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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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with breaking news out of north andover. take a look adio just into sky 7 7. moments ago there was an explosion right here, wait for it, in a big boom happens right here on sky 7 when this explosion takes place in this area right here. now this area was picked because it was so remote right here. local that. controlled detonation. that was all the chemicals that were left over from the explosion that happened at the dow chemical facy yesterday in not andover. you can imagine if you were handling those chemicals as part of your job and that explosion happened near you? that is the chemical that did that on those four people at the dow facility yesterday. that sent them to the hospital with critical injuries. you can only imagine that is chemical. we have our coverage now from our reporters there on the scene who is going to tell us what is ive. we have steve cooper live from our sky 7 video, what are you seeing from where you are? >> reporter: we can tell you
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going on for several hours here at the dow chemical plant in north andover. as you mentioned u.just a day after those four employees were seriously injured. three remain in boston hospitals one in lawrence general hospital at this hour but crews have been here all day. this area remained sealed off and a short time ago the state police bomb squad along with the state fire marshall's office in north andover fire fighters left here with a bit of a police es estort here and they took what was described as a vessel with some of that chemical packed in sand and they brought it over to that area here in north andover where it was render insisted safe and they actually blew it up with the state police bomb squad. the chemical here that we're talking about is try ethel aluminum. as you mentioned that is the chemical that was involved here in the laboratory that blew up yesterday afternoon. we're told by hazardous material officials that it's a chemical that explodes when it comes in
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now how that happened inside the facility is unclear but today the effort was to render that chemical safe and make sure no one else got hurt and that's what you saw from sky 7 moments ago here in north andover. that vessel as it was describe insisted, a cylinder, was taken carefully from inside the facility here on willow street, taken about a mile and a half down the road with police and fire personnel all around that dump truck. it was then brought over to the town dump there. you saw it placed carefully in that sand area before the state police bomb squad with the help of the state fire marshal's office were able to safely detonate that chemical there so no one was hurt there and back here at the scene, the effort today is to try to figure out why all of this happened in the first place. we've been told by the state fire marshall here on the scene who was here for hours today that they were hoping to talk to some of those injured employees but they were unable to do so today.
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critical condition. again argues we come back live here this afternoon you can see the scene is still very active right now but again the key as you just a moments ago from sky 7, that chemical try ethel aluminum that again for some reason came in can't with water or air inside that laboratory, that's one of the things final are trying to figure out why again that was carefully removed from here at the scene brought a two miles away and you saw the end result. it was render insisted safe by those experts with a massachusetts state police bomb squad. that's the latest live in north andover tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: following more break breaking news now at 4:30. a police officer shot in dorchester then rush insisted to boston medical center. right now we do know a suspect is in custody . >> anchor: that officer is expect insisted to be okay at least least is till in the hospital. let's get it over to kim khazei in the newsroom with the very latest . >> anchor: police say all of this started when the officer with a drug unit pulled over a known suspect this morning. the police commissioner says
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firing his gun right away, shooting one of the officers in the leg. other police officers ran after the man and they managed to tackle him a few blocks away. that injured officer as you said was rush insisted to boston medical center. he has a gunshot wound to the leg. police say that he is lucky that officers now carry turn debts. the department's protocol would help the injured officer when he needed it the most. he tried to do his philly because all of our officers have it but then a fellow uniform officer who is nearby heard the call and he tied it off and helped him and that was north natural. it could have saved his life and at least saved his leg. >> anchor: we're learning more about the man police say fired that gun. grant a known drug dealer in fact was just given parole last year. we'll have much more on this all new at 5:00. for now, live in the newsroom, kim khazei, 7 news . >> anchor: cable similar to ones that exblow pleaded on a rhode island beach last summer may be underground in other
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officials say there are dozens of sites where those cables could still be underground. officials say the explosion in rhode island was likely caused by a buildup of hydrogen around a corroded cable. one woman was hurt during that explosion. >> anchor: we're following more news today and it is the fifth anniversary of the tucson shoot shooting that left six people dead and 13 others hurt including former u.s. congresswoman gabby giffords, the tag target of that acthat. giffords was shot in the head and while she has full congress knitive ability she suffers from the speech disorder. five years after the shooting giffords is calling for strictor gun regulations. back in 2011 witnesses say after giffords was shot the shooter continued on. he continued shooting. he pleaded guilty to 19 federal charges and is serving life without parole. today giffords tweet insisted this. five years ago i was almost killed instead of focusing on what i cannot do, i too toy live without limits. the mother of fugitive teen ethan couch appearing in texas
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tonia couch is being charge insisted with hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities say couch helped her son flee to mexico back in november. prosecutors at the time were investigating whether her son had violated his probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. ethan couch remains detained in mexico city. the new york men accused of planning an isis inspired machete attack on new year's eve appeared in court. a 25-year-old is charge insisted with aat thing to provide material to support isis. prosecutors say he is an ex exconvict and has a history of mental health issues . >> anchor: a little girl reunit reunited with her family after a man stole the car while she was inside. it happened at a gas station in florida. that girl taken for a ride as her stepfather watched it all unfold. a six-year-old girl is safe, clutching a teddy bear given to her by a police officer but she is clearly terrified. this surveyance video shows part of her frightening experience outside a florida gas station i'm man walks up to a parked kia
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takes off. the owner frantically chases him because he knows that little girl, his stepdaughter, was in the back seat . that's my daughter in the back seat. there is a child in the back seat. then when i said that he accelerated and hit the gas very hard, spun around and gas pump almost take the gas pump, that's when i try to cut him off in the front of it but if i had to cut him off he would run over me . >> anchor: the thief realize the little girl was in the back . >> anchor: the suspect struck the child to get out of the car. that was two miles away from the gas station. police say she ran down the street crying and spotted by a jogger who called 91. >> anchor: even though this was five to 8 minutes, it's going to be a terrifying time that seemed like an i y. >> anchor: fear as a parent you are supposed to protect your child and i couldn't do anything and i just prayed that he didn't touch my child.
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head that i was just praying that he didn't touch her. >> anchor: police are still looking for the suspects and that stolen car. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, the stars will be out this weekend as we get ready to kick off a award season in hollywood . >> anchor: we are following that breaking news. a boston police officer rush insisted to the hospital after being shot by a suspect in dorchester. that man is now in custody. we continue to follow this story and we'll have much more ahead at 5:00. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. s like to buy a house. be stressed about money.
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>> anchor: an illinois girl taking matters into her own hands of she wrote a letter that a monopoly letter to complain the lead female character had been left out of the latest star mars monopoly board game. >> anchor: she is playing close attention. the company was happy to spend respond the me fail character will be in the net edition. this ehad a reason for leaving her out in the first lace . i felt very annoyed and frustrated . >> anchor: that's how annie rose felt when she realized rey,
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in the "star wars" monopoly game. i mean, come on, she is the main character. without her, there would be no force awakens . >> anchor: the third grader took action of she wrote a letter which her mother tweeted to game maker hasbro. dressed in her ray halloween costume she shared her letter . boys and girl need to see women can be as strong as men. girls matter . >> anchor: hasbro initially said ray was rest out to prevent spoilers. then they wrote we are happy we will be including her in the game later year . how did you feel when they told that you? i felt very glad and proud . i think it's important for kids to be able to feel like their voice counts . >> reporter: annie rose comes from a family of "star wars" enthusiasts. they traveled to lone done to vice i the set and now believe
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they were like write them again and tell them to add chew backa and bb-8 . >> reporter: the original only included dart said . >> anchor: taking flight i'm rare bird caught on camera in canada. the flyby that is now going viral. 3 we are tracking two storms for the week. the second storm is sunday. that will be a beast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> anchor: then ahead at 5:00, road rage arrests. one person in custody after another person was stabbed on the side of the road in braintree in we are following breaking news. a boston police officer rush insisted to the hospital after being shot by a suspect in dorchester. that man now in custody. >> anchor: on just one station, the bomb squad destroys the remainder of a chemical that caused, well, look at that, that caused an explosion in north andover yesterday at the dow chemical plant and left four people seriously hurt.
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>> anchor: a rare bird caught on camera in canada. this traffic camera was interrun insisted by the elusive snowy owl. you can see it. look at that flyby looking right at the camera. you may recognize the breed as owl as the kind from harry pot potter movies. they are very rarely seen outside because they are only usually in search of food. gorgeous picture there captured with a even a background there all snowy like that. that's beautiful is absolutely gorgeous. that owl really is calm flagging flagginged in snow too. you can tell it's winter animal. let's get over to jeremy and talk about winter for news boston . >> anchor: was that the owl of dumb and dumber as well? >> anchor: possibly. i forgot about that . >> reporter: classic movie. all right, drizzle overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. sunday that is a wind swept soak soaker so in terms of snow out of this i think mary swanson and lloyd christmas have a better chance of hooking up and seeing snowflakes from that. cold returns next week. boston 40 at this time. northwood at 41. worcester at 32.
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of air right now and with drizzle out there this evening there may be a few slick spots on untreated elevated surfaces. anywhere where the air can get under, a bridge and overpass and perhaps even a sidewalk or driveway, walkway. you won't be significant or widespread but just mindful that very late tonight and early tomorrow morning away from the coastline i think 495 and northwest of there. through the day tomorrow a lot of clouds, few pockets of drizzle early on. still cool. temperatures between 38 and 44. the city tomorrow afternoon 43. lakeville at 43 north of town merrimac valley tomorrow, cloudy skies, near 40. fitchburg around 410. worcester at 39. a decent day for skiing tomorrow because there is not much in the way of precipitation. there will be a little bit of drizzle and flurry activity but no heavy precipitation. certainly much better than what i'm about to show you on sunday. see what i mean? you are not skiing on sunday. tomorrow is your ski day. sunday features period of rain and it's a warm rain as well with temperatures on sunday heading for the low 50's and also wind at the coastline so there goes our storm system
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during the day on sunday and then the cold air comes in behind that weather system. so in term of storm deets, i'm thinking the heaviest of the rain is probably noon sunday until 7:00 p.m. with most of us an inch of rain like he and all rain, no snow or ice anywhere in new england with winds between 30 and 40 miles per hour and perhaps even higher than that cape ann and cape cod gusting 40 or 50 miles per hour for a narrow window. i'm thinking three to 7:00 p.m. wind. a concern. there may be minor power dis disbecause of that. rainfall totals about an inch to an inch and a half of rain of here is the wind graphic. i kind of skipped ahead but right along the coastline the orange including the city of boston, new hampshire sea coast, winds gusting 30, 40 miles per hour i think metrowest not much. winds occasion legust 10 to 20 miles per hour but this will be where the air really warms up at the coastline and again closest to the ocean. that's where you have your strongest winds. see that little red right there. not forget about you guys on the cape. cane ament winds gusting 40 to
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mid afternoon sunday through early sunday evening. monday is a blustery cold day, middle 30's. yesterday i thought maybe some snow flurries on wednesday but now i'm thinking some rain showers tuesday evening and then really cold behind that weather system. see you at 5:00. >> anchor: thank you, jr. let's go over to fast track traffic with joe stapleton. getting a look right now at the lower level of the tobin bridge this is northbound on route 1 right near downtown. it's only a right travel lane break down but it's really pushing traffic back into charlestown and affecting the off ramps of the tobin bridge outbound from the downtown area. after you fight your way through this we'll look at some of the backup as well toward downtown and that route 1 a little farther north dealing with some delays as well right here around the lynn fellows parkway and it all stays very heavily congested coming up into the a lot of red lights here. northbound and southbound route 93 down on the braintree and milton areas. see some increasing volume there are two of the top of the screen on the mass pike it's what we're looking at right now.
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eggs its 17, newton watertown off ramp still afternooning only about a 40 minute ride from downtown out into natick. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> anchor: checking it's he cast here is an interesting question. does your city allow to you live an active lifestyle? >> anchor: the best and wore the cities were identified for just that. coming in at number one, scottsdale, arizona. the report cites its numerous fitness centers and golf courses as pros. boston come in just 31st in the country . >> anchor: your weighter's appearance may have more influence on your dinner than you think a new study suggests the heavier your weighter the more likely you are to order dessert. the study fine patrons with heavyweighters order 17% more alcohol. a good solution is toity decide ahead of time if you get dessert after dinner . >> anchor: that's hard. it's a game time decision. more new research addressing concussion concerns now. the study finds hockey poses no more concussion risk than other collision sports. researchers find most incidents
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they also find kids between 12 and 14 get more concussions than older players in hockey, which is the opposite of other sports. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, get ready for a star-studded night in hollywood. the golden globe set to kick off award season. we'll look a days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... fundraising again in new orleans. rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. is responsible for the
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a star-studded night. the 73rd golden globes will air at 8:00 on 7 nbc on sunday . >> anchor: comedy ricky gervaise returns as the host for the fourth time. here is more. seals like everything this year was three dimensional except the current tourist . >> reporter: he made goaden globe snark . it must be good because it's nominated so shut up . >> reporter: almost as buzz " "about as his award . his humor is just that one step over the line of being appropriate . >> reporter: gut globes keep bringing hill back for more . please welcome the man who will wear literally anything timber tells him to, johnnie dep depp . when i was invite insisted backpack i did it to prove they were wrong. do you know what taylor swift you say away from michael j fox's son . >> reporter: they have pass the torch back . i treat it more lick a
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just look at all of the faces here reminds me of some of the great work that's been done this year by cosmetic surgeons. he runs the risk of anger angering some people and hurting sole feelings but you know it's going to be entertaining . >> reporter: a man on a tightrope . i haven't even seen the who has? >> reporter: in front of an audience of millions . this could offend afternoon in the world and they may like it. it's the not knowing that's exciting. >> reporter: it's part of the appeal. mark barger, 7 news . >> anchor: much more to come in the next 90 minutes, everyone' jadiann thompson. >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> anchor: breaking news . all units respond, shots fired. >> anchor: a boston police officer shot in dorchester. what we've learned about the man accused of pulling the trigger. also breaking, a philadelphia police officer ambush insisted.
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surveillance video claiming ties to isis. and a mexican drug lord back in custody months after he escaped from a maximum security prison. >> anchor: not one weather system, but two storms this weekend. details are up next. >> anchor: more breaking news, crews disposing of dangerous chemicals. a huge explosion on just one station. crews just detonating those materials after a removing them from the site of a blast in north andover. we have a live report coming right up. shots fired the a boston police officer . he has a serious leg wound spots is expect taken into custody alive . this individual just shot one of our officers and officers were able to tackle him and not use deadly force . >> anchor: officials voicing their anger over the attack . we're not going to tolerate anyone going after the boston
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