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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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all right, there you have it, someone could've just become a billionaire. you heard it, $1.6 billion up for grabs. >> someone here in massachusetts won a million, that's pretty cool. those numbers again, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. and again, you heard the announcer, they say the first three drawings of the powerballs there, somebody won a million dollars from massachusetts. so we'll be talking about that. for more on the powerball frenzy, let's head out to brandon. >> reporter: adam, i didn't win but they're the luckiest lottery retailer in the state.
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thousand people were here to hopefully buy that lucky ticket. 1.5 billion with a b, it's the largest jackpot in history. what would you do if you win? >> man: go for vacation, pay off bills. >> reporter: what about quit your job? >> woman: absolutely. that's the first thing. >> reporter: the powerball jackpot started out as $40 million on november 7th with no one choosing the magic set of numbers, it has grown and grown. the cash option is $930 million, after taxes you can expect to take home around $500 million. >> woman: if i win, the first thing i'd do -- i would probably buy a house for my grandmother. >> man: help people that need some, charity. >> woman: i'd change the sign of my restaurant. i need a new sign, it's right down the street on route 28. >> reporter: i think you'll have a lot of money left, what else would you do? >> woman: probably help a lot of people.
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>> reporter: it's estimated that 1.5 billion tickets will have been sold. the odds of winning, 1-292 million but that's not stopping most. quit your job? >> man: no. not quit right away. >> man: i'm from europe so go visit home. >> man: give it to my wife, i guess. >> reporter: smart man there. if nobody wins tonight, the jackpot on saturday will be $2 billion. here's another look at those winning powerball numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball number is 10. we know some of you have a bunch of them to look over. we'll keep those numbers going at the bottom of the screen for you. we usually find out if someone's won around 1:00 in the morning.
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questions, why was a star player rushed to the hospital. >> man: he's our team mate, we love the guy but that's all i'm going to say about it. >> days before the pats are in the playoffs. as you can imagine, the pats are keeping quiet about defensive end chandler jones' trip to the hospital. what happened still isn't clear. >> reporter: well, adam, we're going to play the 911 recordings for you to give you a bit of insight about what happened here. chandler wasn't talking today, he was practicing. not a word from him as he readies himself for the playoffs days after rasing eye borough brows for a strange visit to the hospital. dispatch records indicate he showed up sunday morning in need
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>> man: meet the police for an evaluation. >> reporter: officers and firefighters gave him a medical evaluation in the back parking lot and then he was taken to the hospital. events, his fellow tem maits say they know nothing about. >> man: we support all the 60 guys on this team. >> reporter: the best clue to what went on before he came to the pd is from this officer who went to the home to lock it up. >> man: i got his keys off the kitchen table. i was able to lock the front door. if you'd want to pass along to the fire, there was definitely involving class d delta before this happened >> reporter: class d could refer to a category of drugs that include marijuana. police chief told 7 news this is a sensitive situation.
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hope to issue a statement thursday. meantime, all indications is that jones will suit up on saturday. >> man: he has a lot of great support in this locker room and i'm excited to see what he does this week. >> reporter: and police have not said anything about jones being involved with drugs legal or illegal. so the patriots were back on the practice field today and they tell us they're not letting anything distract them from this saturday's playoff game against the kansas city chiefs. joe joins us now. >> reporter: this would be a major distractions for most teams in the nfl but not the patriots. they're focused on the field and that's exactly what they're doing this week. >> man: i think the closer the team is off the field, definitely shows up when it comes time to step up. >> reporter: the patriots rallying together as the noise grows louder about chandler jones' hospital visit.
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about any off field issues. >> man: they're a great football team, they're going to come in here ready to win. all we can do is focus on them. if we don't, we let them get the advantage on you. >> reporter: rob missing practice on tuesday's session. >> man: yeah, they're a great football team, we're excited for them to come here. >> reporter: where the pats are relying on tried and true methods to weather the storm. >> man: i think it starts with the leadership and i think the coach has put in place a culture here over his time here that's second to none. >> man: i think it comes back to hard work. you don't need a guy screaming and hollering all the time. everyone is responsible for themselves and what they do. >> reporter: and hoping it translates into the kind of success they're accustomed to.
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we have to focus on football, it's win or go home. we're just doing the best we can night. >> coach does a great job of just brain washing them, convincing his players that there are concern things they need to care about and certain things they need to just let be. 7 news now turning to the weather, it was a cold one out there today but change is coming. temps. perhaps some rain, too. here's jr. right now temps teens and 20s. the city at 22. still some wind out there at this time. afternoon. we get rid of the wind. clouds move in overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning. but no precipitation from those clouds. we have a dry morning commute and we'll see sun come out of the clouds by mid morning. much less wind out there tomorrow afternoon with temps in
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we are tracking rain this way for the weekend, we'll talk about that more in a few minutes. we're following breaking news. boston police are investigating a deadly shooting. officers responding to a medical call. they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at the hospital. no word of suspects or arrests. general excitement. a huge company is moving its head quarters to boston. oh, it's a power move by one companies. general electric moving its local head quarters from connecticut to boston. the mayor compared it to winning the powerball. >> reporter: kim, boston beat out 40 other cities including new york and ge says it's because boston is diverse and dynamic. it's coming here to the seaport
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no matter where you look from one end all the way to the other, there are huge construction projects all in the works. >> man: the city of boston won powerball today getting such a large company here. >> reporter: general electric is moving its corporate head quarters to boston. the $130 billion company will call the seaport district home. >> man: this is a huge win for the city of boston. a huge win for massachusetts. >> reporter: the governor says it's not just the $120 million tax incentives from the commonwealth or the 25 million tax relief from the city that lured the 8th biggest company in the world. but the neighbors are pharmaceutical companies and technology firms. >> man: we believe they're going to be a tremendous part of the growing economy we have here in massachusetts and we're looking forward to welcoming them. >> reporter: the company leaving connecticut its called
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the governor there says it's a huge disappointment. >> man: they want to be there in boston near the like and i undestand that. >> reporter: they have plans to move this summer into a hot section of town which has the silver line but no subway. and plenty of traffic concerns. >> man: we're making some plans and investments. we have to figure that out. we have work to do to come up with plan toss get traffic moving. >> reporter: now ge says 800 employees will be moving here starting in june and they'll finish the move in 2018. we're live in the seaport district. also from the night team, ten americans sailors held by iran are safe and sound tonight. that was video of the navy crew men broadcasted on tv after
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into iranian waters. the images are tough to watch. ten american sailors on their knees, their hands behind their heads on the deck of their onus navy vessel surrounded by armed iranian military. once they were brought on shore, more video taken. anyone men and one woman in confinement, sharing a meal, apparently to show they were treated well. one of the sailors apologized for entering the waters. it's not clear what was going on when the video was taken. the sailors released earlier today. their two boats returned to the us navy. secretary of state working fast, pulling out all diplomatic stops to personally negotiate their release. >> man: i'm appreciative for the quick, appropriate response
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>> reporter: the foreign minister tweeted out "happy to see dialogue and respect, let's learn from this example." new at 11:00, picture this, the person police say stole your ipad, starring right back at you when you log into the cloud. that's what happened to a family. they came face-to-face with the guy accused of robbing them, so they shared the picture with police. >> reporter: police didn't really have to do an awful lot of work. that suspect sent his picture out on the cloud. he sent his location out on the cloud and officers essentially just had to go and pick him up. a picture is worth a thousand words, a selfie cost this smiling teenager his freedom. >> man: no, i don't think the suspect is a threat to the national security. for sure. >> reporter: a few days ago, a
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his car, his ipad was gone. days later, he noticed something odd. >> man: logs on to his i cloud account, saw 9 photos uploaded after the truck had been broken into. >> reporter: investigators had a face, they just needed a location to find him. >> man: i'd like to say police did all of this but the victim did most of it. he activated the find my ipad and it narrowed it down. >> reporter: they knocked on several doors until they found a woman who said that was her son. officers found the ipad in the kitchen and arrested the 19-year-old. after the arrest, they linked him to other stolen items he alledgedly sold at a pawn shop in rhode island. >> man: nabbed again for a house break. >> reporter: they barely did any work and still solved the case. >> man: technology is great. it's even better if the suspect takes a picture of themselves and sends it our way.
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every expect to do. >> reporter: oh, if it were only that easy. that 19-year-old currently being held for 30 days because this happened to be a probation violation. coming up next, digging up trouble. >> when the power company dug up a man's driver and didn't fix it, he thought he would have to take them to court. instead, he got results by calling solve it 7. forecast for the weekend up next. looks like they'll be there for you again, what's getting the friends back together. and breaking money news, a nearly $1.6 billion jackpot up for grabs. the largest jackpot anywhere ever and here are the winning numbers again, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, that powerball number is ten. check your tickets and good luck.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> man: if you promise me that you're going to do something, i expect you to do it. problems with the power company, sparking trouble for that cape cod man. he said his driveway was wrecked when ever source installed a new cape for his neighbor's home. >> he was promised that everything was going to be repaired but when months passed and passed he called solve it 7. >> reporter: jerry takes great pride in his yard. >> man: everyone says the lawn, the bushes, everything that's here is fixed just so. >> reporter: but this past summer, a neighbor's power problem turned his front lawn into an ever source construction zone. >> man: i left for the morning, and came back and all the
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the front of my house. >> reporter: his home curve lost his appeal. >> man: moved the fence, moved the bushes, this is where they dug down and as you can see, the whole corner is kind of sunk in now and broken away where they had to cut into the ground. >> reporter: jerry said the crew chief promised everything would be repaired. >> man: they gave me a flare and said if somebody isn't out in in two weeks to fix your property, this is the number you call. >> reporter: two weeks passed and no work was done so he started calling the number on >> man: nothing happens. >> reporter: weeks turned into months and jerry says the damage was spreading to the other side of his driveway. he was worried that it would continue to get worse. but with no return calls and no options. >> man: i said we have to go to court to get this settled and then lo and behold, chris is on the news and i said that's what
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>> reporter: so jerry reached out to solve it 7. we called ever source and the representative told us they didn't have a damage claim on file for jerry but that someone would reach out to him regarding the work. a few weeks later, his driveway and yard were repaired. >> man: it looks great, you couldn't ask for anything better. it worked out well. >> reporter: ever source's spokes person told us that providig electrical service to our customers is a top priority. when our work leads to property damage, fixing it is also a priority. jerry is obviously happy to have his driveway fixed for winter. are you in shock about a problem you can't get results? maybe we can help pave a way to a solution.
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now, 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy. wind working against you today. that fades away overnight tonight. dry for tomorrow and friday. our next storm is saturday and it's saturday morning. looks like rain drops, not snow flakes. wind speed still 5-15 miles per hour. earlier today we had gusts up to 60 miles an hour. city at 22, bedford at 17. monster storm, the same one through last evening really exploded through the mar time throughout the day and punched a hole in the atmosphere. that is the case right now. this moves away. here's another weather system that zips into southern new england late tonight and tomorrow morning with clouds. as it's passing over the great lakes, it's scooping up moisture and generating snow. clouds.
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you but otherwise cloudy to start and then developing sunshine. less wind, not as cold. if you can go through a day in january without wind, you're doing all right. numbers pretty close to normal. now on friday, mix of clouds and sunshine. milder on friday. the temps on friday near 40. i point that out because here comes our next storm system. i'll tell you what storm lovers, if you look at a track like this, you're drooling for snow but there's no arctic air for this storm to play with. you see a lot of green and yellow and orange on the map, that is going to be rain. now the storm might be able to generate just enough cold air for some of you and southern new hampshire where we're talking about wet snow at the backside of the weather system, that might lead to a coating and an inch for some of you. for most of us, we pick up half an inch of rain saturday morning. and we can move it out of here saturday afternoon for the game with temperatures at kickoff
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kind of chilly and raw. temperatures throughout the game will hold in the mid 30s. this is africa by the way, this is america way over there. this is a tropical storm. that is correct. subtropical storm alex. they rare that you have a tropical storm form in january. last time we had that happen in the month of january, 1978. and since they've been tracking these back in the 1850s, it's only happened four times. hashtag wicked unusual. you got rainy saturday morning, otherwise drizzle in the afternoon. sunda and monday, for the holiday weekend, cloud and sun with a couple of snow showers around on monday. have a good night. breaking news if you're looking at your powerball numbers tonight, there are reports out of california -- where in california, not confirmed yet. at least one powerball jackpot has been announced, sold in
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chino hills, california. sounds like the northern part of the state but can't be clear. if it was the $1.5.01, wow, that will be a story to tell. we'll be following it, keeping you updated right here on 7. >> at least one, so maybe there are other winners in this neck of the woods. cast of friends proving they'll be friends forever for a reunion. two hour special on nbc. he directed 15 episodes of friends including the pilot. all six original cast members are on board and the special
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there's no team better at minimizing distractions an the patriots. chandler jones mysterious hospital visit is just another noise that the patriots need to tune out. all eyes were on number 95, all questions about jones' off field issue and all as you might expect, all his teammates stayed
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thing. brewins and fliers might not be the top ten but they always have rivalry night in the nfl and do it once again. no david post tonight. he's day-to-day. louie sweeping it past steve. brewins taking a 2-1 lead. needed two, ties the game at 2. just a minute 22 later, fliers will pull ahead. this time it's mark, similar set up and similar result. fliers win it and brewins lost five of six. better to be lucky sometimes than good. he throws it over his head for the hoop.
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they fall behind in the fourth quarter but surge behind in defense. he ties a career high with 25 points and thomas seals the game. he always gets that shot off the back. celtics win it snapping a four game losing streak. bc falling to syracuse, 62-40. the eagles still wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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>> all right, one more look at the winning powerball numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and 10. we have had word that there is at least one winner in chino hills, california, that's east of los angeles. they're still checking other states. who knows. >> i think the big winner that got a million dollars in massachusetts. we'll be getting the names for you. for now, jimmy fallon comes up next.
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