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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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mething that everybody deserves . >> reporter: enive egan, 7 news . >> anchor: new at 4:30, snow this weekend causing some dangerous driving conditions in somerset. officials say slippery roads cause this van to go off road and slam into a tree. police say four men were in that van. the jaws of life were needed to rescue one of the guys in there. him and another were taken to the hospital right there. groveland police arrest a man accused of impersonating a woman on-line. investigators say 45-year-old thomas sheehan sole the woman's identity and pretended he was her on an adult web site. first say he asked others to commit rape, kidnapping and assault on the woman and her familiar low. he is now facing several chars. state police eventually obtained a search warrant for his house and say they found evidence linking him to that fake account. >> anchor: a rutland family self-ing for suspects after an alarming attack in their own yard. the family says they saw two men boating their dog with a stick. they say the injuries were so with a the dog had to be rushed to the vet.
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with what the family is saying. . >> reporter: a family happy to have their dog, abbie, home sunday evening after a brutal beating the day before. they have no heart. >> reporter: alexis said her dog was attacked by two men in the front yard of her home on maple avenue using a stick to . it makes me sick to my stomach to even think that >> reporter: alexis said her friend heard the dogs barking on saturday. when he ran out, alexis said the two men took off in a black sedan shouting rarely slurs. abbie suffered serious wounds. they were blunt force injuries. a lot of bruising. some skin damage as well. it was a very severe beating. >> anchor: so severe, abbie was immediately rushed to an emergency vet . originally her eye was swollen shut and you can see like there is the blood in her eye. if you look at her face closely
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face . animal control believes this was a targeted attack . i'm mortgage fight. it's just so, so, so sad . >> anchor: however, for alexis, this was something random and disgusting . i don't know why or how or like why they would even do something to an animal . john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: state police in rhode island say they are close to completing ayer's long investigation into former red sox pitcher curt schilling's bankruptcy video game company. 38 studios. according to the providence journal, official say there is still a possibility for criminal charges. schilling's company went bankruptcy after a failed 75 million loan deal with the state back in 2010 . >> anchor: we're following nor news today. civil rights leader jesse jack jackson is calling tore more action in the water emergency in flint, michigan. he said the city should have police tape around it because it's a crime scene. the drugging water isn't safe because of high level of lead. president obama declared a state of emergency for the city but
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disaster declaration. now under federal law disaster declarations are only for natural disasters, not manmade ones. the led problem started back in 2014 when the city switched its water supply to try to save money. now high levels of lead have been found in children's blood. and ohio police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. now investigators are working to figure out what led up to that shooting. authorities say the officer was shot around midnight on sunday. they say the suspect left the scene in the officer's vehicle. you can see the suspect driving off as police follow behind it. two people have been taken into custody . >> anchor: a family desperately searching for a missing flight attendant in new york. they say she was last seen leaving la guardia airport. then she vanished without a trace. as elizabeth noreika reports family and friends are holding out hope in order to bring her home safely . this just one of those things that just hits you from the blind side, you know?
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>> anchor: friends and family of sierra shields just want answers. the 30-year-old delta friend apt thursday at la guardia airport. her family said she has just finished speaking with her supervisor and left the airport an was scheduled later that day to work. but never made the flight an hasn't been seen since. she did go to i believe it's the delta terminal where her supervisor work out of, flight attendant. an spoke to the supervisor who was asking her, is everything okay? are you okay because she noticed there was something different about her . her father said she had no enemies, nor did she have a boyfriend. earlier in the week her father says she had spoken on the phone to her older sister who said something took off. she took a flight but by the time she got there she was gone . her roommates in thed that about her, they noticed that
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changed in the last week with her. as for as her personality and what was going on with her . >> anchor: friends and family have since set up a facebook page and are using the # find sierra shields to see if anyone will come forward. one person post this picture wrote still looking for my sweet friend . there are a lot of people would love her and want to experience as they say sweet sierra again . >> reporter: elizabeth noreika . >> anchor: a close call for a woman in australia when a car crashes through a gas station nearly hitting her. on camera it looks like she is hit by the car but it in fact just missed her. the was so powerful it did trigger a gas leak. two people inside the car were taken to the hospital. they are peckested to be okay. police are still investigating what caused the driver to crash. and a ferry boat catching fire in new zealand. new zealand forcing passengers on crew members to jump overboard. the coast guard along with search and rescue teams helped
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everyone was accounted for although several passengers had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> anchor: caught on calm remarks fire fighters helmet cam capturing a terrifying scene in fresno, california. over the weekend when fire fighters were called to an on fire. a mother and her infant trapped inside. an astone iing site. the second floor of an apartment flames.. two apartments damaged by fire. fire fighters are still investigating the cause and no one was hurt. but less than three hours later, crews would be at it again. this time, at another apartment complex. it was apparent the second story of the apartment complex was actually charged with smoke. >> anchor: in this helmet cam video the fire fighter quickly puts his ladder up. he yells into a room but no one is inside. the fire fighter brings his latter to another window. he sees people and he yells for backup. then in a heart stopping moment,
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fighter her baby through the window. he hand the infant to the fire fighter below. hold on to her . >> reporter: then helps other family members down. ray owns the property. he got the frightening call minutes after the fire started. i just want to make sure everything was safe and, you know, fully something would be left when i got her . he believes a i don't got in and lit a fire in the back stairway. he said while damage looks bad it could have been much worse without this smoke alarm. it really helped out and did what it was supposed to do. >> reporter: the property own owner says he is planning to put more smoke alarms in the hallway of that complex. space ex's latest attempt to hand a ended in a fiery eggs please. the robert launched a satellite there in space on sunday but hinges went downhill when it attempted to land on a floating barge in the part sievic ocean. the company says the rocket hit the appellate too hard and broke into causing it it r tip over and explode. ice bullup due to condensation
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may be to blame for that . >> anchor: also on 7, apple announcing its previously free music treatmenting channels will now cost you the company was offering a null of channels for free. in addition to its apple music pay service. now chap else will be part of the pay service. david bowie's final album debut debuting at number one on the music charts. "black star" sold more than 180 180,000 copies in its first week week. this is the first time he had a number one album in the united states. the new "star wars" movie continues to remain a force at the box office of the force away awayens has become just the fifth movie to make more than a billion dollars internationally. the movie has made almost $2 billion worldwide since it was released last month . >> anchor: all right ahead on 7 news, thousands coming to the to help a brave little pats fan. >> anchor: how some broncos fans are showing spear ahead of big playoff game against the pats . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00, stealing the show. a little boy owning the
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. >> anchor: foul play. basketball player roughing up the ref getting into trouble on the court. that's all coming up on 7 news. stay with us.
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right to rise usa is responsible
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>> anchor: a sea of support for a little patriots fan in rhode island, thousands turning out to cancer. the movement is called d strong . >> anchor: the 8-year-old s gotten the chance to meet gronk over the week. the beach. . day. still, a sea of people gather by the ocean an 8-year-old boy's worldwide attention. "today", it's his hometown of westerly rhode island seemingly the whole town turning out to support . it's just amazing to be part of it.
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make change, we can spread this all over the world . >> anchor: one woman and her daughter coming for more than 40 . us doorians stay strong and continue to fight. . i think he will be really happy that he finally everyone knows about him . >> anchor: the crowd will be spelling out the now famous #, d strong. the photo shoot on the shore organized by a rhode island photographer who put the word out on facebook and almost 3,000 people showed up . if this disstarts him for a little bit and makes him happy, and helps him be famous, it's all good . >> anchor: a drone capturing the message from above little doorian stopped by earlier but wasn't up to staying for the final photo shoot. but he certainly knows and appreciates all that's being done for him . heart warming. it's speechless is what it is. you don't even know what to say everyone coming to the. there is a lot of darkness in the world and i think that it .
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with a rare muscle cancer four years ago. his family said they have been just touched by all of the support . >> anchor: and coming up on 7 knew, brewing up a theme. fans of a famous band getting excited about a brand new coffee house getting ready to open in massachusetts. >> anchor: the fresh snow on the ground not going anywhere unless you move it because temperatures will stay below freezing all week-long. we'll get to that forecast coming up next . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, safe and sound of a hingham native touches down in massachusetts aftering held in iran. the latest on his ordeal . >> anchor: and matchup at mile high stadium i'm much anticipated show down between the patriots and broncos. we'll have more on that on the other side of break. stay with us. everyone loves getting a good night sleep . >> anchor: there are a lot of myths out there that could be getting in the way of a restful night . we have some scoops from the experts so you can snag those much needed z's .
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bed, 7 news at there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take
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>> anchor: this is pretty excit exciting for aerosmith fans. drummer jerry crimer is opening up a rock and roll themed coffee house this spring. rocking and roasting cava is expected to open in north attleboro in april. it will serve up the line of organic coffee, drum kit and other aerosmith memorabilia. you have to wonder it he will be . >> anchor: t a good stay for a nice hot cup of coffee. . you are feeling wind for sure too. it feels like it's 13 degrees in boston right now. that's what really matters even though the air temperatures at 26 and we had the bright sunshine today. that's going down now but it can reflect off of that snow cover. that's something to remember for tomorrow as well heading through the next couple of days as snow sticks around with us. temperatures not above freezing throughout this entire week. that snow can be really bright with a glare of the sunshine. we did see some bulls eyes throughout basically plymouth county, but there were some on
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but generally speaking, between two and four inches for most and some of us getting five and six inches. now this season so far not so impressive, but not too far off from what we saw by this time last year. we're just over four inches for boston picking up three inches last night just over 8 inches for worcester. but more on the way this weekend weekend? could be in the cards for us. we just still have to track this system. a lot of questions still remain. current temperatures 19 for worcester, 24 for bedford, 26 in boston right now. sustained winds between 15, 25 miles per hour, those winds are kicking and every once in a while these gusts come into play play. we're talking between 25, 35 mile-per-hour gusts at this point and still a wind advisory in effect for cape cod and the islands through tonight but all day tomorrow, all of the bay state and rhode island will have that wind advisory in effect for those northwest winds 20 to 30 with gusts up to 50 miles per hour possible and the temperatures get colder tomorrow too.
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the single digits and the teens expect these numbers the real feel again to drop into tomorrow tomorrow. feels like two degrees in worcester. ouch. now lake effect snow machine is going to our west. you can see that. but the wind coming out of the west northwest is going to take those snow showers and snow squalls to the southeast so i don't expect anything inside of 495 but there is still a slight chance that as we head through the evening an overnight hours that maybe a line of snow can sneak in here into southeast mass and along the south coast. we'll watch it. it could reduce visibility quick quickly. not likely but we can't rule it i should say. windy and coal through the night tonight, single digits to the teens while it will be this temperature it will feel like these temperatures you see here, a whole lot of negative signs so as you head out the door tomorrow and the kids at the bus bundled up. cold and windy with that wind advisory, air temperatures 20 to 27 for our highs so again not
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wind gusts do start to strengthen tomorrow out of the west northwest possibly up to 50 miles per hour. so that wind kicking even into wednesday with our highs topping out near 29 but really everybody wants to know what's happening this weekend. that's the big question. cold enough air up north for us. if that stays put while we see this system roll up the coast, we still have a lot of questions to nail dunn here though. the track still a question, implications of the rain snow line where do we see heavier bands set up? here is what we do know at this point. full moon on saturday will mean high astronomical tides. that could lead to coastal concerns. significant snow looking more and more likely but how much is significant? what does that mean? all those questions we'll try to nail down for you in the next two to three days. stay tuned to 7 news but for now just bundle up and bear the cold cold. >> anchor: all right, bree. let's go out to fast track traffic now where i understand there is an accident on 93. this is near the o'neill tunnel.
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what's going on . thanks very much. 93 northbound a left center lane crash just outside of the o'neill tunnel. a big backup right back toward the expressway for a ride heading northbound through town but also causing a curiosity delay here on route 93 southbound and it's moving a long pretty slowly on the lower deck as you come over toward the zakim bridge an come down toward that accident scene. route 93 a little farther back not moving all that badly back through somerville or medford and 93 and route 128 looked okay as well. a look right now to our mass pike westbound ride pretty much clear shot there in framingham and out by route 45 but back by 128 dealing with a few slowdowns in that section of roadway. 128 as you can tell all green there in the burlington area, not moving all that badly as well here along route 1 just a tap of the breaks here and there around the area the lynn fellows parkway. after that spot moving along quite nicely right up through lynnfield and heading to 128. 7 news . >> anchor: a five-year-old girl is getting a little help fighting cancer all thanks to the kindness of strangers. she spent the last three months
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came together to start an on-line campaign in her honor. five-year-old elsa is about to start her third round of chemotherapy by her side a doll that looks just like her. . >> anchor: but this doll didn't come from friends or family. was the work of complete strang strangers. she is being thought of for special things and just gives become a little bit of the childhood seis missing . it all started watt simple post on social media. this is melissa who works for a local cancer organization. she and a co-worker started a personal go fund me page to raise money for dolls . i had no idea that in just 24 hours we put the story up there and we roused $2,500 which was more than double our goal . >> anchor: then american girl heard about the effort on social media and donated five dolls. the money raised by melissa will go toward more dolls in the future . just really a special way
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easier . >> anchor: when ella goes into remission, she will be able to take her doll to american girl and pick out a hairstyle . i will get some clothes and get some hair for her . she has a message for everyone who has donated and helped make her hospital stay a little brighter. p thank you. well, elsa is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant transplant. her parents are hopeful for a full recovery. ahead here on 7 news broncos fans fired up ahead of their matchup with the patment the unusual way they are showing their true colors. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less.
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my stop&shop. p we know this football fever can make a fan do raisy things. what about repainting the entire house? that is just what one family did. their big broncos fans. they painted their entire house. do you know why? to get free tickets to sun's playoff game. kris anderson has the full story story. the lucky winners of the broncos paint your house orange contest, mckenzie cobb and nick rokio. on orange friday their house is now very orange . the agent only worries about what color the outside is . it's as nice color and looks better than i thought it would . the real estate app brought in a professionality of painters to get the job done . it was really shocking at first. but now that we've had some time with it and the paint is dried
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>>their extreme broncos spirit scored them a pair of tickets to sunday's playoff . first time going to a broncos game for me . along with a personal visit from ring of fame ear bernie tom tomson, mile the mascot and broncos cheerleaders a game day surprise in the frige. a good surprise. i don't think there has ever been that much, luckily there has never been that much beer in the frige . >> anchor: they say after the playoffs they might be repaint repainting but they do plan on leaving orange on at least one wall as an accent. in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news . >> anchor: orange color is just too much. the patriots have such better colors . broncos fans, we'll let them have that. we'll win. new more to come in the next 90 minutes. ' jadiann thompson . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: remember edone with the falling snow for now but the cold is settling in to stick and for the week. what you need to prepare for as you head back to work tomorrow . >> anchor: the road to the super bowl goes through denver. td 12 gearing town face off against payton manning in a mile
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plus, an emotional return. a hingham native back home after spending more than a month in custody in iran . >> anchor: candidates keeping busy on the campaign trail making a time push before the first votes. calling for change. logan airport workers taking to the street trying to send a powerful message . >> anchor: and foul play on the court of a college player rough roughing the ref after a call didn't go his way. >> anchor: make way for another round of winter weather picking up after one storm and getting ready for the next. last night's storm blanketing the state with a few inches of snow. it was light and bluffy so easy to shovel and with the holiday today didn't impact the commute . but the next storm could hit this weekend and it could mean even more snow. let's get to meteorologist bri eggers with a luck ahead for you you. bree? a possibility on that when you are this far out there so many factors that could come into play and there is still a potential it could be a complete miss.
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