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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 17, 2016 7:30am-8:00am EST

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ouch! >> anchor: play-off push kicks off with a win. it. b-1 and the pats in the drivers seat as they take down the chiefs at gillette. >> anchor: another number, edelman shining with a number of clutch catches in his return to the field. >> anchor: crews inching on to thin ice to help save wrong. >> anchor: a hingham native set free when a group free in iran. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: good morning, it's 7:30, thanks for waking up with us, i'm kris anderson. >> anchor: i'm nancy chen.
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patriots party at the house. >> we keep talking abouted soaking rain, it didn't seem to be a problem. >> anchor: bad backfor gronk but -- over to bri eggers with a look at the forecast. we were a little concerned about the rain but it seemed pats. >> waking up to some snow. i love this rise and shine photo marblehead. we're gaining daylight as we head through january and the sunrise was at 7 10:00, sunset 4:30, getting later and later. we gained about 50 minutes through the month and the that bad. so if you have early morning training for boston marathon or early morning bike ride, winds are light. we have the sunrise visible in many spots but clouds will be increasing as the day moves on.
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different stems right now. one to the north pushing in a cold front and also one to the south that could bring us some snowfall as we head into later today. so here is that first whammy. it looks like affecting mostly the coastal areas but this could lay down a quick inch or two and the arctic front makes its way through into early tomorrow morning also firing up snow showers and even heavier snow squalls possible tomorrow morning. here is my thinking. a coating to an inch for most of us. 1-2 inches for the north shore through the south shore and also for cape cod and the vineyard. this could turn into three inches locally for some spots. but for today really a decent seasonable day on tap for us until we hit the later hours. highs this afternoon 32-38. enjoy this because once that front moves through those temperatures drop below freezing. we will not rebound until we hit wednesday.
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>> anchor: thanks so much. looking forward to the next game for the patriots. they're moving on after taking down the chiefs at gillette. a soggy gillette but it didn't seem to matter. tom brady and company fired up. look at them getting excited after stai starting off the play-offs with a victory over the chiefs. they're one game away from making it to the super bowl. >> anchor: new england score after f thirst fe momentum. nicknicole oliverio is live. >> reporter: it is agrazing how great the players look when everybody looks healthy. so the good news is the pats are moving on to the a.f.c.championship game. the question is who will they play and is is there a chance this game will be her at gillette? week. >> reporter: looking ahead minutes after the patriots beat the chiefs fans know
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>> broncos because manning, another one of those manning brady matchup. that is what you want. >> reporter: sunday payton manning of thing broncos will play qw ben roethlisberger from the steelers. >> manning is not going to make it. ben roethlisberger is going to come in here and we're going to crush them. >> reporter: if pittsburgh wins the game is at gillette which -- >> beating the steelers ing to the super bowl. >> reporter: if denver wins the pats pack up and heat there. >> in order to be the beat you have to beat the best in their house. >> reporter: these aren't just hopes and dreams. these are predictions based on studying the competition >> i think we need to play the steelers. >> we go back to skygate then we go back to
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-- deflate league, this may be the lot of possible chance for brady/manning. >> reporter: we're going to wait and watch to see exactly who we're going to be playing. now there was a report that yesterday edelman was seen going into to get x rays after the game. it may have just been precautionary but all the fans hope that everyone is healthy and ready to go no matter who we play. the latest live from gillette, nicole oliverio. >> anchor: thank you, tom brady led the team to victory it was another play who sealed the deal forked pats. edelman fresh off an injury was back in action making some clutch catches and causing big problems for the chiefs. alex corddry has more on number 11's big return. >> reporter: his team mates were happy to have him. edelman holding 10 passes for 100 yards picking up where he left off. >> i'm glad i played as much
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tom knows me and, i stay, the coaches, you know kept me in mentally. >> i think he worked his tail off so he has always been one of the hardest workers i've ever played with and one of the most determined young men that is on this team. >> reporter: edelman nine weeks removed from a fracture in his left foot looked like his old self. >> i've been through injuries. it's not easy to come back mid-season and have a performance like that so you have to give him credit for all the hard work he put in there. >> reporter: the gronk and edelman combo lefted the patriots to the afc championship game for a record time 5th consecutive season. >> pretty cool. it's hard to do, man. you got to grind throughout the entire year and there is only four teams playing next weekend. we're one of them. >> those are hard earned.
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and, yeah, you know, see what happens next week. >> reporter: alex corddry, 7 sports. >> anchor: it was gronk time at foxboro last night. there is the little shaking and there is the spike there. the tight end exploding seven catches, two touchdowns to the mix clearly that knee and the back weren't bothering him too much. big 87 wasn't the only one making an impact. chandler jones back on the field. not letting off the field distractions bother him on the defensive end. coming up with a huge defensive play. trey daerr has more on their return to the field. >> just a little struck up during the week. making sure i was prepared for the game. ready to go. big games like this you have to put a little extra work in. >> reporter: missing two days of practice gronk said after the game there was never a doubt about his status for game day. >> you want to get a fast start especially being together with everyone,
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out there on the field. we're all clicking. >> reporter: gronk finished with 7 caches, 83 yards and two touchdowns. >> he is a tough matchup for everybody. he has size and speed so he is a tough matchup. >> reporter: gronk and edelman reigniting the pats offense while chandler jones blocked out what he delivered was a huge mistake delivering the team's biggest play on defense. >> when they couldn't -- >> d. line can turn and run and make plays. you know it was a huge turnover preventing them scoring points and definitely huge play. >> reporter: trey daerr, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: huge game, the team not taking any time off already focused looking forward to whoever it is they play next. but the fans they're going to enjoy this one a little. >> anchor: how could you not? the team's stellar
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gillette had the stadium rocking. let's go to brandon gunnoe with more on the fans' take. >> reporter: despite missing practice twice this weekend receiving an injection to his knee that was injured earlier in the season rob gronkowski served two touch downs. >> he is a beast. >> gronk is gronk with tom brady and the center anything can happen. he is the best therefore was. >> reporter: t.b. 12 was fired up picking apart defends zoning in on receivers and a quarterback snake for a touchdown. >> going to the afc championship game again. >> edelman had a few cobb webbs to knock off. he dropped a new fee passes but he turned back into the number 11 that pats fans know and love. >> it was awesome. made a big difference tonight. you know. it opened up the whole game, helped out brady go i
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we had so i think edelman was ready for a few weeks but we brought them out tonight. we went 5 wide. >> he was edelman. toughest gay on the field. he showed it today. either him or gronk, even if they're decoys they're still on the field. anyone is getting the ball. tom brady is the tex next man up. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: as patriots continue their play-off push 7 news has you covered on-line at and on our mobile apps. >> anchor: still ahead on today in new england a bay state man imprisoned in release. >> anchor: risky rescue in worcester after a bike ride leaves this one man crashing through thin ice. >> reporter: we've colder temperatures in store which will set up the backyard ice rink if that is what you are looking forward to for marco rubio. he ran for senate saying
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>> anchor: welcome back, 7:43 on this sunday morning. taking a live look outside. the sun is starting to come up a little bit. you know despite all the snow yesterday, yesterday wasn't quite so cold. >> no, it wasn't as bad. it was a little chilly. >> take a minute to think about it. >> when the snow was coming down it was cold. what a difference a day makes when you look out this morning as opposed to yesterday where it was gray, gloomy and icky. >> today is a great day ontap with us with seasonal temperatures the way they should be for this time of year and believe it or not we're already more than halfway through meteorological winter so we've snow showers in store for us late tonight in maybe our significant snow system that we've all been waiting for next weekend. still a ways out. they show up in the forecast models then as we get closer
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current temperatures not as cold as you might expect for this time of the day. for this time of the year just above freezing in boston, 27 worcester right now. but fantastic day on tap with light winds, partly cloudy skies until those clouds thicken into the afternoon and temperatures right where they should be. 32-38 for the highs this afternoon. with the light winds we aren't talking about any wind chill readings that you bitter at least not today. if you have to get outside for maybe long run for a today is the day to do that. tomorrow is gets a little bitter. tomorrow a couple of areas we're waiting. severe weather down florida and another one that will drag in arctic air to kick off the next work week including the clouds thicken into in this afternoon and then you see that disturbance from the south approaching our coastal areas.
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or even two in those coastal areas north shore down through the south shore as we head in past 8:00 tonight then the arctic front pushes through and that also brings us snow showers and potentially some heavier `snow squalls as well. it's really tricky to pin paint where exactly the squalls could set up but we know when they set up, they can put down a quick coating to an inch or two of snow. 1-2 inches for coastal areas looks most likely but we could see up to 3 in local areas. wind gusts light winds but watch what happens as we get into tomorrow. we're talking not only colder air but also bitter wind chills, for tomorrow we're going to plan ahead for that. overnight tonight a coating to 2 inches favoring the cole@areas. tomorrow early snow showers, maybe an isolated snow squall, highs in the mid to upper 20s but it'll feel like the single digits into the teens. those are the temperatures we'll dress for.
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ice rink looking fantastic. as we head into the colder temperatures of this week. it stays windy and blues try into webs. we get the sunshine tracking the potential term for next weekend. we'll keep you posted air. breaking story from overnight car bursting into flames in avon. wow, look how intense the fire is there. according to the avon fire department four children were in the car. the kids were able to jump out before the car went up in flames. you see smoke pouring from the vehicle. good news is nobody was hurt. >> anchor: following more news, crews rushing to the rescue of one man in worcester after his bike goes through thin ice on a pond. this risky rescue was not easy to pull off as first responders had to inch their way on to the ice to help pull that man out. john cuoco has details. >> reporter: a frigid fall for this man at around 4:00 saturday afternoon. >> the male was up to his waist in the water.
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>> reporter: getting cold feet after witnesses say he was trying to ride that bike across the ice on the pond at elm park in worcester. >> strange why one would try to attempt that. >> reporter: paul reported the rescue. >> he fell through the ice. worcester firefighters responded. >> reporter: the man pulled himself up on to the thin ice then firefighters tossed him a rope. he was pulled to safety but there were sill something else to get. his bike. so a firefighter in a protect of suit you will extrad on his hands and knees to get it. >> brought it back. >> reporter: with the bike back on land -- >> they hand it off to the police department and they took the bike back to the police station. >> reporter: its rider wrapped head to toe was taken to the hospital. paramedics took him to a local hospital for an evaluation and to warm him up. >> reporter: john cuka 7 news today in new england. >> also this morning an elderly man violently
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police are searching for the people who abeing -- abeing taed him. the 77 -- attacked pim. he say was he was in the parking lot of his apartment when he was rubbed by a group of men. his neighbors say they are scared now for their safety. police are investigating the assault. >> anchor: coming up the search continuing off the coast of hawaii after a marine helicopters collide, among the missing a hingham native. >> anchor: another hingham native is free after iran releases a group of american detainees.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> a group of americans has been freed in iran after being in prison there including mathsu from hingham studying overseas. his family says he was held for more than a month but they weren't given any
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jonathan hall has more. >> reporter: iran is celebrating a land mark nuclear deal sealed in vienna and in tehran they freed five american prisoners. the inmates were freed within the framework of prisoner exchanges but didn't elaborate. they didn't mention the names of any prisoners released. the state department confirmed that among the released prisoners is the "washington post" correspondent jason rizanon, pastor. >> it's spectacular news. we're just so happy. can't wait to see him. just hope he is in good let's billions of dollars in iranian assets will be unfrozen. the release is also an indication of how much backchannelling has been going on between the u.s. and iran since the nuclear deal. jonathan hall, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: the u.s. released seven runyan
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searching for survivors after the helicopter crash in hawaii. 12 marines were on board when they collided yesterday. one of the missing marines is a hingham native christopher orlando who was on board when they crashed. his mother is a retired massachusetts state trooper. last night orlando family released a statement reading in part we're blessed with great love and support from family and friends. >> anchor: witnesses are talking about the dramatic crash after the hospital collided. many say they heard a sound like thunder. >> it was a big fire ball. there was debris, too, on the side coming off. >> anchor: rescue crews haven't found any of the missing crew members yet but they say the search will continue around the clock. >> anchor: a home in roslindale going up in flames.
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house yesterday morning and crews rescued 12 adults swells two kids. firefighters say only one person was sent to the hospital. the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> anchor: next on "today" in new england a huge debut, a lot of debt for paying this see this cute fellow, in the nation's capital you don't want to miss finance the newest panda cube greet greetinged public. yesterday. snow may be on tap soon. bri eggers will have your
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here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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>> anchor: after months of anticipation baby panda bebe made his first public appearance at the national zoo in washington, d.c. >> he slept. he slept through his big day. he was a very sleepy 5-month-old. the crowds flooded in to see his adorable fuzziness. the 23-month-old will stay in washington. >> anchor: remember when he was first born -- >> they just get cuter, how about that? we're in for a few snow showers in through tomorrow morning, 1-2 inches favoring the coastal areas, north shore, south shore down through about middle cape. here is a being look at the
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temperatures in store for us but it's cold and day until we hit next weekend. still a ways out but there could be a significant snowstorm on tap. we'll keep you posted. >> that's going to do it for us for now this sunday morning, i'm kris anderson. >> i'm nancy chen. the "today" show is back up next. we'll see [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it.
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