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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 29, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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season slamming the northeast. snow, sleet and rain creating headaches across massachusetts today making for a slushy morning commute. that is for sure. >> elizabeth: it looks like the worst of it is over. so what can we expect for the ride home tonight? chris lambert is here with more on the storm's track. >> reporter: we're tracking freezing rain this evening so the bulk of the snow over and done with but we turn our attention to the ice and dropping temperatures. freezele drizzle. a trace of it good enough to give us slick conditions on the sincary roads, bridges, overpass, sidewalks and driveways as we refreeze what is out there now and have a little freezing drizzle in the mix as well. you can see the bulk of the prescription off to the east but what the radar does not pick up on all that well is the leftover drizzle and it's drizzle south of the city of boston but north and west it's freezing drizzle.
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it was a good drop from 39. 25 lawrence. 24 in worcester and north and west of boston is where we've had freezing, refreeze issues here and a solid refreeze in a lot of locations with slick travel conditions on the secondary roads. i showed you 34 that was at logan airport. this 32 is close to downtown boston. you can see the thermometer at fenway near 30 so the cold air is filtering in commute. we have it locked in place to the north and west and through the merrimack valley over the last several hours and what was wet has refrozen in the merrimack valley. out to worcester county a the northern part of it never got l got above the freezing mark. see this, these numbers will drop below freezing as well. probably about by 5:00 or 6:00 pm as the northerly push of this cold air and the southerly push does take hold. essentially what is happening a wave of low pressure sliding to the east
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to the north. what that winds takes over we drive the front back down to southeastern mass, even down to northern plymouth and bristol county i do expect issues with black ice this evening. going ahead in time, temperatures generally flat line here to the upper 20s on average. overnight tonight and the pattern though does look surf ahead. >> time for traffic. let's get a check on the conditions with nick emmons and you are near andover. looks sloppy out there still. >> reporter: you know, we just drove up 93 north. we're in andover now. and yeah, the roads and highways are wet because more cars are driving on 93 but as soon as you get on to the secondary roads you can start to feel the iciness to the roads. we have some plows here getting ready to go out on to the highways. we have seen people stopping to get out much their car to
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so this weather probably a good reminder for people to fill up their wiper fluid because you don't want to be stuck on the roads with all the gunk that has been kicked up from the cars in front of you there. obviously you want to be conditions. no need to gertner where in a hurry because you cannot spots. the wind shields in our case has been gunked up so we're going to keep an eye on everything here in andover. take a look at the secondsary roads and keep an eye on things up north of the city. for now that is the latest live from behind the wheel of the traffic tracker, nick emmons, sent it back to you. >> plowable snow and ice slowing things down. accidents taking the toll objected morning return. >> the snow slowing down but the cleanup continues. jennifer egan is live with more on the storm.
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probably see that 93 behind us here is not in such bad shape, but this storm was a tough call for people in charge of keeping the side streets and the cities and towns around here clear. they got two to three inches of heavy wet snow. the question was do you plow or not? drivers took it slow on streets in andover. the town decided to salt the roads but not plow. not a good call if you ask the driver of this maz ratty. >> you think they would have been looking forward to this. [laughter.] two months. but, it's pretty bad. >> reporter: she lost control of her car. >> all of a sudden i hit some patch of ice and it went sailing. >> you get two and a half inches of know and there is a question would you have been better off treating or plowing? >> the director of municipal services says hiring plow drivers to help out costs around $15,000 an hour. they're hoping all of this melts away. >> we're going to have nice weather tomorrow so we did not want to hire the plow
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>> a little icy. >> reporter: ralph will tell you it is icy out. >> i tried to make a snowman and i lost it. >> reporter: less than ideal conditions for driving, and making a snowman. >> more snow like it usually is. and probably build a big snowman, but i don't think i can right now. >> reporter: ralph was trying but this is what you will be battling if the freezing rain and the snow built up by your home during the day today. you had to keep on top of it. here in and yore they salted earlier in the day and will be salting again hoping that this does melt away. live in andover jennifer egan, 7 news. much. the weather is grounding flights at logan airport. there is cancellations and many delays. there the snow, sleet and issues. officials are asking passengers to check with information about their flights.
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test of the mbta. the agency is trying to regain the confidence of commuters afternoon last winter's massive problems. take a look at how the t. is faring at 5:00. remember track this storm with our 7 weather app. go to your app store and download it for were updates. >> elizabeth: in a judge deny as motion to dismiss murder charges against him. ortiz claimed that the grandmother was impaired and there wasn't enough evidence to charge him but the judge denied the request today. ortiz is an alleged accomplice of aaron hernandez who was convicted of murdering lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. lloyd was killed in an industrial park back in 2013. >> ryan: a teenage shot while walking down the street this morning has died. another teen taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> elizabeth: police don't have suspects. jonathan hall live in mattapan with the latest on
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>> reporter: within the past hour we've learned this investigation has taken a turn from the investigation into a double shooting to the probe of a murder. now detectives are looking for possible leads, possible suspects to solve this case. the shots rapping out just before 9:00 am on willmore street in mattapan a short distance from blue hill avenue, the main drag. e.m.t.'s rushed two teenagers to boston hospitals appear they were shot. >> there was two guys laying in the street. one was yelling like he was really in pain. >> i heard the gunshot and then i wake up because i heard one of the guys screaming, he shot me, he shot me. >> reporter: boston police say the victims were walking up the street when they were' confronted by one or more people in a car. possibly a black ack are a. >> information that the could be another victim or suspects and number 19. we called in our tactical units and did a sweep. >> they came through the back actually.
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we opened the back door and they came in. they searched every where with the dog. they went up stairs. >> reporter: nothing here? >> no. >> reporter: we found investigators carrying bags of evidence up the street and the gang unit is checking the backgrounds of the men who were shot. >> it's obviously disturbing when we have these at 9:00 on an early in the morning. >> i've seen maybe about one drive-by happen when no one was outside, but this is like something completely different. >> reporter: this street is lined with triple deckers and detectives have been walking up and down the street trying to find possibly surveillance video which could help them identify that acura seen speeding away. i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. white house. the battle in iowa is heating up. republican candidates focusing on voters there weeks away from the caulk kusss. in-- caucuses. >> reporter: in iowa a
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from the u.s. capitol. >> i found my candidate. it's marco rubio. >> reporter: the support of trey gouty is a boost for rubio's campaign. >> this is a time for action. and that is why i choose to run for president. >> reporter: but rubio found himself under attack as he and chris christie chris crossed the hawk eye state in a series of dueling town halls. >> we do not want another president who sits in the chair in the oval office and says gee wiz, isn't it great i'm -- >> >> reporter: rubio's experience the subject of a new attacked a by bush supporter. >> rubio missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. >> reporter: trump bragging that his campaign is underbudget says he is about to join the air war. >> we're going to spend a lot of money over the next four weeks and we're going to, we want to, we don't want to take any chances. we're too close.
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calendar with the iowa caucuses just over four weeks away. with iowa looking like a conservative showdown between trump and ted cruz the ore candidates are setting their sites on the next big prize, new hampshire. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> elizabeth: democratic hillary clinton talking healthcare in new hampshire. a live report of with her message to voters. >> ryan: drone drama disrupting the president's vacation in hawaii. the secret service says the pilot had no idea the motorcade was in the area. he will not face any charges. the so-called afluenza teen. official says he will be turned over to marshals. ocean couch was detained in mexico yesterday. the teen was sentenced to ten years probation for a 2013 drunk driving crash 2013.
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his lawyer argued he didn't know the difference between right and wrong because of his privileged you upcoming. his mother is being detained. she will likely face charges. officials say the family planned their escape. >> what we suspected all along had happened. that they had planned to disappear. that they even had something that was almost akin to a going away party before they left town. our suspicion that his mother was assisting him helping him has, has proven true we believe and so, we followed those leads and eventually led to puerta vallarta mexico where they were' taken in custody. >> elizabeth: a chicago police officer facing murder charges is called to court. officer jason van dyke walked into court to shouting and insults. he pleaded not guilty toes charge the against him.
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spread protests in chicago as well as calls for the city's mayor to resign. here is the dash cam video of this incident. the video the teen appears to be walking away from officers what van dyke shoots him 16 times killing him. police say the teen was holding a knife at the time. the officer faces six counts of first-degree murder. belgian police have aest ared two people who they believe were planning a terro attack in brussels on new year's eve. they found military clothing and isis propaganda but they didn't find weapons or explosives. the searches are not linked to last month's attacks in paris. >> ryan: a hot holiday gift too hot to handle. >> elizabeth: a homes goes up in flames rockland four days after christmas and it's not the first tragedy for the family. >> ryan: on 7 news at 5:00 boy scouts praised for their quick thinking as they help their scout leader who is being attacked, hear their
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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>> ryan: caught on camera hover board exploding and catching fire at a crowded mall in texas. >> reporter: it happened two days after christmas. nancy chen shows us what happened. >> reporter: shocked shoppers pulling out their cell phones to record video as a mall security guard
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irto put out a hover board that went up in flames. david miller saw the aftermath. >> you could see this thing on the floor that was' -- they couldn't bump it out. >> reporter: pictures showed smoke filled the first floor the mall and the store just next door shut down shortly after the fire. the board was one of several being sold by kiosk vendor excel toys and boards. a spokesperson says: this afternoon there was an incident with resulted in a contained. >> we're just talking about it today but, you know, nobody is trying to get those and if they keep blowing up. >> reporter: mall goers question the safety of having the popular boards in the mall in the first place incidents have happened. >> they're trying to sell it to you and get you out of
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unless i know exactly what i'm doing with it. >> reporter: a family trying to get a refund on a $400 hover board say the man who told them the popular toy is no where to be found and has not returned their calls. the mall hasn't decided whether to allow the sale of hover boards in the mall. nancy chen, 7 news. >> reporter: dropping temperatures and areas of freezing drizzle then the new year's eve forecast looks good. >> ryan: hillary clinton in new hampshire, healthcare was on the agenda. >> elizabeth: a mascot is going batty after saving the game in front of hundreds of fans.
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announcer: one candidate tough jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> ryan: live look outside. we've survived our first winter storm of the year and
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the least. now the concern turns to the black ice, freezing rain that is coming in tonight. temperatures are dropping. >> elizabeth: because it was still drizzling even though the snow stopped it was cold outside. that ised concern. how is the commute home looking tonight? >> reporter: we are going to have icy spots out. there secondary roads. i think the main roads that have been treated should fare o.k.but we have some slick conditions ahead of us, especially in the driveways and sidewalks. watch the step up the front doors, front steps to the door. cold overnight tonight. few showers rolling in tomorrow night and it is dry new year's eve and mostly dry forecast going ahead into the weekend. once we get beyond a couple of showers tomorrow night. how much snow did we have? we knew it wasn't going to be a big storm but you get into southern new hampshire, northern massachusetts many locations coming away with 3-4 inches of snow and sleet, at kinton 4 and a half, haverhill around 3 and a half. methuen to pepperell.
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close to 3 inches of snow and sleet across northern mass, southern new hampshire. bellingham coming in at 2, millis at one. the city of boston shy of an inch of snow. south shore did have a solid coating of snow and sleet to start the storm. the concern changing to some freezing drizzle. we don't have a lot of precipitation but any freezing drizzle will create the slippery spots and there is a freezing rain advisory until midnight tonight for that trace to .1 of an inch of freezing drizzle. `it looks like we're drying out. what the radar beam doesn't pick up well because it overshoots the drizzle when it's heading out of the site down there is the lot of low-level moisture and drizzle that we have including the city of boston right now. 34, that is at logan airport. there are observations closer to fenway park or even downtown boston running
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we're well below the freezing mark north and west of the city of boston and it's in the 40s through the south shore. once the windshield changes to the north and pushes this cold air down temperatures fall off quickly. there is the 31 in the city of boston downtown. still 36 in winthrop. 30 well most, down to 25 in waymont. 27 wellesley so the slush out. there wet spots on the roads refreezing and have already refrozen up through the merrimack valley up into southern new hampshire. travel. secondary roads, overpass, the driveways, sidewalks likely icing up as we spoke. northern worcester county mark. foxboro you were down to 34 degrees, this number will drop back below freezing within the next hour or so and will continue to push cold air south now that the winds are out of the north. it feels like winter finally out there with the wind chill factor runs to the teens north and west of the
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of precipitation but at least patchy freezing drizzle then tomorrow mostly cloudy day and tomorrow night we'll have a couple of showers working on through. you may have a lingering shower early on thursday morning but once we get into thursday afternoon drying out. so i do expect the dry weather for first night into the city of boston. not the case tonight though. in the city of boston, a lot of low-level moisture with that fog out. there 7 on 7 forecast, there is the new year's eve wok going in. about 30-35 midnight first night in the city of boston. should reach about 40 for the high on knew years day. >> time for traffic. here is joe stapleton with a check of the slushy roads out there. >> reporter: thank you very much. sloppy out here. you see the reflexion from the headlights. slick roadways especially run 1 northbound, not moving all that badly. all the north and west of the city as you can tell the stop of the screen 93 northbound dealing with a crash in lawrence.
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northbound in burlington. giving word of a multicar crash on 128 southbound by the route 3 offramp. other trouble spots have been out to worcester county and head to the vicinity of route 395 and route 290. the mass pike ebb we had a multicar crash cleared in the oxford area keeping things slow going in the area as well. southbound on the xway not moving too badly. >> ryan: seven for a suspect -- search for a suspect after a construction theft in boston. police releasing new video of the man they're looking for. >> elizabeth: why the city of san francisco wants justin bieber to clean up his act right, the. >> -- >> we're continuing to follow the impants from the first storm of the season. impact from the first storm of the season. slick roads making for a tricky commute around much
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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weather slamming the northeast. snow, sleet and rain creating headaches across massachusetts today. making for a slushy morning commute. >> ryan: the worst of the storm is over so what can we expect for the ride home? chris lambert is here with the forecast. slick conditions for sure. >> reporter: we're talking about the worst of the snow being over with but we're watching is the falling temperatures and some freezele drizzle through the evening hours. because of the that national weather service issued a freezing rain advisory until midnight any where you see the pink there. down on the cape and the islands, back into buzzards bay, i think we make out okay as temperatures stay above the freezing mark. you are saying what is the problem here? all the rain is, all the snow is off to the east of us, what the radar doesn't pick up well is the areas of drizzle and freezele drizzle out there north. look to north of us, it has been quite a snow event up to the mountains so this is good news for the ski reworts back through
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