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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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lowell with the begging details. steve? >> reporter: the can't here calling this a huge development in the opioid crisis here in massachusetts. that brings us here to lowell district court where those two suspects were just in court fac facing a judge. they are being hell on high bail right now. the can't calling this a major bust here in the merrimac valley valley. this is a look at those drugs, we're talking about 30 kilogood morning of felt knoll in bricks plus thousands of dollars in cash, more than $20,000 and scales and other drum paraphernalia as well. drugs found in hidden compartments in the couple's apartment overnight. the drugs we're told have a street value of more than $3 billion. the can't saying just moments ago this has been an ongoing investigation, explaining phentynal is three times more powerful than heroin itself.
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often distribute insisted as heroin, time unknown to either the seller, buyer or both. they are particularly dangerous because next knoll, although it looks like heroin, can be several, almost 100 times more potent. >> reporter: bail was set at $ $10 million surity by the judge, million. both being held right now and the can't will only say that their investigation is ongoing and won't rule out the possibility of more arrests here here. live in lowell, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the forecast. one round of wet weather out of the picture, the next round could be making its way in by maybe tomorrow and this time it could be in the form of a couple of different types of precipitation. let's get over to meteorologist jeremy reiner and let him explain everything for us . >> reporter: windy and coal, 3 32 in the city at this time look at the wind chill down to 18
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26 miles per hour gusting over 30 miles per hour. the city at 32. bedford 30. fitchburg at 28. here is your enemy this afternoon. a case of the mondays and case of windy conditions. wind will be with us for a few more hours driving those wind chills down into the teens. it feels like 18 right now in town. worcester it feels like 12. plymouth feels like 23. they are having a few clouds and even the occasional flurry off of the lake effect snow machine throughout the afternoon hours. the wind fades away and then our next weather system, it's over here through the upper midwest. it's an area of low pressure that will quickly move out of the great lake states into new england tomorrow but out ahead of it will scoop up some mild air so i think for metro boston we're talking rain showers around this time, about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow evening that will likely end as a little bit of snow but more about the rain drops i think in metro boston than snowflakes. blustering cold weather back on wednesday. we'll talk more about the forecast in a few minutes . >> anchor: also on 7 a frightening rescue happening in brockton. two boys fall through thin ice
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the boys were pulled out of the water by people who heard about what as happening. the boys were then rush insisted to the hospital. one of them in critical condition. 7's jonathan hall live for news brockton with more on this story for us tonight. >> reporter: this 12-year-old boy that nearly drown attends this school and a small unnamed pond here on saturday. the by was in a boston hospital in intensive care. two young boys fall through thin ice in brockton. a 12-year-old boy fighting for life at a boston hospital while his nine-year-old friend suffered only minor injuries . i started running over and i jump insisted the fence an went over there . >> reporter: this good samaritan rush insisted over to the ice. he says he was notified by some kids that they needed help. these three boys were playing football nearby and could have been out there too . they called us to go play on the ice with them, but we said no, because we wanted to play football .
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they stopped passing cars and knocked on doors. at first two men in their 20's went in the water to help. they hopped over the fence and dived into the water and started breaking the ice. >> reporter: one of the passersby action i 25-year-old named oz benoit handed him to this neighborhood, randy, who had come to help as well . once i carried him out, he was kind of blue in the face, a little unresponsive then he kind of came to and was crying saying will he get in trouble? will he get in trouble? you know he is okay . . . cold, but he was okay. >> reporter: witnesses say the 12-year-old stayed submerged for a good ten minutes until first him. some of them went in the water without survival suits. the business made a dangerous dare. kids were saying they were messing around, saying, you know who can go where or whatever the case may be. >> reporter: oh so a tough
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dangers of going on thin ice. the brockton schools have been offering counseling to students here in this city. live in brockton, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: officials are fire in gloucester. crews rush insisted to the hole on hammond street just before 4:00 this morning. a man was trapped inside. fire fighters tried to rescue him but flames quickly engulfed the second floor of that house. they were able to make it up to the stairs but the fire was, had taken hold of the structure on the second floor down.. >> anchor: that man was the only person inside the home. state fire marshall's office is leading the investigation . >> anchor: the race for the white house making a pit stop in and a half. donald trump speaking at a packed rally in windham today just weeks before the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary primary. the republican candidate has held a sizable lead in new hampshire betting out play senator new york oh rubio by at least 16% in an nbc wall street journal poll. today trump making aim at the democrats.
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obama both heavily criticized. 7's byron barnett live for us in windham with a look. look.. >> reporter: this was a classic trump israeli. he was attacking his opponents and firing up his base. president obama, you are fired! >> reporter: donald trump bash bashing president obama as well as the other candidates running for the job. he hit his chief reason cannon ted cruise . ted cruise has a problem because is he a natural born citizen? i don't know. i mean, nobody knows. >> reporter: trump took aim at bernie sanders . i want to run against bernie. oh that's a dream come true. this guy, he would make some president. 90% tax, everybody. >> reporter: the billionaire real estate mogul. he is not bagging down from his promise to bull a wall on the
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who is going to pay for the wall? who? okay. the crowd of about 500 cheered. many saying they are voting for trump no matter what? to me he is telling the truth. he is not, got big money in back of him that he is working for us us. he is our man . you get folks that will vote for him that won't tell you that. they won't go on the record but they are going to do it. there is a movement here . >> reporter: trump had one heckler thrown out. . the way he discussed the other candidates on the presidential stage i feel is divisive for the party as a whole. i don't think it's beneficial at all. >> reporter: despite what some critics say, the trump campaign insists it's building a strong organization on the ground at this rally today and campaign staffers were busy recruiting more volunteers here in new hampshire. the primary is now just a month away. that's the story live in windham
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i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: hillary clinton and bernie sandes are neck and neck in new hampshire according to the latest nbc news poll. sanders is taking a slight lead over clinton getting support from 50% of likely primary voters. clinton comes in with 46% the new hampshire primary is set for february 9 as byron just said there. gabby giffords and her husband announcing they are endorsing hilary clinton for president. gifford says secretary clinton is the only candidate that will stand up to the corp rate gun lobby. giffords was shot in the head five years ago during a mass shooting. since then she and her husband have been advocates for tighter gun control laws . >> anchor: the white house releasing the special guest list for the state of the union address. the list includes spencer stone. he is one of the men who prevent prevented aster or attack on a train head insisted for paris back in august. another man will also be there, the plaintiff in the landmark marriage equality case. all of the special guests will be sitting in the first lady's box during the address. you can catch the president's address right here on 7.
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>> anchor: we are following more news here today. mothers against drunk driving has launch insisted an on-line petition demanding ethan couch's case be transferred it adult court. he was recently arrest insisted in mexico. ma is hoping to get 30,000 signatures by next week transferring him it adult court gives the criminal justice system a chance to hold him accountable. now meantime tonia couch was back in court in texas today asking for her bail to be reduced. authorities accuse her of helping her son leave the country to avid a probation hear hearing. couch was on probation for killing four people in drawnen driving accident. he avoid insisted jail time because his lawyers argued he never learned right from wrong because of his privileged upbringing. >> anchor: a high-rise rescue in texas, two window washers are safe after getting stuck on scaffolding 71 stories off the ground. it happened on the side of the tallest building in houston, texas. the men got stuck when their scaffolding system malfunctioned malfunctioned. fire fighters and a high angle rescue team were able to rescue
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hurt. music fans all over the world mourning the loss of a ledge especially. davidy bowy passing away overnight. the 9-year-old losing a long fight with cancer. we look back at the legacy left behind by the british rock star . being showing news of david bowie's death came as i surprise surprise. his facebook page announcing he died surround insisted by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. his son, duncan, confirming it on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's true. bowie's rise to fame began with "space oddity." star man and ziggy star dust solidified his genius cat
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fans from his hometown of brixto brixton are remembering the music icon . he influenced my life . >> reporter: those across the pond gathering at his star at hollywood's walk of fame . it's almost like he went to another planet to find this resource of creativity . >> reporter: hollywood elite remembering bowie after sunday's golden globe awards . he is an icon and i was a gift . his influenzas an artist has been amazing. >> reporter: what might be the most amazing or telling is his time album "black star" released just last week. with a single lazarus and haunting image of the biblical figure that rose from the dead. like lazarus, bowie's music will live on and he will remain a hero to a legion of loyal fans. nbc news. >> anchor: he will certainly be miss insisted. up next, local actors taking home the gold and a night full of wig bin wins and upsets at the golden globes .
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hampshire a driver facing several charges after his car goes barreling into a church . >> anchor: new details about an officer ambushed in philadelphia philadelphia. the f.b.i. now getting involved in the investigation after another threat . >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00 an actor under fire. sean penn being questioned after reportedly questioning el chapo while he was on the road from mexican authorities. that's coming up next on 7 news. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week
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you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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foreign press just told me if i think anything offensive or crass or resort to innuendo he will come out here and personally pull me off. so that's an offer i couldn't refuse. >> anchor: much of hollywood might be in recovery mode today after the goaden globes . >> anchor: the event last night honor insisted the year's best in tv and movies and it was packed with laughs and plenty of memorable moments. 7's sara french gives us a look inside the big wins and upsets of the night. >> reporter: that frontier revenge epic was a revelation at the golden globes. three major wins including best drama, best director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. this film was about survival. it was about adaptation . >> reporter: honors for best actress went to first time . i can't believe this . >> reporter: for the hostage drama "room." it was a double win for "the martian." my kids are watching so i
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told them if i got on tv i would definitely say something to them. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence meanwhile spoke directly to her frequent director david o rustle after winning best at less for their collaboration "joy." meanwhile, john hamm closed out his "mad men" career with his second globe as best actor that tv drama. rachel bloom was also caught off guard . oh, my god! >> reporter: winning best actress for crazy ex-girlfriend. the night's highlights also included a standing ovation for sylvester stallone's first ever globe, best supporting actor for "creed" playing the he originated nearly four decades ago . i want to thank ricky i ever had . news . >> anchor: coming up, show me money. powerball reef a new high in what was already a world record jon. i hope you got your ticket, jr . roll.
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couple of rain showers and snow showers tomorrow evening. time lineup next . >> anchor: a live guard from connecticut facing alarming allegations. what investigators discovered at the beach where he worked . just ahead, the boyfriend of bella bond's mother charged with murder entering his plea in court . >> anchor: a boston police officer on the mend after he had been shot in the leg on friday. the suspect facing a judge today today. announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> anchor: the powerball jackpot is now $1.4 billion and it still is growing. it if you haven't brought a ticket you still have a chance at becoming lucky winner of the next drawing is wednesday night. lottery officials say the jumbo jackpot is the world's largest in history so there is no sues to grab a ticket even if you don't normally play. you have to do it. it's worth a chance.
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the chaps are clearly really slim but you couldn't even win if you didn't try. have you gotten one . >> anchor: i will be doing that that. you might want to get it earlier than that. talking about the weather tomorrow. we have the commute going into work will be okay then it's later on, jr, things get messy in the evening commute possibly in . it's a nuisance weather system but the timing is the worst part because i think it is probably about 6:00 or 6:00 tomorrow evening with some rain showers that will end as wet snow showers metro boston. no issues for the morning commute. and light amount of accumulation but it doesn't take much to snarl up a commute. right now 20's and 30's the city at 32, worcester 26, plymouth at 33. there is wind out there, drive hills into the teens this evening behind big rainstorm yesterday. many cities and towns pummeled with rain about one oh two inches of rain. now on the backside of the weather system cold air. so mainly clear this evening, cold but the wind will fade away away. the numbers by tomorrow morning
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through the day tomorrow mostly cloudy skies with rain and snow showers arriving i think around 6:00 or 7:00 so even at this time tomorrow 4:00 or 5:00 i think we're dry in metro boston and even though it's cold right now look at the south wind it warms temperatures into the low 40's. that's why i think boston you are talking rain showers at the front end of this weather system tomorrow. the city tomorrow afternoon around 41, merrimac valley upper 30's to around 40. worcester hills you will find your first flakes probably evening. fitchburg around 36, worcester tomorrow afternoon, 37. out in the cape and islands. lower 40's. so here is your storm time line there could be couple of sprinkle or flurries but the main event if you will that arrives about 6:00 and you notice all of the green on the 95 corridor so we're advertising rain showers in metro boston. the farther west you go into worcester hills, southern new hampshire it will have snow showers and there may be some brief snow squalls as well.
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to watch late tomorrow afternoon and more likely tomorrow evening even 8:00 tomorrow night still raining in the city, cape ann, sought shore, and then at the very end of the weather system as it's wiping down tomorrow night i think there could be a couple snow showers. there is the no new of a window of opportunity for accumulating snow? boston thinking rain then a coat coating to perhaps some locations metrowest upwards of an inch but roads tomorrow evening after about 8:00 or 9:00 might be dicey around the metro farther west worcester hi looking like one to two that later -- a mix of clouds and sunshine wednesday and thursday. our next weather system coming at cuts for the weekend. that looks like rain in the city of boston as well as gillette for the pats game. we'll talk more about that at 4 4:30 . >> anchor: sounds good. let's go over now to 7's fast track traffic and check in with joe stapleton. thanks, getting a look now 128 northbound. looks pretty slow going but an improving situation. we just had a crash clear away.
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route 93 woburn and these headlights are bogged down certainly because they are backed up, starting to ease off getting by the route 93 interchange with that crash safely off the highway for us. down on the expressway we go here not a lot of company. northbound or southbound down to your freeport street down toward morsy boulevard. we do see increasing volume after this spot down in braintree heading for route 3 and 128 earlier crash that we had on route 3 southbound in hanover is now history and route 24 moving well there northbound and southbound as you can tell make your way on the mass week westbound and eastbound up by section its 17 now those headlights are coming toward us eventually becoming down out by exit 17 and again out through natick and weston averaging close to a half hour ride. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> anchor: up next new details surfacing after an a's ambush in philadelphia. why investigators believe this . >> anchor: anti-government activists continuing their stand and oregon. what organizes are asking for as the standover enters its send week.
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to roll against the chiefs. patriots on the meant and take talking about saturday's divisional matchup. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done. we've gone from eight billion in the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs, to a gain of three hundred forty-seven thousand jobs. what do you think? kasich. kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another
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>> anchor: staying on top of this breaking news. very ors making a big dug bust happening in tewksbury finding million of dollars worth of . >> anchor: no a couple is facing serious charges. adam williams is here at the breaking news des become much more of what's going on right now . the can't is calling this a major bust in the opioid crisis here in massachusetts. list seized 30 kilograms of phentynal in bricks from the couple's tewksbury apartment. they say the bricks you see right there were found and they were in hidden compartments. the street value of these drugs worth more than $3 million. the da calling phentynal a drug potentially even more dangerous than heroin. drugs like phentynal as you know are often distributed as heroin, sometimes unknown to
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both. they are particularly dangerous because phentynal, although it looks like heroin, can be several, almost 100 times more potent. >> anchor: so as the investigation continues here the couple, they are both being held on a number of drug charges. at our breaking news desk, adam williams, 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7 a dangerous drive in hudson, new hampshire where when a car goes barreling into a church. the crash causing some serious damage there . >> anchor: the driver is facing several charges. telly o'hara live with what kelly? >> reporter: good afternoon. they say it's an alleged drunk driver drove up through the church lawn of you can see these tire tracks rye here. they end insisted up hitting one of the columns right there and drying right through the church window. you can see people working right now. you can see they work all night until it's boarded up and safe. monday afternoon a day after sundays is the community such of hudson church goers were busy
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