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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  December 30, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> sarah: breaking news. bill cosby has been formally charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania. the district attorney announcing felony aggravated indecent assault charges against the comedian from an incident dating back to 2004. >> nancy: is 78-year-old is expected to be arraigned later on today. kris anderson is live with the very latest. >> kris: nancy and sarah, a lot of information coming out today. dozens of allegations that bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted women over
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he is now facing his first criminal charge, and it's copping in his native city of philadelphia. bill cosby is being formally charged in a sexual assault case that's coming from just one of the more than 50 women who accused him of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them. >> there are... there is one charge. aggravated indecent assault. a felony of the first degree. >> kris: the district attorney says this case involves a former employee at temple university who cosby invited to his home near philadelphia in 2004. >> on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her. and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> kris: the charge against cosby comes just two weeks after he filed defamation lawsuits against several of
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he is scheduled to be arraigned in suburban philadelphia wednesday afternoon. a decade ago, the tv star acknowledged under oath that he had sexual contact with the alleged victim in this case. but says it was consensual. his attorney is still not yet responding to these new charges. that is the latest here live at the breaking news desk. kris anderson, 7 news. >> sarah: the teenager from texas known as the affluenza teen is staying put in mexico. the 18-year-old ethan couch was expected to return to the u.s. today with his mother. moments ago, a judge issued a temporary stay against his deor the pation. ... deportation. authorities are investigating whether he viely aed the terms of his probation. police were able to track him down after he used a phone to order pizza. couch was serving ten years probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. also breaking, the remains found in upton are those of a missing man from avon.
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robertson was kidnapped, some closure for his family, finally. robertson was taken from his home after men posed as probation officers. four men have been charged with the kidnapping. >> nancy: breaking news. boston's licensing board confirms there will be no violations against who is on first. the fenway-area bar came into question after a shooting early thanksgiving morning. and an innocent bystander was killed. the bar has been involved with several incidents in recent years. also on 7: a dangerous drive involving the secret service in wakefield, new hampshire. there was a head-on collision on route 16. one of the four vehicles had four on-duty secret service agents inside. police say the other car which had three people in it crossed over the line and into the agent's car. the driver of that other car died. and all the other people in the two cars were taken to the hospital. the secret service says the agent suffered serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. it is not clear why the secret
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night. >> sarah: the first winter storm of the season leaving behind more than just snow. icy roads causing a slick drive into work this morning. so what can we expect for the rest of the day? and tomorrow. forecast let's send it over to bri eggers with more. >> bri: yeah. that cold air moved in last night with a vengeance. it has stayed put for us. we did hit a temperature of 25 in boston earlier this morning. and we haven't really moved a whole lot since then. you can see in southeastern massachusetts, finally creeping up to the freezing mark in plymouth. 34 in new bedford. elsewhere, that ice still hanging around. something to really be aware of as you head out the door today. sidewalks and driveways, especially. if they were untreated last night. we keep the clouds with us. we have even seen a few flurries passing by through the merrimack valley and off the northth shore earlier today. that might be the case into the afternoon as well. but it really takes until overnight tonight for wet weather to turn back on for us. the problem is that we do have
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as this rain moves in for the overnight hours. so that could cause a problem for freezing rain. freezing rain advisory in effect from 7:00 p.m. tonight through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. that will run through the timeline of that wet weather coming up in a few minutes. >> nancy: police continuing to search for a missing man. 56-year-old william fleming was reported missing by his family earlier this week. there are reports that his car was stuck in the dirt in a secluded area. they searched the area yesterday for hours but didn't find anything. a car goes crashing into a shallow pond in hamilton. the driver facing charges including operating under the influence. police arrested the 21-year-old early this morning. the driver got out of the car on his own. the blue line back on track today after tunnel trouble forced an emergency shutdown during rush hour last night. crews were forced to make the... grate in the ceiling came loose. shuttle buses replaced planes between the bowdoin and
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those buses quickly filled, leaving frustrated passengers just waiting out in the cold. >> we haven't had a storm yet. look at this. blue line is down. >> the governor actually told us that... he promised us it was going to go well. what's going to happen when we get a foot or two of snow in >> nancy: it does not look like the loose grate was weather-related. >> sarah: massachusetts state police investigating a case of drone danger. right here in boston. an air canada express flight landing at logan airport on friday afternoon. reported seeing a drone right before hitting the runway. f.a.a. officials said the unmanned aircraft was spotted at 800 feet above the ground. twice as high as federal regulators allow and was two miles from the runway just before the plane landed. that plane was able to touch down safely, though. boston police still trying to
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two young men on the streets of mattapan. police say someone in a dark-colored acura opened fire yesterday morning killing an 18-year-old. another young man is in the hospital but is expected to survive. police are hoping to use video from the street to help identify that car. >> nancy: wild weather plaguing the country. missouri now bracing for potentially devastating flooding. torrential downpours have levies. some are almost 30 feet above normal. there have been evacuations and major road closings already. experts predict the worst has yet to come. >> we have a lot of water that we have to get out of the state, so to speak. we have countless roads that are going to stay underwater for several days. again, everybody, get their message out. this is not done yet. we still have a lot of dangerous situations out there. >> nancy: more than 18 million americans could be impacted by
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>> sarah: no place like the campaign trail for the holidays. presidential candidates take advantage of the week between christmas and new year's. to meet as many voters as possible. donald trump has a new tactic and a new target. he says he will start spending $2 million a week on campaign ads. >> so i'm going to be doing big ads. in iowa. new hampshire. south carolina. and they are going to be very substantial. i think they are very well-done. i have seen the first two or three of them. we are very proud of them. >> sarah: experts worry this may be the wrong move. >> it is also a little bit risky. what if they look conventional? you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. the notion that donald trump will start running a conventional campaign, should concern him a little bit. >> sarah: a new poll shows trump and clinton in a toss-up if the election were today. that may be why he is now attacking hillary clinton through her husband, former president bill clinton, calling him the sexist one.
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picked up an endorsement in key primary state, south carolina from congressman trey gouty. >> candidates will get a little desperate and nasty in their attacks. that is fine. >> sarah: rubio defended his voting record in the senate. and the republican field is shrinking. former new york governor george pataki dropped out just last night. new details now on a high-profile arrest overseas. police in turkey have detained two suspected isis militants in a house raid. they found suicide vests, a back-pack, explosives, and other bomb-making equipment. the suspects, both turkish nationals were planning suicide attacks during new year's celebrations. coming up, a facebook post lands a man in handcuffs. the shocking video that has police crying foul. >> nancy: rob gronkowski showing some support for a different sport. we will tell you where he was spotted last night.
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>> bri: we are warm no longer as we wrap up december. it will go down as the warmest on record. a very chilly start to 2016. the forecast coming up next. >> nancy: a company facing tough questions after an islamic chant replace it is
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>> nancy: you hear that. a brand new christmas gift making an unexpected sound. the family of a three-year-old boy in washington state was stunned when his toy airplane from amazon made chanting noises instead of noises from a plane. it turns out it was the sound of an islamic prayer. officials believe the factory where the toy was made added the wrong sound effect by
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>> sarah: all right. 12:12 right now. let's get a check on the forecast. it is cold outside. >> bri: all of a sudden, it is winter. amazing, right? we went from record-shattering temperatures to this. the coldest temperatures we have seen. we haven't moved a lot. 27 right now in the city. 26 in worcester. 29 in norwood. finally, plymouth climbing up to that freezing mark. new bedford at 4 right now. we have some freezing fog in worcester. reducing visibility and also cause for some black ice as that fog attaches to a surface. it is at freezing or below. and causes slick spots. we also have some low clouds in boston. so it's sort of a gloomy, very winter-feeling kind of day. pack on the layers. even a few flakes and flurries that have been flying around the merrimack valley. nothing that will accumulate or amount to anything. but it could also, again, add more slick spots. that is really the main concern for today. hopefully, those temperatures can climb up to the freezing mark and above fbs. so we can get some melting done this afternoon.
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i expected those temperatures to be up past freezing by this point. we do have this warm system that is moving in. it is a fast-mover. it will bring us some rain overnight tonight. possibly even some sleet. depending on the temperature profile. which right now, is looking fairly cold. we keep the clouds in place overnight. and the rain doesn't turn on until we hit around midnight for most locations. in here. southern new hampshire indicating that we see some mixed precipitation and some sleet. but again, we have that cold which could make for some freezing rain. this is really the concern. the areas outside of 495, points north and west. through route 2, fitchburg, leominster, gardner included in that. through 3:00 a.m. those temperatures are expected to climb as we get into the later part of the day. for more on our warm weather, and where this rain is now, danielle gersh. >> danielle: right now that, rain is from the gulf coast carolinas. the concern right now from new
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our last storm was very strong. the one that brought us the snow brought tornadoes to areas in texas. now, this one, flash flooding really the threat. we start to see this rain overnight. the big concern as brey talked about, the freezing rain. now, look at what happens to overnight temperatures. north of the pike, northwest of 495, they are below and at freezing. that is where the freezing rain is a threat overnight. south of the pike on the cape, i don't think we will see much of the freezing rain. now, it is probably hard to remember right now. it is quite cold outside. december still going down as the warmest on record. with our temperatures still running about 11 degrees warmer than where they should be this time of year. but as we head into the new year, things are cooling off and for more on that, bri, back to you. >> bri: it is going to be a flip-flop with the temperatures, for sure. tomorrow looks to be the mild rest day of the next couple of weeks, actually. we make it to mid-40's for highs. we stay dry. things stay calm through the
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it looks with the long-range models. we do get that cold that is spreading more evenly. more seasonable cold as we head into the new year. 2016, looking chilly. we will have some time to get used to these cold temperatures. none of this putting the coat back in the closet and then breaking it back out. then putting it away again. you will keep it out. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. look how chilly it is for next week. no snowflakes on the forecast. a whole lot of cold with lows in the teens. >> nancy: all right. some good news for the patriots. left tackle sebastian vo olmar will be able to return in time for the play-offs. he hurt his left ankle in the first quarter of sunday's loss to the jets. and pats tight end rob gronkowski enjoyed a ring-side seat last night at the wwe event at the dunkin' donuts center in providence. look at him. he looks like he is having a grand old time. he posted this photo on twitter showing him posing
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gronk is also looking forward to heading to miami later on this week. to take on the dolphins. >> sarah: it's going to be a garden party len the celtics host the lakers tonight. kobe bryant will retire at the end of the season. kobe faced the celtics in the finals twice with the c's winning in 2008 and l.a. winning in 2010. well, it was a wild night at the garden last night. the bruins beat the senators. dorchester native jimmy hayes reported his first n.h.l. hat trick. his third goal was scored with two-tenths o'. >> a second remaining in the game. b's won the game 7-3. the b's next game will be at gillette. the bruins host the canadiens in the winter classic. watch the game right here on 7-nbc. the puck drops at 1:00 friday afternoon. still ahead, going viral for all the wrong reasons. a man posting a disturbing video on facebook.
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>> sarah: a dangerous drive caught on camera. ago driver sharing a video of on facebook. now he is pay thing serious charges. >> nancy: his family is staying by his side, saying the man in the video is not the same guy they know.
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that got the attention of everyone who saw it on facebook. >> my first instinct was to say, you know, what are you doing? >> nancy: these are the images that are the real dustin. being goofy with his kids. smiling proudly with his son. >> he is a good dad. he is great. our son thinks he is the best person in the whole world. >> nancy: dustin's sister and the mother of his son say, unfortunately, that good guy is in a tail boston is spin he can't pull out of. it may be a cry for help. >> i don't want people to think that he was drinking just because. you know? he really has some problems going on. earlier this year, he lost a set of twins. they weren't born yet. >> nancy: something dustin hasn't gotten over, his family says. he still has their ultrasound picture on his page. another son's death had him
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the pain. so seeing this man they know as an involved father and wonderful person do something so seemingly reckless sent the family scrambling for help. taylor tried to call and sent several replies to his post. >> he wouldn't really answer us. and he just kept, you know, i'm okay. i'll be okay. i know he wasn't going to. >> nancy: authorities tracked him down driving around grove city and arrested him. something his family is oddly thankful for. >> on that side, i am relieved. they caught him before something bad happened. >> nancy: he has faced charges for operating a vehicle impaired twice before. in 2007 as well as 20011. >> sarah: coming up next, an alarming attack. masked men rush into a convenience store armed with a gun. a local college student describing the frightening encounter with the thieves. >> nancy: a holiday break tragedy.
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while training at home with
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>> sarah: a college student with a gun held to his head as thieves target his store. >> nancy: susan tran has more on the frightening confrontation. report a brazen armed robbery at this gas station convenience store. >> the first guy had a gun. >> reporter: just after 2:00 tuesday afternoon, two men dressed in black and wearing masks stormed in. >> i was clearing this machine out. they came storming in yelling. right in my face. they were like op the door. the second guy, jeff says, went around behind him. grabbed cigarettes.
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laptop. he watched as the two men ran out the door and the men took off their masks. >> i locked this door. ran back out. there is a lady trying to pump gas. she is like "where did they go?" she got in the car and shot after them. police arrested three people. jeff just wants justice. >> i was shook up at first. they caught them pretty quick. minutes. then i started to cool down. >> nancy: a tragic turn for a local college swimmer. a dartmouth college athlete florida. police say she was attempting to swim four laps underwater. his family noticed he wasn't moving and pulled him from the pool. the 21-year-old was a junior at dartmouth. teams. the university released a statement offering the family their sympathies for the
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>> sarah: much more ahead right now. we are staying on top of two big stories. bill cosby formally charged with sexual assault. the comedian set to face a judge later today in philadelphia. >> nancy: also breaking: investigators announce a big break in the case of a
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>> sarah: bill cosby has been formally charged in pennsylvania with sexual assault. the district attorney announcing felony aggravated against comedian from an incident dating back to 2004.
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live with the very latest. >> kris: big developments here today. dozens of allegations that bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted women over the past few decades. he is now facing his first criminal charge, and it's coming in his native city of philadelphia. bill cosby is being formally charged in a sexual assault case that's coming from just one of the more than 50 women who accused him of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them. >> there are... there is one charge that is filed. aggravated indecent assault. a felony of the first degree. >> kris: this case involves a former employee at temple university who cosby invited to his home near philadelphia in 2004. >> on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her. and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances, and he
12:28 pm
assault upon her. >> kris: cosby is scheduled to be arraigned in suburban philadelphia wednesday afternoon. now, a decade ago, the tv star acknowledged under oath that he had sexual contact with alleged victim in this case. but bill cosby says it was consensual. his attorney has not yet responded to these new charges. that is the very latest live here in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news. >> nancy: more breaking news now. investigators confirm the remains found in upton are those of a missing man from avon. nearly two years after james robertson was kidnapped, finally, some closure. for his family. police say robertson was taken from his home after men posed >> this past saturday on december 26, at 2:26 in the afternoon, a hunter called upton police to report what appeared to be a human skull that was found in the woods
12:29 pm
yesterday using dental records and other evidence, it was determined that the remains found in the woods were those of james j. robertson. he has been missing since being taken from his parents' home in avon by two men on new year's day of 2014. >> nancy: in total, four men have been charged with the kidnapping now. >> sarah: boston's licensing board confirms there will be no violation against who's on first. the fenway-area bar came into question after a shooting outside the bar on thanksgiving. an innocent bystander was killed in the shooting. the bar has been involved with several incidents in recent years. also on 7: a dangerous drive involving the secret service. this in wakefield, new hampshire. police say there was a head-on collision on route 16. one of the vehicles had four on-duty secret service agents inside. police say the other car which had three people inside it crossed over the median and into the agent's car.
12:30 pm
died. all the people in the two cars the secret service says the non-life-threatening injuries. it is not clear why the secret service was in the area last night. >> sarah: now turning to the weather. the first winter storm of the season leaving behind more than just snow. icy roads causing a slick drive into work this morning. so what can we expect for the rest of the day? meteorologist bri eggers is here now with more on the forecast. >> bri: that cold drained in last night it doesn't want to go anywhere. toe. we talked about that earlier. 27 in boston still. the low in the city today was 25. that is the coldest it's been since march 24. 26 in worcester. we have freezing temperatures in plymouth at 32. freezing fog has been reported in worcester. and probably seeing that in other areas like nashua, jafer ree, new hampshire as well. temperatures, again, below freezing. you get the fog freezing upon surfaces. the road.
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even walking on those untreated surfaces. we keep the clouds around. the temperatures will have a hard time warming up. i'm hoping by the time we make it to the evening, we can mark. get some melting done. we have showers moving in overnight tonight. we will run through the timeline of that and talk about another freezing rain advisory that's in place coming up in a few minutes. >> nancy: more news today: a family paying tribute to their fallen relative. the family of the sharon native killed during an attack in israel last month had the country yesterday. a baseball game was held in honor of ezra schwartz. schwartz's parents also paid an emotional tribute to their son prior to the game. schwartz was doing volunteer work in israel when he was killed by a palestinian driver who intentionally rammed his car into a group of pedestrians. he was 18 years old. transit police are asking for your help identifying the man believe indecently assaulted a
12:32 pm
officials say the man followed the victim from the red line street. before assaulting her earlier this month. anyone with information is >> nancy: police say a 51-year-old michael mccollum and a driver almost slammed into each other while turning on to north main street at the same time yesterday morning. mccollum followed the driver into a parking lot where they got into a fistfight. that is when the driver says he pulled out an unloaded gun. >> he comes flying. in i open the door. i got out of the truck. immediately, you know, grabbed me, threw me to the ground. he pushed me back. stepped back. you know, he threw his weapon. and pointed it right at me. >> it is scary. you know, it's not what you expect in andover at 10:00 in the morning. >> nancy: mccollum will appear tomorrow at a dangerousness hearing. two people recovering after
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kingsboro. ... tyngsborough. this happened last night if in a restaurant parking lot. the 29-year-old man and woman were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. the driver is not facing any charges. 50 endangered sea turtles heading south for the winter. the turtles were pulled from the tanks at the new england aquarium this morning. they are on a plane heading to florida right now. the animals were rescued and staffer and will continue to rehab at a marine park in florida. >> sarah: a six-year-old girl from california getting a special escort to her last round of chemotherapy. her local fire department going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure she was able to celebrate in the biggest way possible. finley and cooper are spoked. ... stoked. >> a fire truck. >> reporter: this fire district in california is
12:34 pm
they are helping a six-year-old who has spark. >> she was quick to show off her scars and tell us what she was going through. concerns. >> it is like jumping off a cliff and you have no idea >> reporter: the cancer diagnosis came last june. >> they said "we are taking out a tumor from her kidney tomorrow." >> reporter: through it all, family, friends, and finley's her to the last chemotherapy session. >> i don't know what i expected. i never expected this. it's been amazing. >> reporter: at the children's party. >> hi. of her surgeon. >> being part of this team and becoming part of this family during this treatment is
12:35 pm
and it makes my job something really special. >> she reminds us what is really important. and that's helping people. >> i think i have my courage. >> you got your courage? >> i think. >> nancy: all right. the fire-fighting crew stayed with her through the entire chemo treatment. then they took her home on monday afternoon. an inspiring story. >> sarah: nice to see there. congressman joe kennedy iii announced his wife gave birth to a baby girl eleanor on tuesday. the proud dad calling her ely, for short. she is the couple's first child. still ahead, some are calling it a mass mistake. a priest breaks out a pair of hot wheels in the middle of a christmas eve service. a hefty price tag for all you can eat bread sticks.
12:36 pm
celebration in times square. >> bri: very cold start in january. i have the forecast ahead. governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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of the season, going on now. #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store. >> sarah: a priest in the philippines takes a ride on a hoverboard during mass. he went in and out of the rows of parishioners on christmas eve while sinning a song.
12:39 pm
taking pictures. the priest was actually reprimanded by church leaders who say it shows disrespect. the priest says he has seen the error of his ways and you know what? maybe it was a christmas gift. this was one of the most popular christmas gift this is year. >> nancy: it seems really difficult to keep your balance on that, bri. >> bri: i'm on one right now. wait for it. hopefully, i don't fall down. that was a tease. how about that? st cold start for the morning. 25 for the city of boston. the coldest it has been since march 24. current temperatures, not a whole lot warmer than that. we are still sitting in the mid to upper 20's in most spots. plymouth finally climbed above the freezing mark. 34 in new bedford. we have some freezing fog out there. especially in worcester. visibility reduced to under a mile. we also have that fog attaching to the cold surfaces. and turning to ice and
12:40 pm
really surprise you. so please take it easy on the roads today. sidewalks, driveways as well. we keep the clouds with us. we did see a flurry move through the merrimack valley earlier this morning. and that is not out of the question. possibly even some drizzle along cape cod. those temperatures in the 40's. for the cape and the islands. icy morning. staying with us into the afternoon as well. and then late showers working in. mainly in the overnight hours. we are hoping we can boost those temperatures up. this will help as this fast-moving system does work its way in. it is coming with the mild air. there is a concern for freezing rain where those temperatures stay below freezing. a timeline here. showers move in overnight tonight. around midnight. into the early morning hours. i think by the morning commute, we are done with that wet weather. we see sunshine tomorrow. hopefully, those temperatures can finally get a boost into the 40's tomorrow. how much rainfall? around a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch for most spots. really that concern comes with the glazing. freezing rain means a glazing of ice. that is where allle of these areas that you see in pink,
12:41 pm
all of the way to the seacoast and areas surrounding worcester, north and west of 495, for more on where the rain is right now, danielle gersh. >> danielle: thank you so much, bri. right now the rain is to our south. falling from the gulf coast up to the carolinas. the big concern for them right now is flash flooding. so for us, we will deal with the rain overnight tonight. and there concern will also be the freezing rain. mainly for areas north of the pike and then northwest of 495. so the temperatures that stay right around or below freezing. notice south of the pike, that is where temperatures will be in the 40's overnight. they will mostly be dealing with normal rain. now, it is cold out there today. let's not forget this december still on track to be the warmest on record. our temperatures running 11 degrees above where they should be for this time of year. but as we head into 2016 and the start of january, things are cooling off. for more on that, back to you. >> bri: yeah. we do get a flim-flop. i have had people ask me.
12:42 pm
december and warm kri mass last year. are we in for the snowfall? i wanted to crunch some numbers here. warm decembers, the other top three had a seasonal total snowfall in the teens. some food for thought. we will throw it out there. the cold, though, it is with us. into the first half of january. things look fairly quiet for the next 7-10 days. we will get used to cold temperatures. for new year's eve, we will top out in the mid-40's tomorrow. that looks to be the warmest day on the 7 on 7 forecast. we get the sunshine. temperatures to kick off the workweek. >> nancy: all right, bri. thank you. if you plan to ring in the new year in times square, it will cost you at olive garden. the chain is hosting a party with a buffet, deejay, open bars and a midnight champagne toast. at $400 a ticket. and yes, that does include the bread sticks.
12:43 pm
other restaurants like applebee's are hosting similar-priced parties. >> sarah: a confetti-tossing test was performed in times square on tuesday. organizers expect around one million guests to show up for one of the biggest celebrations in the world. >> nancy: a family rescuing their dog after their home is destroyed by a devastating tornado in texas. so they heard the dog barking. then they started to dig through the rubble of two houses to get him out. by the time they found him, he had been trapped for two days. >> oh, my gosh. i had not been able to sleep these past few nights. thinking and then the rain. and the cold. and i was just praying. >> nancy: the dog while dirty and in some pain, is expected to be just fine. coming up, donald trump going presidential hopeful. and a change on beacon hill. we are taking a look back at
12:44 pm
>> sarah: blake shelton proving once again, he has the voice. the latest project that is
12:45 pm
manes the year 2015 started with a new governor. the charlie baker era under way in massachusetts. it ended with a wild presidential race. donald trump changing things on the campaign trail. andy hiller looks back in >> reporter: the year in politics started with a change at the statehouse. >> a new era on beacon hill. >> reporter: governor baker's first order of business was overshadowed by snow, snow, and more snow. >> it is going to look like a blizzard out there. >> reporter: snowstorms than a month. many m.b.t.a. trains broke
12:46 pm
stranding thousands of commuters. the governor wasn't happy. >> next week everybody comes back to work and the thing better be working. >> reporter: but it wasn't all bad. by summer, the wasn'ter blues were behind him. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: he took the ice bucket challenge, wearing a free brady t shf shirt. in new hampshire, the presidential race heated up in 2015. because of one politician who >> donald trump. >> donald trump. jumped into the republican race and from the start, said whatever was on his mind. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. i would bomb the (bleep) out of them. >> reporter: the frank talk
12:47 pm
his opponents tried to pull him down to no avail. >> you are never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. i'm at 42. you are at three. so far i'm doing okay. >> doesn't matter. >> reporter: former second stair of state hillary clinton is neck and neck with vermont semior the bernie sanders. >> well, i think we win here in new hampshire. >> reporter: in october on capitol hill, clinton faced 11 hours of tough questions on benghazi. and her use of her e-mail account. >> well, congresswoman, i did not conduct most of the business that i did on behalf of our country on e-mail. >> reporter: she stayed cool white committee members got hot. mostly with each other. >> i have reached no conclusions. i would advise you to not reach any conclusions either. >> i believe we are out of time. >> reporter: in late 2015, joe biden finally made it clear he wouldn't be running for president. and house speaker john boehner stepped down.
12:48 pm
today is the day i'm going to do this. >> reporter: after much encouragement, congressman paul ryan took over as speaker of the house. former president jimmy carter announced this year he had brain cancer. after months of radiation treatment and taking a new medication, the 91-year-old told his church congregation... >> when i went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all. >> reporter: his cancer is gone. president obama opened diplomatic relations with cuba in 2015. and after a december terror attack in san bernardino, california, the president weakly declared with the we on congress to act. >> if congress believes we are at war with isil, it should go ahead to authorize the continued use of military force against these terrorists. >> nancy: that was andy hiller reporting. back at the tom entertainment stories of the year. coming up next, oprah winfrey
12:49 pm
struggle in a public way. her struggle with her weight. >> bri: boy, we went from spring-like weather to winter weather very quickly. one more look at the extended forecast before the hour is up. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt you can't level the playing and billionaires i'm bernie sanders,
12:50 pm
by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> sarah: guns&roses reuniting next year for several
12:51 pm
they will perform in california and las vegas next april. axle rose, slash and the original members will be on stage together once again. >> nancy: country star blake shelton joined the cast of the upcoming angry birds movie. interesting that they are making one. the voice judge will play one of the pigs in the film lending his country twang to a character named earl. shelton is writing a song for the movie also. which is based on a popular game. >> sarah: russell crowe slamming virgin airlines after they refused to allow his kids to bring their hoverboards as luggage. he says he should have been notified before booking his tickets and will never fly with them again. the airlines apologized for the inconvenience. >> every time i tried and failed, every time i tried again, every time i tried again has brought me to this
12:52 pm
>> nancy: oprah opening up in a new weight watchers ad. she gets emotional while talking about her struggles throughout the years. she bought a 10% stake in the company back in october. a lot of people will be considering that inspiration with their new year's resolutions. have you made yours yet? >> sarah: no. i have been too business to think about new year's rez lieutenant governors, bri. do you have any? >> bri: i haven't. maybe talk about my cat less would be... that would benefit a lot of people. >> sarah: no. i don't mind. >> bri: i'll think about it. we have some cold temperatures. this is going to be a little hard to get used to coming off the record-smashing temperatures. still below freezing. we have a freezing rain advisory for northern worcester county along route 2 overnight tonight. showers move in and cold temperatures kick off 2016. >> sarah: i'm sarah french.
12:53 pm
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