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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a bomb squad headed to scene of chemical explosion up in north andover that send four people to the hospital. a wild ride to baystate town come to dramatic ending after a suspect surrenders. all eye on the global market after massive sell off left with sharp drops and trading on wall street. good friday morning everybody. tgif. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. and thank goodness, yes it's friday heading into weekend where i don't know how the weather looking for that. we all want to know. >> let's give it a 50/50 split.
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the soaking rain awrying sunday zmchlt 34 degreeings in boston. 42 in plymouth. frosty start in the suburbs. we have more frost this morning. you can see the wind in city of boston 7 miles per hour. east at 9 miles per hour. once that ocean air works in we'll warm up near 40 in the city of boston this afternoon. further north and west temperatures running into the middle 30. mainly dry this morning. i expect some patchy drizzle this afternoon. low level moisture backing in across the ocean. as far as more clouds that will bring more moisture and more chances of drizzle beginning later on this afternoon. even some patchy freezing drizzle deep inland later tonight and starting off tomorrow. here's that soaking rain on sunday. we'll have that coming up in a bit. >> time for fast track traffic. here's danielle gursh. let's head outside and take a look at expressway. still slow.
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tree split into boston on expressway. that drive 24 minutes. the pike fine through frame ingham but then from 128 into boston you're stop and go. you can see the red there. and then memorial drive we have two lane closed due to construction. that's right at the bu bridge heading eastbound. north of town no problems to tell you about on 93. from 495 to 128 not a bad drive into town. you start o slow down and hit the breaks after you pass over route 16. route one looking good. let's head to drive time. take a look as you head out the door. 18 minutes on the expressway way into boston. into down on the pike from 20 minutes on 93 southbound. 128 to zakim bridge. if you take the t you take delays on the franklin line. developing story. investigator headed back to north andover chemical plant after it was rocked by huge explosion yesterday. >> today crews will be back on the scene.
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dangerous chemical that wound up sending four worker to hospital in critical condition. here's jennifer eagan. what's the latest? >> those worker had serious injury the first crews responding to the scene. they all stayed back in fact crews still have not been inside happened. the plan is this morning around 10:00 the bomb squad is expected to return here to this scene. they will be using robot to handle the dangerous chemicals. >> the explosion shook the neighborhood. i hear a loud boom. the house shook a little bit. >> around 2:30 yesterday afternoon four worker were critically injured at the dow chemical plant in north andover. suffering from what hospital officials describe as shrapnel injuries and burns. doctors were told the injured came in contact with a chemical called trimethyl aluminum. it's a chemical reactive to water. for some reason it comes out as
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this chemical reacted with water which resulted in the explosion. >> before the four injured worker could enter the emergency room they had to go through decontamination in the hospital's parking lot. the patient were vigorously washed with water to remove come tan nanlts that could be on their body. three were airlifted to boston hospital. the plant was evacuated. the hazardous materials crew spent hours surveying the scene. fire officials told those who live nearby that they shouldn't be worried about chemicals in the air. i thought would they be better staying at school or home. we got the news there was nothing harmful to the neighbor or area residents? if explosion like this can happen it makes you question else could happen. investigating to do. but last night the state fire marshall was saying they don't believe it's suspicious.
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in october of 2013 worker died here in an explosion. the state fire marshall said different chemicals were involved in that explosion. we're live in north andover. jennifer eagno, 7news "today in new england." it ended with a person stabbed on the side of the road. this happened in braintree. let's go to nicole oliverio. nicole? >> police are still searching for the driver this morning. they believe the road rage incident again not far off the road in againite street and ended here on the patch of grass with a man lying on the side. >> reporter: a man left stabbed along the road in braintree as police respond and try to figure out what happened. >> we first pulled up and there was a man on the grass. and he was just laying there. people started coming outputting blankets over him. >> two men leeing when they saw the flashing blue light and
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in it you see officers trying to help a man who was reportedly stabbed several times. >> people start pulling up and saying he was stabbed. showed up. out. coming. officers believe the stabbing was a result of road rage incident. investigator say it began and ended on granite street by the off ramp. it's unclear what happened between the victim and another driver. officers say at some point both drivers got out of their car and then the victim was stabbed. the other driver took off. wide open spot. something like that to happen. that victim o 30-year-old man had to being thatten to boston medical center. his condition is not known. we're live in braintree. nicole oliverio.
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a man recovering in the hospital after he let police on a wild ride. john cocoa has more on thousand that man finally surrendered. john? >> this chase went on for miles. finally ending here in middleboro with that suspect being taken to the hospital. he leaned on the door not wanting to let go. surrounded by police he made a slow move towards them. finally kneeling to surrender and slow speed chase with dennis. 40 miles away. pickup truck, this gun that turned out to be an air pistol. state police start looking for this driver. 2-year-old from west borrow after reported that he was armed and allegedly threatening to hurt people. troopers say they tried to pull him over but he sped off at roughly 80 miles per hour and then they chased him. before the bridge police threw
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driving. you can see the trail the metal from front tires left on the pavement. the chase continued on route 125. then 495. and throughout dennis police suspect. where police say he told them he needed medical help. trooper finally stopped him in middleboro and got him on to stretcher and into ambulance. state police will be looking into charges once this suspect is released from the hospital. john cocoa. 7news "today in new england." philadelphia. a police officer surviving an ambush overnight. let's get the latest on how he's doing and how it happened. here's nancy chen. philadelphia police say this police officer. the officers in his car when the suspect walked up to the cruiser and fired 13 shots hitting him several time during this ambush. 33-year-old officer returned fire and the suspect was then arrested.
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was caught on camera and very difficult to watch. the police officer had no idea he was coming. he was taken in for emergency surgery and expected to be okay. there's no word on the condition of the suspect or a motive for the shooting. the newsroom, nancy chen "today in new england." chinese stocks making to trading. they ended the day up more than 2%. earlier in the week trading was suspended twice because of big losses. u.s. stock futures are way up this morning as well. the dow in the middle of worst start to the year ever. on thursday the index fell 392 points. the nasdaq dropped 146. this morning jobs report looking good, though suggesting that the u.s. economy is growing at a solid pace. despite effort by campaign to keep them away.
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for donald trump's rally in vermont. >> trump staffers turned away anyone who said they did not support the republican front-runner last night. the event was held in burlington sanders. trump asked the crowd what they candidate. >> we all like bernie. do we like bernie? tax. he wants to tax you at 90%. you don't like him. i wasn't sure. i had to feel that out. trump said he would low to run again sanders and sanders said he love to take on trump as well and pointed to recent poll match-up. >> major announcement involving nbc and whdh tv. nbc saying it will not renew network affiliation with our station and dan hausle reports
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storm for tv viewers in the boston area. >> it will be the last time. some of your favorite nbc programs may be disappearing from your tv screens is now that network announce plan to end relationship with whdh tv at the end of this year. station owner said he's fighting to keep that from happening. we intend to contest nbc's plans. nbc's plan tv divorce could violate an agreement comcast made with the fcc when the cable giant bought nbc five years ago. comcast promised to make sure people could continue to get nbc programming free over the air without being forced to buy cable. nbc told whdh they will air on signal broadcast from wneu. if this map that doesn't reach
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millions of viewers further south. whdh reaches all viewers. they have right to change affiliation. that's their privilege. they don't have the right to violate the agreement between come cost nbc and the affiliate. and the government. this is clearly not in the public interest. it will have half of the coverage area as channel 7 they are reach less than half of the population. anthem isn't the only one. marty walsh said he's keeping a close eye on what's happening. one of my concerns it's unclear what the future of nbc will be in the city of boston. massachusetts senator ed markey a national leader on telecommunication said nbc must stay free for everyone.
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there's a kid in brockton. a poor kid. that wants to watch the patriot's on sunday night and they don't have access to nbc for free on their local subscribe to cable. nbc said its news station will be over the air and not cable only. and added in an e-mail we are committed to expanding our over the air coverage of the market and are currently looking at the variety of options to accomplish that. anthem has been through this fight before when nbc polled affiliation from miami station wsvn 25 years ago. he built the station into news and rating powerhouse. anthem said if he and nbc end up separating again viewer can be sure whdh and 7news will thrive. >> i continue to believe that our auagreement will get extended. in the oent it does not channel 7news is still going to flourip still going to be news station in boston.
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standing courage we will newscast. >> all nbc programming will continue to air until at least the end of this year. in the newsroom. 7news "today in new england." just ahead at 9:30 new rhode island. why the same danger could be lurking in other places as well. we're headed to brighton for this morning class act where one group of students putting their so many others >> clouds moving in now. we attack rain over the weekend. the timing and how much to expect ahead. coming up in a bit. we're inviting you to be our guest. you are so excited to head behind the scenes of beauty and the beales st. highlight of my day and month. we'll be right back with that
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>> 9:16. we made it to friday. we're headed into the weekend with eyes wide open. you were talking about showers. 50/50 thing going on for the weekend. >> in terms of weekend i expect patchy drizzle tomorrow. on sunday not only showers but heavier downpours coming in and in the middle part of the day. 30 in boston. mid teens in a lot of suburbs. that's seasonal for this time of year. numbers once again jumping up quite nicely along the coastline 42 plymouth now. 34 in boston. upper 20s and lower 30s inland. we'll continue to warm above the freezing mark which is good for this afternoon. as we do have low clouds and low level moisture getting pulled back in off the ocean back through southern new england. i expect that to be the case throughout the remainder of the day. we're losing any sunshine we have this morning. patchy drizzle this afternoon. especially north and west of boston. tomorrow morning patchy drizzle maybe a couple of snowflake up
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for the most part this mostly a rain event. in terms of patchy drizzle there's colder spot earlier. we'll keep an eye on patchy freezing drizzle. increasing cloud today patchy drizzle this afternoon. mid 30s north and west. low 40s in the city of boston and we'll watch north and west 128 for a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle as we go through the overnight hours tonight and early tomorrow morning. there's another storm system that we do have to watch it's going to carve path up through that will bring us the substantial rain on sunday. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. downpours and gusty winds. a good gust of rain. with that mild weather coming in on strong south to southeaster i will wind and for how much mild weather is going to come in over to danielle for that. along with that rain and wind temperatures will be on the mild side. in fact, we'll be close to record-high temperature on sunday in boston and worcester.
9:19 am
that's also our record in worcester. 53 the forecasted high temperature and the record. if you head up north maybe doing some skiing this weekend. saturday will be a good day to do that. temperature just below freezing. maybe a snow shower sunday. maybe not such a good day because you will deal with the rain and the sleet. but that mild air will be in place speaking of snowfall so far we've only seen a trace this month. we're well below average in the snowfall department. we should have over a foot of snow by this time in the season. the mild air staying in place as we head into the weekend. we're dealing with the bo average temperature mayben records on sunday. but as we head into next week a different story as this arctic air moves in. temperature getting to where they should be for this time of year. for more on that, chris, back to you. before we get the snow you need the cold air. we'll have that in place next week. perhaps a little bit of snow tuesday night and wednesday. couple of slick spots possible. a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle. we'll continue to watch that.
9:20 am
above freezing by tomorrow afternoon. 7 on 7 forecast. mention that snow where tuesday night into wednesday. snow showers around. look like minor enlt for us. we certainly get back to colder weather. >> still ahead we're headed back stage at one broadway show making a stop in the hub. we'll let you know what beauty the beast star have bean town connections. >> the next powerball jackpot getting closer to -- i mean we're talking millions of
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>> you may have heard a tale as hold as time casting a spell over boston this week. national tour of beauty and the beast has arrived at the boston opera house. before the curtain went up yesterday i got a look behind the scenes. >> it's a spell binding story. with enchanted object a beast and the girl named bell. and this week that story is coming to life right here in boston. the national tour of beauty and the beast at the boston opera house for a five-day run. it's a homecoming for braintree naytive and boston university
9:24 am
mrs. pond. it's so incredible to perform on the stage. the whole opening night and the day being here was one of the best days of my life. and she invited us to be her guest for a look behind the scenes. this is my teapot. is it comfortable. i think it's really comfortable. your arm stays in this position. i hold it like this. does your arm get tired. >> yeah. i mean, it does. i have specific exercise to keep fly arm in shape and then the famous yellow dress. it's so beautiful. >> and there's one costume i couldn't wait to see. >> when i was little i went to beauty in the beast birthday party. my mom dress immediate up >> the show's costume a little bit more elaborate than mine. they live in ten chanted castle together. but their bond doesn't stop on the stage they are also roommates in real life.
9:25 am
with the princess herself. but before our tour was over i had one more person to meet. we are with gaston and crew. and the man behind the muscle. they call me a couple of steps from the show. i did my best to keep up with christian. five, six, seven, eight. >> nice. i had so much fun. stephany, though isn't the only ties. christian studied at boston university opera institute and the actor who plays gaston sidekick attended harvard. beauty and the beast will be at the boston opera house through sunday. they have multiple shows this weekend. it's definitely one you don't want to miss. i like the throw back picture.
9:26 am
you may want to see. >> like you were taylor made for this story. loved the broadway shows. i hope you get out and get a >> amazing. still ahead this morning. are you feeling like luck is on your side. if you are you may want to think about playing the powerball. more on this weekend record jackpot. ahead at 9:30 the safety measure shot down that some people think could help keep you safe the next time you take an winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done.
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>> start picking those numbers. you have until tomorrow night the next powerball numbers are drawn and the jumbo jackpot is huge. it's at eastern estimated 700
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the largest prize in history. also this is interesting. if you think of what numbers to pick keep this in mind. 75% of winning ticket come from computer generated numbers. also known as the quick-pics. for many of you who ares nostalgiy or have system sorry. >> what are the odds one in 290 million of winning. i think it may be more now jackpot has gun up. you're more likely to die from a vending machine falling on you. like a random stat. but i hear it. i hear it. >> much more to come in the next half hour. hover boards were hot during the holiday. but now they are being banned. find out which local college is saying no to the two-wheeled ride. >> plenty of cloud rolling in and eventually the rain will arrive. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet.
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>> worker hurt after chemical explode. investigator head back to seen after blast the north andover. a beech blast in rhode island last summer why the same problem could pop up in other places. one local school saying no to a hot trend. why they are banning hover boards after problem pop up worldwide. >> welcome back on this friday morning. thanks for staying with us everybody. i'm christa delcamp perspective. we usually have a foot of snow at this time in the season. >> we don't. we can be positive. this is good we don't have a foot of snow on the ground. you never know what you will get in new england. we have everything in the winter time from near 70-degree weather
9:33 am
we're in middle 34 in boston. we have more clouds rolling in. time. not only in the city of boston but much of southern new england. more clouds have rolled back off the ocean. we'll continue to do so throughout the day. don't expect to see much sunshine. 40 this afternoon in boston. mid 30s north and west low-to-mid 40s southeast mass. we have more ocean air working on in. we will see that this afternoon and into tonight and into the say saturday. then the soaking rains arrive sunday. mild air come surging in as well. we will talk more about the box of chocolate weatherwise coming up in a bit.
9:34 am
andover. they should be on the scene back in a half an hour. let's go to jennifer eagon at the plant this morning. led light. haz-mat return to the scene right now. they plan to go inside very shortly to try cake of the chemicals. the explosion here at dow chemical plant on willow street in north andover injured four workers three of them had to be airlifted to boston hospital. doctors at lawrence general hospital said the four worker burns and shrapnel wounds. they came into contact reacts when exposed to water. now the explosion happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the building was evacuated. neighbors were told the air was safe.
9:35 am
surrounding area. removed here then the here can really begin. they can get into that room. the lab where this explosion happened in they will dry to determine what caused it. 7news "today in new england." happening now opening bell on wall street. and chinese stock making a rebound overnight ending the day up more than 2%. let's take a live like at the big board now. wall street just opening about five minutes ago. we see some positive signs here. the dow up 129 points. it's right now at 16,642. really been in the middle of the worst start to a year ever dropped several hundred points yesterday on the opening bell. we will keep a close eye on the big board through the morning. we'll let you know coming up. police in braintree are searching for the driver who stabbed a man in an apparent case of road rage during thenning commute. they say both driver got out of
9:36 am
last night. that one stabbed the other several times. the suspect then took off. the victim was 30-year-old man from randoph. he's recovering in the hospital this morning. and police chase through several town on the cape ending with an arrest in middleboro. police began a pursuit of a 26-year-old west borrow man in dennis after reports that he was armed and threatening to hurt people. officers also say they got him on the phone and they bar talking to him. and that he indicated he needed medical help. he was taken to hospital and is expected to face charges. they also found an air soft pistol inside his truck. . >> we have new details on the beach blast in rhode island last summer. reports say the type of cable that caused the explosion could be in other states. there's dozens of site where the cables could still be under ground. they belong to the coast guard. officials say the explosion in rhode island was likely caused by a buildup of hydrogen around
9:37 am
one woman was hurt. emmerson county pumping the breaks on hot trend on campus. banning hover boards. comes in light of federal safety investigation after several of the hover boards caught fire. here's 7's byron barnett from students there. >> reporter: hover boards exploding and catching fire. >> wow. >> mike tyson on one of the two wheelers takes a tumble. now emmerson college is banning the newly popular hover board out of concern about potential accidents on its densely populated campus. >> they get in the way. and they zip in and out and try to walk around them. whenever someone is barrelling hit. times my foot is cramped and things like that. i kind of agree with the ban. >> officials in west bridgewater
9:38 am
our concern they are in locker and catch fire and nobody would see it. which we didn't want that to happen. i've heard some students got it from christmas and have been using them. i think definitely important they ban hover boards because they are very unsafe. have you ridden one or do you own one >> i've seen videos. >> do you have a desire to get one? >> not, really. can't say i do. byron barnett, news "today in new england." also this morning maine's governor coming under fire for controversial comments he made about out of state drug dealers. these are guys with the name shifty, smoothy, these type of guys that come from connecticut and new york. they come up here they sell their heroin and go back home.
9:39 am
young white girl before they leave. he made the remarks on wednesday. spokesperson said they were not about race but the emotional toll drugs have on children. civil right groups joining the ride sharing service uber in voicing disapproval for a new proposal in massachusetts that requires drivers to be fingerprinted. they argue the move creates barriers to jobs and could unfairly reject those who were never convicted. the proposal is backed by police who said i identify applicants with a criminal record. >> developing this morning. two men from the u.s. with ties to isis are facing terror related charges. u.s. authorities arrested a 24-year-old man in houston. also a 23-year-old man in sacramento thursday. police say the california suspect told authorities that he traveled to turkey in 2013 to visit his grandmother. however they believe he used as cover. they don't believe either
9:40 am
inside the u.s. and president obama going on the road holding a town hal meeting to argue for increased restrictions on guns. >> and the way it is described is that we're trying to take away everybody's guns >> if we can combine gun safety we will not eliminate gun violence. we will lesson it. >> in an op-ed the new york times in the "new york times" president obama said he won't support any candidate for president who doesn't support common sense gun control. >> still ahead headed to school for class act. really nice one. we're highlighting a group of students who have a lot of needs of their own.
9:41 am
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friday morning. windchill factor at 28 degrees. light wind from the north. we see a lot of cloud back in off the ocean. that cloud cover expanding through metro west and through western mass as well as we go throughout the day. 31 fitchburg. lower 40s down through the cape and islands. in fact that's where we held on to some of the sunshine down across the cape and island so far. but for the rest of us a lot more cloud working on in the last couple of hours. they are here to stay throughout the day. wind speeds light generally under ten miles per hour from the north and the city of
9:43 am
once we can back off the ocean here and come out of the east-northeast i expect temperature to close in on 40 degrees in the city. you get through metro west we will hold in the mid 30s. just because that cool air is hard to shake when you don't have much sunshine to work with. we'll see patchy drizzle developing this afternoon. mid 30s north and west. low 40s in boston. mid 40s down through southeastern mass then tonight patchy freezing drizzle is a possibility north and west of route 128. closer to coastline. we'll remain above freezing overnight tonight. this is the storm system to watch for sunday. the track of it to the west of us that means it's a rain maker. and soaking rains at times as we get into sunday. midafternoon. if i had to time it out between 9:00 and 3:00 the bulk of the rain 1 inch to an inch and a half gusty southerly winds. mild air will surge in. record highs on sunday than any england. for more on how warm it gets
9:44 am
we get to deal with mild temperatures. we may even break some records sunday. 56 the high testimony. 56 the record for sunday in boston. a little bit cooler in worcester. 53 the forecasted high temperature. that's also the record. very mild temperatures. if you head out to do some skiing maybe this weekend. saturday looking like good day if you head up north. maybe a snow shower. sunday not the best day to be outside with that rain and then maybe some sleet up toward the snow area. now as far as the snow goes for the month of jane. snowfall total are well below normal. we seen a trace of snow. we should have over a foot of snow so far in the season for this time of year. we've had mild air in place. it's staying with us through the weekend. we'll continue to deal with the temperatures above average. next week that changes though cooler air starting to move in for more on that, back to you. ski resort love the cooler air. we have colder air here to stay for a while next week.
9:45 am
some patchy drizzle and patchy freezing drizzle out here. there may be slippery spots early tomorrow morning. but overall expecting temps to be bo freezing throughout the afternoon. 7 on 7 forecast. soaking rain and gusty wind with mild temperatures otherwise next week is colder. ween have snow showers tuesday night into wednesday. this morning class act about the student at kennedy day school for children in brighton. >> and they are involved in this program. it focuses on helping other. they are also facing challenges of their own. and they are our class act this morning. >> how are you doing today? >> oh, thank you. wow. that is the best welcome i have ever had. you guy are rock stars. we do a segment called crass act where we highlight student for doing amazing things. we love that you are doing project program.
9:46 am
this is for all of you right here. >> all the students in this program in hospital in brighton want to help out. they learn speak techniques through high-tech equipment. some clicking on computer icons by focusing on their eyes and the computer does the talking. ranging innage from 14 to 22 they have significant and complex needs. but that doesn't hinder their spirit of giving. i think one of the best things about our school that we're always thinking outside of the box and trying to think how else can we help the community. >> at school we collect food to help families. >> over the holidays student collected groceries for a local food drive. they also make hiking kid for area homeless shelter. each student works on skills that are right for them.
9:47 am
items into the kits. someone. it makes us feel good when we can tap into their true potential. and they are an inspiration. i feel proud at myself and my family. it feels good to recognize the students to show case their skills and to know that anybody can make a difference. >> i feel proud when i help other people. >> it does feel good; doesn't it. it's such a high to help other people. i have to say after meeting everyone there, the staff they deserve a round of applause for the amazing work they do. this is one of my faerate that you've done. it was uplifting. >> if you know a student between 6th and 12th grade. please nominate them online at next in 7 sports the celtics trying to keep the bulls from
9:48 am
could they get the job done. we have the highlights next. >> bri eggers shows us a delicious dish putting a sweet spin on pasta. i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower.
9:50 am
everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. >> good morning. bill belichick hoping time heals all wounds. crossing fingers that the rest and plenty of self-scouting will get team back on track. his sprained right ankle and the rest of the squad out in sweats. lessen couraging the site of special teams.
9:51 am
and watch their competition this weekend. eye always been a fan of football. laid back. watch the games. they see other game go down. >> they gave me a ticket i will play. stevens. chicago got six guys in double figure including derek rose with 18 bowls win the sixth straight 101-92. celtics dropped four of five. bruins game tonight in new that's sports. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. coming up next on "today in
9:52 am
what's cooking. bri eggers will show us a local [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its
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based on your happiness...
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it's friday morning. and that means it's time for what's cooking. >> we're taking you to spot putting a sweet twist on a pasta dish. bri eggers takes you to local to cook up macaroni with apple glaze. if you thought traditional new england cuisine was baked beans and chowder they want you to think again. they think of heavy or bland very sweet. and it actually very bright. he's bringing back the 70s. the 1770 including hand made macaroni. >> how do we start. >> first you will need dough. >> this is water, a little bit
9:55 am
buck wheat flower which is glutin free. once it sets for an hour take a small chunk and roll into long strands. >> how did i do? >> great. cut up the long noodles and now start cooking. drop the pieces into a pot of boiling water. take it out. add a little bit of oil and then refridgerate. if you lit it cool for 15 to 20 minutes it's cool nur to stir it. after the pan is hot add in the cooked pasta. >> i usually sing when i cook. >> okay. we have an open kitchen, so i don't. just a little bit of butter. sauteed to add color. >> for the last bit of the dish. the sauce.
9:56 am
>> drop in roasted apples too. >> we are pretty much there. my sauce has reduced a little bit. i will add a little bit of vegetable stock. add in flavor and pop of color. >> this is parsely and taragon. yanky doodle. who said cuisine can't be savory and sweet. >> the first dish report where i heard the host sing. >> bri likes her theater like i do. we can't help ourselves. head. and i will blame bried. >> cloudy skies. patchy driz patchy drizzle this afternoon. 7 on 7 forecast soaking rain coming in here midmorning to midafternoon sunday. gusty wind too. mild temperature we are colder next week perhaps a little bit of late snow or snow showers >> guys? >> it's quite the indoor day. watch a movie. there you go.
9:57 am
thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. have a great morning. >> we will. on sunday when it rains. we'll see you back here at noon. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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