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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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yeah, i miss her. as the girlfriend of whitey bulger faces new charges. the race for the white house runs through new england. tough talk and donald trump takes the stage in massachusetts. i have to look at him and say i love you and i'm sorry my hands gave out. and local father talking about his 11-year-old son's fall from at chair lift. seven news at 11 starts now. first a 11 snow squalls pushing through south shore on a cold hard fact tonight. this latest batch of winter weather is bringing snow with it also bringing a big chill as temperatures fall very quickly. meteorologist jeremy reiner here with a closer look jeremy. we have snow showers continuing on the south shore. they've there for much day focused right around canal either side of that by few miles. you will have snow going overnight tonight. winding down tomorrow morning
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snow to move around and shovel and, out on cape portions of south shore. wind is other issue, that is the real issue with everyone else feeling the cold, that wind is driving windchills down below zero and feels like one below in boston right now. worcester feels like 11 below. fitchburg feels like 5 below and cape feels like lower teens. these are actually temperatures. and haven't seen cold like this here in southern new england since first part of march. so tomorrow's morning commute a shock to the system. not record cold, but considering that december was warmest on record again it is an adjustment to go through boston tomorrow more than these will be temperatures about 7:00 city around 13 tomorrow morning. worcester at 7. jaffry below zero. you've got your self a cold day all day long. windchills even tomorrow afternoon still running into the teens. despite mostly sunny skies and your evening commute will feature dry conditions. but chilly tomorrow evening.
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holding out in the lower 20s. today blast create a road hazard for so many drivers. highways covered in ice with white out conditions made the commute chaotic. you saw it just a fef accidents we saw dozens of crashes today. and author's fear more may be in store. elizabeth is in kingston to talk more about this concern. >> yeah, kim snows continuing to fall here creating a thin layer of snow on the roads. that's what causing problem right now. and that caused a problem earlier today. if you look down here you can see this, thin layer of snow underneath that snow is ice. and that's what happened earlier this afternoon with the first snow fall cause all of those accidents. cars off the road. black ice, snow. a chaotic commute on south shore. icy and snow covered roads causing cars to go off course causing crash and major slow downs along route 3.
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very slow and bad and laborious. that's why i pulled over here to take mini nap or something and wait a while. traffic at crawl as drivers trying to navigate slick roads emergency worker stayed busy responding to roughly 20 wrecks along route 3 in two-hour time frame. worst being a 7-car pile up. first snow of the year road conditions change pretty quickly drivers just didn't compensate fast enough for the salt or you know trucks to get out and take care of roads. video from earlier in day showed snow falling steadily in area it didn't take long for foe tracks to clean after aftermath. pretty slow. a lot of traffic. accidents. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. well, i guess we just have to go slow then. take it. one mile at a time. certainly good advice a snow continues to fall only going to get more slick out there on the roads.
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wrecks earlier today none of their'in juries appear to be life threaten live in kingston elizabeth noriega. thank you. as that arctic air moves in you can get updates any time on and the 7 news mobile and tablet apps. we're following a developing story right now. boston mayor marty walsh will meet with president obama tomorrow. mayor walsh joining other leaders as the president gets ready to roll out his new gun control plan. night team jadiann thompson here with a clover look. adam mayor walsh will be front and center when president obama announce steps he will taking to reduce deadly shooting mayor walsh treat out glad to join positive tuesday and a leaders across the u.s., taking executive action to reduce gun violence we can't wait for congress to act. stop gun violence. some changes the president plans to make tighten so-called gun show loopholes that would force more gun buyers to get
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f.b.i. employees to process those checks. president obama then addressed his critics today. >> it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. not going to keep every begun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives in this country. >> president has several gun-related events all week including meeting with families and victims. and newtown connecticut. live in 92 u.s. room jadiann thompson, 7 news. now to the race for white house democratic front runner hilary clinton calling on her secret weapon former president bill clinton mr. clinton crisscrossed new hampshire today campaigning alone on her behalf. then tonight, gop front runner donald trump took the stage in lowell. brandon gunnoe is on the campaign trail there. kim we covered a lot of events more people inside this rally before.
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the rally than ever before as well. it's a movement, i'm telling you, a movement. donald trump speaking to more than 5 thousand people saugus center lowell with everyone's country. >> people, used to call it the silent majority. we're not silent any more, folks. but with huge number of supporter also came more protesters sneaking into the rally. the crowd would chant trump and usa as they were escorted out. police even created a free protesters. just want to show everybody the slogans and everything is filled with hate on all lives matter muslims black all lives matter. i approve this message. overnight donald trump released first tv ad of the campaign a move he's been holding in his back pocket. airing i inn iowa and new hampshire the ad reinforce his stance on isis and immigration.
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temporary shut down of muslim entering united states. who's best person to do bill clinton was on campaign trail in new hampshire telling voters about hillary's accomplishments from her days a first lady of arkansas through to her service as secretary of state. she hasn't been elected to anything but everything thee touched she made better he has attacked by trump but highly popular former president didn't even mention donald's name. cloud was as clearly supportive he's bill clinton, he's an icon. there was also some controversy on trump's new ad concerning a fact check of the border footage trump's campaign said that an it was intentional. they wanted to show americans what it could be like if we don't build a better wall. live in lowell, i'm brandon gunnoe. 7 news night team also from nights team whitey bulger long time girlfriend catherine grieg is expected to plead guilty to new charge which could keep her
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her sister was in court today, says greig suffered enough nick emmons is live in southie tonight to bring us up to date. nick. is which went to plead gt after she renufd to testify of a who may have helped whitey bulger while he was on the run for all of those years. greig herself is serving eight years in prison already for her role in harboring former mob boss. her sister was at the courthouse today saying her punishment doesn't fit the crime. it not fair in anybody's mind. margaret tearful they thoufth her twin sister catherine grieg could spend more time behind bars. i miss her. yeah, i miss her. greig was indicted in fall for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury about anyone who may have helped her and crime boss james whitey bulger while they were on run for 16 years. she chose this guy and fell in love with him and left with him. i think we all would want
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she says she and her sister were very close in her current prison sentence adds to painful years of not having her sister around. 16 years she was gone. i didn't know where she was. in fact, at one point i told myself i'm just going to say she's dead because i can't go on like this. couple was tracked down in california in 2011 and bulger was convicted in 2013 of participating in 11 murders. he's now serving a life sentence mccusker she is writes to former mob boss and upset his sister long time girlfriend is behind bars. suffering. and you know, so am i. she's number there for enough time. i mean longer than guys that killed 5 people again greig is serving eight year prison harboring whitey bulger while he was on the run. now with this latest guilty plea coming down it possible could
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unknown when it will come down. 7 news night team. we're following more news tonight. tense stand off continuing in oregon right now. after an armed militia took over a federal building there. ryan schulteis is here with big development. tonight that sheriff is directly calling protester to leave two men who inspiration are now in custody. late today two othering rancher turned themselves in and reported in southern california. hammonds have turned themselves in time to leave our community. go home to your families end this peacefully rancher dwight and steven hammond were convicted of lighting fires a federal lands near their ranch. their fight to stay out of prison led to this now 3-day occupation at the mall here. if now under control of armed anti government protesters. i will stay here as long as it takes concerned about safety, schools 30 miles away shut down
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our town is a safe town. and i don't the kids to feel scared in their own town. f.b.i. officials say they want to peaceful resolution but won't say how law enforcement will respond to this occupation. but will anything sway group to pack up and go home? i wasn't say words would do it i would say action would local control of federal land. reached a poilg point in 2014 when cliven fwund had an armed stand off trying to take his cattle after he refused refused to pay agreeing fee now in oregon his son is leading a group that just won't leave they won't move in government addresses their demand f.b.i. says still hoping to bring peaceful end to stand off in control room ryan schulteis. 7 now now turning to dangerous crash in peabody sky 7 over scene where a car slammed into a power pole this happened just before noon bringing pour lines down across route one.
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witnesses say crash may have happened when another driver veered to get to a car wash. the owner of that business ran over to help and says the woman driving that car wasn't injured. a man facing a milford a guy is accused of attacking police officer. prosecutors say he hit an officer in the throat early on new years day and then tried to gouge out his eyes. back up officers say they found the officer unconscious rushed him to hospital he has since been released. prosecutor say he admitted that he drank alcohol, and smoked marijuana on new year's eve but also believes someone spiked his drink a knt man appearing wrentham court today accused of a loading his pick up truck with weapons before parking near gillette stadium. police arrest matthew in an employee parking lot just before the winter classic game on friday. charges. according to police report his arsenal of weapons included a pistol cross bow, a machete,
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bron stone is being held on more than $17,000 bail. so, rates could rising for t riders it could happen as early as this summer. mbta considering plans that would increase rates anywhere 10 percent. the control board will choose a plan in march and if approved the rate hike would take effect come july 1st. mbta leaders say it will help close it's $242 million budget gap. the patriots lift back to new england after yesterday's loss in miami. tom brady and boys are beaten and bruised as we head into play-offs thankfully pats have two weeks to heal up. and if you ask tom brady, he's not worried. sports director joe amorosino with more on what tom brady is saying right now. >> brady says he's dealt with worse injuries and with a full 12 days to recover, before the patriots play their first play off game there no need to worry about brady just yet.
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keeping brady safe going forward though. >> he's big guy. he came down on back of me and there's going to residual damage to that. brady reaching for his righting angle injury a major torre line for patriots this season. and you can now add tom brady to the long list. after suving a sprained ankle. i'm doing already we will see how it goes this week there will be some treatment as always, you know a lot of guys are banged up. so just part of football season in his weekly radio appearance on weei brady down playing the injury. i've had worse. so, you know, i've had plenty of worse injuries than this one. believe me, there's i'll doing everything i can to be out there. so, there's nothing else in my life that's a priority in this point other than getting to feel like i'm 100 percent. i'm just glad we can with have week off that obviously helps gr news for patriots brad news for patriots next opponent brady
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in the divisional round in two weeks. we don't ever want to aanybody taking a shot. it may come us to doing a better job protecting we'll ready to go in two weeks from now i think that will be most important time for me to be out there, and be out there healthy ready to go. you know a great couple of weeks of practice and see if we can be as prepared as possible for hour biggest game of year. a game that will be played a gillette stadium on january 16th. when patriots host either bengals, texans or chiefs. reporting live in newsroom, joe amorosino, 7 news night team. all right joe keep us posted. up next a frightening fall an 11-year-old boy takes tumble right off new hampshire ski lift. a bitter blast of air into new england tonight. and tomorrow. forecast for the week up next. and tom brady making a memory, a really great one for this young fan down in florida over the weekend. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive
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he dropped 30 30 feet and my son christopher turned to me and asked if his brother was dead. >> an emotional father talking about watching his son take frighten fall off ski lift. he says that his son slipped and fell nearly 30 feet. what's worse dad says there was no one operating lift to help. susan tran in nashua, new hampshire with more. >> and kim, this boy is recovering at home from bumps and bruises and a concussion. his family still in shock over this accident. his father says the resort has yet to contact him to talk about how this could have happened. >> he dropped 30 feet and my son christopher turned to me and asked if his brother was dead. a ski trip nightmare nor doug and his twin boys as they got on to rag mountain chair lift saturday afternoon. i made it half way up the
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and my hands started to give out. and i had to look at him ask say i love you. and i'm sorry my hands gave out. and he dropped. this is a picture of 11-year-old cameron on right his brother chris on the left. just minutes before the accident, doug says they went out to get on high speed quad when he noticed there was no one to hold chair and help them in. cam ended up falling on ungrooved trail and doug had to get top to alert crews his son had fallen i tried to grab him and pull him back up as i'm holding him i turned around to yell and i noticed there was no one at the platform or the kill switch. ski patrol was able to get to cam who ended up with bruises and concussion, and while rag mountain says statute tram way inspector found it in good work thing order and cleared it for normal operation, and no misloads were observed doug wants to know why no one was aware his son had fallen. >> this is true miracle.
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and dad says his son was actually wearing a helmet which likely saved him from even further injuries. we're live in nashua, new hampshire susan tran, 7 news night team. now, seven weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. well after december skiers loving arctic blast of air making snow and also some of the natural stuff here still on south shore. ocean effect snow showers continuing. a similar process that they have in buffalo, where you have arctic air coming over warmer ocean creating these snow showers. very localized. kingston two and a half inches of snow scituate about an inch of snow plymouth overnight tonight two to three inches of snow. right around the canal, you know give or take a couple miles either side. then you head even further. in front of south shore, into city of boston. skies are clear here in town. so, heartland maybe a few flurries north plymouth mostly clear cold wind right now gusting 20, 35, 35 miles highest
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down to 11 in hyannis. look at the city feels like one below. beverly feels like one below. worcester feels like 11 below sew row actual air temperatures not much better 7 in worcester boston at 15. plymouth at 20 with snow and hyannis snow flurries temperatures in middle 20s. for tonight not record cold but wicked cold considering where we were in december. the warmest december on record. then flip a switch, and here you go. temperatures sing single numbers and snow showers continuing oh cape windchill temperatures more important zero to ten below. so these right here, these will be the numbers that you experience when you go out to the front door about 7 o'clock tomorrow morning 13 in boston bedford at 9 actual air temperatures windchills even colder than that. yes you have to go back into first part of march before you find a cold morning commute like this. forecasting around 13 in the city. it will be cold suburbs. last time we had temperatures this low, back on march 6th when it was nine.
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so here is arctic front right here. arctic hyannis port. and great lakes states. this will drift overhead tomorrow. that will actually shut down the wind during the morning showers. still a cold day no way getting around that temperatures in tomorrow in 20s. just like that once high goes to south of new england. it will set up a southwesterly flow. and things will warm nicely into the lower 40s. wednesday, and again on thursday. it's all relative i know month ago 40s was cold. now suddenly warm. very cold tomorrow with windchills in teens 21 to 27. wednesday and thursday the numbers are in lower 40s with sunny skies. our next storm any cold air? no. i'm thinking just a little bit of light rain around metro and saturday. back into worcester hills that light rain will mix with light wind and snow. have good night. to tom brady making one miami teenager's dream come true. patriots quarterback did off the field yesterday.
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at sun life stadium before the game against miami dolphins. that 13-year-old with big smile on his face battling a rare abdominal cancer. brady even gave the teenager off hood hoodie off his black. they joined forces to make that happen. great story we'll talking more about brady and other sports new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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and now time for seven sports with joe amorosino. hand off to jackson back up. slowing it up at the 45 and marker. that's actually ten runs to start the football game. ten, ten runs to a shovel pass. >> patriots choose health over home field advantage in miami yesterday. rolling out maybe their most memory. just 5 passes in the first half. tom brady handing it off on ten of those first 11 plays. but they still couldn't protect tom brady. he suffered a sprained right ankle a high ankle sprain according to nfl network. but one that is not expected to keep him out patriots divisional game on january 16th. brady admits ankle is sore but sounds like he's on track to let it rip come play off time. >> i've had worse. so you know, i've had plenty of
11:27 pm
believe me i'll doing everything i can to be out there. there's nothing else in my life that's a private at this point other than, you know getting to feel like i'm 100 percent. i'm doing hrt. i'm doing all right. we will see how it goes this week. so some treatment as always a lot of guys are banged up. so part of football season. this week could a busy one for bill belichick coordinators. dolphins reportedly asking patriots for permission to speak vacancy if patriots say yes interviews could come during biweek with celtics beating lottery bound nets improves celtics chances at getting that top pick in the draft. and after losing to the nets in two of their first three meeting celtics even the score tonight down in brooklyn. the celtics clearing playing with more intensity tonight. here's proof donald sloan rolling ball off the court what
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out how often do you see this, they call jump ball pew should have given to marcus smart for that play monster game goes baseline hang and hits draw draw the foul. yeah you bet's flexing. up and under off glass celtics win it 103-94. what shot and move by marcus smart. bruins trying to bounce back from their embarrassing loss in winter classic. they are hosting washington find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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