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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the claim sending shock waves througut the world but not everyone is buying it. clear skies tonight, i'll let you know when the next rain system is on the way. rescuers rush in to save one of their own danny amendola catching grief. why neighbors are challenging his call to put a carport outside his home. first at 11:00, hot wheels on the highway, a truck catches fire and it spreads quickly making for a rough ride home for a lot of people this evening. at one point, those flames were spread across the highway. >> the massive fire caused huge backups on both sides of 495. >> reporter: well, i can tell you what did go right here is that that driver is okay and a 75 gallon gas tank didn't leak. now, you see one of the trucks
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they're just opening doors. that vehicle was part of the crews involved in putting out the flames. up in flames on 495 south just before 5:00. sky 7 over the scene showing the five mile backup. >> man: it's flammability is pretty good and the plastic panels went up, the roof basically came right off >> reporter: the lieutenant said a roadside assistance worker directed traffic while crews responded to the flames in the middle of the interstate. >> man: he was in the area and came right to and closed down the road which was good because the fire blew from both sides. >> reporter: the driver telling firefighters he heard a noise from the engine and pulled over>> man: the next thing he knows, the engine compartment was involved in the fire. >> reporter: part of the grass catching on fire too, as crews caught the fire, they had to go in through the trailer.
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little bit and opened it manually. >> reporter: there were fewer paper supplies inside luckily. it was almost two hours before all of those lanes were cleared. the fire is still under investigation, but i can tell you straight from fire stierts, it was a total loss of $100,000 worth of equipment. and we're following breaking news, learning new details behind the online sting that landed that high school principal in trouble. let's go to nick in our newsroom to explain. >> reporter: kim, a new police report accuses him of sending inappropriate messages to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl. police released that detailed report today. it says over a one month period, edward initiated chat and text conversations that were sexual in nature asking about her bra size and other more graphic
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decoy. he resigned from his position as the principal last month after allegations of inappropriate use of school purity computers. charges at this time. we are following a developing story where a tractor trailer rolled over on 495 today. side. right now, one lane is opened. state police say there's only minor injuries but it will be hours before the crash is clear. in the line of fire -->> man: you don't have to think about it, you do it. >> reporter: first responders trapped. it's a rush to the rescue. tense moments in saugus. three firefighters trapped by those flames tearing through the building and it was a team effort to get them out alive.
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firefighters said if it wasn't from another firefighter, he wouldn't be here tonight. he's fine, he is resting, but as you can see, crews are actually still on scene tearing down what's left of this house. that's part of the may day call after three firefighter were trapped. one fell down some stairs, lost his helmet and out of air. the fire near route 1 started around 4:30 in the morning, it spread so quickly, the firefighters found themselves surrounded by flames and thick smoke. >> man: they blew the air horns which means everybody out of the building. >> reporter: he saw one of the hands reach out for help. >> man: he broke the window, i saw his hand and reached in and said give me your hand. he grabbed my hand and basically started pulling him out >> reporter: safe, the two men gave each other a big hug and
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flames. >> man: he said that guy saved my life, i don't want to think about if i didn't see his hand >> reporter: a woman in her 80s, her daughter and aadult granddaughter were staying in the home. they made it out safe before it was too late. >> man: she's safe and warm in a safe place. >> reporter: two firefighters were still trapped inside. the captain rescued them from the burning kitchen. >> man: there wasn't anyone else coming in enough time. >> man: i would say the firefighters on scene definitely saved the lives of my men. >> reporter: the fire started in the basement. the women said they heard an explosion but the cause is still under investigation. the mother of -- pleading not guilty in connection with the death of her daughter and being held on $1 million bond. she charged with covering up the
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her boyfriend is accused of killing the little girl. her body was found on deer island in june. took months for investigators to figure out what she was. her mother is also facing a larceny charged collecting money from the state for her daughter even though she knew her daughter was gone. >> man: the initial analysis is not consistent with the claims hydrogen bomb. north korea is sparking international outrage after announcing they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the white house is doubting that claim. >> reporter: they have an unpredictable leader so anything is possible. even if it wasn't an actual bomb, it certainly got the world's attention. north koreans cheered after a television presenter
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country tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb and it had been a "perfect success." if it's true, it's a dangerous step forward for them. the international community is stunned but skeptical. >> man: the analysis that was overnight, is not -- >> reporter: something big exploded at the north korea test site. a seismic event was tested. it could take days to determine what kind of device was detonated. north korea has detonated an atomic bomb three times before, but no one knows if they have the ability to make the powerful h bomb. >> man: it looks like they tried to make an advance, they didn't get there, but they're bragging about it as if they did. >> reporter: the chinese is also condemning the test to pan
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test is a serious threat. they call it a provocation. dictator kim signed the order just four days before his 33rd birthday. nothing has worked so far to keep the isolated outlaw nation and its dictator from building the world's worst weapons. a senior us military official said washington was aware of north korea's test preparations for two weeks and sent drones to collect air samples. at this point, it's still unclear unclear what kind of device was detonated for the first time, congress has passed legislation to appeal the affordable care act. today's house vote comes after many tries to change the president's health care law. now it's headed to president obama's desk and he has said
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the chain is now at the center of a federal investigation. a grand jury is asking for documents releeted to a nora virus outbreak last summer. the fbi's investigation is not connected to a similar outbreak in brighton last month. more than 150 people got sick eating there. sky 7 hd over a rollover this afternoon. a truck of plywood spilled all over the side of the highway. no one was hurt. patriots wide danny amendola catching grief from his neighbors. it's all about an offensive drive, driveway, actually, he installed a carport outside his home. his neighbors think it's an eye sore. >> reporter: well, kim, we all
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at practice on time. this carport was supposed to get danny to meet that deadline when it snows outside but his neighbors want to know why he can't plow or shovel himself out like everyone else. a star on the grid iron, danny amendola isn't scoring as well with many of his rhode island neighbors these days and it's all because of this. >> man: biggest, ugliest bread basket you've ever seen. >> reporter: he lives in providence historic district, a neighborhood in the shadow of the capital where lanterns light the streets. >> woman: this is this horrible kind of tin structure with metal and black and it just looks chin si. >> man: it's an awkward object that doesn't belong in a historic district. >> reporter: he asked for
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temporary carport so he can get to practice on time when there's a snow storm. he was okayed by officials but evidently, not the public. >> woman: some people say it's catastrophic or having a very negative effect on our neighborhood. >> reporter: he didn't answer his door for comment but the structure in his back yard is supposed to come down by february, right around the time of the superbowl. >> man: i think it's not appropriate to keep it long time, it doesn't fit with the character of the neighborhood but, like i said, go pats. >> reporter: and some neighbors wanted to make it known they have absolutely no problem with this carport. others say they hope it sends a message to officials that the public should weigh in on any and all permits. tom brady is showing signs of improvement. he was back on the practice field looking pretty good. >> ten days and counting down to the patriots playoff game and
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considering he finished sunday's game after suffering that injury and right back on the practice field today. brady knows his sprained right ankle is all anyone wants to talk about. >> man: it's the big story today. >> reporter: you don't need three guesses to figure that out. how are you feeling? >> man: i'm feeling better than i was a couple days ago >> reporter: tom brady and his sprained right ankle present and accounted for at wednesday's walk through. and making the most of his downtime. >> man: our bye week was a long time ago so this is the first time we've had off in quite a while. a lot of guys have been fighting through different bumps and bruises over the course of the season. try to take advantage to feel good because we're going to need everybody, a week from saturday, to be at their very best >> reporter: that means getting back on track after a 2-4 finish to the regular season. >> man: i read a quote that day
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to only come this far. so we still got further to go >> reporter: that still didn't stop questions about the quarterback's health from flying in the locker room. >> man: oh, no. >> man: mentally, i'm ready to go. physically, you always want to feel your best and i think you have to work and do the right things to get to that point. that's where i feel like i'm at. >> reporter: so brady, not at his best physically, but if he keeps getting better by the day, his ankle should be the least of the patriots worries. people across the state lining up for lottery tickets looking for their power play. >> that power ball jackpot is up to an estimated $500 million.
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here in boston as well. here we go, drum roll please, the moments that could change your life. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, and the power ball is 17. i can't hear anyone screaming around here. $500 million on the line. if no one wins, the next drawing will be worth more than $600 million. our producer is coming back to work tomorrow. jr, you don't know your numbers, i'll be here because i didn't play. good luck, give us a call if you won. up next, lending a helping paw. >> how a local dog saved his little sister when she was trapped and in trouble. we're all winners regardless of power ball. sunshine for tomorrow, forecast up next. why kerrie find your sweet spot today with dunkin's
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oh, what a lucky dog because of a rescue and her brother. these two terriers got loose, ended up lost in the woods and one of them found himself lost in a rough spot. >> one of them led officers to rescue. >> reporter: this is the face of a hero. and this is the lucky girl who made it out of a tough spot. tuesday, their owner had to be taken to the hospital. >> man: when she was transported by ambulance, she was really concerned that her two small dogs had left the house and were running around loose. i listened to all the radio communications and you know, he was saying no, i'm committed. >> reporter: he waited for hours in the woods in single digit temperatures before
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>> man: i mean you hear about things like this with lassie. >> reporter: jock apparently insisted the officer follow him to annabelle who had slipped down an embankment and was trapped. the fire department helped with the tricky rescue. annabelle was taken to nearby vets were they gave her an all clear. >> man: for an officer to come back an hour later, he's the key to having us all come into play. >> man: he takes the deal of serving the public seriously. and he just would not leave. he was up there until he found these dogs, in frigid temperatures to make sure they got home >> reporter: so annabelle is going to go home and get much needed rest and you can bet jock is going to be right by her side. >> adorable story. adorable dogs. >> they're like twins. let's talk about that forecast in the morning.
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not too bad. more sunshine tomorrow and even right now compared to last night, ten to 20 degrees warmer than where we were last night. boston 31. whistler at 28. the power ball numbers, that's why i'm here, i didn't have it. for tonight, mostly clear. not as cold. temps down in the teens and 20s tomorrow morning. these will the numbers 7:00 tomorrow morning. boston 27, jasper at 12. cold tomorrow morning but like today, a nice recovery. a nice winter day tomorrow with lots of sunshine. temps between 37-42. boston south, near 40. lakeville 42. north of town, instead of the south west wind coming in through the seacoast, the numbers will turn to the northeast, the wind will and that will begin to cool things off in the afternoon.
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30s low 40s. mostly sunny skies. sunshine. now, on to friday, a lot of drizzle. friday is a chilly, raw day. take the sun out and it's tough to feel warm. temps on friday afternoon, middle 30s. there could be a couple of pockets of patchy freezing drizzle on and off through the day on friday. that cold air can be stubborn to move and get rid of. i think that might be a concern for some of you friday morning and really in to saturday morning as well. we'll have a lot of clouds friday and saturday. ironically enough, friday clouds are from high pressure but the northeast flow coming around the high. then on saturday, there's a weak weather system coming at us, it's just a black dash line here. that will generate a lot of
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could be a couple of sprinkles on saturday. sunday though, this is legit. this is an area of low pressure. that's the storm that will really wind up and it's going to move west of new england and it's going to move the cold air out. and sunday it's going to rain all day long but it warms up. temps close to 50 degrees. snow lovers, i found a couple of flurries and snow showers but until then, no flakes. harvard university putting the theater company making a scandalous choice for its 2016 woman of the year, kerrie washington has been named the woman of the year. she plans to visit the school january 28th. she will parade through harvard square and be roasted, as they love to do. >> i bet she'll be fun.
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talking about the celtics. >> they're in a situation now, they're competing with five other teams that need these final two playoff spots. it's a team like the pistons they need to beat. could they do it tonight? that's next in 7 sports. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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no shortage of unknowns for the pach triots on their bye week. the one thing we do know is what tom brady looks like coming out for a walk through which doesn't tell us much. he was along side his teammates today. it's tough to tell if his sprained ankle is bothering him more than he says. this morning, that word was good, he's feeling well. >> man: i'm feeling better than i was a couple days ago. i think it's important for this everyone this time of the year. our bye week was a long time ago, this is the first time we've had off in quite a while. a lot of guys fighting through different bumps and bruises through the course of the season. try to take advantage as best
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we're going to need everybody, a week from saturday, to be at their very best. >> the sell celtics nearing the midpoint of their season and the cross roads of which way this team is going. right now, going up and in the right direction. celtics had it working early on. wrap around to johnson for the big punch. he had 11 rebounds to go along with 16 points. celtics up by 9. they led by 11 at the half. that would not last though, that lead. the pistons come storming back in the fourth quarter, it's the former eagle, reggie jackson. 33-19 in the final 12 minutes and stanley johnson staggers. 99-94, celtics lose it.
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tomorrow night in chicago. the brewins center will be the black and gold's only representative later this month in nashville. it's 539 faceoff wins, good for second in the nhl. it was not called a penalty last night on the ice but the hit on adam is not passing the department's safety regulations. he is suspended two games. the brewins did not have an update on his condition today. baseball's hall of fame getting two new members today. ken griffy junior getting in there. summer. roger clemens and barry bonds denied again.
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fame. they got a long way to go. that's sports. thanks so much, joe. here's jimmy with what's
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we are out of time for tonight, hoping you won the power ball. >> remember, you have to call us right now if you're a winner. the tonight show is next. >> nice day again tomorrow with some sunshine, enjoy it, everybody. 7 news is back at 5:00 a.m. thanks f find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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