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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we are following breaking
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investigating a strong chemical smell at this apartment building. it is on warren street. the building has been evacuated. no injuries have been recorded. the crews are still on scene right now trying to determine exactly what is causing this smell. >> and breaking news now out of the brockton. a frantic rescue after two young boys fall through the ice. the 9 and 11-year-olds went under on a pond off of crescent street just behind the plow school. witnesses rushed to save those little boys. no word yet on their condition. >> also on 7 we are learning more about the officer shot in the line of duty. boston police telling us that he is a 9 year veteran of the department. and tonight we are learning more about his recovery. 7's john cocoa lich outside boston medical center where that officer is being treated. john. >> reporter: well, we know this officer has non-life-threatening injury ses and remains in stable condition. in a message through boston police, officer curt stokinger sayings thank you for all those
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wishes and words of support, after he was shot in the leg friday morning. >> i got a blue line. >> all units shots fired. >> shots fired. we got -- he is in the back yard -- black male, wearing a black jacket, gray hoodie. >> reporter: he was rushed to boston medical center. >> not only is this a police officer on our job, but this is a person that is a part of the community. the father of two young children and a nine year veteran of bp d was hit after police say he tried to pull over their man, grant headley, headley was on probation after being released from a 5 year state prison term. >> as soon he got out he started to shoot before the chase was even even on. so unprovoked gain without our weapons out. from what i understand he was shot. >> reporter: according to the police commissioner he continues to recover from his injuries and
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he said he is lucky officers now carry a tourniquet. >> he tried to do this initially because all our offers have it but then a fellow uniformed officer nearby heard the call and he tied it off. >> reporter: they are told grant headley will likely be in court monday. live in boston, john cocoa, 7 news. >> also breaking this evening, mexico says it will -- it is willing to extradite drug lord walk quinn ill chapo guzman to the united states, but a federal official said it night be a while before that can happen. he is facing several charges here in the u.s. guzman was caught friday in mexico. right now the concern is that he is back in the mexican prison that he escaped from last july. >> new at 6:00 donald trump's campaign headquarters in littleton targeted by vandals. police making the disturbing discovery earlier today. the cleanup effort underway, kelly is live in littleton with more on who police say is
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>> reporter: that's right, liz. good evening. now police think it is some people in their early 20s because of some of the words used, that is how the police phrased it. but as you can see the property has been scrubbed clean, the chief says this better not happen again in his town. p-i-g, the word spray-painted in big bold orange laters on the headquarters of trump headquarters on littleton street. as it turns out this was not the only thing. >> there was swastikas drawn and trump go home. it was unfortunately, right in the town center where everybody gets a chance to to see itism police said they got the call at 9:00 this morning a woman driving by and could not believe her eyes. >> she looked over and said oh, my. there was pretty vulgar drawings also. >> reporter: he said they are
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>> there are a lot of people outraged, the people i talked to were not trump supporters by any means but were outraged this is going on. >> the chief adds no matter what your political views are this is unacceptable, here it's littleton and anywhere else. >> i am a firm believer in free speech but when you go to a criminal act that is not free speech anymore. >> reporter: as you see the property has been scrubbed clean. a team was out here making sure all of those words were taken off of campaign headquarters, and they said whoever did this please turn yourself in because you will get caught. >> we are learning now details about tonight's record power ball jackpot. do you have your ticket or tickets? well lottery fever is sweeping the nation and with 900 million dollars on the line now that jumbo jackpot is expected to keep rising. nbc's chris palone has more on your chances to become a millionaire. >> reporter: despite the
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of becoming an almost billionaire in an instant is too good to pass up for americans from coast to coast. >> i never played this before. >> this is your first time. >> first time. >> and it is not just americans. >> here is the winners. >> ka middays are crossing the border into places like michigan and new york, all with two dollars and a dream. >> well, i actually had people on facebook message is who is going to the states today, i need to get power ball tickets so i m a grabbing illustrate for a few people. >> no one has won since november, as the jackpot grows so does the frenzy, pushing the power ball jack tot po more than 900 million dollars, it is sending people across boarders with their places packed hoping to strike it rich. the flares know their oddsar not good, one in bought 292 million, but they said more numbers are being sold, making it more likely someone is going to win.
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2 million an hour. >> i feel good. this could be my day. >> if no one picks the winning numbers the jackpot could reach 1.3 billion dollars. >> a grand another from swain med facing serious charges tonight. police say she stole several items from a local wal-mart and then tried to hide in a walk in refrigerator. investigators say that suspect left behind two young children when she tried to get away from officers. 7's nancy chen explains. >> reporter: a grim mother arrested sway met for shoplifting from wal-mart after police say she hid by locking herself inside a cold refrigerator, officers say 42-year-old sandra savage had two young children with her when she went inside this wal-mart and was spotted hide inch items from the store in the baby's carriage. chen confronted outside by security police say she returned the items valued at $34 hours and said she didn't have time
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her grandson to do the same, the two crossing a busy street in the dark as she pushed the baby carriage. officers say after she ditched her carriage she sprinted across route 53 here, running inside this domino's pizza and when officers arrived, that is when she locked herself in the refrigerate or. her grandson and a baby, the one-year-old child of a friend left in this e waiting area as tried to cox her out of the refrigerate or area before finally having to pry it open. officers have arrested her before, and the charges this time included reckless endangerment of a child after they had pizza. shoppers say they wished the children didn't have to get involved at all. >> it doesn't make me feel for the woman.
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i am glad the domino's guy did that. >> more news today police searching for a suspect after a deadly drive in wooster, police say a 56er 82 old man was hit and the driver took off. investigators believe the vehicle could be a large pickup truck or suv and the key detail is that it could be economiesing its passenger side mirror, anyone with information should call police. a shopping center in auburn evacuated after a core bon monoxide leak, fire crews responded to the great expressions dental centers this morning. about 150 people were evacuated from the stores in the heritage mall but no one showed any signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. officials say a faulty heating system caused the leak. >> still ahead your chance to own a piece of tom brady. that's right, the boxer shorts up for auction and the famous movie seen you have seen them in before. >> at least it was a piece of clothing.
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>> all right so a lot of people in new england might have a tom brady jersey, but how much would
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yes, brady wore that shirt and boxer shot combo to bed in the movie ted, 2. >> now brady's private collection is going up for auction, but you will have to cough up some serious cash. >> tom brady. >> when tom brady played a cameo in the movie ted, 2, he was well, in his skivvies and now this armani t-shirt and these brooks brothers boxers are up for bid. >> i kind of like it. >> what do you guess they sold for. >> a few hundred dollars. dollars. >> not even close, the starting bid is -- >> $2500. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> that is a lot of money and yes y lisa things the guys out most. >> they love tom brady, all of our guy friends. more than us. >> but these gentlemen are just concerned about brady himself. >> it would by a little creeped out if i was tom brady. them? >> sy guess i would hang it up.
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>> a deer in dairy escapes a tight spot today. it was rescued from a froze in lake. firefighters respond to beaver lake and pulled the deer from the icy waters safely to shore. the dieseled healthy and was released into the woods. the deer fell into beaver lake. >> in dairy, dairy, deer, beaver lake. it is interesting though, i guess on a more serious note when you are thinking betises and animals and kids going on -- >> yeah, scarey. >> -- with two children falling into a lake. it is warming up, so if the lakes had froze n over you got to think they might be starting to melt again. >> oh yeah, and especially, too, tomorrow, if we don't see any more rain, tomorrow we will start getting warmer temperatures and the rain is
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>> absolutely, everybody indoor rinks and everybody heed that warning,, temperatures nearing 60, so it is more of like a rain storm, for now drizzle pushing on to the north shore mainly, the city of boston as well, but what are we in store for tomorrow? you can 73 that snow, that is not it. here is that system moving in from the gulf of mexico and also going to pull in some cold air, what a temple radiant, little rock at 45, nashville at 65, look at at the twin cities, at two degrees with that arctic air depping down, that is in store for us next week but we don't get it yet. temperatures pretty raw as it has been throughout the day, 39 in boston, really holding steady west these temperatures, make we drop a couple of degrees but then we see those temperatures rise as we near sunrise tomorrow morning. sun. very mild temperatures. line. this is what we want to know about. how much rain, when cap we expect it?
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morning hours, 8 time or 9:00, looks like scattered showers but becomes heavier rainfall as we head into midday into the afternoon. we could get brief downpours as well as thunderstorms, rumbles of thunder could be a possibility, damaging gusty winds as well. you can see the fire hose that just kind of travels through here from time to time, but pretty much throughout tomorrow afternoon you can plan on wet weather, wet weather, and it is all rain for us. how much rain? one to two inches with locally higher amounts that could be a potential there. you get convect t.i.f. energy there and thunderstorms and it just dumps buckets and then moves on out. high wind watch also in effect for us for generally speaking winds out of the southeast 20 to 30 miles per hour so it is a windy day but typically wind from that direction have a hard time really reaching actuallysation. gusts 50 plus could be the case for those coastal areas southeast mass, the cape and the islands, but it may also not happen. plan on a windy day, though and
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southeast, not a nor'easter but a sow easter, you can call it that. record warmth in store for us, that could be the case, even some records tied, even some records possibly broke in effect 53 for a forecast high in wooster, that would match the record. tomorrow's sunday soaker heaviest for the afternoon, 50 to 58. look at these temperatures. this is why it is rain and not snow. so that is what we have been seeing is the mild side of storm systems. like tomorrow, where is the cold? well, it shows up for us next week as we get kind of this pattern change. now, we have been waiting to see if t it is going to be cold and snowy or cold and dry. and at this point it looks more cold and dry, sorry snow lovers but you see that snow flake on tuesday now, just like some light wet snowflakes into the and overnight. >> and now time for 7 sports with alex. >> sidenburg to billa, the bucks scores. collin and absolute bomb from
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then the bruins are up three on miller's third of the season. >> the bruins are back on track in a big way, blasting the devils 4-one last night. now the beefs continue this 5 game road trip in ottawa tonight and you know what that means. a rematch of one of the most intense games of the season so far. brad marchand returns from his three game suspension tonight. it was all thanks to this low hit on mark back on december 29th against the senators. that game featured a season high 7 goals for the bruins and a ridiculous 110 combined penalty minutes. the highly anticipated rematch starts at 7:00. wild card weekend is finally here, the chiefs and texas ands are playing right now, the steelers and beck gals tonight, cincinnati will head to jill celebrity next saturday if they win but if pittsburgh knocks him off the will host them. when the kickoff starts the pats
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than the regular season finale, help is on the way, they are getting back their best players at 4 different positions julian eddleman should be back, same goes for chandler jones, dante hightower, and tom brady's left tackle sebastian bomber, the guys in the locker room are excited for a healthy line-up. >> it is always great to get guys back. we just got to go out there to practice, work together as an offense and every one get on the same page. >> it is not that easy to just say get healthy and we and we will pick up where we left out but it is a start. we have some guys that are leaders that have been around here and that is always a institute and it is good to see guys back, like i always say we are a close group here and we all get excited when we see guys back and they are able to do what they do. >> so the pots will know their play off opponent tomorrow and we will break it down, they will
6:23 pm
all coming up tomorrow night at 11:25. the dolphins have their man, hiring adam gaze as their new head coach, the former bears and brog broncos offensive coordinator is just 37, bicing the youngest head coach in the nfl, reportedly he was going to meet with them but it was cancelled. and they kickoff against dartmouth, they have won 5 straight conference titles and have made it to the ncaa tournament for 4 straight years pand they kickoff in scale, with no conference game, 314 game play-off starts today, fast start for the boston native, miles right in the big green, check out that book dare cut, he had a team high 23, but kronk heading into the half beating the buzzer with the deep three, we are tied up at 36-36 at the break. second half evan cummins with the big islam, part of the 14-2 harvard run, and he puts it away. he comes up with the big steal,
6:24 pm
foul. he drops a game high 29. harvard wins it 77-70, kicking off i've why league play with a big home win. kids. and seeing different players that have to really step forward you know for us to come out with that kind of win in that environment, you know for him to play the way he played and had the guard you know miles wright on the other end. and i mean it was a terrific performance out of some guys that really have stepped forward for us. >> umass hosting saint bonaventure at the house that coach cal built. fast start for you mass, dante click dropping three of his game high 25, minutemen up 7-0 but the bonnies close the hearse mcfarland strong, jail len adams at the buzzer his three is good and saint bonaventure takes a 41-35 lead into the locker room. so second half we go, pretty
6:25 pm
88-77, now 8-7 overall and 1-2 in atlantic 10 play, in a rematch of last year ciaa title game, northeastern falls to william and mary 78-60, huskeys now 3-1 in conference play and that is look at 7 sports. >> all right, alex, thank you.
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