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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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going to help protect e enamel in your teeth. ows me to continue rink my coffee, it was a real easy it to make. it's game day, and the pats are gearing up, but will one field player be on the field when game time comes. two helicopters collide in hawaii. a judge on a new trial for dzhokar tsarneavs and now he is being told to payoff. a hollywood actor, what sean penn had to say about the take down of el chap o. it's 6:00 on a rainy saturday. thank you for getting up with us. i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen.
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stories and more. >> i it's a wet start to the weekend. >> i didn't bring my umbrella. >> have not you been listening to chris. >> just a few days ago, chris, the last time you listened to the forecast, maybe tuesday and wednesday we were talking about the rain coming in and lingering through the afternoon, that is not the case right now. it looks like it's going to try out for the afternoon. we will watch the weather enjoy the better side. look at winter weather advisory north and west of boston. the biggest concern this morning, it's a little bit of patchy freezing rain and sometimes mainly north and west of 495, and we will transition over to wet snow for an hour or two before this thing wraps up. coastal front setting up other side of the relative of the 30s, if not into the 40s in plymouth, 44 degrees is when the wind is coming off of the ocean, northwest inland. want to show you what is coming up, inland, satellite composite,
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is the soaking rain working in. red showing up, the southern worcester county. rhode island, eastern connecticut this is a train of heavy moisture that is working on in. as it interact some of this colder air in place and draws nor colder air in place, we will see change over to wet snow up no southern new hampshire. so rain may end as a few wet snow flakes to the north of boss not to, the best chance of coating a couple of inches of snow, up in southern new hampshire and likely seeing two inches of snow and ice, by the time you get up to jaffrey, new hampshire. drizzle for the tailgates but we dry out for kickoff. love the forecast, try out. and the pat hoping that the weather won't put a damper on their playoff plans, but there's a number of to do decisions that to do just that, it involves a lot of protemp, and ron
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he is one of a few players questionable for today. but pat's city thation is hoping nation is hoping that won't be a problem for taking the other team town. >> we made a mistake. >> reporter: from taylor jones and his mysterious trip to the foxboro police department, and the mysterious black eye. the coach not the only big name battling injuries. ron gronkowski, missing two practices with knee issues, and he is questionable on the injury report. >> gronk is ready toe go on saturday. >> reporter: with all the other distractions, we can't forget about the return of the julian edleman. tom brady's top target will be on the field and he is not holding back. >> i'm going to go full throttle regardless. it goes, it goes.
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against the red top gs. with fond members of last the pats. you won't have to worry about he will be ready. there's light of people that point. this is not a year-round thing, this is a lifetime thing that you commit your life to, this is when you play and you need to be at your best. big game ahead and while you're watching this afternoon, you can do your job and show your pay trotted patriot pride. they are cheering the team online. if you type in hashtag do your job on twitter, you get a tweet. each remaining payoff, is getting its own emoji, and in my opinion, ours is best. it doesn't scare fans as they predict a playoff victory.
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a big playoff today. head over to or the 7 news mobile apps for a recap on the final whistle. at 7:00, a crash involving two marine helicopters hitting close to home. among those still missing a marine from hinge hingham. christopher morango is still a missing and his family and friends gathered at the hingham home on friday. >> all we saw was a big ball of fire. >> reporter: those who saw the explosion, say it was so intersection intense, it shook their homes. by the morning, they were searching for the missing marines, all describing rough weather, and poor visibility making a tough task.
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cap center there, two the big waves and the swells, it's very difficult to find things right now. >> reporter: the choppers involved known as super stallions are part of the first marine aircraft marines based in hawaii. these nighttime helicopter maneuvers that christopher, and his fellow marines were involved are the most dangerous. >> people need to understand that we operate on the edge of the envelope so when we're called to protect this country and our way of life, we're readily and we're prepared. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. breaking story from overnight, at least 22 people are reported dead after an al-qaeda link group ceased the hotel. the minister of security says 126 hostages are v been fred, three jihadist killed in this operation. the scenes shows the vehicles on fire. you see armed security forces on the streets pointing their weapons. there's the fire there, french forces have reclaimed the hotel.
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the u.s. air trying in iraq this week hitting a stockpile of isis cash. the defense department is showing the video showing the bomb of the isis carb distribution. those clouds of pape their can be seen in the explosion, those that is the cash. millions of dollars being destroyed. it's the second time a bomb hits an isis cash stockpile. a rack judge rejecting the bid for a new trial for dzhokar tsarneav, it comes as he is told to pay $100 million. he won't be able to pay na much. he will have to continue it pay whatever money he does have for the foreseeable future. on 7:00 this morning, special education in west boils boylston is in trouble. police are investigating
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toward the student at middle the school. parent say they haven't been given anymore details, but they think the school is take the proper steps. that parents is surging the school to take certain steps. >> we found the 3-month-old bruised and unresponsive back in 2013. yesterday the man investigators believe is responsible is guilty. 7 byron barnett has more on the emotional day in court. >> the disinfectant, do you plead guilty or not guilty. >> reporter: anthony bodeca pleading guilty after he was learning he was the baby's father. it happened in the lynn home
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girlfriend when he was high on drugs and alcohol. the attorney read a statement saying that he viciously assaulted chase after the baby urinated on him while he was changing his diaper. when it happened again, he threw the baby into a couch. >> it's believed that the child struck that side arm of the couch. he recalls a noise, but it was not from the child but a thud, and that is the source of the skull fracture. >> there were bruises under his chin. there were bruises all over his head, internal examination revealed that his entire brain was swollen. as they got older they got darker in color. >> reporter: he got a dna
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girlfriend who admitted this man was the baby's biological father. >> for the loss of my child. >> reporter: byron barnett, 7 news today in new england. new details about an actor's controversial meeting with mexican drug lord el chapo, sean penn breaking his silence about the secret interview. that article was published on the same day that el chapo was captured. a lost attention this article d and now an interview with cbs, charlie rose, penn says that his meeting with el chap o had nothing to do with his arrest. >> i reget the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy on the war on drugs. penn says the cartel has now
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fear for his life. still ahead on 7 news. a young boy getting a surprise from a galaxy far, far away, when darth vader shows up to make his life easier. rain, and when it tapers and what to expect from the rest of the holiday weekend. and brie eggerts, stepping
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welcome back, 6:13 on this rainy saturday, take a look at that. the roads are pretty slick. thankfully no icing, i think just yet, but still something to be aware of as you go on the roads today. chris, i know you said that there could be road sprinkles among the showers. >> reporter: yes especially in the higher terrain. marginally cold air later this morning. and a possibility of a cold of snow flakes ending the system in boston. 37, and 47 in hyannis. here is the number 36 in worcester, there's towns close to the freezing mark, untreated surfaces walking on to driveway, there may be icy spots there where temperatures are close to the freezing mark, and the rain coming down as freezing rain. wind out of the north at the city of boston where it's northeast, and will be picking up, to the cape and the island, could have gusts of 30-40 miles per hour later this morning,
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later this afternoon. radar, awful us seeing precipitation, it's rain, and soaking rain at that, into the city of boston. if you look close, you can see the shaded area, close to 495, and the worcester hills, that is an indication of sweet and freezing rain trying to mix on in, patchy freezing rain. the ish issue temperatures, at 32, 15-3500 feet off the surface and the air temperature is 38 degrees or well above freezing so you have to wait for that sliver of warm air to cool snow. mid-to late morning, that could happen. if we continue to get the heavy precipitation, and city of boston, soaking rain mid-to late morning. by noontime, to 2:00 p.m., that is the timeframe when we start kicking things offshore, and
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many issues this an at gillette. temperatures will be on the cool side, once the wind turns more out of the midwest, when we cool off a couple degrees but we should dry it out for kickoff, and stay throughout the game. an inch, inch and a half of water certainly a possibility, with the storm. much of that comes this morning. the rain will be heavy at times this morning. the unrated temperatures 33 north and west this afternoon to fliz along the 40s along the coastline. even along the coastline we are going to drop to 33, and partly sunny on sunday. it's a seasonal day, temperatures mid-to upper 30s out there. we do turn colder as we go through next week. a cool down up north as well. ski conditions looking good this weekend as if you are getting ready to go into the mountains for a few days. they are going to have and they with this one. keep that in mind. poor ski conditions with the
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even here, we're going to be making snow in the valley, and even blue hill will be able to make some snow over the rest of the weekend. 7 on 7 forecast adding a little of natural snow on monday, otherwise cold. darth vade ear might be a villain, but for one boy in northern nebraska he bams a herey. his entire second grade head for a special assembly where alvin was presented with a special gift from darth vader, a new state of the art bionic arm. the evil is doing a little good for a change. one day hopes to write with the bionic arm. pretty neat story. coming up on 7 news today in new england. getting ready to cook breakfast. we would be happy to eat some. listen up, because this may be something you want to add to your menu. we head to a local spot, and whipping up bacon and omelets with brie.
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okay, so if you're just waking up and looking for that perfect breakfast dish, we might have one for you. so brie eggerts is taking us to cook up a bacon and brie omelet and cheese, that is brie
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that is on this morning's what's cooking. >> the essential key to weekend recuperation, brunch, of course, and the chef is cooking up a popular brunch dish with a somewhat familiar twist. familiar to me, anyway. >> i'm making the bacon and brie omelet, the most important thing about making an omelet is a teflon pan. the only one you should have in your house. hot. >> in that pan goes the bacon. everything is better with bacon. and the scallions. let that warm for a few minutes, and add a e three lightened beaten eggs. give your pan a swirl. you you are scrambling. >> you are scrambling, and it's not too liquidy, and then you're
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it's easy to mess up, you got to commit. >> which isn't as easy as you think. >> now the cheesy part. >> the cheese part is the brie. that's not an endorsement. >> it doesn't take a long time, just the flavor. bacon, pre, you are going to flip it over this way. >> reporter: kind of a fold. finally what is breakfast without potatoes plated with greens and drufn is served. cooking an omelet is an absolute breeze. that is what is cooking, i'm brieeth brieeth brie, eggerts,. >>it's brie cooking with brie, and eggs. >> did you recycle that one. >> it's pretty good. >> that looked of looks yummy. coming up on today in new
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biden looking to take cancer down to help fight the disease. a turtle rescue in quincy. it has a dog to thank for saving it here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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this story is major all factor. man and pulling off a safe, when a tutoring washes ashore away from home. that turtle got stranded on the
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have rescued a sea turtle in january. adam williams has the story. >> reporter: two-year-old data was walking along the beach in plymouth with her owner on monday morning when she noticed something odd. >> she basically stopped in her tracks and signaled to us that there was something in front of her. >> reporter: beta saw that sea turtle washed up on the shore, instrumenting lipping to move. struggling to move, she signaled her owner. >> she looked at it again, and looked at us again and waited for us to catch up with her. >> reporter: and leah contacted a marine biologist who was able to bring the turtle to an aquarium. they said they spotted in the knick of time. >> it really made a difference, because it's a really, very, very cold morning.
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dog, that gave her the instincts to save the turtle's life. >> she definitely has that instinct, and was rescuing something other than a person. >> reporter: the turtle doing well now, as the aquarium is calling beta a hero. we are confident that that logger head would not have survived another two or three hours. workers at the aquarium say because they are so grateful for beta, they are naming the turtle after her breed. nufi. that breed is known to be gentle and caring, by nature. >> are you needing gnaw finland puppy. >> i don't know if that breed. pat nation fired up a ready to go ahead of today's game. we will talk to fans, who say
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of here. coming after the game forecast. more on the incident that
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samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne patriots nation fired up ready to take on the chiefs today. what they have to say ahead of the big game and why they're not worried about a few potential injuries. a scare at schools across the state. now officials are trying to figure out if the number of threats are connected.
6:27 am
clear up confusion after hate mail starts pouring in, but it wasn't meant for them. good morning, 6:30 on this rainy saturday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm nancy chen. >> i'm kris anderson. we are pumped up and ready to watch, and take on the chiefs today but it's a little bit of a rainy day. >> if you are out there for a tailgate, maybe you want to bring the umbrella bit time we get out of the game. we will be showing up at 12:00 or 1:00, or 2:00 in the afternoon, there may be a couple of left over showers and pats drizzle. the precipitation following this morning. 7:30, 32 in worcester, we have had areas of freezing rain north and west of florida, with temperatures close to the freezing mark, for the rest of us it's been a soaking rain thus far this morning. heavy precipitation working in so southern worcester county that, continues to lift north.
6:28 am
rain, from worcester up fitchburg, over to jaffrey, new hampshire. travel this way, especially on the secondary roads it may be a little on the icy side. a lot of roads if they're treated they're okay. keep in mind, that is cold out to worcester county. southern worcester county barely on the freezing mark, and we have soaking rain working on in. despite temperatures at freezing, what is happening is there's 1-2 feet up. that is above freeze, and at lan's freezing rain here. that layer may cool undo to near freezing if not below it by the time we get into mid-morning. it's possible that across the higher terrain of northern worcester county, southwestern new hampshire we may get a few inches of snow, once we transition toward that. farther east, 495, 10:00 in the morning, and 11:00 in the morning there may be a brief window where we can get mixed snow in, i don't expect higher
6:29 am
kickoff. temperature at kickoff 36 degrees, a little bit of windy out of the west. it will be breezy and cool, but by january standards not bad. 6:33, here is a look at the today's top stories. a hingham native one of several marines missing, after the helicopter crashed at o wao, hawaii. several are searching for the marine. because of the rough weather and the poor visibility, it's been a very tough task. the chopper involved known as super stallion are part of the first marine aircraft wing based out of hawaii. a judge rejecting a bid for a new trail for convicted bomber dzhokar tsarneav. it comes also as a judge ordered tsarneav to pay 100 million to
6:30 am
while it's unlikely he will ever be able to pay that much, he will be with paying as much as he has for the for foreseeable future. healing with recurring injuries, and jones questionable after that incident landed him in the hospital. patriots nation is fired up for this one as they look to repeat as super bowl champs, 7's brandon gunnoe has more from the fans. >> reporter: >> go pats. >> reporter: patriot nation has been waiting two weeks for this. kickoff is set for 4:35 saturday at gillette. the pats host the chiefs in the first playoff game. >> i'm super psyched. everybody is rested, they're ready to go roz the boys are back, and grok should suit grok should suit up. >> i'm confident now that we have two weeks to rest up. >> reporter: the chiefs are
6:31 am
england has dropped 4 of the last 6, but pat fans say they are forgetting tom brady, and four rings. >> i think the chiefs are a very good team. with the addition of edle man back, and gronk, we are going to get this win. >> i feel like they're going to pull it through. they have been there, they have done it, i think it's going to be a strong showing. >> reporter: twice this week, gronk has missed practice. it's believed he was at a boston hospital getting an injection on his injured right knee that he hurt back in november. >> i think fans are not going to be concerned. they regular going to be out there. >> the chiefs is a great competition, but the pats are going to pull it out, and easy beat them next week. whoever wins this game is . >> reporter: brandon gun gunnoe 7 news in new england.
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or the 7 news mobile and tablet apps, the latest on injuries as well as recaps after the final whistle. a number of schools across the state dealing with threats yesterday, those threats stretched from arlington to weymouth and to the cape. 7's kimberly bookman with more on the threats that caused problems for students and staff members. >> reporter: emotions raw for painter and student across massachusetts after schools in almost a dozen towns got bomb threats phoned in by an automated machine. >> who does that, who calls a school and is says they're going to bomb it. >> reporter: the calls began around noon on friday. both abigail adams and chapman's middle school in way miewght received threat weymouth andimmediate cleared the building. >> it's not a drill. >> reporter: student and staff were moved to the nearest elementary school, while the building was swept. nothing was found. when i heard that there was a bomb threat, i just wanted to
6:33 am
>> reporter: boston college high school in dorchester got a similar call around the same time. law enforcement officials say arlington catholic got a call giving a half hour warning before the bomb went off. and everybody wasey evacuated and st. agus school, too. >> nothing was found in that school. >> reporter: schools in cape cod received the threats, too, and right before the dismissal, plymouth high school got the threat call, and dismissed student early canceling all evening activity. as many in the bay area were experiencing the same thing. now the fbi is investigating this possible prank that no one here thinks is very funny. >> and really, it's just, it's lake -- come on. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news today in you anyone gland. this morning, a taxi driver facing questions after being
6:34 am
dangerous drive. that man was drunk behind the wheel of a car and he also had children in the back seat. 7's tim caputo has more. >> reporter: there's serious damage to the front end of this taxi. police say the driver was drunk, driving erratically, while taking three kids to school. the kids were headed to brockton their lives. they were asking him to pull to the side of the road in fear that he was going to cause an accident, and he did trying to pass a car by crossing the double yellow line in weymouth. no one was hurt, but the drivers were -- the minors were physically shaken. they were concerned that he was drunk. writing in the report he appeared to be drowsy and i observed him closing his eyes and almost falling asleep standing up. weymouth police say the 52 year-old driver from quincy admitted to taking a valium type
6:35 am
before pick up the kid, and he couldn't recall how many he took. it get worse, one child in the car told police that they watched him taking swigs of whiskey as he drove. officers found a half empty bottle in the trunk. it says you drink, don't drive, call us. my name is tim caputo in 7 news of the we called asking about the alleged taxi driver, but they declined comment. 7 news today in new england. we're following more news, a local college trying to clean up confusion after receiving hate mail that was meant for another school. wheaton college in norton said they have been getting threaten e-mails, and letters meant for wheat ann college in illinois. other wheaton college gaining attention after it put a professor on leave after he wore, a jog on campus. >> administrators have been responding to the messages and trying to clear up the confusion.
6:36 am
garage getting a makeover at a downtown boston. a project is in the works which will be made around the current garage, a 43 story glass office tour and i high-rise apartment building is a part of the $35 billion design. part of the garage will be demolished which means that half the parking spaces will disappear the construction will begin this year but won't be complete for another 7-10 years. vice president joe biden, says the world of cancer research is on the cusp of major breakthroughs. the vice president launched the shot on the visit to the center. hopes to use the last year in the white house to breakdown barriers on those that are holding back progress. the world is about to make a contribution that exceeds anything the country has done for humanity thus far. >> we can fund and change the life circumstances when millions
6:37 am
worldwide this is the biggest killer. >> joe buy biden's son bo biden died from cancer last year. biden says he chose to visit bu penn because of the therapy that uses the body's he mun system immune system to fight cancer cells. when a man didn't get what he was promised of, he called solve it 7. a little bit of ice and snow
6:38 am
good morning be everybody, the heaviest precipitation through noon, tapering off through noon and 2:00 this afternoon, do dry out late in the afternoon by kickoff. expecting about an inch of rain inland, a little bit of freezing rain, and perhaps the change over to snow caused the higher terrain, seeing best chance of worcester hills up in southern new hampshire. 37 in boston, way too warm to support snow. 32 in worcester, 39 in jaffrey, new hampshire and even from worcester, this has been freezing rain and non-snow. it's cold at the surface, but there's been a thin layer that has brought in some milder air, with temperatures just above the surfaces above freezing so we have the freezing rain and plenty of soaking rain stretching into rhode island as
6:39 am
taking a look at the 495, about to get into fitchburg, there's been patchy, freezing rin avenue to freezing rain thatis off to the north. you get heavy busts of precipitation that has been a warmer layer, mix up from 32 to 33 or 34 at times. worcester, south in connecticut, rhode island heavy rain. one thing will wash away this morning as the area of low pressure is expected to slide off to the east. if you can get the heavy precipitation to work in, there may be cooler air at the warm air level, as we talk about 1,000 to 200 feet up, that could flip over to a brief period of late snow, mid-to late morning. you can see the forecast model showing that. northern worcester county, southwestern new hampshire and if we get it heavy enough precipitation even farther east. north and west of boston, near the merrimack valley, a brief carry of wet snow mixed in around 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 in
6:40 am
11:00 in the morning, north of boston. it should amount, a chance for a few inches of snow. ash perham, towns close to you, and up north, maybe a coating to not aven or to a an inch or two, the worcester hills up closer to the coastline. peak winds gusting 35-40 miles per hour. stronger winds down to the cape and the islands. go inland, 10-20 miles per hour winds at times. drying out just in time for kickoff. tailgating a couple of spotty light or rainy showers, drizzle around, i do expect improvement as we get into the game. no significant precipitation during the game as we dry it out. a couple of scattered snow showers in the morning, an inch of snow and otherwise a cold start into the next weekend. a his driveway was disruptedded whenever they installed a new cable for his neighbor's house.
6:41 am
what happened here. the man was promised effect would be fixed but when months passed and it wasn't fixed. he called solve it 7. >> it's up my fence, and redid the landscaping ask we and we will all be happy. >> the lawn, the bushes, everything that is here is fixed just so. >> reporter: but this past summer a neighbor's power problem turned his front lawn zone. >> i left in the morning and came down and all of a sudden there was digging in the front of my house. > reporter: his home curve lost its appeal. >> moved the bushes, and this is where they dug down. as you can see, the whole corner is kind of sunk in and broken away where they had to cut to get into the ground. >> reporter: the crew ship promised everything would be repaired.
6:42 am
ier, and said if somebody doesn't come in two weeks to fix the property, this is the number to call. >> reporter: two weeks passed and no work was done, so jerry started calling the number on the flier. >> and nothing happened. >> reporter: weeks turned into months, and jerry says the damage was spreading to the other side of his driveway. he was worried that it would continue to get worse. but with no returned calls, and no answers, he was running out of options. >> you know, we have to go to court to get this settled. and low and behold kris anderson is on the news. i said that is what i'm going to do. >> reporter: so jerry reached out to solve it 7. we called ever source, and the representative told us they didn't have a damage claim on file for jerry but someone would reach out for him regarding the work. a few weeks later his driveway and yard were repaired. >> it looks great, it looks great. you couldn't have asked for anything better, it worked out well.
6:43 am
person told us that providing reliable electricity to our customers is our top priority, when our work inadvertently leads to property damage, making things right is also a priority. solve it 7, they did something i couldn't do in five or six months. glad we could help out there, jerry. happy to his driveway fixed in time for the winter. if you have a problem you can't get resolved. give us a call the or e-mail us at solve it 7 at i like the personal shout out there. ahead on today 9 today in england. we are gearing up for today at gillette. celtics taking on the suns last night, and they got some
6:44 am
good morning, we made it to game day. the patriots and chiefs kicking off this afternoon at 4:30, in a week loaded with story lines, the top story rerains the story of rob gronkowski.
6:45 am
after missing two workouts with a knee and back injury. he is listed as questionable on the injury report. he reportedly received an injection on his right knee on thursday but is expected to suit up against the chiefs. other players on the injury report, edle man, and duante hightower, all listed as questionable. bruins and buffalo, one minute into the second, brian sooner, and matt, knocks it in the rebound, we're tied up, at 1-1. valesky wins the face-off to schooner, who scores the go head goal. some chief stands with the celtics game against the suns, here is isaiah thomas the end of the first quart. here we go cutting to the two of the 19. the offensive hero, he rattles off 13 straight point.
6:46 am
21, and the celtics roll 1 117-103. stay tuned to 7 news for all of the day. have a great day. next up on today in new england. a big, big debut on d.c. >> the signature
6:47 am
today is the i day that the public gets to see the new baby panda in washington d.c. i i. >> i have to make sure that i don't say ha, too much on tv. >> he has a sister. >> this is bay bay right here. >> they are cut through the yard. he to stay with the rest of group. people have been keeping a close watch on little panda. his panda cam has about 45 million views. >> 3 million from nancy chen alone. >> i can't help it. he is just too cute. >> she looks like my daughter when she is at the doctor's office, trying to get away from the vet. rain [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you.
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[agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness...
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