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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EST

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fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. this morning on "today's take" will smith on his new movie concussion that's caught the attention of hollywood and the nfl. then, "making a murderer" that has thousands petitioning the president. and hoda shares some inspiring stories that might help you change your life. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a bone-chilling tuesday morning here in new york city. the crowd is a little smaller than usual. >> yeah.
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>> about 11 degrees and windchill about 3 below. >> brave people out there. you all deserve big hugs. >> yeah. >> willie is going to come out there and give you a biggal. >> or we can brick them in and give them a big mug. >> i'm not going out there. maybe we had this coming it was so warm for so long. now we're getting hit with cold. i'm willie along with natalie, al and tamron. today's morning jam is? >> a coldplay song. >> "adventure of a lifetime." >> the video is spectacular. >> always amazing. >> super bowl performers, halftime show. >> huge. >> that's right. guys, we're less than four weeks to the iowa caucuses right now. let's talk a little bit about what could be the next president. united states. donald trump in a new nbc new survey monkey moll. >> can i just say something. >> survey monkey. >> can we come up with a better name. >> they do a great job, al. >> survey moaning, like opinion arrange tang, you know. >> we should find the back story.
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>> good question. >> wouldn't it be great if you went to their office and there's a bunch of chimps working everything. >> right now all the employees at survey moaningy. >> bananas. >> thanks, al roker. >> nbc news, i'm proud of our partnership with survey monkey. wonderful job. >> a lot of money for that. >> pay them in cash and bananas, fantastic. >> they sit there -- first they poll people and then they start picking bugs off each other, grooming each other. >> this was happens when you try to talk politics. >> it's a reputable real poll. >> it's got moaningies. >> nbc news. >> an online poll that shows donald trump at 35 boston holding a 17-point lead over ted cruz and 22 points over marco rubio who is in third place. let's look at the democratic side. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders, again in the national poll, by 17 points, 53-36. there.
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>> the rations are much closer in iowa and new hampshire on the democratic side which is actually what's important as we start this. now, yesterday bill clinton hit the campaign trail for the first time in earnest. campaigning for his wife in new hampshire, and they are up against this issue of how to handle donald trump. >> yeah. >> hillary clinton has not been hesitant to go after him, but it appears in the new year there's a new approach to sort of ignore the donald. >> the republicans will have to decide who they are going to be nominating. >> i'm interested in your response to the donald's comment that you and president obama created isis. >> i have adopted a new year's resolution resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality, and i'm not going to respond. >> so there you go. >> yeah. >> andrea mitchell had actually asked president clinton in that clip we showed but thought about
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>> right. >> you could almost see the president biting his tongue and saying, you know what, we'll let republicans sort that out. let them settle their fight and we'll meet them in the general election. >> the strategy is interesting because chris christie tried it last year, jeb bush said he would ignore donald trump and eventually they were pulled into the fray, so others have tried to their peril because people who tried to ignore donald trump ended up at the bottom end of the poll, but it's interesting on that rope line with andrea mitchell and bill clinton, chuck todd also said that bill clinton is famous for letting loose on the rope line. that's where you really get him to answer a question without the standard, you know, list of points that they like to hit, but the strategy is really to keep bill clinton locked in until they are ready i guess to unleash. >> it's amazing on the republican side, as you said, how few people are going after donald trump. almost as they conceded. jeb bush, interviewed him earlier this morning on "morning joe," he is going after donald trump.
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went after him yesterday in new hampshire. >> none of the campaign ads. >> it's rubio against cruz and these others. >> donald trump gets a free ride and has not had to spend a lot of money for advertising. >> working for him. >> because we're always talking about him. >> working in the na polls, but the polls out of iowa could be an interesting night for tet cruz, especially if he brings in his father who is a minister and certainly will appeal to the evangelicals. >> how quickly things can change, to, in a drum beat. a lot of people talking about changes in the new year. we talked about resolutions. many of you have now the have made diet resolutions so you'll be interested in what "u.s. news & world report," released their annual list of the best diets. in the category the best diets overall, no surprise, weight watchers is always in the top, number three on the list. >> just saw the new oprah weight watchers ad for the first time over the holidays. >> so revealing and so powerful. >> number two is a tie between tlc which is cutting down on high cholesterol diet.
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>> you only eat when the channel is on. >> and then there's that not the case cutting high cholesterol and also the mind diet which focuses on preventing alzheimer's disease, eating grain healthy foods, a lot of the mono unsat rated good fats in your diet, the dash diet, focuses on lowering high blood pressure by cutting back on salt, eating more vegetables, whole grains, eliminating sweets, red meat. >> that's from the mayo clinic. >> i haven't heard of any of these, not a one of them. >> not heard of any of these. >> because you haven't been needing to diet, i suppose, right? >> you've got a good thing going. dr. natalie azar best not to remove overall food categories. to obviously check with your doctor, whatever. so i -- i'm not on a diet but i decided to test myself because i'm terrible with any of these cleanses or any -- i've tried juice clensz, tried whatever.
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normally, there's no reason to do it and i think most people say why do it if you don't need to, but for me it was more like mind control, can i do it. >> kind of like detoxification so i felt like i needed something after doing way too much drinking and eating over the holidays, a soup cleanse, super pure based out in los angeles. they will be launching nationally, but it kind of takes the juice cleanse to more of a nutritional. >> a couple of these look like specimens. >> this one is asparagus, they are delicious, made with organic ingredients ingredient w in it that cleanses you? >> the whole idea you're drinking rather than -- >> it's more liquids rather than solids. >> okay. >> it's that same idea but it's more filling, but the funny thing is i wrote to my friend who is doing this. we keep each other and hold each other accountage, don't like it, snowfall. >> would you send this over to the lab for me.
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raw misto. >> pineapple, basil, cucumber, go try it. >> it's pineapple water. >> i've been punked before. you're not getting me. >> look what al drinks in the morning. >> okay. >> what looks worse, al's cleanse. >> ginger, mint, and that's. >> and this which is a healthy pineapple basil cucumber alkaline water. >> just an elaborate way to shut me up. >> chug it. >> it's delicious. >> you know what, your sister sent that. >> tastes like water. >> so nice. >> you've got green stuff in your teeth. >> wow. >> look in the archives. >> back to what you're doing. >> it's two day. >> this is all you're ingesting all day. >> got a couple more soups, but it's -- >> can you eat solid food. >> you can if you're doing a mini cleanse. >> i'm doing the full on there's the sweet potato one already.
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>> had you hangry? >> i'm going to give you credit, amy crh ho n. yesterday i had three bites of shame on you. >> so the good news is you'll be >> right. i'll just keep drinking this and >> this is day two. >> okay. we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> chicken broth. you want to try, it tamron? >> absolutely not. is there a cupcake. i am from texas. listen, the other white meat, the wheel meat, no, i can't do that. many my cleanse is a t-bone. >> i figured if i can stick with it, and i'm terrible at this. >> good. >> good for you. >> you can do it. >> wait to go. >> whatever. >> we're supporting. >> you go, natalie. >> you are doing something we could never do. >> couldn't do it. >> i've done a cleanse. >> you do clensz all the time. >> but maybe once a year, probably going to do one again in a couple of weeks, by eat
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>> is that a cleanse if you eat solid food? >> it's like a detox, rather than cleanse. that's a detox. >> that's what this whole idea is. i think it's i need a restart. >> oh, okay cool. >> i'm still having mountain dew for breakfast. >> meanwhile, just when you thought the matt/ellen prank of last year, the prank wars were over. no, no. no, it's back on, if you were wondering. on her show yesterday ellen showed a video of an interesting moment in matt's interview back in november with adele when she visit visited. take a lock. >> i mate a resolution in 2016 i was not going to mess with matt lauer anymore. instead i'll show you this clip of him interviewing adele. hello from the other side >> i never said this to a woman sitting across from me but can i hold your hand for a second. >> oh, yeah.
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>> yes. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> i missed that earlier. >> i would go for that drink after seeing that again. >> go for. >> matt has to return fire. like that's not the war he asked for. >> you know. you can't win. >> he can't win that one. >> sorry. >> your move. >> we need a cleanse. >> can we have weather. >> we need a mind cleanse after that thing, wow. let's show you what's been going on. we've been talking about el nino, strongest el nino since '97-'98, tied with it and for the most part it's been to the north bringing the storminess to the pacific northwest and northern california. now the el nino weakened a little bit and resembles its signature pattern, stormy for southern california and the southwest with the current radar. we've got 14 million people in southern california under flash flood watches. anaheim, big sur, riverside, san
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winter storm, 30 million people under effect. warnings in the sierra mountains. this moisture is going to come pushing in bringing with it heavy rain. could cause flooding. feet of snow in the sierra mountains and the other high peaks. >> good tuesday morning, everyone. mid-teens outside right now. the wind and the cold have been the story this morning, and the windchill advisory windchill is now above 0. down in the cape, so pretty much over and done with that as the accumulating snow tapers off. back into the 20s tomorrow. and nice rebound in temperatures. 40 holding on the milder side to end the week and perhaps rain and snow showers on saturday. >> drama going on right now. tamron forgot her -- the alarm went off in the apartment. police on the phone.
10:13 am
i know the number. officer smith, first precinct, god bless you, thank you. >> anything else in there? >> my dog. >> anyway. >> yeah. >> we'll let you handle that. >> i'll have a drink. >> coming up, my conversation with will smith talking about his golden globe nominated role in "concussion," the movie tha if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. just push dust around. clorox dust wipes have the power allergens, and even hair,
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the nfl playoffs begin this weekend and a new movie is tackling a major issue within the league, "concussion" starring will smith tells the story of a doctor who first identified and diagnosed the long-term dangers of head injuries in football.
10:17 am
writer/director peter landesman to talk about "concussion." >> "concussion" tells the story of a nigerian emmitt doctor who uncovers the pattern of brain damage in football players. >> there are men who continue to die, families left in ruin. >> will smith plays dr. om ha lu but initially he was hesitant to take on the character who takes on the nfl. >> it's a very inconvenient true. some of the greatest times i've had with my son were around him playing football, so when i goat this, you know, screenplay, it put me in conflict with myself and then i met with dr. omalu. after sitting with bennett and hearing his story, i actually became impelled as a parent to tell the story for other parents. >> what do they want? >> the nfl wants you to say you made it all up.
10:18 am
>> they are accusing you of fraud. >> did you think about when you decided to take the role what you would be up against when this movie went public? >> yeah. i felt very confident that there would be people who didn't want to hear it and the thing where i didn't want to hear it. >> what about you, peter? >> if you focus on the consequences of what you do you quickly become paralyzed because at the end of the day, even from its inception, this movie was never about a takedown of anything. it was for something. it was about discovery. it was about the beauty of discovery and the investigation and the truth. >> the league has kept everyone in the dark, and you've turned on the lights and gave their biggest boogieman a name. >> do you watch the games differently now on a sunday afternoon? >> i'm just ooh, ah, every single play. >> and your son played payingtime high school football at a powerhouse school for four years. >> >> absolutely. >> knowing what you know now would you let trey play football growing up? >> that's a very difficult
10:19 am
is much better suited to make the decision. >> what a copout. >> my kid's mother will not be making that decision. knowing now what i know to me it's very simple. you know, there's no way i would pads. >> will smith he's acting career seems to be going pretty well but did hint recently at future in politics. >> what were you talking about specifically? shall we start getting your campaign running for 2020, like what year are we talking here? >> i was joking when -- when i made that comment. as an actor what happens when you take on a role, you actually begin to wear the qualities of the person, and while i was wearing dr. omalu for this last year, i realized how good it feels, so when i hear anti-american sentiments, i'm
10:20 am
>> will smith challenges president trump in 2020. >> there will be no president >> all right. he's not running for office but he's starring in this movie. it's a good one called "concussion." he was nominated for a golden globe for best actor in a drama, and the movie is in theaters now. coming up, our friend hoda is here, like here here. here she is. she's sharing inspiring stories about people who took a risk, changed their lives. >> come here to me. why aren't you in my book? >> i haven't inspired anyone to
10:21 am
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this isn't lactose. it's milk. come up in hour next half hour, hoda wants you to listen to those voices in your head. >> okay. that didn't come out right, at all. >> her new book "where we belong" is out today and it showcases ordinary people making extraordinary choices by head. >> the highses in my head says calendar. this month full of big entertainment events. we'll help you mark your
10:25 am
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test test test test test headlines. president obama this morning is announcing executive action to expand background checks for gun sales at flea markets, online and at gun shows. he's been unable to get new gun restrictions through congress despite what he calls a scourge of gun violence. the president is also asking congress for $500 million to improve mental health care. all eyes are again on wall street this morning. global stock markets were weighed down today by worries over the chinese economy after monday's massive selloff that suggests the stock market could, tend the deep losses seen on monday when the dow suffered its worst start to the year since 2008.
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reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer in some patients. aspirin does not appear to have an impact on the odds of getting prostate cancer. however, men who took at least three tablets a week were 24% less likely to die from the disease. so be sure to consult your doctor as always before starting any aspirin regimen. a new study finds that children conceived after fertility treatments do not have a higher risk for early developmental delays. researchers at the national institute of health followed about 2,000 children born to mothers who underwent in vitro fertilization embryo prance fer or insemination. at age 3 they scored the same as their peers in motor skills, communication and problem-solving. researchers plan to follow the children until they are 8 years old. three nfl teams have officially filed for relocation to the los angeles area. in an attempt to return pro football to the country's second largest market. the san diego chargers, oakland raiders and the st. louis rams are all looking to make the
10:31 am
be reviewed by league staff and three committees of owners. a vote by all 32 team owners could come next week. stay tuned. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. hey, al. >> got to stink for the other two cities who lose who know the other teams liked you, not. wet weather, west coast, rockies, western-two thirds, eastern two-thirds of the country looking spectacular, though we do have a little lake-effect, ocean-effect snow hanging on into new england. tomorrow, look for snow in the upper mississippi river vale, an ice mix in between and rain down to the south. more snow spreading out west where they need it. western third of the country looking good although a lot of wet weather along the southeastern coast and florida and for the golden globes on sunday, weather is actually looking pretty good. we'll be doing our whole show from there. look for partly sunny skies right around the time they are
10:32 am
55 and show start. it will be 64 and partly cloudy. that's what's going on >> good tuesday morning, everyone. mid-teens outside right now. the wind and the cold have been the story this morning, and the windchill factors above zero. tapering to flurries across plymouth county and the cape. so we're pretty much over and done with that. at least the accumulated snow. back into the 20s tomorrow. and nice rebound in temperatures. near 40 holding on the milder side to end the week and perhaps
10:33 am
saturday. whole life was just there. did i choose this on the path of least resistance? these are people that put their hands on the steer wheel. >> and roma downey and mark burnett what, made you want to
10:34 am
>> he's done everything, "survivor," and roma is a very faith-based person and she wanted to talk to mark with doing more faith-based productions, and she said that she led him to where he wanted to go was basically the way that she put it, but it's interesting how faith became such an important part of now not only their lives but of their profession, and they have really taken hollywood by storm just with that. >> you've also included people who have made purposeful decision-making. tell us about that. >> i think often in life, again, you just sort of go -- you're just going with the flow hand you think you should make deliberate choices. some people are in the wrong profession. some people are with the wrong person, and i think people -- it's tough to change your path because you have a mortgage. you have debts. you have all this stuff. >> kids. >> everything. >> someone said give 10% of your time and money and put it towards thing you love. keep on with your job because
10:35 am
to quit your job and maybe next year you can put 15% and 20% and maybe you can turn like a passion into a profession. maybe it can become your kind of your calling, so all the people in this book are so brave. i was like wow. how did you -- how did you have the guts, the moxie to change, but that's like the common thread? >> i love that story. >> your story, even though you featured other people, you represent that same kind of threadwoman of the things we know that you've gone through and even in your career in life. >> i think when you go through something -- i was sort of scared into decisions for me. i got sick and it scared me. >> yeah. >> so i went for something that i didn't think i was ever going to ask for, and sometimes fear drives you. >> sure. >> and it did for me. >> can you hold that book up side by side real quick. >> yeah. >> please. >> look right behind you, too. >> it's my go-to dress, okay. i only have two, and this is one of them. >> that dress is where it belongs.
10:36 am
>> it is my power color and where this dress belongs is at at dry cleaners. >> pink is your color. >> throughout the tour. >> hoda, congratulations. we love. the book is "where we belong, journeys that show us the way" and the book is out today. go pick up a copy. coming up next, huge buzz around the netflix documentary series "making a murderer" and even prompting an online petition for a pre does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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if you're looking for newer next big binge check out the netflix new docu series "making a murderer." >> quickly became a phenomena and has more than 200,000 people petitioning the white house. we'll talk to the film-makers in a moment but first more on the story. >> truth is stranger than fiction. bullet netflix documentary series "making a murderer "asks what is the truth? >> i think -- i've had a good started. >> reporter: it's the story of steven avery, a man who served 18 years in prison for rape until he was exonerated by dna evidence, but four years after his release he was convicted of murder there isa halback in >> i didn't do it. >> what do it? >> i don't know. >> an article about his case got the attention of film-makers laura ricciardi and moira demos.
10:41 am
series it was a question of how is the american criminal justice system functioning? is it delivering on its promises of truth and justice, and we thought steven avery would be an amazing window through which to look at the system. >> the documentary casts doubt on some of the evidence accused to convict avery in his murder trial, including the confession by averies's 16-year-old inch u, dassey. >> who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell us that? it. >> some recompense. >> one of avery's attorneys at his murder trial tried to show that avery was framed by local law enforcement. >> the system that allowed his conviction on this evidence was a system that did not do honor to the basic precept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> it ended in the hands. >> the prosecutor in the case says the series left out significant evidence against avery that was included in the
10:42 am
claim avery was framed, quote, is irresponsible and inconsistent with a consideration of all the evidence presented. the film-makers support any steps to bring justice and closure, particularly for the woman who was murdered. >> our goal going in was always to start a dialogue, and i'm sure -- you know, a piece of that dialogue is people's desire to have, you know, more information about what happened to teresa h ha lback, and if somebody find more information, i think that's a good thing. i think that's what she deserves. >> laura ricciardi and moira demos produced and wrote and directed "making a murderer" and have news to share about the case. thanks for joining us. in hour last hour you were speaking about a juror in the case where steven avery was convicted of murder and that juror now has had a big revelation. what can you tell us about that. >> sure. the juror contacted us directly and told us that the verdicts in steven's trial were a compromise.
10:43 am
the jury used and went on to describe the jurors ultimately trading votes in the jury room and explicitly discussing if you vote guilt on this count, i will vote not guilty on this count, so that was a significant revelation. >> that's a very serious charge, obviously, moira, one that could turn the case on its head. have you been able to independently verify that say with another juror? >> we've not spoken to other jurors. this juror reached out directly to us. they told us really that they were afraid that if they held out for a mistrial that it would be easy to identify which juror had done that, and they were fearful for their own safety, and what they explained to us was they believed that if there was a split verdict like this, that that would send a message to the appellate courts, and they thought that steven would get a new trial. that was sort their plan. >> oh. >> but obviously it didn't work out that way.
10:44 am
talking over the holidays. suddenly you go on social media and everyone from celebrities to your neighbors are tweeting and on facebook talking about this. did you ever anticipate that this would turn into this phenomenon as it is now? >> no. i mean, we never could have anticipated or even dre we never could have anticipated or even dreamt of the response. we thrilled with everyone tuning in and taking to social media to discuss it. we're excited about the public discourse it has generated. >> and there are petitions, including on getting people to sign up. do you think anything will change this this case based on what you all have produced? >> i think because there is a dialogue now and move people are talking, perhaps somebody who has information might feel safer to come forward at this point. i think it's going to depend on new evidence being brought to
10:45 am
>> just lastly, what is it about these true crimes from serial to "discovery i.d." to what you've done on netflix, what do you here? >> i think people are interested in our public institutions, our public systems and whether they are functioning properly. and to the extent they're not, what can be done about it? >> it's fascinating. we watched it and it is compelling. the debate will continue and we'll see what happens more so in the legal system now that you have this big news. up next from new movies, one of our tv show, pop culture events month after this. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cooking for family meals where we eat over 15 pounds of turkey and sides. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up.
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what about this guy? this guy's... been through a lot.
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one place where you'll find davidbowie, ice cube and the cast of "sesame street" all together. >> right here sirius entertainment weekly host jessica shaw will help you mark your calendar with all the pop culture events to look forward to this month. good morning. >> good morning, happenedy new year. >> "the new girl" season five premiers. so what's happening with jess and we've got megan fox in the mix. >> we do. last season in the finale she got engaged and this season kicks off with an engagement party that jess shows. when they shot the season zooey
10:50 am
pregnant hand let's stick her in a sequestered jury house and megan fox comes in and plays a pharmaceutical rep that also is completely hot. >> speaking of hot, we love jane lynch "angel from hell." >> plays a guardian angel, real kooky substance abusing guardian angel to the very uptight and rigid dermatologist who thinks she's not the real deal but it turns out she s.supposed to be aed mo earn day retelling of "i dream of jeanie" and i think jane lynch is so excited not to be in track students she's thrilled. >> january, really looking forward to this one, david bowie out with a new album. >> "black star" coming out on his 69th birthday, his 26th album. if you like your bowie kind of weird and wonderful this is an album for you. the title track is just about ten minutes long and involves jazz. >> ten minutes long, wow. >> like medieval organs. if you're a gregorian chant fan,
10:51 am
>> i cannot wait. cannot wait. kanye is doing that, too. january 10, golden globes, we'll all be out there. >> ricky gervais. >> what are you most excited about in. >> ready for ricky gervais, such a great host. so funny and not scared of saying anything. >> already apologized. >> i love it. put out a public apology this week saying i'm going to anger people. you'll hate what i'm going to say and i'm telling you now i'm sorry. such a fun show. a lot of booze and even though you can watch for, tons of it stuff nominated both tv and film, really all about drunk acceptance speeches. >> january 15, ice cube, kevin hart, "riding along two." >> i don't know if you saw it. kevin hart played a security guard who wants to impress his brother-in-law who is a cop in atlanta hand now kevin hart sat full-fledged cop so they are riding along once again fighting a drug lord played by benjamin bratt and this movie did
10:52 am
one two years ago. made $150 million world wrooild. >> wow. >> considering kevin hart and ice cube were everywhere this year they are expecting big things. >> big one, last one, hbo, the premier of "sesame street." >> season 46 premiering on hbo, updated theme songs, street looks good. new houses, big bird's nest is finally in a tree and sthars gwen stefani and pharrell, don't worry, the shows will still be on pbs come september. >> for the rest of the january cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access
10:53 am
they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
10:54 am
afr trying brookse chocole, pele talk about online. lo at firstaste. i uld liquy it and bae in it. cue you, bokside! yo nefario plans nerious? arwe stillalking about ocolate? brkside. ta about dicious. >> happy new yore. >> my first day back. a big, big show. >> who do we have. >> kirstie alley. >> valerie bert nelly.
10:55 am
"american horror [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might
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