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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we have anotherou of 7 news ahead. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. storm time line coming up. a dating encounter takes a terrifying turn. new detail in the hostile stand offin oregon. and police officers racing to the rescue after families scream for help in a burning building. the heroic actions caught on camera. first here at 5:30 a messy mixture hitting the northeast. the rain and snow already coming down in some areas. we're expecting more than just a couple inches of snow in some areas. >> drivers should be on the lookout for slick conditions. let's get to jeremy reiner. >> the timing is the worst part of the event because it's happening right now.
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worcester 2. boston, in particular the south shore, you'll have the snow flakes battle it out with the rain drops and it does snow farther inland. 128 west you can see it's only going to be in the form of snow. it's right on the doorstep of the city. again as you head out toward hopkington. snow in worcester. now overspreading 495 working up through the merrimac and down through the 95 corridor. from a rather potent weather system that's moving along at a good clip. you notice as you look right here, already winding down. it's not like this is with us all evening and overnight tonight. by 9:30, 10:00, party's over. snow showers coming in over the next one to two hours. you hold on to it until about 8:00. there you go in the worcester hills, the back edge of it, moving into the worcester hills and the city of boston
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with a couple of lingering there flurries. back around forth rain and snow and temps in the middle 30s will limit accumulating snow but still it won't take much to make those roadways or walkways or wherever you're going to be out and about this evening slick. heads up on that. a coating to an inch around the city including the city and just west of 128. one to two inches of snow. maybe a couple reports where we're talking upwards of two inches of snow. some of those steadier squalls and you notice after 10:00 tonight then the travel conditions should start to improve as the air dries out and right now i'm not anticipating any issues for the morning commute. although, if you don't clear the car tops of snow tonight, allow extra time to do that tomorrow morning. we have breaking to bring you. pedestrians have been hit in downtown boston. we're getting a live the scene.
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place. we have i crew heading to the scene. this crash is separate from another pedestrian who was hit on washington street in roslindale. we learned the person has serious injuries. we're going to stay on top of the story for you as we watch emergency crews respond happening only moments ago where a couple of pedestrians boston. we'll bring you the minutes. a convicted murderer pushing for parole two decades after raping and killing his best friend's sister. he was sentenced to prison 25 years ago but now he's hoping for a reduced sentence. steve cooper has the latest. >>reporter: the hearing lasted for more than two hours in natick this afternoon and that included members of the victim's family who lined up to speak out hoping the parole board will deny that parole after a convicted killer said he's sorry.
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killer and rapist appeared before the state parole board saying he was sorry for the 1991 rape and murder in her hyde park home. the 33-year-old mother suffered if ms and walked with a cane. she was stabbed to death. >> first of all, i have no excuses for murdering her. all you want to do is express how remorseful i am. >>reporter: he befriended the family for four years, even attending a fundraiser for the victim before dna linked him to the attack, something that i recollected parole members. >> you pretended to be a friend all the while knowing what you had done to them. it's very disturbing. he was sentenced to life on a second degree murder charge giving him the possibility of parole, something that brought flynn' family out in force. >> he raped my sister not because of disease
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he's a cold blooded murderer. >> you are where you belong and you should be kept there for the rest of your life. >> your message is a simple one. >> yeah, he just really really shouldn't get out and everyone needs to know that. >>reporter: so the parole board will take all this information that they gathered today, meet behind closed doors and issue a ruling some time within next couple of months. live in natick tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. police asking for the public's help after a pair of dating disasters in worcester. police say two men were attacked after reaching out to what was believed to be a female using a dating app. right now police have no suspects in custody. 7's kelli o'hara has the story. >> i think that people should be wary of social media and maybe take it back to the old days where we made a phone call and talked to each other as opposed to all those apps. >> have you to have common sense. you have to pro tech yourself.
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weighing in the news someone is setting up dates through a dating app and being robbed at a meeting point. >> this is the first time we're seeing a dating app. for those who are on it to just use caution. >>reporter: investigators with the department say the first time a man was robbed of a cell phone responding to an ad and the second time another guy was stabbed. >> on the tenth of january another male responded to the same address and he was attacked and they attempted to steal his cell phone. he did fight back. however, he was stabbed. >> women we met say use common sense when you're dating because you never know. >> face to face. i don't do the social media because you could be anybody. i could tell you my name's jack and you would believe it until you actually saw who i was. >>reporter: anyone with information is of course asked to call police and they say use common sense.
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if you're going to meet someone you met over your phone, meet in a public place. the person was shot early this morning and is expected to survive. police are investigating if the shooting is connected to an alleged carjacking in that area. lowell high school responding to a threat of an attack on january 14th. the school says police have con ticketed an investigation into the threat and say it's not credible but extra police will be assigned thursday. police in new hampshire are offering a $1,000 reward for any information on the vandals who spray painted a dozen homes. they say cars, homes and and turning to the race for the white house, republican campaigning in new hampshire today. senator cruz held a second amendment rally at the gun range.
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comes from god and not and chelsea clinton also in new hampshire today making her first presidential campaign. the former first daughter appeared at three events campaigning for her mother, hillary clinton. chelsea says becoming a mother herself is just another reason her mom should be back in the white house. >> it's one of the reasons i'm so grateful that my mom is running for president because i very much believe she's the great president for my daughter and the children she will have when i'm lucky enough to become a grandmother. we have new details on the standoff in oregon. the armed group which took over a wildlife refuge group says they to expose how the discriminated against local ranchers who use federal land for their cattle grazing. the group says they tore
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fence even though people are asking them to go home. >> because this is graze ground they have used for years in the past and now it's preventing them from using it. >> do you have a plan? >> not completely. when that plan comes up, we'll reveal it to you. >> and group leaders say they have not gone through the computers. a mother who use the affluenca defense is now out of jail. someone posted $75,000 bail for tonya couch's release. couch allegedly left texas for mexico with her 18-year-old son back in november while police investigated whether he violated his probation. ethan couch is being held in mexico. he was only sentenced to
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attorney argued he didn't know right from wrong because of his wealthy upbringing. breaking news here in boston, two people struck by a car at beacon street and tremont place. >>reporter: two people have been taken to tufts medical center. boston ems telling me a short time ago, two men, one in his 50s, one a that. i'm told one of the injuries is minor, the serious. they were hit at the street. if you're familiar with the area, it is a very busy part of town, right across from the omni parker house hotel and church. this is a big area not just for the suffolk university students walk around but tourists in the area. you're look at four cars roped off on tremont street. we're told the first car likely hit the pedestrians and then there was kind of a domino effect where
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up rear-ending that first car. police have taped off three of the four lanes as they investigate obviously causing a considerable backup. as you still see lots of pedestrians in the area walking around but two people taken to the serious injuries, one with minor injuries as police will be on scene here for a little bit. they just brought a tow truck in to remove some of the damaged cars but as of now continue to be investigate. tim caputo, 7 news. all right. we'll get back to him in a moment. a smooth criminal leading police on a high-speed chase way stolen cruiser. police say the woman was arrested twice but managed to slip out of handcuffs both times. that's when police say she stole their vehicle and led them on a wild pursuit. watch as albuquerque
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and pin melissa dominguez to the ground. it was a different story a short time earlier. police first caught her at this bank arresting her for allegedly cashing a bad check. >> i just told you -- >>reporter: they put her in handcuffs but they say dominguez slipped out and stole their s.u.v. >> that unit is locked up. >>reporter: and then led them on a wild chase before crashing the vehicle. >> she's going to kill somebody. >> we have her in custody over there. >>reporter: this wasn't the first time authorities say dominguez tried and failed to pull off a daring escape. in september local news station's cameras were rolling of police say she slipped her cuffs again and ran right into an interview with a county spokesperson who reached out and snatched dominguez so officers could get her back in custody. and that second failed escape took place
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video was just released. a judge ordered dominguez on $20,000 bail. an apartment building goes up in flames as a family is trapped inside. but the fire crews really came out there to save the day. ahead at 6:00 a tough task for pats on their road to the super bowl. tom brady assuring the team will be prepared. the alarming attack
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a race to the rescue caught on camera. police officers in new york are being called heroes after saving people from a burning building. thick, black smoke surrounded the building as people yelled for help. >> before firefighters could get there, officers jumped into action. >>reporter: three hero police officers. >> they don't have any gear on them, no protection from the smoke going up this ladder risking their own lives to help other people. >>reporter: nassau county honoring the officers.
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lives. people. >> there was no thought, just go up there and get somebody out. >>reporter: the fire broke out in a furniture store and quickly spread to other buildings. two officers grabbing a ladder from a neighbor construction site and use it go to rescue two people have a second floor window. that's the other office are at the top of the ladder. he says they rescued the second person at the same time. >> he was aspirating. he couldn't breathe. he had black soot pouring out of his nose. >> climbed up the ladder, grabbed the children, carried them down. >> we're just doing, you know, our job. >>reporter: no one was seriously hurt that i know fire. two other officers also helped with rescues and all of the police officers are being considered for department medals. snow back through metrowest, worcester hills, heading for the
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we'll track it for you up next. snow showers coming down in worcester. details on the parking restrictions already under way. a special guest at president obama's final address. we're staying on top of this breaking news where two pedestrians have been hit in downtown boston. us. people. one with possible serious injuries. we'll have more on the other side of the break
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all right, boston, here it comes. this is the snow. this will be our event right here. back into western new england, hartford already winding down. this will be our chance to puck up accumulating snow and foul up roadways. i do think it's going to go back and forth, boston unparticular,
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warm air. you might have one of the situation where it's snowing in the city and 12 minutes later it's back to rain and back to snow. the air is cold enough from ground to sky where it's just snow flakes but there's been enough warm air to come in off the ocean so the lowest 1,000, 500 feet where it's just warm enough but it's such a vigorous weather system that it can grab cold air up in the cloud and overtake that mild air at the ground. so it will be battling back and forth for the snow and rain in the city of boston. farther inland it's all snow and for everyone it's all gone by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. i should say gone in the sense that accumulating snow is gone. that ain't going anywhere because the cold air is coming right behind this weather system. just west of interstate 95, west of 128.
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corridor, might be one or two bursts of steadier snow. and also in this white shading here, i've got coating to an inch, i wouldn't be shocked if one or two of you ended up with or two inches of snow. boston 37 right now, worcester 29, fitchburg at 29. auburn and new york at 29. toronto 1, buffalo at 20 degrees and that's the cold arctic air that takes hold. clearing skies later on there midevening with temperatures in the 20s. wind chills heading down into the teens and they will stay there for the day tomorrow. tomorrow blustery and skies. air temps 27 to 33. but it's more about the wind and the wind chill through the day despite the sunshine you'll have a wind advisory in effect. winds gusting in the metro around 40 miles per hour.
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minor power disruption at times and for everyone those wind chills are in the teens all day long. for thursday a mix of clouds and sunshine. not as windy on thursday with attempt in the lower 30s and then for friday, partly sunny skies milder on friday. the numbers on friday in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. our next weather system comes at us on saturday. that is also tricky because again there's going to be just enough leftover mild air for friday that i think we actually start as rain in boston and the south shore, south of the pike and them as we work into the afternoon hours we'll see that rain change to and end to snow. is everyone okay over there? what happened? something get knocked over. you guys okay? worry about you guys. i'll see you guys at 6:00. hopefully everybody's healthy. >> it's all good. thank you. >> and there is some serious business in the news today.
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6:00 tom brady is pumped for the playoffs, setting his sights on the chiefs for a saturday showdown. keeping an eye on the winter weather leaving slick spots on the road. also a dangerous dual. store clerk staying sharp under pressure when a robber starts swinging at him with that big knife. those stories and more ahead at 6:00. >> we hope you join us okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios."
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there's another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> thanks for stopping by. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. winter weather leaving behind slick roads across the bay state. tracking rain and snow showers for the evening commute. storm time line coming up. help us win, play your role, do the job the coach asked you to do. then a courageous young refugee fighting on after losing both arms in a bombing, getting a special invitation from a massachusetts congressman. and a store clerk staying sharp when a robber pulls a knife and starts swinging, the clerk fights back. now. another round of england. some snow blanketing the bay state tonight and drivers.
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starting to make its way into boston. >> so how much are we expecting and when will this be wrapping up? will the's get a check of your forecast with reiner. >> here is the precipitation in the form of snow and rain on the 95 corridor just now getting into the city of boston and this will be ours for next two to three hours. it's not a weather system that speeds a lot of time with us, but it's boat enter. it is going back and forth. i noticed in rhode island it's a real battle ground between the rain and snow. so that battle of going back and forth between the rain and the snow cuts down on the accumulating potential that this weather system has, and here it is right here, the storm will pass to our north but the arctic front will blast into new england later on tonight. for the next two to
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the snow.


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