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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we are waving a lot of things that need to iron out the details we'll say and we're keeping an eye on it definitely. snow totals from last night bull bull's eye in plymouth county between five and six inches in some spots there, boston picking up just over three inches but now it's all about the struggle with the wind out there real feel temperatures it feels like a big goose egg in worcester it. feels like zero degrees. it feels like 11 in boston. 7 in bedford. so those are the temperatures that we have to dress for regard regardless of what the actual air temperature is. but the air temperature is key because the snow that we saw fall last night and this morning will not be going anywhere unless you move it yourself as we head throughout this entire week b because temperature will not rise above freezing. now the win kicking and these are your sustained winds between 15, 25 mile-per-hour sustained winds out of the west th gusts still getting up to about 40 miles per hour at this point and there is a wind advisory in effect for cape cod and islands today but for tomorrow all
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to 50 miles per hour. these lake effect snow machines are going but taking those snow showers into wherein mass at this point. we aren't seeing any of that. in fact we had a beautiful sunset but there is still a potential as you can see there near worcester that we do get one of these lines show up really quickly and make their way through and that could drop visibility so something will be watching closely heading through this evening and also still tracking the potential for that storm. more details to come in just a few minutes . >> anchor: thank you, bree. so the snow fell for most of the night was like a light, steady accumulation . >> anchor: by this morning some areas seeing almost half a foot. waltham in the higher snow total areas. that's where we find 7's susan tran live with more for us. susan? well, adam, all that snow overnight and into the morning left this a winter wonder land and it's light and fluffy stuff just table a look. five inches here in waltham it meant several people here in the community who had the day off had to go out there and snow blow or shovel or just get that
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you can see peterson here first took care of his driveway, he said this was just the secretary time that he brought his snow blower out and afterwards he made sure to do his neighbor's driveway as well and the sidewalk. plenty of work to do for folks here in waltham who got five inches of snow and they all said it was the best kind of snow was lit and fluffy, it was easy to maneuver and easy oh clean up and so they did not mind and so they made sure to get out there early so they didn't have to keep working into the dark. just a second time this season, yes. i almost didn't use it but it just was enough to that it was too much to scoop off the driveway. that driveway is about like 15 by 60 feet. so it's very hard to scoop it off. but this does great because it throws at such a distance. the rotator, the thrower in there with a large diameter that mix a big diameter how far you can throw the snow. charles says he got that snow blower and is ready for the
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he said after last winter he is more than prepared. then coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll be sure to talk to some of the kids who have the day off and took advantage of this snow. for now live in waltham, susan tran, 7 news . >> anchor: the patriots are heading back to denver. facing off against the broncos in a mile high rematch with the shot at the super bowl on the line. this is the fifth time in as many years that the patriots are playing for the afc title. broncos handed the pats their first loss this season become in no have v development bother so such's matchup will be a renewed rivalry between tb 12 and payton manning and fans are pumped for the star quarterback to go head to head. let's get more from joe amorsino. this is a familiar stage for the patriots no doubt. afk championship game number ten for tom brady with a trip to his 7th super bowl on the line and to get there all he has to do is beat his longtime time rival in a place that's been anything but
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despite a 15 and 7 touchdown intercepts ratio brady is just two and six in his career playing in the mile high city and has lost both of his layoff starts but this is a new year and a new situation in the quarterback will face on sunday is a far cry from the payton manning of old. dan hausle has more on the match matchup reporting live in foxboro. dan? well brady manning it is a professional rivalry but brady admits there is also a personal relationship there. some younger fans are more familiar with a gronk spike than the brady manning rivalry. 2 was the quarterback. but any full sized fans know these two quarterbacks have a history that will give this game an exciting subplot . i think it will be the last time and i think this will be tom brady's ing moment given the last year so it should be excit exciting. brady has something to
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it will be epic . even tom brady agrees . it will be fun to play another payton manning led team . >> anchor: brady says over the years he and manning had become friends off the field but brady says he is not sure there will be time for anything but football this week. being in the same profession for all of these years being at different events good friendships. how things kind of take place over the course of the week . >> anchor: while many fans are happy to see brady versus manning one more time, many aren't happy the pats will have to do to denver for that who happen . i'm not going to denver. no. not going to denver. that altitude, no. i don't like it . >> anchor: hopefully they get out there earlier than usual es esget more used to the weather and air pressure out there. and see what happens. >> anchor: i thought we're not talking about that . not that pressure of the whoops. . >>fans like this kind of weather we're experiencing here for play playoff gills. the team does too but it looks
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looking exceptionally mild for the weekend with temperatures nearing 50 about game time. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: thanks, dan. the broncos getting to this is the on the strength of their defense and not payton manning's aging arm. at age 39 this could be his time crack at brady and patriots but he is not ready to go too deep into things just yet. obviously we're excited to be in the game. we knew we would have to bet a good football team in order to get there and we'll try to enjoy this one tonight and then get a jump start on preparing for that game on monday and we'll talk about who we're playing on wednesday. >> reporter: what are your thoughts about your 17th show down with tom brady . we'll deal with that on wednesday. we'll try to get a couple of hours to enjoy this one tonight. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00 we'll show were you this next matchup will look a whole lot different than the last time the patriots were in denver, plus a look at the playoff history between tom brady and
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in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. looking forward to that. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the pats and play playoffs. 7's joe amorsino and trey daerr will be live in denver next weekend for the big game so look for live reports to begin on thursday right here on 7 news. >> anchor: all right, we're following more news today. a hingham native safe at home tonight after spending more than a month in custody in iran. his family says they don't know why their son was being held. they are just so thankful that he is now home. kimberly bookman live in hingham and she join us live with the story. yeah, aam. this family says the one thing they knew their loved one would want is dunkin' donuts. this his store of choice where he is thought of fondly. this facebook post a glimpse of the relief matthew's family is feeling today now that he is back in massachusetts after 40 days in an iranian prison . we're overjoyed he is out . >> reporter: this weekend his mother told 7 news the family found out about his release in
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. woke up up with. it's the call we have been hop . . >> reporter: sunday he was home in hingham and now his family is asking for privacy saying he is decompressing . he wants some dunkin' donuts i can tell you that. we'll have that ready. he wants his iced coffee. >> reporter: all day his favorite donut store waited for race arrival calling hum a compass at guy who stops in whenever he is in town. those in the community who dropped by had well wishes for the 30 yearly as well . terrible obviously that he least he is home . i'm seglad he is home safe where he should be. he has a passion for the middle east and has lived abroad since graduating boston university in 2008. his parents say he was studying the farcy language in iran when he was captured. why is still unclear. four other americans were releas released from iran in a racer in swap and those that love him . we'll just be ready to give
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he has a red carpet for a while. >> reporter: a very long while while. we understand that matt went out for the day. where is unclear. he is expected home tonight. reporting live from hingham, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: hazardous materials crews called a home in maynard. sky 7 over the scene. officials say someone committed suicide there using cyanide. ground there. crews also had to check out emer emerson hospital in concord when the patient was transported there. no one else was injured. >> anchor: we have an update on the terror attacks in paris. authorities in morocco arresting a man they say had a direct relationship with the attackers. the man is from bellium where police have conducted several raids in connection to the terror investigation. officials say he traveled to syria with one of the paris suicide bombers. gunmen and suicide bombers targeted several public areas in paris in november including a
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hall in all 130 people were kill kill. search continues for several american contractors missing in iraq. they were kidnapped in baghdad over the weekend. security forces in iraq are scrambling to locate them now. today they close streets and conducted house to house search searches in one of baghdad's neighborhoods. the contractors were kidnapped from their interpreter's home. turning now to the race for the white house, candidates for both sides busy on the campaign trail one day after the last democratic debate. all three candidates were together again and republican rivals donald trump and ted cruz spent the day trying to pick supporters before primary season kicks off. off.. honoring martin luther king junior all candidates for president used his name to garner support . if they were here today and they saw moms and dads who went to work could not find decent, affordable child care he would say the child care is a right for all people .
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bernie sanders was under attack by hilary clinton over his stance on issue like gun control control. he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times . on the g.o.p. campaign trail . and frankly, probably everybody here would just say anybody but hill hillary . this new hampshire republican supports senator ted cruz. today crew is calling donald trump nervous . donald seems a little bit rattled. i understand. he is losing support and going down in the poll. it seems his response is to attack and get personal. >> anchor: rump never mentioned cruz at his event in virginia accord courting the evangelical vote where cruz launched his campaign at liberty university . we will protect christianity. if you look at what's going on throughout the world. you look at syria where there if you are christian they are chopping off heads. you look at the different places and christianity, it's under siege . in iowa, evangelical voters
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weeks away. man politicians paid tribute and today boston is hon omar tin luther king junior. a service to pay tribute to the civil rights leader is pat of the city's annual day of service and marty walsh spoke there along with a number of civil rights activists. a reminder tomorrow is the mayor mayor's annual state of the city address. mayor walsh will begin remarks at 7:30 and 7 news has you covered. we'll take you to the speech live on 7 nbc. that starts tomorrow at 7:30. >> anchor: we have breaking news now from the music world. the founding member of the eagles has passed away. legendary guitarist and singer glenn frye died today pictured on the right with don henley. the band says he died of complications of pneumonia and other health problems. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, protestors taking to the streets. workers at boston's logan airport calling for change today.
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basketball player kicked out accused of roughing the ref when . then at 5:30 a local police chief promising to fight on. his emotional response after a series of drug overdoses >> anchor: then in just one hour, parking problems in worcester, city plans to put a parking ban in place and then decides to let the tickets slide slide. we'll have those stories and more coming up on 7 news. puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses.
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>> anchor: workers at boston's logan airport taking to the streets. the sidewalks calling for change today. demonstrators marching around logan demanding fairway . >> anchor: and several protest protestors were arrested after police toll them to disperse. nick eons live at logan airport with more. the timing of the demonstration was no coincidence coincidence. protestors gathering here in terminal e today. martin luther king day in honor of the civil rights leaders saying they wanted to use civil disobedience to get their point across. pro of thors stormed logan, demanding higher wages. me of the service employees international union want workers to get a minimum of $15 an hour . nowadays, it seems that a lot of the airport service workers although they are work
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having to depend on government assistance. >> anchor: state police allowed hem to gather inside terminal e but just before 1:00 they are told to leave . you are unlawfully assembled. i command you in the name of the commonwealth of massachusetts to immediately and peacefully disperse. >> anchor: more than 100 protestors followed that command command. but six people stayed behind and were arrested without incident. incident.. sciu said other protests were planned at airports across the country . it's embarrassing an industry that generates over $8 billion dollars in profits would not even have the decency to treat workers with respect and give them fair wages. >> anchor: massport issued a statement following the protest reading in part, at $11 per hour massport's minimum wage at logan airport is $1 per hour above the state's minimum wage. the highest minimum wage in the state. >> anchor: just this year
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wage to $10 per hour which is the highest in the country. as far as the six people who were arrested, they face charges of trespassing and should be in court tomorrow. live in logan airport, nick em emons, 7 news . this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. >> anchor: one of the smallest winners in last night's critics choice awards accepting his a award in a big way. >> anchor: cold temperatures and blustery wind, that we're certain of. a storm this weekend still a lot of questions. i will detail that coming up in the forecast next . >> anchor: coming up at 5:30 an allahing a take to tell but. a family dog brutally beaten in its own yard and now the family
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say college basketball player suspended after a foul play. you can see oregon state's jamal reid fell down near the basket, then as the referee is running by he sticks out his leg and trips him. there it is again. he was ejected after the trip and are been state suspended reid at least four games for the incident. >> anchor: watched a lot of football but i didn't see that until now . >> anchor: yikes . >> anchor: that's about it, right? >> anchor: proof is there in the video.
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it's cold and i think is this like our first real measurable snow? did you have to shovel at all? >> anchor: i had at least three maybe, three and a half inches . >> anchor: i feel like i have to shovel a path in the back for raffi the dog. >> reporter: it was the first inch. our first inch for boston. above an inch. we actually pakistaned up just over three inches at the boston airport last night east winthrop so that puts us up just over four inches for the season so far just over 8 inches for worcester but we're a ways behind of we haven't picked up the snow that we typically see by this time in the winter and meteorological winter, at least winter according to meteorologists is more than half over. incredible and here we are with very cold temperatures throughout this week so here is what i'm definitely certain of is the snow that we got last night will be staying with us until you move it yourself. those temperature will not rise above freezing all week-long and the wind is also an issue making it feel like zero in worcester. making it feel like 11 in boston
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morning so air temperatures really don't mean a whole lot when you have that wind kicking like it is, sustained winds right now in worcester 25 miles per hour, 20 miles per hour in bedford and gusts are getting close to 40 miles per hour and those winds will strengthen into tomorrow. you can see to our west that the logan airport snow machine is kicking pretty good and it's taking those lines of snow all the way through new york state and into western mass but we even have a few snow showers that have popped up along the mass pike just south of worcester. i saw a brief snow shower report of one near north millford so that could be the case as we head through the overnight hours as those winds keep craiging out of the west northwest it could bring just enough moisture in and instability to pop a quick snow shower or snow squall. i think most likely we'll be south of the mass pike. overnight tonight windy and cold nine to 18 for your air temperatures so while we do see these temperatures on the thermometer reading this is what it will feel like and that's
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ten below in worcester. four below in boston. heading how tomorrow to the bus stop might be a shock for kids that had today off of school. those wind strengthen into tomorrow afternoon where they were gusting between 30 and 40 today they will be gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour tomorrow and wednesday still a bit blustery but not quite as winnie as today and tomorrow. all day tomorrow we do have that wind advisory in effect and for the rest of tonight that wind advisory is already in effect for cape cod and islands. now the big question is, what's up with this weekend? i know you wish i could give you more details but it's like i'm driving from point a to point b and i tell you i will be there from 45 minutes but i just don't know how how many times i will hit traveling careful lot could saturday. track still to be determined, line. where does that set up. how much wind do we see. one thing i'm certain of is there is a full moon on saturday so that could lead to coastal manifest. but we are going to continue to
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with us and we'll give you those details as soon as we become a little more clear on term getting closer to the weekend. see you in a bit . >> anchor: how about this hollywood's top talent taking the stealing for the critic's choice awards. spotlight taking home top honors honors. this is the movie about the "boston globe"'s investigation into the catholic church sex abuse scandal. it won for best picture as well as best acting ensemble. actress rachel mcadams thanked locals from boston who she says helped make the movie feel so authentic. and nine-year-old jacob tremble with the cutest moment of the night. he won best actor for his role in "room" and was so little that they had to give him a box to stand on and lower the microphone. this is super cool.
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all of the i didn'tics who voted for me. it mutt be hard because of a of the other great actors in this category . >> anchor: he finished speech saying he would put his award next to his millennium falcon . >> anchor: a local police chief taking matters into his own hands making an emotional promise on social media after a series of drug o'doses . >> anchor: and coming up all new at 6:00, ticket trouble in worcester. drivers outranged when their cars are ticketed and towed with almost no warning. she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you.
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to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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