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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: woman facing a judge accused of a deadly drive in dorchester. >> ryan: things take a dangerous turn when a passenger starts a fight with a bus driver. >> jadiann: the person police say stole your ipad staring right back at you when you log into the cloud. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: we're following breaking news from the patriots first here at 5:30, chandler jones apologizing afternoon a strange weekend incident that ended with the defensive end in the hospital. jones said he made a mistake, police say he showed up at disoriented before they took him to the hospital where she was' treated and released. >> espn is reporting the gronk didn't practice with the team today and the he was at the hospital getting treated for his injured knee. that is the knee he hurt back in denver in november. espn also reporting the treatment included an injection. the pats say gronk is expected to play this weekend against the chiefs.
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on 7 news at 6:00 rain. also a possible key clue in a deadly hit-and-run in dorchester. police say a woman was driving the van. >> jadiann: she faced a judge today. steve cooper is live with more on what happened in court. >> reporter: she faced a judge with a hoodie over her head. chefs' released from custody after posting $1,000 cash bail. but before that she pleaded not guilty to some pretty serious charges here. >> leading to personal injury and death. >> reporter: doing her best to hide her face from the cameras in court membersa benedicts pleads not guilt toe a deadly hitted ted hit -- hit-and-run. >> she picked up -- she was just in the heat of pulling
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>> reporter: the crash claimed the life of a 43-year-old construction worker who prosecutors say was crossing the street. his colleagues declined comment about the accident. minutes after the crash police located benedict's heavily damaged van four moils away on morton street in mattapan. her attorney says her client the mother of two young children has no record. >> she has aunts, uncles, her sister and brother are both here and some of her nieces and nephews are hoar as well. she is a mother. >> reporter: benedict's family and friends came to court in a show of support telling us she is a loving mother and all of this is a tragic accident. >> obviously she made some couple of bad decision bus she is a good girl. i mean i don't have anything bad to say about her. >> reporter: benedict is free on boil she has been ish shoed several conditions by the judge including to surrender her drivers' license and not to talk to any of the witnesses connected to this fatal
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live in dorchester tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> ryan: a brooklyn homes goes up in flames. firefighters were able to knock down the fire in the building. officials say there were no injuries. >> an alarm allegation out of holliss, new hampshire, where a local man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman with disabilities. 72-year-old charlie burrow was arrested for two counts of sexual i a salt yet. police say he assaulted a 37-year-old being cared for at the developmental aly disabled. march. in worcester police arrest two men at the city hall common for allegedly selling sib they haddic marijuana -- synthetic marijuana. police in the area observed one man appearing to be handing the other drugs. >> ryan: a group of teenagers go on a deadly drive in connecticut opinion the driver drove no a pond in didn't make it out.
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>> reporter: day light didn't help much. >> 30 second. it was completely under water. >> reporter: it confirmed the nightmare hunter lived through was not a dream. the images will stay frozen in his hemry. >> it's unbelievable that it happened. >> reporter: it happened so fast. the massachusetts native says he and his friends were out for a ride wednesday night and they pulled into a hollow state park and turned down one of the paths. it was dark and snowing. >> i mean, if ump looking over there to the white and this was all just white fluffy, it just looked like a big parking lot. >> reporter: before i knew it he said [bleep] >> reporter: it was big low pond and they made a fatal mistake. the four friends sunk fast. >> i couldn't open the door. the ice was too thick. water was so cold. there was no way out but the window. >> reporter: two others are being treated and at least
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18-year-old emily blouin wasn't as lucky. >> all the doors were locked. i couldn't open up the back hatch. i was trying to. i didn't have anything to break a window or even do anything. >> reporter: joe, the the story up. he says they're all good kids. mcalice described emily as a wonderful girl who conducted herself well and was respectful. she studied medicine with his the vehicle. >> i'm sorry for all the loved ones of emily, i'm sorry for her loss, she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: police haven't said if any ches will be filed but say it is illegal to come into the park after dark. >> jadiann: deadly house explosion in ohio. officials say the fire that caused the blast was intentionally set. it killed a family of four earlier this week. fire officials are investigating as an arson. investigators haven't said what caused the deaths of the
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>> ryan: a key suspect is detained for the murder of an american woman in italy. they found d.n.a.evidence linking him to the victim and the crime scene. witnesses reported seeing the two leave a club to the and go into the woman's apartment: prosecutors say she suffered two fractures before being strangled to death. >> jadiann: an olympic champion charged with assault after police say she pushed her father down the streets. police say the incident took place at a utah home in december. they say street's three children witnessed the situation. street's attorney says she denies any wrong doing and what she considers a private family matter. former babb street boy nick carter is blind bars after an alleged bar fight in florida. carter allegedly tried to choke a bouncer inside a
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he was angry the bartender wouldn't serve them because staff claimed the pair showed up drunk. >> ryan: aran rickman last died of cancer. he also appeared in the die hard and love actually movies. he was 689 69 years owed. harry potter author tweeted out her words saying: >> jadiann: a bus load of trouble for a man who couldn't pay his fare. the fight started over an expired bus pass. the passenger hit the bus driver then thins took a terrible turn. it started on a bus no ohio december 23 after 6:00 in the evening. a et whod conference between driver and passenger about a bus ticket that couldn't be accepted because it was expired. [bleep]
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a course of frustration followed from passengers. >> i got a job. you want to go to jail! >> reporter: police say the man that boarded the 22-year-old jared henderson. a few minutes in he commanded the driver let him go. >> you ain't going no where. >> call the police! call the police! >> reporter: passengers turned and walked away. you think you -- >> reporter: henderson didn't but he does have a burglary. police say he also punched and kicked his child's mother, the 3-year-old watching. >> i'm a felon, man. [inaudible] >> reporter: the driver happened. got a knife. he got a knife. he got a knife. >> still no one called police. it all started over a couple
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the driver felt he had to help himself with a call. finally -- sireins). a ride to jail. the bus driver is still recovering and is expected to be okay. >> ryan: armed robbery not going as planned. an attempted robbery in a store. the man pulse a gun on the clerk there instead of scolded. the clerk points the gunman to the exit. police have never seen something like this. >> this is what he told the investigating officers was, you know, i was telling him that is wrong, what you are him. he is pointing the finger like a parent would. >> the clerk convinced the mans to put his gun away and you can see the thief pleading for money after he compiles with the advice there. the two argued for six minutes before the gunman took off. >> a stolen snake returned
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portland pet shop in the weirdest way possible. the python is back at the store. somebody showed up yesterday with the stolen snake. the owner believes this getting put out on social media made the difference. the thief reaches in, grabs the snake and stuffs it down his pants and walks out of the store. >> i'm sure they realized they were' going to get in facebook is powerful. doing fine. the story owner thinks it's a friend of the guy who dropped off the snake. for the first time in decades a very rare venn onous sea snake watches up on a california beach. experts believe this appeared because of warmer waters brought on by el nino. they say they are very poisonous but there is no reported deaths to humans on record. the snake was the second to watch up on california shores in the past month. before that it hadn't been seen since 1972.
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>> ryan: air head on 7 ipad thief with his head in the clouds. how wrentham police tracked him down. >> jadiann: patriots defensive end chandler jones talks for the first time since his mysterious illness last sunday. he said i made a pretty stupid mistake but wouldn't elash e--' lab rate.
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>> jadiann: an accused thief with clouded judgment. police say this guy break no a car but he stole an ipad but from there it was easy for investigators as they found a key clue on the cloud. >> ryan: tim caputo has a clue with how police caught this guy. >> reporter: a picture is worth 1,000 words. a selfie cost this teenager his freedom. police had an easy time finding him after he snapped a photo of himself on a stolen ipad. >> i don't think this suspect is a threat to the national security. >> reporter: a man had his backpack stolen from his car. his ipad was gone. days later he noticed something odd. >> he saw nine photos uploaded after the truck had been broken in. >> reporter: most of the
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investigators had a face but they needed a location. >> i like to say the police did all of that but the victim did most of it. he activated his find his ipad app and that narrowed it to an area of woonsocket. >> reporter: police went to the area, knocked on several doors until they found a woman who said that was her son. officers found the ipad in their rich and arrested ralphy olivero. police linked him to other stolen items he allegedly told at a pawn shop. >> the suspect nabbed again for a residential house break. >> reporter: police ared ones smiling. they barely did any work and solved the case. >> technology is great. it's even better if the suspect takes a picture of themselves and sends it our way. which we're now encouraging everyone suspect to do. news. >> reporter: partly cloudy skies tonight. more clouds tomorrow. rain saturday morning, forecast up incomes. >> jadiann: a big grin, what has this dog so excited
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>> jadiann: it's only january but the first hurricane of 2016 has arrived. hurricane alex with this 85 miles an hour winds is expected to hit the azores islands tomorrow morning. it's the first time january hurricane since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially start for another six months. the storm won't likely hit the u.s. bad news for those guys there. >> ryan: strange talking about a hurricane in january but this winter anything is possible. because el nino. >> reporter: cookie, whacky pattern out there in the atlantic. we'll look at that. clouds around through the day tomorrow. there maybe a few flurries and the a little bit of
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long lasting, rainy saturday morning, quite a bit of rain but rain, not snow. these ilnino winters cold air is tough to come by. we have the cold air in place but nothing locks it down as the next storm comes up into the cold air. it shoves the cold air out of the way. wind chills, teens to around 20, the city it feels like 20. worcester feels like 16. temperatures right now middle and upper 20 areas boston 29. had a little weather system move through southern new england very early this morning with flurries, that is gone. here is another one that comes at us tonight and the tomorrow. this is also weak. but this one here is the main event. this is appear area of low pressure blossoming in the gulf of mexico. the storm tracks come out of the gulf and the move up the eastern seaboard. clear skies tonight with clouds on the way after midnight. less wind out there this evening. 23-28. morning commute. might even be a little sun for the commute tomorrow otherwise a lot of clouds. there maybe a couple of flurries around lunchtime or into the afternoon.
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but it's a nonissue, 35-40. saturday it is an issue. it will be rainy saturday morning, there maybe some freezing rain route 2 corridor for a short time very late tomorrow night and early saturday morning, farther north in the form of snow. then the area shaded in green we're talking rain on the way for saturday morning, boston about a half inch to an inch of rain. here is the timeline as we advance through the morning hours. the rain is steady. fast and furious for a few hours then it winds down early saturday afternoon. i think it shuts down mid to late afternoon. saturday is 4:30 down at gillette. there will be clouds but i don't think we'll have rain for the game. we'll have rain before the game. could be a couple of lynners showers around tailgate. temperatures upper 30s but for kickoff upper 30s with breezy conditions then we're dry and beginning to clear out as we work towards saturday evening. there is your storm system saturday mid day. you do notice there will be snow in ski country. so i know this is a holiday weekend.
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north to do some skiing. they'll make out like bandits up there talking 4, 8, 9 inches in northern ski country with sunday, chords and flurries, temperatures near 30. so there you go. there is the hurricane. it was a subtroll tropical system you go it has become hurricane alex, first one in the month of january since 1955. allis which formed in december of a 4 but was around and alex is the first one to form in the month of january since 1938 going into the north atlantic, not going to bother anyone. sunday clouds and sunday. mid 30s sunday could be some snow showers, i should say monday snow showers especially monday morning with temperatures blustery and cold.
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>> ryan: this smiling dog comes with cheese, watch him cheese it up with hilarious smile on command. this is your favorite video of the day. >> jadiann: i cannot get enough of this. i keep watching it. look at this. >> ryan: cheese, it's awesome. >> jadiann: he is from nothing to all smiles. >> ryan: he does have a nice smile. >> ryan: his pearly whites have earned the video more than 12 million views on facebook. >> jadiann: i think it's so interesting because when you so a dog's teeth it's usually out of aggression. not used to see the teeth because it's trying to smile at you. >> at. >> kim: do you want to keep looking at that. >> adam: do you want to see what i'll do for some cheese. >> kim: i'm kim khazei average on 7 news at 6:00
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news, chandler jones apologizing after his mysterious hospital visit and tonight we're leashing new details about what happened. >> kim: the gronk missing practice for the second time this week but we've details on what has been keeping him off the field. >> adam: a call for help taking a tragic turn. a pre-school teacher hit and killed after being strapped in a snowstorm, all those stories and much more. >> kim: coming up next on 7 news at 6:00. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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>> jadiann: topping the buzz music lovers in boston you will want to hear this. >> ryan: the line-up for boston calling has been announced. the headlinesser for the music festival includes disclosure and robin. the concert takes place on the common. tickets go on sale friday. >> jadiann: seth mier will be sticking around for a while longer. he signed a five-year extension with nbc that will keep him there through 2021. it comes after tonight show host jimmy fallon signed an extension. >> ryan: george clooney's wife is sitting down with the first nbc interview. she is expected to talk about a number of human rights issues. catch it tonight and tomorrow morning during the today show here on 7 nbc. >> jadiann: there is another 30 minutes of 7 news
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thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: patriots star chandler jones opening up. his message to the pats and fan fans and rob gronkowski missing in action. what is keeping the star player off the field? >> reporter: dry for this evening and overnight. we're tracking our next storm for the start of the weekend. >> announcer: moyne in the bank, meet the two local possible players who are now $1 million richer. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> kim: first at 6:00 breaking news -- >> i mid of made a stupid miss take. >> kim: patriots star chandler jones apologizing after his hospital visit on sunday. this comes after the foxboro police department released new details about the incident. >> adam: jones has since
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there are some unanswered questions. dan hausle is live with more on this breaking story. >> reporter: some of the questions are answered in reports. police giving the facts of the situation. chandler jones giving a more emotional view. >> i feel -- >> reporter: chandler jones facing the cameras for the first time since he showed up at the back door of the foxboro police department shirtless an confused. >> i made a mistake. and each and everyday my, each and everyday, all i can focus on is this kansas city and i know it sounds competitive and it sounds line i'm repeating myself but, that is what it is right now. becoming the best number 95 i can be. >> reporter: it reports police say without any warning or provocation this man got down on his knees, like he was trying to surrender. he was literally as stiff as a board. police say jones was polite
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