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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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snow showers on the cape ann isolated one to three inches of ow possible. for the rest of us metro boston we focus on the cold. these are the wind speeds now out of the north anywhere between 10 and 20 miles per hour driving the wind chills into the single numbers. look at this. it feels like 7 in boston, jaffrey feels like one below. worcester it feels like one. so a very cold evening that's not going to be record cold but the fact that december was so warm it is an adjust the to the system. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, bit early cold temperatures overnight tonight with the numbers heading down into single number and teens including downtown boston. your tuesday morning compute is really cold. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes . >> anchor: the snow causing commuter concerns on the south shore. the slick situation bringing rush hour to a crawl. 7's elizabeth noreika continues our team 7 coverage live in marshfield. liz? that's right. some very slow going out here and this is why check out what the ground looks like right now. there is a thin layer of the snow but underneath that snow it's all ice.
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out here along route 3 traffic is backed up. it's been a sea of the red out here all night as traffic is going very slowly because of these icy conditions. now let's check out some video from earlier today. you can see the snow is pretty steady along route 3 making for some traffic trouble. officials say it is very icy out here and they are working to sand the roads and make them safer. earlier in duxbury the fire department says there are more than 20 cars off the road along route 3 and they encourage people in this area to slow dunn and be careful. now they said there were wreck wreckers and tow trucks everywhere. some of the pictures you are looking at are from the duxbury fire department's response to these accidents and cars that slid off the road and they warn that travel is treacherous so if you are heading out to the south shore, give yourself some extra time so that you can go slowly and also if you have someone who is traveling from the south shore along route 3 expect them to be a little later and maybe even check on them. a lot of people have been stopping here at this rest stop some just to get a break and take a break from this slow travel conditions tonight.
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elizabeth noreika, 7 news. >> anchor: and remember you can track the snow before the flicks fly. just go to our app store and download the 7 news weather ap for up to the minute interactive radar. >> anchor: we have breaking fruit federal court today. wily bulger's long time girlfriend expected to plead guilty to criminal contempt charges. catherine grieg has refused to say whether anyone helped her and the former mob boss during their many years on the run. let's go to nick eons live in south boston with the latest on the case. nick? >> anchor: kim, catherine grieg is already serving 8 years in prison for her role in harboring whitey bulger while the pair was on the run of today her twin sister says that punishment doesn't fit the crime. it is not fair. in anybody's mind . >> anchor: margaret tearful at the thought her twin sister catherine grieg could spend more time behind bars. i miss her. i miss her . >> anchor: grieg was indict insisted in the fall for refus refusing to testify in front of a grand jury about anyone who may have helped her and crime
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years. she chose this guy and fell in love with him and left with him. i think we all would want . >> anchor: mccusker said she and her husband were very close and her prison sentence adds to . she was gone 16 years. i didn't know where she was. at one point i told myself i will have to say he is dead because i can't go on like this. >> anchor: the couple was tracked down in california in 20 2011 and bulger was convicted in 2013 of participating in 11 murders. esentence. she said she writes to the follower mob boss and she is upset her sister, his longtime . he is so sorry that she is suffering and so am i. she has been in there for enough time. i mean, longer than one of the guys that killed five people. >> anchor: so with grieg now
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criminal contempt charge for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury, her attorneys reportedly hope she will get credit i for time served but it is possible she could have time add insisted to her current prison sentence. south boston. nick emons, 7 news. >> anchor: the patriots are into the playoffs. tom brady though living in after getting banged up in miami. td 12 injuring his ankle on a troubling tackle. the pats look into recover before divisional round matchup in less than two weeks our sports director joe amorosino live in the news room with more on brady's condition . >> anchor: tom brady with a full 12 days it recover before patriots first playoff game and the fact that he was able to finish yesterday's game is a great sign that he will be ready to go. brady down playing the injury today. i have had worse. i have had plenty worse injuries than this one . >> anchor: tom brady not sweating his sprained right ankle. one that will reportedly not affect his availability for the patriots divisional round game on january 16 . i am doing all right. i am doing all right.
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a sure there will be some treatment as always, you know, a lot of guys are banged up so it's part of football season . >> anchor: brady's ankle now add insisted to the list of injuries alongside sebastian vol volmer and julian edelman. but this time of year the patriots quarterback says it's all hands on deck. we'll be ready to go in two weeks from now. that will be the most important time for me to be out there and be out there healthy, ready to go. great couple of weeks of practice and see if we can be as prepared as possible for our . >> anchor: a game that will come against the bengals, chiefs or texans. by time we're playing there will be 8 teams left. we have to terrible. it won't be easy. takes a lot of work to get to this point. it will take a lot more work to win the next game. >> anchor: as we have seen in the past six weeks this patriots team is capable of losing to anyone right now but with belichick, brady, gronk and a healthy julian eman look out. this pats team could still go the distance.
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joe amorsino, 7 news . >> anchor: and in the race for the white house, big stops in new england. president bill clinton front and center in new hampshire. clinton on the campaign trail rallying support for his wife. the clinton family has been a top target for donald trump. byron barnett live in exeter, new hampshire with clinton's response although we hear he never even ever mentioned truffle's name. that is correct. you know this with a the first time for i guess sort of a double barrel campaign by the clintons. hot is in iowa. bill clinton of course here in new hampshire where we have really an enthusiast i welcome here at the town hall. he is extremely popular in this state and he is hoping some of that popularity wears off or rushes off i sudden say on his wife. now, today that bill clinton started off this morning in nashua after a morning speech there, the former president stopped in at a busy new lunch hour. we understand he visited just
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restaurant chatting and posing with pictures to awful these surprise diners when clinton's famously pronoun insisted himself the comeback kid after he reboat insisted to come in second during the democratic presidential prior. now the president is hoping to help his wife have some success in the primary that's coming up in just a few weeks and today he says she would be the best person among a top priorities would be the opioid epidemic and supporting affordable health care act. we had four years in the lowest medical inflation in history, it is true last year we had a little bump in cost of premiums. i don't know about you, but i think it would be a real mistake to give into the attempts to weaken, water down or repeal this health care law. we ought to do what hillary says and continue. i'm very proud of the work she
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alzheimer's, on autism on mental health in general. i want to point out one of the problems account current law is that we don't have good record keeping for all men hal health instances. the current law is not always effective. but the biggest problem we got right now is this opium and heroin problem. >> anchor: that was president bill clinton where he got an enthusiastic response. he is still popular in new hampshire. as you mention insisted donald trump has been sharply criticizing bill clinton but everyone is waiting to see what he would say about that but he didn't say a word about it. he didn't mention his name he did he did make a point of talking to muslim americans . >> anchor: donald trump airing it out close to home tonight republican front-runner dominat
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controversial comments directed at members of both parties. something that he often does. tonight trump is taking his message here to massachusetts. he is attracting a big crowd as usual. kimberly bookman is live in lowell with more. >> anchor: kip, donald trump is expect insisted to be here within an hour. he tweet insisted out just a little while ago that he is looking forward to coming to the area again and that it's going to be lots of fun. now go ahead and take a look at this video. you can see just how large the crowds are. so far they are spanning blocks just to get into the tsongas arena here and then across from that protest or are roped off in an area call the free speech section. they are chanting that massachusetts is not for sale and to keep us off your trail. now this all comes the same day that the republican front-runner put out his first tv ad of the 2016 presidential campaign. the advertisement really knocks president obama and the democratic rifle hilary clinton and emphasizes trump's stance on a temporary ban of muslims enter
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his plans to build a wall in the southern border that he wants mexico to pay for. now trump continues to lead in the national polls, he has made many visits to new hampshire of course during this campaign but he has spent time here in massachusetts as well visiting lowell now two times. now again he is expected here at 7:00. we do have a crew inside the tsongas arena and we'll have a full wrap up for you tonight at 11:00. reporting live from lowell, kimberly bookman, 7 news . >> anchor: coming up here a dangerous drive. a serious crash bringing route 1 to a standstill in peabody. the road had to be shut down for hours . >> anchor: and a brutal beating beating. a boston police officer attack insisted on the job and what happened when the man accused faced a judge today. it's a new year so maybe you are looking for a new job . >> anchor: we have inside tips from people that know what the boss are looking for . what you should never do when applying for a job tomorrow
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fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. >> anchor: fee are following all the winter weather problems this we've had. this is the south shore and that's where the most of the trouble has been. there is a truck that went off the road off route 3 in duxbury. there were snow squalls and other crash isn't a car into a tree. state police now urging drivers to take their time, go slowly during this evening commute. >> anchor: and more news we're following here today a bad crash shut down a busy stretch of route 1.
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troopers had to divert traffic. route 1 north is now reopened as well as one lane that's heading south . >> anchor: but hours of closures and delays happened when a car smashed into a pole bringing down power lines across the highway. crews worked to remove the high voltage lines draped across the road. witnesses say the crash might have happened when a car was cut off by another driver trying to get to a car wash off the highway. that car wash owner coming to the drivers rescue and that huge transformer came crashing down on to that vehicle. probably not a smart thing to do with that kind of power in a car but i was really afraid that the person inside was hurt . >> anchor: the owner says the woman who is driving was not bad badly hurt. >> anchor: a man charged with attacks a boston police officer facing a judge. andrew bowman is accused of assaulting an officer on new year's day of the resident is also charge insisted with trespassing and resisting a rest rest. he allegedly walked up it i a
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started throwing punches. you can see video of fried friday's assault. the officer requested backup and the 23-year-old was arrest of the officer was taken to the hospital with non- non-life-threatening injuries but is doing okay now. now.. >> reporter: bit early cold terms for tonight and through the day tomorrow. the forecast for the week is coming up next. energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. across the region our natural gas supply hydropower from canada. toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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>> anchor: well, old man winter he found us after hiding out for a month in december with all of that mild air. now it's back to reality. cold blast of fair coming over the relatively warmer ocean creating this band of snow on the south shore. buzzard area bay and now it's focus insisted at the canal. this will drift out on to the cape and ilan. metro boston we had some flurries for a time this afternoon but skies are not clearing out. a very localized event. marshfield two ins of snow of mr. outhalf an inch of snow just flurries in the city. overnight tonight some flurries plymouth down to the canal and then out on to the cape and islands it's more hit and miss. i don't think it will be widespread that everyone on the cape will see a coing to two informs snow. these ocean effect snow bands are similar to the late snow bands and also similar in the way that you advertise thunderstorms that the risk is there but not everyone will see them similar if you just took your fingers and laid them across the cape. the fingers representing the snow showers. i think that's what will happen overnight tonight.
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couple of inches of snow but a lot of you may wake up and go it didn't snow last night or just a couple of flurries. winds gusting in nature 25 to 30 miles per hour. driving wind chills into the single numbers. so we all have that on the way for tonight. boston right now it feels like 7 7. worcester feels like one. jaffrey feels like one below. the actual air temperatures teens and 20's even if you didn't have wind it would be a cold night. the city at 22. fitchburg at 17. cold shot of air out of canada. just extent though. this is not the start of a bit early blast of air for several days but it is certainly day tomorrow. the wind will fade away tomorrow so at least it's manageable when you are outside tomorrow. we have arctic high pressure on top of us. cold though. single numbers and teens tomorrow morning for the morning commute. kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning will be cold. this he may have indoor recess. that's how cold it will be tomorrow with temperatures in the upper teens at lunch time then as we work into wednesday and thursday high pressure settles to our south and that will begin to usher in milder
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days getting back too the lower 40's or normal high is about 37. so just a one day thing and then the numbers back above normal. although not like december above normal. lows tonight these will be the numbers when you get out of the front door tomorrow morning. bedford nine tomorrow morning. boston at 13. plymouth at 12 with lots of sunshine tomorrow and again on wednesday and thursday. middle 40's, friday low to any el 40's. our net storm that is saturday but again the arctic air tonight is gone by then so i think saturday is just a little bit of light rain for most of us with a little bit of light, wet snow and rain mixed in the worcester hills. >> anchor: losing four of six is in the the way you want your team to head into the playoffs but that's how it went down for the patriots. ravaged by injuries and now they have to manage another banged up body through the bye week and this time it's their most important player. espn's adam reporting tom brady has a sprained right ankle i'm
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the nfl network. but one that will not keep him out of the patriots divisional game a week from saturday and alongside just a little soreness here and dealing with it the patriots quarterback sounds like a guy who is on track to let it rip come playoff time. i've had worse so i've had plenty worse injuries than this one. believe me, i will be doing everything i can to be out there there. there is nothing else in my life at the a priority at point getting to feel like i'm 100%. i am doing all right. we'll see how it goes this week. i'm sure there will be some asal a out lot of guys are banged up so it's pat of football season. >> anchor: a season that ends with the patriots as the number two seed in the afc after yesterday's loss to the dolphins and the broncos come back win over the chargers. the road to the super bowl in the conference goes through denver right now. so the patriots can sit back and wait for either bengals, texans or chiefs and in the meantime try to heal up and iron out
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said he doesn't have any idea what the team, you know, what it's going to take for this team to get out on to the field and what it is going to look like come the 16th . i don't know. we'll take one day at a time and get take care of bumps and bruises and get guys back and get ready to go and that's the way it goes . every year you have to hit the reset button and once post season starts i think right now we definitely got to hit the reset button and get ready to go go. there is no more tomorrow. no more next game so we got to a amp it up and be ready to go . it's the vikings and sea hawks while the packers head to with a washington the panthers and cardinals your top two seeds will get to watch it all play out in the bi week over in the n nfc. this week could be a busy one for bill belichick's coordinators of the panthers reportedly asking for permission to speak with mcdaniels and matt
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sicky. if the patriots say yes the views could take place during the by week. that's asuing they don't target tom coughlin first. the 69-year-old stepping down as head cope of the giants. big blue missed the playoffs in six of the last 7 seasons. he is reportedly open to other offers. if the pick the celtics are getting from the nets this year isn't as close to the top of the draft as they may like they may have nobody to blame but themselves. a brooklyn's ten wins this season, two of them have come at the expense of the celtics. the most reason loss coming saturday at the garden in front of the home crowd and home at home in which the celtics let brook lopez go for 30 points and 13 rebounds tonight. they look for some revenge and they will do so without avery bradley who stayed back in boston with a hip pointer. that is sports.
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>> anchor: pretty challenging out on the roads tonight down south especially some flurries that have been causing some problems, big question is will this continue through the night. jeremy says that dry air is kind of snuffing out but you never though this time of year. >> anchor: it's definitely getting colder on this first day of my first day back here in the new year. so i haven't had a chance to say happy new year to everybody we're glad you are with us on 7 news.
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10:00 and 7 news at 11:00 with adam williams. hope to see you later tonight. announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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