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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the bruins just unable to put it in the net. a tough loss for fans, but montreal was unstopable out on the ice. >> the b's getting one goal past mike condon. sports director joe is live, and, joe, this wasn't the bruins day. >> it wasn't, but it was a great day for the fans here with great conditions for hockey. really a lot of energy. the problem is montreal came out real fast on them. we're joined right now by 14 nhl veteran, shawn mcgeckeren. he even played for the bruins for a while. you've seen a lot of hockey in your day. he's seen it at every level. when a team comes up with that much energy and gets you a goal 114 into the game. it made their inexperienced goal tender. >> i have they have big speed up front and a lot of kill and i think that early goal hurts the bruins. i think they were hoping to play
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and they never got into that. they wanted to create offense off of turnovers, but montreal didn't give them that opportunity. they used their speed and skill down low to create chances, and boston was on their heels most of the game. >> you could see the frustration with tuukka rask. the bruins were out shot 14-3 in the first period. tuukka made some great saves along the way. there was a lot of zone time. they got some good point shops. they knocked tuukka other. gallagher was in front of the net. he made a big difference for them. >> on the other end of the ice you had mike condon, born in needham. went to belmont hill. undrafted. son of state police sergeant ted condon. and here he is out here on the ice in a 5-win over the boston bruins today. he was up to the challenge. he had a very career at belmont
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do what he's done so far is very impressive and to come to gillette stadium and beat the bruins and put up the numbers he did today, only one goal out, his family is very proud i'm sure, but he's having a heck of a year. >> from us stating overall for this bruins team. julien has to be frustrated. he was tinkering with the lines, but he's running out of players out there. this is claude julien after the game. >> claude, what were the issues with trying to get the bottom six rhythm, it seems like it was a challenge in the first period. >> it was. we had a tough night. it's the unfortunate part is that i think we played one of our probably worst game at the worst time. i think it's just -- it seemed like where it was one of those nights where we couldn't get anything going first period. they were all over us. and we just -- it didn't matter
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couldn't get it going and we didn't obviously deserve to win and we got to kind of push this aside and, it's unfortunately that it was on a big stage like this and you would like to have your team give a better performance, but we didn't. >> claude, considering what was at stake here, plus the build up to all of it, could you finger on why you got off to such a rough start? >> not really. and that's what happens sometimes. we have nights where things just don't go your way and we just couldn't seem to find the rhythm, we couldn't seem to find our game and we know we have challenges, but we didn't want to use that as an excuse, and we shouldn't. but they came through really hard, they came out well. they seemed to be on their toes and they had us on our heels early and we waited from there.
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our team was when we scored that goal. for about five minutes we seemed to have some life but then it dissipated again. >> anyone else? >> claude, did they give you an explanation on that no goal in the second period at all? >> it probably was a quick whistle. i think the puck was loose underneath his skate. there was no explanation given to me. i'm going by what he seemed to indicate, that the whistle had blown before the puck went in. >> anyone else? >> claude, how would you describe the conditions as far as the ice and everything and the boards and whatnot? >> i don't know, steve. i think you'll probably have to ask the players that, because again i didn't really talk about that, because to me it has no impact on our game when you look at both teams playing on the same ice. i think that was my concern more than it was trying to get our team
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you'll have to ask them. >> claude, you're facing a pretty tough stretch coming up with the road trip. how do you want your team to put this one aside and reload? >> well, you don't have a choice. i always say the same thing. you don't have a choice. we have to put these aside and things airport going to get any easier. right now i don't know if we anticipate having anybody back for the next game yet or not, so we have to move with what we have, and when you have that lineup, you just have to tell yourself you need to be better and we have to be better as a group, and we're challenged right now, but that's where team comes into play, and you have to play for each other probably a little bit harder and probably a little bit more determined. >> claude julien's had a chance to jump into first place instead they remain in third place. we'll have much more post game coverage coming up over the next
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reporting live at gillette stadium, adam, liz, back to you. >> mike condon stealing the spotlight at today's winter classic. the massachusetts native showing off his skills in the stadium. he grew up watching the patriots. he stopped almost every puck that came at him. >> 7's tim caputo continues his coverage down at gillette and what a game for tim condon. >> a heck of performance and experience for the local kid who happened to be playing for the bad guys against the boston bruins this afternoon and all 25 saves for this 25-year-old, he he did let up one goal but got the big win which was on what many could say is his home ice. mike condon grew up in holistan. he's been to gillette stadium many times. many times as a fan. today the 25-year-old was center
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an extra treat for the massachusetts native tom brady even signed his goalie helmet, writing, mike, go patriots, your pal, tom brady. pat's head coach bill belichick also signed his helmet. he paid tribute to his favorite football team by having sketches of bill belichick and brady painted on the back of his emanuel and the four lombardis in between. even the motto, do your job on the back. after the game condon jokily said the signature helped them win the game. >> probably a little special. i had a lot of friends and family here tonight. yeah, bruins hats, gillette stadium, winter classic, new year's day. i don't think you could discriminate it any better. >> i was trying to keep my head osteites. but when the buzzer rang, i took a minute and took as many mental photos as he could and remember this feeling. it's certainly a special one. >> special experience that almost didn't happen too. he is ultimately the backup goalie
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that is until their goalie carrie price got reinjured this season and injured again in november which gave him the opportunity to come back home and ultimately steal the stage from the hometown team. that's the latest live from foxbourough, tim caputo, 7news. >> another homecoming for a canadiens centers. brian anyone. anyone grew up a fan. bran gone gunnoe spoke with his fame. family live with more on this story. mike condon may have stole the show, but he wasn't the only massachusetts native out here at the west africa. brian anyone, like you said he's a 27-year-old center for the montreal canadiens. he grew up in leitchfield. he had an assist to paul byron for montreal. second goal. that was in the second period. again, a new englander grew up in lynnfield, he played high school
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connecticut. he play play for montreal, but he grew up a bruins fan. i caught up with his mom and dad watching the game and they talked about how special it is to be here at the winter classic it had gillette stadium. >> i love it. patriots fan, so it's great. got to love this. he's played in fenway and now here. can't beat it as hockey players. >> the parents talked about how he group up a bruins fan. he actually first played for buffalo. then they became buffalo fans and he went to montreal in 2013 and they became canadiens fans. but they love being near in new england that's the latest live at by. i'm brandon gunnoe, 7news. >> all week we've been showing you how the pats and bruins have been complementing each other, players from each side paying tribute to each other. continuing the trend on social media today. we have more outside the stadium with a look. john? >> this is where the patriots play,
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so some of the action. tom brady posting this on his facebook page. this image of him on the field in tuukka a rask's uniform with the message thanks for featuring me on your task today. in your honor i'll be rocking your pads this sunday in miami. happy new year and go breaking news. here's a look at the mask. you can see the image of him throwing a pass. on the other side tributes to other patriots like gronk, and julian edelman. and edelman with a fun tweet before the game asking the breaking news if they need a couple foreign forcers showing he and them on the bench showing coach bell check. then there's grongk always saying he likes to get in this game. >> i love defense, but i love playing forward. i'm a left wing. >> you would terrorize the defense. >> i'm a checker, i'm a scorer. i don't like to sit back. i do some slap shots and get some goals.
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coming out every sunday, coming in front of the fans, them all going crazy, coming out of the tunnel, so they're going to have a feeling that they've never experienced that before coming out in front of the 65,000. everyone yelling, screaming, it's a great feeling that you look forward to every single weekend. they're going to have a blast and always remember this. >> i had a chance to talk it a few patriots fans. and they said it felt like a patriots playoff game inside the stadium. live in foxbourough, john cuco7news. >> we have plenty more coverage from gillette stadium. live news conferences, players. liz, you're talking about the weather and the change coming. >> yeah. certainly a change. 7news now turning to your new year's day forecast. a great day for outdoor hockey. season abby cold for this time of year. no problem keeping that ice frozen today, but 2016 will take a bitter turn next week. colder temperatures headed our way. meteorologist jeremy ryaner here with your forecast.
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and we have seen a couple of snow england. the bark is worse than the bite. we've turned up the sensitivity on the doppler radar so when you look at this you're like, oh, my gosh, is there a snowstorm coming? it's just the snow place of the accident are harder to see than raindrops and you cramming up the sensitivity so you can see. it's a weather system moving through with some snow flurries and maybe a snow shower for some of you. that would be about it. middle and upper 30s right now. we have another seasonal day here in the first of the year. boston at third nine. bedford 35. fitchburg, 36. your weekend will feature a lot of clouds, some sunshine tomorrow. temps near 40. sunday much the same. a mostly sun and clouds, seasonal with temperatures in the lower 40s. here we go next week, a cold blast of air comes at us from canada very late sunday night, more likely on monday. we'll talk more about that cold blast of air in a few minimum it's. >> we're hearing from another key
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classic earlier today. let's get back out live to our sports director joe am. he kept the bruins in the game. in that first period. he was visibly frustrated as he walked off the ice and into the dressing room and this is tuukka just a few moments ago. >> when it's 1-0 you're expecting to get the next goal and keep the game tight, but when they make it 3-0 it makes it even more difficult overcome that. but i mean, overall we definitely didn't deserve the win. >> tuukka when you said it's two of the worst games you've played, what does that say to you? >> i don't know. i think we're just -- mentally we're not there, i guess, and we weren't executing the game like we wanted to. a couple things go wrong like that
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looked like. you have to create them. we didn't do that. >> could you put your finger as to why you feel this team wasn't mentally better today? >> i don't know. tough to say. but when things go wrong you have to stick with the game plan and play your player system and we didn't do that. so then it just snow balls. >> did their first three goals right in front of the net, how much harder does that make your job when guys aren't trying to get the puck out? >> they were trying out there. sometimes you just don't have it and today we got scored on a couple times, and that definitely hurt us. >> was there any adjustment for you early with the rink, the atmosphere. >> no, no.
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it was -- felt like a normal game. a little breezy sometimes, but it felt like a normal game. >> it's going to be tough too, with 60,000 plus, everything was fun about it except -- >> yeah, yeah. great event. yeah. great event. it takes the fun out of it obviously, but too bad we couldn't give the fans a little bit more to cheer for. >> you can understand tuukka's frustration looking up that score board and seeing five canadiens goals on the board today. he's been playing so well and we'll up. reporting live from gillette you. following some other news. when we come back, drone drama. for the second time in a week over at boston's logan airport. >> then an attack in israel. authorities trying to see if there are connections to isis.
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four people, including a child, rushed to the hospital when atvs collide on new year's eve. >> two babies born at the exact same time, just two minutes into 2016. we'll hear from the proud parents. those stories and a whole lot more
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation?
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more a jet blue flight reported seeing a drone as it came in for landing at log an airport. 7's live at logan to tell us about this. >> i can assure you it's a scary sight for anyone to see a drone anywhere near an airplane. now, this is the second time it's happened in a week right here at logan. today's incident dent was just after lunchtime. a jet blue flight crew says they saw the drone as they were coming into land. as the plane got closer to the runway they say they saw the drone north of the airport at about 800 feet. that flight did land safely but this happened another time a week ago on christmas day. it was a similar situation had an air canada flight crew saw a drone after they were landing just after
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also at about 800 feet according to that flight crew. the faa is investigating what happened today, and massachusetts mass port wants you to know it is illegal to fly a drone within 5 miles of the airport or within 400 of the air. >> new at 5:00 now. a case of vandalism under investigation in west bridge water. 30tombstones were top we would he would. a number of them were knocked over. since then there have been daily patrols. >> a developing story from overseas. a deadly shooting putting the man was sitting on a bench in front of a cafe before he started firing the gun on the street. the gunman got away.
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they do not know what inspired this attack. two train stations are up and running again following yesterday's threat of a suicide bombing attack. they got word of the attack before midnight. officials immediately cleared out two train stations and told people to avoid gathering in large groups. they weren't taking any chances. police are now looking into the tip they received. >> grammy award winning singer natalie cole has passed away. she was battling a string of health issues. she may be best known for her duet unfort getable with her legendary father, nat king goal. >> a few flurries across southern new england at this time.
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7 weather is brought to you ex finish. >> an incredible day for hockey fans. even though the bruins did not come out on top, it was a great day to be out there to watch and participate and in whatever way you could have earlier. >> joe amorosino is there with more reaction live from gillette. joe? >> hockey's most better rival featured at this year's winter classic was a 5-1 loss. bruins captain wanted more out of his team today.
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you know, we weren't skating well, we were not moving the puck well and on the other hand they were -- they were doing everything they were supposed to and for sure very disappointing. it's -- you know, a big game, it's a big stage, and it's obviously a game that you want to have a good game and have a good performance and we didn't. >> chara summoning up the mood in the dressing room. this is tree bergeron. >> i think it was poor effort on our part and -- >> when you play on a stage this big, is it hard to make it -- to
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i think it's one of those things where right now it's -- we can look forward to some big games coming up. >> thank you. >> more to come from gillette stadium. more post game coverage of the bruins, canadiens with interviews from the bruins locker room coming up. reporting live at gillette stadium, joe amorosino. >> now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> joe has a lot of fake snow behind him. here's the real day. radar showing a couple of isolated snow showers and snow flurries, this is going to be with us over the next couple of hours. it's a weak system. it's nothing significant or gets in the way of travel plans. coating. high pressure trying to nose into new england. it's been doing this for 24 hours remember the city at 39. norwood at 38. worst, 33.
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for tonight, an evening flurry, otherwise mostly cloudy, lows between 27 and 32. your weekend features a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. cool, but actually this is where we should be for this time of year. again it's been to warm to start december. the warmest december on record. so we will be going through a bit of an adjustment period, even when you see that 7-day forecast. most of it is featuring seasonal temps, but cold monday and tuesday for sure. tomorrow, boston, lakeville, new hampshire, sea coast, aims bring at 38. -- and out on to the cape and islands, 43. for sunday, much the same. a lot of clouds, few peaks of sunshine on sunday. temps in the lower 40s. great for skiing this weekend. temps on the slopes in southern new england. middle to upper 30s. if you're heading up north,
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in the upper 20s and lower 20s. here is some arctic area. churchill is the 1. the jetstream did not allow that cold air to come down into north america that's why we were so warm, like a blow torch. however as we work into next week there will be a dip in that jetstream and that's going to send bitter air into the northeast. a lot of clouds monday, could be a couple of flurries, especially at the east line monday morning. tuesday mostly sunny, high temps on
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