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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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police say he is grant hedley just paroled last year. meanwhile, the injured officer was being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. police say he is lucky the officers now carry tourniquets that help the officer when they need it most . he tried to do it initially but then a fellow uniformed officer who was nearby heard the call and tied it off and helped him and that was fortunate it. could have saved his life and it at least saved his leg . >> anchor: mayor walsh came to check on the highly decorate insisted young officer. the mayor praising the restraint shown by officers under fire but restraint tested too often with so many guns on the streets . we're not going to tolerate anyone going after the boston police department. their job is to protect the community and protect the neighborhoods. that's what they do every single day, day in and day out. >> reporter: this suspect who had just been paroled will be back before a judge on monday. live in boston, dan hausle, 7
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the entire area there on edge, a nearby school locked down. witnesses shaken by the scene. jonathan hall is live in the neighborhood where this happened with that pat of the story. good evening. some people who live here told us police had warn insisted them about drug activity in the neighborhood in recent months. yet this is a neighborhood that people are really proud of. they find this crime to be a complete shock. shots rang out and officer down. lots of people were home in this neighborhood and they jump to look out their windows. how many? five . >> reporter: do you feel bad for this officer? always feel bad for officers that get hurt in the line of duty . >> reporter: gary bell saw a guy take off. a suspect now identified as grant . he helped another guy . >> reporter: he is relieved to hear police made the arrest quickly and as investigators searched for a bullet casing and other evidence in a nearby
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this activity a bit surreal. it's not something that you think to hear so close to home . i have been here for 30 years and we've never had any trouble up here really . >> reporter: this surprises to you have a police officer shot in the leg? yes. >> reporter: a nearby head start program went into lock down and worried parents came to get their young kids. their reaction? a little scared and nervous and overwhelmed as any parent would feel in a situation like this. you would want to make sure your child is safe at all times and that's what i had to make sure she was safe. >> reporter: safety is key for police too. they have a man injured but expect insisted to survive . not only is this a police officer but this is a person that's a part of the community so of course we're concerned. course we're happy that he is okay. >> reporter: as you can see streets are still blocked in this neighborhood. mount bowdoin terrace is still a crime scene nearly 8 hours after the officer was shot. live in dorchester, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> reporter: lots of concern and really just a terrifying
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as one of their own went down. and tonight we're hearing the officers call for help. for that let's go to tim caputo. caputo.. this officer sounded incredibly calm and collected despite just being shot. he said where he was and that he needed help. i am at 33 mount bowdoin terrace shot . >> reporter: an officer with a bullet in his leg calling for help in dorchester. the suspect took off after shooting the lane clothes officer in the calf. one other officer who was there ran after the suspect while letting the dispatcher know they needed to send an ambulance . officer shot. officer down . >> reporter: the suspect ran through several yards in dorchester. police weren't far behind, but
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we have a suspect running toward, plainclothes officers out there . >> reporter: at the same time an ambulance was on its way to get the officer who was shot in the leg. this all happening in a matter of minutes . can we work on getting the street shut down? >> reporter: within five minutes of the shooting the suspect was caught. a frantic few moments that end . can anyone tell us if there are any other suspects? >> anchor: according to dispatch recordings it was actually less than 7 minutes total between when an officer got shot and when he was put in the back of an ambulance. live in the control room, tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: tonight grant hedley remains behind bars. now we hear from his father. we're live in door are with what he had to say . >> reporter: ryan, the suspect suspect's father says he is sorry, he is in shock and wants to make sure and he hopes that the officer has a speedy recovery. now the suspect lives with his
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a few blocks from the scene where police say that he opened fire on a plainclothes officer who had pulled him over for having a suspended drivers license. suspects's father said he is in shock. he says he was a good dad to his son. he tried to guide him but for some reason his 27-year-old son went astray. now he says that his family is so sorry, they air good family and doesn't know why this happened. . it reflects bad on your family too. it's not just his life. it's, you know, our life too. my family's heart goes out to the officer and his family. we hope everything works out well for the officer. >> reporter: the father says the whole family is still in shock and that his family did not raise their children to be this way. live in dorchester tonight, susan tran, 7 news . >> anchor: we'll continue to stay on top of this story throughout the night. you can get immediate updates on the 7 news app. our facebook and twitter pages and .
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will see on just one station, an explosive moment in north andover but this time intentional as crews eliminate insisted the chemical that cowed a serious blast yesterday. the explosion at the dow chemical facility sent four people to the hospital yesterday yesterday. now we're learning more about them and how they are doing. steve cooper live in north andover now. >> reporter: victims have been unable to talk to investigators today because they remain hospitalized tonight. meanwhile, here at the scene it's still off limits and the chemical that was involved in this explosion was removed from the scene a short time ago and detonate insisted by the state police bomb squad. sky 7 hd capturing the dramatic images from a remote area in north andover a short time ago. that's where the state police bomb squad detonate insisted a vessel filled with remaining chemical try ethel aluminum. that's chemical that exblow pleaded yesterday afternoon seriously injuring four employees bringing a massive response following this 911 call
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we have an explosion. we evacuate the building of we have three people down inside and not sure how badly they are hurt we do needham lance and my support . >>three of the four were airlift airlifted to boston hospital with critical injuries but not before being washed down by fire fighters manning hoses in the parking lot outside the emergency unit at lawrence general hospital . this is a very large response for our department. i would say one in recent has tory. crews work to get inside to the lab to remove the chemicals. given damage and severity of the injuries it was a serious blast . fire officials were pretty clear about what happened but why was another story. that's why investigators were hoping to interview the injured employees . it could have been at this time much worse and let's hope it doesn't turn worse but this was a very violent explosion as the chief said. this is a process that when it
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wrong. >> reporter: company officials release a written statement a short time ago telling us they are cooperating with state, local and also federal officials looking into what happened here. it's unclear when the plant will be able to reopen. live in north andover tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. disturbing discovery. parents come home to a showing scene after their baby sitter allegedly gets drunk on the job. we are coming off one of the warmest decembers ever but doesn't stay like that forever. heating your home can get ex exminutive so we've got tips on cutting the cost. >> reporter: that's coming up
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>> anchor: today we're learn morgue about a wild ride on cape cape. state police say a 2626 yearly man led troopers on a hayes a astarted in dennis and end insisted 40 miles away. our cameras were then there when the us pelt surround 0 last night. police received a tip that the man was around and threatening to hurt people. when they arrest insisted him they found this fake gun. tonight the suspect is recovered recovereding in the hospital. he will answer to charges when he gets out . >> anchor: a nanny in salem is facing some troubling charges. he is accused of doing drunk on the job. 52-year-old susan conway lily plead not guilty to a child endangerment charge yesterday but authorities say a mother called police when she got home and heard her baby crying and that the nanny was so drunk she couldn't open the door. firefighters forced their way in using some materials that they have on hand. the baby is okay. >> anchor: police arresting a
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in hyannis. officers say the suspect's hat gave him away. police say james anderson was wearing that selfie had when he used wire cut tours steal a jewelry display book at k-mart there thursday. the case had around 10,000 dollars of jewelry in it when police caught up with anderson he was still wearing the hat. . he left it on for the mugshot too. how convenient. that was pretty easy to spot that guy. jr standing by with a look at your weather and heading into a week, an we now? we are and hopefully the plans are for inside because we're talking about rain on sunday. i will show you how much is on
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>> anchor: that powerball jumbo bigger jumbo. boy, the numbers are getting out of hand. that ticket sale presency push tomorrow night's big prize past $800 million and still growing. it's going to be easily the largest lottery jackpot ever won in the u.s. and if nobody hits the numbers on saturday night, wednesday's jackpot will be around the $1 billion dollar mark. >> anchor: the dreams continue all the list of things you do if you want to get bigger and bigger and the question is, will
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there tomorrow and buy lottery tickets? i think we will. i don't need all $800 million. i will take a couple million. i don't need the whole thing. share something caring. i get that. drizzle tonight and through the day tomorrow. tomorrow you can get out and about and do your thing. a decent day for skiing. you know, temperature in the 30's a lot of clouds. sunday forget about it. it's a soaking rain coming at us us. cold weather comes back next week. 30's to around 40 right now. state at 40. worcester 32. jaffrey around orange lower 30's 30's. weave clouds here in southern new england and there are likely to be a couple of pockets of drizzle overnight tonight with temperatures in the worcester hills. there are just a couple pockets in pink shading here inside 495 the city of boston just on and off light drizzle overnight tonight and toll morning. and then through the day tomorrow cloudy skies, still school cool, 38 to 44. sunday here you g.this is a storm coming at us with a big
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that wind will be from the southeast so it warms things up the record in the city is 56. near record warmth on the way for sunday our storm time line when radar will look like about midday on sunday. there is batch of rain in southern new england. there is the center of the storm for you snow lovers you want the red l near cape cod. not buffalo. that seems to be the storm track of late wearing out a spot in the carpet. all of these storms and then the cold air comes back into new england after the storm goes through. so again storm details few shores on and off sunday morning but i think the steadiest of the rain is from about noon on of rain likely. and again no cold air so no ice or snow. wet roads and winds in the miles per hour. rain again i think most town boston about an inch of rain, inch and a half of rain possible in sole of those heavier down ours for a short time sunday afternoon and at the coastline with the southeast wind mid to late afternoon on sunday.
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40 miles per hour and cape ann right there and the cape itself and islands you may have winds gusting between 40 and 45 miles per hour. that might lead to some minor power disruption for a short time on sunday afternoon. your 7 on 7 forecast. tuesday a couple rain showers late in the day near 40 and that is an arctic front and that will blast through here tuesday night and wednesday, thursday, friday mostly sunny skies, coal though with lows in the and afternoon high middle and of next week upper 20's to around 30. enjoy those football games. >> anchor: every team is a good team. you are not going to be in a post season if you are not a good team and whoever we play next week is going to be a team that's not only a good team but they will want want a playoff game . >> anchor: patriots way to find
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opponent bill belichick took it easy holing a wear of walk through on wednesday and thursday before calling off today's session to take his team bowling. now while some players use the bye week to recover from bumps and bruises, newcomer stephen jackson took advantage of the extra week to brush up on patriots play book of the 32 32-year-old is looking forward to his first placoff game in ten years. we do need this bi to let guys to nurse up some bumps and bruises that they suffered from but for me personally it allows me an extra week being comfortable with the terminology once again i can't very that hard enough. it's a different language and trying to learn it on the go . he has a gate attitude. he has picked things up well and got better really literally every day walks off the field. better than it was the day before. despite drawing interesting from multiple teams with head coaching vacancies jock mc mcdaniels will not interview for any of the 7 openings this
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the patriots offensive coordinator choosing instead to focus on the team's playoff open opener next saturday. mcdaniels cannot interview for a head coaching job until the bye week before the super bowl or after the patriots are eliminate insisted in the post season. for the third time in five years rob grokowski has been named to the ap's first team all pro. the all world tight end finished the season with 72 catches for 1 1176 yards and 11 touchdowns leading the patriots in all three categories. well that deserves a gronk spike spike. now joining grokowski in the first team all pro is kicker stephen gostkowski. the patriots all-time leading scorer converted 33 of 36 field goal attempts this season and was perfect on 52 extra points earning him first team honors for the send time in his ten year career. with losses and five of their last six games the bruins will now play five games in 8 days on the road. doesn't sound very promising but claude julien's team owns the best road record in the n.h.l. and this could actually give
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tonight in new jersey. new jersey good teams, we have to turn this around and sometimes it's a good him to go on the road and feel good about ourselves. like the bruins the celtics have hit the skids recently. dropping four of their last five game the latest setback coming last night in chicago. brad stevens's team is especially disappointing at the garden suffering a pair of losses on their home court against the legally nets and lak lakers diring this five game stretch. but the c's will look to get back in the win column on sunday night when they continue the three game road trip in memphis. i'm alex corddry, that's a look at 7 sportment .
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>> anchor: ahead for us on this
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learned about the man caught on camera as he allegedly ambush insisted a police officer. he says in the name of islam. is there an isis connection? we'll have details on today's capture of notorious drug lord el chapo. what happens to him now? and the bill clinton conversations now revery. what he once told britain's tony blair about george w. bush and saddam hussein when we see you here tonight. >> anchor: before we go an up date on breaking news of a police officer shot in dorchester then rush insisted to boston medical center. police say it all started when the officer with a drug unit pulled over a known suspect this morning. the police commissioner says that's when the man came out fir firing his gun shooting an officer in the leg. the other officers there ran off after the gunman finally tackling him a few blocks away. the injured officer rushed to boston medical center with a gunshot wound to his leg. police say he is lucky that officer is now carry turn debts. the department's protocol wound up helping the injured officer when he needed it most. we also learning more about the suspect. 27 grant was a known drug dealer
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year. much more tonight at 11:00 on 7 news . >> anchor: let's get one last check of that weekend forecast as you make plans to head outside. jr? >> reporter: right now temperatures 30's to around 40. the city at 40 degrees. beverly at 39. a lot of clouds out there this time. we hold on to clouds tonight and through the day tomorrow. it's the first of two weather systems coming at us. here is storm number one and it is weak it will fall apart testimony general rate clouds and pockets of drizzle overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. really a non-issue. this over here in texas don't mess with texas because his storm is coming at us with a big bag of rain and wind. i think most towns about an inch of rain on sunday afternoon, winds at the coastline gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour hour. perhaps even over 40 miles per hour in the cape but it's a warm wind near record warmth. low 50's on sunday. monday of next week mix of clouds and sunshine. blustery and cold. >> anchor: thank you soap for joining us i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams. we hope have you great evening. if you stick around the house
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weave we're on cw 56 at 10:00 and back for 7 news at 11:00. have a great evening and weekend is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom
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