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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> ryan: breaking news from the patriots, according to espn they're reporting that the gronk didn't practice with the team. he was at the hospital getting treatment for his injured knee. that is the knee he hurt back in denver in november. espn reportinged treatment included an injection. pats say the gronk is expected to play this weekend. much more at 5:00. >> jadiann: at 4:30 a deadly drive in dorchester. video shows a van speeding around the corner. you saw it right there moments before a man was hit and killed. police say a many would was driving the van. >> ryan: the woman facing a
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steve cooper is live with court. >> reporter: the woman that you are talking about is melissa benedict. she came to court in handcuffs but walked out after posting $1,000 cash bail this afternoon. all this after pleading not guilty to these very serious charges. >> motorcycle homicide by -- >> reporter: she covered her face with a hoodie 34-year-old melissa benedict of dorchester pleaded not guilty to charges of motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. telling detectives she heard a big boom but kept going because she was' suffering from an anxiety attack. >> she was' just in the heat ofulling down the adviser and she heard -- she turned right -- >> reporter: video shows her driving away in the mini van. the accident happened wednesday morning along washington street in dorchester.
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43-year-old man. prosecutors say it was a construction worker crossing the street when he was struck and killed. benedict's car was located four miles away in mattapan. her attorney general says the client, the mother of a nine-year-old and 4-year-old has no record. >> she stands before you with no record. i've spoken to the family. she has many family members >> audience member: uncles, her sister and brother. >> reporter: family and friends of the woman say it appears she just panicked. >> it's not her. she is wonderful. she really is loving and caring. you know, she is a good mom. she really is. >> reporter: while bendict has been leased on bail she has been ordered by the judge not to drive at this point and also to stay away from any witnesses connected to this case. cooper, 7 news. >> jadiann: boston police are investigating a deadly hill. officers responded to a house after 7:30 last night.
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from gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. no one has been arrested. >> ryan: an accused thief with clouded judgment. this guy broke into a car and stole an ipad and from there it was easy for investigators as they found a key clue on the cloud. tim caputo has more. >> reporter: a picture is worth 1,000 words, a selfie cost this teenager his freedom. police had an easy time finded the thief after he snapped a photo of himself on a stolen ipad. >> i don't think this suspect is a threat to the national security for sure. >> reporter: a few days ago a wrentham man had his backback stolen from the car. >> logging on to his icloud account saw nine photos that were uploaded after the truck had been broken in. >> reporter: most of the pictures were selfies so investigators had a face they needed a location where to find him. >> i like to say the police did all of this but the victim did most of it.
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ipad app. and that narrowed it to an other of woonsocket. >> reporter: police knocked on several doors until they found a woman who said that was her son. officers found the ipad in their kitchen and arrested ralphy olivero. after the arrest police linged ralphy olivero to other stolen items he allegedly sold at a pawn shop. >> suspects nabbed again for a residential house teak. >> reporter: police are smiling now. they barely did any work and solved the case. >> technology is great. it's even better if the suspect takes a picture of themself and sends it our way. which we're now encouraging every suspect to do. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're following more news today. british actor alan rickman has died of cancer. he was wildly known for many roles, especially as professor snape in the horry patter movies. he appeared in "die hard."
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harry potter said "there are no words to express how shocked an devastated i am to hear of allan rickman's death. he was a magnificent actor and a wonderful man. >> ryan: new details in a deadly house explosion in ohio. the fire that caused thes explosion was intentionally set. fire officials have launched an arson investigation. >> the house bleu blue. >> reporter: neighbors summon firefighters to the house -- >> now i'm seeing orange flames. >> reporter: firefighters arrived to find the fire already raging within minutes. >> the entire top there was no roof. it was all flames. the entire house was engulfed in flames. it was one massive fire. >> it was just burning and burning and they seemed like they couldn't get it out. >> reporter: inside investigators found the bodies of the mathers along with their two daughters and looked for clues how they die and what caused the
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the fire apparently starting in a fire floor hallway. on wednesday the state fire mash shale ruling the fire and arson meaning it was intentionally set. the news comes as no real surprise for those who witnessed it. >> there is no surprise by the intensity of the fire that night. we knew right away it wasn't any natural gas explosion. >> it had to be five minutes before i came outside and the whole house, the roof was burning top, you know, the whole thing was caving in already. >> reporter: investigators are not saying who they believe set the fire or what caused the deaths of owl four family members. the mathers are active in the church they helped found. their deaths are being act. >> something fishy all along, and, but, you know, you wait for the proper people to do their investigation which in this case is state fire marshal. >> ryan: officials say it could take up to a year determined. >> jadiann: firefighters able to save people from
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large fire in maryland. the fire broke out yesterday evening preventing some people from escaping through hallways. firefighters were able to use ladders to rescue them from the higher floors. six people suffered minor injuries including thee firefighters. officials believe the fire was an accident. u.s. customs officers catching a hidden shipment of marijuana disguised as carrots. officers stopped the trailer this week and took a closer look and found more nan 2,000 carrot shaped packages of suspected marijuana. the estimated street value is almost half a million dollar. >> ryan: back street boys nick carter is in jail. he tried to choke a bouncer inside a popular bar. he was a angry the bar staff won't serve him and his friend because they claim the pair showed up drunk. both are charged with misdemeanor i a salt. peek boo street has been
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police say she pushed her father down the stairs. they say street's three children witnessed the event. investigators say she locked her 76-year-old father in the basement before calling authorities. street's attorney says she denies any wrong doing and what she considers a private family matter. >> jadiann: dozens of dogs and cats rescued from a home in new jersey after officials were living in deplorable conditions. the dogs and cats more than 50 of them are reefing -- receiving a whole lot of love and it was a case of animal hoarding. puppies were friendly and frisky but the older dogs were so frightened many had to be carried away. >> it's overwhelming. they don't know what to do so they freeze. >> reporter: rescuer lorraine suspects some of the 49 dogs had never been outside the filthy new england home. >> pretty horrendous. it's uninhat itable by humans. >> the sound is chilling when they bark at once.
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complained about conditions at the house. the nays and the smell, rescuers wore face masks and some put a dab of menthol to mask the smell. >> these are companion animals treated like trash. >> five cats were rescued. investigators say the tenant will face charges for mistreating animals. the good news is the dogs are skittish but sweet temper and half a dozen rescue groups are working to get them healthy. >> eyes, ears, nose mouth they are covered in fleas. >> police are referring the incident as a a hoarding case. the owner hasn't been around since four days ago. >> ryan: a stolen snake
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taken from a portland pet shop in the weirdest way. someone showed up yesterday snake. the opener believes getting the video out to social media made ail the difference. the thief reaches in, grabs the snake and puff it is down his pants then walks out of the store. >> i'm sure they realize they were' going to get in trouble for it. facebook is powerful, powerful thing. fine. the thief is still out there but the store owner thinks it's a friend of the guy who dropped the snake off. >> jadiann: okay. breaking news. first look at keith bower from boston and his wife and millionaires. he is one of the two people who won $1 million in last night's powerball drawing. another million dollar prize was sold in east bridgewater. that winner hasn't come forward but hey, their live is about to change in a big
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>> ryan: it is huge. million dollar but you think she is on him a little bit for micking not the powerball. how close we were to that -- you know, maybe -- >> jadiann: you just take the money and run. >> ryan: playing a perfect game. more on the lucky winner from pennsylvania but he didn't win powerball. >> jadiann: at 5:00, a g.o.p. candidates get ready to take the stage once again tonight. could this be the debate that narrows the field of candidates? >> ryan: keeping tabs on this news, foxboro police release new official on the -- information on the incident with chandler jones. the latest from him coming up
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>> jadiann: bowling a perfect game is really hard to do but that just what one man did in pennsylvania. he wasn't even thinking about
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>> ryan: it's almost like winning the powerball it's so rare. >> you have to have luck in there, too. and the i think that was my lucky frame. >> ryan: the man got talent. managing to score strikes with ease but if dale wants to brake his own record he has to though more. he scored a 900 after throwing all strikes and three back-to-back lead games. at first he didn't realize what was' happening. i never really concentrate on the score. teammates. then when it was my turn i routine. >> ryan: what was happening became apparent to everyone else in the room. the owner of the bowling alley couldn't believe. >> when he got to the 10th frame everybody quit. that he was 20 cells phones taking video of him. the bowling alley went quiet.
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>> once i seen it, once the 10. i was the last to go down then it hit me right then and there. hit me all at once. i said oh, my god i just through a dream. you know, something, something you just dream about. >> ryan: the united states bowling congress which regulates organized bowling says it is in the process of reviewing his usbc membership status in order to recognize him for this accomplishment f. this happens he will be just the 28th person to do so. so the question is if he can beat the odds what other odds can he beat? after last night's numbers were drawn he realized he wasn't a winner. >> jadiann: still got bragging rights. there coming up on news george clooney's wife is in the spotlight as she preps to give her first national here. >> reporter: clouds moving into new england tomorrow. a few flurries and pockets of
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drizzle. >> ryan: who is in the running for the academy awards. >> jadiann: foxboro police release now information on the incident involving chandler jones. police reporting the smell of marijuana inside jones' apartment. the latest on this ahead. >> maybe you didn't win the big powerball jackpot but you can still catch in. >> kim: a couple of dollars here and there to the lottery is fine. >> adam: where you should
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: good afternoon. partly sunny skies giving way to clear skies. temperature in the city at 29. driving wind chills to the upper teen, wind speeds in the as high as yesterday but still some wind out there. the city around 15 miles an hour so the wind chill is 18. jaffrey at 16.
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out on the islands, cape, the wind chill is running in the lower 20s. the actual air temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30. unlike last night where the wind was feisty as we step through this event the wind does fade away. if you are out and about you will have to layer but it won't be a biting wind at you. a couple of areas of low pressure. this one brings some clouds into new england tomorrow. but not much more than a passing flurry or maybe even a little bit of drizzle at times tomorrow afternoon. this is the main event down here, this is our area of low pressure that is now blossoming out of the gulf of mexico and it comes up the eastern seaboard at a fast pace. i think we can move the bulk the rain out of here before the patriots game saturday afternoon. increasing clouds through the evening hours. less winds, temperatures 23-28. tomorrow a few peeks of sun early otherwise mostly cloudy skies.
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drizzle, temperatures tomorrow afternoon 35-40. the city around 39. attleboro at 40. these will be very late in the day about this time tomorrow, 4:00, 5:00, it takes most of the day to get to these numbers. so it's a chilly start. even through the middle part of the day, raw feeling. fitchburg tomorrow afternoon 34, worcester 35. on the the cape and the islands with clouds the numbers reach the lower 40s. then for saturday, here comes the gulf of mexico storm with clouds. rain saturday morning with temperatures through the day on saturday in the upper 0's to around 40. it really is a waste of a storm if you like snow in southern new england because the track like this across southern new england usually in january would spell trouble in terms of lots of snow but there is not enough cold air. this is an el nino winter and cold air is hard to come by but north of us through ski country the purple up there. that is snow. so if you are thinking about travelling up north for your
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will be snowing on saturday. about 4-8 inches of snow on the way for ski country with temperatures on saturday in the middle 30s. but here in metro boston it will be rainy saturday morning with flurries on sunday. oh, yes you go from a skiers forecast to a hurricane update. say what? yeah. very unusual. healthcare alex, that usually happened in the summer time. june, july, august but this is our first hurricane in the month of january since we had healthcare allis in 1955 and the first hurricane to form in the month of january since 1938. very unusual. not going to bother anyone. 7 on 7 forecast, sunday clouds and sun. middle 30s, see you at 5:00. >> jadiann: looking at the saturday forecast, time for traffic. let's get over to joe stapleton with an update for us. >> reporter: route 93 northbound all this traffic in the stoneham area, heading up to route 128 but good news, the earlier right travel lane breakdown over 128 has been cleared. things are rolling again but
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along pretty slowly. had some tight volume back to downtown boston. some of this backed up traffic is heading this direction, 93 northbound. the brakes lights clicking on and it stays heavy out to 128. the upramps and downramps of storrow drive rolls out to just about kenmore square. a ton of brakes lights unfortunately on the mass pike westbound. this stays heavy past newton corner and heading for 128. looking at the maps, it's rough going too, on the pike in both directions. clearing the 128 tolls and the making your way out to framingham. tough stuff on 95 southbound. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> ryan: boston calling even though it's still the dead of winter, looking ahead to spring. we'll look at the memorial
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fellow dad and fellow citizen. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> jadiann: topping the buzz a music lovers in boston pay attention right, the line up for boston calling has been announced. the headline for the memorial festival includes disclosure and robin. the concert takes place on the common. tickets go on sale friday. >> seth myers will be sticking around for a little while longer. he signed a five-year extension with nbc that will keep him there through the year 2021. that sounds like so far away.
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host jimmy fallon signed a similar extension with the . >> ryan: she is expected to talk about a number of global issues including human rights violations. catch the interview tonight and tomorrow morning during the "today" show on 7 nbc. >> jadiann: there is so much more to come. thank you for joining us, i'm jadiann thompson requirements i am ryan schulteis. >> adam: chandler jones says he made a mistake. what we've learned about the night he showed up at the foxboro police department. >> kim: also breaking another player noticeably absent on the practice kneeled. reports leading to questions about the gronk's status for saturday's play-off time. >> reporter: the wind finally fades away. another batch of clouds tomorrow a's a slippery ride leading to a tragedy in new hampshire.
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who went on the roof tried to get help. >> kim: a public tisly stunt leaves a city official out of a job in rhode island. >> adam: history was made. the world is waiting to see who those three winning power ball tickets belong to. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: start with breaking news from the new england patriots. >> made a stupid mistake and hopefully -- >> adam: chandler jones apologized to the fans and teammates for what happened this weekend that landed him in the hospital. today foxboro police revealed jones was shirtless and confused when they found him in the stays' parking lot. >> kim: when they went to his home they report smelling marijuana. dan hausle has the latest. >> reporter: those details are just part of what came out in newly released police reports about the police interaction with chandler jones sunday morning. jones himself while not giving details gave a
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