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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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unclear if at this point whetr the threats are connected, but they were called in to at least nine cities and towns. kimberly bookman live in arlington, one of the places affected with the latest. kimberly? yeah, adam. as you said this all happening friday before a long holiday weekend and again as you said, happening in nine towns at this point. all nine of those towns taking these threats incredibly serious seriously. now quabbin high school in barre received a threat involving a student. the superintendent wouldn't allow teachers or children to lead the building calling everyone into a shelter place order. one student was detained, no one was hurt. that order has since been lifted lifted. in weymouth, a bomb threat was called in by phone about both chapman and abigail adams middle schools. students and staff were evacuat evacuated and sent to the closest elementary school. arlington also had a bomb threat called in about arlington catholic high school. that school was evacuated and everyone was sent to nearby saint agnes school.
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nothing harmful inside. a very similar story at falmouth high school. a bomb threat there is believed to be a hoax, but everyone was evacuated from that building. bc high in dorchester received a threat around noon. they the building and found nothing. bourne high school same story. bomb squad and police swept the building and say the threat was unfounded. then minutes before dismissal, plymouth south high school got a threatening call. the school cans sell all activities and dismissed students early and they had an increased police presence in all of their parking lots. there was also a threat at mashpee high school and last night chelsea school officials found a threatening note about something happening today. police search the building last night and added more police at the school today. now we understand that mass state police are assisting local police with all of these investigations and again they are trying to figure out if these are connected but at this point, no word on that. recording live from arlington,
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>> anchor: also bringing a major slide on wall street. the dow down close to 400 points points. jadiann thompson here with the closing numbers and what promised this drop. adam, today marked the worst two day start to the year ever for the march. the dow down 390 points ending the day at 15988. the nasdaq down nearly 127 points to hit 4488 at the final bell. experts say a big drop in oil prices and a selloff in chinese stocks is partially to blame. it's all adding to investors concerns over the global economy economy. now trading will pick back up again on tuesday. the stock market of course will be closed on monday for martin luther king day and we'll have more on this as it develops. in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7 news . >> anchor: already, 7 news now tracking some wet weather that's headed our way. the weekend will it looks like we're getting off to a sweet start there.
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we also want to talk about some wet weather that's heading our way. is the timing still in line with the pats game? you know, things are looking good for the pats game. we're going to be done with this by that point. it is really quick mover. so the system we're looking at riding up the coastline through the night tonight and bringing us some rain right around the midnight hour so as you can see the hon set of this is you have temperatures that are still at freezing or marginally just below. we could get freezing rain along route 2, worcester hills, northern worcester county through the overnight hours tonight. then the action really gets going into tomorrow morning. heaviest rainfall from about 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the colder air is working in from the northwest before we're done with this event so it could change it over to a quick burst us. so that snowfall forecast rain, wet snow by the time we hit those mid morning hours. a coating two inches mainly points north and west of 128 possibly that coating along 495 but i still think more likely to
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and then several inches of snowfall in the higher terrain country. winter weather advisory that is in effect from 11:00 p.m. tonight through noon tomorrow for those slick spots that could potentially form so if you are tailgating town in foxboro you won't see any snowflakes but you might need that umbrella for tailgating by kickoff though we are dry, a bit breezy and those temperatures are holding just above the freezing mark. perfect football weather and we'll show you that extended forecast with another shot at snow coming up in just a few minutes. >> anchor: some breaking news we're following right now. a judge has ordered boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev to pay more than $100 million to the victims of the bombings. there are 41 victim eligible for restitution. while it's you can unlikely he will ever be able to pay $100 million, he will have to continue to pay whatever money he has for the foreseeable future. we're staying on top of this breaking story . >> anchor: now on to the pats
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playoffs with some important game time decisions to make including whether rob green is healthy enough to be on that field. the tight end was added to the injury report last night. of course the team is also dealing with several distractions this week with the chiefs coming off an 11 game winning streak. this isn't going to be easy. trey daerr begins our playoff coverage tonight at gillette of course. >> reporter: kim, good evening evening. patriots entering the playoffs in unfamiliar territory, losers in four of their last six games, a very tough stretch to close the year that gives them the number two seed in the afc. however, if history is any indication, the patriots could be in a pretty good spotment since bill belichick took over in 2000, the patriots are a perfect 4 and 0 in the divisional round as the afc's number two seed including the famous snow bowl game against the raiders that proved to be the launching point for new england's dominance over the past decade and and a half. become out live joined by alex
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injury we saw in the middle of the year. he played the last four games of the year but now there is uncertainty with where he stands. the health of rob gronkowski continues to be an issue. there is a 50/50 chance the all pro will be on the field on saturday. it's been an interesting week in foxboro to say the least from off field distractions . i made a stupid mistake and hopefully it can just blow by . to conflicting reports surrounding their all pro tight end . whether he is resting or getting to practice gronk is ready to go an ohhest is . you have to ask gronk . >> reporter: patriots had to answer their fair share of non- non-football related questions leaving bill belichick testy heading into saturday's playoff opener against the chiefs . i could just xerox you a coffee of the game plan and send it over to kansas city . >> anchor: with kansas city could coming into foxboro riding an 1 game whipping streak the patriots say it hasn't been hard keeping their focus on the task at hand. obviously they are doing a
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you don't win 11 games in a row by accident. they are not a lot of things they haven't been doing well . they have a lot of great athletes. they are well-coach of they play hard. they have a lot of guys with a lot of experience too so they are a good club. >> anchor: now kc's top receiving threat jeremy maclan will also be a game time decision and tre he was out on the practice field for the first time on thursday. really good point. he had that knee injury a week ago. didn't even practice at all this week. thank you very much, alex. this is also a can it is city chiefs offense playing without jamal charles. that's something a lot of people seem to forget. reporting lival gillette ed, trey daerr, 7 news playoffs or the perfect time to place your bets in fact governor baker getting in on a little friendly wager with the governor of missouri. there is some sweet in intemperaturesives on the line here. let's get to dan hausle down at gillette tonight with some details.
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. involved. governor baker looking for a patriots win not only like any fan just because he wants the hometown team to win but now he has something on the line and he is hoping that this is kind of icing on the cake. governor baker putting some sweet treats where his mouth is betting cup cakes from the coffee cup bakery in springfield against the missouri governor st. louis ribs. the governor says he road those same cup cakes to three wins on the pats road to the super bowl last year. i think the fact that it's a boston cream pie cupcake from springfieldmeans i get to pretty much cover my bases from one end of the commonwealth to the other. fans have their own reasons to be fired up, predicting a win edelman coming back. that's bride ooh's favorite weapon besides gronk so we'll see if it's available to him . >> anchor: some fans point to
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we flew from idaho to get here so that's probably why . why they will win? and they are amazing . >> anchor: some point to questions about the health of rob grokowski as reason to worry most fans we talked to are confident that won't be a problem. i think gronk will be ready to go. i know i think he is playing hurt but i think he will be ready . i think he is a gamer so he will get out there and make the most of it . even with questions about gronk and julian edelman in his first game back, fans trace their confidence to the one man they have been counting on for years . it's brady. brady.. >> reporter: in brady we trust trust? . >> anchor: by the way governor baker says he will still send those cup cakes even if the patriots win so the real winners will be community kitchens in each state. news. >> anchor: stay with 7 for complete coverage of the pats and playoffs. tomorrow morning down at gillette. join our today in new england team starting at 8:00 a.m. then tune in tomorrow night
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for complete post game coverage hopefully we will be celebrating a move into the net round of the playoff. >> anchor: also on 7 this evening, a special ed teacher in trouble at a west boylston school. parents with a lot of questions about the behavior that led to thisitier being placed on leave. 7's steve cooper reports from west boylston . there is anger involved that something like this could happen . >> anchor: concerned parents like paul say he isicened over the allegation that's led to the removal of a special ed teacher at the west boylston middle high school . totally untolerable. we'll see. wait until we get the details on it . >> anchor: details tough to come by because between the school superintendent, police chief and worcester county district attorney, no one is commenting on camera. all we do know is the allegation involves improper behavior by a teacher toward a student . my son endures the teacher, my son adores the boy.
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happened and i think we should let the police do what they are supposed to do and investigate. so we don't know. let's not overreact. >> anchor: no answer at the teacher's home earlier where investigators are hoping to review his computer. neighbors say all this is pretty surprising. he is a nice guy. from what i know. that's all i can tell you . >> anchor: so for now it's business as usual at school. minus a popular teacher whose been placed on administrative leave. surprise i guess. because you know everybody. but i guess we have to wait and see what happens and then see how we all feel then. that was steve cooper reporting. school department superintendent is an couraging any parents with concerns to reach out to them . >> anchor: car goes up in flames on a busy jamaica plain street. a huge fire ball engulfing the car before fire fighters arrived arrived. this is green street this morning. authorities blocked the road so
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word of any injuries spot search continues for 12 marines after a chopper collision in hawaii. military officials say the marines were on a training mission when their helicopters collided midair late last night. crews are searching about two and a half miles offshore. rescue crews have spotted a debris field and an empty lifeboat. you can see it's pretty choppy out there too. right now they are saying there are no signs of survivors. chipolte plans to shut down all of its stores for just a few hours next month. the fast-food chain says they will be holding a company wide meeting to talk about food safety. this of course in response to several outbreak of noro virus and e. coli that shut down restaurants across the country. more than 150 people were infect infected bit noro virus after eating at a chip outa in cleveland circle . wal-mart says it's closing more than 250 of its stores worldwide including two right here in massachusetts. the sam's club location location locations in fall river and see kong will be closed next month. it comes after the chain's ceo
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the increase in competition from on-line rivals like amazon. wal-mart says it hopes to transfer workers to other stores. >> anchor: still to cop this evening, couple of those powerball winners come forward now and today they sad down for a live television interview and talked about what they plan to do with all of the money . >> anchor: then ahead in our next half hour, parking getting an upgrade in government center. the plans just approved but not everyone is excited. we'll explain p plus, a water emergency in fact the white house now considering a disaster declaration for this city in michigan . >> anchor: then coming up in just one hour, a man accused in the death of an infant in lynn changing his plea and now admitting to his role in the tragic death . >> anchor: plus, man's best friend apparently a friend to all. how that guy helped save a stranded sea turtle in quincy. we have those stories and much
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check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> anchor: welcome back and a finally friday, it is warmer out there than it's been the last couple days know, i am pretty sure it's rain in the forecast for a lot of people as we look out over the city. i got that real feeling like it was going to snow. you know how the sky looks and that whole vibe. just for some or what? >> reporter: kim, we will get
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just rain for us here in boston. but i they that feeling when it's going to be cold we might as well just get the snow. the cold air though has been fleeting at best it. comes in then it leaves and it's just not with us at this point. seasonal temperatures 35 to 38 generally speaking right now clouds thickening in as we head into the evening hours. but this is what's ahead of us for tomorrow. coastal storm that's been spending a lot of time gathering up that moisture near the gulf of mexico and bringing it in for us basically the wee hours of the morning tomorrow morning we should say into midday tomorrow. winter weather advisory for those same hours goes into effect at 11:00. outside of 128 in through worcester county as well and that is for some slick spots and i will show you why. running through the time line here you get that wet weather sneaking in around midnight and look at the temperature in fitchburg 31,32 in worcester and marginally just above freezing in bedford so there could be some spots for freezing rain as we work through the overnight hours into the early hours of tomorrow morning.
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and this is a lot of rain on the way. it lookslike an inch to an inch and a half boston points south and east from there but the cold air trying to work in on the backside of this from the northwest could push in some of that wet, heavy snow as we get into the middle hours of tomorrow morning, then we're dry by game time so that really i think is the big take away here every has been asking, what will the pats game look like? here are your best chances for patchy, freezing rain down through metro worcester then saturday morning we're in for that rain, wet snow mix, could be a coating to even two inches but that snow will favor as well as the cold the higher terrain as well for worcester county, worcester hills, even the berkshires of course and we're talking a lot of snow that is in the northern country so some good news for skiers. saturday rain i mentioned a whole lot of it, it could be even just under two inches for some locations in southeast mass along the south coast as well. the wind time line though not all that impressive i think just below advisory levels we could
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shore, cape cod and islands between 30 and 40 miles per hour hour. but again, pats game we're talking dry weather past tail gaying. might need that very festive umbrella for tailgate federal government you are out there early but the showers will taper afternoon and we're done by kick kickoff. snow this weekend though what we are looking for i mentioned some great inches piling up in ski country so this is wonderful skiing forecast for this holiday weekend into monday as well expecting more snow showers and the reason being, here come the cold. it settles in for this week and we even have a clipper system that could bring some more snow backyard rink looking good as better as we head into the middle of week of here is that clipper system i mentioned. possibly bringing some snow showers and snow squalls in our area. that forecast model doesn't look all that impressive at this point but we're going to continue to watch it. it could be one or two inches of quick snow here. there is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast, breezy, blustery conditions on tuesday and it will take a bit to get used to that cold.
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degrees on tuesday. see you in a bit. >> anchor: more bree coming up. she is heading out to ward 8 in boston for what's cooking and it's yummy, stay tuned for that . >> anchor: then call controversy. a desperate 911 call in florida goes unanswered due it a delivery order. hear the call that helped a
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they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> anchor: a couple from tennessee enjoying a big payday, just a couple hours ago they cashed in their winning powerball ticket. this morning before anyone even knew they had won, they sat down for an exclusive interview with the "today" show . >> anchor: and they couldn't be more excited. surprise, surprise. mark barger with their story. >> anchor: mumford, tennessee, 27 miles north of memphis and now home to america's newest multi millionaire. security cameras caught the moment john robinson purchased the winning ticket, one that his life, lisa, asked him to buy at their neighborhood grocery store on his way home . she come running in there, screaming and crying, you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. so and i was, she woke me up out of a dead sleep . he looked at them three or four times and he says, baby, i
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i think these are the right numbers . >> anchor: the town is home to about 6,000 people who are em embracing the good fortune that spotlight. no doubt about it, this is it. this is the biggest thing that . put us on the map for sure spot robinsons were on the "today" show this morning before presenting their ticket to the tennessee lottery paying their win official. and excited . >> anchor: the couple says they expect very little to change about their lives, lisa says she plans to keep working and they don't plan to move or buy another house. mark barger, nbc news. >> anchor: wow. next on 7 news at 5:30 this week week's class act. how a childhood illness inspired a medway tiger to help other kids at the hospital. plus, why a virus spreading in some latin american countries is leading to concern for
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>> anchor: great it so you as always on friday. another hour 7 news is straight ahead. i am adam williams . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: there are, first now at 5:30 the government center parking garage said to make a major move, but not everyone is excited about what they are doing this new construction . >> anchor: so the boston redevelopment authority approved the first phase of the men operation. 7's byron barnett reports from boston with the details of the plan. >> anchor: a soaring 43 story glass office tower and a near 5 500 unit high-rise luxury apartment building bit over and around the government center
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it's the first phase of a 1.5 billion dollar development project approved by the boston redevelopment authority thursday night. eventually, a total of 6 build buildings will complete the project which will include more office, hotel, condo and retail space . >> anchor: too much of that old cement around here so something with glass would be really pretty. fine with me, it will create jobs and create a place for people to live. so i don't see anything wrong with it. . >> anchor: the development is being call an historic opportunity to replace much of the drab cement parking garage and reconnect some of boston's downtown neighborhood. but part of the garage will be demolished and that means more than half the parking spaces . that's crazy. are you serious? so where do i park when i need oh my gosh. i don't think that's a good idea. >> reporter: bra official encourage people who come to the area to use public transportation.
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