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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> what happenedhough is still unclear and jones has been practice all week long. dan hausle joins us live from the foxboro police station with what we know at this point. dan, anything? >> well, town officials say they're still trying to figure out exactly what addition they may be able to say about this matter but the team and players are making clear they don't want to say very much at all. >> chandler jones practicing but not talking and teammates say they're expecting jones to suit up and play on game day saturday. land letter's got a lot of support in the locker room and i'm excited to see what he is doing this week. >> the past weekend jones went to the the foxboro police station and then the hospital. >> dispatch recordings indicate jones showed up at the police department in a troubling state. >> in the front lobby area ... >> reporter: police logs show police and firefighters gave
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the back parking lot, then the pats' player was taken by ambulance to norwood hospital. dispatch recordings for an officer who went to secure jones' home offered a clue about what happened to jones before he showed up at the police department. >> yeah, i was able to lock the front door. if you want to just pass along the fire. decategory. >> reporter: it refers to a category of drug that includes marijuana and other controlled substances some of which can be prescribed. the patriots released a statement saying chandler jones was admitted to the hospital sunday and released that day. he reported to work on time monday morning and has practices since then. >> we support him 100%. he's our team the mate. we love the guy, so -- but that's all i'm gonna say about that. >> so just to be clear here,
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anything on the record about chandler jones' involvement or lack of involvement drugs, legal or legal. the town manager says he's still trying to figure out what additional he might be able to say as far as police public records and what he has to withhold that might be a private personal medical matter. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7news. play-off preperations continuing at gillette. the faith patriots are pros when it comes to dealing with distractions. after last season they've certainly learned a thing or two how to stay focused on football. they tell us their sights are set only on a win against kansas city this saturday. let's go to sports director joe amorosino now. >> unfortunately belichick dealing with these distractions, that's just become the norm at foxboro at this point after being dogged all summer long about never-ending questions about deflate gate, the patriots are facing more questions. the chiefs come in a 11 game winning streak and a successful
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large part to their defense, kc, finished second in the regular season with 22 interceptions and followed that up with four more picks last saturday. wildcard over the texans. alex corddry reporting live in foxboro with more on the stiff challenge awaiting the pate the alex. >> hey, joe. recently the globe reporting that rob gronkowski missed tuesday's practice with a minor ailment. the patriots weren't required to release a practice report on tuesday so it's possible we'll never learn why gronk was absent. >> reporter: after missig at least the beginning of tuesday's practice, rob gronkowski was back on the practice field wednesday. the patriots should have gronkowski, julian edelman and amendola on the field saturday for the first time since week 10 but this be isn't likely to be a smooth game for tom brady and the offense. >> they're a great football team. we're putted for them to come to foxboro. >> they're doing a lot of things well.
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by accident. >> reporter: defensively kansas city enters foxboro with one of the best units in football. >> it's going to be a challenge. >> reporter: the chiefs have an afc leading four pro bowlers in peters, barry, and houston and ali. however, how healthy houston and ali are is the question. >> they're all good and at fourth and sax this year. >> reporter: sebastian bomber will be back protecting brady's blind side which hopefully will help against this talented chiefs pass rush. >> i think injured or not, they want to work on their craft and it's probably a good thing. kansas city has been giving plenty of problems to all opposing passers they face through the 11 game extreme.
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those 11 quarterbacks are 12, tom brady. alex corddry, 7news. joe. >> thanks, alex. coming up on 7news at 6:00, we'll take a look at the chief's office and what the kc quarterback alex smith says about squaring off with tom brady. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7news. and to stay up to date with all the headlines as the pats head into the play-offs, be sure to download our 7news mobile and tablet apps. >> breaking news right now, police make an arrest in a deadly it and run in door chester. a man was killed while crossing the street. the driver never stopped. steve cooper live in dorchester tonight with word of an arrest. steve. here in washington the area was shut down for several hours. but the 34-year-old woman from dorchester, she was behind the wheel of that minivan, according to police, that never stopped and tonight she's behind bars
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>> a deadly hit and run claims the life of a man just after 8:00 this morning after the driver never stopped but late this afternoon, boston police announced that the 34-year-old female driver was under arrest. >> what about the fact that the driver took off from the scene? that's not surprising to me at all. like i said, every day life living in dorchester. >> reporter: surveillance video requested by police from a local store owner shows a minivan leaving the scene. investigators later located this heavily damaged vhs transportation van parked four miles away on morton street in matapan with a shattered windshield and heavy front damage. the owner of the transportation company telling us by phone one of his drivers who operates the van but wasn't working at the time was being questioned by boston police. >> whenever something like this happens, it's terrible. awful, awful, awful. terrible for us and of course it's terrible for the person she hit. >> reporter: for hours, washington street remained
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collected evidence trying to piece together that deadly crash. rattled residents say crossing the street here is frightening on a good day. >> you know -- [ indiscernible ] >> it's not good. >> as of this hour, boston police tell us they're not releasing the victim's name and not releasing the driver's name, as well, but they did tell us she will be in dorchester district court first thing tomorrow morning facing charges, that include motor vehicle homicide. >> steve cooper, 7news. >> and we're following breaking news right now. a power move by one of the nation's largest companies. general electric moving its global headquarters from connecticut up to boston. byron barnett is live at the state house with more on what prompted this decision and how it will impact our city. byron. >> yeah, both the governor and the mayor say this is just a big win for the state and the city. massachusetts beat out several
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the fierce competition for the new world headquarters of general electric. >> reporter: general electric says it will move its headquarters to the seaport district in boston, bringing 800 jobs and an economic boost from a 130 billion dollar high tech global industrial giant. >> we're honored to have him here, and we believe they are going to be a tremendous part of the growing innovation economy that we have here in massachusetts and we're really really looking forward to welcoming them. >> reporter: g. announced it would move in june from itself headquarters in fairfield, connecticut where it's been since 1974, citing a corporate tax increase in that state. >> it's no coincidence that boston is home to one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the country, as well as one of the largest international airports in america. >> reporter: g.e. says it picked boston because of its business ecosystem, talent and quality of life, in return for coming to
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million tax incentive package. the city offered $25 million in property tax relief. governor baker says the deal is worth it. >> this is a huge win for the city of boston, a huge win for massachusetts, and the indirect direct spill-over from this will be felt by this economy and this community for years to come. >> reporter: and boston mayor marty walsh says boston is delighted and honored to welcome general electric and its employees to our community, and we are confident that this is the start of a strong relationship. >> and g.e. says it will start moving into a temporary headquarters in boston this summer, and will be fully moved in by 2018. that's the story live from the state house, i'm byron barnett, 7 nuts. and there's more breaking news, the next court date is set now for the long-time girlfriend of boston mobster whitey bulger. catherine greig already serving eight years but will be in court on february 3rd where she's expected to plead guilty to a
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she's refusing to testify in front of a grand jury in connection with bulger's case. agreeing was indicted in the fall for refusing to testify before a jury about anyone who may have helped her and bulger while they were on the run for 16 years. bulger is serving a life sentence on murder charges. >> and a builter chill in the air today. people like this guy and this guy and all over the sound framing the gusty winds, made in feel even colder outside. it is hard to tell if it's a guy or a girl when you're bundled up like this, myself included. so my apology if we caught you there and i called you what you're not. sun doing very little to add to any warmth out there. i'm just gonna toss to you, jeremy. >> i think his name was pat too, to complicate it even further. days like today you don't even
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just keep on walking. on the backside of the storm, that brought us some snow last evening, the air is dry. a few clouds out there. there are more clouds to our west. not really tied to our next storm system. it just happens to be a clump of clouds in the afternoon. feels like 9 in norwood, bedford feels like 9. the temps themselves are running in the 20s and for the remainder of the season, the numbers in the twengts. increasing clouds. and your morning commute, cold, a lot of clouds, temps tomorrow morning upper teens. today u.s. secretary of state john kerry thanking iranian authority for the quick release of all 10 u.s. navy sailors detain the when their
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the pentagon is saying there is no indication the sailors were harmed during their overnight detention in iranian custody. let's go to 7's jo di ann thompson in our control room. >> that's right. iran state tv has released footage of the u.s. sailors who were detained. now, it doesn't look like they were harmed in any way, but the sailors were fed well while they were detained. a senior u.s. official says they were headed to a u.s. military facility in qatar when their boat went into militarily waters in iran. secretary of state and the iranian president had worked close leally together on the nuclear program and kerry credited the situation to keeping our country secure and strong. >> these heroic situation if not properly guided have the ability
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>> and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> now, the deal will reduce the economic sanctions on iran, officials say it avoided a huge international crisis. in the control room tonight, 7news. republicans responding to the president's final state of the union address. president obama keeping his message optimistic last night and criticizing republican presidential candidate donald trump. though, not by name. >> we need to reject any politics -- any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> south carolina governor nikki haley gave the republican response to the speech. she's under fire from conservatives for her own comment about donald trump.
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tempting to follow the angry voices. we must resistant that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> governor haley emphasized today that trump is a trend and should not take her comments personally. all right, still to come here this evening, time to make the powerplay. all need is $2 bucks and a lot of luck to take home the biggest jackpot in the world. >> then at 5:30, what lawyers for comedian bill cosby were asking for in a massachusetts courtroom. a big move by the nfl, the rams being allowed to return to l.a. >> and then in just one hour, the high school senior who scored big during a hockey game
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies as president, to extend the solvency of social security
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who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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the odds are extremely tight. unbelievable tight. >> reporter: but there are more than a billion reasons to play. >> i'm not gonna win it if i am not in it. >> tonight, a jumbo jackpot up for grabs. >> something bates that music. i mean, everybody has their thing. tonight's powerball stands at $1.5 business.
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>> oh, yes. and people in one new hampshire town, for example, hoping to find strength in numbers by banding together and vowing to share the wealth if they win. 7's kelli o'hara is in derry with their powerball plans. so what's the strategy? >> well, buy tickets in bulk. i'm buying my tickets as well here in derry, because they say this is the lucky store tonight. they say it's gonna win big, and that's because one woman is buying all the tickets by the thousands. >> reporter: here at the east derry general store tickets have been printing again and again and again... for days. and one woman has been buying them all, jan lakeu. >> i bought 23,020 tickets. >> reporter: the new hampshire woman started a powerball pool for more than 2000 people. >> i started about two years ago, i started a face book group calling bringing derry together.
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powerball pool was up to $4 million so i kind of as a joke put it on my facebook group saying does anybody want neebility a pool with me, thinking some 30 or 40 people would want to do it. >> reporter: thousands signed up. and although the 34-year-old is hopeful they'll win big tonight, she doesn't think she'll be volunteering to organize a powerball pool this big ever again. >> i told my family i'm done. i've spent the last nine days fully consumed in this project. and -- >> no more powerball. >> no more powerball. i'm tired. >> well, a lot of people are tired. this store alone has sold more than 10,000 tickets since sunday. a lot of people feel this is the lucky store, including lakeu. you can still buy your tickets until about 10:00 tonight and that draw something at 10:59. so make sure to stay tuned. kelly o'hare , a 7news. >> good luck. and stay tuned because next on 7, the cast of friends ready
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and we have details on a long rumored reunion.
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right now the whribd begin to fade away overnight tonight. dry for the next couple of days. our next storm coming out of
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looking like raindrops, not snowflakes. look at the wind out there earlier today. most of these before noon. wealth sleet gusts of 50 miles per hour. blue hill observatory gusting close to 60 miles per hour. right now the winds are still gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. and we'll see a downward trend as we work through the evening hours. windchills also down because the temperatures are starting to slide and we still have the wind. norwood it feels like 9. boston feels like 13. province town feels like 12. the actual air temps are in the 20s right now and for tonight. we get rid of the wind. the trade-off, though, is that there is a batch of cloudiness through the great lakes states and they will begin to move into new england overnight tonight and the first part of tomorrow, but lows tonight, 15 to 20. tomorrow, not as cold, and not as much wind either. so already we're ahead of the game tomorrow compared to today. with a mix of clouds and sunshine, 29 to 34. friday partly sunny skies. near 40 on friday. and here you go, mild air on friday. here comes our next storm.
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seaboard, and if you are a fan of snow, this is not a setup for snow, although, a storm track like that would normally favor, that but there's no arctic air for this storm to ram in to. so it's gonna be a tough battle for the storm to produce anything other than rain. i think saturday morning we all see rain. there might be some cold air, outer route 2 corridor, southern new hampshire, where we're seeing the rain and snow kind of go back and forth, and that might lead to a slushy coating to an inch or two in the highest of elevations route 2 north and maybe it ends as a couple of snowflakes around the metro rain. and i think we can move the bulk of the rain out of here before evening. kick-off at 4:35. we'll feature drizzle. tailgating. might have light rain but the game itself, i think we're dry. temps at kick-off, upper 30s and in any event, a lot of clouds, a few flurries, temps sound upper 30s. see you at 5:30. >> a reunion 12 years in the making.
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the cast will reunite on nbc for a two-hour special. that announcement coming from the next work today. it's a tribute to the friends legendary comedy director james boroughs. boroughs directed 15 episodes of friends. so all original cast members are on board and it's scheduled to air sunday, february 21st. still ahead on 7, a scare at a store when shelves in several aisles come crashing down. >> then, a shocking discovery in a former football player's plies son cell and what investigators believe led to lawrence phillips' death. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. shop with ease at use code: tv2016
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. another hour news of 7news is still ahead.
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>> now at 5:30, lawyers for bill cosby pushing to keep potential damaging documents out of the public eye. >> then a father making a catastrophic mistake. >> i just shot my son by accident! >> his desperate plea for help after police say he mistakenly shot his son. >> wicked wind throughout right now and it fades away. i'll let you know when. >> and we're just hours away from powerball's jackpot. one restaurant in connecticut giving away free tickets. but there's a catch. lawyers for bill cosby pushing for privacy in a massachusetts courtroom today. it comes after seven women filed sexual assault accusations against him. >> jonathan has more on the story. >> yeah, bill cosby free on a million dollars cash bail after he was charged criminally in montgomerie county, pennsylvania. he also faces a slew of civil lawsuits, including one right
5:30 pm
owns a home in shell born falls.


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