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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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claeshg fights back in fall river. >> new video as father and son escape the flames of a fierce fire in mattapan. messy mix moving in i'm tracking rain and snow arrivering when you head home from work tomorrow. >> then, cameras roll and bullets fly a mexican marine track down and cap insure el chapo. >> and the pats in the play-offs and getting the gang back together. >> i'm feeling i did better yesterday and it continues to get better. julien ed edelman back on track. what he's saying about a return to field. >> let's start at 11 with break knew oh brockton teenage show the in back i stray bullet while he was in his kitchen. police say the teen is invent victim tonight. tonight the search is on for shooter brandon gunnoe lives in brockton with more and how
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kim, i'm sorry to report that that 17-year-old boy is not doing well. police just told me a few minutes ago that his gunshot wound is life threatening. investigators say this 17-year-old boy was inside his apartment. he was actually in the kitchen. when he was ht by a stray bullet. it happened just before 8:30 pine grove estates apartments at here in brockton. investigators say again that it was random. the teen was not targeted. also some time after ward not more than 150 yards away police a shooter or shooters fired 17 shots outside another apartment. investigators with brockton police and atf say shell casing match a 9 millimeter and a 40 caliber handgun. residents are of course upset a friend of family of 17-year-old hit by at stray bullet said a few words. what did you think? >> i just, i just heard them. we didn't know until afterwards what happened. >> how are you feeling?
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it's my neighbor's son. he did like like family. so they are >> do you know how he's doing? no, not yet. he's going to okay >> he 17. we don't know yet. do you no what he was doing at the time >> i don't know he was in his house. >> was he in kitchen >> yeah i think so doing his homework probably. right now police are still looking for the shooter or shooters. the 17-year-old boy was only one that was hit by a bullet. again we're told he's in critical condition in a hospital right now. >> we're live in brockton, brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team. >> also breaking tonight, in norwell a man is arrested after a stand off with police that lasted for hours there. it started this afternoon with a reports of a fire on stetson road. police found a man barricaded inside a home there it took a who ill and took number of people out homes and finally able to take that guy into custody. >> night team now turning to wet weather coming back for more. we enjoyed a drive but cool
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now it looks like a messy mix will move in for some of us tomorrow. let's check that forecast with meteorologist jeremy reiner. clear and cold right now. here is the next weather system. it's back to the great lakes states. this will quickly zip through great lakes then into northern new england during the day tomorrow. it does take some time getting here. so the morning commute is fine. even through much the afternoon. and perhaps most of the evening commute also rain and snow free. this weather system going to across northern new england will actually drag warm air just enough so that we're advertising rain to start this event. not snow. now here storm time line i think between 6 and 7:00 p.m. we will see first rain drops and snowflakes again for you folks in worcester hills, it starts and finishes a snow. metro boston starts a rain and ends a little bit of snow, about 9, 10 o'clock tomorrow night. so mainly a rain event. then coating to an inch possible. then farther inland back to 495 corridor more so worcester hills southern new hampshire, one to
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tomorrow evening all gone by midnight tomorrow night. all right, jr our morning crew will be here if you like to track the before you lever the house or while you're at work you also have the option of our interactive radar just head to weather section of and the 7 news mobile and tablet apps. new tonight a dangerous duel in fall river is all caught on camera. you're not going it believe this unwhen you see a worker going toe to toe with robber both men swinging knives before the fight spills out into the aisles. jadiann thompson went through this video spoke with store clerk who livers to tell about this horrible incident there. jadiann. >> remarkable right, adam? that man tells us that he saw this suspect loitering around the area a few days before this attack happened yesterday morning here market. he says he just wants that man caught. >> watch as this suspect rushes the counter and a jumps on it with a knife. the store clerk doesn't want to
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man is demanding cash. >> that he can jump on my counter and hold a knife give me money, give me money. >> i say yeah i can giver you money. clerk reaches down grabs some cash and then grabs his own knife. one they use in store deli. >> he didn't want to my face, oh my goodness i'm going to die. the struggle continues. with all of his might terrified the clerk fights the crook off. taking the fight to store floor the crook knocks over a supply shelf cutting clerk on his face and hand. >> i'm scared, yeah of course he gets out the struck me i would die. the two struggle and then clerk pushes man toward the door, sending him scrambling away. i'm lucky. i have a life. >> that suspect came to store on a bicycle. he ended up running away on foot he did lose knife knife oos was using in that scuffle police have that suspect still on the
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jadiann thompson, 7 news night team. now on seven the patriots chief concern. wonderful. hoping to be healthy at home for a play off push. talk about a sigh of relief patriots players and fans jude el edelman cleared to play. question become will an it will still affect edelman at game time sports director joe amorosino joins with us what edelman himself is saying. julien is cleared to play and while that broken bone in his left foot is healed it is also prone to breaking again. most players would tread lightly with that being the case. but not edelman. >> julien edelman all in for saturday's divisional play off game that broken bone in his left foot is healed and edelman won't holding back. >> i want to go full throttle regardless. so if it goes, it goes. >> i'd say i'm more focused than
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gays edelman rehab is complete. now he's focussing on getting back in tune with tom brady. we do work a lot together. and i know him he knows me. but, you know we still got to work very hard this week to, to make up on the ground loss that we didn't have. so that's what we're going to do. he's working pretty hard no one's worked harder than him more guys we have healthy the better healthy edelman is key to the patriots' success against chiefs defense. going to best team we've played this year. they won 11 straight. this team's, this team's a hot team so you know it shouldn't be about my foot or this or that. it should be an about kansas city chiefs. he's right it should be chiefs. but without julien edelman and left foot patriots would number real trouble. rotting live joe amorosino, 7 news night team. >> now, from the night team. flames, thick smoke.
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trapped. a father and son's great escape as their home goes up in flames. and tonight, firefighters say while the father and son made it out alive, the son is seriously hurt. elizabeth noriega is live in mattapan with possible cause and how is that boy doing? >> well kim that, man is still in serious condition tonight. investigators tell thaws a piece of dental equipment actually started that fire and this is what's left of that home and that business. a charred remain but those people did make it out alive. >> fiery rescue in mattapan a father and son inside this business and home on when it went up in flames. crews on scene say owner the business came running out yelling his son was trapped inside. you can see him make his escape in this surveillance video. >> the father said his son was trapped in the rear of the building and the son is very
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flames can seen shooting out two-story building sky seven hd over head when fire ras raging a piece dental equipment caused the fire. first you just have smoke and then flames came out. >> firefighter was also taken from the scene on stretcher with an injury but we're told he's expected tock okay. the fire has been ruled accidental. we're also told that a cause caused more than half million dollars worth of damages. in mat tan lidz beth noriega. early morning house fire in gloucester leaves one man dead. firefighters say the entire second floor was engulfed in flames when they arrived. they are skwes gaiting still cause of a fire. jeep splans into a church in hudson a drunk driver was behind the wheel and lost control early this morning. you can see how crash took out that large window and left all kinds of bricks and debris inside. but no one was hurt. take look at this, that's millions of dollars worth of drugs. some more addictive than heroin.
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cash all discovered in a tewksbury home after investigation started during the summer. a couple believed to be living in that home is now behind bars. we are following more news tonight including a first look at the tense take down of mexican drug lord el chapo. explosions and frantic gunfire as mexican marines close into the guy. tonight we're also learning that u.s. actor sean penn could be in trouble for his secret interview of el chapo. tim caputo joins us a closer look and what penn is saying mexican authorities say that interview with sane penny was a certainly for that capture because they were tracking cell phones of people close to el chapo. we're also seeing dramatic video prosecute reign that put an end to that fugitive's 6 months on the run. mexican marine exchange gunfire with body guards during an ordinarily morning raid.
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finally tracked down because he reached out to celebrities to produce a movie about his life. >> last october guzman met with oscar within actor sean penn was a playing roul journalist in rolling stone article the meeting was brokered by mexican actress who started a friendship with el chapo in 2012 chen when was publicly critical of mexican government. penn says he was worried as they were attempted to meet guzman he was right. surveillance shows they were both flown to a remote town and they had dinner with guzman. marines were poised to make in and move arrest the day they were therein sure actors went harmed they postpone ad raid a few days by then el chapo was gone. >> these clips are replies to
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weeks after he left. >> by morning 5 body guards were killed in shoot out, but guzman the master of escapes went through an underground tunnel emerge half mile away he stole a car but driver called it in and police finally caught up with him. >> el chapo is now back a maximum security prison same prison he escaped from last summer. extradition process has begun experts think it could take at least a year to get him to u.s. because of all legal options available to his defense. live in the control room tim caputo. also from night team world mourning a fallen star david bowie gone at the age of 69. bowie had been battle's cancer for 18 months while working on his latest and last album the ryan schulteis here with powerful memories being shared tonight. ryan. adam his death coming just two days after his birthday release
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his producer says was a good-bye to his fans. david bowie rock rocketed into fame same month of the moon landing. man became hero for six decades. star man and the iconic image of zig star dust solidified is genius for being creative and moving from moving from pop to rock to soul. his unique style bringing him his first u.s. number one hit. and he kept everyone dancing for years. he delivered berkeley college of music's commencement speech in 1999. anybody left over from the a proceedings today can join my wife and i for a slice. music is given me over 40 years of extraordinary experiences. its that music in 70s and 80s that defined his career. albums. and who could forget what he sang heros to first responders
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i like to say hello to the folks from my local ladder his death just as his life has people shocked. fans dropping off flowers at his birth plates in london outside his new york apartment. and decorating his star in hollywood walk of fame his music bringing people together one more time across the world. his death just days after he released his final album. this song los angeles ruz from hospital bed final songs his own obituary. he was married twice and had child with each wife. ryan schulteis, seven news night team. up next tonight, how local firefighter dropping his children at day care saved the entire class from a hidden danger. >> cold and dry for the morning commute. evening commute, some issues. we will sort them out next. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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med way breathing easy tonight thanks to this alert, quick thinking firefighter. he had a feeling something wans care. turns out his hunch likely saved lives, protecting kids from a silent killer there. kimberly bookman spoke to firefighters and live with med way with more on this dangerous discovery. kimberly. yeah adam you know timing is everything. this firefighter doesn't always take his daughters to day care but he did this morning and that made all the difference. a day that started in full daddy mode walking his two daughters to day care at this med way church quickly changed for matt and when i know id a strange smell in the building. kind of like a strong bad egg odor 15 year firefighter destroyeded to look around. most of the basement was pretty clear when you opened doors to room furnace was in the smell was the same as it was upstairs. he told day care director and half dozen others in the
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>> then radioed the fire station for back up. >> armed with a carbon monoxide detectors crews made a disturbing discovery. there was a presence of carbon monoxide reaching limits of up to 600 parts per million. two to three ours in levels like that could have been deadly. but thanks to this dad who just happens to be fire lieutenant, everyone was okay. >> i'm glad i was there. my children were there. other people's children were there carbon monoxide detectors initially did not go off concerning because gas is odorless and can be hard to spot. >> in this case the gent scent burning oil coming from broken furnace helped zero in on the problem and essentially save the day. >> just at the right place at the right time. >> and the building was closed today. firefighters brought in fans they ventilated the place they will back fl in morning to check again and stied whether or not to reopen the building. reporting live from med way kimberly bookman, 7 news night team when doe do they ought to bring dad in for show and tell.
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obviously. >> we're in the freezing areas pretty much all across southern jeremy? yes cold right now. cold overnight tomorrow and tomorrow morning look a this with a cold locked in right now we're talking about anything other than rain. no it's going to start a rain in city of boston tomorrow evening. then end as a little bit of snow as fast moving weather system zips on through the 20s right now teens worcester 19, boston at 26, plymouth a 24. last night at this time numbers were in the 50s. mainly clear. much colder. lows overnight tonight down into teens and lower 20s. in city of boston. >> this is our next weather system over here. area of low pressure, fast moving. but it is generating clouds. and some snow showers. but what will happen as the low pressure is passing across northern new england, wind out turns south. that will warm things up just enough so that we ad very tides
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and not until very end of the day so no issues whatsoever morning commute even lunch time. and probably even for the start of the evening commute. again, if you out roadway 4, 5 o'clock think you're dry couple sprinkles or flurries. main event 6 o'clock just getting through worcester hills. out there, it will start as snow. and end as snow. but skinny weather system. quickly moving through. gets into metro boston about 7 o'clock tomorrow night in form of rain you see awe green here at the coastline that's rain. then, the very end of the weather system the rain will flip over to snow and then whole thing is gone by this time tomorrow night. so fast moving and then we're done. it won't take much to make roads a little bit slick especially mid evening tomorrow. again, essentially just rain. about 6, 7 o'clock tomorrow evening in the city. then it goes over to snow for a couple of hours. coating to an inch is possible. eileen more toward coating than an inch. just inland metro west back into
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of snow likely out there probably some shovelling and plowing to be done. traveling tomorrow a bunch of green tubes you notice as rain arrives we're talking fair conditions. then as we work later into evening hours that rain will end as a little bit of snow. wednesday, partly to mostly sunny skies, cold wind, temperatures near 30. dry thursday and friday. a quick look at way treats forecast saturday afternoon another weather system coming at us right now that's looking more like rain then snow. with temperatures down at gillette kick off right in upper 30s to around 40. but that rain snow line not that far away what i'm thinking right now most of us rain saturday. but that may wobble around a couple days and couple times here and there so we will have an update tomorrow night. you too. jr. we need every advantage. should we with a pray for wintery mix at gillette this weekend? it probably wouldn't hurt. not bad call right there. really simplify goods and patriots proven they can win in those kinds of conditions. we're talking about at patriots
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thes bruins down in new york tonight. they took one-0 lead in third period could they finish the job?
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and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. exactly how they won against houston they just a lot of >> they won 11 straight we got to figure out the formula to beat them. patriots know exactly what they are up against this saturday. chiefs team that won 11 straight and believes they will keep on winning. pats can relate and after starting there own season with ten straight wins patriots are feeling like winners again with julien edelman cleared to play patriots receiver is out there after rehab as broken bone in his left foot. for the past two months planting cutting and accelerating edelman looks like he's ready to reassume his role as brady's go to guy. there is some risk that he could rebreak that bone in his foot edelman addressed that today. >> i want to go full throttle regardless.
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i'm feeling good. you know, still working hard. every day. doing everything i can to get myself ready for the next day. bruins get book ended in tonight. period. and another in the final two minutes bs have now lost 7 of their last nine games. no score in second jimmy hays heating up break away here snapping home his fifth goal in last six games bruins take a 1-0 lead. same score 35 seconds into the third period derek from in front game was tied at 1. still tied under two minutes to go. watch keith he lets it fly from at wall. tips it in it was two-one rangers bs would put an extra oak tear on in final seconds. watch brad he gets a shot off here. a chance off the face off but shot goes wide and bruins fail
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tonight 2-1 the final. >> red sox hall of fame class of 2017 revealed. tim cake peeled jason varitek and larry lucchino all set foreign shrinement on may 19th along 1920s odd fielder ira flagsteady. wakefield and varitek two time world series champs a lucchino run is most most successful in team history they will honor on pregame ceremony on may 20th college football national championship game clemson now up on 24 dash 21 in the fourth quarter. stick around we'll be right back. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over.
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waves splashed up over rails. and temperatures drop so you saw what happened there's like inches of ice. and so away leave you with that image. because you don't have to worry about that right here right now. exactly a little bit rain possibly a little messy mix but our weather people in morning and throughout day will keep you posted on that for now cozy up fall asleep. but don't miss jimmy fallon donald trump is one of thes guests. hillary clinton later on this week. so lots going on there. but for here that's our time thanks for watching i'm adam williams i'm kim khazei. have a terrific tomorrow. take it easy out there. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed.
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