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tv   Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. all rity, it is thirsty thursday, so happy you're with us, january 14th. we have a great show today. two ladies from our plaza didn't win the powerball. >> but they're still lucky.
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>> they look like they won the powerball. >> they couldn't be happier. >> we'll head into the kitchen and show you how to make mexican tacos, a staple, but this will be the healthy version and it's going to blow your mind. >> everybody's saying it's delicious. really, we've done almost 100 everyone has a story now. this love story is so incredible you have to stick around to hear it. >> this is everyone has a love story? >> yes. >> i like it. >> it's love on so many different levels. that's what's amazing. they were a couple of teenagers, okay, at the beginning. >> a teenage couple. >> all kinds of things happen. >> so the oscars came out. >> the nominations. >> and they looked sort of like i guess the way you would expect, right? >> i think there was a few surprises. "the revenant" got the most, 12 nominations. >> included best picture, best director, best supporting actor. what is revanant? >> it's the true story of this
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bear. cody saw it and some other people i really respect saw it and they said it's simply superb. >> "mad max fury road" has the second most nominations with ten including best picture and best director. >> in the best actor category, bryan cranston, who a lot of people thought he would have won the golden globe, he didn't. matt damon was nominated for "the martian." leonardo dicaprio for "the revenant." >> michael fassbender for steve jobs. >> who was also overlooked? >> eddie redmayne, everyone likes him, "the danish girl." >> matt won the golden globe for best actor in a comedy. >> wasn't a comedy. you saw it a couple times. >> yes, i loved "the martian." >> best actress nominees include cate blanchett. jennifer lawrence for "joy."
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young -- saorsi? >> it's spelled s-a-o-r-s-e. >> after these, everyone's going to know how to say her name. weekend because everybody says it's just beautiful. and brie just won a golden globe for best performance in a drama. i saw half of this movie and it's riveting. >> supporting actors include christian bale for "the big short." mark ruffalo, "spotlight." we loved "bridge of spies." loved it. >> we were very upset when it was overlooked. and sylvester stallone for "creed." he won the golden globe for that, and so we'll see what happens there. jason leigh for "the hateful
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rooney mara for "carol." rachel mcadams for "spotlight." and kate winslet for "steve jobs." >> those are great, excellent. oh, and best picture. >> there's quite a few. "the big short." which we love. "bridge of spies." which we love. "brooklyn." "the revenant" and you can have up to ten, right? >> that's a lot of nominations. >> can you have up to ten. >> some sad news, right? night. it must have just been reported. >> allen rickman has passed away. only 69 years old. >> you're right. >> a couple of days ago. >> from cancer as well. >> he's best known as professor from harry potter. i remember him from "love actually." >> your favorite movie. >> he kind of plays this guy who's cheating on his wife and tries to sneak around. >> is that mr. bean? >> yes, mr. bean is wrapping his
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and he's buying it for his mistress and he's worried his wife is going to show up. anyway. >> then he deserves to get caught. all right, so ellen pranked matt yet again. >> it's already starting because it was heating up when matt wore those high heels. this one involves a special present that ellen gave to matt to take to the white house. >> just this past tuesday. >> he was on his way to the white house to interview the president. i said, could you do me a favor and sneak an ellen pencil in to the president's desk? and he didn't know that i was going to give him a giant -- after he said yes, i handed him that. i didn't think he'd do it but look at this. >> everybody who's playing a part in that growth and everybody sharing and contributing to that success. so with that, let me sign this memorandum. thank you very much everybody. >> that is just genius. how do they do that?
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>> when's the jimmy fallon pranking going to start? >> i don't know. >> that's going to be a good one. >> i just hope he doesn't get hurt in the process. he's been hurt so much lately. powerball frenzy i'm glad is over. the largest ever lottery jackpot. >> there were three winning tickets sold. that means they have to divvy up that -- >> i don't think they're complaining. >> they were sold in chino hills, california, mumford, tennessee, and in florida. here are the numbers again. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and a powerball of 10. i bet you if 34 had been 30, i bet you there would have been like 40 winners because they're all calendar days. most people when they pick their favorite numbers pick something from the calendar, like a birthday or anniversary. once you go higher than that,
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number. >> why not? >> because you remember dates, like, it's my anniversary. >> what if you've been married for 55 years? then you would put 55, wouldn't you? i'm just trying to follow your logic through, sorry. everybody's nodding. never mind. all right this is interesting. >> what? >> i was kicked out of the brownies so i never made it to the girl scouts but have you seen the digital girl scout cookie sales popping up in your facebook feed? >> usually kids knock on the door or set up little stands. sometimes the parents help. but this they think -- one blogger doesn't love this. now it seems like the kids miss out, they're saying on skills like how to be approachable, how to be friendly and gracious. >> also actually accomplish personally did it. >> right. >> that's huge. >> and rejection to your face. that's good to experience. >> can't have enough of that. all right. okay. so this is their advice. video asking people to buy cookies. kids can send thank you notes with the cookies. although parents and girl scouts
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should make the sale. >> often you get, you know, at work, this has happened every place i ever work, people bring in the sheet and they say, hey, my daughter's -- can you just -- and i'm glad because sometimes single door. >> we have a friend who shall remain nameless. her daughter said, mom, you're taking away all the fun. >> oh, by taking the list to work? >> you know what, yeah, i think it is more fun. whenever there's a stand set up, don't care if it's girl scout cookies or lemonade, always stop and buy something. it's cool. they're sitting there, they're trying. >> the worst thing is when you're really, really late and you can't, you got to go by. what can you do? >> nothing. >> i'm trying to stall so i don't hear your i-hoda. >> it's a boy band. for some reason, it's come on in past couple of weeks. here it is. it's "perfect" by one direction.
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>> i hear they're breaking up. i might never be your knight in shining armor i might never be the one who brings you flowers but i can't be the one be the one tonight when i first saw you from across the room oh yeah girl i hope you're sure what you're looking for >> here comes the chorus, everybody. >> can't get to that fast enough. but if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms if you like having secret little rendezvous if you like to do the things you know that we shouldn't do baby i'm perfect baby i'm perfect for you and if you like midnight driving with the windows down antioxidant antioxidant >> okay, hoda. >> you like it? >> no.
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away from my daughter, that's what i want. shoot. >> you can listen to us on sirius xm. >> okay, so you weren't lucky enough to hit last night's jackpot. >> who cares, we're going to figure out other ways for your finances. >> and two ladies will be gorgeous after their gorgeous ambush makeovers. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy.
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thursday, so let's heat things up with ambush makeover. >> our amazing glam team has ladies from our plaza a brand-new look. >> say hello to "today" show contributor and celebrity hairstylist to the stars -- louis licari, la, la, la >> and miss flam -- glamor herself, jill martin. huh? >> the crowd was limited to be honest with you because it was so, so cold. we found short haired women so short hair can be so sleek and stylish. >> love it. >> susan cox is our first lucky she's from maryland. she works as an accountant for the university of maryland. she's been wearing her hair short for more than 30 years. she wants a new look. the ambush was her husband's idea.
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special because after she gave him an amazing gift, she donated a kidney in november so that he could get a new one. let's take a listen. >> jim, your wife gave you an unbelievable gift and you came here saying please give her one from me. >> right. and november, she donated a kidney to me. and been recovering since. this is our week in new york to celebrate. >> oh, i'm so happy that we can give this to you. so how do you feel? >> oh, wonderful. i feel like crying right now. it's so good. he's been a wonderful husband and this is just an extra little treat for me. >> we'll take care of you. >> oh, there's that wonderful husband right there. husband jim is here. cousin ken came too. >> cousin ken, nice to see you. >> all right, guys, please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is susan cox before. all right, susan, let's see the new you. wow. oh, wow. all right. let's do it.
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your blindfolds. >> who is that? >> are you ready, susan? >> i'm ready. >> spin right around, lady in leather. oh, my gosh, wow. >> you look great. >> very much a nice wonderful new look. >> wow. >> why don't you peek right there at that camera? >> for that first step, of course the haircut. she had short hair so whenever you have short hair, there's not as much to work with, but he could still shape it into this sleek style that is wash and wear. and painted on a few highlights just to give it a little more zingy. >> i like it. >> and she looks so pretty. >> look at jim, jim can't speak. jim what do you think? >> she looks fabulous. >> jill, that leather. >> is it clara?
2:23 am
>> with the ruching. it's just an interesting twist on a leather jacket. >> that's washable, by the way. >> oh, is it? oh, wonderful. >> nydj jeans. it's nice to have a pair that's sort of a dressed up version. >> a big round of applause for susan. join your husband, cousin ken. >> our next lady is p.j. miller. she's going to be 56 years old tomorrow. she's from denville, new jersey. she works as a director for a sunday school. her son and husband are traveling so she's having a girl's weekend with her daughter. she says she needs a little pick me up. she hasn't had her haircut professionally in almost a year and she's been cutting it herself. okay, let's hear her story. >> p.j., that jumping was something else. still jumping. you're excited. >> very much so. this is the second time i've tried. six years ago, and i didn't get picked, but i got picked today. >> i know you're super excited. >> i'm so excited. she totally deserves this.
2:24 am
>> she is here with that very same girl, that is tina right over there. let's take one last look at p.j. miller before and bring the new p.j. out. come on. >> wow. oh, wow! yeah! >> tina, take a deep breath and do it. >> okay. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh! so pretty! don't cry, you're going to ruin your makeup. >> we've got kleenex if you need it. just dab, don't wipe. t.j.? >> do i? >> yes, you do. >> who is she? >> we're going to get you -- >> thank you. >> just dab, honey. >> you look gorgeous. >> you need some? >> yes, you do. >> again, the big lesson here is you don't need a lot of hair to make a change of style. again, shaped it, moved it around, used his fingers, used a little bit of product.
2:25 am
then, she had it, believe it or not, a natural birthmark on the top because she had a few blonde streaks. so i said go with the natural birthmark and put more blonde in her hair. and then of course enid, she just put it all together, she always does. >> and the dress? >> doesn't she look so pretty? that figure. the dress is new by shoni. with the exposed zipper which you'll see on a lot of dresses. >> that has the tummy tucks. >> built in. >> you also have a great walk. very confident walk. very nice. let's bring susan out too. congrats to both of our ladies. >> that was great. >> all right, lost the lottery, now what. >> some advice after this. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance?
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the odds of winning last night's $1.6 billion lottery. 1 in 290 million. so if you woke up with your dreams crushed, don't worry. we have some ways to get your finances back in shape for 2016. >> that's right, here to make you feel like you hit the jackpot is personal finance editor of the financial business "times" lauren lawrence cole. >> how are you? >> so we're talking about trying to pay down debt. let's talk about that. >> when it comes to paying down debt, 40% of americans are in this boat so you're not alone. but the two key things you need are accountability and speed. use the momentum beginning of the new year, try to pay it down as quickly as possible. find a buddy and use an app. you need a budget as a good one. sweep and >> the accountability thing,
2:28 am
you're not? you got into debt badly to begin with because of those kinds of habits. >> that's why i say do it fast because if you can really use the momentum, you can use -- you can make progress. >> what about impulse shopping? you walk buy and you want it. >> first of all, don't go by there. don't walk around. stay off the computer. >> we actually spend $200 on average per month on impulse shopping. >> oh, you're kidding. >> that adds up at the end of the year. >> stick to your list. $2,400 itself that's enough to take a pretty nice vacation for two. >> or pay down some debt. >> if you happen to save some that? >> we really need to be investing. scary. people only need 10% of their month. you really want to put the rest of it towards the stock market, towards your 401k. right now people have 20% or more in cash. that's quite a lot. it's not going to help you develop wealth in the long run. >> when you see the dow lately,
2:29 am
number one way to build wealth over the long run. better than cash really. >> all right, you say buy less fewer things and go more places or experience more things. >> this one's exciting, right? so the number one new year's resolution this year was to enjoy life to the fullest. research shows that if we're spending money on experiences, could be dining out, it could be a great trip somewhere, we're so much happier. >> we get memories as opposed to the new sweater that ends up in the closet anyway. which hoda can't find. >> which is probably in a pile. you say this is a good time to ask for a raise or get a new job? >> yes, only 8% of americans are happy with their income. but the job market is better than we've seen in recent years so it's a great time to ask and 3 out of 4 people who ask do get a raise. >> i was surprised by that. 3 out of 4 actually will get it. at least a portion of it, right? something. >> it's worth a try. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate it. >> everyone has a story, and
2:30 am
long lost love that has come full circle. >> plus a little spice makes everything nice. healthy chicken tacos.
2:31 am
>> we're bhak on thirsty thursday, two weeks into the new year. which means this is about the time some people start cheating on their diets. >> our "today" food team has come to the rescue with a healthy meal that's so good you feel like you're cheating. here to share with us her lighter version of the dish. >> oh, you did so well with my last name today. >> is it marcella? >> marcella. >> good. >> slap the chicken. i'm going to cook it for you guys. you asked me a good question about chicken. i'll try to resolve them as we go down the line. we've got a five-pound chicken. here's my secret to make it delicious. i'm going to sneak. using the wooden spoon, i'm going to separate the skin from
2:32 am
sneak some fresh jalapenos that i thinly sliced. >> right under there? what does that do? >> it not only adds flavor and spice, when you're cooking the chicken it protects it from the heat so you're creating a barrier that keeps it nice and moist. >> all the way down? >> the more you can get in there, the better. then we just season the chicken. we're going to add some herbs. we've got some oregano. either cilantro or parsley will work. i like to stick whole limes in there. whole bunch of flavor. >> you cut it in half and stick it in? >> the juices are going to seep into the chicken. a couple of garlic cloves and that's it. >> not much prep really. >> not really. and then to season it, i have some coconut oil, one of the healthier fats. then brush that on there. and salt and pepper. that's your seasoning for the chicken. >> you're leaving a lot of this hanging out. is that all right? >> that's okay. you're going to put it in the pan over some butternut squash also lightly the seasoned with a little bit of coconut oil.
2:33 am
raw? >> everything's in one dish. nice and heavy cast iron. you want it to be nice and heavy cast iron because it's a good conductor of heat. >> yes, all this in the oven 475 for about an hour and 20 minutes. >> 475? >> that's the thing, you're going to get this beautiful crispy skin. when it hits 160, that chicken is ready. >> what are we making? >> we're making tacos. you've got this beautiful flavorful chicken. you see the jalapenos, they cook down so they're not so spicy. i need to wipe my hands, because i have chicken hands. i'm clean now. now we're going to make tacos. you've got the onions, pickled jalapenos, limes, radishes, fresh tortillas, my nice and light refried beans which are cooked in coconut oil. >> i love refried beans. >> this version is healthy. the recipe is on your guy's website. so tacos.
2:34 am
>> come here and let's make ours. here's yours, i'll make mine. >> if you're vegetarian, just add squash. >> no thank you. >> why would anyone do that? >> we have to dig in with our fingers, we don't have enough time. >> we don't? >> well, maybe we do. >> no onions, how about jalapenos? >> no. >> radish? >> no. >> okay, your taco bar -- >> i want the refried beans. >> scoop it out. >> a little bit. >> that would be -- >> how about this and this. and do you put any sauce on it or just like that? >> i actually make my own salsa but i will find it perfectly acceptable if you go to the supermarket and get a nice pico de gallo. the fresh ones are usually much lower in the calories. you need salsa. >> yes, you do. >> delicious, delicious. love it.
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everyone has a moment that changes their life now to a very special everyone has a story. this one is about finding a family and finding love. a surprising way life can come full circle. >> patrick wrote in to tell us his extraordinary journey. we'll meet him and his family in a moment but first listen to his letter very carefully.
2:37 am
1978. my birth parents were teenagers at the time and in the end my mom opted to put me up for adoption. i was adopted by two wonderful parents. my adopted mom had lupus. she was a soldier and fought the disease as long as she could but it became too much for her to handle. she died in november 1989 when i was 11. life after my mom's death was difficult. for a time, it was just my dad and i. then eventually he remarried and we moved in with his his wife and her daughter. time when i had a son my own. i decided to embark on the journey to find my birth parents. it was fueled by both curiosity and a desire to better understand my background. when i reached out to the adoption agency, they told me my mom had left her contact information with them around the time i turned 18. i was ecstatic. i turned to the internet and within 20 minutes on facebook, i had a confirmed match. i knew the minute i saw her picture i found the right person. there was no mistaking the resemblance.
2:38 am
lasted for hours. but that was just the beginning. my birth mother was able to track down my birth father. they hadn't really spoken or had any contact since they were together as teenagers when i was born. my mom's husband had a pulmonary condition and unfortunately passed away. it was devastating to my mom. my birth father was in the process of separation and as time went on, my mom and dad rekindled the relationship they had when i was born. and then yes, you guessed it, they got back together. they recently even got married. it was completely surreal for all of us in the most amazing way possible. we all see each other frequently. last year, my birth parents came out to east coast and got to meet my adopted dad for the very first time. it was an incredible and emotional day, one that i'll never forget. sometimes life comes full circle and gives you back more in return than you ever missed the first time around. >> wow. >> so patrick is here with us along with his birth parents stephanie and todd ripple. this is unbelievable.
2:39 am
>> hoda thinks it's like doing one of her "datelines." >> i can't believe it all happened like this. >> when you left your contact information after the birth of your son, did you ever -- i mean what was your intent when you left it do you think back then? i know you were just a teenager? >> i wanted to reconnect. >> you did? you knew that some day -- >> well, i was privileged to have a nurse in the hospital sneak me into a closet with my son before they took him away and let me spend a few minutes with him. and i told him one day i will see you again. >> oh, my gosh. >> and then -- and this relationship, so you guys were obviously teenage sweethearts. and then you lost contact altogether? like there was no communication between the two of you through the years? >> it was kind of a parental insistence there. >> how old were you? may i ask that?
2:40 am
delivered. and from a very strict religious family. and it was forbidden that we continued our relationship. >> so were the sparks there when you remet? is that what happened? it's so funny. >> for me, it was like 35-plus years just disappeared. >> really? >> the same. >> and patrick, for you, were you thinking, this is just surreal? >> it really was. i mean, i started the whole process in my head, hopes but no expectations. i knew i may not even find them or, you know, may contact them and it wouldn't go any further than that. >> maybe they wouldn't even want to be found. >> right. so each surprise along the way has just added to, you know, the whole i went from one side of, you know, realistically knowing i may not ever find them to where we're at today so it's just been one complete surprise
2:41 am
>> i'm just curious, how was that first hug with your mom? >> well, it was the picture right there when we were in the airport. >> what did it feel like? >> it was eerie how familiar it was. it felt like you had just said goodbye to someone and they were coming home, you know, when you found someone so -- >> wow. i hope we've done this amazing story justice with this song that david and i have written for you. it's -- singing it is a wonderful broadway performer, hunter ryan and stay with us and hear this song. it's called "full circle," as it
2:42 am
(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal
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>> we're back with our newest "everyone has a story."
2:45 am
up a woi for adoption. his birth mother, who then found his birth father. and stephanie and todd rekindled their romance and got married. >> just unbelievable story. now it's time for to you hear this story that we wrote just for you guys. here to sing it a broadway star who recently starred in "once upon a mattress." everybody starts out pretty much the same we're born into this world and someone gives us a name but some of us move on to a different family only to return when we have the eyes to see we've come full circle
2:46 am
but everything that happens has a reason so they say so i found myself looking into someone else's eyes and much to my surprise that's when i realized i'd come full circle full circle full circle who knows where life can lead you full circle full circle for those of us who need to come full circle everybody tries to plan out every day has a better way he guides us in each step that leads to where we started out so all that we can do is thank him as we shout
2:47 am
so now each blessed morning as i begin my day lead way and i smile as i remember the boy i used to be to be a family that's called full circle full circle full circle i know where life can lead you full circle full circle for those of us who need to come full circle everybody starts out pretty much the same we're born into this world and
2:48 am
and though i did move on to a different family it amazes me i ended up where i started out to be i've come full circle >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have one more surprise for patrick, stephanie, and todd. everybody's journey turns out a different way
2:49 am
working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number pwhich matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain.
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back now with patrick and his birth parents, stephanie and todd, who were just treated to an amazing performance by broadway's sensation hunter ryan hertlica. >> that was really good. >> what did you think of the song? >> amazing. i don't know how he does it so quickly and so expressively. i thought it was brilliant. >> yeah, it was. >> amazing. >> captured it, huh? >> definitely. >> so you're all in a good place now, right? you have another grandson, right? >> number nine. >> number nine. >> oh, my gosh. >> so we're going to give away a little something fun. of course we're here with the wonderful david duos right here. we know you guys don't always get to see each other because you're on the other side. first thing we're going to do,
2:51 am
your family, we're going to give you a little membership to, so you can check out the rest of your ancestors, who knows. >> and dna tests too. >> yeah. >> i just did it. >> are you related to them too? >> more surprises. >> you live on different coasts and don't get to see often other very often, we wanted to give you a fun night here in new york city. our friends at late night at seth meyers reserved tickets for you for the show tonight. and then rockefeller center to dine at bar 65 at the rainbow room where you can eat, drink and enjoy spectacular views. >> look at you, you're going to have a real new york night together. won't that be fun? >> that's amazing, thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >> amazing story. what's going on, kids, everything good? >> album uary 4, amazon, music -- >> same, music.
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