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tv   Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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...and look at this... oh, why don't you tell the homeowners how great sparkle works? sparkle. 'cause it's a messy world out there. this morning on "today's take," powerball winners revealed. one tennessee couple comes winning ticket. and then it's going down for real. with a live performance from flo rida and find out why actor rasheeda jones is ruling the internet. coming up right now. >> announcer:rom nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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and i know what you say this is going down for real it's going down for real it's going down for real i love my beaches, south beaches who got it for real on cobra i know you came here >> that's a party. >> it's officially a party. >> it is. >> and this is how we wake up on this friday morning. >> that's right, al, natalie, tamron, willie is missing this.
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"g.d.f.r." going down for real. friday. >> and the ladies with flo rida. that's a good workout. house in a bit. >> love the new look. tell it all about us later when we talk to you. >> most definite will. >> let's get over to the desk. >> you know where it is going down for real? in munford, tennessee, right. >> hello. >> hi, guys. >> look who is with us. >> munford, tennessee, and these lovely folks joining us. >> yes. >> it's going down in your house. >> it is going down for real. >> you've got the lucky ticket. >> john and lisa robinson who have been with us all morning long, and they have claimed to have won the powerball jackpot, one of the three people who won
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>> i think -- >> use it or lose it. >> how are you guys doing now? it's sunk in now, had the phone calls, it's trending and everybody is talking about you. what does this feel like for you, lisa? >> christmas. christmas morning, a kid, having a wonderful time here, thank you all. >> your phone was ring off the hook. how many missed calls do you have? >> i gave my phone to one of the ladies over there. >> it was just vibrating. >> love it. >> oh, my gosh, you've signed the ticket, we should point out. >> i've signed the ticket. >> so don't try to take it. >> and they got their lawyer, mr. joe townsend and joe's daughter eileen is also here. >> some. things we have to say right off the bat. lottery officials have not officially confirmed that this is the winning ticket. you guys came to us first actually. >> mm-hmm. >> yeah. >> that part is true. >> yeah. >> and we've done everything we did to verify this thing.
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why did you guys come to us first? >> instead of getting your ticket. >> it was his idea. >> his idea. >> okay. joe, why did you want them to come here. >> i just told them i don't think you can avoid it so you might as well go to a national news outlet and let the american people know. american people love winners. these are the winners. >> and lisa, tell us a little bit about your life before you won. how was life? >> work, work, come home, take care of business and -- >> and now that's going to be. >> work, come home, take care of business. >> so you're staying with your job? >> yes. >> awesome. >> you said earlier with savannah that you love what you do. you love your job, but this morning you did have to call them and let them know. >> i wasn't coming in this morning. >> what's going on. that phone call. >> i have a big mayor to ask. i need you to watch the "today" show and i won't be in today. just watch the "today" show,
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i know, but i won't make it in today. i'll call you and i'll probably be in monday. if you let me. okay. thank you. bye. >> have you heard from her since? >> yes, i have, and i also heard from my administrator, and they are excited for me, and they said, yes, they would be happy to have me back on monday. >> lock how loyal you are. the back story. who picked the numbers. how were the numbers picked? so the next time we can get this right. >> i'm the one that actually went and got the tickets. i was driving home from work, and it was 6:00 something, 6:56 i think it says on the ticket. i stopped in the little grocery store and she told me, are you going to buy the lottery tickets, and i said i don't feel like stopping and she said, well, we need to go ahead and get two tickets, so when i buy the tickets i buy four at a time and the single picks.
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>> the quick picks. >> so i told the lady give me four of them and she gave me four of them and i come home and i handed it to her and i said i ain't feeling good, i'm going to lay down. i went and laid down on the couch, fell asleep and then come 10:00 she's the one that checked it. >> and she come hollering and screaming through the hallway, you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. >> i checked them three times, okay, this is for real, this is for real. he's going to have a heart attack, john! >> did you call your daughter, did you let her know right away? >> no, no. that's a story in itself. >> okay. what happened? >> my dad wanted me to bring him some medicine because he said he wasn't feeling well. >> just a ruse to get her over. >> and i actually had somebody else take the medicine to him and he called me and he asked me why i didn't bring it and i said, well, because i have to work, go to work. i couldn't be late so then i said, but if -- if it's that
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they came over to my house and they told me. >> and what did you think in that moment? how much your life changes. >> tell the truth now. my very first thought was i've always wanted a horse so i get a horse now. my dad always said, you know, the day i win the lottery. >> yes. stallion. >> it's a small town, 3,000 people. you plan on stayinging right. >> if they let us stay there. >> they will let you stay. you'll only town. you always talk to people and say what would you do? and when you thought about it overnight, what do you want to do if it's not too personal? i thought of taking care of the loans and all the family stuff. >> that's the first thing that we'll take care of and there's some people that we want to help. >> wonderful. >> so -- and i'm a firm believer in tithing to my church. >> that's great. >> wow, that's terrific.
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>> and of course, st. jude's. >> of course. >> marlo thomas is a great friend of ours. >> she will love to know that you're doing that for them. >> we should point out also that it was great reporting by elaine, right, who actually brought the story to us, to the "today" show, and this is your daughter. >> that's correct. >> that's right. >> so tell us how that story came about because there was a great story to how they got to the "today" show. >> well, i'm a writer for "memphis" magazine and my dad called me up and said we need to get some national press for this story and said i called a number that i found on the internet from google for nbc and got the switchboard and picked it up and somehow it got passed up the line and here we are today. >> great. >> so you head back to munford. >> straight to nashville. >> to the lottery officials. >> to the lottery initials. >> do you have a big press conference and all that stuff? >> do they do that for you?
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>> what do you mean by that? >> after they -- their goal is to -- this is like a one and done. they wanted to come on and let the americans know that they won, you know, because people want to know and then they want to go back to their private life so if people could respect that, that would be really good. >> lisa, before we let you go. you hit the lottery twice because show everyone what you got. >> wow. >> hoda made a personal call to me and gave me an autograph and kathie lee. >> that's sweet. >> terrific, wonderful. >> wow. here this mornings congratulations. all the best. >> thank you. >> thank you all so much. >> and we're all your greatest new friends. >> exactly. >> we're going to come hang down in your house down in munford. >> we'll need to get a little bigger house. >> she invited us to the slumber party as well. >> we like to do girl slumber parties. >> girls slumber parties. >> and the horse there, too. >> well, congratulations. you guys, a lot of people on twitter said they were so happy for you, grounded family and
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love to see win something like this. >> good luck. >> appreciate you guys being here and sticking around all morning. >> they have one of the friendliest dogs. >> yes, abby is in the back. >> i didn't leave her at home. >> she flew with us. >> you remembered the family. >> the richest dog in the world. abby. >> fantastic. >> that's right. eating out of a solid gold dog bowl. this isn't kibble, it's sirloin. >> thank you. >> such a great story. another really great story. we love a good celebrity photo bomb around here. this one takes the case. jimmy fallon along with "sesame street." he posed -- photobombed some kids and their parents posing for pictures right here hat 30 rocket. take a look.
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>> three, two, one. >> three, two, one. >> two, one. >> num, num, num, cookie monster. >> three, two, one. >> oh. >> kisses. >> oh. >> okay. that's adorable. so cute. >> all right. so you've got the weather coming up. lisa and john, you own the world. you may as well do the weather with al roker. >> you in, john? >> he might be. >> come on, john. come on.
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>> do what? >> your neck of the woods. >> going to get chilly. >> lots of riches. >> come on over, john. >> come over here. hit the button for me. >> boom. >> there you go. got cold air coming in. of course, you'll just be burning money. what do you care? >> another hundred in the fire. it's going to get chilly, but a warm, warm day for you, congratulations. that's what's going on around the >> chris: go >> good friday morning, everyone. a mild day of raw temperatures rebounding into the mid 30s to the low 40s. and starting off in thes to this morning. so 6 above average, eclipsing the 40-degree mark. tomorrow, we have rain, and this will happen after midnight. patchy drizzle tonight, north and west of i-95. and for the most part, this is a
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snow showers in here, mild accumulations and next week, the cold air. made us laugh as amy poehler's best friend on "parks & rec" and now rasheeda jones starring in a new spoof series called "andrea try becca" and why she has taken over the internet, r moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care listerine total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth and for kids starting at age six, listerine smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after
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did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. actress, writer, director and one of our faves, rashida jones is a true hollywood talent starring in some of the funniest movies like "i love you man". >> or playing ann perkins, the sweet best friend and the sorely missed "parks-and-recreation." >> now she is back and has a new spoof series called "angie try becca" and she plays a tough-minded detective.
10:17 am
>> you wanted to see us, sir? >> ever heard of carpacchio, mcguffin. >> the scottish master who disappeared after painting his master works "thumb." >> his son disappeared from the gallery this morning. >> the omg. >> i thought it was at the library. >> the lol, don't make me laugh. that burned down last year. >> oh, gosh. so good. >> all right. rashida, let's start with the name, "angie try becca" which doesn't get any better than a spoof cop comedy. >> it's so dumb. >> so good though. >> that's how the whole show started. they thought wouldn't be hilarious to have a tough cop named "angie try becca. >> what i love about the show, the edgy comedy this, harkens back to "police squad" with leslie nielsen. >> i mean, this is terrific.
10:18 am
the intention was wall-to-wall jokes. there's no real heart. just about making as many jokes as possible at my expense and other people's expense. >> your expense. you're getting your whiskers trimmed and we were watching there. we always wonder how the set is -- when you have so much comedy and so much talent what is it like behind the scenes? >> it's really fun and so technical because we have so many babies and pets and props and costume changes that we have to try to stay as straight as possible but sometimes it's impossible. >> you're so multi-talented. you also direct and writing "toy story 4," in the process. >> long process. >> can you give us any hints about it. >> come on, tell me, tell me. >> i can't. i'll be struck down by the light years. >> we don't want that. >> we do not. >> okay. also i didn't know you dance as well. >> i mean, i'm a dance enthusiast. i wouldn't say like i'm a professional. >> what does it mean? >> i love dancing. just watching the girls dance in
10:19 am
>> could you do that? >> would i try to do that. >> i wish i was doing that. >> flip and rewind. >> video rolling the internet right now. >> there you go. and i'm sure you'd love to >> my '90s homage. >> hey, flo rida. >> would you let rashida dance with you. >> yes. >> maybe a backup dancer. >> the story goes with the girlfriends that you're friends with in high school are in this. >> that's my dance squad from high school. >> your crew. >> the bandanas and the jersey. >> the mustard colored jackets. >> can you show us the '90s moves. >> do you do the running man? >> yeah. >> that's hard though. that's going to be hard in heels. >> that was my excuse. >> here we can do the wop.
10:20 am
>> or flo rida. >> i feel like we need the girls professionals. >> yes. >> should we do the wop. >> i think the wop. >> go for it. the dab. >> do it. >> how do we do the dab. >> one, two, three, dab. >> the other side. >> that's it. >> my son nicky was doing this. >> one, two, three, dab. >> go, rashida. >> what about the wop. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> there you go. >> going down for real. >> somewhere this is a comedy spoof for your next show. >> you take it away. >> you want to dab with us. >> there you go. >> that's called the running man.
10:21 am
>> they were making fun of my running man. see. >> she was going sideways. >>ing "angie tribeca" debuts with a 25-hour commercial free marathon this sunday on tbs when all new episodes monday night starting -- >> 25-hour marathon. >> coming, the "friends" star who will not be taking part in the big tv reunion. find out in tamron's "pop fix" coming up after this. want to survive a crazy busy day?
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taking a look at headlines today. the cdc is expected to warn women who are or hope to become pregnant to avoid traveling to certain parts of latin america and the caribbean. the concern a mosquito-borne virus called zika that's spreading fast. health experts are calling this a pandemic in progress. the virus, which poses very little risk to adults but for babies still in the womb it can be devastating. >> a very serious birth defect and what's so impressive is that there's been hundreds, perhaps thousands of these birth defects across latin america, but particularly in northeastern brazil where it's been most heavily concentrated.
10:31 am
cases here in the u.s. of mosquitos spreading zika but mosque sews love hot humid areas with stagnant water and areas along the gulf coast in particular are of concern. a new study links the use of heartburn and acid reflex medicine to an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. researchers at johns hopkins university reviewed the health records of people who use the drugs known as proton pump inhibitors and they found a risk 20% to 50% higher compared to non-userers. the study did not conclude that i actually cause kidney disease. just in time for tax season the irs is delivering a double dose of good news to taxpayers. the agency says people will have shorter wait times on its phone hotline because the irs hired more customer service reps after getting a bigger budget from congress. also, fewer taxpayers mayonnaise an audit this year as several tax compliance workers are
10:32 am
replacing them. favorites. a consumer perception firm is out with the latest rankings for the top rated fast food and casual dining restaurants. subway holding on to its top spot as the best perceived fast food brand followed by wendy's and chick-fil-a. casual dining olive garden held on to the top spot with barna bread and outback steakhouse right behind. now a check of the weather with al roker. >> blooming onion. saturday, snow around the great lakes and wet weather here in the northeast and a lot of rain down along the gulf coast and out west more rain and snow making its way through the pacific northwest and interior sections with sunshine through the southwest. on sunday, sunday, look for some more lake-effect snow stretching from the u.p, of michigan and western new york and pennsylvania. sunshine through the gulf coast. the rain will continue down in florida. not a great weekend. hot, lots of wind and rain and
10:33 am
into the pacific northwest a >> good friday morning, everyone. a milder day of raw temperatures rebounding into the mid 30s to the low 40s. and starting off in the 20s this morning. so 36 to 40 on average, eclipsing the 40-degree mark. tomorrow, we have rain, and this will happen after midnight. could be patchy drizzle tonight, north and west of i-95. and for the most part, this is a rain event. snow showers working in here, mild accumulations and next week, the cold air. and that is your latest weather. i need me a "pop fix." >> the okay, mr. al. per your request let's get it popping with "possible fix." bad news for "friends" fans, matthew perry will no longer be participating in the upcoming "friends" reunion. unfortunately mr. bing will be in london rehearsing for his upcoming play called "the end of long."
10:34 am
get it, for him. don't lose all hope. there's a chance that -- he can skype or facetime, right? luckily for us, we'll be able to fill the void with the rest of the cast who will be there honoring the director of the show james burrows and the show will air right here on nbc on february 21st. no one puts debra messing in the corner. she will be joining the "dirty dancing" remake she will play marjorie housman, baby's mom, a role originally played by kelly bishop. now baby herself will be played by abigail breslin and we cannot wait to see these two lovely ladies on screen together so here's to hoping debra gets to put her dancing shoes on and boogie down because we love her so much, and the lovely amal clooney is a celebrity in her own right and a fashionista, let me tell you. the 37-year-old attorney sat down with cynthia mcfadden in her first ever network interview
10:35 am
famous husband george. she did admit her rise to fame has helped on cases that matter most to her. >> i think that's wonderful that celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy or, you know, the spotlight that they have to -- to raise awareness about these causes. i don't really see myself in the same way because i'm still doing before. if there's more attention paid for whatever reason to -- to that, then -- >> oh, you know the reason. >> then i think that's good. >> you know. i think there's a certain responsibility that comes with that. i think i'm exercising it in the appropriate manner by continuing to do this kind of work. >> what a brilliant woman. so also, looks like the carpool lane needs to make room for a tiny dancer. "the late late show with james cordon" has filmed a new carpool karaoke segment with none other than sir elton john. he'll sing along with james and
10:36 am
they filmed the segment in l.a. but it was raining the entire time so they hope the england born icon felt right at home. super bowl. nye night club does not have an elton john, but, james, i up your elton john with a -- life >> catch me. i never felt this way before just like in "dirty dancing." >> wow, when your club is not cool and flo rida is there. okay. don't ever do that again, please. >> i won't. >> hey, i'm going to be cooking up -- >> i single handily saved flo's career. >> a meal that will fill up up and keep your necessary lies on track. >> can we have some flo rida music. >> can you lift me. >> of course. >> okay.
10:37 am
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food" we're wrapping up a week of healthy eating and salded a for dinner, farro and cheese and veggies and this will fill you up. let's get started. here's the grid, got some olive oil and vinegar and mustard, spices, smoked almonds, man colleaguo cheese and curly little diamond -- dinosaur kale and farro. >> for those who don't know. >> it's a grain like barley, so basically you're going to take a bunch of farro and put it in a pot and pour in two cups of water. now, if you want to cut the cooking time in half, stoke overnight in water. >> wow. >> and then drain it, and you'll put this on a simmer and cover it up so you've got that. while that's cooking you're going to take sliced carats and i love doing this with carrots. >> so good. >> a little olive oil, a little salt, and you massage that a bit and then you put it on a baking sheet. going to put this in the oven at about 350 for 15 minutes or so until they just kind of brown up a little bit.
10:42 am
bowl that you had your carrots in and are you going to add in some crushed garlic, throw in a little vinegar, some mustard. >> so tasty. >> and you're going to whisk in some olive oil and keep whiskey, whiskey, until it emulsifies and you're going to get a nice little dressing going here so now you've got the dressing, now in the meantime, you've taken your farro, cooks in 30 minutes until all the liquid is out and you'll take that and drain any that's left over. >> can you do it in a col ha nder and strainer. >> take that. >> and now you can take some of your dressing. >> pour it directly in. >> just into the farro. >> and mix it up a little bit. >> you want to serve of it at room temperature. >> you want this to cool down first. >> right. >> so you do that, and then you'll throw in -- after it's cooled off a bit you put in some scallions.
10:43 am
of your dress, and you're going to pour it over the kale. this ka le is more tender than others and you'll massage this more. >> very nice. >> and then you take some arugula and toss that in. >> so a blend. >> and smoked almonds. like that. >> i love to throw in a little mint. >> i love the mint taste. >> and some tomatoes and then you take your farro and you toss that in. and now you toss the whole thing together. >> little salt and pepper. >> a little salt and pepper, though if you're salted your farro enough you should be okay and then you'll put it in and i like to shave a little man colleaguo on top. >> which we love. >> i love this. >> and boom, you've got that. >> all right. >> by the way, bianca borgess, come hon in here. >> come in, my dearest. >> the head of our food team. after over 15, 16 years here is
10:44 am
another food kind of thing, and we are going to miss you so very much. >> this has been the job of my career. i have just loved this job so much. >> you have it's us all so much. we all have some of your favorite recipes. >> oh, good. >> we love you, and we are going to miss. >> you thank you so much. >> i forgot to add the carrots to this as well. >> already, it's gone downhill. >> let's be honest. >> go to and today's food club members stand up. kayla kise re-for her lasagna with zucchini. you. >> meantime, hey, coming up, getting ready to bring our house down with his number one single "my house." you never know. >> is that the moon.
10:45 am
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10:49 am
you got a deejay here. got dancers, and you got tamron hall as a backup dancer. >> no. >> i won't ruin your life, but we were saying this is another epic album from you. such a smart businessman. what keeps you on top of the game? >> definitely my team, it's all about teamwork. i never just rely hon myself. i'm someone who looks forward to listening to the team and, you know, instilled in my mom, just being loyal, definitely being a fan of music and definitely want dmc. >> here it is. flo rida and "my house." >> take us to your house. come on. open up the champagne, pop it up hear a knock on the door and the night begins cause we done this before so you come on? >> comb on in. make yourself at my home, tell me where you been
10:50 am
been, yeah pour yourself something cold, baby, cheers to this sometimes you gotta stay in and you know where i live yeah, you know what we is in welcome to my house baakye take control now we can't even slow down we don't have to go out welcome to my house play that music too loud show me what you do now we don't have to go out everybody saying, what, what, come on welcome to my house yeah, we gotta go out welcome to my house morning comes and you know that you wanna stay wanna stay, come on close the blinds, let's pretend that the time has changed hey, hey
10:51 am
open up champagne let's continue tonight, come on, celebrate sometimes you gotta stay in and you know where i live yeah, you know what we is you know what we is sometimes you gotta say, hey, hey welcome to my house baby take control now we can't even slow down we don't have to go out welcome to my house play that music too loud show me what you do now we don't have to go out hey, hey. everybody say what, what couple to my house bring a friend couple to my house couple to my off the crib, the spot, the pad but my house is your house if you throwing back excuse me if my home draining the sad soon as these happy faces lay
10:52 am
home run, slam dunk, touchdown, pass mi casa es, tu casa so it ain't no holding back another shot of vodka, you know what's in my gloss it's my house, just relax welcome to my house baby take control now we can't even slow down we don't like to go out welcome to my house play that music too loud so me what you do now we don't like to go out welcome to my house you heard me, hey, hey we gotta go out couple to my husband it's my house hey, welcome to my house "today" show my house >> yeah, flo rida in hour house. thank you. we're back in a moment.
10:53 am
hit the brakes, hit the brakes
10:54 am
. test. mention if you're here in the new york area al is going to pop over across the street and do a little book signing. >> shop at nbc, and the book i wrote with my wife deborah roberts, "been there, done that." there until 11:45. >> miss hill. erica hill is joining us. what's coming up on "weekend today? ." >> "sesame street" is the being brought to you by three new letters, h-b-o. we'll talk about the new series that starts tomorrow morning. what's changed with the show and where the famous characters are now living and even some special guests. >> oh, wow. >> so "sesame street" takes over 30 rock. >> which makes it the best day ever, right? >> bring your kids to work day. >> that's true. >> we'll be watching. >>calitiy lee and hoda are up next after your local news and weather. enjoy your weekend.
10:55 am
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might
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