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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  December 31, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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news at 4:30. >> ezabeth: now crews on the scene of a roof collapse in somerville. the home understood renovation at the time. a's no one was unside when it all came crashing down. kimberly bookman live on the scene to tell us more about what happened out there. >> reporter: yeah, this building used to stand in between these two apartment homes. it was key part of this community build in 1900. tonight as you can see, it is gone. folding anyoneward crashing down two floors. the roof of this somerville gauge house collapsed this morning after firefighters say contractors left lumber on top of it for days. >> i heard a big crash noise then about a second or two later another crash noise and thought it was a truck bridge. >> reporter: he says worker renovated the home and were beginning to get to this building in the back. >> minutes before that, i was hearing hammer sounds. >> reporter: no one was
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have an active natural gas line. firefighters say they were initially called toed scene because of the someone smelled gas then they found this. they evacuated pedro and everyone else in his home. >> a secondary collapse, this is a big concern. >> reporter: built in 1900 the structure has a history in the city. one this man knows well. >> this was my father's broom factory. we used to live here 60 years ago. and my father made brooms in here. >> reporter: it's hard to see it reduced to rubble. a project in and of itself because the building was crammed in between so many others and crews got it down taking memories along with it. >> i shoveled this driveway i don't know how many times when i was a kid. you do get mixed feelings. >> reporter: firefighters don't know the exact cause of the collapse. they don't know if it was just because they left lumber on top or with that mixed with the fact we had
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building was very old. reporting live from somerville, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> elizabeth: an apartment building in everett up in flames. crews on the scene using ladders to reach the top and put out the fire. you can see smoke pouring out as firefighters worked to contain the fire. no word if anyone was hurt. >> adam: drone drama in littleton when authorities have to jump to retrieve someone's drone. police and fire departments yesterday. the drone's owner said he fell into the water up to his knees trying to grab it but was able to get out unharmed. a webster woman is blind bars after police say she robbed two stores and tried to rob a restaurant. gun. the 22-year-old was arrested on monday after she allegedly caused a disturbance at a restaurant and said she had a handgun.
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following more news today. in new york city the giant chrystal ball has been tested and is ready for tonight's new year's eve celebration in times square where one million people are expected to gather to ring in the new year. police have set up security to help ease peoples' fears. sara dollop has more on what to expect tonight. >> reporter: it's out with the old, in with the new year. >> going to be a new year for us. it's going to be exciting i think. >> reporter: ripping in 2016 in times square takes more than a little work starting with the numerous that arrived weeks ago and a facelift to the waterford chrystal ball. 288 crystals were added to the more than 2,000 in place. >> get to see the ball. >> reporter: a test confetti and ball lighting gave a sneak peek of what is to come and people were invited to personalize the new year writing pitches for 2016 that will be mixed in
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talls. with the eyes of the world watching officials have enhanced security. with some 6,000 officers assigned to times square. for the first time, some will be armed with long guns. bomb sniffing dogs and chemical and radiation defectors will be present. >> we have the threat picture has changed because of isis. it changed significantly from what it was a year or two years ago and in response to that, and in fact ahead of that that's capabilities here in the city. appreciated with visitors. >> i feel safe right now. i don't feel that threat. keeping eyes out. >> reporter: law enforcement and revellers working together to have a safe and fun start to 2016. when the clock stocks midnight more than a ton of confelty will rain down on the crowd. a great start to the new year and a lot of cleanup for crews in the morning.
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>> adam: police in benium have arrested a 10th person in connection with the attacks in paris. police found several cell phones with the suspect and are examining those, 130 people were killed in the november 13th attacks. a scare in the sky for passengers on a flight from china. passengers on the air canada flight were diverted to calgary after severe turbulence. 21 people were hospitalized including three children. they were' taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. >> it was flight was just going down and everything really scary. >> it start with was okay. just coming down and all of a sudden it was really violent and just shaking everybody up. >> adam: investigators will interview the crew and look at the digital flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder to figure out what went wrong.
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grieving after a deadly mistake in florida. the mother accidentally shot her own daughter killing her. the woman was asleep and her daughter came home. the mother thought her daughter was an intruder and shired one shot. the victim was taken to the hospital where she later died. >> it's the holidays. it's very sad for any family member, especially a mother, to accidentally kill their daughter. >> adam: police are calling the shooting accidental. police found the body of a child stuffed in a suit suitcase. officials say the suitcase was floating in water mind the home and that the mother confessed to killing her 3-year-old child when police arrived. >> deputies approached the female at which time she stated i killed my child him. i killed him. >> elizabeth: investigators are considering richelleistic sacrifice as a possible
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>> adam: a dog in kansas saved from a terrible fate and the former pet owner facing charges including animal abandonment after dumping the dog near a vacant lot. the animal was out in the cold for more than a week but thanks to the efforts of two city employees, dog is safe and sound. this is a loving friendly dog at the send of a most unfriendly act. >> this is as mad as i've been in a long time. >> reporter: an act leaving the city code's offer brimming with anger after checking images from one of the hidden cameras he uses to cash people illegally dumping truck here. only what he saw this time wasn't trash but mojave. the s.u.v. pulls up. someone inside pushing out the dog to the street. drives away with the dog following in vein. >> i couldn't believe it. it was a beautiful little dog. he is sweet as he can be and somebody pitching him out. >> reporter: he saw the act because he was switching
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the time stamp was a week before he saw it which left the dog out there the whole time. >> i said, hey, this dog is still in the area. >> reporter: here is where aaron comes n. the investigator was asked to look through other photoas and says after the dog was left behind the camera had snapped other pictures of the dog still in the area. the two rushed back out and didn't have to look long especially after opening a can of food before the dog came bouncing out of the brush. >> despite spending a week alone the dog's is healthy and has recently been adopted. >> elizabeth: the sky is falling in florida. a huge hole left behind and blame. one man who lives in the home says the ice landed a few feet away from him. it's unclear where it came from but investigators says it didn't necessarily come from a plane. a sunday morning sound. from something you would never expect. >> happened so fast.
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>> reporter:. >> reporter: but gary and his friend could see the damage. >> a big ball of ice blew through the roof. >> reporter: they took videos after it happened. >> the room was filled with dust and there was debris all over the floor. there were roof shingles in my loaf. >> reporter: the two men believe the ice ball may have weighed at least 25 pounds before it shattered into pieces missing wilson but only a few feet. >> i just sat here wondering what was going on. 911. wilson says he was worried about the safety of the plane's overhead. they were' flying in the area at the time. >> my first concerns was that maybe there was an airplane that wasn't properly functioning. >> reporter: the home -- >> i discovered there is a phenomenon alled mega cryometeors. that are formed in the up err at most fear. >> reporter: they're large hail stones. >> the fact that it's clear
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indicates that it didn't come from the plane's lavatories. >> reporter: a pilot with a local shiver's office collected a sample to send to the f.a.a.for further evaluation. luckily -- twice. >> elizabeth: thankfully no one in the home was hurt. >> adam: so a husband gets pants for christmas. find. a woman. for her husband. when he tried to put them on, he put his hans in the pockets and found that. a wedding ring. the jeans were ordered from nemman marcus. the wife wants to fix the mistake. >> this is something that is very important to someone. and i know how important it is because i actually lost my engagement ring about two years ago and i haven't found is so this is very close to my heart. i wanted to find the owner. >> adam: the store says it's working to find the
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>> elizabeth: ahead here on 7 help for a homeless couple. the community coming together to help a couple get the dream wedding they never thought they would have. >> adam: speaking out about "star wars," the creator of the franchise talking about what he really thinks about the latest block buster. >> elizabeth: at 5 preparing for a party in boston, the first night fun already under way as place have upped security as we count down to the new year. >> adam: the winter classic a day away but fans are flooding foxboro for the big matchup. this is coming up on 7 news. hope you stay right there.
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your signature. nthe volkswagen sign nthen drive event. p zero due at signing, p p zero down, zero deposit, p p and zero first months payment p p on a new passat nand othernselect models. >> elizabeth: the power of love in strong is one michigan community. a couple homeless hoping for years their big day would come. >> adam: their wedding didn't come easily until generous people stepped in
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true. here is nancy. >> reporter: sealed with a approval. courtesy of kenneth who is married more than 100 couples. inside his home, over the past 11 years. >> the circumstances of what wrings two people together are never the same. >> reporter: like this couple right here, gerald and manny play. what they've been through is a story in itself. >> unexpected. i guess. i had no idea. >> reporter: unaware before tuesday manny had no dress, gerald had no tie and both no place to live. >> everybody's situation is different so i don't, i have no idea what they're going through. i've no what had what got them to wherener. >> reporter: that is the reason he didn't charge this couple a single dime. >> whoa, like, this is, you know hard a little bit. work for the money and just to get back i'm like, whoa, it meant something to me today.
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>> reporter: as for the wedding dress, ty, bouquet it's thanks to the homeless shelter helping one of their guests on her special day. >> i didn't expect this because we wanted to do a casual wedding with a few friends and family. so, and they came to me and made this happen. dress, makeup, hair, everything, and it meant a lot. >> reporter: leaving as one. >> i didn't expect, but, god sent me an aingele. >> you are officially married. >> reporter: and improved life. >> we date and mated. >> hope god leads them on the right path to get to the right place in their lives. >> reporter: they have a been waiting three years to get married. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news. >> elizabeth: coming up on 7 news a close encounter in japanese waters. what swimmers spotted off the coast.
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skies and not too cold or bitter. forecast turns colder. >> adam: ahead at 5:00 an emergency in the air, a plane is forced to land in rhode island. what caused the plane to go up in smoke. >> elizabeth: breaking news out of dubai where a massive fire is burning in a high-rise hotel. officials were getting ready to ring in the new year with fireworks when the fire erupted.
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>> elizabeth: a giant squid making an appearance in japan. look at that guy. this was first spotted by swimmers on christmas eve. researchers say it's about 12 feet long and relatively young. locals say it's the first giant squad they've seen this season. >> adam: it's one of those
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>> elizabeth: if -- is that $10,000 leagues under the sea. >> j.r.would know. >> reporter: why would i know? just ask the nerdy weather. if it's not in space and tied to a thai fighter i'm clawless, hyannis at 45 but, perhaps i should broaden nye scifi horizon under water. a bit after wind chill but for this time of year, this time of day not bad. we've had certainly colder first nights but looks good out there overnight with partly clouty sky, that will be the case carrying us through the evening and overnight. the breeze this evening knocking a couple of degrees off the temperatures but in the as cole as we've seen in years past. last year down to the middle 20s. and then you go back to the winter where we didn't have a winter, 2011-2012, very mild.
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at midnight running in the upper 30s not quite that mild at hid night but not -- midnight but not bad. lingering clouds behind the front where we had a fair amount of sunshine this morning then clouds showed up throughout the afternoon. but even with a cool front moving through, the last 24 thundershowers the numbers today still will finish above normal. december, 2015 will go in the books as the warmest december on record. so what about past warm decembers? the last time we had a december this warm, 2006, that is the second warmest. how did we do for seasonal show. 17 inches of snow. the previous three warm decembers featured below normal blow. the normal amount of snow for the city of boston, 44 inches of snow. so next last year will not repeat like we saw where we started so slowly then it january. i'm sure we're going to find cold and snow in there but nothing like last year. mostly sunny. breezy, temperatures
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the city 2078 afternoon around 43, lakeville 44. cape ann, merrimack vale, numbers running in the lower 40 40s. outon the cape and the islands mash pee 42. nantucket at 44. saturday a mix of clouds and seasonal temperatures on saturday with the numbers on saturday in the upper 30s to around 40. january 1st sun up at 7:13, sunset is 4:22. picking up day light at both ends of the day by the end of the month. 75 is the record high. the record low is 13 below. normally we pick up about 13 inches of snow. i don't have that in the forecasts although there could be a little bit of patchy snow tied to an arctic front and that means business. temperatures on monday fall from the upper 20s to the single numbers by tuesday morning.
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it's a bitterly cold day in southern new england. >> adam: traffic has been an issue much of the afternoon and we're going out to middleboro with joe stapleton. >> reporter: thank you very much. our issue is along 495 southbound. left lanes, right travel lanes are blocked by a multicar crash by route 18 in middleboro. traffic is backed up along route 495 coming down to route 18 as we pan back. you can see some of the backup back to route 24. certainly a tough ride making your way southbound on that roadway. coming up on route 1 north of the city, up through the saugus area much better picture. earlier crash there is have been cleared. they were' affecting traffic both directions. tight volume out through wakefield but no accidents or breakdowns. 93 and route 3 in great shape near route 128 and heading for downtown boston, 93 not 3406ing badly. storrow drive a bit heavy over to copley square. joe stapleton, 7 news.
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>> adam: topping the buzz george lukasz is talking about the new "star wars" movie. >> elizabeth: he walk aid way from the franchise because he wanted to focus on family. after selling starwalks
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something for the fans. the forges awakens has been shattering box office records since its release. pixar giving fans a peek of the sequel to "finding nemo." it shows a up couldle of dori's friends. 17. >> adam: taylor swift sharing a sneak peek of her brand new music video. she shared this picture looking muddy and fierce. the video will peoplure tonight. -- premier tonight. check it out. >> elizabeth: much more to come in the next 90 minutes, i'm elizabeth norieka. >> adam: i'm adam williams, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news, flames tearing through a hotel in dubai, crews battling the fiery inferno high in the sky. >> elizabeth: new york man with ties to isis in custody, police say he was planning a new year's eve attack.
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security is tight with thousands headed to the city ready to ring in the knew year. >> reporter: mild ride now and the the first day of the year looks mild as well. >> elizabeth: winter classic fun has already begun. fans coming out to test their hockey skills while the team gets ready to fill a hole left on the roster. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> elizabeth: boston is ready to ring in 2016. it will be a crisp cool night for people heading out to celebrate the new year. temperatures will drop tonight, but it's going to be dry. >> adam: if you are heading out as long as you buntle up or have somebody to get next to and snuggle up, you should be all right. getting all romantic here. let's get to jeremy reiner before i get out of hand. >> reporter: you stay classy over there. boston at 42 because i'm not going to. plymouth at 42. fitchburg at 40 degrees, there is some wind out there. i think that is the only thing that works against you
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about midnight tonight.
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