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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the latest on the 17 miner whose were stuck in an elevator at salt mine in update new york. alarming accusations against former swampscott high school principal. we'll have new dedays behind the union line sting that cost him his job. u.s. investor bracing for a rough road today on wall street. we'll have the latest after the trading gets stopped for the second time in china this week. good thursday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. we know you are used to drill now. it's cold. it's january. and, how about the wind is that a factor? >> not much of factor again. the winds will calm in a lot of suburbs and that's a good news there.
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fierce wind and a stinging cold outside. in fact, the temperatures have warmed into up thor 20s and lower 30s now for a lot of us thanks to sunshine. that sunshine can do wonders. just need a couple of hours in a cold january morning. wind direction from the northwest. boston logan airport very little wind. when we look at windchill factor it looks like we show you the temperature map when you don't get much of wind you don't get change. we're not battling subzero windchill factor like a couple of morning ago. a lot of sunshine. solar glare that's the issue outside this morning. temperatures this afternoon warming up nicely into the low 40s for a lot of us. we see some unsettled weather over the weekend. more on that ahead. time for fast track traffic. here's danielle gursh. take a look outside. 93 southbound still slow.
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from 128 on route one in saugus northbound at essex we have that off ramp closeed from yesterday's fire. keep that in mind if you head north on route one from braintree split into expressway that drive 25 minutes. still slow south of town. split. let's look at the pike good from 495 to 128 and then it's a slow 128. also slowing on 128 northbound through needham and the pike. let's look tt drive times. 24 minutes on the expressway. 93 southbound to zakim bridge 28 minutes. if you take the t we have minor delays on the red and green line. back to you guys. let's get to breaking news salt miners trapped more than 70
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as we go to nancy chin. she has an update what is being called successful rescue. it's a story we been following all morning long. all salt miners have been rescued over the past two hours after being stuck in that elevator since about 10:00 last night. take a look at the pictures we have here. the crane was lowered into the mine bringing out grouped of 3 or four at a time. there were 17 in all. they were stuck 900 feet below the ground and crews say they had been in contact with miners the whole time. they were able to get them blankets and heat packets while day waited. none of the miners were hurt. we're expecting to learn more in news conference at some point this morning. we'll make sure to keep you up-to-date. breaking news paris right now. police shoot and kill a man armed with knife when he tried to break into a police station. officials say the man was shouting god is greatest. there's a leveller police presence in tear. and two school were put in lockdown as precaution.
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coming from the man's jacket possible sign of suicide belt. they discovered the explosives were fake. new this morning get ready for an extra jumbo back pot. the powerball lottery has history. the money is up for grabs. because no one matched all the numbers in last night's drawing. there's several million dollar winner including one in massachusetts. nicole oliverio live in plymouth where one of the lucky tickets was sold. nicole? >> neither of my tickets were lucky. if you hoped to 524 million richer. someone is at least a million dollars richer. the expressmart sold one of twelve that hit all five numbers. >> i wasn't me. early morning regular to the
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woke up a million dollars richer this morning. >> i think it's wonderful. i'm really happy for him. i'm happy for whoever won it. wish its me. but that's okay. no one won the meg a 524 million jackpot but this plymouth convenient store did sell the winner. meaning someone matched all five powerball. the store's owner only found out morning. when the gals next door banged on the door. your store won. i can't breathe city. i'm very excited. i'm very excited. i'm wondering who won the ticket. loyal customer excited that their store hit. >> i live on the corner and this is where i always buy my tickets and yesterday i bought them in kingston. crazy because i'm here every morning. do you feel like he owes you a million dollar ticket.
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for saturday. 675 million. the largest in u.s. history. the dream of becoming an overnight millionaire lives on. i have no idea what i would do with all that money. i would have fun, that's for sure. you might have won something. at least check your ticket. here's the winning numbers. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and the powerball was 17. now the store's owner still hasn't been contacted by the lottery. he's not sure who sold the ticket. who won it on what day it was sold. he's hoping it was a regular customer. live in plymouth. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." now to some breaking news overnight. china's financial market suspend trading for the second time this week after big losses right out of the gate. stock plunged 7% in a first half hour of trading. analyst say concerns over china's economy and currency are behind the drop. and because of that wall street is expected to take a hit at the
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it's just about less than a half hour an away now. the dow lost more than 250 points the nasdaq dropping 55. dow futures down about 400 points right now. new details today in disturbing scandal at swampscott high school. the principal caught in online sting. he's accused of having explicit conversations with someone who he thought was a young girl. jennifer eagan is live with more on this story. jen? >> sarah there were a lot of questions here when the principal suddenly stepped down in, in december. parents and student only knew there was some kind of misconduct with the school computer. well, now a new police report reveals why he resigned. >> police say swampscott high former principal sent inappropriate messages to someone who he thought was a 13-year-old girl. according to police report over about three-week period in november 51-year-old edward initiated chat and text
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nature asking the girl about her bra size and other more graphic questions. the police said he told the girl 51 and school principal. exchanged phone numbers and e-mails with the girl. but the teen was actually a decoy who turned his information over to police. rosmaric resigned last month after allegations of inappropriate use of school computers. according to the police report detectives found adult pornography material on his school laptop. they con fronted him on december 7th. they say when asked why he was doing this he stated because it's excited. rosmaricing a knowledged his behavior as inappropriate but wouldn't elaborate. >> rosmaric ordered not to return to school. no criminal charges will be filed. we're live in swampscott. 7news "today in new england." now to hot wheels on the highway.
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flames on 495 south yesterday afternoon. the trucks carrying paper supplies making it more flammable and sky 7 hd overhead showing that back up. they say it went for miles maybe even five in driver telling firefighter he heard a noise in ten begin and that's when he pulled over. the truck then caught fire. we also have new details in a fire in saugus and the rescue of firefighter from their burning home. three of them were trapped by flames just tearing through this building here. let's go to victoria warren at the scene. and vicki, we're also now hearing that call for help. >> its an intense situation. a situation where seconds really counted. the home is going to get torn down as a complete loss. no one will ever forget the heroic of the firefighters that
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>> an urgent call for help from three saugus firefighter trapped inside this burning home. may day, may day. the fire spread so quickly the firefighter found themselves surrounded by flames and thick smoke. one firefighter tripped lost his legal helmet. they blew the air horns which mean everyone out of the malden. he broke the window i seen his hand and i reached in buddy give me your hand. he grabbed my hand and basically started pulling him out. two other firefighter were helped down the stairs. if we didn't grab them there wasn't anyone else coming in enough time. fortunately we were able to get to them in time. the most important thing that everyone got out safe, the
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the family said things can be replaced. people cannot. the saugus fire chief said he witnessed true heroes in action. i would say the-firefighters on scene definitely saved the lives of my men. i don't want to think what would have happened if i didn't see his hand. the three trapped firefighters all had minuter injury. they heard a boom shortly before the fire started. the fire chief in saugus confirmed the fire started in the basement but he's not yet said the exact cause. live in saugus. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." the red sox will be working to remove graffiti from the retired number located outside fenway park. according to the globe the team learned the number hat been vandalized last night. officers say they don't know when it happened. pesky spent six decades with the sox. his numbers retired in 2008. pesky died four years later at
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also this morning patriots wide receiver danny amandola facing a car challenge. his neighbor not happy with carport he set up. amandola got permission to put up the carport. his neighbors say it's a bit of eyesore in their opinion. here's kimberly bookman with more on what they are saying. >> reporter: a star on the gridiron he isn't scoring as well with many of his rhode island neighbors. >> ugliest breast basket you have ever seen. >> he lives in college hill historic district. a neighborhood in the shadow of the capital where lanterns light the street and each home has character. >> we have all beautiful houses. this is metal and black. it's kind of awkward object.
9:13 am
district. >> neighbors say because there are no garages here amandola asked for city to put up this temporary carport all so he can get to practice on time when there's a snowstorm. he was okay by the officials but not the public. some people said this was catastrophic or having very negative on our neighborhood. amandola didn't answer the door for comment in the structure is supposed to come down by february. right around the time of the super bowl. >> i think it's not appropriate to keep it long-term. of the neighborhood. but like i said, go pats. kimberly buchman. concern over crowding in donald trump's event in burlington vermont. trumps campaign had given out 20,000 ticket at an event with only 1400 seat.
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thousand may be left in the cold. we have much more to come. meet a dog who tracked down rescuer and brought them to four legged friend in danger. records. the milestone it passed today that made movie history. a cold start this morning. a nice recovery this afternoon. we track rain over the weekend. timing ahead. did you checkout the kid's choice awards last night. >> so awkward. quite a moment there that everybody is talking about. plus there was a stage crasher
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ever new england. eversource. star wars the highest grotsing film of all time. raked in more than 750 million dollars passing avaatar. number one title comes after just 20 days. "star wars" could take the
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opens in china saturday. this the people's choice awards as the women from the talk accepted their award for favorite day time tv host and suddenly that guy you saw there in the red jacket. ran on stage and grabbed the osborn. she kicked him away to -- i guess this kind of pr gone wrong because he was plugging an upcoming album by wrapper. don't mess with sharon osborn. >> here's another awkward moment last night. also social media star matt belisi doesn't get close up after he won award. he's mind getting award. instead of showing him the camera zoomed into the wrong guy.
9:18 am
he's known for video series you may have heard of them where he drinks a huge glass of wine and bothering him. he tweeted about the incident saying they showed the wrong person on tv and i'm the drunk one. >> and the guy the word belongs just so non-chalant. the other dude has his 15 there. >> we will give him 15 hours. morning. funny stuff. 32 in the city of boston. not much of an issue there. you get behind building here in government center. you catch breeze. the numbers we've risen into to mid-to-upper 20s through metro west after the cold start this morning. it's nice to see not only the
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sunshine working and warming up off the lows. i don't think it will slow it down that much. we will reach the low 40s this afternoon. blank map here and then you see some white and green showing up finally by tomorrow morning. low level moisture by tomorrow morning. patches of drizzle in the afternoon. not a ton of moisture. you don't need a lot of moisture. if it's still cold enough north and west of 495 tomorrow evening and into saturday morning they may a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle out there especially tomorrow night otherwise patchy drizzle along the coastline. i don't expect wet weather friday into saturday. a better chance of some downpour moving in on sunday as this area of low pressure starts to work on in for more on that over to danielle.
9:20 am
afternoon. moving in. if you have plan to be outside sunday it will be rainy. as far as how much rain to expect from the system it looks like rain total will be just under an inch. and the air associated with this rain will be quite mile in fact we're going to get pretty close sunday. 56 the record for boston. worcester 53 the record-high forecasting 52. as we head into the weekend temperatures climb to well above average for this time of year. they are above normal for today; huh, chris? sunshine. that will change over the weekend with more clouds. we'll enjoy today. coastal breeze developing and then tonight cool in the not as cold. tomorrow. temperature around 31 in the city of boston. we'll begin to develop the patchy visibility tomorrow. mid tlirt 30s north and west of
9:21 am
there's the rain on sunday. gusty wind as well. wind out of the south transitions back to northwest on sunday. thanks, chris. a doggie to the rescue. see how he leads people to another injured pup. and in 7 sports the celtics meeting up with pistons as both
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these two terror suddenly lost in the wood. one dog found self in rough spot. that's when the other dog ran for help and led a police officer right to her. nick emmons has their incredible story. furby face of hero. this lucky girl who made it out of tough spot. tuesday their owner had to be taken to the hospital. when she was transported by ambulance she's really concerned that her two small dogs had left the house and they were out running around lose. the officer was determined to find them. communication. he was saying no i'm committed. i'm staying here. calling.
9:25 am
with lassie. jock insisted the officer follow him to annabel who slipped down an embankment with him. the fire department helped but the tricky rescue annabel was taken to nearby vet where they gave her an all clear. >> for an officer to come back an hour later he's the key to having this come into play. he takes the oath of serving the public. he was up there until i found the dog in frigid temperatures make sure they got home. >> so annabel here is doing much better now. but she will go home and get much needed rest and you can bet jock will be right by yourself. 7news "today in new england." you've seen that all morning and every time we see it, it
9:26 am
9:25 and we have sport coming your way next. celtics nearing the midpoint of their season and we'll have the latest on which way the team appears to be headed. a unique bond for new england girl and her duck. new at 9:30 see how the little girl serves as mama duck to a duck wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
9:27 am
>> celtics are nearing the midpoint of their season and they are at crossroads. which way are they going up on, on the play off. they met the piston last night. correctly iblgs had it working early on. they led by 7 at the half. took a 13 point lead.
9:28 am
detroit outscoring 33-19 over the final 12 minutes. celtics lose 99-94. for the second time in his career. he leads the bees with 37 point and 539 face-off wins are second in the nhl. hour. a girl and her duck will tell you about their unique friendship. >> cute video there. take a look at our forecast. no snow. but we have some rain over the weekend. details, ahead. >> powerball mania. the fever it's with us. the powerball jackpot has grown to record size live when 7 news
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under the ground. new details on the dramatic rescue. powerball ticket worth 1 million. however the big jackpot still up for grabs this morning. a duckling makes a maine girl her new mother. >> that story is just so cute. welcome back everyone on this thursday morning. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. did you ever want a duck? >> i always wanted a pig, i never got one. >> i did at the fair. i could never get them in the ring toss. there's one easy you take the duck you turn it over and get the prize. >> i can see katie doing that. her own duckling. >> we have a cat. she chases the cat around the house.
9:32 am
>> 32 in boston. we've warmed off the morning low. outside boston. we have mid to high half level clouds that are going to be streaming in mixed in with sunshine. overall pleasant january afternoon with temperature into the lower 40s. a little bit of patchy drizzle developing tomorrow. certainly more clouds around. i don't expect a lot of rain. patchy drizzle and patchy freezing drizzle. however we have heavier rain on the way sunday nearly an inch with gusty wind and mild temperature. talk more on the forecast in a bit. let's go to breaking news now. a huge rescue operation in upstate new york this morning and they are calling it a success. more than 1 dozen trapped salt miners are now free and here's nancy chin with how they did it. nancy? >> good morning to you. it's the story we've been all morning long. the good news here all of the salt miner had been rescued after being stuck in that
9:33 am
look at the picture here. this crane was lowered into the mine bringing out groups of 3 or 4 at the time. there were 17 in all. they were stuck 900 feet below the ground. that's about 83 stories. crews said they were in contact with the miners the whole time and were able to get them blankets and heat packets while they waited. >> there were numerous agencies and the outpouring and the willingness to help was earnings dreamily appreciated from us. i think -- all the training we've done. we have two mine resz cue team that train locally and collaborate with the agency on a local basis. that collaborate and that preparation paid off. again, it's something you hope you never have to -- you never have to use. it was nice that when it has to come to fruition it ended in the result that it did today. officials are still investigating what went wrong. they say the good news also none
9:34 am
in the newsroom, nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." be sure to get your ticket if you want a chance at the large. jumbo jackpot in u.s. history. grabs. no winner, though in last night's drawing. there were several million dollar winners. that's not bad. one here in massachusetts. let's sent it to nicole oliverio live in plymouth where the ticket was sold. herself. >> she will share if she wins. that's a given. >> i would have been sharing nothing. those were my losing ticket. that's what losing ticket looked like. believe me there's more before saturday. a lot of people maybe disappointed they didn't win but saturday drawing will be even bigger than that. and you know it's not a bad consolation prize is million.
9:35 am
plymouth. >> early morning regular to the express mart want to know who woke up a million dollars richer this morning. i think it's wonderful. i'm happy for him. no one won the mega powerball jackpot but this plymouth convenient store did sell the state's only million dollar winner. >> get ready everybody. >> meaning someone matched all five number but missed the powerball. store's owner only found out when he came into work this morning. >> the gals next door banging on the door. your store won. >> i can't breathe still. very excited. i'm just wondering who won the ticket. >> excited that their store hit. >> i live on the corner and this is where i always buy my tickets. i didn't -- yesterday i bought them in kingston.
9:36 am
morning getting coffee before work. >> no winner means bigger jackpot for saturday. 675 million the largest in u.s. history. so the dream of becoming an overnight millionaire lives on. >> i have no idea what i would do with all that money. i would have fun, that's for sure. >> so you still might have won something make sure you check your numbers if you got a ticket. last night's winning number, 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, that powerball number was 17. here at the express marte the owner hasn't heard from the lottery and he still doesn't know what day that ticket was sold. if it was quick-pic or someone had picked their own numbers. so the chances of you winning though are 1 in 292 million. you have better chance of becoming president, an astronaut or giving birth to quad drum lettes or getting killed by a vending machine.
9:37 am
investigator try to determine the cause of this house fire in dorchester. it happened around 3:00 a.m. most of the damage was to the attic thankfully no one was hurt. and crews from several towns responding to fire at a popular restaurant in kingston. carmellas going up in flames. looks like the fire is coming out of the roof. they were able to knock down the fire at 9:30 last night. >> everything is clear after a tractor-trailer rolls over on 495 in andover. four other cars were also involved. a pedestrian getting hit by a car overnight in brighton. you can see the damage to the windshield of that vehicle. boston ems said the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the drivers also taken to get checked out as well. >> t bus drivers and rail operators are highest paid in the country are getting some of the biggest freezes. according to the herald over the
9:38 am
will increase to nearly $37 an hour and rail operators will get a boost that puts them over that amount. according to the herald's investigation only transient driver will get a bigger raise. >> the news coming as the mbta considering two new plans from 5 to 10% starting in july. >> students are told not to bring their hover boards to school. the self-balancing scooters have been banned. they are worried about safety since the battery the known toburgs into flames. officials say if they do find a hover board at school. they will take it promptly to the fire department and students parents or a guardian can claim it there. new this morning republicans in congress are holding a ceremony today. celebrating a milestone they've been working toward for the past six year sending a bill to repeal the affordable care act
9:39 am
president obama already promised to veto the bill which would also defund planned parenthood. republicans don't have the vote to do overarrived a veto. president obama has released a you tube video to preview his final state of the union address which he will deliver next week at the capital rather than congress with a traditional legislative wish list. he promising a look back at years in office as well as a look forward to big things he wants to accomplish in 2016. vice president joe biden looking back on his decision not to run for president. >> sure. i regret it every day. it was the right decision for my family and for me. and and i plan on staying deeply involved. and it's we've got two good candidates. biden said he will stay deeply involved in the race to replace president obama. he praised hillary clinton and
9:40 am
been few personal attacks really none between them. breaking news right now from wall street. the stock market opening this morning. the dow taking a big dip. it dropped about 300 points in the first five minutes. you can see right now it's down about 234. the decline comes after china had to suspend trading on its biggest index overnight because of huge losses there. and statistical ahead on 7 a lot of new electronics being displayed this week in las vegas. if you are into gadgets. stay tuned we'll show you some of the hottest new ones >> sunshine and milder temperature this afternoon. we see a lot of cloud and rain in the forecast over the
9:41 am
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while we all did the quick run to our car because it was so cold early when we get up. we were all sitting here admitting. has anyone been outside lately. danielle has. she wasn't the good judge because she's from cali. she has the biggest warmest jacket. i need to steal it from her. >> too bad she wasn't around last february. that would have been a rude awaken. anything under 70 is cold. taking a look. there's cold weather. we haven't had much snow. less than an inch of snow in the city of boston. over 1 inch.
9:43 am
foot and a half into worcester for the averages this far through the winter season. to back of the house 12 in norwood. 13 bed forth. 26 in the city of boston. at least we don't have much rain. upper 20s and lower 30s. it's typically cold. seasonal cold for this time of year. in fact, the number are above average this afternoon. here are the wind speeds. norwood, bedford. you get the idea we're dealing with light winds. these will turn directions back to the northeast from the afternoon. coastline. sunshine. temperatures this afternoon finishing off again upper 30s lower-to-middle 30. a comfortable afternoon cool start. we have quiet weather today.
9:44 am
ocean moisture getting trapped in at low level. we'll likely see more of that coming in here tomorrow night into saturday this moisture has to work through sunday. that's the soaking run and for more on that over to danielle. >> you guy, i want to point i may be from california i'm going outside and trying to grow that think new england skin. here. i will tell you about some rain. this will impact you on your sunday in the midmorning hour into the early afternoon hours. as far as how much rain to expect from sunday's system rain totals just under an inch. it will be pretty much a washout. as far as temperatures we won't have arctic air in place. our record will be below that at 53.
9:45 am
to that at 52. temperatures are above average. >> lower 40s. several degrees above average we typically see temperature, 36, 37 in the city of boston. that's the average can be in the 19s or near 50. 21 to 31. some patchy drizzle at times. there's the soaking rain. gusting wind too. we will cool things back behind that system. watch the potential of snow on wednesday although i think the brunt of the storm looks to be jut offshore. thanks, chris. >> it may be the cutest story you've seen all week. the unique friendship between a little girl and her duckling. waddling right behind there. using a stuffed animal can be a nightmare. can't use your binkie. see how social media helped
9:46 am
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>> this may be the cutest story of the day. a new england girl introducing us to her pet duck. snowflake is far from your average pet. this little girl really is serving in a role of mama duck here. >> she has had snowflake since he was a duckling. and the two we're hearing are inseparatable. kim khazei has more. >> in five-year-old room you will find clues. snowflake. then you put it in -- to her real life pets who can't come inside to play. >> how does snow flake get his name? >> when he was like zero years old i named him. >> we've had dogs mostly
9:49 am
she never seen an animal love someone back. >> like snowflake loves kylie. its kind of like a whim we brought him home. i thought it's a farm animal it lives outside. maybe you get eggs from it. and i was not expecting this at all. snowflake the duck follows kylie everywhere. it's started on day one. this little yellow fur ball is squawking in a box and kylie walked over to box and leaned in and it was quiet. they've been inseparatable ever since. everywhere she went and he was quiet. and if she went missing he would squawk. and panic. over the past six months they have played at the beach. they swing on the swing set. on hollywood he rounded out their frozen costumes. snowflake dressed as olaf the
9:50 am
they are best friends, in his eyes she mama. >> kylie cares for him like a child. he waits for her at the school bus she makes sure he gets in his nap in the afternoon. >> i've seen her grow up she become very responsible. she takes very good care of him. brown doesn't know what bonded her daughter and duck that first day but whatever it is it's taught them love comes in all shapes, sizes. he's family. he's definitely family. kim khazei. 7news "today in new england." that may just be my favorite story of all time. >> it's really tough to beat that one. social media helping reunite a little girl with her fuzzy friends. the girl lost her favorite
9:51 am
her dad called the stadium but no luck. one friendly family found the monkey outside the arena. took to face book. they urged people to share the picture finally the little girl's dad came across the picture. >> i would like to say thank you very much. because now i'm happy he's home. i hope they are listening to this. i hope they will understand how i feel right now. the picture was shared almost 3,000 times on facebook. and parents you know when you -- when you're child has lost a blanket, a special stuffed animal. >> itill remember from my childhood bunny. >> you probably still have it somewhere; right? >> oh, did it. so many issues from this too. >> i'm kidding. we have so much more to coming including a look into the future.
9:52 am
>> the next story has had social media buzzing all day and night. this is oculist. it's a virtual reality headset. facebook said it will cost 600 and they say the preorders have sold out and the demand actually shutdown the web site for short time. the risk popularity another indication that virtual reality may be the new reality in entertainment. 2016 shaping up to be break out year for br and many new models are shown off this week. ryan schulteis has more. >> reporter: virtual reality headed for break out year with sony facebook oculis watching highly anticipated vr headsets. they announced second generation virtual reality system.
9:53 am
shipment of the lower cost samsung gear vr selling out over the holiday. new study find nearly half of all american who play videogames are interested in at home vr. these are really strong numbers. you don't need to get anywhere near the number of people that said they are very interested to have a very successful launch. media company are investing to create new apps to stake claim in new concept. net flicks have launched apps. among the hundreds available in the app store and dozen available for googles $20 headsets. fox unveiling adventure the martian experience. and cable channel announced launching innovation lab to create immersive reality content as well. do you like sci-fu? >> not like you and j.r. but i can support you.
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