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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 31, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> ready to ring in the new year here in boston. police stepping up security to make sure 2016 gets off without a hitch >> bruins are going to be shorthanded in the winter classic tomorrow. details on marchand. everybody. can you believe it's the last day of 2015? >> oh, man. >> all your top stories in a moment but i know a lot of you are going to be checking out first night festivities so how that? >> it's been a damp and dreary
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we have some freezing rain overnight last night and we did have some areas of ice this morning. clouds are still with us with some areas of patchy fog as well and it's locally dense. visibilities under a mile. seven mile visibility in boston right now so not all that bad. it's more the low clouds just kind of keeping us socked in. current temperatures are either at freezing, bedford 32, or into the mid 30s. 36 for boston. however, i don't want to discount the potential for still seeing ice out there, at least for the early hours of today because you could get the sheets, take a little longer to melt and they can slide off rooftops and elevated surfaces so please keep an eye out for that today. milder temperatures for this afternoon and even some sunshine in store for us. we'll top out in the low to mid 40s for most spots. some very cool temperatures as we enter into the new year. the extended forecast to come in a bit. >> thank you. check on how the roads are right now. how are things going? >> things looking good out there, nancy. let's take a look outside.
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let's go to the maps from the braintree split into boston, it's a short drive, just 10 minutes. south of town, no problems to tell you about. route 324, 95, all looking good so far this morning. the pike wide open to 495. it's real easy drive into boston. 93, fine from 495 to town. route one looking good as well. let's take a look at drive times. you won't be dealing with much traffic. on the expressway, just 10 minutes. on the pike into town from 138, 12 minutes. 93 southbound. 128 to the jakim bridge. 11 minutes and so far the t is on time. >> thanks. getting ready to ring in the new year, boston making the final preps before the big night. police promising added security all across the city. >> they say there's no reason to be on edge tonight but they are making sure the new year's starts off as safely as possible. so chris has the latest on first night preps.
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in the new year, police are stepping up security to make sure the first night celebration in copley square is safe. >> we have a good plan in place. we'll have plenty of police visibility out there. i just really want to make it clear there's no threats out there. >> police commissioner says that officers will be out in full force to make sure everyone has a great night. >> we'll have plenty of officers out there. we'll have bomb dogs, everything possible. but i'm always a little weary of having an overpresence that we intimidate people. >> in new york city, preparations are underway for the famous ball drop. 6,000 nypd officers will be on patrol. people entering times square will be screened twice and more than 1,000 security cameras will be rolling all night. police say they're not aware of any threats but recent terrorist attacks around the world have them on alert. >> we are aware that our picture
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it's changed significantly from what it was a year ago or two years ago. >> overseas, brussels cancelled fireworks and other festivities as a precaution after police arrested two suspected terrorists in turkey who they say plan to attack the event. meantime, back here in the hub, mayor says the night should be about having fun. >> we want to end the year on a great note here after the first night celebrations and we want to make sure we make lots of good, positive memories here. >> ice sculptures are in place for tonight's festivities and remember, the t is free from 8:00 tonight until 2:00 in the morning so you can avoid the hassle of trying to park and take the t down and enjoy all of the first night festivities. that's the story here in copley square. >> breaking overnight, belgium police arrested a 10th person in connection with last month's terror attacks in paris. 22-year-old is charged. police also found several cell
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they're now examining them. 130 people were killed in the november 13 attacks. >> also breaking overnight, the mother of a texas affluenza teen evan couch back in the united states. tonya couch was escorted by u.s. arriving in los angeles. the 18-year-old remains in mexico. family attorneys were able to successfully fight his deportation. a judge will now decide when he has to go back. couch is accused of violating the probation he received after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. he avoided prison time because lawyers argued his wealthy him. >> the attorney for bill cosby speaking out on the comedian's behalf after he was criminally charged with sexual assault. cosby is out on bail this morning after appearing in court he's charged with three counts of aggravated, indecent assault 2004. this morning his defense team is
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while his alleged victims say they're happy he's file finally been charged. >> my client is not guilty and there will be no consideration on our part of any sort of arrangement. >> andrea is within the statute of liltations and a prosecution is going to go forward and i'm very, very happy about that. >> allred said that many of her clients agreed to testify in the case. >> a federal grand jury has indicted a friend of the san bernardino shooters on terrorism charges. authorities say marquez bought two guns the couple used in the shooting rampage earlier this month. they believe he planned two other terrorist attacks in 2011 and 2012 but never carried them out. syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik opened fire at a holiday party. 14 people were killed, 22 others injured. the two were killed in a
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after the massacre. marquez will be arraigned next wednesday. >> 21 people taken to the hospital, including three children, after a burst of turbulence on board a flight from turkey. they were diverted to calgary on wednesday. those injured are expected to be okay. >> suddenly the flight is just going down and everything was scary. >> it was all normal. just bouncing and bouncing and it just shaking. >> investigators say they'll interview the crew and look at the digital flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder to try to figure out what went wrong. >> the bruins are gearing up for the winter classic but they will have to face canadiens without brad marchand. now losing their leading goal scorer and meantime, the buzz
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players and coaches getting a chance to test the ice with their families yesterday with even more events on the ice scheduled for today. john joins us now with more on the winter classic hype. >> good morning from gillette stadium, site of the nhl winter classic. today is the alumni game. a lot of people excited for this this arrive fternoon. you can see the zamboni going around. they'll be playing alums from the montreal canadiens. yesterday they were out here, so many favorites to take a turn around the ice yesterday for the family skate. we got to see a warm and fuzzy side to these guys on the ice. whether it's goalie wearing a patriots hat while carrying his daughter or people catching unforgettable moments with
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classic family skate is a real favorite for bruins players and staffers alike. the center was sharing a moment with his little boy. >> i feel these family skates are so fun because, you know, my son is about two years old and it was the first time on skates and these are memories they'll cherish forever. >> this was fun. every twist and turn. >> stadium on the ice, it's just unbelievable. >> the team's strength and conditioning coach was busy trying to teach his 6-year-old twins how to skate. >> how is it going? >> it's awesome. it's better than what it was at fenway. i got my two kids now. i didn't have kids then. makes it special. >> what's better, the bruins or patriots? >> bruins. >> bruins. >> jimmy hayes was having a blast with his family and friends rather than watching out for big hits from a opponents. he's a huge patriots fan. >> it's cool to play out here and see where they won some big
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we have a big game on our own. >> maybe he'll ask for an autograph. >> i'll trade him one. >> you can see some snow out here at the stadium. actually this is the cotton variety for television because, hey, we're a little bit winter challenged here in boston this time around but still the winter classic will be great. we're live at gillette stadium. >> spilling all the secrets. thanks, john. nicole is also at gillette where fans are ready for tomorrow's rivalry matchup. she joins us live from outside spectator plaza. you're getting busy there, too. >> i have been getting lessons in how to shoot a hockey puck so let me just show you around spectator plaza. today. you don't need a ticket to the game. out. this is the official winter classic bruins jersey so obviously the official merchandise tent is set up over here. if we swing around behind here,
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nets set up. that will test your accuracy so you can score. there's also a sharp shooter competition and then this is what we've been working on here. so adam has been helping me learn how to shoot a hockey puck. by the way, this is the first time ever in my life that i've ever heard a hockey stick. net. get ready. it's supposed to hit these five targets here. and i've hit none at all this entire day. so what you're supposed to do here is if you can hit these five targets within 30 seconds, you'll get a prize. obviously you just have to play hockey before. okay. no points. my time is up. i didn't get any. at 9:30 we'll show you the rest of spectator plaza here for all the fans getting excited about the winter classic. anybody who wants to show off
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tell you about everything else that's here. for now that's the latest live from gillette. >> that was good effort. thanks. >> i'm impressed. >> keep it here on 7 on new your year's eve. enjoy us after the game for complete post game coverage. it's harder than it looks. it looks like she was doing like a golf swing. >> she's an athlete. she's just trying to be humble. much more to come including wild weather in missouri. flood water reaching historic levels and causing historic damage. >> then firefighters are coming together to help a 4-year-old boy with cancer. >> and it seemed like that cold wouldn't leave us yesterday but temperatures in most spots above freezing and climbing in the 40s today. we'll get to the forecast up next. >> comedian to the rescue here. we'll have the details coming
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>> we're going to run out for coffee. we'll be right back. we're going nowhere. back it up. >> yes, sir. >> all right. president obama taking a drive on jerry seinfeld's popular show comedians and cars, getting coffee. as you can see, the two could not get very far. they ended up driving around the whole white house grounds instead. they chatted about day-to-day life, about being a president and what it's like living in the white house. >> it is so funny. i watched this in between our news casts. i did. i was cracking up driving everyone around me crazy because i was wearing head phones but it's so funny. he asked all the questions that you want to know but you would never think to ask the commander in chief.
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asked him something along the lines, in your underwear drawer, is it one brand? one color? those kinds of questions. >> the things you want to know. >> yeah. one question to ask the president, that wouldn't be it but that's okay. milder temperatures for us today. we could not get rid of that cold yesterday. apt least not until the evening so we are melting as we make it into the afternoon and we're dry for new year's eve. all the festivities looking good for it, but you'll want to bundle up. cold blast as we get into the beginning of next week. it will really start to feel a whole lot more like winter. warm weather no longer. now we've had a damp and dreary start to the day. still some areas of drizzle out there and also some fog reducing visibilities in nashua, locally dense fog, out on the cape you'll run into some fog so something to pay attention to. visibility is okay. you shouldn't have any problems getting out of boston if you have a flight within the next couple of hours. current temperatures are close to freezing or just above it.
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freezing. this is where the concern lies, when you have the temperatures that are right near freezing like 32 degrees. you can actually have colder temperatures at the surface, on the ground. that means that there's still the potential for ice to exist on sidewalks and driveways and those back roads so please pay attention to that. not much in southeastern mass but around 495, route two, there might be a concern as we get through the next few hours. now, we do have drier air that wants to work into place. so hopefully we'll see sunshine today but it will take a little bit for those clouds to erode and reveal the sunshine for us. nevertheless, those temperatures getting a boost today and above average for us once again we climb into the low to mid 40s for the afternoon for most spots with a light wind out of the west-northwest. you can see the highs here 38 for worcester, topping out at 43 for boston and first night forecast for us, looking dry but also looking cool. wind chill readings making it feel like it's in the mid 20s so
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head out and we're heading into a new year so to give us a look back into 2015 -- >> thanks. our average temperature for this december, still 45 degrees. decembers in the past, even the warmest ones haven't been this warm so yes, we're still on track for this to be the warmest december that we've seen. below-average temperatures and our temperatures are running almost 11 degrees warmer than where they should be this time of year. so in the past, warm decembers have meant snowfall totals in the teens but we're not making any promises with that statement. and since we're looking back at the year, let's go back to february. it was the second coldest on record with only one day of above normal temperatures so quite the opposite from this december and it looks like we're staying cool as we head into the new year, huh? >> you know, people have been asking a lot, are we going to have to pay for the warmth we saw in december? well, i would say looking at february, we already prepaid for that warmth in december.
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of 2016, off to a cold start certainly. not so bad for the winter classic tomorrow. i think this is really perfect for a good hockey game. 39 degrees. we get some sunshine as well and here's a look at the seven on seven forecast. as far as big snow makers go, it looks very quiet the next seven to 10 days but we could get some squalls, snow showers and/or flurries on monday. cold temperatures is what we need to prepare for. >> thank you. wild weather in the midwest. new video from missouri showing a raging river wash away a home, carrying it right down a river. it slammed into a bridge. yoef night that historic flooding shut down i-55, a major highway for the first time ever and today the mississippi river is expected to crest in st. louis, about 13 feet above flood stage. the flooding is being blamed for more than 20 deaths in missouri and illinois. that number is expected to rise. some neighborhoods are surrounded by water. hundreds of homes are flooded.
9:20 am
and the governor of missouri says the threat is far from over. >> this is going to be awhile. you don't have this much water or a population of businesses, public assets and you just -- the water goes down. it's not over. >> the coast guard and the national guard have been deployed. they're ready for rescues as officials monitor several levees in danger of breaching. okay. just ahead, a wild wreck in new hampshire, part of hillary clinton's secret service detail why the driver killed in the crash should not have been behind the wheel in the first place. coming together for one of their own. firefighters showing support for
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>> firefighters coming together to help the grandson of one of their own. >> the 4-year-old is battling the same rare cancer another firefighter's granddaughter once did. joey mc donahue was diagnosed with neuro blastoma. he lives across the street from a woman finishing her treatments for the very same disease. family and community members are floored with how this tragedy struck the department twice. >> we work together, we play together, we raise our kids together. >> two people in the same neighborhood just across the street from each other. it was unbelievable.
9:23 am
once you're in, you're in. their family is our family, vice versa. >> last year firefighter raised $20,000 to help brooklyn. now they've opened an account to help joey. if you would like to help, we have more information on our website, just ahead, the nbt not making the grade the federal review
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fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. >> an issue forcing a plane bound for maine to make an emergency landing at rhode island. passengers on the allegiant
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mid flight. some stayed in providence overnight and others took cars and buses to continue on with their trip. a new flight will take off this morning. >> we get a first taste of winter weather. state police are reminding you to remove snow and ice from your vehicle before you hit the road. they tweeted this picture of a smashed windshield in andover. ice came off a truck and driver suffered cuts on his face and eyes from the local glass. police cracking down on drivers who do not clear off cars. this extreme example, the driver of this car cleared just a small patch of the windshield. the rest of it covered. police pulled the car over and gave the driver a citation. >> i don't know how you would even be able to drive in that situation. >> i don't know, either. yesterday i was driving, though, and some ice and snow came off a car and i like -- went like this. what am i doing? i'm driving. it's so scary.
9:27 am
>> up next, more trouble. a federal report uncovering more problems and it could impact your commute. >> more melting in store for us this afternoon so sheets of ice coming off of rooftops and elevated surfaces. something else to watch out for as you're walking around town. we'll get to the forecast up next. >> plus we're heading back out to foxboro, gillette stadium ready to host some hockey but how did the patriots feel about the home turf being turned into an ice rink? why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
9:28 am
>> our report from the feds finds problems with the nbta and it could lead to trouble for riders. >> learning more about a bad crash involving the secret service. why the driver in new hampshire should have never been behind the wheel. >> a young boy leaping into action, now called a hero.
9:29 am
>> welcome back on this thursday morning. hard to believe the last day of 2015. >> and it is just flying by. it's a chilly start to the day. you could see it's hockey weather which is just fine for the folks in foxboro. here's a live look at gillette stadium. a little more than 24 hours from now, the bruins will host the canadiens in the winter classic. we'll have a live report in a minute. first let's check on the forecast. >> we're getting some practice bundling up for the big game. rain reports from last night, even freezing rain. more significant as you got out onto the cape and also for the south coast. just a touch, under a tenth of an inch for boston and worcester. worcester county and in some areas metro west, we did get freezing rain last night. still sort of damp and drizzly and dreary through the day today with some areas seeing some locally dense fog. beverly, nashua, visibility less than a mile at this point and also walls of fog along cape cod
9:30 am
you're driving around the areas for the early hours of today. current temperatures just crawling past freezing so icy areas are still a very good likelihood in those spots that are near 32 degrees because it's going to take awhile for that ice to actually melt. we will see the clouds break apart as we head into the afternoon. for a little bit of sunshine, more melting in store as our temperatures climb in the low to mid 40s for most spots. but it is a cold start to the new year. we'll get to that extended forecast in a few minutes. >> breaking overnight, belgium police arrested a tenth person in connection with last month's terror attacks in paris. 22-year-old charged with terrorist murder and participation in a terrorist organization. police also found several cell phones with the suspect and are now expecting them. 130 people were killed in the november 13 attacks. >> also breaking overnight, the mother of texas affluenza teen, ethan couch, is back in the united states after being extradited from mexico.
9:31 am
u.s. marshals in handcuffs after arriving in los angeles. meantime, the 18-year-old does remain in mexico. family attorneys were able to successfully fight his deportation. a judge will now decide when he has to go back. couch is accused of violating the probation he received after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. lawyers argued his wealthy him. >> passengers aren't the only ones giving bad marks. federal review exposing real t trouble. the report is harshest when it comes to the maintenance efforts. it says the agency lacks a comprehensive maintenance plan for trains, buses and stations and finds while maintenance teams are somewhat effective, they work somewhat independently as well. passengers who use the ride system have long trips.
9:32 am
get up to compliance with federal require manies and points out the report doesn't question the quality of maintenance work. in the past they have estimated it would cost $7 billion to get all trains, tracks and stations into good working order. we now know the man who was killed in a crash involving secret service agents in wakefield, new hampshire should not have been behind the wheel. investigators say he did not have a driver's license. he swerved onto the wrong side of the road, crashing head-on into the car carrying four agents wednesday night. officials say the agents had just come from surveying a campaign site. >> they were working as part of the protection efforts for secretary clinton. >> hillary clinton later released a statement offering her condolences to all of the victims involved. and a young boy was putting fire
9:33 am
he saved his life. he woke up to the sound of beeping on wednesday. his older brother, also in bed heard it, too, but like a lot of people do, he ignored it. the mother told him to check out the carbon monoxide detector that was down stairs and when he realized that's where the sound was coming from, he knew ex acts kts cts -- exactly what to do. >> i got my brother, ran outside and called the fire department. >> we immediately got alarms of high carbon monoxide levels. >> it's a feeling of helplessness. i still have knots in my stomach thinking what could have happened. >> he saved my life, i guess you could say. i'm proud of him for doing that. >> the family believes the leak came from a furnace. it's now repaired and they also bought three new detectors. firefighters say they will nominate braden for a young hero award. three police officers risked
9:34 am
trapped inside a burning building. the officer was the first to run into the home on granite street monday once he learned someone was still inside. two other officers then joined him to make sure she made it out okay. >> we had to take turns going in, swapping out, getting air and we were able to finally free a leg from behind the door and drag her out. at that point you're not thinking. you're just acting. >> the officers say they don't consider themselves heros and say anyone at their department would have done the very same thing. >> we're ready for a frozen faceoff. bruins in the winter classic. gillette stadium going from a football stadium to outdoor hockey rink. it's not just hockey fans. patriots are excited to be sharing their field with another championship team. jonathan hall is live at
9:35 am
>> we all know this is tom brady's house normally but of course, there won't be another patriots game here at gillette stadium for a couple of weeks nfl. we take a live look at the ice, all set up on the field at gillette. patriots are taking in this spectacle just as we all are. football country. tongues. call it a friendly invasion. the patriots are welcoming their fellow pro athletes with open arms. >> we're going to be remembering the guys and looking forward to them beating the canadiens. we don't like them. >> he almost never misses a chance of three points and he loves hockey. he's friends with several former players. >> the bruins games are the best
9:36 am
you know, numerous games, all their big playoff runs. i saw a bunch of the stanley playoff games. >> for some guys like martin, this hockey stuff is all pretty new. skates in your life? >> no. no. never, never. never did know hockey. >> not ready to play with black and gold, are you? >> not yet. give me a little bit. >> back up q.b. is used to being in tom brady's shadow. how does he feel about sharing space with boston hockey heros? >> do they get to use your locker room? >> i don't know hob -- to be honest. whoever has it, take care of it for me. >> he does not have to worry a bit. patriots locker room will remain untouched. we're hearing that the bruins will be in the nfl visitors locker room and canadiens will have to use the revolution
9:37 am
locker will be just fine. today a big day. we have the spectator experience going on. they can test out slap shots and also we have the alumni game coming up at 3:30. terry o'reilly from way back in the day, lots of fun here. ?> so the patriots are excited, of course, so are the fans and the spectator plaza, we have more with the fun you can have before the game. hey, nicole. >> there is so much to do, whether you play hockey or just a hockey fan. so they are setting up. it will get underway at 11:30 this morning. there's music going and there will be a band on the stage there live. plenty of places to get the official merchandise and also this is the official jersey here of the bruins. so again for hockey fans, if you're into it, there's several different things that you can do to check out your accuracy, see if you can score.
9:38 am
old school shooting, i'm told this is what they did back in the day. crosby trying to shoot the hockey pucks in the drier. let's see if we can do this better here. nope. all right. let's try one more time. almost. almost. all right. we'll give it a few more go arounds. let's see. score! right in the dryer. how good i'm doing. all right. i have to be honest. that's not me shooting. that wasn't me that got it into the dryer. this is adam here who has been such a good sport and has been teaching me how to hold a hockey stick and for how to shoot a puck. sport. you can check out adam here at spectator plaza. he'll show you what to do so you can learn how to shoot pucks in
9:39 am
we'll keep you updated with all the things you can do here, whether you make your own hockey player, own card or social media that you can upload photos to twitter and facebook. again, practice your hockey skills. that's the latest live from gillette. >> great job. i'm proud of you. some creative camera work there. make sure to keep it here on 7 nbc on new year's day to catch the bruins take on the canadiens at gillette. coverage starts at 1:00. join us after the game for complete post game coverage. i didn't know people used to practice with washers and dryers. >> if i was nicole, i would have let everybody think that i was the one really doing it. okay. up next on 7 news, kobe bryant taking on the celtics and the garden for the last time in his career. how the fans and the team bid the star farewell and stories from far, far away right here. we're taking a look back at the year in entertainment just
9:40 am
>> what a year of weather it's been for us. we're going to wrap up december as the warmest on record and that follows the second coldest february so it all a balance?
9:41 am
seen the sunshine and it was hard crawling above the freezing line. but we're above the freezing mark in most spots and we're seeing low level moisture mix back out in the atmosphere. we'll get some sunshine in here, but there are some spots locally with dense fog. a couple of spots have seen reports in lowell as well. visibility reduced in plymouth and bedford at this time. it's sort of a damp and dreary start. temperatures in the low to mid 30s in most spots but there are a couple of spots that are right near the freezing mark. 33 degrees so still some potential to see some icy spots on the sidewalks and the driveways. not so much in southeast mass. we're already seeing temperatures climb closer to 40 degrees where they will be for highs this afternoon as drier air works in from the west-northwest. all those highs, 40 to 45 with a light breeze out of the west and that will be the case taking those wind chill readings closer to 35. high today low to mid 40s and then for tonight, we stay dry,
9:42 am
will be very chilly so make sure you bundle up with those layers and a look back at past months. >> thanks. this december our average temperature around 45 degrees so we're still on track for this to be the warmest december on record with temperatures almost 11 degrees above where they should be this time of year. now, our other three warmest decembers did have pretty low seasonal snowfall totals with totals in the teens so just pointing it out, not making any promises. let's not forget in february, it was the second coldest on record this year. we only had one day with above normal temperatures so quite the opposite from this december and the cold is staying with us as we head into next year. >> we paid for that warmth that we just saw in december in february. that month was tough to get through. we're in for a cold start to 2016 but i'll tell you what. it looks fairly quiet as far as big snow makers go and tomorrow looking fantastic as well.
9:43 am
degrees as you get down near gillette and here's a look at that seven on seven forecast. a chilly start to the beginning of next work week which means we'll have to get those kids really bundled up to get them to the bus stop. >> thank you. so 2015 was full of major headlines from the entertainment world, including caitlyn jenner and changes in late night >> and can't forget the return to a galaxy far, far away. we take a look back at the memorable moments in entertainment in today's seven top seven. >> 2015 was a year of transformation for bruce jenner. >> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> after months of speculation, he revealed he was transitioning and coming out to the world as indicate caitlyn jenner. his former son-in-law also made headlines. lamar odem was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada unconscious.
9:44 am
his health. >> i'm here to reclaim the fact i'm hiv positive. >> he was diagnosed four years ago and decided to make the announcement after paying out upwards of $10 million to keep it a secret. another year of loss for the family of whitney houston. almost three years after the pop icon drowned in a bathtub, her daughter, bobbi kristina brown, was also found face down and unresponsive in a tub. she underwent treatment but never regained consciousness and passed away six months later. >> i cannot leave without saying to you in all sincerity, good luck and prosper. >> world mourned the passing of the boston native who was best known for playing one of the most iconic characters in hollywood. >> that is quite logical. >> star trek mr. spock. he was 83. another galaxy far, far away made headlines this year as star wars proved it is still a force
9:45 am
the film stormed past injure as -- jurassic world. >> for the last time on a television program, thank you and good night. >> after 33 years on the air, david letterman signed off one last time. his departure leading the way for steven colbert. his counterpart jon stewart walked way from the daily show. >> thank you so much. >> after 16 years behind the desk. england birthed a princess in the spring of 2016. duchess of cambridge gave birth. her name honoring family members past and present. a simple picture of a cocktail dress divided the country. was it blue and black or white and gold? the company later confirmed its true colors. and unlikely star was born during the super bowl half-time
9:46 am
left shark quickly became popular after the backup dancer was seen dancing awkwardly behind half-time show performer katy perry. ben affleck and his wife jennifer garner calling it quits. it was later rumored he had an affair with the nanny. voice coaches split from their spouses. heartbreak didn't last too long. a few months later, singers confirmed they were dating. a new direction. zany left one direction to focus on a solo career. remaining four members released another album but announced they'll be taking an extended hiatus next year. adele came back stronger than ever, shattering records with the latest album "25."
9:47 am
tonight for the final seven top seven list as we take a look back at those we lost this past year. left shark. i forgot about him, or her. >> i knew it made headlines but we were both like, now, why? eminently off. or her. right shark. just ahead, a winter classic surprise from a bruins legend. a local hockey player getting a
9:48 am
>> kobe bryant's final game this boston turned out to be a victory for the lakers. fans of the garden cheered for the future hall of famer. bryant also received cheers after the game. he made sure to acknowledge the
9:49 am
he scored 15 points. after the game, bryant had nice words for boston fans. >> i wish i could do more to show my gratitude to them. i just try to say thank you as much as i possibly could. it's a weird feeling as you walk across the court and look at all of them. do you know what i mean? just trying to cherish it. >> before the game, the celtics game, got a retirement gift. hockey players received a special treat wednesday when they learned they will be at gillette tomorrow for the winter classic. bruins legend met with the players. one player who has overcome medical obstacles received free tickets to tomorrow's game and then he pulled out another surprise. >> we can't have you going to the game by yourself just with
9:50 am
how about the whole team joins you for the game tomorrow? >> all 19 kids also received a shopping spree at dick's sporting goods. >> 40s today with some sunshine on tap. one for look at the forecast
9:51 am
cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like king things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
9:52 am
>> 20:15. send it over to bri with a final check of the forecast. >> looking for sunshine this afternoon and we're dry for all of the festivities tonight. temperatures will wait until the wee hours of the morning to drop down to freezing again. it's melting this afternoon as well as tomorrow. maybe some flurries or snow showers on monday but at least for the next seven to 10 days, no big snow makers in the forecast. just some very frigid temperatures. we'll have to get the kids prepared for the bus stop. thank you for joining us.
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