's. this air is dense. and it is almost like molasses. trying to cross the merrimack river and sink to the south. well below the freezing mark now in newburyport as well. still above at ipswich over to rockport and reading. the cold air holds true from fitchburg to sterling. so this is the area that is most susceptible to freezing rain over the next few hours. meanwhile, south of 495 down into the boston metro area, it
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at this time. you see the extension of precipitation does break apart. once you get your way west of 91. the steadiest precipitation within the next two to three hours. patchy freezing drizzle after. that basically, from newburyport, stretching all the way back to the her mcvalley to methuen and lawrence, we have some freezing rain and some sleet pellets ongoing right now. that stretches out toward leominster as well. and just north of the city of worcester. then inside from hopkinton, east toward the coastline, a plain old rain. essentially, what happens is this wave of low pressure along a front that is south of us slides to the east. as it does so, the winds will have a tendency later on today to bend more out of the north. once that happens, we will get more momentum with some of the cold air across northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. early this evening, late this afternoon, northth shore, maybe even the city of boston, by dark, temperatures closing back in on the freezing mark. i wouldn't be surprised to see more slippery spots out there
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a little bit of patchy drizzle leftover. freezing drizzle. you know what? it is enough to give you a glaze and to have a refreeze on some of the sidewalks and untreated surfaces. winds right now, 21 miles an hour in the city of boston. wide range in temperatures this afternoon. how about this tonight? 22-36 degrees. we go into new year's eve. it looks quiet in the city of boston. midnight temperatures, first night, in the 30's. cool. we have had much colder. guys? >> sarah: all right, chris. thank you. drone dangers: a high-flying device gets too close for vacation. the secret service stepping in. it is a hot gift. but one hoverboard got a
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>> nancy: the secret service stopping a man with a drone in hawaii. the man was flying the drone too close to the president's motorcade. agents forced him to land that drone after they noticed it was flying on the same route as the motorcade on monday. the pilot says he didn't know the president was in the area and no charges were filed. president obama is vacationing in hawaii for the holiday break. now to the race for the white house. a busy day on the campaign trail in new hampshire. republican jeb bush is holding a town hall tonight in
12:23 pm
hillary clinton will hold town hall meetings in portsmouth and berlin today. meantime, donald trump back in new hampshire last night. he held a rally in nashua. he lashed out at the state's largest newspaper. the union leader published an editorial calling him a bully. whose campaign insults the intelligence of the voters. >> we have a very dishonest newspaper up here. it is also going down the tubers. you can have it. that is all it's worth. a piece of garbage. >> nancy: last month, the union leader endorsed chris christie for president. >> sarah: next on 7 news, frantic calls from young boy scouts feet away from a bear. how they helped police find and rescue their pack leader before he could be killed. hoverboard horror caught on camera. this year's hot holiday gift goes up in flames at a mall in
12:24 pm
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>> nancy: we are hearing calls for help from new jersey boy scouts. >> the bear is on top of him. >> nancy: chilling moments while their skoult-master was being mauled by this bear. that troop leader went into the cave. little did he know that cave was not empty. >> where is the emergency? >> my scout-master walked into a cave and a bear is in the qaif him. >> reporter: an urgent call from one of three young boy scouts after their scout leader con fronts a black bear while on a hike. >> is he, like, he can't get out because of where the bear is or is he too injured? >> yeah. the bear is on top of him. my scout-master suggested that we get food to lure the bear
12:27 pm
off a trail in new jersey near a reservoir. to try and help rescuers find them, the scouts came up with an idea. >> do you want us to make a signal fire? >> yes. start a fire. >> 911. where is the emergency? >> split rock reservoir. i was mauled by a bear. >> where are you bleeding? >> left arm. left leg. neck and head. >> reporter: authorities assure the boys that searchers were in the area. >> on three, everyone is going to yell hello. can you hear us? i see the helicopter! i see the helicopter! >> all right. he see it is helicopter. >> reporter: the victim was air-lifted to a local hospital. his injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. because the scout leader intruded into the bear's space, the department of environmental protection has spared the bear's life.
12:28 pm
into flames inside a shopping mall near houston. shoppers heard a loud bomb and saw the toy on fire at a kiosk on monday. a worker put out those flames with a fire extinguisher. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> nancy: much more to come in the next half hour of 7 news. we will take a final look at weather with chris. >> chris: we will. certainly, a messy mix out there this morning. some of that continues early this afternoon. what about some cold air and refreeze late this afternoon
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>> sarah: a live look at braintree to braintree split. rain still coming down. today we have had snow, sleet, rain creating headaches all
12:31 pm
that makes it problematic for a lot of people on the roadways today. >> nancy: a lot of accidents out there. we will get a check on the roads in a little bit. let's talk about the latest conditions outside. here is chris lambert. >> chris: it was all about the timing this morning. with an inch of snow and sleet in the braintree area. then going over to rain. but enough to create the morning commute mess area-wide throughout much of southern new england. you take a look. the winter weather advisery still in effect. snow-sleet totals. atkinson, new hampshire, four and a half. groveland came in at 3.5. basically, along the massachusetts-new hampshire border, that is where we saw the most snow. these numbers are going to hold true. this is the general theme here of what went on. one to two with this light blue shading area. then the 3's and 4's were up across the merrimack valley up into southern new hampshire. this dense cold air at the
12:32 pm
drain back to the south ever so slowly. not the case in boston, though, right now. 39 in boston. 41 in marshfield. these numbers provide some rainfall along the coastline. it is freezing rain. just on and north and west of 495. at this time. a closer view of that. essentially, from newburyport. stretching right down that 495 stretch. back in close to methuen. and lowell and lawrence. we have some freezing rain. temperatures in the low 20's. just on the other side of the merrimack valley. st up into southern new hampshire. leominster through northern worcester county, seeing some freezing rain and sleet also. back edge of the precipitation, almost with us. the steadiest will be over with in the next one to two however, as we go through the afternoon, still tapers off to just some spotty drizzle. and spotty freezing drizzle. this is where most of the issues are going to be. merrimack valley, into now, that cold air will drain back south later this afternoon and into the early
12:33 pm
i do expect icy spots and refreeze even closer to the boston area. wind direction has been everything with this storm system. are talking about. or even a blizzard. not a big powerhouse storm. we got a piece of the big powerhouse storm that head off to our west. we have a breeze out there. and because that wind has been coming off of ocean waters that are 47 degrees, it's chewing away at the ice and sleet. and turned it to rain very quickly across the coastline. so that is helpful. it is kryptonite for our snowflakes and sleet pellets. windchill, though, it is taking the real feel of these temperatures into the teens for fitchburg. of course, where that cold air is draining back in as well, it feels like 14 in lawrence. feels like 16 in nashua. so plan ahead for. that for the rest of today. to go from 70 degrees, record-smashing temperatures to. this it is quite a change.
12:34 pm
40-degree range. for some of us. not where that cold air stays in place. overnight tonight, those temperatures definitely dropping back. this is something to pay attention to as well. plans late tonight to drive or early tomorrow morning, what is wet will likely refreeze. something you definitely want to keep in mind. first night forecast for the null year's eve, it will be cool. but it will also be dry for us. this is just the start of winter. where we have had a warm december. that warmth. because the start of 2016 looking much colder. incidents out there. the roads are still slick. you can see the rain-drops still falling on our camera. expressway. let's go to the maps. accident. this is actually in pembroke. our earlier breakdown in hanover just cleared. this is route 3 northbound. something to keep in mind. keeping a close eye on this overturned oil truck out towards worcester.
12:35 pm
pike westbound. and that has traffic back to 495. another accident north in 495. there. back to you guys. >> nancy: all right. thanks, danielle. the winter weather kree aing a morning mess to the north. plowable snow and ice slowing things down in andover, chelmsford and groveland. accidents taking a toll on the morning rush. the merrimack valley getting the jackpot for snow totals. kris anderson has more in andover now. >> kris: december's whacky weather continues to change. >> kris: mother nature reminding us all today that it is winter in new england. the boston area seeing its first snowfall of the season, giving people with the week off, some work to do outside. >> i just bought a brand new snow-blower. so i was looking forward to seeing how it worked. that was kind of exciting. >> kris: those who did have to work forced to deal with the
12:36 pm
this morning. >> how are the roads today? >> oh, they suck. am i allowed to say that? >> kris: you just did. >> it is not bad. a little slippery. just go slow. you will be fine. >> kris: this five-car crash in andover, one of the many accidents this morning. as commuters and residents get back into the swing of winter weather and prepare for what's >> this is really heavy snow. i think the technique is just to get a little bit at a time so you don't hurt your back so early in the season. >> kris: some good advice there. this does make for a heavy mixture. take your time so you are of winter weather. that is story in andover.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: today's weather, a gentle nudge of a reminder that it is winter. and the few inches of snow, a good test for the member entertainment as it looks to start off the season on the right track. >> it was fine. right on time and everything. really smooth. >> reporter: last went's record snow froze tracks and flared riders' tempers. >> last year was really rough. i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: trains along the red, blue, and orange lines will be equipped with sprayers. >> we ran our deicing trains overnight on both the red and the orange line. to make sure that we could start the morning commute with a good ice-free third rail. >> reporter: and today no, problems. parents say this morning, the "t" was the best choice. >> we came from a little bit west of here. the driving was terrible. we got on the highway. we were like, happy we were
12:38 pm
>> well, we were heading in. the traffic was moving slow. they are doing a great job on the roads. the kids thought it would be a great adventure to take the commuter rail today. turning to rain. with the rush of the morning commute, the m.b.t.a. survives its first dose of winter weather. hoping this is really the worst of it. in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> nancy: remember, track this storm with our weather app. go to your app store. download it for weather updates. >> sarah: we are following breaking news. two people shot in mattapan. one man has life-threatening injuries. the other is in critical but stable condition. police are still looking for the suspects. 7 news now heading to rockland. a house fire sends three people to the hospital. kelli o'hara is there with the family's heartbreaking story. kelli? >> reporter: yes. good afternoon. this family out of the hospital this afternoon. but now all 7 people have to find somewhere else to sleep
12:39 pm
not only have they been hit by this fire. in the past few years, they have lost their father and their son to the war in iraq. >> it's been a real lot. it's been a real lot. christmas. a rockland family no stranger to tragedy, is hit again. they are home while... their home catching on fire. maureen o'hare, a widow and mother to nine, snits shock in the back of this truck. cold and trying to process what happened. home. but lost a son to the iraq war. >> my son died in iraq in a place i had never even heard of. just before his 21st birthday. >> reporter: the family had been struggling, ohair says. their home, even possibly falling to foreclosure. the 57-year-old says although
12:40 pm
they still have one another. >> i have already lost enough. but it's tough. i don't know right now i'm just waiting... i don't even know where i'm going. >> reporter: firefighters are investigating exactly what sparked the flames. the red cross is finding them somewhere to sleep tonight. in rockland this afternoon, >> nancy: new at noon, a chicago police officer facing murder charges called to court. officer jason van dyke walked into court today to shouting and insults. he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. he is accused in the shooting mcdonald. that shooting sparked many protests in chicago as well as calls for the city's mayor to resign. and here is the dash cam video of the incident. in the video, the teen appears officers. when van dyke shoots him 16 times, killing him. police say the teen was
12:41 pm
the officer faces six counts of first-degree murder. >> sarah: still ahead at noon, a look back at the year that was. recap the stories that captivated boston in 2015. >> chris: that 30-day stretch and continuing through much of february was unreal. now, we had some snow this morning. enough to create a mess. that is ahead. announcer: one candidate tough jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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>> sarah: welcome back. 12:44. a live look outside. that rain is still coming down. earlier, we had snow. we had sleet. we basically had it all. >> nancy: yeah. it was a nice way to ease on into winter. >> chris: we will put that "nice" into quotations. 39 in the city of boston, guys. yes, it is raining in boston. a plain old rain after almost an inch of some snow and some sleet earlier this morning. look at this, though. lawrence at 26. 19, portsmouth, new hampshire. 4 in marshfield. a huge temperature range. and it all has to do with the wind direction. city of boston. at 21 miles an hour. that has brought in the mild shore, the cape and the islands. look at the wind in beverly, though. bending more to the northeast. then across nashua, new hampshire, southern new hampshire, it is out of the north. where you have that northerly wind, temperatures much colder. in fact, right across the merrimack river, stretching all the way intak in toward lowell. tyngsborough. temperatures have dropped off
12:43 pm
in a quick amount of time. you notice the low 20's across southern new hampshire. compare that to 35 in boxford. 35 in reading. and this cold air is slowly oozing its way back toward 495. and then moving south. we are going to have to watch this area for some freezing rain and sleet. over the next few hours. same case out through fitchburg, sterling, royalston. temperatures in the mid-20's. the untreated roads, if, secondary roads, sidewalks and driveways, going to have some icy conditions. and icy spots out there this afternoon. leominster, same case for you folks. worcester right now, beginning to see that precipitation, the back edge approach worcester. i don't expect more precipitation this afternoon. the issue is, though, with any leftover drizzle or freezing drizzle, it still keeps the roadways wet. if not slick. especially north and west of 495.
12:44 pm
press back late in the day and early this evening, we may have a refreeze of black ice. even closer to the city of boston. it is more prone over the next few hours, closer to 495. and certainly, into southern new hampshire and northern worcester county. so we have a lot to deal with in terms of just fine-tuning some details. this afternoon into this evening. temperatures range from low to middle 20's. to the low to mid-40's down across the cape and the islands. evening drizzle and freezing drizzle out there. and some icy spots. again, even some refreeze this evening closer to the city of boston. 22-36. wide range. i do expect boston to go back below freezing overnight tonight. 30, if not into upper 20's. certainly, holding true into the low to mid-20's north and west of boston. what about the rest of the forecast? late wednesday. wednesday night. into early thursday. much of new year's eve, though, is dry. including first night in the city of boston. first night temperatures around midnight, close to 5 degrees.
12:45 pm
>> sarah: chris, thanks. coming up next, from a report winter to a run-away train. the stories that dominate
12:46 pm
>> nancy: welcome back. boston dominated headlines not only locally but nationally in 2015. kim khazei looks back at the year in local news. in today's 7 top 7. >> reporter: 2015. >> look at this. natick, 24 inches of snow. >> reporter: the snowiest year on record. more than nine feet fell in boston. and on the coast,... >> many people forced to evacuate their homes because it is simply too dangerous. >> we are an hour before high tide. you can see this is a very angry ocean.
12:47 pm
inside. glued to their tvs. >> that wind will crank up. >> reporter: many were stranded. >> there is cancellations all over the place. it is crazy. >> yes, what happened here? it would have taken anybody down. report tt day afterthis emotional press conference, beverly scott resigned. boston's main snow piles didn't melt until late july. several accused killers were brought to justice in 2015. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> aaron hernandez, guilty of killing odin lloyd. >> the former patriot sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: jurors deliberated for a week after hearing a mountain of evidence and convicted the former football star. odin lloyd's mother had the last word. >> i forgive the hands of the people that had a hand in my son's murder. >> reporter: in may, dzhokhar zahn got the death penalty for his role in the 201 marathon bombings which claimed four
12:48 pm
>> it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. >> we are not intimidated by acts of terror. >> reporter: zahn showed almost no emotion throughout the trial until the end, when he said he was sorry. >> the defendant, philip chism is guilty. >> reporter: danvers high school student philip chism found guilty of the rape and murder of his math teacher colleen ritzer. her family spoke out. >> despite the immense loss we are forced to endure, we will carry on. >> reporter: 2015 had some setting their sights on olympic dreams. >> the u.s. olympic committee picks us for the bid to host the 2024 olympics. >> reporter: projected costs caused the city to pull the plug. the casino era in massachusetts officially kicked off this year in plainville. resort casinos under construction in everett and springfield. 2015 was also year we mourned the death of two-year-old bella bond. >> it is troubling. it is horrifying.
12:49 pm
her body washed ashore. >> reporter: for months we knew her as baby doe, found in a trash bag on deer island. >> this child was very... whose very name means beauty was murdered. >> reporter: now her mother and her mother's boyfriend are facing charges. line. started. with "t" trouble. this time, a subway train without a driver sped down the tracks out of control with 50 passengers onboard. >> the train just picked up speed. it went from, like, five miles per hour to, like, 30. it kept going and going and going. >> reporter: "t" supervisors were able to cut the power on the third rail which didn't help at first. eventually, the train stopped. no one was hurt. the driver responsible injured his leg and is facing termination. but it was the winter that wouldn't quit that new england will remember most about 2015.
12:50 pm
editor andy hiller looks at the most important moments in politics in 2015. >> chris: well, this winter storm was not nearly as powerful as some storms that we had in february. it did create a mess and continues to sleet and rain this afternoon. another look at the forecast ahead. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
12:51 pm
by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> sarah: san francisco police are not happy with the ads for the pop star's latest album.
12:52 pm
for the people responsible for sidewalk graffiti, promoting beebers's album called "purpose." crews are still working to scrub off all the graffiti. >> nancy: it seems like justin bieber cannot stay out of the headlines for too long. you know, maybe with this weather,... >> chris: one thing with having snow and ice back in the forecast. that gets bumped up on our headlines. right? rain and ice tapering to some drizzle and spotty freezing drizzle. some icy spots in merrimack valley and southern new hampshire. some icy spots drifting south and refreezing tonight. close to boston, below freezing by daybreak tomorrow. guys? >> nancy: that will do it for 7 news at noon. i'm nancy chen. >> sarah: i'm sar are french. have a great day, everybody.
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