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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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classic, crushing the bruins. th night team has reaction from the beat-up b's and the local kid who stole the spotlight for the habs. >> adam: drone danger at logan airport for the second time in as many weeks. >> elizabeth: how close this jetblue came to a drone during landing. >> reporter: plus on alert in dorchester. police searching for man who grabbed a woman and then sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: and putting their lives on the line to save a child. a little boy pulled from the freezing waters in acton by several strangers. >> news at 11:00 starts now. >> adam: first at 11:00, winter is coming. flurries falling earlier today at gillette stadium. and once we get through the weekend, we'll be hit with a really cold blast. >> elizabeth: but first, will we be seeing the sun for the end of the holiday vacation? let's check your forecast with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: i think we're back into the sunshine. flurries around the metro earlier this evening. quiet now. one more batch berkshire county, but i don't think this will make the trek through the connecticut river valley.
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to carry the lake-effect snow showers into new england. usually they don't make the trek over the greens or the berkshires, but they were able to do that this afternoon. they have now since faded away. the city at 34. bedford 32. fitchburg at 31. overnight tonight partly cloudy skies. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine. and near 40. sunday a few more clouds around. lower 40s. great for skiing. great for holiday traveling. enjoy it because here comes an arctic blast of air as we work into monday morning. temperatures on monday will fall all day long. we'll talk more about that cold blast of air in a few minutes. >> now from the night team, the bruins sacked at gillette stadium. >> they score! the canadiens strike first. >> a local boy feeling right at home, mounting a goal line stand. >> oh, and what a glove save is made by condon. >> the night team live in
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sounds of a winter classic. >> elizabeth: okay. so not a strong showing from the bruins in front of the more than 67,000 fans outdoors at gillette stadium. the b's couldn't overcome a slow start with montreal coming out on fire, scoring within first two minutes of the game and never looking back. we have team 7 coverage of the 2016 winter classic in foxborough, including how a hometown kid played hero for the canadiens. we start with the nation team's alex corddry with highlights and reaction from the bruins. >> alex: hey, liz, there was so much hype going into the winter classic, but the game didn't live up to it. the bruins' corey drug saying, "we didn't live up to the hype." claude julien paying homage to bill belichick with the hooded sweatshirt. david desharnais with the pass and the habs take a 1-0 lead.
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max pacioretty finds brendan gallagher. he knocks the puck out of midair. it's 3-0. habs lead. the bruins finally getting some puck luck in the third. adam mcquaid with the shot. matt beleskey redirects it in. boston able to give the 67,000 fans something to cheer about. it's 3-1. that was it from the bruins. montreal wins it 5-1. they dominate from started to finish. >> we just couldn't seem to find the rhythm. we couldn't seem the find our game. you know, we know we have challenges, but we didn't want the use that as an excuse and we shouldn't. but they came out really hard. they came out well. they seem to be on their toes and they had us on our heels early. >> that was a poor effort on our part. we came out hesitant. we were second on pucks. we tried to do too much and squeeze the stick, but right now it's... we have to i guess put it behind us and look forward because there are some big games coming up. >> alex: no question. the b's have lost four of their
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as tough as the losses in the winter classic was, the b's have the move on quickly. on tuesday they to host league's best team, the washington capitals. live in the newsroom, alex corddry, 7news night team >> it was a new england native stealing the spotlight from the bruins. mike condon, born in holliston, shutting the door on the b's, making one spectacular save after another, giving the bruins no chance from start to finish. the night team's tim caputo continues our team coverage live from foxborough with more from the canadiens' goalie. tim? >> tim: 27 saves in all. he did give up one goal but he walked out of here with one big win. there were nearly 70,000 fans here, almost all of them rooting for the home team. by the end of the game, almost everyone applauding the home town kid. he's been to gillette before, but never like this. friday canadiens goalie mike condon was center stage, and
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stole the show. >> mike condon, what a stop. >> condon grew up 30 minutes from foxborough and has been to plenty of pats' games. the 25-year-old says he usually sits up in the nosebleed seats, and during the winter classic, he tried not to get overwhelmed as roles were reversed and he was the player people came to see. >> i was trying to keep my head on the ice the whole time, but the final buzzer rang, i took a couple minutes and looked around, trying to take as many mental photos as i could. >> tim: condon also played with a special sketch on the back of his helmet. pats' coach bill belichick on one side, tom brady on the other. the four lombardi trophies were in between. before the game both belichick and brady signed the helmet. t.b. 12 wrote, "go patriots. your pal, tom brady." >> i'm pretty sure everything tom brady touches turns to gold. hopefully i have some mojo on my helmet. >> tim: bruins fans walked away disappointedded, a rare occurrence in foxborough. >> tough loss but he played a great game. he's a local guy. that's great. >> great the see a massachusetts
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>> tim: condon got the win, the support of fan, but also a reminder he still suits up for a bitter rival,ed admitting he never got close to brady. >> didn't get a chance to meet him he's under tight security. i don't think they let a opinion trawl player into the pats' locker room. >> got to love that deadpan delivery. condon's father is a sergeant with the state police who works security for pats' home games. he took today off, though, taking on a new role, just like his son. he instead was a fan in the stands. we're live tonight at gillette stadium, tim caputo, 7news night team. >> elizabeth: also from the night team, drone danger at logan airport for the second time in as many weeks. this time a jetblue pilot raising the alarm after seeing a drone fly by while landing. the night team's jadiann thompson live at logan with what the f.a.a. is saying tonight. jadiann? >> jadiann: elizabeth, good evening to you. the f.a.a. is saying they expect some $1 million in drone sales over the holiday, leaving many
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a scare in the air on new year's >> thinking about something crashing into the plane isn't very reassuring. crew says just after lunchtime they were coming in for a landing. they reported seeing a drone about one mile northeast of the airport and some 800 feet in the air. just one week ago on christmas day, nearly the same thing happened. an air canada express crew says they saw a drone just after 1:00 p.m. roughly two miles from the runway. they say it too was about 800 feet up. both flights landed safely. >> the technology is moving faster than laws right now. >> jadiann: laws are in place, but not everyone is following them. massport is reminding everyone that it is against federal regulation to fly a drone within five miles of an airport and over 400 feet high. these red circles are no-fly zones around boston, including logan, hanscom field and logan airport. -- and norwood airport. as of late september, drone users must register the gadgets
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before ever taking off. >> we need to put up our guard more. >> jadiann: and failure to register your drone could cost you up to $250,000 and three years in prison. that's the story live from logan, jadiann thompson, 7news night team. >> adam: the night team turning to an alarming attack in dorchester. police on the hunt for man who grabbed a woman on the street and sexually assaulted her. the nation team's live in dorchester with what police know about this attacker. john? >> john: when police got the call, it was for a woman down on the ground out here on this street. >> she must have been so scared. >> john: early friday morning, boston police got a call about a woman down on columbia road in dorchester. the 29-year-old told police man grabbed her from behind and said he had a weapon. >> if a person did threaten her that he had a weapon, i can only imagine how scary it is. it is for anyone. it could be scary for man, a woman, anyone, a young lady like
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>> john: police say he then sexually assaulted her near annabel street, not far from where she was found. >> it is upsetting because, i mean, it was a young girl, so it probably could have been close in age some just to know there are people out there taking advantage of someone, a young girl, it could happen to anyone. it could happen to me. >> john: the suspect took off. police are trying the track that person down. the b.p.d. sexual assault unit is now on the case. still, it's frightening for stay safe. surroundings, and not usually out alone. >> john: now, if you have any information that can help police, you are asked to give them a call. team. >> elizabeth: four people are recovering after a serious crash in fitchburg. police say two atvs collided in ashburnham hill road. two young boys and two men were injured. one man even lost a leg we're told. detectives are still looking
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crash in the first place. >> adam: another case of vandalism at a west bridgewater cemetery. 30 tombstones toppled over and broke at the mount pleasant cemetery. this isn't first time that cemetery has been targeted. just in november several tombstones were knocked over. since then there have been daily patrols. >> elizabeth: we're following more news tonight. pan nick tel aviv israel. a gunman captured on camera spraying bullets at a restaurant. two people were killed, several others were hurt, and tonight the shooter is still on the run. the night team's brandon gunnoe live in the control room with what investigators know. brandon? >> brandon: well, liz, there is a big concern this could be isis. what we do know is the group of people were celebrating a birthday when witnesses say a gunman started firing relentlessly. caught on camera, surveillance video shows a crowded cafe bar when all of a sudden a gunman appears and starts shooting. seconds later you can see the survivor look up. around him two are dead.
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man, only 26 years old. "my son was special," his father says. he collapsed when he saw him dead. seven others were hurt. two are fighting for their lives in a hospital. "we are shaking," this woman says. "we hid in a storage room." just seconds before the attack, this security video shows the gunman in a grocery store buying food. he then pulls a rifle from his backpack and begins killing. bullets flying everywhere. some are reminded of the paris attacks and took shelter. >> i fall and i wait. >> brandon: a manhunt is under way for the shooter. israeli media reporting police have identified an arab-israeli suspect. some believe this could be the country's first isis-inspired attack. investigators say the motive may be criminal, but last month an isis leader threatened israel. with the killer still at large, his motive is unclear.
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happening all over the world. >> brandon: israel has seen a wave of violence with palestinians in recent months, but this may have been the setting of first terrorist attack of 2016. in the control room, brandon gunnoe, 7news night team. >> adam: camille cosby will have to give a deposition to lawyers regarding seven sexual assault cases against her husband. seven women are suing comedian bill cosby in federal court in springfield. a judge ruled that because his wife doubles as his business manager, she has information relevant to the lawsuit. the 78-year-old comedian was criminally charged with sexual assault for the first time this week. cosby appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom answering to a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault,. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for january 14th. >> elizabeth: grammy award-winning singer natalie cole has died. the 65-year-old was battling a string of health issues including hepatitis c and addiction. her complications came after having a kidney transplanted in 2009. she may be best known for her
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legendary father nat king cole. >> adam: and much more ahead from the night team. >> elizabeth: up next, heading into a cold pond to save a little boy. how a community came together to pull a nine-year-old from an icy pond. >> adam: then kicking off the new year in new england. the happy homecoming for some national guardsmen. >> elizabeth: first weekend of 2016, seasonal temps and then much colder early next week. >> adam: and connected for life, what two babies born early this morning will all the have in common coming up next on
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>> adam: race to the rescue in acton. a boy falls through thin ice. you still see the cracks in the pond on davis road. witnesses say this nine-year-old boy was soaking wet, shaking and crying when he got to dryland. >> elizabeth: and he might not
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group of complete strangers. the night team's susan tran spoke to a couple of the rescuers. she's live in acton with more. susan? >> susan: elizabeth, this nine-year-old boy was walking along the pond here. you can see how slick and slippery this ice and snow is. well, he slipped down this embankment right into this frozen pond and started screaming for help, and fortunately several people from this condo complex came out to save him. >> it was still solid. he broke through the thin part. >> susan: a nine-year-old boy fell through the ice at this pond in acton. >> i heard the screams coming from outside. i opened the door and saw the young man flailing out here. >> susan: dennis christie called 911 and another man who heard the cries grabbed his friend and ran into the water to get him. >> basically i crushed the ice out to him. i made like path. i grabbed him and basically dragged him a little bit.
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>> susan: he remembered seeing three kids walking by the pond. when he went back home, for some reason he made sure the keep his win deon the pond side open. >> the children cry and say help, help, help. >> susan: minutes late police say the nine-year-old slipped on the embankment and fell in. >> he went in the water after the boy and went right out. >> susan: ty says the pond may have been deep for a child, but it was safe for him to go in. >> i knew these guys were on the shore and they did the arm chain. >> susan: he passed the boy on until a fourth neighbor, a jacket. in the end everyone played a crucial part in saving this while eeth life. >> you're trained to act. something is going on, you help people. >> susan: this boy was pulled, shaken up and crying, taken to the hospital, but he's said to be just fine tonight. we're live in acton, susan tran, 7 news night team. >> adam: members of the new hampshire army nional guard had happy start to 2016.
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another 100 will return home tomorrow. the service members arrived at the manchester armory today, happy to be back with their families. >> having him at home and him not understanding what's going on, definitely the hardest part. today is the best part, just being home and being able to smart spending time with family. >> adam: can't say it enough, our thanks to those troops. they were deployed to the middle east for an artillery training mission with the u.s. army. >> elizabeth: well, some bitterly cold temperatures are on the way. >> adam: yeah, we're talking a decent weekend, jeremy, considering the time of the year, but it's early next week that we really got to get ready to bundle up. >> that's correct. >> jeremy: dry both weekend days, good for driving, great for skiing with seasonable temp, but then the arctic hammer will drop on us. out there this afternoon, we had a couple snow showers and snow flurries coming off the great lakes. usually these things fade out by
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boston. but sometimes, like this afternoon, they can make the trek all the way across new england coming from the great lakes. that's what happened out there throughout the afternoon hours. but other than the cold air coming over the warmer lakes, no real weather player on the chessboard tonight. this front down here will stay put and that will not bother us this weekend. 30s in town. boston at 34. norwood 33. bedford at 32. but there is some wind out here. if you caught jadiann's report early in the newscast, there was wind blowing the hair around. so it feels like 22 in the city. worcester feels like 17. fitchburg feels like 21. for tonight, partly cloudy with a chilly breeze. temps 20s to low 30s. when you factor in that wind, if you are out and about for night two, it will be cold out there later on tonight. through the day tomorrow, mix of clouds and sunshine. cool, but these numbers are actually where we should be for this time of year, but it's adjustment, especially considering we just came off the warmest december on record. and where we are going, early next week, temps will be below normal, way below normal. boston tomorrow afternoon, 41.
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dracut at 40 degrees. amesbury at 38. back into the worcester hills, temps in the upper 30s and out on the cape and the islands, numbers reach the low 40s and chatham at 43. traveling across the nation, again, some scattered showers across the gulf coast states, florida and back through portions of texas, especially south through dallas. the west coast is dry tomorrow. there will be a storm approaching san fran and seattle on sunday. closer to home, clouds and sun on sunday. dry. for traveling, skiing, and perhaps taking down the christmas lights. temperatures both weekend days near 40 with again no bitter wind out there. doing some skiing. looks great for both tomorrow and on sunday. temps on the slopes running in the middle and upper 30s. so we move the view out of new england. and here you go, here is some arctic air just waiting to be captured and yanked down into new england. jetstream in december wouldn't allow for that. it looked like this. but now as we work toward sunday night and more likely monday and tuesday of next week, the jetstream will take on this look here.
11:21 pm
on cold temps, really cold. on 7 forecast. we're not talking record cold, but againing when you're coming off such a warm december, temperatures monday and tuesday will feel all this much more colder with temps only reaching the 20s. so far no snow in the pattern that's coming at us early next week, but stay tuned. that may change next weekend. enjoy this weekend. >> elizabeth: two babies born at the same time now sharing the title of 2016's first born. here's carmelita skaza born in worcester at 12:02 a.m. and just four pounds and eight ounces. also born at 12:02 was little zoe coming just two minutes after the ball dropped at times square. tufts medical center delivered this first baby cochampion. her parents calling her a winner. >> i was surprised that she came... that she was the first in boston at all. so i would be happy with just that, but if we can take the state, then we'll take that, too. >> a little celebrity going on.
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>> we're a little competitive. ism both babies were born days before their due date. now they're less than an hour away from being one day old and are already considered winners. their families are certainly winning because both are healthy and beautiful >> congratulations to both. it was a big day in sports right here at home. alex? >> alex: it was. the conditions for the winter classic may have been just right -- gray skies, cold weather -- but the game was far from perfect. we have low lights after this
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>> and now time for 7sports with >> alex: the atmosphere was perfect. classic, the bruins didn't show up against montreal with first place on the line. an incredible scene as both teams take the ice at gillette stadium. archrivals walking side by side, claude julien paying homage to bill belichick, wearing a cut-off hooded sweatshirt. just over a minute and the canadiens striking first. david desharnais batting home the rebound past tuukka rask. habs take a 1-0 lead. the bruins just being dominated, outshooting the bruins 14-3. 2-0 in the second. max pacioretty finds brendan
11:24 pm
he knocks the puck out of midair, scoring in his return from i.r.. it's 3-0, habs lead. seconds left in the period. bruins with a great chance on the power play, but mike condon robs ryan spooner with the governor save. the holliston native getting a chance to play for carey price. it's a memorable day at gillette for condon, 27 saves. the bruins getting some puck luck in the third. adam mcquaid with the shot. matt beleskey redirects it in. bruins able to give the 67,000 fans something to cheer up. it's 3-1. that fun is short lived. pacioretty scores his 16th. of the year. montreal wins it 5-1. habs now in first place in the atlantic division. >> score! pacioretty. >> we didn't have our legs. they weren't moving. they came out hard. we weren't making any plays. we got surprised all over the ice out. there they got first goal.
11:25 pm
i haven't seen us play this bad in a while. >> we missed our -- he made some big saves. he was our best player. we didn't play the way we should have in front of him. >> alex: so thanks to the winter classic, the patriots had to adjust their schedule this week, leaving after practice yesterday for their season finale against the dolphins. that's two days earlier than normal for a regular-season game. the pats practicing today at florida atlantic university, but there was a significant player missing from the team's charter to fort lauderdale. julian edelman was reportedly spotted working out at gillette stadium today, meaning the patriots' wideout didn't make the trip to south florida and will miss his seventh straight game. dont'a hightower, chandler jones and sebastian vollmer among the other patriots' players listed as out for sunday. >> there's only one team that gets the number-one seed. it's great if you're that team because it means you've done things better than anybody else over the course of the season
11:26 pm
hopefully we can finish strong. >> alex: and the celtics are back at the garden tomorrow hosting the nets at 3:00. i'm alex corddry. that's 7sports. >> elizabeth: alex, thank you very much. >> find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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