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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> anchor: 7 news with big story coverage. >> anchor: that officer was part of the boston police drug unit . >> anchor: he was shot in the leg and suffered serious injuries. he was able to use a tourniquet to help stop the bleeding there. 7 news has a team of reporters working this story. with the latest on the recovery to what we've learn about the suspect. let's begin with dan hausle who is live for us. dan? well, those turn debts you mentioned are something boston police officers have been asking for since the marathon bombing when they were forced to use pieces of clothing to try to save lives in the street. they were issued to boston police officers starting about nine months ago, all of the officers we're told got them. about 90 days ago and they pretty quickly proved continue a possible life saver. a plainclothes boston police officer shot by a suspect is rush insisted to the hospital. the commission essays officers from the drug unit were trying to pull over a known exconin dorchester when the suspect came out firing .
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shot. it's terrible. >> anchor: while the suspect took off the officer was left bleeding in the street with a leg wound. police say he is lucky the officers now carry turn debts that help the injured officer when he needed it most . he tried to do his initially because all our officers have it, but then a fellow uniform officer who was nearby heard the call and he that was fortunate. it could have saved his life and . >> reporter: with a shot officer down the others gave chase finally tackling the us r us putt a few blocks away. police say he is grant , just paroled last year. the mayor credited the officer showing great restraint even while under fire. there is a lot of stuff that goes on around the country i'm lot of criticism of police departments and here in the city of boston our police department certainly is the best in the nation, being able to do their job every single day and risks
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>> anchor: as mayor and police commissioner visited the injured officer they say he asked about whether the guy that shot him had been caught . that's what they set out to do wastic a dangerous felon off the street and ultimately they did what they had unfortunately the officer got shot and he is going to be great but that's the dangerous work we do every day. >> reporter: that injured officer is recovering at the boston medical center with his wife by his side. the suspect will be in court on monday. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: that neighborhood where the officer was shot just transformed ever so quickly into an active crime scene and so many people were of course terrified when they heard gun shots near their homes. jonathan hall spoke with some of john? the investigation on mount bowdoin terrorists continues tonight. this area still on edge, still a awash in blue police lights as the investigation continues more than six hours after the crime. the sound of gunfire start else
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in dorchester's bowdoin geneva neighborhood . >> reporter: you heard shots? yes . . >> reporter: he saw the suspect identified as grant hedl hedley hopping fences and running a way with officers giving chase. but he didn't know how the drama played out . they got him, that's good . >> reporter: they got him . good. glad to hear it . >> reporter: feel bad for the officer? always feel bad for officers who get hurt in the line of duty . >> reporter: people didn't have much access to their neighborhood. investigators fanned out, search searching for shell casings and other clues. what appears to be an unmarked boston police suv was core donned off by crime tape . i have been up here since 1986 and we all look out for each other, we know who is around most of the time but again there are those few spots . >> reporter: this woman was able to get by the play block to walk her little boy home . >> reporter: you were shocked by this? completely shocked.
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i don't know how it started. i just left home and i get a tent message . >> reporter: boston police did their jobs on the streets but in the hearts they were with their wounded comrade at the boston medical center . this is a person that's part of the community. of course years' concerned and happy he is okay . >> reporter: thank good, right right? thank god . >> reporter: the suspect arrest insisted on geneva avenue right near an ab cd early childhood education center that went into lock down. lots of worried parents there. we're live in dorchester. jonathan hall, 7 news . >> anchor: the man suspect insisted of opening fire on that officer is well-known to police. he was released from a locup less than a year ago. tonight we're learning more about his lengthy criminal history. sheryl fiandacca continues our team 7 coverage. sheryl? >> reporter: the suspect is no stage tore police arrested several time over the past few years and even spent time in prison. in fact, grant hedley was on probation when he allegedly shot
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now this is grant hedley's head shot. in this is a mugshot charged in officer in boston. the officer assigned the drug control unit stopped him for a suspended license. but his violent criminal record dates back ten years starting from when he was just 17 years old. in 2005 he was convict insisted of possession of a firearm without a license or permit. not even a year later he was convict insisted on another firearms charge and in 2006 was sent to jail. he was only out for five months when he got arrest insisted again in 2008. this time, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. once again, he was convict insisted and sent to jail. but that's not the end of his record. in april of 2010 he was again arrest insisted. this time on both gun and drug charges. he would spend nearly five years in miss on before getting released last april. now less than nine months later, he is now become in custody. this time charged with shooting
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while he was out on probation. a scenario that the head of the patrolman's union said is becoming all too common. he was released from prison in april and he was out on probation. he is expect insisted to be arraigned in dorchester court on monday. in the newsroom, sheryl fiandacca. >> anchor: coming up at 6:00, the father suspect insisted gun gunman talking to 7 news hear his message to the officer and his family coming up at the top of the hour. >> anchor: we'll continue to stay on top of this breaking story all night. remember, you can get updates on 7 news app, our facebook and twitter pages as well as >> anchor: we have more on the breaking news out of north andover today. the bomb squad detonating dangerous chemicals in a far away location. those are the chemicals that led to an explosion at the dow chemical plant yesterday. 7's steve cooper is right there and steve tell us about the detonation and also how are the four people that are injured yesterday doing tonight. >> reporter: we're told those
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in critical condition tonight with severe burns on much of their body so that is one part of this investigation police are hoping to talk to them to learn more about what happened here. as for that detonation, well, this area here at the dow chemical plant has been off limits all day long, a short time ago the remaining chemical involved in this serious blast was taken way carefully removed by the state police bomb squad and that detonate insisted a short time ago. dramatic images from north andover late today as the state police bomb squad detonates the vessel filled with the remaining chemical try ethel aluminum. the chemical that exploded on thursday afternoon injuring four employees after this frantic 911 call . we had an explosion. we evacuate the the building jetstream three people down inside and not sure how badly they are hurt. we need an ambulance and fire support. >> anchor: three the four employees will be flown by medical helicopters to boston hospitals with injuries
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but not before they were de decontaminated in the parking lot outside lawrence general hospital. through much of this day hazardous materials teams were on the scene, assessing damage done to the laboratory before removing a cylinder containing the chemical involved in the explosion. it was extremely volatile. so all of the precautions have to be in place. you have to make sure that every step is ready to go before you start the process of isolating it and removing it . >> anchor: other than emergency responders the budding remained off limits. everyone here well aware with 60 people working ini'd at the time this incident could have end insisted up very differently. let's keep your fingers crossed and pray for recovery of these four seriously injured workers. it could have been at this time much worse and let's hope it doesn't turn worse. >> anchor: at this hour the fire marshall says it appears that this was an accident and nothing more but the investigation is ongoing. police are hoping to talk to
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now they are unable to speak with investigators as they continue their recovery. as for the company here it's un unclear when they will be able to reopen. live in north andover tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: there is breaking news out of philadelphia tonight tonight. a police officer ambush insisted there. the surveillance video is hard to watch. we need to let you know the officer is okay. he was sitting in his patrol car when a man fired 13 shots at him him. amazingly, the officer was able to get out of the chase, out of the car and chase after the suspect >> anchor: investigators now say the man who went on the attack did so in the name of isis. ryan schulteis is here with more more. >> anchor: kim and adam, what we know is the philadelphia police say this was provoked here. this attack was an unprovoke ad adtake but an officer is being investigated as an act of terror terror. in philadelphia brazen ambush of a police officer sitting in his cruiser and from the suspect a
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he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this . >> anchor: a surveillance camera captured the moment when the gunman opened fire on jesse heart nick. approaching until he was shooting pointblank and un unloading the last of 11 shots as he repretty treated managed to return fire even though he was hit three times . the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life and we're ever so thankful to god that he is here today because this could have easily been a police funeral. >> anchor: police say he lost a lot of blood and underwent hours of surgery. his father said he will pull through . he is a tough guy. he is an excellent philadelphia officer . >> anchor: police say the suspect used a gun stow friend an officer's gun back in 2013. investigators say their biggest question now is whether archer acted on his own or whether this was a coordinated at of terror. terror..
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security committee says at take is part of a trend of radicalize insisted individuals targeting u.s. law enforcement. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> anchor: also breaking, the mexican drug lord none as el chapo back in custody six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison. jadiann thompson here with where and how he was captured. >> reporter: adam, mexican marines staged heavily around raids in western mexico ending well chap oh's capture. now these pictures show the drug lord moments after he was taken into custody. the mexican navy said a tip helped track him down marines stormed the home he was hiding in this morning. he wasn't hurt but five other suspects were killed in a shoot out that followed. security cameras did capture his prison escape back in july. he walks across his cell and then disappears through a hole in the floor. he then escapes through tunnels. look at that below. authorities had been looking for him ever since. the mexican president announced that capture on twitter saying "
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reporting live, jadiann thompson 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. we have wet weather head insisted our way. in fact, we're gearing up for a sunday soaker. some clouds and drizzle tomorrow but then we're talking a lot of rain to end the weekend. could work out for game waving though. here is jeremy reiner . very good point there. right now 30's to around 40. cloudy skies and there will be a couple of pockets of drizzle overnight tonight and very early tomorrow morning. in fact two storms we're watching for you. the first one is not that far away but it weakens significantly. there is rain right now, cleveland, pittsburgh heading for buffalo but it falls apart so much other than some patches of drizzle tomorrow morning, some is essentially a dry day a lot of clouds. over here is the real deal. back into texas and this will be a storm system that really winds up and brings a lot of rain, wind to the coast lynn and also warm i. so no concern of snow or ice. storm time line moves the rain into new england probably midday on sunday and out of here early sunday evening and then a cold
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england early next week but what we know so far again plan on about an inch of rain for everyone mid sunday afternoon and also winds in the coast lynn may be a little feisty. there may be minor power disruption sunday between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. along the coastline especially on the cape and islands where winds will gust between 30 and 45 miles per hour sunday afternoon. >> anchor: thank you. >> anchor: we're following more news here tonight i'm man stabbed in a violent road rage incident in braintree. tonight, there is an arrest to tell you about . >> anchor: then in just one hour, an elementary school in winchendon forced to take some immediate action after dozens of . >> anchor: we're staying on top of bringing news we've been following here all day. a boston police officer shot. the suspect in custody. police say he is known as a felon just got out of jail this year. the officer is expect insisted to be okay. life-threatening. we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted right here on 7. ittle things in life that make me smile.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino...
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in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. is we're following more news here today i'm road rage incident in braintree turns violent. 32-year-old mario roman facing a judge today accused of stabbing another driver. police say roman and the other driver got into some sort of altercation last night. that's when police say the two men got out of their cars and roman allegedly stabbed the man five or six times.
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police eventually found him nearby. the officers got out of the cars and an altercation ensued and one of the men, a 30 30-year-old man from randolph, was stabbed multiple times in the upper body and torso area. the suspect fled the scene. >> anchor: the victim was taken to the hospital and is expect to be all right. he faces several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. >> anchor: the governor of maine saying he slipped up when town hall meeting. the governor was talking about tackling drug abuse at the time. these are guys by the name of d money, shifty, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. incidentally, have the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> anchor: that meeting happened on wednesday and now the governor is clarifying what he meant.
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didn't catch up to my mouth. instead of saying maine will, i said white women. >> anchor: the governor went on to say he went apologize because he says maine is essentially 95% white. >> anchor: the powerball jumbo jackpot continuing to just climb tonight. the ticket sale frenzy has pushed tomorrow fight's big prize past $800 million. it still is growing. it will be the largest lottery jackpot ever won in the u.s. and what if no one hits the lucky number saturday night? well, wednesday's job would be more than a billion dollars. >> anchor: next on 7, bidding on boxers. why these undergarments are expected to go for a pretty penny. >> anchor: tracking rain for sunday weekend forecast is up next. >> anchor: jeremy, then at 5:00 some new details about a blast at a rhode island beach last
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why officials are saying this could happen at other coastal
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then that happened. he brings out beyonce's secret weapon for his forance of run the world girls. that cameo is going viral. nice outfit. >> anchor: we've got drizzle overnight tonight through the day tomorrow. sunday features rain and there will be some wind as well. like bow i don't know say wind on sunday. we're talking winds at the coastline gusting 30 or 40 miles per hour. temperatures right now 30's to around 40. the city at 40 degrees. i point these towns out though, worcester 32. jaffrey 32. there are chillier pockets of air away from the ocean. and there will be a could you couple of patches of drizzle late this evening overnight tonight if you are out and about i just be mindful there could be a couple of slick spots un untreated surfaces. it's not going to be significant or anything like that. certainly a non-issue, 128 to the coastline okay patchy drizzle. these locations here earl late tonight, early tomorrow morning there may be a couple of pockets of patchy, freezing drizzle.
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this is a storm system moving through the northeast but all it can do is produce the clouds and pockets of drizzle still kind of a cool, chilly, raw day. numbers are normal. 38 to 44. then on sunday, that is the second of two storms. that's a bigger storm. that's a powerhouse storm with rain, wind especially at the coastline and near record warmth warmth. temperatures on sunday heading for the low 50's. so there is your weather map tomorrow again from weak area of low pressure well to our west and then here comes another area of low pressure. you notice the theme here by the way. it's west of new england. for you snow lovers you want the red l south of new england but as long as they keep passing down the saint lawrence river valley there is no cold air to be had until after the storm comes through. then it's a cold blast of air back into new england for monday and much of next week. so the storm system here is where it is right now. just now beginning to get itself organized and that will quickly move to the northeast, be with us on sunday. storm time line again i think
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the heaviest rain midday sunday through early evening, inch of rain likely and again all rain. no cold air. just wet roads. wind will be an issue at the coastline gusting 30 to occasionally 40 miles per hour. the amount of rain on the way, most of us are getting a soaking here. generally an inch to and some locations an inch to a quarter of rain. at the coastline cape ann and particular cape cod you will have winds for just a few hours, three to 7:00 p.m. on sunday where winds gust 40, maybe 50 miles per hour. so there may be minor power disruption. metro boston winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and then back into metrowest it's mild breezy afternoon with the rain. 10 to 20 mile-per-hour winds. monday mix of clouds and sunshine, couple of rain an wet snow showers tuesday afternoon and another shot of arctic air middle and end of anybody week. see you at 5:30. >> anchor: we'll see you then. thanks. everyone wants a piece of tom brady as the pats gear up for their post season . >> anchor: one lucky fan is going to walk off with brady's
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it was one of the biggest roles to today. brady's pajamas including his boxers will hit the auction block all white brooks brothers bookers, size 36 by the way and i gray jurorio armani t-shirt are expected to draw big money when they go up for auction. the minimum bid is $2,500. >> anchor: 36? i thought it would be like 34 or something. >> anchor: i don't know. it's working for him though. ahead on 7 a little girl in game change. who will soon be head insisted to a special edition monopoly game. >> anchor: and ahead at 6:00, preparing for the unknown. bill belichick talking about getting ready for the playoffs
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>> anchor: glad to have you with us as all and another hour of 7 news is straight ahead. ally adam williams . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: abouting news at 5 5:30. a boston police officer shot. at used shooter caught. what we're learning about the tense confrontation and how the officer is recovering . >> anchor: an outbreak of concern. a local school forced to shut down and clean house for dozens of kids sick to their stomachs. >> anchor: caught on camera. a thief speeds off with a six six-year-old still in the car. you are supposed to protect your child and i couldn't do anything. >> anchor: how police finally tracked down the little girl . >> anchor: and use the force . come on, he is the main character . >> anchor: how she used galactic power to create change in the "star wars" universe.
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breaking news first at 5:30.


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