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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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arnd the city in this time and that will also be the case as we work down the south shore. you will continue snow showers tonight on the cape and island and you may have one to three inches of snow out on cape cod very late tonight and very early tomorrow morning the and for all of us it is about the cold wind. wind speeds right now out of the north between 10 and 20 miles per hour. occasionally gusting over 20 miles per hour. driving the wind chills down into the lower teens. it feels like 12 in the city, plymouth it feels like 13. worcester feels like 7, fitchburg feels like 9. jaffrey feels like zero and overnight lows tonight are heading for the single numbers and lower teens. it will be a cold morning commute and a cold day tomorrow. we'll talk more about that and let you know how long the cold chill plans on sticking around . >> anchor: hopefully not too soon. thank you. snow squalls and those dropping temperatures leading to trouble on the roads. a number of spinouts and accidents report insisted along route 3 on south shore. that's one of the problems. joe stapleton with a look at the traffic.
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route 3. here are problem spots northbound and southbound down around route 53 in hanover and route 44 in plymouth and between those two areas you have a null of spinouts there all afternoon long really affecting the travel in the area. we'll double check too take a look and give you an overview in the right hand side of the screen right nearby 24 and route 95 not move took badly. still doing slipping and sliding along route 3 and coastal roadways and route 44 as well. joe tape elton, 7 news . >> anchor: there is abouting news tonight coming out of federal court. whitey bolger's long-time give friend expected to plead guilty to a criminal contempt charge. the charge temperature is it from her refusal to say whether anyone helped the former mob boss during his 16 careers on the run p . >> anchor: of the your grieg is currently serving an 8 year sentence for harboring a fugitive. nick emons life in south boston with the latest charges. that's right. kim and adam. today catherine grieg's twin sister said that grieg's punishment doesn't fit the crime crime.
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in anybody's mind . >> anchor: margaret tearful at the thought her twin sister catherine grieg could spend more time behind bars. i miss her. i miss her. >> anchor: grieg was indict insisted in the fall for refus refusing to testify in front of a grand jury about anyone who any have helped her and crime boss james whity bulger while they were on the run for 16 years. she chose this guy and fell in love with him and left with him. i think we all would want somebody like that in our life . >> anchor: the couple was tracked down in california in 20 2011 and bulger was convicted in 2013 of participating in 11 murders. he is now serving a life sentence. she said the former mob boss is upset her sister, his longtime time girlfriend is behind bars and others from his trial are not . she has been in there for enough time. i mean, longer than one of the guys that killed five people. >> reporter: you want her to come home?
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>> anchor: so again katherine grieg expect insisted to plead guilty to that criminal contempt charge for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. her attorneys are peckested to ask for time served. again, she is currently serving that 8 year prison sentence but it is possible that more time could be add insisted on to her sentence. in south boston, nick emons, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, a bad accident in peabody leading to quite the roadblock on route 1 which you see right there. a car slammed into utility pole, bringing down wires across the road and in fact route 1 had to be shut down for several hours. dan hausle is live in peabody with more on the cleanup today. dan? well, the work continues on that power pole that you said was hit there. you see behind me then to the left of it, a single lane of traffic now moving southbound. both lanes northbound but slowed by the disvacks from this accident. more than five hours ago when the car hit the pole and the wires came crashing across the highway.
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peabody after a car hits a pole bringing down power lines across the highway and the huge transformer crashing town down on to the car . heard a bang, open the door and saw the pole down on the car. >> anchor: the accident shut down route 1 in both directions as state police handle the accident and highway crews worked to remove the high voltage lines draped across the road shutting down traffic northbound and southbound. drivers forced on to local roads around the accident . i'm not going that way so . >> reporter: you are avoiding it? i am . it's a real mess. it will mess everything up . >> reporter: witnesses say the crash may have happened when the car that hit the pole was cut off by another driver, veering a cross southbound route 1 to get highway. the owner of that car wash came to the rescue of the driver whose car was still sitting under that transformer that came . probably not a smart thing to do with that kind of power in a car but i was really afraid that the person inside was hurt,
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into my office and sat her down and thank goodness she wasn't hurt that badly . >> reporter: the northbound lane reopened, one lane southbound about an hour later. the lane restriction and distraction of the cleanup still clogging the evening commute. so the detours were over, but not the delays. they are getting better by the hour. and state police yet to say whether this second driver who may have caused this accident may face charges. live in peabody, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: patriots are head insisted to the playoffs, but will another injury put a strain on the rest of the season? this time, it's tom brady. the qb a sprained ankle in yesterday's loss to miami. brady getting very banged up by the miami dolphins defense. let's go to joe amorsino, joe, are you worried about this? not yet. tom brady says he dealt with worse injuries and with a full 12 days to recover before the
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there is no need to worry about brady just yet. the patriots do have to worry about keeping brady safe though going forward. brady is drilled by sioux . >> reporter: tom brady leave wag loss and a limp. but according to reports that right ankle sprain will not affect his preparation for the playoffs. the patriots quarterback should be good to go for the divisional round . i'm doing all right. we'll see how it goes this week. i'm sure there will be some treatment as always, you know action a lot of guys are banged up so pat of football season. >> reporter: in his weekly radio appearance brady address insisted his situation in typical brady fashion. i have had worse. i have had plenty worse injury than this one. i will be doing everything i can to be out there. there is nothing else in my life
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other than getting to feel like i'm 100%. i will say i'm glad we can have a week off. obviously it helps . >> anchor: she reassuring news for fans and brady's teammates alike. we don't ever want to see anybody get taken shots on our foreclose so it comes to us do a aer job including myself . we'll be ready to go in two weeks from now. that will be the most important time for me to be out there and be out there, healthy, ready go. you know, great couple of weeks of practice and see if we can be as prepared as possible for our biggest game of the year. a dame that will take place on january 16 when the patriots host either the bengals, texans or chiefs. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: wall street's first day of trading in 2016 off to a chicky start. the dow dropping more than 276 points ending the day at 17,0001 17,000148. the nasdaq down more than 100 points. 104 in fact ending at 4903. concerns about global economic
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in chinese stocks triggered today's slide. a hudson man accused of attacking a millford police officer faced a judge today. he is charged with attempt insisted murder. he allegedlyp insisted, bit and choked the officer. unconscious. police say the officer tried to stop the man from lunging the a passor car. the officer was rush insisted to the hospital and treated for his . >> anchor: a fair hike could be coming for commuters as soon as this summer today mbta officials meaning to discuss plans to in increase prices. ryan schulteis here with more details. ryan? >> reporter: fares could in increase to nearly 10% in july. the control board met to talk about four different ons that would raise fares across the board as pat of an effort to erase a $242 million deficit of a time decision won't be made until after public hearings are hell. the state's transportation secretary says the board will be taking those meetings very seriously. the board wants to hear from folks and what they are try
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increase would bring more money to the t and mean that other things wouldn't have to be cut but we also know we would have a greater imexpect on riders so we need too balance those two things. the secretary says the budget, the board has been work working with assumes at least a 5% fare increase. a time decision needs to be made by march in order to i problem changes by july 1. ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house, former president bill clinton brushing off recent attacks by republican front-runner donald trump. today expect hit the campaign trail in new hampshire to support wife hillary. 7's byron barnett is in exeter where another event will be held tonight. byron? we're at the exeter town hall here in exeter, new hampshire of a big crowd is gathered to see the former president. look behind me you can see how they are packed in here, preliminary spookes are already beginning talking on the stage here. former president extremely popular here in new hampshire and he is hoping some that
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wife. now earlier today hundreds turned out to see the former president in nashua. who is the best person to do it? all right. bill clinton on the campaign trail in the home stretch to the new hampshire primary telling voters about hilary clinton's accomplishments from her days as first lady of arkansas through her service as secretary of state. she hadn't been elect insisted to anything. made better. >> reporter: in recent days, the former president had been attack insisted by republican candidate donald trump. president clinton did not mention trump by name but did make it a point to send a positive message to muslim americans . in america is a place that welcomes all people who are willing to treat other people the way they would like to be treated, willing to follow the law . >> reporter: do you wish he would have said something more about donald trump, defending his wife? no, because donald trump is
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he wants media time and if you give him more time then he becomes a bully. leave him alone . this crowd clearly fortive of the president's positive message . >> reporter: do you think bill clinton is a help to hillary in new hampshire? how could he not? he is bill clinton. he is an icon . i do in the believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job at a moment of great importance who was better qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do what needs to be done now to restore prosperity. >> reporter: as you can see we're getting closer to the former president here at the exeter town hall with some of the preliminary folks on stage now and this place is really packed in here. we're told that the president is going to be very busy during next couple weeks leading up to the primaries. the campaign said he will be making several visits to new hampshire and the other early voting states.
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new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you. several candidates making the rounds in new hampshire today. republican presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris christie delivering a speech on restoring american leadership that. happened in manchester, new hampshire and republican senator mao rubio spoke at a town hall in hooksett. also holding event in the granite state today republicans carly fiorina, rad paul and martin o'malley . >> anchor: republican front-runner donald trump in massachusetts hosting an event in lowell tonight. some in the city see if his visit is a slap in the face to the big immigration population. but his supporters couldn't be happier to hear from him in person. brandon oh now with more from lowell. overnight donald trump released his first television ad of the campaign airing an iowa and in a he prom tots ban muslims from entering the u.s., cut the head
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we will make america great again . >> anchor: the new ad could on the heels of a new recruitment video from an al-kaeda affiliate highlighting trump's propose insisted muslim ban. . what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say say. say it for him. many showed up hours before he plans to speak in lowell . he can say anything. of sense. he is saying what a lot of . >> reporter: i think the fact he is not so focus insisted on political correctness like every other candidate is. that's getting him very far. sometimes he might need a filter . police are gearing up for protestors and even setting up free speech zones. organizers with black lives matter also plan to protest. in lowell, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> anchor: and tensions saudi arabia and iran.
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that they are cutting ties with iran. demonstrations have been taking place throughout iran after a prominent shiite cleric was executed in saudi arraign the saudi embassy in iran has been burned down. iranian officials say they will get revenge for what happened there. >> anchor: still ahead tonight, a decade's long fight about the use of public land leading to an armed standoff. what protestors are demanding. and why police have not yet moved in. >> anchor: then ahead at 5:30 police seize a null weapons outside the winter classic. when why they say the opener was laughing in court today . >> anchor: in just one hour, a man accused in a brutal attack on a boston police officer called to court. >> anchor: we're staying on top of breaking knew. catherine grieg, long material girl friend of whitey bulger expected to plead guilty. see charged with contempt for failing to answer questions about her time on the run with the former mob boss and whether anyone helped bulger evade arrest . >> anchor: plus, live from duxbury there has been an accident on route 3.
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commute any way you slice it but we are hearing and seeing a tractor trailer has gone off the road en route 3 in duxbury with snowy conditions there this evening. we'll have more on that coming
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne er poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. little pieces would um and it was a few dabs is clinically proven to ut more food particles. r poligrip is part of my life now. >> anchor: we're filling a situation on route 3 sought of boston. there. now we have i good look with sky 7 hd either a box truck or trait that has gone off the road.
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told you the top of this newscast has been a problem with quit a few accidents. that is the area that's dealing with snow squalls and dropping temperatures making for imperfect conditions to say the least in that part of our area. cape isn't good either but this situation is obviously going to make another big hassle for evening commute. ease but we're following that and we'll bring you more coming up. >> anchor: let's go to elizabeth noreika in marsh feel right now to bring us up to date on situation there. we can see traffic even behind you is beginning to back up, liz liz. >> reporter: we're not to where that box truck has wrecked on this road just yet because traffic has been very slow going since we left the boston area. let's take a look over here along route 3 and you can see basically a sea of red as cars are moving slow along the this route. they have been encouraged to do so by officials who have warn insisted that conditions are icy icy. officials say it is very icy out here right now and they are work
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make them safer. now earlier this afternoon in duxbury the fire department says there are more than 20 cars off the road along route 3 and you can see in this video shot earlier the snow was pretty steady then and it doesn't take slick. officials say they encourage people to slow dunn and be careful. they warn that travel is treacherous. we will be in this area all night monitoring the situation on the roads but if you do have to head out to the south shore, please be careful and take your time. will live from the south shore, necessary elizabeth noreika, 7 news . >> anchor: now to an armed tak takover of a federal wildlife attention. protestors say they are fighting for ranchers rights the authorities are recallinging the public to stay away from that area and in fact they canceled . >> anchor: the sheriff says he is working to bring this to an end as quickly and peacefully as possible. protestors say if necessary they are prepared to stay on for years.
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wildlife refuge near burns, oregon occupied by self-called militia men. when they set up an arm compound saturday . our purpose as we have shown is to restore and defend the constitution . one of group leaders is the son of cliven bundy who had his own standoff last year over grazing rights. at issue this time like then is a decade's long fight over the use of public lands in the west. a ing family here in harney county has been put under duress by multiple federal agencies . >> anchor: occupiers say they are supporting two local ranch ranchers who own land adjacent to the refuge an were sentenced to federal prison for setting public land on fire. the family said the group does not speak on their behalf and they plan on recording to prison prison. law enforcement is keying its distance while trying to diffuse
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local residents where county canceled school all week out of concern for safety . i don't like the militia methods . >> reporter: occupiers say they are prepared to stay for months and even years as the f.b.i. local and state authorities work to resolve the standoff. if you are following all that the ranchers who will be going to jail, their family attorney said they will ask for a presidential pardon. >> reporter: tracking snow showers in the south shore and cape and bitter blast of air for
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>> reporter: we have some snow showers and snow squalls dunn on the south shore. saw elizabeth's report moments agop it a slow go but thankfully dryer air coming in from met would boston chewing away at this little pap of light snow and snow shower activy for the south shore but this will find a new home how on to the cape and the islands overnight tonight. so you folks out that way will have accumulating snow. again, this map here showing coating to an inch in spots. this is pretty much done little outnorth and even plymouth south a few flurries in the air. the potential is there with these snow showers and snow squalls. one to two inches of snow overnight tonight and there may be a couple of instances where you end up with about three of ins of snow. north wind right now gusting anywhere between 20 and 30 miles per hour in fact even over 30
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cape and islands and it's a process similar to what buffalo sees with logan airport snow. ocean effect snow which the arctic air pouring over the warmer ocean water, remember december was so warm so that ocean hasn't really cooled off all that much either. granted i'll not advertising you go to nantasket tomorrow. t not that warm. but it's warm enough to generate the snow showers and the snow squalls and the wind is with us overnight tonight and these are the wind chills it. feels like the lower teens. it feels like 12 in the city, fitchburg feels like nine, jaffrey feels like zero, even out on to the cape and islands. wind chill temperature at this time running in the middle and upper teens. there is your water temperature by the way 46. so air temperatures in the lower 20's, the city from 23, worcester at 18. there they will manufacture away taking clouds and snow showers with it and replaced by nothing inhere. arctic high pressure. we'll have a cold night for tonight with clearing skies. snow showers continue on the cape. lows in the single numbers and types are coldest since the first part march for many of us
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tuesdaying a low of 13. worcester at 12. school bell forecast for the kids tomorrow again winter gear and it's been my experience that usually when temperatures don't get over 20 degrees the kids usually have indoor recess. but if they don't of course they have winter gear it's that cold on the way for tomorrow with mostly sunny skies and when school lets out tomorrow afternoon. leto middle 20's. 21 to 27. and then as we work into wednesday just like that we go back into seasonal to slightly warmer than normal temperatures with the numbers on wednesday and lower 40's and i owe know for a lot of you they have backyard rinks ready to go. it's cold tomorrow, cold tonight too. and then there is the thaw process coming back but hold off off. overall january is going to offer colder weather than what we saw in december. your 7 on 7 forecast dry, a storm coming at us thursday, not a power house and not a cold one either so just light rain. metro boston saturday. >> anchor: jeremy, still ahead frustration coming back to bite a member of the buffalo bills.
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one of the bruins best. . >> anchor: we're a staying on top of breaking news right now. court. katherine grieg, whitey bulger's long time girlfriend pleads guilty to content. we have much more cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one
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