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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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unear. details. active scene. it all began unfolding around 2:30 this afternoon, and compounding the problem here, you can see the whole area is sealed off with emergency responders. a lot of people are beginning to arrive on the scene right now. this is the 5:00 hour. a lot of people hearing about this and concerned parents, family members are worried about their loved ones so they've been rushing to the scene to make sure their loved ones are okay. this is on willow street in north andio. it began unfolding this afternoon. the initial report was for a chemical explosion in a laboratory here inside the building. sky 7 over the scene pretty quickly where we know four people were transported from the scene to lawrence general hospital. and again several other employees were being checked out here at the scene. they set up a triage, north
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responders were being assisted at the scene by the state police bomb squad, by employees from the state fire marshal's office and we know that osha has been called in as well. some pretty dramatic moments now. at lawrence general hospital we know there was a decontamination effort going on there as well. basically what that means is because they're not clear of exactly what the chemicals were involved here, they basically had to decontaminate not only the victims but firefighters who responded to the scene as well. according to the state fire marshal one of the things that they're doing here is they have to assess the damage done to the building here before anyone can get inside. to determine in the laboratory what these chemicals were that actually came in contact with each other that caused the chemical reaction earlier this afternoon. again the area remains sealed off right now. you can see a lot of emergency personnel on the scene. obviously right now, officials trying to figure out what happened here and why it happened but at the same time there is a lot of
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injured here. we know of the four people that were injured two according to our sources suffered much more serious injuries so the investigation is ongoing right now. that is the latest live in north andio, steve cooper, 7 news. >> kim: stocks plunging. the dow closing down 400 points. this slide follows china's second day long trading stoppage this week. >> ryan: jonathan hall is live with the breaking details, a rough day. >> reporter: it sure was. it is all about oil. it's all about china. a wild ride so far on wall street this year. it really didn't get any smoother today. the first four trading days of 2016 are the worse first four trading days of any year ever on the dow jones industrial average. it's a 5% drop in 2016 so far. the numbers the dow shaving 2 pand 1/3 percent.
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more than 90 points for the day. nas-deck fell 3%, 146 points. finishing at 4689. china is having problem with its economy and that is sparking fears on wall street. the chinese market crashed 7% overnight. trading was suspended for the second times in a week. there are worries chinese stocks could loose even more value tomorrow and what about oil? it continues to plummet. falling gas prices are great for the consumer. bad news for those financial markets because energy revenues are such an economy. live in the control room i'm jonathan hall, 7 news case. play. a record jackpot is up for grabs and with no winners last night, not a big winner anyway, the power ball prize $700 million. a lot of people think this could hit a billion by saturday. >> ryan: a billion dollar insane. brandon gunnoe has more on
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>> reporter: can you imagine that? in fact right before we got here a woman bought 39 tickets. the clerks have said the power ball tickets have been selling all day. we're at ted essies store in boston where this is a world record jackpot. $700 million. the crazy part is if no one wins this weekend so many people are going to buy tickets that the next jackpot like you were saying could be up to $1 billion. i don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but in the last 13 years i believe it is, 16 power ball japan winners have come from pennsylvania. so hopefully, the next one is going to be one of the states here in new england. again we've been talking to a lot of people coming in to buy tickets. now if you do, let's say you win this $700 million jackpot, the take home before taxes is going to be about $428 million. just think about that. what you are going to do with that.
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live in boston, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> ryan: amazing numbers there. 7 news turning to your forecast. temperatures rebounding. we saw nothing but sunny skies. but we're tracking some wet weather headed into the weekend. check in with j. r. >> reporter: partly cloudy skies, and a nice winter day out there with temperatures in the middle 30es a at this time. a northerly breeze around 4-5 miles an hour, not much a a wind chill to contend w. beverly 33. worcester 35. down along the coast coast, the numbers in the lower 30s with clear to partly cloudy skies. we'll see an increase in clouds overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. so in terms of sunshine, we've lost that for the rest of the week. now in terms of rain, nothing significant although i will note this, there will be some patchy drizzle around tomorrow morning. `city of boston coastal areas it will be in the low 30s but 495 corridor, 128 worcester hills, there may be a couple of pockets of freezing drizzle for a time early tomorrow morning, temperatures low 30 that's
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way for sunday. more about that in a few minutes. >> kim: we want to follow up on a developing story. paris on edge tonight after a year of violent terror attacks. that city is dealing with yet another scare today. police shot and killed a man street. this shooting taking place on the one year anniversary of attacks on the controversial magazine, elizabeth norieka has the latest on today. >> reporter: police say the man was trying to break into a police station when he was shoot. the man was armed with a butchers nice shouting "god is great." she found a piece of paper with the flag of isis in his pocket. a police robot checked the man for what looked like a suicide belt but determined the explosives were fake. today marks the one-year anniversary of the attack on the charlie hebdo attack in paris. two brothers opened fire inside the office of the
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the brothers were shot and killed during the manhunt. france has been on high alert and was struck in november by an i a tack that killed 130 people. elizabeth norieka, 7 news. >> ryan: a scare for a group of new york miners, they spent nearly 10 hours stuck in an elevator. how rescue workers got to them. >> jadiann: the miners are safe and home. officials say the 17 workers were on an elevator shaft when a steel beam snap and is haltever stopped. crews in the workers relieved how the rescue efforts turned out. >> that is when woe all stand, we look at each other and we say this was a win. >> jadiann: miners had fresh air but said they were fleamly cold. the new york governor has ordered an investigation into the incident.
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jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: scandal a at swatch scot high school. the principal is accused of having expose it conversations with someone he thought was a young girl. general egan has more. >> reporter: swampscott's high's former principal sent inappropriate messages to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl. over about a three week period in november 51-year-old edward initiated text and conversations that were sexual in nature asking the girl about her bra size and other more graphic questions. told the girl he was 51 and a school principal. exchanged phone numbers and e-mails with the girl but the teen was actually a decoy who turned the man's information over to place. he resigned from his position as principal last month after allegations of inappropriate use of school computers.
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report, detectives found adult pornographic material on his school laptop. police confronted him on december 7. they say when asked why he was doing this, he stated because it is exciting. he acknowledged his behavior as inappropriate but would not elaborate. he was ordered not to return to the school but police say no criminal charges will be filed in this case. in swampscott, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> ryan: president obama will be hosting a town hall meeting to talk about gun control. the meeting comes two days after the president announced executive orders buying guns. >> >> christmas, two weeks ago we met with a young mother who lost her son over. it's heart breaking so when the president's meet with the victims and family, i
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worse. we put ourselves in this porks i don't know if i could go on if that happened >> ryan: the president will be opening the event up to the audience. >> one that could have deadly consequences. a public hearing was held. much more on that ahead in the next half hour. >> kim: a well known mobster who many believe has ties to an unsolved art heist here in boston goes back to court. robert genteel appearing in federal court in connecticut trying to get a weapons case dismissed. ed f.b.i. believes he has knowledge about the 1990 art heist at the museum in boston. more than $50 million worth of art were stolen. genteel's attorney is arguing this most recept arrest was planned by investigators so they could press him for information about the missing artwork.
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clean up a pesky problem outside nway park. vandals hit johnny peskies number. crews were able to wash away the paint. the number 6 sign was hit overnight. it was the only sign targeted in the line of retired numbers between blockline avenue and the yawkey t. stop. the vandalism was personal for some sox fans. >> he was one of the greatest players ever to play for the red sox and how anyone could disgrace his name but they turn over tombstones, too. >> ryan: his number was retired in way. police haven't made arrests. >> kim: turning to the race for the white house, talk about candidate ted cruz's citizenship dominating the debate today. republican front runner trump continuing to press that issue about whether canadian born cruz is eligible to become president. his mother was a natural born u.s. citizen.
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argue. >> people will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it's straight forward. >> it's not clear, i think the better argument is that he is qualified. but it is not clear. >> kim: he is leading in the polls in iowa where the nation's first caucus will be held february 1. >> ryan: cameras rolling during a fiery escape in family. >> kim: a family jumps from a window way up high as flames close in. >> ryan: a patriots fan is not scoring many paints with his neighbors. >> kim: a dog saves a. you by luring place to his trapped sister. >> in one hour a hover board ban. the school district telling students to leave their ride at home. >> kim: we continue to follow breaking news hoar at home. an explosion at the dow
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>> kim: some recent winter weather helped them survive their fall, a dangerous escape caught on camera by a neighbor who got out of this building just moments before. watch as a man holds his 10-year-old stepson out a 4th floor window. he works to position him as best as possible then drops him. firefighters and a neighbor waiting tried to catch the boy. a pile of snow caught his fall. flames burned below and the man helped his wife sit on the ledge. see her hesitate then take the jump herself. once the one sees they're both safe he climbs out next holing on to the window pain. he swings himself as low as possible and lets go. both man and his wife also landing on the snow.
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all three to the hospital. his mother and stepfather are still in the hospital. but a situation that could have turned out very differently had they not decided to take the leap of faith. we are hearing reports that the ladder on the fire department truck malfunctioned. but too soon to fell if that made them decide to jump. >> ryan: next a man pulls a kanye storming the stage at an award show but the recipients didn't need help kicking him off the stage. >> reporter: forecast for tomorrow features a lot of clouds, that is coming up next. >> kim: a frightening situation in mississippi. part after -- of a plane falls from the sky. what is the story there. >> ryan: breaking news in north andover. we have a situation at the dow chemical plant. four people hurt, explosion right there. you can see it's still a decontamination situation going on there.
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accepting an award when the ran grabbed the microphone from sara gilbert. sharon os burn kicked him away. the man shouted a plug and you can see the ladies -- you don't want to miss. >> you took the words out of my mouth. >> she didn't miss a beat. >> let's head over to j.r.and get the latest on thes forecast. the sun has been nice, it says good-bye sunshine. >> reporter: don't come over here, you stay over. there let me get through my message. sunshine gone. a lot of clouds tomorrow. pockets of drizzle tomorrow and again on saturday. sunday is where we see a day that offers about an inch of rain but rain, not snow. cold air will return next week. so again tomorrow and saturday they're not days that feature any significant precipitation, you may go through each day and not needed rain gear even though there will be patchy light drizzle at times tomorrow and again on saturday. boston 35. plymouth at 30 degrees, bedford 31.
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partly cloudy skies but there are building clouds up through the gulf of maine and the bay of fundy. ironically high pressure which has given us sunshine will start to pull this clump of clouds down out of the gulf of maine and into southern new england overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. so, temperatures tonight will actually bottom out in the lower 20s and rise to the upper 20s and the low 30s with a couple of pockets of drizzle but it doesn't take much to foul up a morning commute. but the numbers tomorrow morning right around 29, 30 degrees in metro rest. route 2 corridor, so just be mindful of that early tomorrow, nashua tomorrow morning around 30. boston 33 and similar depend on saturday morning, this pink shading not to say everyone is going to see it but those will be the locates there may be a little patchy freeze. i think metro boston plain old drizzle.
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boston tomorrow around 39. norwood at 36. plymouth at 40. cape ann, merrimack valley numbers running in the upper 30s to around 40. worcester hill as slower process to have the temperatures move all. on the cape and the islands mashpee 41. provincetown at 40 degrees. so this is the next couple of days. here is our next real weather player if you will. area of low pressure in missouri and this will be a potent weather system that heads to new england and west of new england. when these storms go to our west, they essentially boot out any cold air. so we're talking about rain heading this way. not snow. not ice, this is sunday. here comes a warm front. a good chunk of rain and even wind on the day on sunday. the amount of rain on the way, i think most of us will pick up about an inch of rain. maybe a little more up through the merrimack valley aswell as the worcester hills and also windy conditions, winds on the islands on sunday maybe
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at this. this is not a nor eater. it's a south eater. warms up. the record on sunday for boston is 56. worcester it's 53. i think we're heading for the lower 50s. 7 on 7 forecast behind that storm, here comes the cold back into new england. blustery and cold monday and tuesday, snow lovers, not your time but i have a couple of flurries possible middle of next week. see you at 5:30. >> ryan: a close call for a group of fishermen who came very close to being impaled by their big catch. >> kim: the big jackpot didn't go but someone got a pig tickets in plymouth. >> ryan: we will have the latest on the breaking news out of north andover. explosion at the dow chemical plant. four people hurt. a very active scene.
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>> ryan: another 60 minutes of 7 news ahead. i'm ryan schulteis. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> jadiann: chemical explowing in north andover
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>> ryan: calls reveal what it took to save firefighters. >> jadiann: a mother accused of lying about her 4-month-old being taken. >> danny amendola accused of ruining the neighborhood. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: breaking news. the chemical explosion in north andover, four people were hurt and taken to the hospital. >> ryan: the cause sunday investigation. kim khazei is the a the breaking news desk. >> reporter: local, state and federal investigators are there trying to keep things contain and trying to figure out what wend wrong. we had sky 7 above the area. this is willow street in north andover. the first reports came in around 2:30 this afternoon and they were about some sort of chemical explosion in a laboratory in the building. emergency crews rushed to the building. again four people had to be taken to lawrence general hospital.
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then three of the four had


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