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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and a whole lot more. >> anchor: hope you state right there this monday. this is the first monday of the new year . happy new year another hour of 7 news is straight ahead . 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: our man is as a judge after police find an arsenal in his truck gillette stadium . >> reporter: arctic front delivering wind chills and snow . >> anchor: abinside look at the royal family like you have never seen before. >> anchor: fir at 5:30 a
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will and dangerous at gillette stadium face a judge after police say they busted him with an arsenal stashed in his car. the assault went down before the winter classic on new year's day. >> anchor: police say this is the first time that he has been this trouble with the law. jonathan hall live for us at gillette stadium with the details tonight. hey, guys. kind of a strange case. this guy drove here to foxboro hoping to buy a scalped it its to the winter classic, instead he end insisted up with a ticket to jail. now he did not hurt anyone but it sure locks like he could have have. >> anchor: he was jovial in a wrentham courtroom but police say what this contribute connect man did was no laughing matter. it happened at an off sight employee parking lot near gillette two hours before the first faceoff of the winter classic fiving the bruins and the canadians new year's day. for one thing the state claims matthew bromson was threatening three women and was drunk . he is also known to be unsteady on his fee heave had difficulty walking.
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. >> reporter: he allegedly had his ford pickup loaded with ex exthe outic weapons including a cross be, machete, stun gun, noon chucks and meat cleaver. he smiled as he heard the list quoted a police officer who spoke to him about leaving items . the defendant stated to me "i did it because i just like, i'm just like santa claus." >> reporter: santa's presents included key chains, tools, wd 0 040 and paint brushes left on the windshields of cars. thee bus driver paid to shuttle employees to and from the lot told police they were frightened when he told them he was " "loading my gun." then point insisted a long, black object at them which turned out to be a cane. the three drivers were un unavailable at their homes, although a school bus sat outside one of them in medway. no comment from the bus company either. 11 charges in all by my count
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battery with a dangerous weapon and one fugitive charge in connecticut related to a threatening case down there. live in foxboro, i'm jonathan hall, 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7, police in bar earresting this man who they chest. william griffin the third is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. he may face even more charges. police rush to the scene overnight. the man who was stabbed was brought to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. an investigation into the incident is ongoing. >> anchor: the newest members of boston's city council were sworn in today them were honored with the ceremony at faneuil hall. mayor marty walsh led new members in paying the oath of office of the ceremony confirm the election of michelle wu. the council's first asian-american president. >> anchor: on the president's agenda, this week the o bam ray is set to meet with top official to work on a plan he hopes will tighten gun laws. republicans though are critical of it saying his actions exceed his authority. taking action he says congress
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president obama announce insisted he will use his executive powers to tighten america's gun laws. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives in this country. >> anchor: the president didn't spell out what he will be doing in the coming days although the orders are expect insisted to include stronger background checks to keep guns away from criminals and terrores. he promises the actions will be constitutional and support insisted by a majority of americans. that doesn't include the g.o.p. presidential candidates of . we won't deal the bad guys by tagging away our guns of we beat the bad guys by using our guns . >> anchor: the president has not even attend insisted to point to a single mass shooting. these actions he proposes would have prevented because there isn't one. >> anchor: a gun show near atlanta this dealer suggests the government ought to negative us on mentally ill . that's to me where the money needs to flow is to help
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>> anchor: but this long time gun owner said she doesn't oppose more check on gun buyers . unfortunately we need things in place now because people have just gotten out of control. >> anchor: from president obama a bold statement but not the last word and the debate over guns. the president will deliver an address on gun violence tomorrow shortly before noon. he will also holding a televised town hall on guns and violence on thursday that will be at a university just outside the in addition's capitol . >> anchor: for the latest in the fight with isis the terrorist group releasing a gruesome new video. an english speaking child featured claiming isis will kill non-believers in the west of the five men shown confessing to spying for great britain are killed in the video they also threatened britain's prime, david cameron, dismissed the new video . >> anchor: people are returning to work at the site of a terror attack in california. officials say they expect most of the 600 employees to return to work at the inland regional center in san bernadino today. several security guards were checking id badges at the park parking lot and building
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no visitors will be allowed this week. now two gunmen opened fire during a holiday party at the center earlier last month. 14 people were killed. the centers executive director says everyone is ready to be back at work and move forward. >> anchor: most of us are relieved to be back at work. we want to continue with the normalcy and we miss each other very much. in johnson says the extra security measures will remain in place indefinitely . >> anchor: president obama says help is on the way to missouri as the state is trying to stay a athreat after last web's historic flooding. the president approving the governor's reest for federal aid to help with that cleanup. the missouri national guard will work with other state agencies to check and get rid of all of the debris. about a foot of rain fell flooding the miss river and most other waterways in that state. the national transportation safety board releasing new video of the el faro wreck of you can see the ship's stern badly damaged resting 15 to you feet under water. investigators says they still haven't located the mast which
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three people with ties to massachusetts are among the 33 crew members presumed to be dead after the ship disappeared in october. this may launch a second search to locate the ship's data record recorder . >> anchor: camille cosby is lawsuit filed against her husband. she will do it this leak in spring feed of a federal judge in massachusetts ruled she must testify in the suit filed by 7 women who say bill cosby sexually as you is a insisted them decades ago because she is her husband's business manager. cosby is counter suing accusing women of making falsal gays for financial profit. oh oak police discover the body of a missing country sing they are morning. craig strickland and his friend were both report insisted miss missing in late december after they went hunting during a winter storm. strickland was a medical of the band back road anthem. his friends body was found last week. >> anchor: thousands of people are petitions the president to pardon a convicted killer featured in a new dock the re reseries maying a murderer focuses on the murder trial of
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a jury found them guilty of a woman in wisconsin but the series raises questions about evidence used to convict the men of the both men say they are innocent and are serving life sentences. now nearly 20,000 people have signed a petition on white house if that petition gets 100,000 signatures by january 19 the white house will have to respond respond. >> anchor: a scare in the sky force a passenger plane carrying 163 people to turn back after one of the doors was not completely shut. the flight was flowing to south korea from the philippines when it turned back. now officials say a noise alert insisted staff to a gap in the door forcing the pilot to do that return. they say each passenger will compensated and an investigation is now under way into what caused the incident. snow injuries were report insisted. >> anchor: an unexpect insisted guest making a surprise appearance inside anid who home. the 600 pound elk fell through a window and that this homeowner's downstairs living room. the hoe owners say once they got over the shock they called authorities to help lead the out back into the wilderness and officials say the elk suffered a
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it's been a rough season for the buffalo bills and it got a little for the team's kicker. he botched a point after attempt and frustration there boiled over. he slam his helmet into disgust and it bounced back up and hi him right in his face. the bills did however go on to win the game. >> anchor: general motors is giving one ride sharing company a lift. gm is investing in fact $500 million in the company. the company says they plan to set up rental hubs that will allow rift drivers to rent cars on a temporary basis. the investment raises the value to more than $5 billion. >> anchor: the founder of new year. mark succinylcholine berg says his resolution for 2016 is to create an artificial intelligence system. he wants the system to run his home and help with his work. he is nope for keeping up with his resolutions and in 2010 he vowed to learn mandarin and gave a 20 minute speech in that language. what could you use art official intelligence like an assist an and go grocery shopping for a year? i guess the possibilities
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it's connect insisted to how we all use facebook every day. >> anchor: i'm sure it will be. ahead on 7 a behind the scenes look at the royal family. we have details on this new royal release . >> anchor: then at 0 clock whitey bulger's long time girlfriend facing new charges. the latest from federal court at 6:00 . >> reporter: beaten and bruise insisted tom brady talks about taking some hard hits and what it means for the patriots play playoffs push. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england.
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>> anchor: a royal reveal giv giving fans of britain's royal family an inside look. prince william, harry and their father are opening up about their family . >> anchor: it's all pat of a documentary featuring candid interviews like we've never seen before seeing candidly the men of britain's royal family are opening up . a lot more emotional than i used to be weirdly . >> anchor: getting personal about friendship, family with 33 33-year-old william sharing his thoughts on fatherhood . i never used to really kind of sort of get too worried about things but now the smallest little thing i can feel you well up a little more. the document celebrates 40 years
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founded by prince charles. the 90 minute special focuses on the prince of wales and his work to help struggling young people succeed. but it is his son's candor that is most striking. the advice that he can give us based on the contacts that he has made over the years is in incredible . prince harry only cussing his relationship with their . you can actually ring him up and say i am in a bit after pickle or you can off load stuff stuff. >> anchor: and william describ describing house two-year-old prince george and -month-old princess charlotte have changed him . you get affect insisted by sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more i thinks a father just because you realize how precious life is and puts it all in perspective . some of the world's most prominent men known for their privacy now speaking out about their relationship and hopes for the future. >> anchor: well, prince harry also said his father is driven by a sense of duty that was instilled in him at a very young age .
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getting a once in a lifetime experience taking the ice with one of the bruins biggest stars. >> anchor: cold for tonight as well as tomorrow. the forecast for the week such next . >> anchor: then at 6:00, a former president bill clinton ing his wife on campaign trail and taking a shot at g.o.p. front-runner donald trump. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered.
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trump.. >> anchor: luck at. this lg showing off its latest technology. this high definition tv ross up like a knew. account will veil the 18 inch display and other models at this 's consumer electronics show but don't get so excite insisted. no an will sold this year an t possible they may never hit stores of the company wants to show off what's possible and you have to think that will apply to cell fence eventually an be ale to roll it up, put it in your pocket and you don't break it if you sit on it too hard. >> anchor: that's a neat idea. you enjoy the gadgets. i phone on your watch kind of thing.
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let's get over to jr and talk about what's going on tonight. such cold weather out there . >> anchor: yes, quite old out there this time and you notice we still have some lingering snow on the south shore out toward the cape and islands. that will be the case for a couple more hours on the south shore and this little plume right here of snow will kind of drift an wolf and then just sit on the brakes and just hang out on the cape overnight tonight. metro boston done with the flakes but we had some light snow and flurries and for a time this afternoon. and for the remainder of this evening again pretty much done with this right here. this has already happened but out on to the cape just begining for you with one two two inch snow likely and some lows maybe upwards of three inches of snow. ocean effect snow. similar to logan airport snow this is really cold air coming over that relatively warmer ocean water. winds gusting right now 25 to 30 miles per hour. setting up those bands of snow squalls, snow showers and driving wind chills into the single numbersp look at this. nashua feels like 4. jaffrey feels like zero and town boston feels like 12.
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even if we didn't have the wind it still is cold. we've just so warm in november and december and the numbers right now are down into the teens and 20's of the city at 23 23. worcester at 18. some of the coldest air come out of canada into eastern north america but this is not to say that we're going to lock into a bit early cold pattern. it certainly is going to be colder than december. i don't have 50's or 60's in the forecast. but in term of logging this cold air down for several days that's not the case. in fact as you notice up through central canada granted churchill in winnipeg in the middle teens that's cold but they were only in the single numbers above and below zero just a could you evansville days ago. this cold shot of air will keep on moving we get rid of it tomorrow. there is no getting around it tomorrow it's a cold blast of air. midwinter cold for you in january with temperatures tomorrow only in the 20's throughout the afternoon hours. low 20's at that. then just a one day thing. by wednesday high pressure will drift south of new england and again the same arctic high pressure delivering cold air now but instead of a northerly flow
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and south coming out of pennsylvania an new york so nail will with a thing up. temperatures on wednesday and again on thursday heading for the lower 40's which is technically above normal. so for tonight really cold air. some cold air that we haven't seen around these parts and several months of you have to go back to the first part of march to find a low near this number here. 13 these will be temperatures early tomorrow morning about 7:00 tomorrow morning bedford nine, worcester 12 and that's again up on the hilltop. a know a lot of neighborhoods worcester away from the airport, boston forecasting 13. our coldest since the sixth of march when it was down at nine and normal low is 23. i think that's where we'll be for high temperatures tomorrow. very cold. the saving grace about tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, very little wind and it's taco tuesday. 7 on 7 forecast wednesday and thursday, mostly sunny skies, milder, temperatures low to mid 40's. see you at 6:00 . >> anchor: thanks, jr. look at this. a father and daughter taking the ice with a boston bruin.
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to td garden. the sperm skate a dream come true for college student who has survived cancer. >> anchor: this once in a lifetime trip there made even more special by one of the n.h.l.'s elite. elizabeth noreika has much more. a dream come true at the guard especially i'm 20-year-old cancer survivor with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the ice with one of the bruins best. all things to the massachusetts health connector . my mom entered us into a contest with the health connect connector. i think 50 people got to come bergeron . >> anchor: stephanie was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma early last year. her father wanted to support his daughter through her treatment. they end insisted up bonding offer the b's and stephanie's family says it helped her get through tough times. >> anchor: pretty good, pretty special for me and shelf. we're both cancer survivors. we both are in remission . >> anchor: stephanie's first time on skates and it could not have gone better. well almost. i didn't even fall except
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on patrice. >> reporter: the young woman who countered cancer starting the new year on a writter snow . >> anchor: i got pretty lucky . >> anchor: elizabeth noreika, 7 news . >> anchor: health collect officials say this is the first time they are able to hold this event inch say they would like to keep it up in the future . >> anchor: and coming up next in the buzz, oscar winning actress anne hathaway putting rumors to rest. the big reveal on her instagram page . >> anchor: good evening shall everybody. i am adam williams. coming up, treacherous travel. snow squalls leaving drivers on the south shore blinded. roads freezing up causing some accidents up and down route 3. we're continuing to cover the little blast of winter coming up next. then tom brady taking down in the regular season finale. the pats qb heading into the playoffs bruise insisted and battered and we're staying on top of breaking news of the long tie girlfriend of whitey bolger expected to plead guilty to federal charges. we will have the latest in a live report from federal court. we'll have those stories and much more.
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at actor and son of will smith is the new face of louis vuion. he front the spring summer collection sporting a skirt and other women's wear the brand's recrative direct says jaden represents a generation that . >> anchor: this accord fog forbes magazine's list of movies latest list of movies studios best investments. now evans recent movies made an average of 182 dollars for every dollar he was paid. lakunis around scarlet johannes round out the top three spots . >> anchor: taking matters in her own hands, anne hathaway refuses to let the papparazi get the first shot her baby buff. she shows it with her instagram followers on sunday. shesaid she found herself surround insisted by photographers on new year's vacation and want insisted to be the one would put out the photo. this was the first time the star has publicly acknowledged her pregnancy so congratulations to her .
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she looks great. another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> anchor: an arguetic front delivering bitter wind chills and snow squalls . >> anchor: treacherous travel, blinding conditions, creating a wintery nightmare for drivers on the south shore. plus, breaking news, the long-time girlfriend of whitey bulger expect insisted to plead guilty to federal charges. roughed up. the season finale taking a toll on td 12. and a top target. bill clinton campaigning for hillary in new hampshire as donald trump brings out the crowds in lowell. we've got team 7 coverage of the race for the white house. >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: first at 6:00 an icy blast hitting new england hard. snow squalls blinding people on the south shore and wind chills are set to drop off to dangerous level overnight. we talked about where it was winter. well, it is here and a bitter
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>> anchor: arctic air has boston really feeling the freeze freeze. our meteorologist jeremy reiner has more on this polar plunge . that arctic front came blah blahhing through southern new england with a coand then as cold air move over the relatively warmer ocean water and set up bands of snow and snow showers and light snow and that's been the case for several hours on the south shore even around metro boston for a time this afternoon we saw patchy, light snow but really focus insisted and localized right on the south shore. that was a trouble spot for traffic for new of the afternoon along route 3. 3 a as well. the good news though is that dryer air working in from boston is now chewing away at that band of snow on the south shore. and that will put an end to the light snow and snow showers on the south shore buzzard area bay bay. what will continue to happen though is that the cold arctic air coming over cape cod bay will keep those snow showers and snow squalls going for the cape as well as nantucket and perhaps even martha's vineyard as well. so a couple of flurries on the south shore otherwise wind down quickly over the next hour but
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snow showers on the cape ann
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