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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and why wasn't gronk at practice today? we have nightteam coverage, pats in the playoffs. a crazy close call,. >> jeremy: one of two storms heading to thug. i will let you know when they will arrive and what they'll bring. >> donald's mother was born in scotland. >> the gop candidates battle it out on stage in the race for the white house. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. the pats' star says sorry. chandler jones, owning up. >> adam: the patriots' defensive end apologizing for what happened last weekend that
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>> kim: foxboro police say he was shirtless and confused when they found him in the station's parking lot. brandon gunnoe is in foxboro with more tonight. >> reporter: all started here at the foxboro police department on sunday, when someone told jones to come here. it is not completely clear why, but he needed help. >> i made a mistake. >> reporter: pats player chandler jones apologized for the bizarre incident where he showed up at the back door of the foxboro police department without a shirt on and nervous and anxious early on sunday morning. >> i made a mistake. and each and every day my biggest, all i can focus is on kansas city. that sounds competitive but that's what it is right now. to help this team out. >> reporter: police say without any warning or provocation this man got on his knees and it was like he was trying to ser run der and literally as stiff as
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jones was polite and it was ef dentd that he was seeking our assistance and had not committed any crimes. while jones was taken to the hospital an officer weptsd to his house, where they found the door open, and while in the house he noticed the smell of burned marijuana. he locked the house and notified the desk of what he smelled and to advise the fire paramedics. >> having trouble with substance? >> i understand your question but my main focus is kansas city. >> reporter: the coach spoke of his personal concern for his players. >> nothing more important for me personally than the health and well being of our players and staff. >> reporter: when he was asked if he apologized to his teammates, he was candid. >> i have apologized to everyone. >> reporter: police seem to indicate this was a medical issue, so far, though, jones has
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week, so that is enough for pats. brandon gunnoe. >> adam: the patriots are sticking to the script, focusing on the chiefs but one player was noticably absent from pro-today. here's sports director joe amorosino. where was gronk? >> joe: they remain hopeful that he will play on saturday but two days before patriots' divisional playoff game gronk is bothered by a me injury he suffered in denver. >> gronk i ready to go on saturday. >> reporter: we couldn't because for the second time in week, rob gronkowski was missing from practice, reportedly he was getting an injection for his injured right knee. >> last one, i don't know about that.
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round with a red-hot chiefs team is no laughing matter but they plan to rolling with the punches. >> we have to go with what we got. we just have to go out and play and do our job. >> reporter: and from the team that brought you... >> we are on to cincinnati. >> joe: comes a new catch phrase to deal with this latest batch of adversity. >> we have a game saturday. we are just preparing for saturday. >> this will be nice. >> joe: gronk and the rest of the patriots have just one thing in mind as they close on on kickoff. this team everyone on the team, we will get out on that field. everything on the table, trying to ratchet imup. >> joe: he was listed as did not participate with his knee and back cited on the report. the back issue is a new
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reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino. also from the nightteam: knees were like jello. >> kim: and mother and son in the line of fire, a terrifying close call when bullets hit their car with both of them inside. missing them by inches. the nightteam is in dorchester with their story. >> reporter: they was just headed to kfc to get her little boy a snack when she got lost, and took a wrong turn ands up in the wrong place at the wrong time. these bullet holes from the reminuters of what could have happened on tuesday evening around 6:00, this suv hit three times from tray bullets with a mother and child inside. >> sick to my stomach. >> reporter: amber says she took a wrong turn while headed to kfc and ended up on geneva avenue in dorchester, one shot narrowly missing her son's head from the back.
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it would have taken his head off. it went by my face and he asked me if i heard the wind. the noise i heard was from outside. >> reporter: her son too young to understand but knew enough to say to his mom let's get out of here after the bullets shredded the roof. their alive tonight and amber said she's glad they can do something as simple as make dinner together. >> reporter: waits say they did see a man fleeing the scene but don't have much of a description. in the meantime the family here says they hope people do in the take things for granted and kiss their children good night. >> kim: breaking news chelsea,
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sweeping chelsea high, after a bomb threat. the school superintendent told parents the threat was written within the high school. right notice they do believe it's a hoax but police are taking it seriously. the school will be in session tomorrow with added security. >> adam: clouds rolling in and we are getting ready for rain this weekend. meteorologist jeremy reiner with the forecast. >> jeremy: through the day tomorrow but first of two weather systems, that is a nuisance with clouds anding in significant. this is the real deal. this is an area of low pressure coming from the gulf of mexico tonight. and when they gum out of the gulf of mexico they load up on moisture, and this heading this way for the start of the weekend. chilly tomorrow morning a few peeks of sun and a couple of patches of drizzle but nothing significant for widespread.
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we have rain on saturday morning, there might be a couple of pockets of freezing drizzle on saturday morning, route 2 corridor and for everyone else, in metro boston, it is rain, and should move out of here for the game on saturday afternoon, we will talk more about the patriots forecast in a few minutes. >> adam: the west boylston public schools and police department are investigating allegations against a teacher. school officials releasing a statement saying this is quote an allegation of improper behave your by a teacher toward a student at the west boylston middle high school. this is an active police investigation. that statement goes on to say that the teacher has been removed from the school and will have no further contact with any students. >> kim: a large number of students and staff became ill in a school in methuen. officials are worried about it spreading and they have cancelled classes tomorrow. let's to g to methuen and what do they have and what are they doing about it?
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are really concerned about the health of their children after more than 200 people called out sick at this school today. >> everybody is unnerved. >> reporter: parents on edge as a rapidly spreading stomach virus forces a school to shut its doors. >> he said a couple of his friends haven't been feeling good. we figured it could be a cold. we didn't think it was a stomach bug. >> reporter: her twins go to school here and she says she's concerned. >> i hop my kids don't get sick. a little bit of everything going around. >> reporter: another mom whose kids share a bus with students is worried, too. >> it is because of a virus and i'm concerned because there is probably a chance my children were exposed. >> reporter: school officials say based on the large number of absences on thursday, both students and teachers, it was clear something needed to be done.
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to give the school a thorough cleaning over the weekend. >> the school is closed on monday, so, hopefully they will have it 110%. >> reporter: no classes here tomorrow and they will resume on tuesday after the school has been thoroughly cleaned. 7 news nightteam. >> adam: tragic story up in new hampshire. a preschool teacher gets stranded in a snowstorm, she got out of her car to go and call for help and was hit by another car. the nightteam's susan tran is in hampstead, new hampshire where she spoke to heartbroken fame members. >> reporter: the family is just devastated, laurie driving down this hill lost control and ended up in the snow and police believe she might have had reception problems and she got out to use her cell phone to call for help. and a jeep also lost control and hit her.
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she was gift. >> pain in her voice doesn't begin to convey the hard ache help and her husband william have over the death of their daughter. >> she came home one night. >> i waitsed and waited. video she was coming home from worse on tuesday nights and caught in the snowstorm, she last control and slid off the road this hampstead, new hampshire. she got out of her car to call for help when this jeep hit the same spot and slammed into her. >> struck her vehicle and struck her. >> reporter: an emt rushed to laurie but told police she already died. the 17-year-old driver of the jeep was not speeding or under the influence, but just a tragic accident. >> my baby girl. >> reporter: the loss felt in many communities including head start in haverhill where she was preschool teacher and coordinator and her seat sat empty and co-workers in shock. >> she was always happy and
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>> reporter: for linda and william, their grieve is as great as their love for the youngest of five but they say they were grateful she was able to touch so many lives. >> she was very giving and loving. it is hard. she did so much for so many people. >> reporter: the family says they want the 17-year-old driver to know they have no blame for him and in fact they are think being him as well. we are live in hampstead, new hampshire, susan tran. >> kim: a driver loses control in boston's o'neill tunnel and crashing into the wall. and you can see it there, traffic slows to avoid the cars that bounce back to several lanes. the driver had to go to the hospital but minor injuries and in other cars involved. the accident did tie up traffic heading north for a while. >> adam: republican contenders faced off tonight in south
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debated about the economy and guns and hillary clinton. more. >> reporter: we are closer to the primaries and pressure is on and everyone was keeping a close eye on donald trump and ted cruz who went head-to-head on a number of issues. the first debate in 2016 was surprisingly trump free. and then moderators pressed ted cruz on the ability to be advice. the democrats will be bringing a suit, you have a big lawsuit over your head while you are returning and if you become the nominee, who knows if you can serve in office, so you should go out and get a judgment. >> i'm not taking legal advice from donald trump. >> i domts have to. >> reporter: cruz was ununderfire for his campaign
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i disclosed it on upon piece of paper instead of the other, if that's the best hit the "new york times" has, they better go back to the well. >> everyone under stands that the values in new york city are socialally liberal or pro-gay marriage focus around money and media. >> reporter: but trump kurned that around. 2110-ster buildings came crashing down and the people of new york fought and fought and we saw more deaths and the smell of death. >> reporter: the other candidates took the opportunity to focus on hillary clinton, and hits her hard. her first hundred days instead of setting an agenda she may go back and foert between the whout and courthouse. -- forth between the white house and courthouse. >> she can never be president of the united states. >> reporter: the next gop debate
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before the iowa caucus. ryan schulteis. >> kim: up next tonight, we are learn morgue about the two newest massachusetts millionaires who came so close to hitting the powerball jackpot. >> jeremy: clouds move in, the weekend forecast up ex-np >> kim: and piano man planning a big return to boston. another party at fenway park,
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i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> kim: two couples from massachusetts had million rents to smile tone. they each one a million dollars in last night's powerball drawing. not bad, but the $1.5 billion that everyone was after. >> adam: they were sold in continue see-- tennessee and california and florida.
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their tickets. >> reporter: to the too far from here they without this winning ticket behind me, one of two in state to win a million dollars. for those couples they have to be happy, they won a million and that is amazing, and they go home knowing they were one number away from a quarter billion. a free round of slurpees for everyone at this 7-11 in chino hills california. >> so wonderful. amazing. it puts us on the map. >> reporter: duo l two other tickets were sold in this publix in melbourne, florida and here in tennessee, toplation 6,000. and winners in new england, two people in massachusetts were so close to getting a share of the $1.6 billion grand prize and missed by one number and had to
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not too shabby for losing at powerball. he missed the powerball number. the triple 7's in this charleston vens store, they won with a quick pick. the young couple said the first thing they will do is pay off college loans and the three big winners in california and florida and tennessee who will share the record grand prize have not revealed themselves waitsing a day to let it sink in before they announce to the world they are each a half a billion richer. so overall across the u.s. 73 one million winners, and two this massachusetts and two down in rhode island. i only won $7, so i'm getting there. ryan schulteis >> adam: a winner here. at the williams household.
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about before someone won. it doesn't matter how much money you have, they have the same jr? >> jeremy: snow showers heading this way for monday. but in terms of anything significant not in the cards. 27 in town and fitchburg 18. west wind and skies are clear. that is why you are noticing the wide range of numbers. clouds in western new england and eastern new york state on the move and they will fill up the sky overnight tonight and as that happens i think the numbers for the colder spots will climb to the lower 20s and most of us between 23 and 28 for weather system number one, in new england tomorrow with clouds, maybe a flurry or two. storm number 2 here, this is more robust, this is coming out of the gulf of mexico and that quickly moves up the 95 corridor and into new england on saturday morning. tomorrow a lot of clouds and temperatures between 35 and 40 a few peeks of sun early in the day.
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the of the day in the low to middle 30s. this doesn't happen until the evening commute and drizzle and flurries, very isolated. and saturday, different story that rain is widespread and all over the place and briefly heavy. most towns pick up a half-inch to an inch of rain and heads up early on saturday morning, there may be leftover colder air and a few hours of freezing rain with a plain old rain, route 2 corridor, and far enough north and west in the form of snow, monadnock region and that will be the case through the day on saturday. as we advance to the storm timeline and we go through the morning hours and into the afternoon, the rain moves out of here and we dry things out. a cool raw afternoon, and most importantly for the patriots game in gillette, tailgating, you will find there might be linkering drizzle early. it depends on early you are there, if you are there in the morning it will be pouring but
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or so you are done with the precipitation. kickoff will feature clouds and breezy conditions, 30s and when the game is windsing down, partial clearing, numbers in the 30s. i have to show you this, probably the only time in my career that i talk about hurricane in the months of january. yes. hurricane al formed earlier today, a category 1 storm, the first time we had a hurricane in the month of january since 1955. and actually that year it formed in 54 and was still around if 55. first to form in january since 1938. very unusual but sometimes it does happen. sunday a mix of clouds and sunshine, in the 30s. and snow showers on monday but overall most of next week is cold. peace out. >> adam: billy joel will make a fliple play at fenway park. the singer announcing he will be returning to the ballpark in august.
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toyft perform three straight years at the summer concert series. fans can mark the calendars for january 22nd that is when the tickets will go on sale to the public. >> kim: and we are focused on gillette. >> joe: how can it be business as usual there right now? chandler jones is issuing an apology at his locker and rob
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and now certificate sports with joe amorosino. >> joe: >> right now my main focus is helping the team. cocoa chandler jones offering an unexpected apology at his locker, owning up to his actions that led to a bizarre visit to the hospital over the weekend. a common theme during a minute and 16 q and a at gillette stadium. >> i made a mistake and each and every day all i can focus is is kansas city.
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is what it is right now. to help this team out. the big of the day of my life, trying to clear this, and i made a stupid mistake and hopefully it can below by. >> joe: patriots are hoping whatever is ailing rob gronkowski will blow bias well. he missed his second tra this week. -- practice this week. and now they say he has a become issue, not what you want to hear. conflict reporting on how bad the knee injury is. espn say gronk was in boston getting an injection in his knee and nfl network says gronk was receiving treatment and about the say he is expected to play. but how effectively remains to be seen. there is a clear-cut difference in his production before and after his knee injury in denver,
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pain is all in what you make of it. >> see, pain is all about how you feel, if you feel like you're at a hundred, it comes down to whatever you got. like he said, at the end of the season, kansas city us, everyone who is left has battled through bump and bruises, you give everything you come. >> reporter: chip kelly wasn't out of work for long. former eagles coach who was fired is offer to san francisco to coach the 49ers. he was 26-21 but was doomed sbi own personnel decisions. bruins and celts back in action tomorrow night.
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that is our time for this thursday nights. jimmy fallon is next.
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